it makes you feel really immersed in the game

Michael Mell x Reader Imagine - Game Night

Word Count: 815-ish

Description: Y/N has developed a crush on one of her best friends, and her skills at Mario Kart aren’t helping her game at all.

Warnings: Swearing, shitty writing, Jeremy being a cockblock, making out

Notes: This is really bad still but I feel it’s a lot better than the imagine I posted yesterday so progress I guess?

Guide: Y/N = Your Name , F/B = Favorite Book, Y/N/N = Your Nickname

“Pay attention to me.” Michael sighed leaning against your shoulder. You were currently reading F/B and were so immersed in the pages that you didn’t even hear your best friend’s plea. 

You had met Michael on the night of the Halloween party and had comforted him during the panic attack. You also managed to punch Jeremy in the face when you found out he was to blame for Michael’s sadness.

Luckily, after the SQUIP incident, the three of you formed your own little trio and became friends for the rest of junior year. That being said, you had begun to develop feelings for the 7/11 junkie and only had Jeremy to talk about it with. You were just as anxious and shy as he was, so the advice was small and far between.

“Hey, Y/N/N! You okay?” This made you glance into those dark brown eyes and blush. “Oh, yeah. Sorry just spaced out I guess.” You coughed praying that lamp next to you didn’t display the evident blush on your cheeks. “You’re acting really weird, let’s play some Mario Kart hmm?” He said with a questioning expression. Jeremy had been invited to a production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by his girlfriend Christine and had ditched the two of you on Game Night, a Friday tradition.

You weren’t as much of a gaming expert as Michael, but even Mario Kart was a challenge for you. The two of you laughed loudly as you continually crashed into the walls of the course and drove slower than anything you’ve ever seen. After the race, you glared at Michael as he poked fun at your lack of skills.

“You…you couldn’t even get past 12th place!” He exclaimed between giggles. You rolled your eyes and smacked him with a pillow that was thrown casually on the couch. Michael turned around quickly with a smirk on his face. Your eyes widened as you were smacked right back with another pillow.

“This war is not over Mell!” You exclaimed grabbing a second pillow, throwing them but missing Michael each time. “Your game is weak, Y/N.” He smiled jokingly and leapt onto the couch next to you and hitting you with yet another pillow. You fell to the ground and acted like the blow was detrimental.

“Mike, what the fuck. Are you serious?” You yelled trying to sound convincing. His funny expression immediately turned apologetic as you held your head and started groaning. “Shit! Fucking shit, I’m so sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean it, I swear.” He said bending down to help you.

You shot him a mischievous smile and pulled him to the ground next to you. He somehow rolled over and you ended up hovering over him as he was a sputtering mess. “I-I um…didn’t mean to um.” He blushed and you could see the embarrassment in his eyes.  

You were a dark red as well and quickly got up off of him and apologized profusely. “Michael I…” You began. “No, it was my fault. It’s fine.” He mumbled. You were quite honestly tired of these feelings that you held back. You decided that now was the time to break out of that shell.

As Michael began to suggest another game, you stared at his adorable small smile and leaned forward. “What are you…” You ignored him and grabbed the strings of his hoodie, pulling his lips to yours.

He was surprised at first, but tangled his hands through your hair as your mouths moved in perfect sync. He tasted like Cherry slushies and marijuana, strangely an intoxicating mix. He pushed you onto the couch and hovered above your figure as you continued to kiss.

“Well this is new.”

You heard a familiar voice interrupt that caused you to jump from Michael’s grasp. There stood Jeremy Here, with a smug look on his face.

“W-What are you doing here?” You spoke up. “Play ended early, thought I would stop by and hang for a while, but the two of you seem to be doing just fine without me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said with a genuine smile.

As he exited the garage, you avoided Michael’s gaze. “That was…amazing.” He finally said. You smiled at his unkept appearance. His dark hair was sticking in all directions and his glasses were halfway off his face.

You reached across the couch and fixed them so they were perched on his nose. “I’ve liked you for a while now, even told Jere about it.” You said shaking your head in embarrassment.

Michael let out a small chuckle and scooted closer to you. “Same here, too much of a wuss to tell you myself I guess.” He admitted. “So? What are we now?” You asked smirking at his flustered expression.

“I guess you can call me your ‘bae-thang’ if you want.” He joked using an accent to accentuate the line. You giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Boyfriend will do just fine.”

Dating Jim Kirk Would Include

A/N: I got about half way through a Jim Kirk fanfiction, but then sort of wasn’t keen on it. This is my mutual compromise with my brain to remind myself how important this wonderful, gorgeous man is. Want to see me write one of these about your fave? Request!

Originally posted by stnetwork

  • Jim is always flirting with you. He’s a talented and practised flirt, but knows when to be subtle around other crew members; not subtle enough to stop Bones rolling his eyes so hard they practically fall out of his head, though.

  • He’s always organising adventurous dates. From Romulan Ale tasting to trekking on Mars, Jim loves to give you a rush and experience every new sensation with you. If you only live once, Jim wants you to do it in style.

  • He’d do anything to protect you. Even though Jim acts pretty cool and collected, at a moments trouble he’s willing to step into incredible danger to protect you. Of course, he’d sacrifice anything for his crew; but something about the way he stands in front of you when danger approaches lets you know he’ll never falter.

  • When you’re feeling stressed, he wraps his arms around your waist from behind and kisses your neck. He’s tender and gentle about it, just letting you know that he’s here and he cares. It always makes you smile.

  • You literally take his breath away. Sometimes he has to do a double-take when he first sees you just to remind himself how lucky he is. He’s always been a bit of a Romeo, but he’s never truly connected with anyone like he has with you. And he knows that. He really, really does.

  • He’s an awesome gaming buddy. Jim craves his downtime, so he absolutely loves gaming with you. He’s a big fan of immersive gaming; something he likes to not let Scotty get wind of lest he’s coerced into playing Dungeons and Dragons with the engineering deck.

  • He wants to tell you how you make him feel. But he finds it so, so hard. He’s never loved anyone before. Not once, not ever. But he just can’t help himself. At first he tried to deny it; but now, he knows. And while he knows he’ll struggle to tell you because of how vulnerable it’ll make him feel; it’s all that’s on his mind.

Yo someone tell me how Obsidian could create a lore friendly, incredibly immersive and non-limiting open-world experience with a beautifully-written story, 3-dimensional characters that feel like real people with distinct personalities, endings that make sense and don’t fall back on the “you solved EVERY problem” trope, a side story about your courier that doesn’t take away your freedom to create their backstory and a protaginist motivation that doesn’t constantly nag at you while you’re trying to explore in 18 months…
While in 7 years Bethesda gave us a game that we all just kinda shrugged and said “it’s alright,” but didn’t really feel like it was worth another run after completion.

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Though you are a game developer - are there games that you love to play? Or perhaps games that have inspired you?

This question is really well timed :D I had been planning on doing a sort of ‘Visual novels that I love’ kind of post!


Queen’s Crown by Agashi - It’s only the demo, but I loved it. Tons of choices, lovely art, great characters- what’s not to like? :D I don’t think they have a Tumblr, so I’ll leave a link to the LSF forum thread-

Ebon Light by @underbliss Again, it’s only a demo, but what a demo! Definitely worth playing. It’s so good, and I am seriously so excited for the main game!

Heartbaked by @gourmetvisual - A NaNo project that was so awesome! Beautiful art and loved the guys :)

Ready, Set, Parody by @askdreamgazer - Another NaNo project. Great fun, had me laughing so much at times!

Destiny Voyage by @usaberryhime - Really enjoyed it, took some twists I really weren’t expecting!

Lads in Distress by @windchimesx - So pretty, and such a cool concept!

Aloners by @sonnet009games - I can’t believe anyone hasn’t heard of this game by now :D It was the first visual novel I ever played, and I was blown away. Really great story telling, and I still have the biggest soft spot for Trash :)

Guenevere by @jeantownsend - Not a visual novel, but an interactive fiction. There are not enough words to describe how much I love it!

Starlit Flowers by Cosmic Latte - A kinetic visual novel. Loved the feel and art of this one. Really gave me inspiration with the feel it evoked. No Tumblr again, so link to the page-

As for more video-game-type games: I’m a massive fan of Bioware story telling. I like the hero’s tale, but with romance and friendships added; it makes the character and the journey feel more impactful and immersive.


There are tons more, which I will get around to posting at another time. Hope this gives you some ideas for other visual novels to check out as well :)

Thank you so much for the ask!

Game reviews

I got bit by the reviewing bug and started leaving reviews of Steam.Thought I’d post them here too, for posterity. Mostly positive except for venting about the endings of Life is Strange and Transistor.

Long Live the Queen

10/10 would and will die again. This was actually the game that got me on Steam. When I saw that it’s a game where you have a tiny pink anime magical girl princess who you can craft to be everything from a vicious warlord to a silver-tounged spymaster, how could I resist, you know? This game is really endless, I’ve gone through so many variation and died in so many adorable and gruesome ways, killed so many people and queened so hard. This is just the right amount of twisted for me.

Also, I mean, I can get a girlfriend who is adopted by magical lesbian moms and wears Sailor Venus’s costume, that is truly living the dream.

I’d say my one complaint about the game is, girlfriends aside, even with the extinction I have to SERIOUSLY screw Elodie over if I want her to be able to marry a woman. Like get her dad killed and everything. Elodie’s Dad is a depressing, useless buzzkill so I’ll trade him for a hot wife, but that’s still pretty harsh.

We Know the Devil

Magical girl references plus beautiful, poetic writing plus cleverly written metaphors plus examination of social pressures, teenage alienation and queer struggles equals a story designed for me to love. This is a game so nice I played it twice. I played it when it first came out, but when I saw it on Steam I knew I had to get it and replay for fancy achievements

Read Only Memories

I knew I’d love this game because the protagonist is a broke internet journalist living in a crappy apartment who needs to use headphones all the time, which was basically me at the time (I’m still a broke internet journalist but have a slightly better apartment now). Unfortunately I don’t have an adorable robot friend, alas.

Seriously, Turing is the best and this game is utterly charming. It’s just so good natured with a nice sense of humor, and the retro game aesthetic is fun. The range of characters was pretty interesting and a lot of them were so cute and fun- Punk boy and anime guy were such ridic little lovebirds. The story and setting were very solid. For someone like me who love unlocking dialogue and exploring stuff, it was a dream. Also, everyone was queer, so I felt right at home. This kind of stuff is why I love indie games and I want more like this.

My one complaint is replayability to get the different endings is a chore, which is why I haven’t gotten them all yet. You can’t really skip over the dialogue or anything and so it’s tedious if you’ve read it already. I decided to take a break because of that so it will be fresh to me when I try to get a different ending.

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Woah surprise it’s something that’s not Pokemon who’d’ve thunk

It’s Etrian Odyssey, specifically the fourth Etrian Odyssey. It’s a little series my sister stumbled upon a couple years back which we fell in love with. It’s like a JRPG, but you have to draw your own maps for the dungeons, which really adds to the immersion. Also, the art and music are out of this world. Do people just genuinely not know what they’re missing?

Anyway, anyone who knows this game will know that there are different variations for what you can make your character look like, so if you have requests, feel free to send me them. But try to be specific, none of them have names.

Prey (2017) Diaries - Days 1-4

Day 1

Started this earlier in a 4 hour session.

Really impressed with it I have to say, I’m a big fan of Immersive Sim’s so I knew this would be in my wheelhouse and I was right. What I wasn’t expecting was how much of a survival horror game it is, I wouldn’t say I’ve been ‘scared’ as such but it is incredibly tense and unnerving at times with each fight against the aliens making you worry about the ammo, resources and health you’ve got left, every time you see them it feels like an event, you mustn’t underestimate them or you’ll die very quickly, even on Normal the game’s difficulty is rather challenging so far.

It also has this fantastic sense of isolation that I’ve not felt in many games, you really do feel alone on this space station and you get the feeling there aren’t many other folks out there who wish you well, the enemies create a tangible sense of paranoia with their ability to mould themselves into objects in the scenery. you’re always looking behind your shoulder or searching the area ahead of you to see if any bins, coffee mugs etc. are moving about.

The opening is incredibly Bioshock, you wake up in your Apartment in some faceless city (looks a bit like San Francisco) and make your way to work with Tristar, flying in a Helicopter over the gleaming city below. Of course once you reach the Tristar building and go through some mental/physical experiments things go completely tits up when the Aliens turn up and start zombifying the Scientists. You get put back into your Apartment like everything’s normal, but of course it isn’t, everything is in exactly the same place as it was before but this time around there’s a sense of dread in the air, you eventually escape to find out that you’d been living in Space all this time and that Tristar had simulated the whole opening of the game (numerous times) along with your apartment, and you’d been living a Groundhog Day style existence whilst they’d been watching/studying you all this time.

Incredibly eerie, and a fantastic twist so early in the game, really caught me out of left-field when I realised. It really is a Bioshock Biosphere moment when you first reach Rapture, when you first get into the Lobby of the Talos I, realise where you are and see the endless Space before you it is a truly fantastic moment.

I love how the game only tells you the bare minimum and there’s hardly any hand-holding at all, it puts the objective markers up on your HUD sure (those can be turned off), but everything else is left up to you, the entirety of my 4 hours was spent exploring the opening Lobby area, room-by-room, finding out which doors I could open, which sections I could come back to later when I had a certain skill, I absolutely love all that stuff. Once I had the key-cards for some of the rooms or had unlocked certain skills it was very satisfying to go back and unlock them later on to find out what goodies were behind the door.

I was just completely engrossed in it, lost all sense of time and space and just wanted to exist in this space station and peel back the layers to see what makes it tick.

Pics below:

Day 2

Played another 4 hours earlier, 8 total.

Really starting to feel that this game isn’t just excellent, but something truly special.

Made it further into the ship today and it keeps surprising me, keeps innovating and does things that other games just haven’t thought of like the Recycler that gets rid of the scrap you collect around the station, actually making use of the Eel skins, banana peels, Typhon guts etc. that you pick up along the way, you then use these recycled materials in another machine called the Fabricator to craft weapons, Neuromods, Medkits and other useful items to help you in your journey. It’s just such a clever idea, the machines all have a fantastic tactile feel to them too and when your crafting materials or weapon/medkit pops out you feel satisfied, like you collected or this shit over a certain amount of time and actually got something worthwhile for your troubles.

The Aliens (Typhon) are fantastic enemies too, they look a bit like the Moulded from RE7, but they have a more sinister, organic, less clunky way about them, they remind me of some of the XCOM enemies in some ways, particularly from that cancelled XCOM shooter years back. Every time you run into a 'Phantom’ which is one of the huge fucker Aliens it feels meaningful, you can sneak around them if you’re lucky but 9 times out of 10 you’re going to be fighting the fuckers, and you better have enough shit on you to deal with it, they’re almost like a slightly less difficult version of the Big Daddy’s from Bioshock I’d say, just not quite as unique aesthetically.

I got quite a few Fallout vibes from it today too, just the intricately designed rooms, setting/hacking turrets, searching compulsively through every draw in a room to find anything useful, looking through every nook and cranny you can find. What I didn’t expect so much was the little stories, one area I was in today had a guy that was so paranoid he put 'Not a mimic!’ post it notes on everything in his Lab for his own piece of mind, another story thread had some crew members make up a 'Glooey McGlooeyface’ Snowman looking thing as they were bored and another where some crew members were playing a D&D style pen and paper role playing game across their stations, I absolutely love all that stuff.

There was another where I managed to open up a secret door in a guys lab, made my way down some stairs and discovered a theatre room with a leather chair pushed back against the wall, on the screen in front there was a 'push the green button’ prompt, so I pushed it and nothing happened, pushed it again and no response, on my 4th press a Typhon Phantom appears on the screen and smashes against it right in front of you, scared the living shit out of me, jumped right back in my seat!

I touched on this yesterday too, but the isolation you feel on the ship is really unparalleled in games, the music and sound effects are utterly fantastic, creating a sense of tension, paranoia and dread around every corner. The only game that matches it is possibly Alien: Isolation where you’re stranded on another space station (albeit slightly spookier and with a Xenomorph on your tail), you just feel utterly on your own, people come on the radio to you all the time but you have no clue if they’re just using you, lying to you, helping you or leading you to your death, Arkane have just nailed that vulnerability someone in this situation would feel.

I tried one of the Zero-G sections today and that was great, just floating about in Space, similar to Bioshock 2 or SOMA where you’re free to roam about the bottom of the Ocean all on your own with no other soul in sight, floating around with space debris, other air-locks and hull-breaches in the distance.

I got the Psychoscope too, which is a kind-of Batman-style detective mode, but of course this being such a fantastically well designed game they do more with it than that and enable you to 'research’ enemies and be able to spot/mark mimics when you enter rooms, just such a neat idea, similar to a detective mode granted but different enough that it adds some innovation and originality to proceedings, this game just has so much depth to it. It also alters fights as you need to keep Typhon enemies alive so you can scan them, which means you either don’t bother scanning them or you put your health, weapons and resources on the line to get the research, always making you make snap decisions in combat.

I knew I’d like this but I’m WAY more impressed with it that I was ever expecting to be, it could be my favourite game of this year if it keeps on like this, and I’m only 8 hours in! Just utterly engrossing, couldn’t stop thinking about it after I put the controller down too, the sign of a great game.

I can comfortably say fans of Alien Isolation, Bioshock and/or Fallout will love this game, it’s most definitely worth a try! Jeem and Jax would absolutely lap this up.

Few pics below:

Day 3

4 more hours today, 12 total.

This game continues to surprise and impress.

I spent most of my time floating around in Zero G today, I thought the outer-station exploration would just be a transportation tool but there’s tons of stuff to find out there, dead bodies with audio log’s on them that give you side quests, hull breach’s which you can enter and find some goodies in, so well fleshed out. I carried on with the story and reached an area called the 'GUTS’ as well which is another Zero G area (this time inside the station) which I very much enjoyed too.

I’ve been introduced to some new enemies too, the Cystoid’s which are pretty much like the Bloodfly’s from Dishonored 2, they congregate in Nests and if you get too close they all race out and attack you causing damage and inflicting you with radiation poisoning to boot, the best way to take them out I’ve found is by using the Toy Dart-Gun to enrage them from a distance and then they sometimes explode on one another and take themselves out. The other new enemies I encountered were a Telepath, which controls humans in the vicinity and turns them hostile against you (as well as causing Psi damage), a Technopath which uses Electric attacks to damage you and jam your weapons (and is bastard hard, took almost all the shotgun shells I had, along with a handful of EMP’s to bring it down), the Weaver (which is kind of a ghost-like creature which spits out Cystoid’s at you when you get close then runs off) and the worst which was ominously titled 'Nightmare’, with this one I didn’t even bother fighting it, I assumed I shouldn’t be in this area yet (The Bridge) and high-tailed it out of there, that shit was seriously full on! You don’t have to kill it, I could’ve evaded it apparently but having that thing chase you all around the level would be so fucking intense.

I want to talk about the Toy Dart-Gun I mentioned earlier for a second, when I talked about this game’s inventiveness and innovation in earlier posts this weapon just personifies it. You can’t do any damage to enemies with it, it’s seemingly useless and a 'joke’ weapon the Dev’s just put in for kicks when you first look at it. But, it is one of the most useful weapons in the game, see a room that’s locked, that you can’t get access to? Well sometimes you can break a window with your wrench and then shoot a Dart into the room to activate a computer screen or unlock button on a door and voila, you’re in! That is just so fucking cool it blows my mind, the first time I did it I was like, is this going to work…is the game actually going to let me do this?! And yes, the game let’s you do this and it feels fucking amazing when you do it and get into a locked room with it.

When I wasn’t messing about in Zero G I was exploring the 'Arboretum’ at the very top of Talos I, another really interesting area to explore, it felt fresh, it felt new and everywhere I looked there were places that caught my eye. The whole area was overgrown with tropical plants, shrubs everywhere, bodies strewn all over the place, an ornate Greenhouse on one side, a contemporary mansion on the other along with lots of Art-Deco styling  (of course). Serious Bioshock vibes again, that area in the original game that was all overgrown with tropical plant life felt so similar to this.

So yeah, I’m still absolutely loving this.

Day 4

Another 4 hours earlier, 16 total.

Just utterly engrossed once again, honestly, this game has been a revelation to me, I really didn’t expect it to be this good at all.

Mostly spent today exploring the Arboretum some more and Crew Quarters, the level and depth at times has been absolutely phenomenal.

Spent most of my day in Crew Quarters and exploring all the various rooms there, lots of stuff to discover in numerous cabins, there was also an interesting side-quest in the Cafeteria where 'Will Mitchell’ didn’t actually turn out to be his namesake, locked me in a freezer and I had to escape. Explored the Fitness Centre after this and cleared out all the cabins that were available (discovering a heartwarming relationship between two of the scientists in the process) and a 'treasure hunt’ which would take me all over the Station to solve. Now I looked this up and I couldn’t help looking at what the code was instead of traipsing across the station, when I inputted this and got my 'prize’ however, the game was clever enough to realise this and I got a 'cheats’ reward instead of the proper one, love that kind of stuff.

Once I’d finished with everything in the Crew Quarters, got all the 'voice samples’ I needed (and successfully evaded a nightmare for the first time by hiding in a security booth) I made my way over to 'Deep Storage’ exterminating a few Phantoms on my way. When I reached the Grav lift that would take me down to my destination however, I realised there was another grav lift that would take me up to Alex Yu’s apartment and enable me to discover what was in his safe.

Now this is where the game really shines, I didn’t have a code for this lift and my hacking ability wasn’t at the Level 4 requirement to activate it, but I really wanted to get up there and see all the cool shit, so I used the GLOO gun and made a path for me to climb up, took a while, really didn’t think it would work and that I was wasting my time at times, but eventually I made it up and into Alex Yu’s mansion! Had an explore here, found some decent goodies and the key for his apartment back in Crew Quarters. Went back down there, lifted up a lot of objects before finally finding the key for the escape pod on Alex’s mansions roof. Seemed absolutely crazy to me that I’d find something like this relatively early on, and that the game happily allowed me to travel up this lift shaft using the GLOO gun without any consequences, absolutely bloody love that kind of stuff, games that give you a full and thorough choice about how you play them get my vote every day of the week.

It almost felt like cheating really, I could now escape at any moment from the escape pod on Alex Yu’s mansions roof, it was crazy, I thought to myself for moments whether to bother carrying on with the rest of the game or go straight to the escape pod, I definitely felt guilty. Also had a great side-quest where I had to venture back to the Talos I lobby (now complete with difficulty enemies), I managed to evade them all and reach my destination in the Trauma Centre where I received my own (Morgan’s) psycho-evaluation, which was interesting, made my way back to the lift after this and back to the Arboretum to continue another side-quest by growing some plants in the botanic area.

Encountered another new enemy today called a 'poltergeist’ too, quite freaky the first time you see it as you just see random bits of scenery moving in the distance, but one you get used to it, use the Psychoscope to track its movements it’s a doddle really, it never really damaged me and I battered it with a Wrench every time.

This game just surprises at every turn, the variety, the freedom and the choices it gives the player to play the game how they want to play it are just incredible, Arkane have created such a rich, unique environment to explore and get engrossed in too, it really is such a fantastic place to just exist and get engrossed in, I can’t get enough.

Alistair is actually one of my favourite characters in any game I’ve played because he’s so well written
From the moment you start up a new game and finish Ostagar, you feel like he’s your friend and it’s a really good way to make you feel immersed

i think the shining feature of me3 is all the ambient dialogue (particularly when walking around in the citadel)

it really immerses you in the universe and makes it feel Real by giving all these random npcs their own motives, emotions, relationships, stories

like especially during a war?? its easy to forget that it affects everyone. but you get glimpses from the different kinds of relationships— refugees, doctors, soldiers (and their family and friends)

what i love about these conversations is that it shows everyday people doing what they can to help each other, whether its selling a fancy car to buy your friend some better armor or simply being there to talk with a girl whose parents might never show

i just. wow. what a game

Just for the record, that post going around saying that listening to Sims music will help you study because it was written specifically to help keep your attention on something is totally true!

BUT, it’s actually true for… almost all video game OSTs. The point of video game soundtracks are almost always to make the player focus better on the game and help them feel more involved and immersed in what they’re doing. A good soundtrack to ANY game should do the same as the soundtrack for the Sims does - help you focus. If you want help focusing while studying or doing work that requires lots of attention, put on your favorite video game OST! You can usually find them on YouTube, and there’s a good chance it’ll really help you.


I still think about the first Borderlands a lot. I remember the joy and amazement I had playing it years ago. It makes me really sad when I see people saying it’s a terrible game and they skip it and only play 2/Pre-Sequel/Tales. Like, you don’t understand. I really immersed myself in the barren desert that was Pandora, how it felt like it really was just you and you ended up meeting some people along the way who’d help you, but only because it benefited them too, it always had that Mad Maxx kind of feel. People say it didn’t have a story or the ending sucked (which I agree the ending was disappointing, but that felt like the point which set up to Borderlands 2) Borderlands had plenty of story, it was just hidden away in the echo logs and quest text for the most part, not blatantly IN YOUR FACE OH MAN LOOK AT ALL THIS PLOT!!! I still remember finding the logs about Tannis for the first time, about how she was working with Dahl, how she hated Pandora and how her whole team ends up dead and her thoughts about it and just “Wow, that’s how you set up and make an interesting character”. Then the General Knoxx DLC where we first meet Athena, and Knoxx. And that amazing ECHO log with the two Crimson Lance soldiers and the rocky road Ice Cream. Just. Man. It just makes me sad people end up missing all that was good about the first game.

i think the appeal of games like “HOME” and “UNKNOWN” are that they really, really took down the fourth wall. like it didn’t even exist.

in “OFF” the concept was introduced, that the characters knew they were characters and that the player is the player – just enough to the point you don’t know where the fourth wall begins and where it ends – BUT. beyond you simply existing and being reminded every now and again by Zacharie that programming is involved in his appearances, it’s really easy to forget.

someone in the comment section of markiplier’s videos said it really well. it seems to break immersion.

what HOME and UNKNOWN have done (from what i can tell by what little i’ve played of the latter) is take that to the next step. The Judge worries for you and your safety. [in HOME] he asks you to press your arrow keys so that he may feel your presence again. Rather than simply making you feel like what you do doesn’t matter because it’s a game, HOME makes you feel like BECAUSE it’s a game, you’re more important to them than anything else. They remind you of how they RELY on you, because you can see the world in a way they’re physically incapable of from their perspective.

in UNKNOWN, the characters have opinions and really strong emotions. rather than forgetting you destroyed an entire universe and giving you an arbitrary quest to fix it because “that’s how video games work”, The Judge approaches you and right off the bat shows this kind of… fear and doubt. he remembers what you did. he can’t forgive you for what you did. he’s hesitant to help you out, and this is the way they convince you to take that guilt and that shame and decide ON YOUR OWN to make things right.

i just…. really, really love these games. i would say they blurr the line between reality and fantasy, but i’m pretty sure the line simply isn’t there at all!!!! the creators did a really wonderful job of taking that original concept and expanding upon it in the most wonderful way.

there are plenty works of fiction that try to do what they’ve done, but i don’t think i’ve ever actually seen something pull it off.

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Do you make a character based off yourself or based off what you think is the most functionally useful? Which do you think is a better experience because me and my friends have been debating over this

I’ve never done either of those. Personally, I feel like building a character off of myself is really limiting, and it’s something I find kind of boring, though I understand why it helps a lot of people with immersion. I mean, that just makes sense, right? Placing yourself in the game is one of the brilliantly unique things about games like Fallout. It allows you to venture to other worlds, live out adventures, and have fun.

Other people may take a more tactical approach and create a functionally useful character, and that’s the best way for them to play. These are usually the more math- and logic-focused players, who will pour over every detail of character creation, and try to allocate their skills in just the right way to make them as deadly as they can possibly be right from the start.

For me, though, I feel the most comfortable when approaching the character building process the same way that I approach the process of actually writing a character. I like to set restrictions on them, personal goals based on personality or backstory, specific wardrobes, likes/dislikes, stats based on who they are and what I plan on doing with them, etc. It’s a sense of feeling comfortable and immersed through playing a role.

There’s also a very large percentage of people who just don’t put too much thought into it–or they do, and just gear their stats and stuff toward what they think would be fun or funny. These are the people who will name their character “Fuckface” and will spec their character for stealth just because they really like stealth. And later on, 30 hours into their playthrough, they might pick up a minigun and heavy armor, and might start putting points into their Strength stat for the first time just because they’ve suddenly decided that they’ve had their fill of stealth, and want to start blowing shit up. They almost never make plans, and end up enjoying the game more because of it.

And there are also plenty of other different types of gamers, and plenty who will  do some mix of those listed above.

The point I’m trying to make is, there is no such thing as a “better experience” because it’s entirely subjective. Every one of them is just as valid as the others in games like these, because Bethesda games in particular are designed for a very wide range of different playstyles. If someone who likes to screw around and play entirely for kicks was suddenly told that they should instead design their character around functional use, they probably wouldn’t enjoy the game as much. imo, there’s no real debate to be had, because the right answer is determined by the individual.

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How do you deal with a sudden breakup when you both still love eachother but have to let go. Im having trouble staying away.

Hello there! I hope you are holding up okay and you are feeling a little better!

I know how hard break ups are especially when you still love each other but have no choice but to let go. It is the worst.

Moving on can take ages and it sometimes feels like you’ll never move on but you will! I wish I could take this feeling away for you because it sucks but unfortunately I can’t. Time heals all wounds as they say.

I think you need to block his number, his twitter, his facebook etc and not speak to him in order to move on! It’s hard to get over someone if you still talk to them. The less you talk to them, the easier it is to move on. 

Write down everything, writing is really therapeutic. Write down your feelings towards him now, how he treated you when you were together, why you ended, his good and bad qualities, your memories and whatever else you want to include. Then read over it and you’ll realise why you need to let go then rip it up and put it in the bin. It’s like the chapter has ended and I want you to tell yourself every time you think of him that it’s now time to move on to bigger and better things. 

Then distract yourself as much as possible! Watch your favourite movies and TV shows, preferably nothing romantic, and something that’ll make you laugh… Read your favourite books, or read that book that you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Play games if you’re into them, something with a good immersive story line. Go out with your friends, the people that make you happy. Talk to them. If you need to cry, then just get it all out, cry until you can’t cry any more. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, or don’t want to talk to anyone, it’s actually really therapeutic to just grab a pen and paper and scrawl all your feelings out, just get them off your chest in whatever way you feel comfortable with, you’ll feel better after I promise. Go for nice long walks somewhere beautiful. If you have any hobbies, get stuck into those! If you don’t have any hobbies, then find a new one! Learn about something new, or something that you’ve always been interested. And take care of yourself! I know it’s hard, but remember to eat! And try and sleep properly, I know from experience that that’s the thing that’s hardest when you’re heart is broken… Take long hot relaxing bath with candles or aroma therapy oils. Get a new haircut or dye your hair! Or get your nails done! Treat yourself to that new top or dress that you’ve wanted for ages. Try something new with your makeup!

Maybe try doing a project of some sort to keep you busy. When me and my ex boyfriend split up it was around the time of my nans birthday and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive gifts and I knew how much she loved photos. So I made her a scrap book of photos of the whole family! It kept me busy and reminiscing about memories made me happy.

Also if you want to cry or be angry or any other emotion then let your body feel those emotions. Let it all out and then after that motivate yourself to do something. So don’t sit around and cry any longer than you need to you’ll just end up being sad all day and wasting the day away being upset.

Try eating some dark chocolate or exercising some how (light exercises will work) because they release SEROTONIN which is the happy chemical and should hopefully lift your mood.

Remember it takes different people different times to get over their ex’s and it isn’t going to happen over night. But every second, every minute, every hour and every day that you go without thinking of him is progress so reward yourself. 

Here if you need to talk further.


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Ms Tamashii! Can I ask if you had the chance to check out Undertale yet? :o

I have. I played through once with a pacifist run. My thoughts are a bit mixed

So this is hidden by a read more link for a reason. DON’T READ THIS IF YOU ARE AVOIDING SPOILERS.

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Heeeey, what's the game with the time travelling dolphins called?

It’s called Ecco: the Tides of Time!  It was on Sega Genesis and I’m going to tell you all about it.

  • it’s the sequel to Ecco the Dolphin.  You don’t really need to play the first one though, they’re basically the same game.  The second one is a lot prettier though, in my opinion
  • the game has the most stunning artwork I have ever seen for a 16-bit game:
    External image

    External image
    External image
  • the music is very eerie but also really pretty, and somehow manages to capture what I imagine the ocean feels like.  Vast and expansive and scary, but also very beautiful.  The music combined with the graphics does a really nice job of pulling you into the game and it’s environment.  I learned a lot of the music on piano when I was younger and I still play some of them.
  • there were giant crystals involved and I was very interested in giant crystals as a child.
  • it’s a very difficult game.  Like, more difficult than any game I’ve ever played.  I got it when I was probably about 7 or 8, and I played it HARD, man.  I was DETERMINED to beat this game.  I got the the 10th level, where you’re supposed to rescue a bunch of lost baby orca whales, which is difficult because the level is huge and you can only stay underwater without surfacing for air for so long.  So I taped a bunch of paper together and drew out a gigantic map of the entire level, marking the location of each baby orca and possible air pockets.  I was like a mad man, furiously documenting the entire level and these fuCKING ORCA CHILDREN
  • I literally spent so much time on this level that I found a really weird glitch where you can go to the top left corner of the level and use your echolocation while facing a certain direction, and a bunch of baby orcas will fall out of the sky and then swim around for a bit and then disappear.  You beTTER BELIEVE I TRIED TO RESCUE THEM IN PLACE OF THE ACTUAL ORCA CHITLENS but they are GLITCH BABIES AND it wont work. 
  • I gave up playing the game after that.
  • Then I came back to it when I was in highschool for some reason and I DID IT, I beat the fucking 10th level and I thought, “COOL, I BET THERE’S JUST A FEW MORE LEVELS TO GO
  • ….
  • And they do NOT get any easier after you’ve rescued the fuckin orca childs
  • there are dolphins in the future who have very large fins and CAN FLY
  • You are a time traveler, you went to space and fought aliens, the aliens followed you back, you have to fight them on earth now, you are aLSO A DOLPHIN
  • This game is really weird
  • like really genuinely bizarre, and it sounds like maybe it’s kind of intentionally ridiculous but it’s NOT, it is a completely serious game
  • I really can’t explain it, it was just a really immersive game, it made me feel ways.  I don’t know if it would have the same effect on someone from this day and age, just because games have come so far since then.  It probably seems really unremarkable now; and I couldn’t even tell you why I feel the need to make a bulleted list about it.  Why was Ecco a great game?  I don’t fuckin’ know.  I don’t know that it even WAS great.  It was just really different and it had a vibe and it pulled me in and I loved that.
  • There was supposed to be a 3rd game but it never happened.  They made one for Sega Dreamcast that I have yet to play.
  • There was another game made by the same developers called Kolibri, which didn’t draw me in the same way that Ecco did, but it also had gorgeous (32-bit) graphics and was terrifying.  It was about a HUMMINGBIRD WHO SHOOTS LASERS.
    External image