it makes u wanna cry doesn't it

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We all talk about how Will fucking murdered Jonathan in cold blood with the "is that why you don't have any friends line" but honestly this poor boy doesn't see any reason why Jonathan would want to hang out with him unless he was Jonathan's last ditch effort. When will Will Byers stop making me cry

will byers is 87% more likely to make you cry than the average television show character. it’s partially by design and partially by virtue of noah schnapp’s ridiculously emotive face and top tier acting skills.

if u ever wanna be happy, don’t choose will byers as your fave. trust me. i haven’t known peace since season 1 episode 1.

And oddly enough, it doesn’t feel like a year. That’s how these things work though… Another year comes and passes and we never really realize the significance. 1 year. 12 months. 365 days. That is how long I have had this blog!

And through this year, I have made many different friends, joined many new fandoms, experienced many different emotions and had a really great time! I never expected, when I started as “lovinyoongi”, to gain the amount of followers that I did or make the amount of friends that I have. I also never really thought I’d become interested in editing and creating stuff but– I have really come to love making stuff and putting it out there. Same with my writing; whenever you guys request stuff and tell me you liked it I literally feel like I’m going to die from happiness like, it’s unreal. 

But yes, this has been a really weird, emotional, fun year. There were a lot of downs and hard nights and days and periods where I was not doing the best, but all of you kept pushing me and stayed with me through all of it. And on my good days, you just continued to support and make me feel loved as hell. I can never really put into words what kind of appreciation I have for all of you. Thank you for constantly putting up with my stupid constant url changes and my constant whining and just thank you for always being there. Thank you for loving me so unconditionally. 

So, I decided to put the follow forever first, and the extra gross, sappy stuff after, so if your name has a “♡” next to it, then scroll on down for an extra gross, sappy message!!! I would write sappy messages for everyone– but these are for the people I talk to like, everyday almost;;; BUT PLEASE DON’T THINK I LOVE YOU ANY LESS;;; 

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loona fans kakaotalk groupchat!

hey friends! i was just wondering– who’d be interested in joining a loona stan kakaotalk group chat? @choerry-limeade suggested this, and i think it’d be a nice way for the fandom to get to know each other :)

if you’re interested, pls let us know! ♡

He’s moe, right? RIGHT?!

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calum's fingers make me wanna cry like.... have u seen them?????? like just gotta imagine him fingerfucking you to the heavens and he doesn't stop even when you've already cum and is so fucked out and he just won't stop till you're screaming his name and cumming again and he just loves it and i'm on the dinner table with my family while typing this i need jesus

i relate to every sentence in this

  • Aries: Scream crying cause u punched a wall in a blind rage
  • Taurus: Cries when getting called out
  • Gemini: Doesn't like to cry in front of others
  • Cancer: Cries every time they see a puppy or a kitten on their dash
  • Leo: Sobbing while taking a bubble bath
  • Virgo: Cries themselves to sleep or after a nightmare
  • Libra: Won't cry because they don't wanna ruin their make up
  • Scorpio: Defensive crying???? Stop yeLLING AT ME!!L!(#^!
  • Sagittarius: Cries when mom yells/is mad @ them
  • Capricorn: Cries a lot but pretends they don't bitch we know
  • Aquarius: Cries at work in a broom closet. Goes home early to destroy possessions
  • Pisces: Cries @ their own birthday party because their friends are actually bitches

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sometimes i think about lexa stopping herself from saying "i love you" to clarke bc she doesn't want to make it hard for clarke to leave her and polis. can u imagine how selfless this little human is can u imagine how much she loves clarke that she is willing to never say it to her because clarke has to go back to her people. can u imagine that there will never be another love potrayed the way their was. can u imagine they created something so beautiful n magical and destroyed it within seconds

1) I literally wanna cry and die and scream at my own ass when i think about how selfless lexa was. how aware of clarke’s boundaries she is and how gentle she is even with her declaration of love, because she doesn’t want to do anything that will make things harder for clarke. AND THEN she goes even better and says ‘that’s why you’re you’ like 10000% validating clarke and basically telling her that she loves her like??? “I love you. because you’re you.” 

2) what the fuck sort of cosmic accident allowed such an amazing relationship to be written by these clowns