it makes totally sense that she keeps pictures of her family



My theory is that Pink, Yellow, AND Blue diamond were all created by White diamond herself. I think she is the true gem matriarch. Her appearance is of course the one that’s taking the longest. In every insignia for the Great Diamond Authority, the white diamond is on top while all others are beneath her. 

Notice how all 3 diamonds intersect and make a tiny, shaded diamond? I think it  represents Pink. Kind of sweet.

Yellow and Blue are side by side, and in the previous insignia, pink is right below them. And, both their gems are located on their chests. But when you look at the murals of White and pink Diamond, White has hers on the forehead, Pink on her Navel. That’s no mere coincidence. I think this means that Yellow and Blue were created at about the same time, Pink last, and White is the first. Let’s look at their murals.

Yellow has 9 planets, so I believe she’s older. Her general demeanor appears strict, dutiful, and reserved. But when it comes to Blue Diamond, that facade softens. She becomes very concerned,

has a tendency of butting into her business,

Wouldn’t you rather forget her?

gives her advice and tries to inspire her,

Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!

and even orders her own Yellow Pearl to “make Blue feel better.” The mural, along with her tendency towards taking responsibility and forcing others to do the same, 

I’m here to bring you back to reality, Blue.

It’s been thousands of years, Blue, and you still can’t bring yourself to destroy these Gems? She was shattered by a Rose Quartz! The entire cut of Gem deserves the same fate!

and putting her own feelings to the side so she can show a brave face 

Don’t you know I miss her, too?

for those that need her.

Look at how terrified they are.

Look at Blue’s concern 

This points towards her being the elder of the two of them. Her actions line up with what an older sister, who knew her duties and responsibilities, would do. It’s clear she doesn’t feel at liberty to disclose or showcase her feelings, because of those that look to her as a pillar of strength.

Holly Blue Agate: You can just feel strength and confidence radiating from her. 

Next, we have Blue Diamond.

Blue has 8 planets, so I believe she’s only slightly younger than Yellow Diamond. In “That will be all,” Yellow Diamond is seen trying to get her out of her funk, and Blue Diamond turns her head and makes the face a petulant child might while getting a lecture. Just look at the dynamic here.

Blue Diamond: Why can’t you just let me grieve?
Yellow Diamond: You can’t keep coming here forever!
Blue Diamond: Why not?

But let’s look at the whole picture. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that Blue has been mourning the loss of Pink Diamond for at least 5,000 years. Meanwhile, it looks like Yellow Diamond has continued progress, not allowing herself to be distracted in the least.

She has so much to do, that not only did she not look at the communicator to see to whom she was speaking, at first, but she didn’t even immediately recognize that it was about a mission regarding Earth, a planet that’s caused her endless grief, that she’s wanted to destroy for eons. That’s crazy.

She’s had her subjects fill out detailed reports on their missions, that she actually reads herself,

Yellow Diamond asked for, uh, my dad, a Connie, a Lars, a Sadie, a mailman, and an onion, I think. Six human variations specified in a report by Peridot 5XG.

has a hands on approach in regards to reaching out to supervisors 

To Peridot: I’ll inform your manager of your incompetence.

and has sent out subjects to carry out literally 4 missions on Earth so far: checking the status of the Cluster, sending Jasper and Lapis as a bodyguard and informant, respectively, sending a team of Rubies to retrieve Jasper, AND personally dispatching a Topaz fusion and Aquamarine to collect human specimens. SHE’S ON TOP OF HER SHIT, Y'ALL.

Meanwhile, in comparison, Blue Diamond is spending her time quite leisurely by preserving, maintaining and visiting the Zoo, mourning in Pink Diamond’s bed chamber, and sneaking to Earth to mourn at her palanquin. Basically stuck in time. But how is it she is at liberty to do these things, for millennia, whilst Yellow is working so consistently?? It’s like Yellow Diamond has thrown herself into her work, and Blue is sulking. It’s almost as if Yellow Diamond has had to pick up twice the pace, in order to make up for Blue’s slack. If that’s the case, then it makes TOTAL sense that Yellow is not only concerned, but frustrated and upset.

She lookin’ like “Girl, if you cut this sh*t tf out…” 

But, when Blue Diamond admits that she wanted more humans for the zoo, she drops everything to personally dispatch her subjects to gather some, for Blue Diamond’s sake.

Yellow Diamond: Is that what you want? Sapphire, has the Cluster emerged yet?
Sapphire: No, it has not.
Yellow Diamond: Then there’s still time. That will be all.

Based on all that, even with her strictness and severity, I think it’s clear that she’s been coddling Blue Diamond all this time, allowing Blue to grieve and lament, but not giving herself even a moment’s reprieve to do the same. That seems like the exact sort of thing an older sibling would do for a younger sibling, and it also makes sense that a younger sibling would also have the leniency to do all those things.

Now for Pink Diamond. She only has 1 planet on her mural. And if the actions and words of Blue Diamond are to be believed, all they have of her is the Earth and the Zoo. Which makes sense as to why Blue is so desperate to preserving those things, because it’s “all they have left of her." 

Yellow, she made them. This is all we have left of her. These Gems, this place, and the Earth. 

She didn’t get to conquer scores of planets like her peers, all she had was Earth. Then she was destroyed (but was she really???) She only had, as far as we know 3 species of gem, all Quartz types, all designed as soldiers for protection, defense, and conquest. Meanwhile, Blue and Yellow have far more speciation in their gems, technicians, engineers, construction workers, diplomats and aristocracy, etc. If this is the case, it makes sense that she would start her empire with soldiers that could keep her safe whilst acquiring new territory and then creating more gems later on, in her image. Yellow is militaristic and practical, Blue is aristocratic and diplomatic, who knows what Pink would have been? This leads me to believe she was the youngest, because she had the fewest planets, and her potential is so unknown.

Finally. We’ve come to White Diamond. We know the least about her. As previously stated, every insignia we know of, has her at the very top of the order. But check out her mural, compared to the others.

Notice anything?? Firstly, she has the most planets of any of the other Diamonds, coming in at about 13, I think. Second, she is the only figure that faces forward, while all the others have a profile view. All other figures hold their planets with one hand, extended from their bodies. But Look at how White Diamond holds hers. It’s at at the center of her being, and cupped gingerly with both hands. That’s gotta be homeworld. No other planet on any mural has the same significance. And if she is the gem holding the most significant planet, then I argue that it is she who must be the most significant gem of them all. Now let’s consider the other Diamonds. I said it made sense for the first gems Pink made to be militaristically based. I think the same applies for White. If she created the Diamonds, it would make sense that the first beings she created to be militaristic such as Yellow Diamond, for the sake of extending her empire. 

But why and where did she come from???

I don’t know who created her or if she even had a creator. It may be possible that she was a singular entity and perfect being that had been alone for eons. Until she decided to create her own home and family. Or not. Whatever, ¾ backstories ain’t bad. But I definitely think the other Diamonds were created for serving the purposes of White Diamond. I think it’s very possible they are afraid of her and that she is the true villain of the series. Just think of the expendable manner in which she/they treats her/their subjects… What do y'all think??

I know it’s super last minute to post this theory, since it looks like the reveal is finally on the way, truth is I’ve been thinking of it for a while, but only JUST today figured out ow to embed images in tumblr. It was super hard to figure out before, but it looks like they made it easier, so here I a lol. Please be kind

The Friendly Wager (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,613

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, complete and utter denial, social drinking

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

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anonymous asked:

So Meg, what did you think of Lauren's tweet saying 'FUCK YOU' to the media? I love her, but come on. She did a photoshoot w/a professional photographer w/another girl, her bff & apparently ex, & the photographer talked about L & LV's personal relationship in an interview. Of course the media is going to pick up on it & talk about it. This is something completely different than the leak of the kiss pics, which were taken at a private family event. I sometimes wonder what is going on in her mind.

Ok I’m about to go off on a rant lol. All I am seeing on my feed is stuff about how Lauren is a “hypocrite” and “she put this out there so how can she not expect a reaction”. But people need to understand that the reason why the whole things SEEMS contradictory is because THESE ARE NOT ALL LAUREN’S ACTIONS. You can call someone a hypocrite if they are individually in control of all the contradictory actions, but she’s clearly not! On the one hand we have what Lauren wants - how she wants to be seen, what she values, how she wants her image to be used, her will to keep her private life private. BUT on the other hand we have what her PR team wants - they want headlines and money, and they are paid to know how to create a buzz out of something

So what does this leave us with? - Two different images of Lauren which sometimes line up with each other, but also sometimes contradict each other. Lauren may not always like the tactics her publicists use, but she can’t do anything about it! Please read the last post i wrote on this blog - It’s so relevant to this debate! When Lauren signed her contract she legally granted her Label the exclusive right to use her image, likeness, name and biography for publicity. This is just a fact. It means that her publicists can feed whatever they want to the media and it’s not in Lauren’s control. It means that Lauren is not allowed to publicise stuff about herself without doing it through her label.

I think part of the reason why people see this as all within Lauren’s control is because the shoot itself was very Lauren. It was done with people she trusted in a quiet location, it was very tumblr pretty and the way she showed her body was classy and elegant. Lauren has to do a certain amount of publicity appearances, photoshoots, interviews etc… She contractually has to co-operate with her PR team, and my feeling is that she’s been able to negotiate and make a lot of compromises recently. By playing along and cooperating, she’s been able to do things her way a little bit. BUT this does not mean she is in total control! 

This shoot was clearly not something totally ‘organic’. 1) Billboard didn’t just report on it - they literally released one of the pictures on their instagram. So (once again) they were they were obviously a part of the whole thing. 2) This indie photographer who publishes their stuff online obviously has no reason whatsoever to release their photos MONTHS after they were taken and do an interview with bloody MTV to go along with it!! The timing and the way it was done means that it was obviously co-ordinated by 5H’s team. 3) Do you really think that that Lauren would choose to give the media specific information about the exact state of her love life???!!!!! Come on people! As if Lauren would explicitly tell a media outlet who she is/isn’t in a relationship with! It’s so fucking obvious that her team fed the media ‘info’ on her relationship/breakup. These journalists don’t know who Lucy is or that the fanbase was starting to feel that she didn’t seem to be spending time with Lauren any more. I repeat - the media was FED this information by Lauren’s PR people. 4) Lauren tried to make this hers by using her body for art and to make a statement, but her team of course knows what the media wants and they KNEW that this shoot would end up being about objectifying Lauren in a trashy way. They KNOW how to get clicks. This is what it was about in PR terms for them. Again, we have two different images/stories - the way Lauren see’s things and the way her team uses her to gain publicity for the product they are trying to sell.

^^^ So Lauren is not a hypocrite. She’s an incredibly strong person who is trying to assert her values in a situation, where she has very little legal control over how her image and personal life is used to sell records. THAT’S  why we see two contradicting sides to the story. If she was submissive and went along with everything without complaining through indirects, then she wouldn’t look like a hypocrite because we would only see one side of the story - the PR side, not Lauren’s side. 

This applies to soooooooo many things, especially the ‘break-up’. Fans are always calling out the girls for being hypocritical and self-contradictory when their actions don’t add up. “How can Dinah say that she loves Mila no matter what two days before she posts something accusing her of being a selfish diva?”. “How can Lauren say she’s a feminist who supports other women but then shades Mila?”. “How can the girls not support Camila in her solo stuff but now support each other whole-heartedly?”. 


ALL OF THIS STUFF SEEMS CONTRADICTORY AND DOESN’T ADD UP BECAUSE IT IS NOT ALL IN THEIR CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!! They are not hypocrites, they are just people are not contractually able to control the narratives that are presented to the public about them. The small opportunities they have to express their real selves contradict the images of them that their team sells to the media and the public for publicity purposes. That’s why they ‘seem’ like hypocrites. It’s that simple.

Sorry I used this ask to go on a long rant (it’s general - not aimed at you anon), but please please please people read my last post about how the artists grant the label the right to control their public image. This is so important to understand. 

Fic Recs Mega Post

Whenever I write one of these posts I’m struck by the sheer amount of incredible writing talent in this little fandom of ours. It is quite astonishing, and it’s a privilege to get to read all of this wonderful work. Below there’s a small selection of the fantastic stuff I’ve been reading recently, featuring gods, monsters and feral jungle men - and that’s just for starters!

Storms (series) by @lovecrimevariations (KareliaSweet): This frankly astonishing series starts out in barnstorming but fairly innocuous style in Where Are The Storms I Was Promised, in which Will Graham, famous monster hunter, is called to deal with the Wendigo that’s been terrorising an entire town. And then it proceeds, over the course of a further six instalments, to document the beautiful, bloody, often painful course of the relationship between Will and Hannibal, constantly deepening and recontextualising the ‘verse as it goes. Reading this series is almost like watching a really good magic trick – every time you think you’ve got its measure, it pulls something new and surprising out of its hat. And it’s not just flash and sparkle either, the writing is utterly beautiful, the characters are perfectly captured and it is both deeply funny and enormously moving (I was genuinely weepy a number of times throughout). Plus, it also features a majestic, powerful, do-not-under-any-circumstances-fuck-with incarnation of Bedelia, who is worth the price of admission all by herself. Seriously, she was my favourite part of this whole series and I love it beyond any sense or reason. If you have any love of writing whatsoever, read this series, it is a masterclass.

You’ll be in my heart by @starkaryen: Based on the totally beautiful art (here and here) by @camilleflyingrotten, here Will is a scientist on an expedition to find and study gorillas. Instead, he ends up finding Hannibal, a mostly-feral man who lives in the jungle, has an adopted gorilla family, and takes an immediate shine to Will. Who, because this is Will and Hannibal, finds himself taking a shine right back. And all is rosy in Camp Hannigram, until Jack damn Crawford sticks his nose in (like always) and threatens Hannibal’s way of life. As befits the utterly gorgeous artwork, this fic is just lovely from start to finish. It features a particularly adorable version of Hannibal – the scenes in which he indulges his obsession with Will’s safari hat are nothing short of precious – and a charmingly earnest Will. It’s a simple, innocent bit of loveliness, which is rather refreshing in this dark and sophisticated fandom of ours XD.

(Also, if you’d like a little more Tarzan AU, this time with an A/B/O flavour, check out Hannizan by @hotsauce418, which is just pure filth and utterly wonderful with it XD.)

We, the common by @thelongcon23 (thelongcon): A retelling of the show (and beyond) in omegaverse style, this fic alternates masterfully between Hannibal and Will’s POVs as the omega becomes fascinated, obsessed, and ultimately falls in love with the alpha. The result is that while the course of events remains largely the same         (Will still gets framed and gutted, and they still go over the cliff in each other’s arms), others change drastically (the way Will locates Hannibal in Florence, for instance, gets a very clever omegaverse twist). And their relationship after the fall? Well, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen it go down quite like this before. If you’re looking for fluff, I suggest you go elsewhere, but if you’re after passion, intensity, and that terribly Hannigram sense that love and cruelty are not mutually exclusive, this is the fic for you. The writer has a firm grip on the characters’ voices and motivations and is uncompromising and incisive in their betrayal of both. This is not necessarily an easy read (particularly towards the end, when Hannibal gives Will a reckoning of his own) but it is a compelling and fascinating one.

Cookies by @desperatelyseekingcannibals (TigerPrawn): Now, those of you who are after some fluff, here’s some of the best around. Tiger’s non-cannibal AU is an absolute treat, full of emotional idiots, kick-ass women and a totally adorable kid (and I don’t say that lightly cos kid!fic ain’t my thing!). It all starts when Will accompanies his daughter Abigail as she goes door-to-door selling cookies for charity and finds himself face to face with the ever-so-handsome Doctor Lecter. And then somehow, before he knows it, Will is agreeing to a date in exchange for Hannibal buying all of Abby’s stock, and soon finding that he might have stumbled into a real relationship. Not that it’s smooth sailing, of course, this is still Hannigram we’re talking about! It is my deep and ardent belief that Hannibal dreams of being a romcom when it grows up and with this utterly charming, romantic, as-sweet-as-its-name-suggests fic, that dream is made a reality. Anyone who’s ever wanted to see Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter fall in love the old-fashioned way (you know, without all those annoying stints in prison and near-fatal injuries), treat yourself and read this fic. I guarantee it will melt even the most dark and twisted of hearts.

Picture Imperfect by @shiphitsthefan: Will Graham is a very special alpha – unlike many of his sex, he can be trusted not to turn into a hormonal animal around omegas. It’s how he’s made his career as a photographer. That is, right up until he’s in a room with concert harpsichordist Hannibal Lecter and everything goes to hell when they scent each other and can barely keep themselves from ripping their clothes off and bonding right there and then. Seems like they’re true mates and it’s only a matter of time before they give into their urges – so Will, being a decent and respectful alpha, has to get this courtship show on the road before that happens. Well, mostly before that happens. Given the UST inherent to the plot, this is every bit as intensely, stupidly hot as you’d hope, but it’s also a really clever, thoughtful exploration of the omegaverse concept, set in a ‘verse in which omegas are the ruling gender, a nice reversal of the usual a/b/o setup. Plus it has an almost indecently adorable version of Hannigram, in which progressive Will and traditionalist Hannibal attempt to conjoin their lives so that they can get on and shag already! Smart and sexy a/b/o is one of our fandom’s greatest strengths and this is truly just an exemplary version of it.

Space Invader II: A Very Darko Sequel by @devereauxsdisease: A sequel to the utterly wonderful Space Invader (and if you haven’t read it, I’m begging you, go remedy that this instant), this return to Dev’s Spacedogs ‘verse sees Adam and Nigel still ensconced in blissful coupledom. So blissful, in fact, that it’s making Darko wonder if he might want some of that relationship stuff for himself. Cue the appearance of a certain sassy lab tech last seen working for the FBI. That’s right, Beverly Katz is alive, in town and about to rock Darko’s world XD. This is just an utter joy to read, stuffed with Dev’s trademark mix of fantastic dialogue, heartfelt emotion and wickedly dirty jokes. And best of all is her way with the characters, all of whom are wonderfully loveable and who work beautifully together. I spent the whole fic marvelling at the way in which these disparate characters come together and feel like they were always meant to be that way – they make a lovely, entertainingly weird family and are never less than an utter delight to spend time with.

Forgemaster by @llewcie: Valhalla Enchanted by way of the Greek gods now, in this peerless piece of sweetness by the lovely Llew. Char and Ella are the new Dionysus and Aphrodite (in this ‘verse, the gods can retire and be replaced) and live like brother and sister, i.e. bickering, winding each other up, pushing each other’s buttons… They particularly like making bets, which winds up with Ella making Char agree to three dates with Hephaestus, being played in this fic by One Eye. Given that One Eye is unsociable, ragged, and constantly dirty from his forge, Char is less than impressed with his companion and says so… somewhat unfortunately within One Eye’s earshot. So when, despite himself, Char finds himself falling for the blacksmith god’s charms, he’s got a lot of work to do to convince One Eye that he’s worth the trouble! Llew has the charm turned up all the way to eleven in this gorgeously frothy, funny little comedy of errors, with a sweetly vain version of Char melting under the steadily growing appeal of One Eye’s gentle strength. If you need cheering up for any reason, this fic should be your first port of call.

Pure Imagination by @constructfairytales (beforethedawn and Destinyawakened): Stranger Things was one of my favourite shows last year (admittedly it’s no Hannibal, but what is?). It was smart and weird, and as an 80s baby it pressed every last one of my nostalgia buttons, from soundtrack to costume design. So, of course, it was with nothing but delight that I started this crossover AU, in which Will is police chief of the town where young Will Byers goes missing and Hannibal is the psychiatrist he brings in to counsel the traumatised community. And I wasn’t disappointed – this is a fantastic blend of Hannibal’s surreal romanticism with the full-on monstery weirdness of the ST ‘verse, with plenty of unexpectedly but pleasingly fluffy Hannigram at the centre of it. Though it follows the basic plot of ST, having Will and Hannibal involved inevitably shakes things up (Will’s empathy is given a brilliant twist) and predictable this certainly ain’t. Instead it’s fun, thrilling and playful, with at least one story development that genuinely had me on the edge of my seat. And did I mention the Hannigram? Cos, yeah, there’s no slow burn here. Our boys are goners from the second they meet and the intensity of their connection is all kinds of wonderful.

The Estate by @bokuno-jinsei: Amusingly, the tags on this fantastic fic eventually turn into a short plea for Will Graham to stop thinking so much (a plea which anyone who’s written the over-analytical little shit will know is hopeless). Fortunately, Will clearly paid no attention, and so we readers are treated to this charmingly introspective piece of canon divergence. So, Hannibal gets as far as sitting Will at the dinner table in Florence. But, before he can get out his bonesaw, he seemingly has second thoughts and so Will wakes some time later to find himself ensconced in the last place he expected to revisit – Lecter Castle. Where, he finds, Hannibal has decided to change the game between them: if Will agrees to see if they can live together, Hannibal will cease any attempts to change or influence Will. So the pair find themselves as the unlikeliest of roommates as Will wrestles with his demons, his desires and, inevitably, his feelings for Hannibal. Anybody who enjoys intense conversations, brewing sexual tension and Hannibal in waders (yes, really), step this way, you’re in for a treat.  

Inevitable by Vulcanmi: I do adore canon divergence. And I have a weakness for prison fics (love Hannigram falling in love while incarcerated). So this fic is entirely my jam. It picks up in the second half of s3: Hannibal is in jail, Will is “happily” married to Molly, and Jack is still desperate to have his pet empath back on board to deal with the Tooth Fairy. Except in this ‘verse, Will decides not to give into Jack and remains with his family, far away from Baltimore. In order to make it up to his former boss, though, Will writes a letter to a certain inmate, suggesting that he offer his services where Will cannot. Of course, it’s not the last letter Will ends up sending to Hannibal. Not by a long shot. And we all know what happens once Will gives Hannibal an inch… (hey, I didn’t mean that kind of inch, you filthy perverts!). Though it starts out as an angsty exploration of Will’s determination to separate himself from Hannibal, somewhere along the way this fantastic fic transforms into a twisted yet adorable romcom, as our murder muffins confront their feelings and try to figure out whether there’s any version of the world in which they might be together. And, frankly, it’s an utter delight to read. One for those (*raises hand*) who like their hurt/comfort 20% hurt and 80% comfort.

Inside the Imitation by @belladonnaq (Belladonna_Q) with artwork by @reapersun: A confession. I’ve never seen The Thing (because I’m a scaredy-cat who doesn’t watch anything that could remotely be described as scary. “But Vic, isn’t Hannibal scary?” Yeah, yeah, I contain multitudes, now hush mango, I’m working). However, I’ve never let ignorance get between me and my Hannigram and so I jumped headfirst into the The Thing/Hannibal crossover which, fortunately, works utterly brilliantly with absolutely zero knowledge of the film. So, once again Jack Crawford finds reason to call upon the services of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Except this time, it’s not in order to investigate the Minnesota Shrike, but a strange case with its roots in a decades-old tragedy in Alaska. Soon things turn weird and monstery and Will and Hannibal find themselves reluctantly (well, as ever, Will’s reluctant, Hannibal’s thrilled) investigating a burned-out government building with something truly frightening at its core. This is thrilling, clever and wonderfully creepy, a fantastic reframing of canon (especially the Hannigram) and tons of fun throughout. I have to admit, I did not see the twist coming in this fic (though that’s possibly because I’m a dim bulb when it comes to plot) and it was delivered brilliantly, turning everything on its head and upping the stakes for our beloved murder muffins. Oh, and make sure to check out @reapersun’s fabulous artwork that accompanies the fic, it’s staggeringly gorgeous.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Volume 2 by @fragile-teacup: A continuation of the marvellous The Spaces Between series, this picks up a little after volume one, with our boys enjoying Argentinian high society. Unfortunately, while the end of the previous instalment hinted at full-blown murder husbandry, it quickly turns out that Will and Hannibal haven’t quite sorted out their feelings to anyone’s satisfaction (you’re shocked, I can tell). Fortunately, we’re pretty much out of slow burn territory here and the idiots manage to get their act (mostly) together just in time for some ghosts to rear their perfectly-coiffed, millionairess heads and throw a spanner in the works. This sequel continues the achingly lovely tone of its predecessor, with romance a-plenty amongst bouts of emotional idiocy and bloodlust. It’s sweet and tender without compromising on the intensity and darkness of our beloved boys and builds their relationship with care and patience, allowing for a believable building of trust and love between them. It is, in other words, a treat to read in every way, so get yourself to ao3 and have at it!

As ever and always, if I’ve miscredited anyone or if there are bad links, please let me know and I’ll correct it ASAP. Happy reading, lovely fannibals!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Anakin killing the Tusken tribe and Padme's reaction?

I’ll tackle Padme’s reaction to it first, cause for a lot of people that’s where they can’t see where she’s coming from.

Padme comes from a well off, loving family. Her older sister has two small children who adore their aunt and her parents clearly think very highly of her career and love her very much. Family is very important to Padme so when she hears that Anakin’s mother is in danger – or at the very least that he perceives her to be in danger– she goes with Anakin to check on her, because this is Anakin’s family and that means something to her. He shouldn’t have to be cut off from his family just to keep her safe. When she comes back to Tatooine, they go looking for Shmi, who Padme remembers as the kind older woman who took complete strangers into her home, feed them even though she had literally nothing to her name, and helped them get the parts needed to fix their ship so they could go to the core and eventually save Naboo.

Padme knows she didn’t do anything after that to help Shmi Skywalker. Maybe she tried, maybe she didn’t, but the bottom line is this: she did not help this woman who helped her, her people, and then let her son go off with them. She left Shmi Skywalker in chains. That’s on her – and she knows it. They go to Watto and find out she was sold on and then freed. To Padme, that’s good news – Shmi was freed and then found love! Something good came from her struggles.

But then they get to the Lars homestead and find that Shmi has been taken by Tusken Raiders. The only thing that Padme knows about these people is that they came to a moisture farm in the middle of nowhere, abducted someone, and then killed members of the rescue party that went after Shmi and crippled Cleigg Lars. Maybe if she has a particularly good memory she remembers that they were also shooting at the racers during the podrace that Anakin was in when he was nine and apparently they do it so often that it’s accepted as a normal thing to watch for during said races. Either way, all she knows of them is that they are violent, dangerous, and malicious. They came to Shmi’s home and took her from her family property – it wasn’t like she was in the middle of the wastes and they took her from there, no, they came to Shmi’s home to take her.

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Let’s analyze the Sterek shit in 6b trailer

Right after I watched the trailer, I immediately started analyzing and searching elements about Derek and Stiles. First thing, obviously, Derek is BACK YES and Stiles appears in the season. 

But now here are things I noticed, and I’m pretty sure it’s just my hardcore shipper side taking control of my mind so please don’t take it seriously ok ?  It’s really far fetched and I don’t want to start a fight with anyone. If you’re not agreeing with me just keep scrolling :) (and if you keep reading excuse my not so perfect english, there may be a lot of mistakes !)

1. They’re back together 

As you probably noticed, Stiles and Derek came back to Beacon Hills and met Scott at the same time and together, right ? And it can’t be a coincidence because neither of them looks surprised to see the other and the “without us ?” looks way too prepared for them to meet at this moment. Except if Stiles’ eyes rolling back in his head is him about to faint from surprise. Guess it’s not.

So I can surely assume that they met before, and came back together.How did they meet, I have no idea : maybe one was looking for the other (and it makes my heart swell to think about it), or maybe they ran into each other, like drawn by fate. Hem. They probably both drove together in the jeep too. Knowing them and their friendly relation, I can guess they talked and bantered with one another during the trip. So they obviously spent time together and that makes my heart happy.

2. Stiles helps Derek

Again, that’s obvious if you watched the trailer, but Stiles helps carrying an injured Derek out of a fight (we’ll also notice that Stiles is wearing a FBI shirt and I  wonder how that happened since you can’t become a FBI agent in so little time but that’s not the point).This short scene immediately reminded me of season 2 in the pool before they went in the water and Stiles had to carry Derek in the exact same position and they had this nice little talk about how they don’t really trust each other and that Stiles is helping Derek just because he needs him to survive. Well, that obviously changed, and we’ve known that for a while now, but I like the maybe involuntary parallel between the season 2 scene and this one where Stiles saves Derek without hesitation. Awesome relationship and characters evolution !

3. No Stydia ?

I’m not trying to throw shade on Stydia, I totally respect this ship, but I couldn’t keep myself from noticing that Lydia doesn’t have a scene with Stiles alone, when Scalia (yay !) has this shower scene and a lot of other one-to-one moments, as Melissa and Chris do. Lydia is mostly alone. Like really alone. She discovers this weird spiderweb thing alone, is in a bed alone, is in the school alone, screams alone (and right after a sterek scene !), is alone. The only moment Stiles and Lydia have together is in the last scene, where everyone is in or around the jeep, listening to the radio. They’re sitting side by side, I can give you that. But we’ll talk again about this scene later. This is surprising, absolutely no Stydia in the trailer, when 6a was all about this ship.

4. Stiles and Derek are a real duo

I’m not talking about romantic (or sexual if you want to see it that way) couple, but these two dorks are a recurrent and good working duo since season 1. It was mostly comic at the beginning, but they learned to trust and appreciate each other. I’m talking about Derek shoving Stiles in walls, banging his neck in a steering wheel and dying on him in season 1. I’m talking about the pool scene and breaking in the police station, Alpha Derek saving Stiles from Isaac, both being paralyzed in the police station (and Matt shipping it) in season 2. I’m talking about them being friendly when Scott gets his tattoo, eye contact, Derek punching Stiles hand, Derek trusting Stiles over his girlfriend, Stiles putting is hand on Derek’s shoulder at Boyd’s death, Stiles hitting him when he’s unconscious, Derek helping to save Stiles when he’s possessed, Derek trying to protect him when Chris points a gun at the Nogitsune, Derek dreaming about Stiles, in season 3. I’m talking about Stiles helping and taking care of teenager Derek, Stiles and Derek together helping Liam, Derek almost dying and Stiles hesitating to leave, fearing he won’t see him again, in season 4. I’m talking about Stiles noticing his initials on the bookshelf at school, Scott and Stiles mentioning Derek in season 5, when nobody else talked about him. 

Even if you don’t ship Sterek you have to see their relation. Trust, care, attachment. If I put to the side the romantic aspect of Sterek and only focus on what is canon, I’d say they are more than friends. Friends for Stiles is Scott. Derek is more, and it frustrates me that I can’t find the right word. They are like supernatural adventures partners. They’d do anything to help the other and trust them without questioning it. They earned that trust, and once obtained it’s even more solid than the one between Scott and Stiles (season 5 shows it). Derek would have believed Stiles in season 5 and supported him against Theo without a second thought. And they sometimes joke and banter together, so it works even more. The trailer shows that they’re not Derek and Stiles anymore. They’re Derek&Stiles, partners in crime. It’s even more emphasized by the “us” that Derek corrects. 

Despite my love for this otp, I see the canon Derek&Stiles more like a platonic relationship. Platonic soulmates. After the end of that war, I just imagine them going back to Washington or New York or wherever and move in together. Hell, they’ll even get platonically married and platonically raise children together, because they can’t imagine someone else to spend their life with. But if romantic Sterek goes canon I’ll be even more happy :D

5. Eye contact in the jeep

This one is the most far fetched and I totally over analyzed it.

In the last scene of the trailer, where Scott, Stiles and Lydia are in the jeep with Peter, Malia and Derek at the windows, I noticed a few things.

First, the Hales are all outside the car, which doesn’t mean anything but maybe it’s important to say it.

And, after a few observations, we can know that this is how they’re placed

(This picture is really awful but anyway)

And now is the interesting stuff.

I can’t really be sure what he is looking at, could be the radio, but I want to believe this very intense look is directed at Stiles. And while we’re talking about him…

Is this Stiles looking back at Derek ? Seems like it. It wouldn’t be the first time these two exchange glances and eye contact when nobody else is looking.

 (You can read this amazing meta theory where the author talks about Stiles and Derek relation and the importance of eye contact among other things :

Peter and Lydia seem rather focused on the radio Scott is holding, we can’t see Malia, and Scott is looking through the window, but then he looks up, maybe at Derek, maybe just for the emphasis of his concentration and questions. No idea.

Also, if you squint really really hard during this scene, you may notice that Peter seems to be looking at Lydia, while she’s turning her eyes towards Stiles who’s looking at Derek. Derek stares back, Scott glances at Malia and we can’t see her face again so she could be looking anywhere. But it’s like everyone is staring at the person they have a connection with. Peter because he played with Lydia’s mind, Scott because he’s dating Malia. Lydia because she’s dating Stiles. And Stiles and Derek ? Because they have this incredible chemistry. Maybe we’re even talking about romantic connections and the show will end with canon Pydia, Scalia and Sterek, who knows ? But after a few slow-mo rewatchs I realized that except Derek and Stiles, they’re more likely to be watching the radio. So take this as you want it, nobody’s holding you back of believing it. 

The dorks look at each other exactly when Gerard (wasn’t he dead by the way ??) says “Welcome back. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.”

The “welcome back” must be directed at Derek and Stiles, since they were the only ones among the people in the car who left Beacon Hills. So again, they’re addressed as a whole. (Or it’s a general “welcome back”, like “welcome back together, all gathered in the jeep like the good ol’time !”, or a “welcome back in a new nightmare where I’m magically alive !”. )

The “you must all be feeling rather nostalgic” is directed at everyone, and I guess the old man says that because a lot of people are back (Jackson ! The twin ! Kate ????), so I don’t give it much attention, but what I do give attention to is how a shot of Derek and his intense look is followed by a fade to black and then the shot of Stiles looking back at him. That must be the cinematographer inside me talking, but this kind of editing doesn’t come from nowhere. I see this sequence as a special importance giving deeper meaning to Gerard’s words. I see it as Derek and Stiles having felt nostalgic far away from the town and its inhabitants (pack and family included), but also far away from each other when Derek left. In other words, they missed each other. We’ve only seen Stiles’ point of view, when he signed the bookshelf or when Scott mentioned his name and he obviously had feelings (as friend or not) towards the werewolf. I can assume Derek felt the same way, especially after Braeden left him and came back to Beacon Hills without him.

Some people say that Stiles is Derek’s anchor, and I’m pretty convinced of that too. It makes even more sense that they found each other again when they’d lost contact for months, even maybe years. It’s like they gravitate toward each other. Platonic soulmates as I said before. And I can totally see them evolve in this platonic way. Stydia could keep happening, Derek could find a partner (Braeden ?), and they’ll still stay around each other no matter what.

I can totally see them evolve in a romantic relation too, but oh so different than what they both had had before. More serious than any of their previous relations, but they’ll still stay these two adorable dorks who can’t keep themselves from teasing the other and pretending they’re not funny, and always keeping this unbreakable trust and fidelity they already have. I’m totally on board with this. Yup. 

… And this post is way much longer than it was supposed to be so I’m gonna stop ! Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion and thoughts as long as you don’t insult me or anything, be kind please ! :) Have an awesome day !!

Bonus : 6. Something for the viewers

I just realized I forgot to mention something :

 “You didn’t think you were doing this without me, did you ?”

“Without us ?”

This, except being the cause of my cardiac arrest, can also be interpreted. Stiles and Derek obviously said these lines to Scott, but what if the production of Teen Wolf was saying this to us at the same time? A lot of people believed that Derek and Stiles wouldn’t appear in the last part of the show, but here they are ! And that’s a nice message, if it was voluntary :D 

I can still hope that, as a lot of people believe that romantic sterek won’t become canon, boom they’ll throw the love at us with a “You didn’t think this would happen, did you ?” and I can totally see something like this happen. In my head. But who knows ?

Now I’m really finished ! Thanks for reading :)

Political Animals-Part 14

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I was eating breakfast one morning while Sam was out for a run when my cell rang.  It was Meg.  “Your gonna want to turn on Channel 6, Y/N.  It’s about you.”

“Hi to you too, Meg,” I said, amused. “Thanks for the heads up.”

I turned on Channel 6 and my good mood instantly evaporated.  They were airing highlights of a press conference of my mother’s.

“Dr. Novak, are you aware that your daughter is rumored to have married Sam Winchester, John Winchester’s son?”

My mother sighed dramatically.  “My daughter has a history of letting men take advantage of her.  This is just the latest in a long line of poor choices.”

“Is it true you and Y/N are estranged?”

“My daughter chose Sam Winchester over her own family.  Now she’s living with the consequences of that choice.” My mom replied stiffly.

“Can you confirm the rumors that Y/N is pregnant?” The reporter asked. Mom blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting this question.

“I can’t comment on that, I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t listen anymore. I snapped the TV off in annoyance. When Sam got back, I was watching the whole press conference online and muttering under my breath angrily. “Twists the truth……”  “Makes everything about her.”

“So I don’t need to ask if you’ve seen it, then?” He said with a smirk.

I turned to him. “How would you feel about me doing an interview of my own to set the record straight about us and our relationship?”

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Created Sapphire Theory

So, a lot of people have been concerned. The jig is up, right? Blue Diamond can’t be active on Homeworld while Lapis and her partner are trapped on Earth with Blue Fusion theory still in effect. Sure, we still don’t have any good answer for those statues; sure, Lapis is looking more suspicious than ever because she’s allegedly a “mere” worker bee here to assist in oceanic building projects and yet inexplicably she has an incredibly high sense of her importance and is clearly trying hard to cover up something major. But, none of that matters: the center is, we’ve seen Blue Diamond.

Have we, though?

(I’ll put the readmore here so anyone who’s already rolling your eyes can just skim over the post and go on with their lives)

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When Jooheon confesses to you

Thank you so much for requesting~ ^^ I enjoyed writing this! Also, I hope you don’t mind that I changed it so that it happens at the reader’s group’s dorm~ ><

okay so i’m extremely sorry if the ending is awkward i didn’t know how to make it natural idk i hope it’s not too weird ;-;

Words: 2035

Slight angst, fluff idk, is this fluffy? not really, you tell me

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by honeypup

[Are you still planning on coming over to our dorm today?] You texted to a close friend of yours who happened to be Jooheon from Monsta X.

[Yup, I’ll be there around eight o’clock or something] he texted back.

Your group and Monsta X were close all together, mostly thanks to the fact that you were under the same agency. Your group had also been given the opportunity to do a reality program with Monsta X shortly after your debut, which led to your groups becoming closer. You all were friends, some closer than others, take you and Jooheon for example. Befriending the charming rapper had been quite easy, easier than one would imagine. After the reality show had ended, you two just kept hanging out together like friends would, sometimes accompanied by some of the other members but usually it was just the two of you.

[I’ll see you then] you texted him, smiling a little.

It had been a few weeks since you last saw Jooheon so you were more excited than usual.

“What’s with the grin?” the leader of your group asked and sat down next to you on the couch, smiling. “I haven’t seen you this happy in ages.”

You shrugged. “I’m just happy because we get to rest for a few days,” you told her.

“Ah, me too,” she exclaimed and stretched her arms into the air. “It’s been so long since we got a weekend off.”

“I’m sorry you couldn’t go see your family,” you said to her, knowing that her family was on a vacation in Japan. All the other members of your group had left on the day before to go visit their families.

“It’s okay,” she said, still smiling. “I get to see them often. You, on the other hand…”

“Don’t worry about me,” you said. “I’ll get to see them in a few months anyway.”

She wrapped her arms around you and hugged you. “Why are you so strong? Can’t you spill a few tears every once in a while?”

“You want me to cry?” you asked jokingly.

“It sounds mean when you say it like that,” she pouted and let go of you. “What I mean by it is that it’s okay to cry at times.”

You smiled. “Yes, yes, I know. I’ll cry a little more often from now on,” you chuckled, earning a nudge from her.

She settled down next to you and leaned on you, resting her head on your shoulder. Your phone vibrated when Jooheon sent you a new text.

“Is Jooheon still planning on coming over today?” she asked once you opened the chat.

“Yeah,” you said.

[I can sense your overflowing excitement through the phone, _____] the text read.

“I’m envious of how close you two are,” the girl beside you whined and shook you a little after grabbing your arm.

“But you’re close with Hyungwon,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but we aren’t close like you two are. It’s almost like you two are dating,” she gave you a look when you looked at her.

“We’re not,” you gave her a nudge.

Not that I would mind, you thought subconsciously and shook your head when you realized what you were thinking. You didn’t want to admit that sometimes your stomach was full of butterflies when you were with Jooheon. Dating and such didn’t really sound appealing to you thanks to a past relationship that ended in a quite nasty manner.

[Your excitement makes me blush >///<] Jooheon sent another text and brought you back from your thoughts. You snorted seeing it, knowing he was joking around.

[Oh my >///<] you texted him, smiling. You two joked around like that a lot.

“If that’s not cute then I don’t know what is,” the leader let out a somewhat frustrated sigh and stood up. She smiled when you looked at her. “This place is a mess. Maybe we should clean up before he comes?”

You didn’t even have to look around before nodding. “Sounds like a good idea,” you said.

Even though you all tried your best to keep the dorm clean, it was almost impossible thanks to your busy schedule. Whenever you guys had time to clean, you were way too tired to do it.

After a few hours the dorm looked a lot tidier. You two had cleaned all the rooms, even the bedrooms of the members who weren’t there. You took a deep breath and looked at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock. You were pretty much done cleaning the room you shared with a few other members, only one task was left: putting your folded clothes that had been on the floor in the closet. You had folded the other members’ clothes too but since you didn’t know who they belonged to, you had piled them all on one bed.

“Let’s see…” you opened the closet.

You tidied it up a little before putting in the clothes you had found on the floor. It didn’t take long before you were ready. You looked at the tidy closet with a smile. Then your eyes stopped on something on the top shelf of the closet. It was a box.

Oh, could it be?

You reached for it and managed to pull it out.

“Ha!” you grinned widely.

Back when you had moved in to the dorm during your trainee days you had had three things with you: a suitcase filled with your clothes, a small backpack that contained your phone, wallet and such and then the box that you were now holding in your hands. It was a cardboard box that had some random stuff in it. You hadn’t opened it after moving in so you couldn’t really remember what was inside.

You opened the box after crouching down and placing it on the floor in front of you. The first thing you saw was your favorite book that you had packed in to the box, thinking it would help you with homesickness.

That plan didn’t really work out, huh? I totally forgot I had it…

You took the book out and placed it on the floor. You looked through the box, finding things like an old diary, a plushy and a few CDs in there. What really caught your attention though was the small pile of polaroid pictures on the bottom of the box. You took the pile out and smiled, looking at the pictures. There were pictures of you with your friends and family, pictures of you smiling widely with your friends back home. You could feel tears stinging your eyes.

I miss them so much…

There was one picture that caught your attention and made you take a shaky breath. It was a picture of you and your boyfriend of that time. He was kissing your cheek and both of you were smiling widely.

“______,” you heard the leader’s voice yell from somewhere. “I’ll go buy some soda from the store!”

“Okay,” you said as loudly as possible while trying to sound normal.

A painful lump had already formed in your throat when the first tear rolled down your cheek. Seeing the picture triggered a strong emotional reaction in you. It brought back all the memories you had tried hard to forget. How he had not trusted in you after you had moved. How he had gotten mad at you even though you did nothing wrong. How you had eventually decided to break up with him after he had not believed even though you kept telling him that you weren’t cheating on him.

We could have just talked it out… I was such an idiot for breaking up with him, he knew how to be an asshole but we still loved each other… I was too sensitive…

A pair of hands suddenly landed on your shoulders and you flinched, your heart almost stopping.

“Got you,” Jooheon’s familiar voice said with a chuckle and you got up and turned a little to look at him.

For a second you forgot the tears in your eyes and when you remembered, you turned away and started wiping them away. “You sure did,” you said, trying to sound normal.

“Were you crying?” he asked with a concerned voice and moved to see your face but you turned away.

“What? No,” you denied.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked and kept trying to see your face but you kept turning away.

“I…” you started but stopped when you heard your broken voice.

“Hey,” he grabbed you, making you stop. “Look at me,” he said and gently grabbed your wrists, pulling your hands away from your face.

You avoided his worried gaze. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“You don’t want to tell me?” he asked and let go of your wrists. “Why?”

“I don’t want to make you feel like you have to comfort me,” you mumbled.

“I’m already feeling the need to comfort you,” he stated, making you look at him. “You can tell me.”

You gulped, trying to get rid of the lump in your throat and looked at your feet. “I… found some old pictures. One had me and my ex in it and… I was reminded of our breakup.”

He just quietly looked at you, waiting for you to continue. You remembered telling him about this ex and breakup before but you doubted he remembered it.

“I think we… we broke up because I was too sensitive…” you took in a shaky breath and tears rolled down your cheeks. “We could have made up by talking about it… But I was too sensitive and chose to break up with him…”

He pulled you closer and gently wrapped his arms around you, hugging you comfortingly.

“You’re so silly,” he said with a warm voice.

“How is anyone going to love me when I’m this sensitive?” you sobbed, unable to control your emotions anymore. “How is anyone going to love me when I’m like this?”

“I know one person who loves you, no matter how sensitive you are,” he quietly said.

“You don’t count,” you mumbled, knowing he meant himself.


“Because you’re just a friend. You love me like a friend. It doesn’t count.”

“Who said I don’t love you more than that?” he asked and you grew silent. “Who said my heart doesn’t flutter for you?”

“Don’t joke around,” you gently pushed him away and looked at him.

“You think I’m joking?” he gave you a look and you nodded.

He looked at you for a bit before placing his hands on your shoulders and slowly pushing you against the closet behind you. Your stomach was slowly starting to fill with butterflies. You two looked at each other quietly for what felt like forever. You could feel your heart beating faster than normally.

“Forget him, would you?” he said, his voice as quiet as a whisper. “If I remember correctly, it was him who was too sensitive. You deserve so much better.”

“But-“ you were cut off when he leaned closer to press a heart-fluttering kiss on your lips. The kiss was warm and loving, and you found yourself unable to pull away.

Eventually the kiss turned into many more. After a while Jooheon pulled away and

“Are you the “so much better” you were talking about?” you asked quietly and looked at him.

“No, no one is good enough for you,” he said, looking in to your eyes with a gaze that made your heart flutter. “I might not be the best one for you but I’m still a lot better than him.”

You couldn’t stop looking at each other.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Your eyes moved to look at his lips. Then, without thinking much about it, you closed your eyes and leaned in to kiss him. This time the kiss was more passionate and so were the ones after it.

“I see,” Jooheon said with a smirk, slightly out of breath after you pulled away to catch your breath.

“Don’t tease me,” you mumbled, trying to lighten up the mood a bit. “I’m sensitive.”

He couldn’t help but smile and soon you felt his lips on yours once again.

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 111)

All Chapters

“Can I ask you a question?” Mark asks me, tearing my eyes off of my book. My legs over his, he massages my feet as we fly through the night sky above Texas. When I look up at him, his eyes are soft.

“Are you scared of being a mom?” He asks me. His question makes me smile, not because it’s stupid, but because I can’t help feeling giddy whenever I think about the fact that we’re having a baby. I don’t think I’m scared of motherhood yet. 

“No.” I reply. “For the first 3 or 4 years, it’s just about making sure our baby doesn’t die. It’s just about food and poop and safety.” I explain.

“What about after that?”

“I can’t picture it yet, I don’t know.” I shrug. “Are you scared?”

“I’m absolutely terrified.” He nods slowly.

“Why? You’re paranoid, you’ll be a good dad.” I retort.

“What if I’m not? It’s not ways a good thing to be paranoid.” He counters, and despite his light tone, I can sense the anxiousness in his eyes. Now, that I think about it, becoming a dad should be a huge thing for him. His father left before they could make peace; they’ve tried multiple times but it never worked. I’m sure he doesn’t want that to happen with our child.

“We’ll help each other.” I say reassuringly.

“I don’t even know what kind of father I’ll be. I have no idea.” He replies anxiously. “If peanut asked me to go to a birthday party, I don’t know what I’d say.”

He’s funny to watch.

“It won’t happen for years; you have plenty of time to make up your mind.” I murmur.

“It’s adorable that you worry. I shouldn’t expect less from you. I know you want to be a good father.” I reach out and caress his cheek tenderly. “I won’t let you be a bad one.” I decide. Mark nuzzles my hand and sighs.

“I might actually start growing white hair if it’s a girl.” He mutters.

“You’re always talking about growing white hair, you’re going to jinx it.” I scold playfully. He chuckles and his eyes get smaller.

“You’re beautiful.” He says to me, making me smile.

“Thank you.” I murmur.

The next day, with Mark’s permission, I decide to go talk to Bea face to face. Andrew could have lied to me to hurt me; I need to know if Bea really hates me now. Jacob drives me to her apartment in the late afternoon and waits in the parking lot. I knock on her door, feeling nervous. I actually dread this moment, because it can either mean I lost my best friend, or that Andy is a complete douche bag.

Bea opens the door, dressed in a white shirt dress, her hair down and her feet bare. I’ve always been jealous of her looks. Her sweet face hardens when she sees me.

“Hi.” I mumble quietly


“You blocked my number?” Is the first thing I ask her, not knowing what to say.

“Yes.” She replies simply, crossing her arms over her chest. I blink, feeling stupid. What was I expecting? I call her all day all night and it doesn’t even ring, that means she blocked me.

“Listen, I know you’re mad at me, and I totally understand why.” I trail off, feeling a knot in my stomach.

“Oh, you do?” She challenges, a brow arched. She crosses her arms over her chest. I give her a quizzical look.

“Yes.” I reply wearily.

“So you’re here to tell me you shouldn’t have said I should abort?” She asks, challenging me.

“No, I’m here to tell you that I will support you if you decide to keep the baby. I just wanted you to know my opinion.” I explain.

“So you still think I shouldn’t keep it.” She concludes.

“Well…” I wince, not sure if I should lie to her or not. She wants me to completely change my opinion on her pregnancy and her relationship with Andy, but I can’t do that. I can support her, as a friend, I can do that.

She rolls her eyes and uncrosses her arms, ready to step back and close the door.

“Bea, I know you’re mad but we’ve gone through worse.” I tell her before she can grab the door. “It’s unimaginable for me to lose you over this.”

“You don’t understand, Abigail. You always think you do, but you don’t.” She says, exasperated. This is a redundant remark.

“This is worse because this is more important than everything we ever fought about.” She says angrily.

“One man, Abigail, there’s only one man I could build something with.” She exclaims, holding a finger in front of my face.

“I want to be with Andy, and I want a baby. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll probably end up alone.” She says.

“I’d rather have a family and no best friend, than die lonely and still have you.” She spits at me. Her words feel like a slap across the face. She can’t- did she just-

The knot in my stomach travels up to my throat, my heart twists in pain. At this very moment, I feel our friendship slipping out of my hands.

“This is too important.” She says quietly. “I can’t let you ruin that.”

“I won’t ruin it.” I promise, tears starting to well up inside my eyes.

“I’m terrified by the idea of losing you, Bea. Beside my parents and Mark, you’re the only best friend I’ll ever have.” I murmur, my throat tight with emotions. I don’t want to lose her.

“I’ll do whatever you want.” I plead. My tears and pain are ineffective on her. She stares at me impassively.

“Go home, Abigail.” She mutters, stepping back and grabbing the door.

“Wait.” I gasp, reaching out. She slams the door closed in front of my face. I stare at the wooden door, tears rushing down my face. My lips tremble.

“Bea!” I call, knocking my fist on her door. She can’t just close her door at me like that.

“Twenty-two fucking years, Bea!” I yell despite my tears. “You can’t just-” A strangled sob escapes my throat before I can finish my sentence.

“Bea!” I call again desperately.

“Go away!” She shouts from behind her door.

“Bea, that’s ridiculous! We’ll find a solution, I’ll back off!” I shout back, crying uncontrollably. When I hear no answer, I kick her door angrily.

“I love you!” I cry, but she doesn’t reply. I guess Andrew was right; Bea doesn’t want me in her life. 

Reluctantly, I leave, taking the elevator to reach the parking lot. My face is tear-strained, and I’m sniffling and crying when Jacob sees me, but I don’t care. I climb onto the back of the car in silence, and Jacob doesn’t ask any question. When Jacob starts the car, my phone starts to ring. Mark is calling me.

My throat is too tight for me to talk, but I still take his call. I bring my phone to my ear, sobbing soundlessly. 

“Hello?” Mark calls from the other side of the line. I sniffle, unable to talk.

“Abby.” He murmurs, sadness in his voice. “I’m so sorry.” He croons. I sniffle again, not knowing what to tell him.

“I don’t know what to say.” He says quietly. I don’t want him to say anything. There is nothing to say or do. I just have to accept it and move on.

“Do you want me to come home? I can be there in an hour.” He proposes. I stare out the window, watching the building where she lives getting smaller and smaller behind me.

“Baby.” Mark urges.

“No.” I choke out, wiping my nose on the back of my hand.

“Okay.” He murmurs.

“I’ll see you tonight.” I say quietly.


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He murmurs, and I hang up.

When I come home, I cry pretty much all evening. I cry hard, I’m devastated and there is no way for me to hold back. As a torture for being such a pitiful excuse of a friend, I go through all my albums of her and I. All our pictures and videos. By the time I finish, my heart is officially broken. Mark doesn’t come home after nine pm. When I fall asleep after crying my eyes out, he’s still not here.


“Hey.” I hear Mark’s soft voice in my head. “I’m sorry I’m coming home so late. I had some complications at work.” He apologizes.

“What time is it?” I ask, keeping my eyes closed.

“Almost ten o'clock.” He says. I’m still so sleepy.

“Dinner. I forgot, I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s okay, baby. I ate with Letitia in my office.” He says. I drift.

“You’re beat, baby. Should I carry you to bed?” Mark proposes kindly.

“No.” I shake my head, sleep looming over me.


I wake up the next day in our bed, even though I remember falling asleep on the sofa. Mark is already gone. His side of the bed is empty and cold. I sit up against the headboard, my head pounding. There is a folded cloth on the bed at my feet. Frowning, I reach out and grab it. It’s one of my dresses. A read knee-length dress with short sleeves and a sickening cleavage. Mark must have laid it out for me. But why?

I fold the dress and put it back where it was before getting out of bed. When I pull my nightgown up to pee, I feel something stuck on my butt cheek. I quickly grab it before my pee stars to flow out and take a look. It’s a yellow post-it.

Dinner tonight. Be ready when I come home - M x

I burst out laughing, shaking my head. He stuck it on my ass.

I brush my teeth and hop into the shower. In my bathrobe, while my skin dries, I decide to call my prankster.

“Hello?” Mark says as he picks up.

“You stuck it on my butt, you idiot.” I grin, and he chuckles like the proud little boy he is.

“You were sticking your ass at me when I woke up.” He explains.

“You’re a child.”

“I had morning wood, I could have done something else.”

“I would have preferred that, honestly.” I retort.

“Oh, I’ll remember that tomorrow morning.” He replies, making me giggle. Hearing his voice already makes feel better. I know he’s trying to cheer me up.

“I have to go now, baby. I want you in that dress when I come home. Make yourself pretty for me.” He murmurs, making my stomach flutter. I love getting pretty for him.

“Okay, I will. Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise. I’ll call you later, sweet.” He says.

“Okay. I love you.” I agree even though I don’t want to hang up.

“I love you too.” He says and I wait for him to put an end to the call because I can’t bring myself to do it.

“You’re not hanging up?” He asks after a beat.

“I love you.” I repeat, wanting him to know. He stays silent for a moment, and when he speaks his voice is soft.

“I love you too, Abigail.” He murmurs, and his words diffuse a comforting warmth in my chest. Smiling, I hang up and free him.

When I started to prepare myself for our date I decided I wanted a drastic change in the way I looked. It often happens to me when I’ve been stressed out or when I had too many bad experiences. I got that habit started almost 10 years ago. Some people only do that after New Year’s but in less than five months, I graduated, got engaged, discovered I was pregnant with the most precious peanut on earth, I got married, I have suffered from injuries, I was assaulted multiple times and lost my best friend, and even though I’m not sure if this is over yet I want to find a way to leave all the bad moments behind me. 

Mark comes home later than planned than usual, but when I see him walk through the door understand why. His eyes land on me and he smiles fondly

“Hi.” He murmurs as I stand up from the sofa his eyes scan me from head to toe and he seems really pleased with what he’s seeing.

“Good evening.” I can’t help blushing even though his reaction was what I was expecting from him.

“Wow.” He breathes taking a few steps closer to me. He runs his hand through my long wavy bob.

“You went to the hairdresser?” He asks. I shake my head. I did it alone like every time.

“You like it?” I ask him. His eyes are dark and intense.

“You know I do. It’s sexy.” He says before kissing me and I have to refrain myself from pulling him clothes and kiss him more deeply.

“You look amazing.” He breathes against my lips. His hands slide up and down my back. 

“You have good tastes.” I murmur, my hands curling around the sides of his neck.

“You got a haircut too.” I observe. He kisses me.

“D'you like it?" 

"Yes. You look sexy.” I say before biting his lip gently. He groans.

“I’m not sure I want to take you out now.” He sighs, his hands coming down to my behind. He hauls me close against his chest.

“I want that dinner.” I counter as he starts kissing my shoulder.

“You can have me for dinner." 

"I want to go out.” I whine, pouting. Mark pulls away and kisses my nose.

“Okay.” He caves in. “I want you to have a great time. I don’t want to see you sad.” He murmurs before kissing my pout.

“I hated coming home to you yesterday.” There is sadness in his voice.

“You had cried yourself to sleep on the sofa. It broke my heart.” He cajoles, running his knuckles down my face.

“So we’re going to go out, we’ll talk about what happened, but I promise you won’t cry again.”


“She told me she needed to focus on her relationship with Andy.” I mumble, toying with the rim of my glass of water. “She doesn’t want me to ruin her life.” I explain sadly. Mark grabs the hand I was using and links or fingers, pulling my eyes up to his.

“Well, she’ll focus on her baby, and we’ll focus on our peanut, okay?” He says comfortingly. “I’m sure our baby will bring us plenty of happiness to compensate.”

“It still has to come out, though.” I mumble, looking down at my empty plate. Mark squeezes my hand to make me look up at him again.

“That doesn’t mean the fun can’t start now.” He counters before kissing the back of my hand.

“We have a new house to imagine, and a baby room to make in our apartment.” He says.

“A baby room.” I repeat, loving the idea.

“Yes, with a crib, and bedtime story books, and a rocking chair, and toys.” He enumerates, running his thumb over my knuckles. A baby room.

“This is getting so real.” My shoulders rise to my ears briefly.

“I know.” Mark grins. “We could find out the gender by now.” He pipes up. I’m four months pregnant now we could have known the gender since last month but we didn’t because I wasn’t able to go out and see my doctor. In the meantime, I changed my mind.

“I don’t want to.” I shake my head, and he frowns.


“It’s one of those few surprises that are left to people now.” I explain. “I mean, there’s not that much possibilities, but I don’t want to find out before we meet peanut.” I add and Mark nods scratching his chin.

“Okay.” He agrees. We stare at each other quietly for a moment before he speaks again.

“Do you trust me, Abigail?” He asks surprising me.

“Of course.”

“Take your panties off.”

“What?” I blink at him, shocked and maybe offended. He tries to keep his eyes hard and his face composed but I can see a glow of life and playfulness in them.

“Off. Don’t make me repeat myself, Abigail.” He commands confidently; it takes me a moment to understand that all of this is purely sexual. I got confused because I did not think our conversation was heading this way.

I’m not against being kinky and intimate in public and I think a little bit of thrill won’t hurt me. I close my mouth and pull my chair back. I look around to see to see if people are looking at me while reaching under my dress to grab my underwear.

Slowly I slide them down my legs until I get them off, all while making sure people are not watching me and my husband watches me with interest.

When I get them off, I hide them in my fist in turn to put them in my bag that is hanging on the back of my chair

“No."  He stops me and when I look at him he has his hand stretched out to me. At this point I understand he’s having no shame tonight so just hand them over. He smirks. He puts them in the pocket inside his suit jacket, satisfied, and I’m slightly turned on by his shenanigans.

"What are we going to do?” I ask warily. 

“We?” He arches his brow. Right we are not doing anything, it’s all about what he does to me.

“What are you going to do to me?” I correct myself.

“What do you want me to do to you?” He throws right back and I was not expecting that answer at all. I blink confused.

What do I want him to do to me?

“Answer me, Abigail."  He presses.

"I want to forget.” I reply quietly not sure what I am trying to say. “About Bea, and Liam, and Olivia.”

“Okay.” He says simply



Before I can ask him to elaborate, the waiter arrives with our food and my stomach wants more eating and less talking

Mark changes subject and won’t answer my questions about his shenanigans. Not wanting our night to be about me bugging him, I give up and tell him about what I have in mind for the baby room and the big house. He tells me about his work tells me he misses his mom and brother and that he would want to have dinner with our whole family.

“Come.” He says after dessert, putting his napkin on the table and finishing his glass of wine. I follow him and don’t ask about the bill because I know they will probably bill him. He takes my hand and leads me to stairs on the side of the dining area. They lead up to mezzanine and a hallway. Mark pushes door like he knows place by heart.

“What’s this room?” I enquire as we step in. The place his lit by dim and romantic lights in the ceiling. The papers are a deep red, but the floor is parquet floor. There is large, white leather sofa, a coffee table, a piano, and further on the side, slightly hidden from us at first, a smaller dining area with a single tale with 6 chairs.

“Some kind of lounge room. I’ve had a couple business dinners here.” He says in a way of explanation. I hear him lock the door, but don’t pick up on it. I walk over to the wall-length glass that gives onto the dining area. From here we can see everything and everyone. The door opens behind us and another waiter comes with a tray of drinks.

“Mr and Mrs Tuan, your drinks.” He announces closing the door behind him he drops the tray on the dining table and puts the bottles and glasses on it. We thank him and he exits the room with a polite bow. Mark finishes his work in serves himself a glass of whiskey but all I can drink is the glass of wine cooler.

“A wine cooler, are you serious?” I complain as he hands me my glass.

“You’ve already had a drink recently.” He counters clinking our classes together before taking a sip of his whiskey

“I miss alcohol so much.” I moan not refusing the alcohol lemonade.

“You didn’t drink that much before peanut."  He points out.

"Yeah, but I need it more now.” I say before returning to the huge glass to observe the soft blabber in the dining area. Mark comes up behind me and drapes one arm around my waist, his hands rubbing my swollen stomach in gentle circles.

“This place is nice."  I observe, leaning onto his touch.

"I was thinking about buying it.”

“So you can eat for free?”

He laughs, loudly, and kisses my cheek. I love making him laugh. I don’t know why he bought me up here, but it’s a nice way to digest the food. I take a second sip of my wine cooler before it’s taken out of my hand by Mark. I turn around and watch my thief as he drops it on the dining table, along with his own glass.

“I didn’t finish that.” I protest behind his back. When he faces me, I remark a drastic change in his gaze. He takes my head between his hands and crashes his lips onto min, backing me up until my back hits the glass. My hands fly to his shoulders as I yelp in surprise, and he grabs them mid-air, pinning them high above my head. His tongue invades my mouth, exploring and trying to take over. I gasp and turn my head away.

“There are people.” I gasp. What he is doing? He knows people can see us.

“I know.” He breathes against my lips, assaulting my lower lip with gentle suckles of his, making me whimper. His hands slide down my arms and trace the curve of my breasts and stomach. He pins his hips against mine, pushing his knee between my legs. I reach down and push against his chest, uncomfortable.

“Don’t.” He snaps, grabbing my wrists and preventing me from pushing me away. I look up at his dark and intense eyes, confused.  He lets me go and cups my face, plunging his gaze into mine.

“That’s what I meant by wanting more of your submission.” He murmurs. “I want you to trust me.”

“I trust you, but-" 

"No buts.” He cuts me off, wrapping his fingers around my throat. He peppers kisses on my jaw line, and I try to relax, but my mind is reeling.

“I don’t like it.” I whine.

“Forget about them.” He murmurs against my skin. His hand slides down my side, my waist, my hip, and slips under my dress, slightly hitching it up. His thumb rubs my thigh back and forth.

“Trust me. Just focus on me and your body.” He says, trailing his tongue down my neck. “I’ll never hurt you.”

“I don’t want to do this in front of people.” I explain, distracted by his finger stroking my thigh, dangerously getting higher and higher.

“Show me you trust me.” He emerges from my neck and looks at me in the eyes. They struck me with sincerity despite the desire in them. “I’m not going to harm or embarrass you.”

“I know.” I whisper, because it’s true. I trust him, but I don’t know what I have to trust him with.

“That’s all you have to know.” He murmurs, and I nod quietly. When he kisses me again, I take a deep breath and try to clear my mind. It takes me a while, but his hand reaches my behind and he gives it a string squeeze, I moan and relax against him. He nibbles at the sensitive skin of my throat, when my faint scars are still making my legs buckle.

“Mark.” I moan. Desire thrums inside me, but I can’t really bring myself to forget than we are most definitely watched. I decide that as long as they don’t see my face, I can overcome the shame. Mark picks me up in his arms and lays me down on the dining table. I watch, breathless as he retrieves my panties from his inner pocket and ties my wrists together. He pulls them over my head and hooks them to a chair, efficiently restraining me. I’m tempted to turn my head to the right to see the crowd’s reaction, but I force myself not to.

“I’m going to make you come with my mouth.” Mark declares, pulling me out of my thoughts. I look up at the ceiling and watch him circle the table while he drinks another sip of his whiskey. He looks serene, while I’m a boiling mess inside.

“And you’re going to keep my glass balanced.” He adds matter of factly. I frown at him, my ragged breathing getting my voice caught up in my throat. He drops his glass on my pregnant stomach. The glass is big and squary, and my baby bump isn’t that big so it stays in place. The glass is cold against my skin.

“That means no moving.” He murmurs, his index finger tracing a line between my breasts. My breathing heaves considerably, waking the glass wobble a bit.

“No panting.” He scolds. 

“I can’t.” I whimper weakly, shaking my head.

“If you spill it, I’ll spank you.” He declares. Everything vibrates inside me. I kind of want to fail on purpose. He hasn’t spanked for a long time. I watch him, and I’m so turned on I’m shocking myself.

“If you succeed, I’ll let you suck me off.” He promises. My god.

Instinctively, I look down at his crotch, discovering the bulge in his pants. My mouth waters at the thought of having his warm and thick cock fucking my mouth. Mark stands behind me and bends, bringing his lips down to mine, kissing me upside down. I shift, instinctively trying to reach up and tangle my fingers in his hair. His tongue dips behind my too lip, a moan bubbling in the back of my throat.  Placing his hands on either side of my body, he trails open-mouthed kisses across my neck and collarbones. I close my eyes and arch my neck, inhaling his intoxicating scent.

“You know; I actually hate this dress.” Mark muses, straightening his back. He traces his fingers up the sides of my arms. I try not to breathe too heavily.

“I like it when you’re home, but not outside. It shows too much of your skin.” He says, one hand slipping in my cleavage. He presses his lips against my neck while his fingers skim over my nipple repeatedly. I press my thighs together and screw my eyes shut. I want to squirm so badly, but it’ll make me spill his glass. He gives my breast rhythmic, soft squeezes while his tongue swirls around that sensitive spot on my neck.

“But it makes it more accessible for me.” He adds, his voice deep. I let out a trembling breath.

“But it makes it more accessible for me.” He adds, his voice deep. I let out a trembling breath.

“Calm down.” He murmurs softly. I try to control my breathing, and the glass stops moving. Mark’s hands leave my breasts and he stops kissing me. I catch a glimpse s of him as he circles the table and stands at my feet, but the glass prevents me from seeing his face. 

Slowly, Mark parts my leg, exposing me to him. I ball my fists as adrenaline rushes through my veins. Mark grabs my hips and tugs me down so my butt is closer to the edge of the table. I close my eyes and feel his lips on my knee. He kisses his way down to the apex of my thigh, but stops before reaching my sex. When he pulls back, a breath I didn’t know I was holding escapes me. He repeats the process, and stops before my sex again.

“Mark.” I whisper quietly. He kisses my pubis, slowly getting closer and closer to my heat. I know I’ll have to refrain myself when he gets there, but I don’t know how. When he finally wraps his lips around my clit, I sink my teeth in my lower lip, which makes the mindless tingles that travel to my core ten times stronger. The glass barely moves. He teases my clit with soft, velvet licks, and slowly, my moans start to fill the room. He moves his tongue in small circles, his hands holding my thighs spread for him. I slightly arch my back to keep my hips down and not move, but I also have to control my breathing so my chest doesn’t rise to much. Air starts to miss quickly in my lungs, and in no time, my legs start to tremble from the effort of keeping still.

“Please.” I beg breathlessly. He licks my cleft down to my entrance, his tongue circling quickly, and his lips suckling on my skin. His soft licks turn into bold and intense strokes of his tongue. It gets too much too quickly, and the glass wobbles dangerously.

“Fuck!” I curse under my breath, fighting the need to thrust against his tongue. My mind is filled with dirty sounds of suction and licking. I start to quicken, still trying to manage the glass on my belly. That’s the moment he chooses to pull away from me.

“Please! Please, Mark!” I cry out, not trying to lower my voice anymore. He gives my clit lazy caresses with his thumb.

“Mark.” I beg.

“What do you want?” He rasps against my skin. God, I was so close.

“Don’t stop.” I plea, struggling to keep my hips still. "I need you.“ I breathe. He pushes a finger inside me, making me see white.

"Ah!” I yell, y toe curling. He unleashes his tongue on me around, moving it around and around on my clit, pumping his fingers at a steady yet agonizing pace.

“Mark, Mark, Mark.” I chant his name, words getting lost between my brain and my mind going blank. "I can’t- please!“ I scream, my orgasm tearing through me like a million stabs of electricity everywhere inside me. I’m vaguely aware of the glass tumbling off my body, but I’m too busy writhing and squirming in agony.

When the aftermath of my orgasm, I convince my eyes open and look down between my legs. Mark emerges, wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

"You spilled it.” He observes, his tone heavy with both desire and disapproval. Everything is still vibrating inside me.

“And you came without my permission.” He adds. Oh, crap. I completely forgot about that.

“I’m sorry.” I choke, squeezing my thighs together, still struggling to come down from my high. Mark usually helps, caressing me and whispering endearing, heart-wrenching words of praise and admiration, but he doesn’t. That either means he’s really pissed or he’s not done with me.

“Flip over and kneel.” He orders, his voice firm. I open my eyes to look at him, gauge my margin of action. I want to protest. I may have only orgasmed once but it was intense, for a reason that still fails me.

“Mark.” I breathe. My heart is still racing. He’s not even letting me catch my breath. I look up at his eyes, and they shock me. The intensity of his stare is unsettling. His eyes are dark, with more than lust or desire.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” He says quietly, his hands on each side of my legs, grabbing the edge of the table. His words knock the sass out of me. I oblige quietly, shifting so I’m on my stomach, my hands still tied up in front of me. Then, I kneel, sliding up on the table so I’m resting my weight on both my knees and my forearms. I take a sharp breath of anticipation, and I’m rewarded with a loud, violent slap on my ass.

“Ah!” I cry out, my body jerking forward. My skin stings, and it almost burns as it’s painful. He just spanked me. I moan when he pinches the same spot he hit, and it’s involuntary. The pain travels straight to my pussy, becoming a short wave of mindless pleasure. 

He spanks me again, hard. I hiss and bite my lip to prevent myself from screaming. I dig my nails into my own palms to absorb the pain.

I feel his lips on me. Gently kissing the place he already hit twice. His lips opening and pressing closed against my abused skin. He darts his tongue out and licks me, his hand fondling my behind as well.

I mewl, lost between pleasure and pain. He nips and sucks what I’m sure will be a bruise on my bottom, making me groan as each suction of his warm mouth makes my pussy tighten and relax.

He spanks me again, as hard as before, making me yelp. This time he doesn’t pause, spanking me again right after, not giving time for the pain to disappear. He spanks me repeatedly, each slap making me cry out, yell, scream and beg. The sounds of each slap fills the room, almost louder than the sounds that spill from my throat.

I understand quickly that it’s not a playful spanking. He’s punishing me. He said it to me before, if I failed he would spank me. At some point, my cries turn into strangled sobs. My eyes water and pour, tears rushing down my face as I take and take each blow. I never ask him to stop, though. I know he would if I asked him, but I want to challenge myself, trust myself as much as I trust him. But the pain does become unbearable.

“Mark, please!” I yell, back arched, face red and angry. He stops, all sounds fading away, replaced by my rapid breathing and my shaky sobs. His hand caresses my behind in circles.

“I’m sorry.” I howl, my breath hitching as I realize my pussy is rippling violently.

“For what?” Mark’s voice is calm.

“For coming- Ah!” I screech, surprised when he spanks me once more. I squeeze my eyes shut.

“For coming without your permission.” I choke out. I’m rewarded with another slap.

“Ah!” I scream, jerking forward so I can get away from his cruel hands.

“And?” He says expectingly. I don’t know what he wants from me.

“And?” I repeat, trying to focus, trying to think. He spanks me once more.

“Your glass!” I cry out. «I’m sorry for spilling you glass. I’m sorry.“ I murmur. His hand travels from my behind to my back, between my shoulder blades. He pushes my hair to the side, clearing a path of skin of my neck. He nuzzles my neck and inhales deeply.

"It won’t happen again.” I whisper, panting. He trails butterfly kisses across my neck, my jaw and my cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” I repeat. I kind of know he’s done spanking me, but I’m still apologizing to make sure I’m forgiven. He cups my face and kisses my nose.

“You’ve had enough, haven’t you?” He murmurs softly, his thumb wiping my tears on my cheek. I look up at him through my damp lashes. I find his eyes, and they are still hard, but he’s not a total stranger. Deep inside, I see my husband and all his love for me. 

“Yes.” My voice is barely audible.

“Why didn’t you stop me?” He asks me. Because I wanted to push my limits. I take time to register how my body is feeling. Although the skin of my ass is burning, it’s also burning between my legs, making it all heavy and throbbing.

“Because it felt good.” I breathe. Mark disappears behind me. His hands slides back down my body, over the curve of my bottom, and he plunges two fingers me.

“No!” I gasp, my body’s reaction automatic, but in total contradiction with my head. Everything tightens inside me, around his long fingers that wriggle inside me. All my muscles go rigid and tight; air starts to miss.

“Can I come?” I implore, already caught up with that feeling of destruction. I just need to let go. Mark pumps his fingers in and out of me, growling quietly.

“Please, Mark. Can I come?” I repeat, my tors curling. I’m already there, but I hold back, I let that bubble burn in my core. I need to come so badly.

“Can I come for you, please? Let me come for you.” I sob, moaning and crying out as my walls start to shake violently. It takes me all of my willpower. My pussy is throbbing so bad I can feel my heartbeat in it, it’s throbbing.

“Please!” I yell, tears rushing down my face. I kick my feet against the table, unable to stay still.

“I’ll be good! I’ll be a good girl!” I promise, my voice shaking, my nails sinking into my own skin. Mark doesn’t stop, he moves his fingers around and around.

“I’ll be good, please let me come for you.” I beg again.

“You can come now.” He grants after what feels like an eternity. I let go, everything crashing into me at the speed of light, both pain and please exploding inside me. The sensation is both intense and so gratifying I find myself thanking him, multiple ‘thank you’d falling out of my mouth, while my corrosive orgasm erodes my bones.

“Fuck!” I yell, arching and twisting, tossing and turning even if handicapped by my bounds. Mark’s fingers are still inside me, pumping in and out at a steady pace. I shake, I tremble and white out. It’s all too much for me.

When I come to, I’m pressed against a warm being, contrasting with the coldness of the table. I’m still panting, and I can’t feel my body. I blink my eyes open and look up, finding Mark staring down at me with bright and warm eyes. I’m in his arms, sitting on his lap on the leather sofa. Suddenly, I feel terribly vulnerable.

“Mark.” I murmur.

“I’m here.” He says softly, pressing his lips onto my forehead. I grip onto his shirt, holding him tight, and close my eyes.

“I love you.” I mumble. I don’t know why I feel the urge to tell him.

“I love you more, baby.” He sighs against my forehead. His lips gradually move down until he’s kissing my eyes.

“You’re so beautiful.” He praises, his voice soft. I tilt my head back to grant him better access, and he kisses my nose.

“So sexy and erotic. You’re perfect.” He says, pressing his lips against mine. I suck in a deep breath, our lips barely touching.

“Look at me.” He commands, his dominant tone gone. His order feels like a plea. I convince my eyes open, looking up at him through my lashes. He tilts his head to the side, his eyes soft.

“How was it?” He enquires, his arms tightening around me.

“It felt good.” I admit. I did feel really good, as far as the physical aspect of it goes. Deep down, I don’t really know how I’m feeling.

“You did so well, Abigail. You never disappoint me.” He coos admiringly. My heart warms up. Mark feels warm against me.

“I spilled your glass.” I retort, look down at my hand, a little bit disappointed with myself. Mark takes my chin between his fingers and pulls my eyes back to him.

“It wasn’t about the glass. I just needed to be sure you trust me. It was a test.” He explains, making me frown in confusion.

“A test?” I repeat. A test to see if I would in front of-

My face blanches as I realize all of this happened in front of a crowd. I whirl my head around to look at the window. Everyone is busy eating and chatting with whoever they are with. No one is looking at us even though we’ve just had sex.

“It’s a one-way glass, Abigail.” Mark says inside my ear. I snap my head back at him, my eyes wide. What did he tell me?

When he sees my facial expression, he raises an eyebrow.

“You thought I’d let people see my wife come?” He asks, almost offended. Now that I think about it, I know he wouldn’t. For a second I though he did, and that’s why I was so surprised.

“Why a test?” I ask him reproachfully. “I always said I trust you.”

“Because you didn’t know what I wanted from you. I wanted to be sure you still trust me.” He says, confusing me even more.

“And now I know what you want from me?” I arch a brow.

“We both know. You just gave it to me.” He replies, his fingers wrapping around my nape. He kisses my forehead.

“Complete obedience, trust, submission. You were totally mine.” He muses against me. That much is true. I completely gave myself up, but it’s not the first time. I always submit when we have sex, and even when we don’t.

“I kind of got carried away, but you impressed me.” He murmurs. I’m the one who asked for this, but I didn’t expect him to go that far. I don’t think I’m confused because he scared me. He just completely blew my mind.

“I wanted to forget.” I say to myself.

“I hope I fulfilled your request.” He says quietly. Oh, yes he did. I still feel shaken from it.

“I don’t think I can do that on a daily basis.” I blurt out, looking up at him.

“That’s not what I’m asking.” He says softly. “We’ll take it slow. You’re pregnant.”

“I’m exhausted.” I mumble, placing my head against his chest.

“I know. Let’s go home.” He declares, shifting under me.

“Not yet.” I panic, not feeling ready to stand up yet. Mark would offer to carry me, but I’d rather he didn’t, not in public. He hums his agreement, sitting back against the sofa. He keeps his arms around me, his lips against my hair.

“My god, Mark. I can’t believe you did this to me.” I say in wonder. He tugs me away from him, our eyes meeting.

“You didn’t like it?” He asks worriedly.

“You know I did.” I reassure him. “I just don’t understand.” I explain. He eyes me for a moment, but says nothing. He cradles my head back against his chest and just stays there.

“Do you know how a 26-year-old man falls in love with a teenager?” He asks after a beat.


“He trips.” He says, and I have to laugh at that one. I cathartic, unexpected bubble of giggles explodes in my throat, and I erupt in a fit. I throw my head back, and he laughs with me, proud of himself. I feel silly, it’s not even funny.

When I look back at him, he’s smiling fondly at me, his already small eyes narrow, small wrinkles at their corners. I observe every inch of his face. Sometimes I forget this man is my husband. Sometimes I get lost between what I know of him and what he shows me. It’s always good to find the man I fell in love with just by looking at him.

“Are you just going to stare at me like that?” Mark asks, his gaze never leaving mine. I bite my lip to prevent myself from grinning.

“You’re beautiful. I want to stare.” I murmur.

“I could do that all night.” He challenges.

“Me too.” I retort. He chuckles, and we stare at each other like two love-struck fools. It’s feels good. Suddenly the playful glow in his eyes faints away.

“I pushed you too far.” He says quietly. My face falls.

“No, Mark-”

“I took you by surprise. You’ve never seen me like this.” He cuts me off. I can’t deny that, but it’s not as bad as he thinks.

“You became another person.” I concur. “For a moment, I thought I had lost you, and I-”

“You were scared?” He asks warily.

“No.” I shake my head categorically. “I just had to look at you, and it was fine. You were still there.” I explain.

“You could have stopped me.” He reminds me again.

“I didn’t want to.” I argue. I enjoyed every second of it. I just wasn’t prepared.

“I enjoyed it.” He admits, his stare growing intense.

“I know you did.” I tease, flexing my ankle that’s lodged between his legs. His cock hasn’t softened yet. He gasps a little.

“I’m not ashamed of it anymore.” He breathes.

“I’m proud of you.” I murmur, shifting so I’m straddling his legs. My knees on either side of his, I wrap my arms around his neck and push my fingertips into his freshly cut hair. He sighs deeply.

“If only you knew just how much I love you. I feel like my chest is going to burst open.” He breathes.

“I love you just as much. I want to marry you again right now.” I counter before kissing him. He relaxes against me, his hands coming down to my bottom and hauling me close. He presses our bodies together, his tongue meeting mine inside my mouth. I hum in content, and when I shift fractionally, Mark groans. His big hands slide down my back, and he pulls my groan against his.

“Oh, Abby.” He moans against my lips. He’s hard for me; he has been for the fast half hour. He kisses my jawline and my neck before breathing heavily into my ear. His breath is trembling and he’s holding my hips a little bit too tight.

“I know you’re tired, but I really need to make love to you.” He mutters, a pleading tone in his voice. His hips buck and he curses under his breath. Mmmmh…

“I’m dying to be inside you, baby. Let’s go home.” He begs, his teeth grazing my ear. 

“Okay.” I murmur, reluctantly pulling away from his chest. Mark readjusts his pants multiple times during our trip home, but he’s not even trying to hide his erection -not like he could anyway. I don’t torture him by caressing his thigh or kissing his neck while he drives, because I know it’s not some game anymore. He doesn’t want me right now; he needs to make love to me. Even if all I did was laying on a table and coming multiple times, I know this night must have been emotionally packed for him. Between the fear of having me rejecting him and not trusting him, and the fact that he got a little carried away when he spanked me, I know he’s more than happy we came out of that restaurant okay, if not better, as a couple.

But when we get in the elevator in the parking lot, I can’t keep my hands off him. I can’t help but want to give him relief and make him feel as good as he made me feel. We’re a kissing mess as we stumble in. Mark quickly presses the top button before I pin him against the wall and devour his mouth. He roams my hands over his chest and sides, and he hauls me close, hands traveling to my behind. He hisses against my lips.

“I’m so freaking hard.” He mutters before I take his lower lip between mine. My hand finds the bulge in his pants. He’s rock hard and ready; so engorged with blood I can feel the heat through his clothes. I swallow his moans as I squeeze and palm him through his pants. He thrusts into my touch, groaning softly. When the elevator starts slowing down halfway through our trip up, we understand we’re going to have company. I pull away from him and turn around, standing in front of him as the door opens on a young woman. After a polite exchange of greetings, she presses a button a little bit below ours and gives us her back. 

Mark snakes his arm around me hand presses his hips against my behind, his hard on straining against me. Poor thing.

He grinds against me, his movement subtle, but I can feel it. His mouth comes down to the junction between my neck and shoulder, and he bites down quite harshly. I know he’s doing that to keep quiet, but in makes me struggle to keep quiet. I grab his wrist and dig my nails into his skin, which only makes him bite and grind harder; I almost lose my balance. When the woman exists the elevator, Mark sighs against my skin.

“Shit. I’m so sorry.” He murmurs, kissing the spot he just bruised. “I need you so badly.”

“It’s okay.” I whisper as the door close again. There is only a dew floors left until we reach our penthouse, and Mark leaves open mouthed kisses on the side of my neck. When the doors finally open on our entry, I nearly leap out of the elevator. I open the front door and step in, Mark following me. He unzips my dress while kicking the door closed and pushes it off my shoulders. I let my clutch bag fall to the floor and my dress follows shortly. I whirl around and Mark kisses me, walking me backwards as I tug his jacket off, before fumbling with his belt.

“Bed. Now.” He growls against my lips. I pull away from him and obey, losing my shoes in the hallway, and my panties in the stairs. When Mark picks me up in his arms and presses our lips together, he only has his boxers on. He kicks the door of our bedroom and I turn the lights on quickly before he throws me on the bed and crawls between my legs. I place my hands on his biceps, run them up his arms and shoulders; and he groans, burying his face in my neck. I slide my hands down his sides and hook my thumbs in the waistband of his underwear, tugging until I feel his warm cock between our crazed bodies. Mark whimpers, almost in pain.

I wrap my fingers around his shaft and thumb his head, smearing precum all over it, making it silky. Mark whines, thrusting into my had impatiently. I pump it a few times to lubricate it. I want him, but I’m still not that wet, and I’m not sure we have time for foreplay.

“I can’t wait, baby. I’m sorry.” He breathes, kissing my collarbones and curling his hips, driving his cock into my fist.

“It’s okay.” I reply breathlessly. God, I’m so hot, I’m almost sweating. I guide his cock to my entrance and curl my arms around his neck, while he holds my hip with one hand. I hold my breath as he eases himself inside me. We both groan and Mark’s grip on my hip tightens dangerously. The stretch is so good.

“Shit.” Mark mutters, curling his hips and sliding deeper between my walls. I feel him swell inside me.

“So fucking tight.” He breathes, hips stuttering as he slithers to the hilt. I suck my lower lip in and arch my body as he pushes his cock deep.

He doesn’t give me time to accommodate, nor to build a rhythm. I don’t think he has patience for this. He starts thrusting in and out of me fast and deep, his face still hidden in the crook of my neck.

“I won’t last a minute. Goddammit.” He grinds out, his teeth gazing my shoulder. I might scream if he bites me again. His thrusts are sloppy and desperate.

“Yes."  I hiss, my nails digging into his skin. When I rack them down his back, his hips ram forward, thrusting so violently my body jerks up the mattress. He moans into my ear, and I repeat my actions.

"You like that?” I ask breathlessly as he pounds on, harsh and earnest. I scratch him down his back and cup his behind, pulling him closer.

“Fuck.” He mutters, and I feel his hips shaking a little, struggling every time he pushes forwards. On hand pushes in my hair and tugs, tilting my head back and making me arch my neck, the other palms the roundness of my breast. I feel his hot breath on my skin as he trails wet kisses around my throat, still grinding his cock against my silky walls. I buck my hips to meet his movements, and he protests.

“Abby!” He moans, letting my hair go and grabbing my hip. He tries to hold me down, but I know it’s driving him insane and it’s what I want. He fucks into me even faster.

“That’s it. Fuck me.” I moan, and he gives my breast a rough squeeze.

“You’re going to make me come.” He whines, nuzzling my neck and mouthing at my throat. I fight him and keep bucking my hips.

“Shit…aaah…baby, baby, wait.” He shudders against me, his thrusts uncontrolled, hips jerking up each time I dig my skin further into his skin. His moans sound like music into my ear, his hot breath fanning my neck.

“I can’t- baby…so good…” He grits, his words barely intelligible. When his cursing and moaning turns into small, desperate ‘uh uh’s, I know he’s close. Whispering words of encouragement, I keep bucking my hips until he spills himself inside me, his hand on my breasts shaking and gripping hard.

“Fuck.” He whispers, leaning on his forearms and catching his breath against my throat, his cock still hot and pulsating inside me. I sigh in content, happy I brought him to orgasm. I found him really sexy and vulnerable. I loved it.

“You’ll be the death of me, Abigail Tuan.” He mutters, kissing the dip at the base of my neck. I run my hands up and down his back. He shifts and kisses my mouth.

“I can’t leave my woman unsatisfied.” He grumbles against my lips, making me smile.

“It’s not always about me.” I murmur. Honestly, I don’t think I could handle another orgasm. I flip us over so I’m straddling him, his softening cock still inside me.

“I just wanted to make you come.” I say, looking down at him. Still breathless, he places his hands on my hips.

“I lost it when you started scratching me with your nails.” He says before catching his lip between his teeth.

“Like that?” I muse, racking my nails down his chest. He hisses, his abs tensing, and nods weekly.

“Yes, like that.” He breathes and winces. “I came way too fast.” He complains. I lean it and kiss his lips, letting his now limp penis slip out of me, along with his warm semen.

“It’s sexy. Makes me feel skilled even though I did nothing.” I murmur, pulling away. “I loved it.”

Mark gazes up at me, his hand sliding up my side and my chest until his fingers wrap around my throat. I toss my head back and sigh, closing my eyes.

“You’re beautiful.” I hear him say, his hand sliding down between my breast and cupping my stomach.

“You’re beautiful too, husband.” I murmur, looking down at him. I take his hand that’s on my belly and bring it to my mouth, kissing his fingers in turns and paying extra love and attention to his ring finger.

“I know this would have never happened 3 years back.” I say, before kissing the back of his hand.

“You’ve made progress. And I’m proud of you.” I murmur, and he watches me with soft and loving eyes. I bring my face down to his again, our lips nanometers apart.

“That’s why I let you come at the speed of light.” I whisper.

“Oh, fuck you.” Mark laughs, his face brightening with thunderous laughter.

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What Are The Odds? - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,698

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2

Say something. Fuck.

Dean is still staring at you with his eyebrow raised waiting for a response.

You feel so overwhelmed and without realizing it, you just burst into tears. You cover your face with your hands and want to just disappear.

Dean looks shocked, he expected an attitude right back. Instead you fall apart in front of him and totally catch him off guard.

Keep reading

Pose for me (M) Kihyun x Reader

Bonjour!  When I saw this one pic of Kihyun for their “beautiful” comeback, I knew I had to. Please keep in mind that my first language is french, I’m fluent in english, but don’t be surprise if some sentences sound weird. This is the FIRST time I’m writing something like this so please, bear with me. I still tried my absolute best to give you some quality content so please enjoy! Any feed back is appreciated :) 



As someone who’s been passionate about photography all my life, I’ve never thought that I would be able to make a living out of my passion. For the longest time, I was fascinated about how the beauty of the world, stories and memories could be stored in a little box. I was seven years old when I got my first camera from a box of cereal Kellogg’s. To be honest, I remember the pictures being kind of blurry and filled with my little thumbs but, for a seven years old, it was plenty. My mom soon became aware of my interest in photography and for my 10th birthday, she and my dad got me a Kodak DC3200 which was pretty much the Holy Grail for me. After receiving such a gift, I started to take it more seriously by reading books about technics and lightings and taking pictures of everything around me, such as my cat, flowers and people coming by our family house.

And I’m now 20 years old, freshly graduated from college with a diploma in photography and desperately sending out resume to get a dream job in something I’m passionate about.

“Y/N! Come to the kitchen!” Said my mom from downstairs.

“Stop yelling so loudly in the morning, Jesus!”

“It’s 1 o’clock so I can yell all I want! Now come to the kitchen there’s something for you!“

I could barely keep my eyes open when I was fumbling my sheet in search for my phone. My mom was right. It really was 1 in the afternoon! I grabbed the same clothes from yesterday that I left on the floor in a hurry to go back in the warmth of my bed and went downstairs.

“What’s the thing you got from me?” I said while rubbing my eyes and gradually adjusting to the bright sunlight and making my way to the fridge.

“Good afternoon Y/N, this letter just came in and I thought you would want to have a look” Said my mom with a big smile on her face.

“Who is it from?” I asked pouring myself a glass of orange juice.

“I don’t know but…” My mom said playfully.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at her in confusion.

“It’s from Korea.”

It took me a moment to understand was she just said. When I came back to my senses, I dropped my glasses and took the letter from her hand and ran like I never ran before across the house to go to my room and shut the door close with a loud “BOOM”.

“Oh, my god, it’s really happening! After months of sending resumes at different agencies they finallyyy replied!”

My hands were shaking like hell and I couldn’t get my heart to calm down. I ripped slowly the side of the letter and wonder which Korean agencies would reply to someone like me. I kind of decided to send my resume to Korean entertainment agencies just in case they would call me back of send an e-mail or a letter but, I never thought they would actually reply. I’ve been a fan of K-pop for the longest time and I thought it would be a dream to work as a photographer for BigHit to shoot the 7 lovely boys or for JYP to get a glance at how dreamy Got7 look in real life or work for my all-time favourite k-pop group, Monsta X.

I took a deep breath while slowly sliding the letter out of the envelope. After the letter was out, I turned it over and looked at the logo on the top left of the page.

“MOM!” I yelled while running down the stairs as quick as when I got up earlier.

“MOM! It’s from Starship Entertainment.”

“And? What did they say?”

The smile on my face said it all but I still gave the letter to my mom, who was looking dumbfounded, and said, “I’m starting Monday!”


It’s been now a year since I’ve received the letter from Starship entertainment. I did my best at that time to be ready for my first day. I managed to find myself a plane ticket to Korea and a small apartment quite close to my new workplace and all that in less than 2 weeks! It took a few weeks for my parents to get used to me being at more than 10 000 km away from home but, with me calling every day to reassure them helped a lot for sure.

As for me, it’s been quite of an emotional roller coaster. I had to get accustom to a new culture, new people, new language, new job. However, it’s all in the past, I’m totally in love with my new place and my job and I couldn’t be happier.

This morning, I woke up to my phone ringing loud as a truck in my ears making me wonder why I didn’t turn it off before going to sleep.

“It’s my fist day off in a while, can’t they leave me alone?” I mumbled still half-asleep.

It keeps ringing.

“Give me a break…”

Still ringing.

“I give up” I picked up my phone which was left on the nightstand “Hi, what can I do for you?” I said with my sleepy voice and my eyes still shut.

“Good morning Y/N! I hope I didn’t wake you up. I know it’s your day off today but I think what I’m about to say will interest you.”

It’s uncommon for my boss to call me on my phone, in fact, I think it’s the first time he ever called me on my phone. Usually, it’s his secretary that’s calls me to inform me of anything about job-related stuff. This surprise phone call from my boss got me to sit straight on my bed with my eyes wide open, the exact opposite of 10 seconds ago.

“One of the photographer from our agency suddenly got sick and can’t come to work today. Since you’ve been working as a photographer for the group Boyfriend for a year now and been showing skills exceeding our expectation, we thought about you right away. So, if you are up to, come to work in 2 hours and we will explain the job when you’ll get there.”

I cleared my voice after I took all the information in and said determined: “You can count on me I’ll be there on time, thank you for your consideration!”

I quickly jumped out of bed to get ready for my day. I couldn’t believe the agency thought about me for a replacement and said all those nice things about my work. Although they didn’t specify the job I’ll be doing today, I surely couldn’t deceive them and I absolutely got to do the best I can to make sure they can count on me for future opportunities like this one.

Exactly 2 hours after the phone call, I reach for the entrance of the building of Starship entertainment and with the help of my key card I went inside. As I was waiting for the elevator to take me to the shooting studio on the 5th floor I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and the only reason for this was because I was really excited to hear what my boss will make me do today! I’ve been shooting for Boyfriend for a while as their exclusive photographer, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy working with the boys as they are sweet and talent but, I still want to try something new for once.

“Are you coming in or not?”

I suddenly came back to my senses, I was so immersed into my though I didn’t realize the doors of the elevator opened and someone already went in.

I raised my eyes to lock them with Kihyun’s, who was looking at me with a mocking smile.

“Ah… hum… yeah!” I said taken aback by the situation.

“looks like someone is still a bit half-asleep this morning” Said Kihyun with a smirk on his face, pressing the 5th button of the panel of the elevator.

I can’t deal with Kihyun. I don’t know what he did to me but, since the first time I locked eyes with him a year ago, on Monsta X’s shooting set, when the staff introduced me to them, I just can’t get him out of my head. Every time I feel like I’m in control of my emotions he comes out of nowhere and makes a mess out of me. When he passes by to come say hi to Boyfriend, I can’t help but to follow his every movement closely and when he looks my way, I avert my eyes quickly and continue to work in hopes he didn’t notice me until he leaves.

He too, looks like he just woke up. His hair was still messy underneath his cap and he was wearing a simple white t-shirt that made his skin look stunning and some black pants with holes on the knees. Even like this, he looked extremely handsome. The way his slender fingers made their way to his front pocket, his shoulder leaning on the elevator’s wall, his tongue licking softly on his perfectly parted lips…Before my heart was beating because of the work that awaits me but now, it’s beating for a completely different reason.

“See you around”.

I came back to my sense and realised I was totally staring at him once again.

“Oh! Yes… have good day!”

When the doors closed, I crouched and took my head in my hands wondering how I could’ve looked so stupid in front of Kihyun. He certainly thinks I’m having a crush on him or even worst, that I’m a crazy fan that took this job only because I could be close to Monsta X. The cringe continued till I reached the floor where I was supposed to meet my boss.

My boss was sitting in front of his computer when I knocked on the glass door. With a single hand gesture, he tells me to come inside with a smile. As I while taking a seat he greeted me with a good morning and a quick apology for making me come on my day off.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s my pleasure to come and help when one of my colleagues is sick. What was the job you were talking about earlier on the phone?”

“So, as you know, we are currently working on Monsta X’ comeback. We are almost finished but there’s still some of the boys that didn’t have their photoshoot yet. Since Min Soo Ri called in sick this morning, we were looking for someone to replace her. I immediately recommended you since the work you do is always impeccable. So, what do you say?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Me? Working with Monsta X? My boss trusted me enough to let me be part of this photoshoot. This is an incredible opportunity for me to prove that I’m someone who’s hardworking and skilful.

“I’d be happy to take part of this photoshoot! Thank you for your consideration.”

“It’s my pleasure, thanks to you Y/N. The rest of the team should be preparing the set on the 5th floor, they must be waiting for you to start!”

I bowed to my boss and made my way out of the office and suddenly thought about something.

“Sorry to disturb you again Mister but, who will I be working with today?”

He told me to wait a bit as he was looking through his documents and when he got hold of his agenda, he told me what I was anticipating the most since I got the call this morning but I eventually shoved the though in the back of my head every time it came to my mind.

“Today is Thursday so, it’s supposed to be… Kihyun.”


I was waiting for the elevator to come down when all sort of thoughts came to my mind. How I am supposed to have a photoshoot why Kihyun when I can’t even look at him in the eyes without getting flustered? Even the lenses between us won’t make any difference. And with the way I acted this morning, he must still think I’m a freak with ulterior motives.

I opened the doors of the studio and what I saw was stunning. The concept of this photoshoot had the be related to mirrors because of the abundance of those in the room. With the hints of blue on the walls and the light directed perfectly on the set, it made it look like I was in some sort of dream which would be difficult to come back from. Everyone was ready to start but across the room I could see Kihyun, whose back was facing me, still getting his make-up done.

I went to greet everyone to make sure I was being professional and immediately started to get my equipment in place to be ready to start by the time Kihyun will be done with his touch ups.

After I put up the last pieces of my equipment in front of the set and let out a slight sight. I was genuinely hoping everything was going to unwind neatly. I was here to do a great job, not only for myself and to prove I was capable of any task I was assigned but, I had to do an unblemished job for all the Monbebes out there waiting impatiently for those photos. If something were to happen, I would be feeling responsible for the rest of my life. I did a last check through my stuff to make sure I was perfectly place for the first set of pictures that’ll be taken. The first set was simple yet, breath-taking. A dark blue wall in the back, a chair and a single mirror topped table. It was perfect for Kihyun, simple things put together to make something purely wonderful.

I looked through the lens on last time to ensure the camera was in focus and at the exact same moment what I was seeing through the lens became clearer I saw Kihyun, calmly sitting down on the chair in the centre of the set, beside the mirror-table. My heart clenched a little when I saw how beautifully stunning he was. The red sparkly patterns on his sweater matched perfectly the dark of his deep eyes and the soft pink of his lips. His hair resembled the way it looked this morning but, this time, instead of a bed-head look, it was more of a “bedroom look” which was making Kihyun look extremely sexy.

I moved back from the camera and looked at the stunning view with my own eyes. It was simply mesmerizing. I was wondering how I could convey the feeling I’m getting right here and right now, into photographs. Several people started gathering around Kihyun, indicating how he had to pose, where he had to look and fixing his make-up one last time before I start taking pictures.

I went back behind my lens and waited patiently for them to leave the set. They finally backed off and told me quietly that I could start doing my job. At first, they told Kihyun to simply put his arms on the table, to look turn a bit to his right and to look straight forward. With this pose, it was easy for me to take amazing pictures. His side profile was no joke. The lighting made his skin look flawless and charmingly dewy, and his jawline look sharp as a knife.

The shoot went surprisingly well and was about to come to an end. There was only one last pose to try and hopefully, it’ll come as good as the other pictures. During the break, I looked through the ones I took and I was totally impressed by the work I did. I gained a lot more confidence for the other half of the shoot and I’m sure it’ll show up in those photographs.

As Kihyun did his last pose, I was totally mesmerized. His head was laying softly on the mirror topped table and his hand was placed in front of his peaceful-looking face without covering the whole of it. Some strands of hair were beautifully shielding his forehead. Even with the camera between us, the look in his eyes at that moment were powerful yet soft. For a second, a shiver went down my spine and made its way between my legs, making them squeeze together. I could feel myself getting wetter every time I locked eyes with Kihyun through the lens and the feeling was unbearable. It might just be in my head, but I could feel that, with every shiver that came through my body, the look in his eyes becoming even more alluring and… thirsty.

We wrapped the shoot after about an hour and a half. It not only went well because everyone knew what to do and were adequately prepared but, also because Kihyun showed modelling skills that I never expected to see in him. Everyone, including me, were truly amazed.
Before packing, I decided to through the photos again. I couldn’t believe they came out so nicely! As I was lost in thoughts, I didn’t realise that the entirety of the staff was long gone and that I was alone in the studio. I felt really bad about taking my sweet time while others were cleaning up so I started tidying my spot.

“You’re so obvious, Y/N”

I turned over to see someone looking at me a giggling a little, back against the wall.

“… Kihyun? You’re still here?”

“I couldn’t leave without bidding you goodbye, not with the way you were acting during the photoshoot”

My heart was racing like crazy. What was he talking about? Just how does he think I was acting that was “so obvious”?

“What are you…”

“When I went visiting Boyfriend’s set, when we crossed each other in Starship’s building, this morning in the elevator, and just now during the photoshoot.”

As he talked, he was slowly walking in my direction which made me step back till I reach the table with my things spread on top, making a small noise.

“You’re always staring at me with your lustful eyes. You thought I didn’t know?” He was saying that with a mischievous look on his face, which made me extremely self-conscious. “You were so obvious all those times, I’m 100% sure that all the staff knows, and my members.”

He was getting closer and closer, I needed to get out of here, I felt so ashamed and powerless in front of Kihyun. And to add to all this, he was completely right. I did look at him lustfully, I did think about lewd thing just now, during the shoot. Which made me feel even more vulnerable toward him.

“I’m sorry, but I really need to go my boss wants to see the photos of today’s shoot.” I dodge Kihyun and began to make my way to the entrance.

“I am sorry, but you’re not going anywhere Y\N.” He pulled me and pushed me against the wall.

He grew closer to me.

“Before it was easy for me to hold back, but today, seeing you lick your pinkish lips…” His thumb caressed them softly.

“seeing you squeeze your legs tightly together…” A shiver ran down my whole body when his slender, yet muscular tight slowly found its way between my legs.

“But today, I guaranty you that they won’t stay close tightly.”

My lips and his were only centimetres away from each other, and even though I was reluctant at first, the warmth of his body meeting mine, the smoothness of his fingertips brushing my demanding lips… I felt my last will to fight leave the moment his lips crashed onto mine.

Despite myself, I imagine sharing a kiss with Kihyun countless times. So many times. Thinking about it would make my heart go wild and my body ache. But the kiss he gave me wasn’t like I imagined it to be, not at all. It wasn’t sweet and tender like his character, instead it was fierce and playful. The way he teased by kissing my lips, suddenly dodging them only to make them meet mine again was driving crazy.

By the time his right hand cupped my ass and closed the gap between us, my hand was already brushing his hair and I was deeply kissing Kihyun, as if I needed him more than anything at this moment.

“How dare you kiss me like that without warning.”

I lifted my head to lock eyes with him. He wasn’t the only one that likes to play that game. “You should’ve known, since I’m “so obvious”, am I right?”

“… Fuck.”

The teasing game was over for Kihyun the moment I said that. His kisses became thirstier and the motion circles his tight made on your sensitive spot would definitely leave a wet spot on his black pants. The hand that was earlier on my ass was now making its way to my breast, making sure no skin was left untouched. The other hand travelled from my nape to my tight, lifting my skirt to reveal my panties.

The hotness of his fingers on me, dangerously coming close to my core made my heart beat uncontrollable and my breathing was desperately trying to maintain stable.


He then left my lips to look at me, quietly asking for my consent to continue further. Being unable to think straight I took his hand and directed it where I needed it the most. He softly brushed my weatness through my panties and his touched left your knees weak.

“Y/N… Are you always this wet thinking about me?” He shifted his head to kiss my neck. “In the elevator, this morning…”  He pushed my panties down with his other hand. “Have you thought about me…” He nibbled my ear and quietly whispered. “fingering you?” As the last word left his lips, one of his finger penetrated me sharply yet, easily due to how dripping wet Kihyun’s dirty talk made me.

I felt my whole body become numb as he motioned his thumb on my clit and pumped his finger, that eventually became two, inside of me. My back was arching every time his fingers hit deeply in me. My moans became louder and uneven. I was struggling to stand and when I stood close to my limit, the weight of my body was pressing against his.

“Kihyun… I’m so close”

“Fuck Y/N you’re so hot but…we’re not finished yet” To my extreme disappointment he withdrew the fingers that were giving me so much pleasure and removed my shirt to have a better exposure of my breast. I did the same with his, and another wave a pleasure stung me down there when I felt his toned chest. The bulge in his pants rubbed my tight urgently as he approaches his lips from mine.

“Kihyun… I need you” I said out of breath, unzipping his pants eagerly. “Kihyun I need you, now.”  

“That’s the words I was dying to hear for a long-time Y/N”

His two big hands left my body to pull down his pants and almost instantly, my hand went to caress his manliness, ready to pleasure him like he previously pleasured you.

“Let me take care of you Y/N, since you need me that much.”

Kihyun lifted my leg and made sure my back was properly leaning on the wall before entering me in a single push, making me moan his name louder than before and scratching his bare back with my nails. The feeling of Kihyun was exalting, as if it was making me feel whole. With every thrust he granted me with, my mind became blank and I couldn’t think straight. The hotness of our bodies intertwined blurred my senses and everything became pointless. My mind was solely focused on how good Kihyun made me feel and the thought of him being one with me drew me closer to the edge.

“You’re so goddamn beautiful Y/N”

“Kihyun I’m nearly there, please!”

As if he had read my mind, the speed increased and the friction became intolerable. I clenched onto Kihyun harder and contracted all my muscles as the overwhelming feeling of my release made its way from my core up to my entire body. My sudden tightness lead Kihyun reaching his own climax simultaneously. As we regained our calm, we slid on the floor, Kihyun’s back on the wall and my head resting on his chest, the two of us out of breath.

Without leaving me a chance to talk, he stood up and left me here, sitting alone and naked on the floor. I laughed to myself thinking of how foolish I was thinking he really cared.

I took my clothes spread across the studio’s floor only to find Kihyun coming to me with a worried sight on his beautiful face.

“What are you doing?” He seemed do worried about my body hurting. “Don’t get up just yet. Rest for a bit and I’ll clean you up, alright?”

I haven’t felt this relieved in such a long time. With only a sweet smile and some caring words, Kihyun made my worries disappear.

“Now that I got you Y/N, I won’t let you go.”

Final (Tangled Before Ever After)

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It had very good parts and really eh no parts. A lot of it is funny. Rapunzel’s introspective scenes have heart. Some of it feels like Tangled. A lot doesn’t.

I blogged about the latter half posts ago, but I’ll reiterate:

1) Eugene tells Rapunzel that no one expects her to get into her princess role overnight even though it has been six months. Why does Rapunzel not know basic etiquette after six months? Isn’t being a fast learner one of her strengths in Tangled?

2) The show loses sense of Eugene in crucial areas:

*At the campfire in Tangled, he unveiled a fleeting moment of regret over choosing his thief career. While he makes an excuse for why he chose it, you can hear the shame in his voice, the tone that says, “I realize it’s wrong.” So, after shedding his alias, you would think someone who is returning to their genuine self would have moments of sitting in that regret and taking some responsibility for their own inner peace. Instead, he calls himself “a misunderstood good guy” and proceeds to make excuses for his crimes in a manner “Flynn” would do; unlike the Eugene under those stars, he doesn’t see anything wrong with his old ways.

If not, then what is the point of him adopting new ones?

*Rapunzel is depressed because royal life has been her prison for what has technically been six months. She doesn’t tell Eugene this, who miraculously doesn’t understand why her new life, an existence which compromises her individuality and social freedom, is not everything she dreamed it would be. From his POV, she has a family, him, and luxury, so “what the heck?” While she never verbally says she longs to see the world despite that adventure-hungry expression he saw her wearing in the opening, he clearly knows she does. He tells her in this exact same convo that he’s been all over the world and nothing compares to what she has now, pretty much undermining the importance of her seeing that world with her own two eyes. No matter how tender he sounds, he is essentially saying her desire is unjustified because he’s already had 20+ years to travel and that gaining new experiences beyond her gilded cage isn’t relevant to her life.

This plot device doesn’t sell because:

A) Eugene has been living with her for six flipping months. He just helped her escape a grittier version of a sheltered lifestyle in Tangled. TBEA is telling us Rap had less than 48 hours to be her own individual with no rules for all 18 years and six months of her life, and you’re telling me Eugene is “oblivious” to her needs? And for six months? He claims that his 9-5 job is keeping an eye on Rapunzel, which should mean he has witnessed what she has been going through at some point in all of those six months. He can not be clueless to why she feels trapped (it’s in broad daylight). He would not tell her she doesn’t need to see the world after already being trapped.

B) Eugene understood that Rapunzel needed to get away from her first sheltered home environment, see the world for herself, and exercise her own agency in Tangled’s campfire scene. That’s why he softens up on showing her around Corona in the first place. They also have a clip of him showing her the world map to further drive this point home. He even makes a speech about Flynnigan Rider “going anywhere he wanted to go and doing anything he wanted to do” to tell us why he sought the global tourist life, too. Personal freedom and agency not only defines Eugene’s role, it defines his appeal.

Tangled’s directors basically said they are “well matched” because he’s seen everything and she’s seen nothing, which suggests that Eugene built up an innate drive to show her the world. One of the first things he ever tells her is that “a little freedom/rebellion/adventure” to get some distance between herself and her overprotective parent are all a healthy part of growing up.

TBEA omits this very foundation for no other reason than to feed Rapunzel’s drive to get away from the castle. The omission gives us an Eugene who is not in tune with Rapunzel, which is the same thing as him not being in tune with himself. While it makes sense for him to glorify his end of the new lifestyle, it doesn’t make sense for him to be this disconnected from her or his Tangled characterization.

In my head, I picture him wanting to talk to her father no matter how scary he is, because Rapunzel is suffering from a watered down readaptation of Gothel’s rules. Eugene not only knows what that looks like, he saw what that created: a naive girl who was 18 years behind in life.

Additionally, his ability to read her and other people like an open book was terrifyingly uncanny in Tangled, which also makes oblivious Eugene unconvincing. His reading skills are shown once but not in the department that really matters (Rapunzel’s heart). They pretty much deleted the whole point of their connection in favor of plot drivers. It’s an interesting relationship blockade, but it’s not Eupunzel relationship canon, and in the midst of it, TBEA fails to incorporate the benefits of Eugene’s con artist psychology.

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*There’s a touch of flanderization in the comical relief department. Eugene’s immaturity is laid on thicker than I recall. The weird lack of togetherness (I thought he should’ve mentioned how “the story of how he died” was really the beginning of his and Rapunzel’s new lives together instead of bellowing, “heaven,” and the songs don’t give me a sense of taking on the journey together) makes him come off self-centered. To overcompensate for it, the show attempts to drop fluff to please some fans in the ship’s fanbase. The worst part is Cassandra goes out of her way to tell Eugene he’s being self-centered, as if to remind us that Eugene’s current perspective of Rapunzel’s feelings is more of a plot driver than a take on an in-character post-canon portrayal.

*Why is he so comfortable with proposing to Rapunzel if the king and some of the guests are sending “we don’t fully accept you yet, sonny” airs? 🤔 If canon Eugene sensed even the slightest ambivalence from her father, I don’t think he’d be confident about surprising Frederic. Wouldn’t he be respectful by giving Fred a head’s up?

*I also think it’s weird that he’s 26 and so romantically adolescent here. He is pushing an 18 year old girl who hasn’t even lived her life or grown up yet to marry him and settle down with him in a castle forever. I know Tangled implied that he was the jumper in the marriage field, but I don’t think he wouldn’t let her have a chance to live and grow first. If he was a Disney Princess this rushed attitude would get a lot of criticism and less, “aw, that’s cute.” I honestly thought canon Eugene would act like more of an adult about it by recognizing how much maturing Rapunzel needs to do because she’s 8 years younger than him and lived in a tower for 18 years, rational stuff that’s in your face. Rational stuff practical Eugene would say.

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In conclusion, Eugene can have all of the feelings he has in TBEA while not being oblivious to Rapunzel’s. Like this: “This is what I want, but I totally get what she needs without her saying a word….yet that doesn’t change the fact that I feel this limbo inside because I want something different right now.”

2) Rapunzel’s King Triton daddy doesn’t match the man I saw tiny yet telling glimpses of in the movie or the short film; it’s easier to headcanon her mother as the matriarch. Again, withholding physical affection, pressuring her, suppressing her personality because she’s a princess without even doing it in a loving way (he makes her feel incompetent), letting his guests belittle her for being ignorant, and exuding this outright restrained exterior doesn’t make him seem like that sensitive, teary-eyed, bear-hugging king who had his daughter hidden from him for 18 years. It doesn’t make him seem like ANY father who just had their abducted daughter returned to them, actually. It reads like Rapunzel never went missing at all.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

He’s somewhat cold towards her and it’s uncomfortable. It’s a little silly that the reason why the king wouldn’t let her interact with villagers was because she was royalty, not because she had been kidnapped. That reason didn’t really become a reason until the end.

The ending of Tangled takes place after Rapunzel was returned as far as I am aware. The king lets her touch and mingle with everyone without chaperones or that strict “you are royalty” rule, so this REALLY doesn’t fit.

I was never keen on Rapunzel getting her hair back, but these eh’s are way too iffy for me to look past, especially because these flaws are what a gooood chunk of the plot revolves around to actually make a storyline. I’d be pretty surprised if a Tangled fan (especially a Eugunzel fan) called this flawless or something Tangled’s team would’ve written line for line. The general plot about Rapunzel wanting more seems like something the Tangled crew would write, but not most of the execution or a lot of the characterizations (or the hair coming back, for that matter). This definitely feels like isolated TV canon to the point where I can kind of see why this series didn’t land an actual movie for the theaters.

The TBEA plot could work just fine with Frederic being a hugger. A dad who is very affectionately attentive towards a daughter he hasn’t seen for 18 years while still being dramatically overprotective (if not for the ending of Tangled showing how free Rapunzel was to interact with everyone, which I’m still led to believe was present tense footage with present-to-future narration from Eugene. Fred could still lock her in after the hair comes back, though). Eugene can still want to get married, romanticize his new security blanket, and feel impatient inside because Rapunzel isn’t on that level with him without being-out-of-touch with her need for agency or surprising Daddy Dearest with a proposal. He can, you know, have some forethought and maturity. Thus far, the project’s direction has a “because the plot demands it” syndrome, making me question what the point currently is if it’s going to rewrite some of the characters and themes just to make the plot function.

For @butterflydrming in case she wanted to know what I thought afterwards. 😉 I can understand why you’d leave TV canon alone. 😅

Chapter 5- The Forgotten

Title: The Forgotten

Author: Nam

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Au: Werewolf

Warmth spread through my unconsciousness.

What happened?

“Oh-Oh, she’s not dead,” I hear someone cheer.

Oh…yeah… Namjoon was telling me that I’m a werewolf hybrid and then I fainted. Too much information at once. Things were too strange to not believe him.  I felt a rumble underneath me-must have been the bed I was on.  It was really soft.

“Mom, should Hobi-hyung be underneath Y/N like that?”

“Well, it’s the only way I can wake her up.”


Warning bells sounded off in my head, and my eyes flew wide open.  Only to see a giant wolf face.

Jungkook smiled, “Y/N! You’re okay!”

“Hobi, you might want to…”

I scream, scrambling off the belly of the monster. Then I noticed that the air smelled eerily like wet dog.  Looking around, I saw that i was not surrounded by men ( besides Jungkook) but 7 12-foot tall werewolves.  

My scream grew even louder as I rushed out of the house.  

That did not go well.

Halfway toward my house, I paused to catch my breath. I did not need the neighborhood to think I was a  crazy teen running from nothing. I was already the the friendless teen.  

I sat on the curb, holding my head between my legs. Being blasted with new information then actually seeing it was enough for me.  I could piece the rest together.  Dad had been a werewolf and Mom had been human, so that makes me a wolf-human? But werewolves are already shape-shifting humans right?  

I started walking again. Walking gives  me time to collect my thoughts. I remember something Namjoon said before I passed out:

    “Your father did not listen to our warning and married your mother, who was indeed another species of supernatural….”

So does that mean I’m not human at all? Or am I one-fourth human since werewolves are half-human? Regardless I am a hybrid. I wish I had parents to explain this to me, but sadly they died before they could.  Well not died, but murdered the same way my grandparents were.  But there was one more family member who knew everything.

Aunt Noel. She was still alive and walking. She was the only member alive, and the only member who somehow hated me.  Neither her husband nor her spoiled children. But she was the only person I could talk to.   I will just have to call her when I get home-if she answers.

I found myself, practically running to the house. This was a chance to finally know another piece about myself and to connect with Noel.  

Why hadn’t she told me earlier? She had obviously known about this; she wrote a freaking book based on her “adventures.” Why hadn’t she told me the last time she saw me?  Sure, the last time I  saw her was in a shopping mall–buying school supplies.  

    “Y/N, what are you doing here?” I turn around to see my aunt and my cousins. They were each holding a three bags in a hand.

   “Buying supplies.”

Jinhyun, the daughter my age, snorts, “With what money?”

Jinyoung, the son also my age, snarks, , “ The money she doesn’t have.  “

I sigh. I didn’t have time for either of them. The sale is was going to end in one hour and I was only on pens and pencils.

They all laugh as if it were the funniest thing ever.  I roll my eyes and try to move to the notebook section. My eyes were on the one with the basket full of puppies.

Noel blocked my advance, “ It’s actually nice that I met you here. I don’t need to go to that bastardly house. Who knows what you have been doing. You might even be waiting for a man here.”

I could just slap her if it wasn’t for the fact that a lady was trying to take my notebook.

“What do you want?”

“ I just wanted to tell you about something I forgot. Your father wanted me to give you a letter.”

    I wait for her to give it to me.  “And where is it?”

“Oh, it’s in his room, “ She takes a moment to think, “In a shoebox. Good luck finding it. “ She, Jinyoung, and Jihyun walk out the store.  However, Taehyun stays behind. She was the quietest of her siblings and takes pity on me whenever they pulled a prank.  

    I ignore her and continue to sift through notebooks–the puppy basket was gone.  I felt someone move behind me. It was her.

“I saw you looking at this while Mom was talking and I grabbed it before that lady did,” she hands the puppy basket notebook to me.

    I eagerly take it, “Thank you. “

    She stares at me before saying, “ Mom won’t tell you this but… You’re really special to our family. If you ever want to know what I mean, I can… I can help you. “ And with that, she hurriedly catches up with her mom and siblings.

I had never spoken to her or my aunt since then. I was too afraid of learning I was adopted or something. But now, I desperately needed answers.  I was either getting them from Aunt Noel or Taehyun.  

Opening the door to my house, the hairs on my neck stood up.  Something had changed. Did someone come fix the air conditioner? It had been broken and the house had been a desert. Usually they left a note, but the guy they sent must have been lazy.

Even so, I grabbed the bat I keep near the door and turn on the lights. I walked towards the kitchen, since it’s the place thieves steal  from first. Nothing. Until I rounded the island.  There was a huge glob of my peanut butter, bread, and bananas on the floor. I stared at the mess for a long time.  That was my favorite peanut butter, for one, and they didn’t bother to clean up the mess.  How rude.

Thunk! Thunk!


Spinning around, I see a shadow run up the stairs. Every sense in me told me to not run up the stairs, but curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.  I tiptoed up the stairs making sure not to step on creaks.  It was dark in the hallway but the light to my parents room was on. I lifted my bat ready to swing if I needed to. Steadily toeing my way though, I listened for the tell-tale noises of an intruder. The room was silent as it normally is.  I had never stepped into this room before now; I abandoned this room when my parents died.  I didn’t need the memories.

I let my bat drop loosely, and sighed. Maybe it had been my imagination. Turning around to walk out, I banged my head on a wall. A furry wall. A breathy growling furry wall.

I squeaked.

The wolf launched its snarling mouth at me, but I used the bat to keep it open while I ran away.  Three stairs down, I heard the bat snap. It was metal, and the wolf had easily broken it.  With that thought,  I ducked inside the storage closet.  I thought about all the ways Teen Wolf  and Twilight had written about wolves.  

Smell. He probably has a scent of me. I knew there was a bottle of Bleach on the upper shelf. Maybe if i drowned my body in it, I could mask my scent.  I reach up for the bottle, unscrewing it, and, holding my breath, doused myself in the foul smelling stuff.

Sound. I had to be as still as not to cause a single sound. How do I do that? I don’t know, but this is life or death and I wanted life.

Sight.  More than likely the guy could see in the dark, so if he somehow opened the door, I was screwed.

Tough skin-  No knives could help me. Not even silver.  I would have been dead a long time ago.

I had to sit quietly. However long that took.  

Two hours had passed according to the little clock on the wall, and the wolf had not noticed me yet. He hadn’t left–I could hear him in the kitchen. Probably eating more of my peanut butter.

I could not be a sitting duck any longer. If I only I had a phone, then I could contact Taehyung or Aunt Noel if it needed be. But sadly, I was too stubborn ( and lazy ) to go out and buy a phone.  I always used the house phone. I didn’t have friends to call anyway. Plus if I used it, the beast in the kitchen would hear my voice amid his munching.

Wait…. Could I use the mind-talking Jin and Jimin used? Only one way to find out.  


Well, I didn’t expect it to work. I don’t have any idea of how to work this. Maybe I don’t even have the stupid thing.  Regardless, I tried again.

Jin-oppa! Can you hear me?

Nothing again.  What had Jin said? That you have to be in close proximity. Well, I totally couldn’t get close.  But what if I pictured Jin or any of the boys in my head?  I took a deep breath and focused on any boy.  Dark brown hair with a deep tan… Taehyung.

I exhaled.  Taehyung?

There was a something that sounded like  television static then it connected

Y/N? What’s wrong? How are you doing this?

Don’t worry about that. Is anyone else listening?

Yes. The other guys.

Well… I am kind of stuck in a situation.


There’s sort of a man-eating werewolf in my kitchen eating my peanut butter.

The connection was cut short. Only because the door of the closet flew open. A man’s hands grabbed me by the collar.  I squeaked.

“Did you think you could hide forever? I smelled you before you poured the bleach on you. I just wanted to tease you,” Wolf-man growled into my ear. “By the way, you have great taste in peanut butter.”

I kicked him in the place where it hurts the most. He was momentarily shocked but that’s all I needed to wiggle out of his arms and run.  I was halfway down the driveway when Wolf-man came bounding after me. He springs up, his teeth bared, but I dive to the side.  I threw a stick at him… It didn’t work.  Miffed, Wolf-man roars and charges. I would have been killed if it wasn’t for another wolf crashing into Wolf-man, knocking him through the doorway.

“My house!”

That’s the least of your problems right now Y/N.

It was Namjoon’s voice-thought. Behind me, I hear six other howls.  They had come for me… Taehyung had listened… They had listened…

A midnight blue wolf with scarlet eyes pushes against me with his snout.  It’s best if you go to our house.  It was Yoongi.  

I nod. I could only guess what was going to happen to mine.  A deep chestnut wolf with the same colored eyes lets me get on top of him.  It’s ok. I will try and  salvage some of your things.  Jin.

But for now, let’s get you to safety.

It’s done! I’ve read every single issue with Harley and Joker in it. Now, an article: Comics: Harley, Joker and abuse

Friend: T_T Everybody in internet says I’m sick because I ship JxHQ

me: Let me explain the mess : ) book by book >.< 

what’s mainstream and continuity? click here 

If you want to know what N52 is click here

Friend: Why is people always talking about Snyder’s Joker or Morrison’s, etc?

Me: DC made it sure that the sacred continuity of the mainstream was kept, each writer had to work based on what his predecessors wrote but writers had different interpretations of the character so the characterization was different.

So sometimes we have an absolutely violent Joker, sometimes He’s a smart guy who tries to seem dumb or a man so crazy that couldn’t avoid the police.

Why Am I explaining this? because you have to understand that Joker in the time Harley was introduced in comic world was extremely violent and sadist. He spent the half of his time killing his own men. He wasn’t the character we knew in the tv show. Comic world is more raw, crude and bloody. Of course Harley changes her personality many times it depends on who wrote it.

Harley was written like Joker’s girlfriend in the series, now if you’re not familiar with batman comics that’s the most logic development but otherwise you understand that was a bold move cause Joker existed during 50 years before someone gave him a girlfriend but more even, he didn’t have a brother, a father, sons or a sidekick, nothing at all* and today someway we have big pictures of him kissing a girl and people pay for them LOL.

Harley was a new phase for Joker as a character cause she gives to him humanity what is good or bad, good if you want a more complete character, bad if you’re trying to use the cruelest, the grosser and the most important batman’s enemy to be creepy.

Batman - Harley Quinn (august, 1999. by Paul Dini): The canon origin for Harley in the mainstream (Mad love is from tv/adventures continuity). They didn’t use the thing of abuse, no, they had an idea to keep it weird and dysfunctional: He tries to kill her and they had a twisted reason, It’s cause he loves her alike but different entirely to abuse. This was the strategy of the comics and was reflected everywhere 

Comic Harley Quinn (2000-2004), comic Batman adventures (Tv continuity), comic batman, etc at least until 2007 BUT we have a couple of exceptions.

This picture by Guillen March (many batman comics) is a good brief of that tendency:

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Savin’s Answers from Twitter!

Turns out that Savin has been pretty active on Twitter answering questions from fans! I’ve gone through and collected all of them (so far) below- the tweets have been copy-pasted and edited for clarity in some places, with source links below each conversation. This post is long, but contains no images. Tweets are in chronological order from most to least recent.

I want to express that these answers are NOT 100% canon/true until proven otherwise, since things are bound to change during production.

Also: If you’re going to ask Savin something, please be respectful and appropriate. He’s a person just like you and me.

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