it makes you feel really immersed in the game

Mass Effect Trial (Spoiler Free)

- The animation is actually pretty good. It can sometimes look a little overdone (hence all the screenshots) but overall you really get a sense of what each character is thinking, and it’s a momentous improvement from the OT

-Combat is really good, having a jetpack makes it fresh and exciting, and the new layout feels different but still similar and is easy to pickup.

-The new power system makes things way more flexible, and you really get to build your own class

-Performance wise I’m running high settings on a GTX 1060 6Gb and it’s pretty good, a couple of frame drops here and there but overall it’s running better than expected

- They really use the frostbit engine, and they game feels much more immersive and three dimensional

- Liam and Cora are great, and I can’t wait to see how they develop

- The dialogue system is so much better. I find myself switching it up a lot, not like in the OT were you spam the same options over and over to max out your Paragon / Renegade points

- Overall the game is much more dynamic and has a lot of depth, they’ve really outdone themselves. The only thing I haven’t seen much of is plot, but Bioware games always work on the slow burn, and they have to introduce a lot of new players to the universe as well

Just for the record, that post going around saying that listening to Sims music will help you study because it was written specifically to help keep your attention on something is totally true!

BUT, it’s actually true for… almost all video game OSTs. The point of video game soundtracks are almost always to make the player focus better on the game and help them feel more involved and immersed in what they’re doing. A good soundtrack to ANY game should do the same as the soundtrack for the Sims does - help you focus. If you want help focusing while studying or doing work that requires lots of attention, put on your favorite video game OST! You can usually find them on YouTube, and there’s a good chance it’ll really help you.


I still think about the first Borderlands a lot. I remember the joy and amazement I had playing it years ago. It makes me really sad when I see people saying it’s a terrible game and they skip it and only play 2/Pre-Sequel/Tales. Like, you don’t understand. I really immersed myself in the barren desert that was Pandora, how it felt like it really was just you and you ended up meeting some people along the way who’d help you, but only because it benefited them too, it always had that Mad Maxx kind of feel. People say it didn’t have a story or the ending sucked (which I agree the ending was disappointing, but that felt like the point which set up to Borderlands 2) Borderlands had plenty of story, it was just hidden away in the echo logs and quest text for the most part, not blatantly IN YOUR FACE OH MAN LOOK AT ALL THIS PLOT!!! I still remember finding the logs about Tannis for the first time, about how she was working with Dahl, how she hated Pandora and how her whole team ends up dead and her thoughts about it and just “Wow, that’s how you set up and make an interesting character”. Then the General Knoxx DLC where we first meet Athena, and Knoxx. And that amazing ECHO log with the two Crimson Lance soldiers and the rocky road Ice Cream. Just. Man. It just makes me sad people end up missing all that was good about the first game.