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How focusing (aka. not multi-tasking) changed my study life

I had heard it occasionally - that multi-tasking was actually not good for the quality of whatever task I was doing. It made sense, but I loved mult-tasking so much. It gave me the illusion of productivity

Until I actually tried focusing for a while, did I realise how much I was actually losing by multi-tasking -  educationally and emotionally. Scrolling through tumblr during boring parts of a lecture seemed fine, since there were notes and it probably wouldn’t be tested in such depth anyway. Eating, while scrolling through social media, while watching a tv show, while messaging someone on facebook seemed ‘productive’. 

It turns out it was the opposite. It may seem fine, and at times it may actually be okay, but what matters is the principle. Dedicating your whole being to one task, focusing on it, produces much better results. It’s a quality over quantity thing. It also helped to calm me down emotionally - I used to always feel rushed, like there was so many things to do but not enough time to do them. Focusing on one task at a time - though it was hard at first - helped slow me down because I did everything properly, and didn’t have the feeling like I needed to go back and do things over again. 

Focusing on one thing wholly is also a form of practising mindfulness. Mindfulness ‘meditation’ isn’t something that requires you to sit down and meditate - it can be applied to our daily life. 

Since I started practising this mindful skill of focus, I’ve become much calmer, it’s been so much easier to stay on top of my work load and meet deadlines, I don’t feel rushed, I don’t feel unprepared or unorganised, and I do more quality work than when I used to multi-task.

There are times for multi-tasking and times for focus. Find the right balance and enjoy the task in front of you.

your mars and type of anger

cold anger: air mars (gemini/libra/aquarius) and virgo mars

This people are scaaary. They do get angry, don’t misunderstand me, but when they do it’s not about explosions and shouting, no. You can see the emotion leave their eyes and you know you’ve pissed them off. They won’t necesarilly say anything, they’ll treat you like a stranger, they will be cold and formal, so much you’ll doubt if you ever knew them at all.

When they reach their limit, they cut you with words and truths about yourself that may have not even been spoken outloud until that moment.

white hot anger: fire mars (aries/leo/sagittarius)

While air mars are patient and detached, fire mars are fireworks and loud words. This mars signs don’t take much to explode, they’re like powder, you just need a match. Attacking their ego is probably the quickest way to anger them. They are pretty childlike in that sense, actually, they shout and tell you what you did and then they go back to normal.

This may be quite surprising but I do find them as the type that “forgive and forget”.

Willing to physically fight you so be careful lol.

slow cooked anger: taurus and capricorn mars

This are some of the most patient signs, they deal quietly with your bullshit, throw you a mean look from time to time and keep going on. They may not find the point on telling you anything.

But once they have reached their peak, you don’t wanna be there. They lose their shit and tell you things as they are. This people don’t like to be angry, mostly because of their practical approach to things, so when they are, they just tell you things and move on. If you make the same mistake again, they’ll probably just cut you off.

This signs are extremely blunt, and say things as they are, which, even if they don’t want to can be pretty damaging to the other person.

hidden anger: water mars (cancer/scorpio/pisces) 

Water mars, like most things water, are quite complicated.

Given their passive nature, they hardly ever speak up when angry. They are just prone to giving the silent treatment and being slightly passive agressive from time to time.

Scorpio mars is the most conscious of their anger, though, so even if they are not passive agressive or anything, they do swallow their anger and keep it inside until they can’t anymore.

This signs are prone to holding grudges and taking revenge. Cancer and pisces may not actively seek it, but if the opportunity comes up, they will take it.

Scorpio mars on the other side, may be vengeful when they reach their limit, as well as self destructive and intense. They are the prime example of losing one’s shit.

Cancer and pisces mars are specially prone to crying when angry and love to play the victim.

The sun and moon

So I’m taking a Japanese literature class at my university and my professor explained to us that unlike in most cultures where the sun is masculine and the moon is feminine, in Japanese poetry it is the opposite. 

 This is due to the fact that they believe that the sun is like a woman because she is constant. The sun rises every day, unchanging. 

 The moon, like a man, leaves and disappears. It sometimes rises but it never stays. It fades and eventually vanishes. 

The sun and moon have their set obligations within the universe and due to this they can’t always be together and they become separated for some time. 

 However, every once in a while the sun and moon reunite for a short fleeting moment, 

only to part until their paths cross again. 

 **note: Most of this information was passed onto me via oral lecture so I do apologize for any misinformation or if I may I have forgotten something. However, if you read and study Japanese poetry, it actually makes a lot of sense.

***Side note, though this is more of a joke, anything that takes place on a bridge is apparently not platonic. It also makes sense why so many shoujo confessions take place on a bridge. 

Your Mars And Type Of Anger

cold anger: air mars (gemini/libra/aquarius) and virgo mars

This people are scaaary. They do get angry, don’t misunderstand me, but when they do it’s not about explosions and shouting, no. You can see the emotion leave their eyes and you know you’ve pissed them off. They won’t necesarilly say anything, they’ll treat you like a stranger, they will be cold and formal, so much you’ll doubt if you ever knew them at all.

When they reach their limit, they cut you with words and truths about yourself that may have not even been spoken outloud until that moment.

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Third Wheel (Part 3)

Yo, finally Hunk and Pidge appears.  And some drama happens. Also, i have a surprise for you guys. 

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 4

Lance was hurt. But that didn’t mean he was going to stop helping Shiro and Keith. It wasn’t their fault they didn’t return his feelings. It wasn’t their fault Lance thought they were in a relationship. 

He liked to think it was obvious they were a thing. It seemed he misinterpreted the whole situation.

But Lance was fine. He was fine and he could dealt with it. He wasn’t going to turn his back on them. Even if it killed him from the inside.

Hunk knew there was something terrible wrong with his friend. Since they came back from the celebration, Lance had been quiet. Too quite. He thought at first his friend was tired, but then the days passed and he didn’t looked any better. 

He was still smiling and making jokes, but Hunk knew Lance better than anyone and was able to see under his mask. The happiness he had been feeling these days was completely gone, and instead of the bright smile he used to have, a fake one replace it.

It was awful. Hunk didn’t know what to do. He tried to approach the omega several times but always brushed him off or change the subject. 

“What is wrong with him? He was happy a few days ago.” Asked Pidge in concern. 

“I don’t know! He won’t tell me! You know how Lance is, he keeps everything inside until it becomes to much!”

“Yeah… Do you think it may be something related to Shiro and Keith?” Hunk looked at her confused.“ You know, Shiro… Keith… With Lance. Oh my god, Hunk. Please tell me you noticed.”

“That… actually explains a lot.” Pidge groaned. “Well, they stop hanging out with Lance for a while… But Lance didn’t seem affected by that.”

“Maybe he was faking it?”

“No, i know him. the happiness was real then. Whatever has Lance acting like this, happened after the party…”

“And what if it’s Lotor’s fault? I saw them together, talking and dancing. They even went to the gardens alone.”Hunk raised an eyebrow.

“How it is that you notice all those things?” 

Pidge smiled. “Let’s just say that Rover have many hidden talents.”  

Something was different with Lance, and Shiro was getting really worried. The alpha tried to bring the omega closer, to talk to him more, but every attempted he made end up in failure.

He invited him several times to spend time with him and Keith, but Lance always had something to do. The little times he agreed, he always sat far away from them. Keeping a big distance. 

Lance still appeared at nights. But even when they were having sex, he seemed absent. The alphas became really scared when one night after the finished, Lance simply got up, picked up his things and left. 

“Did we do something wrong?” Asked Keith. 

“I… I think? I don’t know.” 

They stop having sex with him fearing they would make him feel uncomfortable again. And in a desperate attempted make the omega stay they started cuddling with him, making him sleep in the middle. 

Still, no matter how much they tried to make Lance feel like part of them, it was getting harder and harder to reach him. 

Prince Lotor arrived to the castle of Lions to stay for a unknown period of time, and to be honest Lance wasn’t sure how to feel about it. The prince had nothing but good intentions. He was on their side and was their most powerful ally. Lotor had gone to explain them about the Rebel network he built and its branches to offer his full support to Voltron and see how could he be of help. But everytime Lance met his Galra eyes, he remembered their conversation and couldn’t help but bitter.

“Excuse, Blue Paladin?” Lance cursed under his breath. Great.


“I’m sorry, but i’ve been getting the impression that my presence is not welcome by you. Did i do something wrong, by any chance?“ 

"What?! No, God, no! You have done nothing wrong, ok? It’s not you.”

“It is perhaps something related to the conversation we held the day of our alliance?” Lance frowned. Oh, so Lotor was right.  “I must tell you, Blue paladin, that it was never my intention to intrude in your personal live.” 

“Nah, dude. It’s ok. I mean, if it weren’t for you i would still had the stupid illusion we were something else. Not your fault, really.”

“It is not stupid to hope the ones we love, love us back.” Lance sighed, looking defeated. Honestly? He was tired and confused.

Keith and Shiro had been trying to get his attention and to be beside him all the tme. He was sure Keith even tried to scent him one time. It was… Weird. Before we would’ve feel on the clouds, but now? He was not sure. 

Lance didn’t want to fell more for them. That’s why no matter how many times he felt tempted to accept their invitations or look for them he never did. He was only trying to protect himself. 

“Would you mind accompanying me for a walk around the castle?” Lotor suddenly asked, trying to distract Lance of his own worrying thoughts. The omega looked at him in disbelief. 

“A walk around the castle?” 

“Well, we could try to go to the nearest planet is you prefer.” A small smile appeared on Lance’s face.

“No, thank you. The castle’s fine.” He said, grabbing Lotor arm. “Ok, pretty boy. Lead the way.”

In a matter of days, Lance went back to his happy-self. Lotor showed to be not only a good diplomant and leader, but a good friend. They became really close, and would often flirt with each other (mostly as a game, Lance liked to think). Whenever they weren’t creating plans to defeat Zarkon’s empire or training, they talked about everything. Lance felt so comfortable with Lotor he told him everything he had been happening with the alpha couple, feeling much lighter after doing it. He would have told Hunk, but he never did because he knew his friend would totally confront Shiro and Keith about their little arrangement and that was the last thing he wanted.

What if they couldn’t form Voltron after that? He prefered to avoid fights and to keep enjoying of this blossoming friendship he and Lotor had.

But the war was inevitable, right? 

The end of the little time of peace they were living came quick and without warning. The Galra attacked in the middle of the night taking them by completely surprise.

The awful sound of the alarm filled the castle and Lance ran through the red halls. Before he could reach the bridge, he was intercepted by a galra soldier. He was shocked, the were inside. Holy fuck they were inside and he didn’t have a weapon or armor to fight back.

He was about to run away, when he noticed the Galra had Pidge with him. She was badly hurt, and seemed to be struggling to breathe. He felt anger grew inside him and with the adrenaline running through his body he ran towards the galra soldier, avoiding to get hit until he got closer enough to knock him down and steal his weapon.

He shot without thinking twice, then lift Pigde in his arms and quickly ran towards the med bay. His friends could defend the castle without him, right now what mattered was her.  

Just before he could arrived to his destiny, more Galra appeared and surround them. He hold Pidge tightly hurting her a little, trying his best to shield her with his body. 

The soldiers lifted their arms and he closed his eyes, waiting with fear to be shot. A bang was heard, and when he opened his eyes, Lotor was all he could see. 

“Are you ok?”  

"Fuck.. Yes… Thanks, buddy. ” He sighed in relief when he saw all the fallen Galra. “We… We don’t have time to waste. Pidge, we need her on the pods." 

Lotor nodded as he took Pidge from Lance’s arms and head to the med bay. He put her on the table, grab a weapon a went back to hall to make sure no Galra attacked them while Lance was preparing the pod. He truly felt grateful for speding tons of hours cleaning the pods with Coran. Once he was finished and Pidge’s vitals stabilize , Lotor approach him and hug him.

He melt at the touch and closed his eyes enjoying the sensation.  

“You did well, Lance…” 

“Thank you… If it weren’t for you, Pidge–”

“She’s ok now, you did good. You have nothing to worry about now… “ The prince said and Lance sighed. The alarm was still on, they weren’t safe yet. They needed to join the battle. But he wanted to stay just like that a little longer. He missed this, he missed having this kind of physical contact. He hugged Lotor back, and gasp when he felt how the prince began to scent him. He shivered, and felt the tears sting in his eyes. The omega couldn’t believe this, he was overwhelmed by the alpha’s action.

Lance opened his eyes, and through the tears he could see a Galra was pointing his weapon at Lotor’s back. He got paled at the sight and his mind went blanck for an instant, fuck. He pulled apart from Lotor as fast as he could and throw him to he ground, taking the fatal blow directed at him without thinking. He fell hard and felt all the air leave his lungs. Someone called his name, but he quickly faded.

When Lance woke up and got out of the pod, Hunk was there to catch him. 

“Lance!” He said with a big smile and tears in his eyes. “You’re awake!” 

“Oh my God! Lance’s awake!” Screamed Pidge, looking much healthier and stronger than before.

“Hey, Pidgeon.”

Hunk and Pidge hug him and nuzzle him for several minutes, refusing to let him go. A few meters from them, everyone else was waiting their turn to get closer to Lance. Once the betas were finished, Allura and Coran were next. Coran hugged him as Allura thanked him for his bravery and patted his head like if he was a little child. When Lance was free, everyone expected Shiro and Keith to be next. But Lotor couldn’t wait and took Lance in his arms, kissing his temple. The omega blushed and laughed by the action and just before he could say something, the alphas yanked Lotor away from him. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh?!” Keith looked beyond pissed. “That’s our omega!” 


“Bullshit!” Oh, God, Lotor looked angry too. “He’s not yours! You barely pay attention to him!”

“We’ve been mating him! He’s ou—”

“You’ve been fucking him!” Said Lotor, interrumpting Shiro.”You both only want him to warm your bed!” 

“That’s not true! We’ve been trying to court him all these time! We want Lance with us!

“Oh, really? You could’ve fooled me if it weren’t by the selfish way you both are acting! Lance is a fucking person, not a hole for you assholes to be fucked!”

“We don’t think of Lance that way! We truly want him and care about him! We would never do anything to hurt him!”

Lotor was still not convinced and draw his claws out. Shiro and Keith growled, baring their teeths. The princess quickly ran towards Lotor’s side, grabbing him by the arm trying to stop the prince from fighting her paladins as Hunk, Pidge and Coran went to stop the other two. Meanwhile, the omega was static in his place seeing the whole scene unfold before his eyes. 

-“Is… is true what you’re saying?” Lance asked, looking between Keith and Shiro with uncertainty. He looked nervous and about to cry. “Please tell me you’re not lying. Tell me you guys are serious right now because i wouldn’t be able to take it if you’re not.  Part 4

-“Are you guys serious right now?” Said Lance, drawing everyone’s attention to him and shocking the alphas by the hostility on his voice. “Oh my God, you guys are serious! No, this is bullshit. You can’t pretend i don’t exist, think only about each other and then claim me as yours. Do you know how fucked up is that?!” Part 5

—- DID YOU LIKED THE SURPRISED My BeaUTIful PECADORES????!!?!!! Not only you guys are divided by Lancelot and Shklance, i am too. So i’ll do two endings. Because i can, and because i love lancelot with good lotor and shklance because it’s a clasic.

This is the perfect solution for my shipper heart (and for my followers dispute) Oh and i warn you guys. The following chapters won’t be updated as fast as the others. Why?

  1. Because they need to be updated the same day
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  4. I may be getting sick, so now you know. 
We just need to wait a little longer; Jaehyun

Request: “Hiiii can I please request a really fluffy Jaehyun scenario where he’s dating a girl trough the internet and she travels from her home country to come meet him for the first time in Korea?”

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Oh my god, this was beautiful, I leave myself speechless I swear.

“At which hour did you say you had to go to practice?” You asked your boyfriend while you look at his face through your computer screen.

“It’s in like an hour or so, I should be going there actually.” You have been dating for months now, but still never got to meet each other in person.. until today.

“And why are you here then!? Taeyong is going to kill you.”

“He may will but I don’t really care anymore. He needs to understand that now it’s the only moment where I’m able to talk with you and look at your pretty face at the same time. And doing that in this relationship is almost impossible.” 

You were internally screaming as you heared him talking. It was very hard for you to have a normal conversation with him when in your mind you could only think about how warm the feeling of being in his arms would feel and how you’re finally, after months of having such strong feelings for him, being able to felt his loving caresses in your skin just like you always dreamed of. There would be no more of those annoying frozen screens or glitchy images that you always have while Facetiming. Or the need of a proper Internet conection just to listen to his sweet voice talking about his day or even just to read a short message where he reminds you how important you are in his life.

“Taeyong is going to hate me if you’re like this every day, Jaehyun.”

“I don’t think is possible to hate such a cute and adorable person like you, baby. You’re just too perfect.” Those were the kind of compliments that you would normally answer with sarcastic comments or, sometimes, with even cheesier compliments to him, but today all this sweet words were making you feel really shy and nervous, and you couldn’t help but blush like crazy. “But talking about Taeyong, apparently, not only him but all the members are waiting for me now, so I guess I don’t have choice anymore. I’m so sad.”

“Don’t be sad for such a silly thing like this! We’ll talk later, okay? I promise.” You have been saying this like this all day. Keeping this little secret from him was everytime more and more difficult and you couldn’t help but drop some ‘hints’ here and there, even though you were the only one who was understanding them. “Good luck today, honey. Take care of yourself, okay?”

“Yes, baby. I’ll take a good care of myself.” After a few seconds of silence, he talked again. “Can I say it now?” You smiled widely and move your head from side to side, dening his request. He pouted and you couldn’t help but feel your heart beating at the speed of sound, without being able to believe how adorable your boyfriend was. “You can’t stop me forever, Y/N.” If only he knew that today, just in a less than an hour, it was going the first time he would finally be able to say those three words without you stoping him to wait for the ‘special’ moment. Unless you can’t hold your feelings anymore and said it first, because right now you could feel that your chest could burst from all the love you feel for the pretty boy that’s smiling at you through your computer’s screen.

“We just need to wait a little longer, okay? Goodbye, baby.” 

“Jaehyun? Do you remember last year when i couldn’t get you a birthday present?”

“Like if I could forgot it.” Jaehyun said in a disinterested way.

After look at you, it’s impossible for him to function properly again. He’s in cloud 9 as he remembers the lovely sound of your voice and your shiny eyes that look at him in the way no one has ever done before, making him feel more special than anyone and completly different from the rest, but in the best way you can think of. He’s always considering himself the luckiest person in the whole planet for having you by his side. Well, actually, not yet.

“Well, guess what! I’m finally go it for you. It’s in the practice room, you would love it.”

“And what if I don’t?” He asked with a small smile in his face as he started to tease his friend. The way Taeyong was acting that day was really weird. He was feeling really excited and smily for some reason and it was scaring Jaehyun a lot, specially after hearing him talk about this ‘present’ that he has for him.

“There’s no way you don’t like it, she’s like destinated to be with you, I’m sure she was made just and only for you. There’s no way you don’t like it.” Jaehyun’s whole world stopped and he looked at Taeyong with a neutral face. The thought of you came to his mind and he was feeling his heart beating faster. His friend readed his expression like if it was a book and patted his shoulder softley at the same time that he nodded his head at him, confirming his hypothesis.

Jaehyun ran the rest of the hall until he had the practice room’s door in front of him and opened it without a warning. He recognized your figure instantly and felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw your face. It was you, it was indeed you. He felt in love with your features one more time, those beautiful lips that he was dying for taste, your precious eyes that would only look at him, your perfect nose, you blushy cheeks, everything in you was so perfect.

He felt like if he could cry out of happiness but instead his first reaction was running to you, and yours was exactly same. It ocurred in seconds. You were finally in each other arms, where both of you belong. Smiling and without being able to believe how the scenario of meeting each other that was always in your heads was finally becoming true.

It took hours for the both of you to overcome all those strong feelings and felt comfortable with each other and talk like youwould normally do in the texts or phonecalls, but still there were constantly sudden hugs and kisses from time to time. Internally there was a part of you that still couldn’t believe that this was happening, finally, after so long.

“Y/N? Would you let me say it now, that we’re in front of each other, holding hands and finally side by side?”

After having a really long conversation with the other members where you could introduce yourself to them and meet each one a bit more, they let Jaehyun take his day free. Now both of you were in the prettiest park in Seoul, walking under the beautiful cherry blossoms as you hold hands. There weren’t enough words in the world to express how happy you were feeling.

“Yes, please. I have wait for this moment literally since the day I first saw you.”

He smiled and got closer to your body, placing one of his hands in your cheek and looking at you in the eyes. You could see how sincere he was being as he clearly pronounced those three words to you, not being afraid of letting you know all his feelings.

“And, Jaehyun, would you let me do it now, that we’re in front of each other, holding hands and finally side by side?” He giggled and nodded his head in the a excited way.

“Please do, I waited for this moment literally all my life.”

So you kissed him. You pressed your lips with his and finally felt like if you were in home, in the perfect place and with the perfect persons around you. You never felt more complete and identified in your whole life.

“I love you too, Jaehyun.”

As much as I don’t want to bicker with people...

The vast majority of people who are disappointed in RWBY Volume 4 are, for the most part, saying nothing happened. Like, literally nothing, at least that’s not important. Or if it did happen, it was stupid, problematic on the character’s end, etc.

I confess: while I’m not entirely blind to a story’s flaws, I do tend to focus on the pros of something more than the cons, as they’re the reason that I keep going back to something despite the problems. I like these parts of the show, ergo that’s why I’m still watching it. I prefer the positives being emphasized over the cons. That still doesn’t mean, however, I am going to completely ignore them or brush them off as minor.

From a technical standpoint regarding RWBY’s writing, the fatal flaw this show has no matter what is this: the shorter length of the episodes compared to other shows mean that getting through a MAJOR story arc takes a lot of time. The entirety of Volume 1 was introducing us to the world of Remnant. Both Volume 2 and Volume 3 were an entire arc story arc in themselves, as it was basically giving us the reason why the bad guys are such a threat. And Volume 4? Volume 4 is what we like to call a transition arc. The reason it feels like filler is because it’s trying to smoothly move us to the bigger story of Volume 5 instead of throwing a bunch of crap at us right away. Everything that happened in this Volume is setting us up for what’s coming next and making sure we have explanations for things, like the introduction of characters such as Oscar, Blake’s parents, Weiss’s family, and Cinder’s other associates. If you wanna look at it this way, it’s a passive volume in terms of storytelling, not active. That’s why it feels underwhelming to a lot of people.

Now for the elephant in the room: was this volume pointless because seemingly nothing happened? Hell no. This volume might not have gotten our blood pumping like the past volumes, but it did give a lot of insight to the characters and to Remnant. I’m not going to focus on things that I inherently found problematic IE the negative part of [character]’s introduction or stuff like that. Again, I like to focus on the bright side of things. I’m just going to highlight all the stuff that I thought Volume 4 did right. You can disagree with me, but hey, opinions are opinions, right?

The list

  • Remnant has finally been expanded beyond Vale. We actually got to see what the rest of the world looks like and understand why it’s so dangerous. Vale was constantly presented as a safe place and that did get boring after a while because we wanted to see the characters get into life-threatening trouble. Now? They presented things to us like how easy it is for small villages to get picked off by Grimm attacks.
  • Ruby is getting the screentime she deserves as a main character. I know people point out that she’s still feels as flat as cardboard as when she first appeared, but this volume finally did flesh out her character a bit more in terms of what’s going through her head. She’s learning that the world around her isn’t perfect and she’s also coping with upfront losses. While we know she lost her mother, it was stated that she was too young at the time to completely understand what was going on. Now? She’s showing a good deal of grief after seeing two friends die right in front of her last volume and is possibly starting to break from the pressure. (Which makes sense because she is two years younger than her teammates and JNR, making her more emotionally fragile because she hasn’t had those additional two years to mature.)
  • Expanding on Weiss’s family and getting a full explanation on why her childhood was so rough. Her mother is an alcoholic out of misery from her marriage, her father is only interested on preserving the image of the Schnee Dust Company, and Whitley has a passive-aggressive loathing of her and Winter. Only Winter is completely supportive of her and she considers Klein to be her family over her father, brother, and mother. I love Weiss showing an understanding that blood isn’t always thicker than water.
  • Sun getting better development as a character. I love this monkey boy for his personality and antics, but he’s honestly gotten more screentime than an actual understanding of what his character and motivations are. We know he’s attracted to Blake and his first time seeing her was oh hey you’re kinda cute, but a lot of what he said this volume basically solidifies that he sees her as a friend first and someone he’s interested in second, following her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself. He also doesn’t shove her relationships with her other friends to the side in favor of making it about himself. He brought up Yang in their conversation in episode 11 and made sure she understood that she was hurting everyone around her. Sun may be stupid at times, but he definitely isn’t selfish and self-centered.
  • Clarification on Blake being “born into the White Fang.” Since Volume 1, I had the impression that Blake was an orphan and was adopted by the White Fang even though it’s never stated, but her being the daughter of the previous leader actually makes sense and I do understand why she hasn’t brought her family up until this point; they left while she stayed. The fact that Kali and Ghira are shown to still to love their daughter despite that she essentially left them shows how much they care for her and that is really heartwarming.
  • Ren and Nora finally got the development we’ve been waiting for since Volume 1. Despite loving the two since their introduction, they’ve always been sidelined in terms of the Team JNPR development from my standpoint in favor of focusing on the Arkos duo. This volume, they got their backstory expanded on and we even got a bit of understanding on the nature of Ren’s personality and how it relates to his Semblance. (Although I do feel like they could have put more emphasis on Nora.)
  • The Nuckelavee Grimm. I know a lot of people saying that they built up this Grimm to be a lot more terrifying than it actually was when it was finally presented, but seriously? When that thing showed up in Ren and Nora’s flashback, I nearly pissed myself because it was that terrifying. And really, just think: there could be more of those things wandering around. What if it wasn’t just one, but two or three of them that attacked Kuroyuri? That’s worse to think about.
  • Jaune was actually bearable. Look, I won’t deny that I’m with the people who groan every time Jaune comes on because Ruby is shoved to the side every time. Here, he was actually put in more supporting, passive role. I liked his interactions with Ren and Nora and, looking at his relationship with Ruby, he did feel like a big brother to her. They are essentially helping each other hold up after Pyrrha’s death last volume and that, I think, is really important.
  • Yang’s interactions with Taiyang and understanding the dynamics of the Rose-Xiao Long family. I am one to agree that Yang’s “healing” from her PTSD felt rushed especially considering what real life PTSD is like, but it was nice to understand Taiyang’s feelings towards both his wives, as well as his worry regarding Yang wanting to find her mother. After all, Raven was shown in her interaction with Qrow that she gives jack shit about her daughter and the fact that Yang chose to go after her younger sister over Raven shows that Yang is more willing to go after someone she knows and cares about rather than a mother she knows little about.
  • This is more of a minor thing, but hey, it’s worth mentioning: NO ONE MAJOR DIED IN THIS VOLUME. THANK GOD, I WAS SO TERRIFIED FOR MY RENORA BABIES.
An Encounter Pt. 5

He pulled my panties off, that had to be soaking wet, and kisses all down my legs. All of this and I’m thinking, what is this big cock going to feel like? I’m nervous. What do I do? How will it feel? I’m actually psyching myself out. Then he spreads my legs and starts kissing me down there. Very lightly and gently. His hands grip my thighs and his mouth…well it makes me stop worrying lol. He doesn’t stop until I have an intense orgasm. His mouth locks on me as I buck my hips all over. It builds for a while and then the orgasm itself seemed to go on forever. I may have blacked out from intensity.
He said something to my husband and moved away. I was laying there exhausted from that orgasm and my husband is sitting across from me smiling. He walks over and kisses me. At this point I’m thinking we are gone and after that orgasm I’m good. Then my husband asks “Do you want him to fuck you now?” I was relaxed and still really turned on so I just nodded Yes. My husband moved away and the guy came back. He had a condom on that massive cock. Yup I started to freak out a bit lol. “Please go slow, I’ve never….”. Not sure what he said but his tone was relaxing. He spread my legs and slowly pushed himself inside me. Woah! Toys are so much different! His cock was warm and firm but soft. I think he was lubed up because it slid inside me easier than I thought. Or maybe I was just eager. He pushed in and out slowly as he lightly rubbed my clit. I felt so FULL. I love be stretched like that. I’d like to say I got crazy and fucked him silly but I think I laid there and just let him slowly work that huge cock inside me. He never changed his pace or the way he rubbed me and it’s exactly what I wanted. I was about to cum when I told him to “Fuck me!”. A minute later I was almost silent screaming in another unreal orgasm!

anonymous asked:

Hi um I used your cutting out the background from an image tutorial and it's not really working out for me because the persons hair is kind of all over the place. How do I get rid of the background without making her hair look horrid?

Hi! So, I’ve only ever talked about this once which was in my pastel hair tutorial, but it’s definitely worthy of its own tutorial. We’ll make it a mini-tutorial, though. And of course, it’s under the cut. (:

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My perfect Framework Arc ending. 

Even though mat Skyeward shipper want Farmework!Ward to go into the real world(and some part of me wants that too) my perfect ending for this arc is for just a scene after everyone gets out of the Framework where Ward is reunited with HIS Skye, the one that he loves and loves him back. The one that made him believe he could be a good man.

I haven’t watched the show since season 2 because I don’t trust the writers with his character after everything they put him through, after they let pass the opportunity of what could have been a great redemption and instead butchered the character until he was unrecognizable, getting so far that they actually had to make him into somebody else just to make him even more evil, killing him not once but twice, all the while making the other characters do things than if he had done them would just be an affirmation of how evil he was but because it were the ‘good’ guys doing it, it was justified.

I lost respect for May after she took the voice of an abuse victim.

I lost respect for Skye after she told a depressed, suicidal person that ‘he should have tried harder’.

I lost respect for Fitz when he cut down the air supply of a person just to make a point, even if maybe I would have wanted to do the same.

I lost respect for Simmons after she deliberately tried to kill a person after acting disgusted and calling them a murderer, a killer and a sociopath.

I lost respect for Coulson after too many times to count, but the cherry on top was after he crushed the chest of a beaten down man with no means to defend himself.

I definitely lost respect for the team when they brushed off the murder of a person as if it where nothing, as if a life had no value, because they ‘deserved it’.

Because at the end of the day killing is killing, it doesn’t matter the reasons behind t it, if you take someone’s life that’s on you, no justification, and if you’re a ‘good guy’ it a least weights on your conscience, something they took away from my favorite characters and made me hate them.

So, no, I don’t want Ward in the real world with people that are going to see a face that they hate and make an innocent man pay for the faults of another that wasn’t given the chance to prove he could be good.

I want him happy with someone that loves him, because even if he ceases to exist the moment the Framework is taken down at least Grant Douglas Wart could, finally, be at peace.

Your Savior - 22

I have to work for the next several days, so I wanted to get a chapter out while I had a chance! The last chapter was a bit of a downer (but I’m not apologizing any more @backseat-negan !) and this one has plenty of angst, but is still moving the reader and Negan forward. Thanks as always for reading, and please keep all of the reviews coming, you all give me life!!!

Chapter 22


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault, angst/depression

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

When you woke in the morning it took you several seconds to clear your head enough to remember where you were and why you were there. Brianna was hunched over the bed, sleeping on her arms while still sitting in the chair next to you, just as she had promised. Some friend you are, making your pregnant best friend sleep in a chair while you are in her bed. 

The more you woke up the more memories from the day before crept into your head, the pain slicing you deep and fresh. Brianna roused not long after you, stretching her back before smiling down softly at you. “How ya doing? Any better?" 

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A Thranduil Fanfic

Based on an imagine found here

You hummed, enjoying the sound of the rain outside, something about it always putting you at peace. With a very relaxed hand, you focused on your current painting, putting the finishing touches on the wild garden that you had found one wandering day and imprinted it into your memory.

“Been wandering the wilds again, meleth?”  A familiar voice sounded behind you.

You smiled as you continued to work.  "I must draw my inspiration from somewhere.“

Thranduil sighs, his hands wrapping around your waist as he gently rests his head on your shoulders, watching you work.  "Did you at least arm yourself this time?”

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Recovering From Energy Work

This post is aimed at the person receiving an intense bout of energy work. Specifically I’ve experienced these side effects in a few people to happen when energy ties are cut in one way or another, positive or negative.

So you just had a spirit that’s been attached to you removed, or that tie to a spirit has been cut. You may have taken some heavy astral damage and your physical body is feeling the ramifications. You feel great at first, perhaps a little emotional, perhaps your adrenaline is high, but then you start to crash. Your stomach is churning, your head hurts, and you feel like throwing up. Oddly enough this is normal. It’s unlikely you will actually throw up, but it could happen. 

Despite it all you’re going to feel like shit for a while. When you wake up you may feel better, hollow, better. Sometimes this recovery takes days. Here is what you should do while in recovery.

Originally posted by drf-1


You’re feeling sick and you need water to live. Make sure you’re avoiding unhealthy stuff like soda or slushies. Try water and tea. Your body and spirit will thank you.

Fuel Up

When you’re recovering, I really wouldn’t recommend fast food, greasy foods, chips, excess candy, or otherwise anything unhealthy. Until you’re feeling like yourself again try consuming plants like vegetables or fruits. Maybe grilled fish or chicken. Salads are a good idea. Pizza is not.

Be Yourself

You just had a rough interaction with an entity that is not yourself. You need to regain that sense of self. Do something you love. Ride a bike, play your favorite video game, climb a tree. Just be. 


In order to recover your body and spirit need rest. You’ll need to take care of it all. Have a full 8 hours if you can and nap when tired throughout the day. Don’t let your sleep become excessive or too little. You need to find that balance.


I’m specifically talking spiritually right now. Taking care of your physical body in turn helps you take care of your spiritual body. But you also need to take care of purely spiritual matters in order to fully relish in your physical body. Meditate, surround yourself with herbs or crystals. Drink tea, breathe cleansing concoctions. I like to light Sweet Grass, Sage, and Lavender together, personally. Take time to take care of your personal self.

And voila! You’re soon recovered and ready to live life like yourself again. The key to all of this is you’re trying to remove that last bit of energy, and it’s sitting negatively, and you should really let it leave your body. It’s making you feel sick and you don’t want to feed it with more negative stuff like alcohol, soda, fatty or greasy foods, etc. You want to give it all of the good stuff it needs to heal properly. 

Y’know FR, while it may be lucrative to get people remaking accounts and spending gems to recreate their accounts, it’s probably not very smart to actually BAN THE ACCOUNTS and thus kill any interest in anyone returning to Flight Rising, sending even more shockwaves through the community and creating paranoia. 

It’s been Three Fucking Years Going Onto Four since I mentioned this- and honestly if I said this as a minor until now as a legal adult, maybe you should do something to address this. 

X - Part Three

A/N: Oh boy, I’ve been waiting for this chapter since I started the story. I originally had some of this in Part One and jeez, am I glad I decided against that. Not really into the ending but hopefully y’all will forgive me. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying this! I appreciate any feedback you’re willing to give, love you guys.

Part One Part Two


It was very rare for me to sleep through the day.

After my debut, I couldn’t afford to waste my time sleeping or doing anything that inhibited my habit of doing about eight things at once. My mind was constantly working overtime anyways; with dance moves flooding my vision, song lyrics rolling off my tongue, and Korean words tumbling through my body, I didn’t allow myself to waste time resting. I took care of my body, of course. I took relaxing baths (while I tapped emails away on my laptop), I made warm cups of tea (while prancing around my kitchen trying to tweak my moves), and if I was feeling really fancy I would pop on a sheet mask (while scribbling out my elementary-level hangul characters).

So, you can imagine my surprise when I was awoken by Baekhyun lightly shifting my shoulders around in order to wake me up from what was my first nap in probably a year and a half.

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Give me a Shaaaance

I think I’m going into Voltron withdrawals…and what do you mean I have to wait until September?  Holy shitake mushrooms we are only in May D8 [sobs]

I’m craving pining Shiro so much it hurts.  Lance deserves to be loved because he’s an amazing ball of energy and just look at him <3  I really hope for the sake of all that is holy we do get Shiro and Lance to have some decent one-on-one time.

Actually, while we are at it, I demand Hunk and Shiro bro-time too.

But no…I can not wait for the Shance fluff and angst week because we need more of that stuff.  I shall be doing artwork because I love those two together.  (but let’s be real…I’m pretty close to shipping Lance with everyone).

But I think I need some inspiration…so any particular AU Shance ideas people are aching to see?

PS: Is it telling that my most popular Voltron post is Langst?  It’ like no fandom, why you want him to suffer so?  (because he’s pretty when he cries)

Important News for anyone who cares (that’s not sarcastic, it’s a true invitation to ignore this if we aren’t actual friends, which is totally fine)

A lot of you may know that I graduated law school yesterday.  Yes, I finally did it.  I won an award.  Yay me.

But celebration is over now.  Tomorrow, I start Bar Prep.  The California Bar Exam is July 25-26.  I will be studying 8-12 hours a day until then.  A lot of people I know deactivate social media and such while they study for the Bar, and that’s probably a smart thing for those people who need to devote their whole existence to studying.

I will not be doing that.  Tumblr is my little world of fandom escape where I get to share the things I love with all my wonderful internet buddies.  I need this in my life.  I need you guys in my life.  I don’t think I can survive otherwise.

But during Bar Prep, here’s what my tumblr life will probably look like: lots of posting/reblogging in the morning, probably in the middle of the day during my lunch break, and in the evenings.  I will not be available to answer questions or messages unless I’m checking my dash and such during one of those periods.  I am going to turn off notifications on the app, and I might delete it off my phone altogether, so I’m only checking on my laptop or iPad (and thus resisting the temptation to fixate on things throughout the day, but we’ll see if that ends up being way too inconvenient).  

It is my deepest and sincerest hope that I will still be able to write and post stories.  That is my creative outlet and I also need that to survive and to get a little joy out of my life.  That said, the frequency of these will completely depend on how much time and energy I have during these next few months.

The other big(ish) change will be the frequency with which I post personal posts venting about things.  I can imagine that I’ll need to scream into the void during this process at a higher rate than usual.  You are very welcome to ignore or block these posts.  Once I come up with a tag for them, I’ll let everyone know so you can blacklist it, if you want.  Or unfollow me if I get too annoying.  It’s your dash and you can see or not see whatever you want.  That being said, if you are so inclined, feel free to reply or to send me a message of encouragement or comfort.  I may or may not respond, depending on time or my mood, but I really truly value everything you guys say to me to keep me sane.

In conclusion, my life is about to change A LOT and I didn’t want to disappear or make big changes without warning, so here you go.  Thank you, tumblr fam, for getting me through college and law school and now the Bar.  I fucking got this, you guys, and I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going :)

Where My Demons Hide

Hey! Here’s a Darkiplier story for y’all! I actually wrote this like six hours ago but I finished it just in time to go to worka nd I didn’ thave time to post it here. So, here’s a last-minute story for Halloween. Enjoy. :)

This story is also available on AO3 here.

           “Hey guys, what’s up? Happy Halloween!”

           Mark was facing the camera with a grin on his face. Tyler sat across the table from him. They had some candles lit between them, but they didn’t offer enough light to illuminate the entire capture, so they’d set up some stage lights behind the tripod. The bright glow of the lightbulbs seared his vision. He tried not to squint.

           “So today, Tyler over here came up with the wonderful idea to use a spirit board on camera,” Mark announced, “because why the fuck not, apparently.”

           Tyler laughed, the picture of ease. Mark envied his confidence.

           “What are you, chicken?” he jeered, his elbows resting comfortably on the table. “These things are total crap anyway, you know that.”

           “Well, I mean….”

           Tyler raised his eyebrows, and his smile widened. “Do you actually believe in these things, dude?”

           Mark shrugged, his eyes darting to the Ouija board with a spark of unease. “Well, I…I’m not saying I don’t believe in them.”

           “We got this from a fucking toy store, dude.”

           “Yeah, I know! I’m just saying anything could happen.”

           He looked at Tyler, whose stare clearly begged the question Are you just hamming this shit up for the video?

           Mark wished he were. He’d felt uncomfortable with the situation ever since Tyler had brought the game home from Target. Sure, it was probably a piece of junk, but still…what if?

           It was a stupid fear to have, and Mark knew it. So he plastered a smile onto his face and rolled his eyes, as if to say, Yes, duh. I’m not a pussy.

           “Anyway,” he continued, addressing the camera once more, “we’re gonna try this thing out and see if we can find any spooky scary spirits in my house.”

           Tyler chuckled. “Dude, this is either gonna be really dumb or really bad.”

           Yeah, no fucking joke.

           Tyler fished the planchette out of the box while Mark explained how to use a Ouija board to the camera. They knew the stupid basics: don’t play alone, don’t let go of the planchette until you’re done playing, blah blah blah.

           “We may not even upload this video, depending on if anything interesting actually happens,” he finished up while Tyler prepared the setup. “So if anyone’s watching this, I guess something at least vaguely spooky is gonna happen.”

           “Yeah, so be warned,” Tyler added on. “And don’t go looking in the comments for jumpscare warnings. That’s cheating.”

           Mark’s heart skipped a beat. Swallowing, he turned back to the board and placed his fingertips on the planchette. Tyler copied him. They looked at each other for a moment.

           “Uh…are you gonna start it?” Mark asked him.

           “Why do I have to start it? This is your channel.”

           “Well this was your bullshit idea, so you get to carry it out.”

           Tyler shrugged and began swirling the planchette around. Mark was pretty sure that wasn’t how you used it, but he didn’t correct him.

           “Uh…O Spirit Realm, my name is Tyler and this is my friend Mark. Do you have any ghosts that wanna say hi?”

           Mark was still nervous, but he couldn’t help giggling. “That was the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, dude.”

           They stopped moving the planchette and stared at it for a moment. It sat as still as a stone.

           “Guess that’s a no,” Tyler said with a laugh.

           “C’mon, let’s try again,” Mark urged. Even if they had to fake it, he at least wanted to get one interesting shot out of this video. “Hey! Dark and evil spirits! Anyone wanna tussle with the likes of us?!”

           He waited. Tyler was clearly trying not to laugh. Then, slowly but surely, the planchette drifted over and covered the word yes.

           Mark and Tyler stared at each other, each daring the other to admit they’d moved it. Tyler shrugged.

           “Uh…who’re we talking to?” Tyler asked the universe, an amused smile playing at his lips.

           The planchette didn’t hesitate. It drifted across the letters quickly, so quickly that Mark barely had time to read the message aloud to the audience.

           C-A-L-L M-E D-A-R-K

           “…‘Call me Dark?’” he echoed with a frown. “The fuck kinda name is that?”

           The planchette leapt into action with much more fervor than before. It moved with speed that Tyler clearly wasn’t putting behind it with his barely-touching fingertips.

           W-A-T-C-H Y-O-U-R T-O-N-E

           Tyler glanced up at Mark confusedly. “Dude, are you fucking with me right now?”

           Mark didn’t answer. The planchette sat still, a sleeping predator waiting for the next moment to act.

           “I, uh…well who are you, Dark?” he asked aloud, not knowing what to believe.

           The planchette moved methodically, as if a third hand were guiding it across the board.

           A-N O-L-D F-R-I-E-N-D O-F Y-O-U-R-S

           Mark’s frown deepened. “Tyler, if you’re kidding with me, it’s not funny,” he said seriously.

           “Shut up, dude. I know you’re doing it.”

           Mark had a few dead loved ones, but none of them would say things like this to him if they were still alive. He stared at Tyler hard, searching for a lie. Tyler looked somewhere between confused and a little entertained, as if he still believed this was a joke.

           “I don’t know anyone named Dark,” Mark announced.

           I H-A-V-E B-E-E-N W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G Y-O-U

           “Tyler, cut it the fuck out.”

           “I’m not doing anything, dude!” Tyler sounded pretty defensive. Mark’s heart began to pound.

           The planchette began moving again. Tyler crossed his arms over his chest, seeming fed up with the nonsense.

           I K-N-O-W W-H-O Y-O-U A-R-E

           The room around Mark seemed to spin. He looked up and around. His surroundings were distorting. Tyler stared back at him, his form fuzzy and elongated like a funhouse mirror reflection.

           “Mark, what are you doing?” His voice sounded like it was coming from underwater.

           I K-N-O-W W-H-A-T Y-O-U F-E-E-L

           Mark couldn’t see the Ouija board anymore, though he could still feel the planchette under his fingers. The words were being spoken aloud now, somewhere between a whisper and a growl. Mark swung his head wildly, searching for the source.

           I H-A-V-E K-N-O-W-N Y-O-U A-L-L Y-O-U-R L-I-F-E

           Behind Tyler, amidst the warped image that used to be Mark’s office space, a shape began to congeal. It was tall and gangly, with arms that hung almost all the way down to its ankles, and fingers that ended in sharp, knifelike points.

           I H-A-V-E W-A-I-T-E-D F-O-R T-H-I-S D-A-Y F-O-R A L-O-N-G T-I-M-E

           Mark gulped hard. He wanted to ask what day he’d been waiting for, but when he opened his mouth he found that his voice was gone. The shadowy shape firmed up into a pitch-black form with a hollow smile. It didn’t move its lips to speak.

           I H-A-V-E A-L-W-A-Y-S W-A-N-T-E-D T-O S-P-E-A-K W-I-T-H Y-O-U

           Why? Mark thought, feeling faint. Either he was hallucinating so much that he was going to pass out, or the world was actually ending and he was about to die.

           B-E-C-A-U-S-E Y-O-U-R B-O-D-Y I-S S-O B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

           The creature strode forward, passing through the blob that used to be Tyler and the table, and two spider-like hands gripped Mark’s shoulders and forced him backwards, tumbling through time and space and not hitting the floor.

           Mark closed his eyes, turning end over end, but when he opened him he was right back in the same chair he’d always been in, his fingertips still lightly touching the planchette. Tyler was staring at him in what looked like annoyance.

           “Look dude, if you didn’t wanna do this you should’ve just said something,” he snapped. “Your joke isn’t funny.”

           Mark’s head felt fuzzy and strange. “But I didn’t….”

           “Forget it. I’ll shut the camera off. Just find some stupid horror game to play. If you didn’t want my help, you shouldn’t have asked for it.” Grumbling, Tyler stood up, flicked the camera off, and strode out the door without another word.

           “But didn’t you…see any of that?” Mark asked aloud, even though Tyler was already gone. He stood up and backed away from the Ouija board slowly, his skin still crawling. It must’ve all been…a dream? A hallucination? Had someone slipped him something?

           He backed into the wall. He was covered in goosebumps from head to toe, and he was covered in gross, sticky sweat. He bunched up the bottom of his T-shirt in his hands and wiped his forehead with it.

           When he lowered his T-shirt and opened his eyes, he was standing eye-to-eye with himself. For half a second he thought he was looking in a mirror, but then the copy smiled, and Mark realized that its eyes were some swirling mixture of red and black, and its smile was cracked jaggedly into its cheeks on both sides like a broken doll’s.

           Mark practically threw up. He tried to back away, but the imposter grabbed him by the back of the neck and held him firmly in place, eyeballing him up and down with a kind of sadistic hunger, like a jungle cat playing with its prey.

           T-H-A-N-K-S F-O-R T-H-E B-O-D-Y, it intoned, its mouth frozen in an unmoving grin. I N-E-V-E-R C-O-U-L-D H-A-V-E R-E-P-L-I-C-A-T-E-D O-N-E W-I-T-H-O-U-T A H-O-S-T.

           “Wh…what the fuck?” Mark stammered, his voice airy and weak with fear.

           Y-O-U A-R-E S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S. It grew somehow more condescending. I K-N-O-W I-T I-S N-O-T P-E-R-F-E-C-T, B-U-T C-O-M-E N-O-W. I D-I-D M-Y B-E-S-T C-R-E-A-T-I-N-G I-T. H-A-V-E S-O-M-E M-A-N-N-E-R-S.

           “What are you?” Mark demanded. “Are you a demon?”

           The smile vanished, and the creature angrily dug its talons further into Mark’s neck, closing his throat. Black dots danced in Mark’s vision as he felt his knees buckle.

           T-O-O M-A-N-Y Q-U-E-S-T-I-O-N-S, it growled as Mark sank to the floor in a dead faint. I A-M N-E-I-T-H-E-R D-E-M-O-N N-O-R A-N-G-E-L.

           J-U-S-T C-A-L-L M-E D-A-R-K.