it makes you shit wax

Joji Sex Headcanons (#2)
  • He basically melts when you moan his name
  • Loves kinky BDSM shit (think candle wax, spanking, etc.)
  • Always makes sure you cum first
  • You love to press your foreheads together and look deep into one another’s eyes during missionary 
  • He loves to leave hickeys all over your neck and on the insides of your thighs
  • It drives you crazy when he lightly grips your throat and whispers how naughty you’ve been into your ear
  • Can go for multiple rounds in one night
  • He loves having sex on the kitchen counter 
  • Sometimes, he’ll record the two of you so he can have something to watch when you’re apart
  • Prefers to have sex in some sort of light, whether it be dimmed lighting or candlelight