it makes them look pathetic

Let people like the music they like.

Let people like the books they like.

Let people like the TV shows they like.

Just let people consume the media they enjoy and are passionate about. They are not hurting you by listening to Twenty One Pilots and watching Steven Universe.

Harsh Reminders

ARIES: no one wants to be friends with a bully; putting others down to make yourself look bigger will leave you alone at the top. Don’t expect anyone to forgive you for the damage you do. They’re not obligated to.

TAURUS: the earth tries to take care of you, but humanity doesn’t bother. Don’t expect to be able to rely on the kindness of strangers forever; you’re going to have to fight for yourself sooner or later.

GEMINI: actions only speak louder than words when you take action. Don’t expect them not to listen to you when everything you give them is strictly verbal; they have nothing else to know you by. Make it count.

CANCER: you tell them to treat you like an adult, but then you say you want to be taken care of like a child. Don’t expect anyone else to pick for you; decide for yourself whether you are strong or small.

LEO: begging or forcing others to submit to or adore you makes you look pathetic, not powerful. Don’t expect them to bend to your will when your will is constantly bending over backwards in search of a mere throne.

VIRGO: in your pursuit of perfection, you are throwing everything else away. Don’t expect anybody to follow you down that straight & narrow path, and don’t expect not to feel empty when you reach the end with nothing but your ideals.

LIBRA: when you invent a new face for yourself everyday, your real one disappears. Don’t expect the masks to make you feel like you belong, because if anything, they just create more people for you not to fit in with.

SCORPIO: if you hide in the shadows forever, you’ll always be in the dark. Don’t expect anyone else to dive down there with you, and don’t tell me you’re never going to want them to. You will.

SAGITTARIUS: being honest does not always mean you’re telling the truth. Don’t expect other people to swallow your bluntness without questioning where those words came from, and don’t expect them not to find out.

CAPRICORN: if you never let any warmth in, you will always feel cold. Don’t expect their love to be as persistent as your walls are impenetrable; don’t expect anyone to continue to give it to you when you won’t even look at it.

AQUARIUS: your morals aren’t almighty, and your experience isn’t universal. Don’t expect everyone to follow in your footsteps when they don’t know where you’ve been, and you’re not even sure where you’re going.

PISCES: if you ask someone to share their pain with you, they will. Don’t expect them to apologize for bruising your sensitive heart when you’re the one who opened it up and you’re the one who said you were strong enough.

There are a lot of ways to interpret this. I wrote it with mainly the Ascendant & 12th house cusp sign in mind, but you may want to check the ruling sign(s) of planets in the 1st or 12th house, your sun, moon, Mars, Saturn, and/or Lilith signs as well. It depends on which ones have the most influence in your particular natal chart.

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no offence but you seem biased towards jonsa and favor the jonerys fanbase

No. Even though I insult Jonsa more. Haha.

My slander is not towards Jonsa fans who think that their ship is gonna happen but can acknowledge that Jon is in love with someone else. It’s Jonsa fans who defy and ignore what’s in front of them to show that Jon is in “love” with Sansa. They try to morph Jon’s protective and brotherly gestures into a sexual gratification for his sister and it’s gross. It makes them look pathetic and obsessive, especially the ones that gawk over a forehead kiss and Sansa giving him a cloak and calls that “sexual tension”. My prime example is denying that Jon is, in fact, in love with Dany after George, D&D, Kit, Emelia, and Bran confirmed it. Another example, trying to say that Ser Davos was asking Jon how he felt about Sansa instead of Dany. That makes no damn sense.

As for Jonerys fans, the problem with this fanbase is how arrogant they are and how they feel that Dany and Jon are completely untouchable. They think that Dany and Jon being arguably the top-two characters in GOT is an automatic shoe-in for a blissful relationship. Its the final season. One or possibly both are most likely gonna die and the chances of a happy ending are scarce due to the shows history with couples. Outside of the Jonsa shit, Jonsa fans at least read the books. The book of ASOIAF is not about Targaryen restoration and if so, burn it with fire. They also glorify the Targaryen’s as this royal family when in reality they’re the worst family in GoT. They’re responsible for so many wars. Despite Jon being revealed as Rhaegars son, he’ll ALWAYS be a Stark.

Too Black?: Why dark-skinned women are a threat to those who try to erase her...

“The Goddess Kali is represented as black in color. Black in the ancient Hindu language of Sanskrit is kaala. The feminine form is kali. So she is Kali, the black one. Black is a symbol of The Infinite and the seed stage of all colors. The Goddess Kali remains in a state of inconceivable darkness that transcends words and mind. Within her blackness is the dazzling brilliance of illumination. Kali’s blackness symbolizes her all-embracing, comprehensive nature, because black is the color in which all the colors merge; black absorbs and dissolves them.” 

No one can fuck with the divinity of a dark-skinned woman. NO ONE. When a dark-skinned woman is at her best, her power radiates through her pores, blinding anyone who dares to box her in. So why are dark-skinned women the most disrespected women on the earth? Why does her very existence ruffle so many feathers? 

       There have been many attempts to bastardize, infiltrate, and erase the power that dark-skinned women possess. As the first woman to walk the planet earth, she is the creator of all life forms. “Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum unmanifest from which all of creations arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve.” Dark-skinned women represent the first matriarch. Her femininity and her power transcend throughout society. Cultures around the world praise her as the first mother that possesses the power to breathe life and destroy life (ie. The Black Madonna and Kali Ma).  

       So here’s my theory as to why dark-skinned women are the most disrespected. Due to colonization and slavery, colourism emerged and the dark-skinned woman’s agency was torn to shreds leaving her as a representative of all things awful, bitter, and distasteful. Dark-skinned went from being revered to being a symbol of low status…a symbol of trauma and dysfunction. That is the reason why we have stereotypes that surround dark-skinned women as being angry, loud, boisterous, dirty, poor, and just all around evil, whereas lighter skin (due to it’s proximity to whiteness) is deemed as worthy, high class, pleasant, bougie, best of the best and all around more satisfying. We see this throughout all sorts of media such as music, art, text, movies (ie. jiggaboos vs. wannabes in School Daze). Colourism did a number on society, especially the black community. Colourism manifested in the black man so severe that the darkest black man believes that his dark-skinned female counterpart is grotesque while his skin is to be revered amongst women of all nations. Black men have adopted this mental notion that to love a dark skinned woman is to accept the fate of the damned. Eldridge Cleaver, a prominent leader in The Black Panther Party, wrote in his book Soul On Ice “ Every time I embrace a black woman I’m embracing slavery, and when I put my arms around a white woman, well, I’m hugging freedom.” The dark-skinned woman’s existence forces black men to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t able to protect his own likeness. Diallo Kenyatta writes “If a man cannot protect someone that he is genetically and culturally obligated to protect it hurts him. So he has one of two choices: he must fight to gain the power to protect or pretend that he doesn’t have the obligation, he must pretend that women are unworthy of the protection, that women are instead worthy of his scorn and objection.” 

The color black governs power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation. Darkness forces us to face our fears and submit to what is ahead. It forces us to take responsibility for what was and what is to come. In the darkness, our conscience takes us over and we are forced to come to grips with our inadequacies. So what happens when you are too black? What happens when your skin tone reminds your male counterpart that he is, in fact, inadequate and lack the basic foundation to protect you… That’s where degradation and prejudice (which is masked as “preference”) comes in. In a world where men have to fight for a seat at the winner’s table, black men find it easier to assimilate than to fight for the reverence of his image. That is the reason why dark-skinned women are so disrespected. Disrespecting and dehumanizing dark-skinned womanhood is the black man’s way of aligning himself with white supremacy so that he MAY have a seat at the table. Contorting his prejudice into a “preference” is his way of being able to say “hey, I’m a black man, but I do not relate to those dark women. I got a light, bright, damn near white woman on my hip. See, I’m just as powerful as you.” Constantly creating caricatures that deem us unlovable and ugly is their way of sharing a big hearty laugh and a high five with white elitists in hopes of becoming an elitist themselves. What they don’t know is that it makes them look pathetic. They will NEVER have a seat at the table by denouncing their connection to dark-skinned women. They will never be revered as the KINGS they so desperately want to be. They will never be true patriarchs worthy of ruling any society. Why? The moment you disrespect the first mother, you put the gun to your own head. See the thing about self-haters is that they can’t just hate themselves and go. Their self-hate is a terrible concoction of inadequacy and narcissism. Thus, we have a group of men who work overtime to ensure that dark-skinned women have the same low self-esteem that they do. Dark-skinned women are not being scapegoated because they are ugly, insufferable or unworthy. They are being scapegoated because they represent blackness in its entirety. Many black men see this as a nuisance. They see your dark skin as a setback. To them, it’s easier to conform to white supremacy than it is to fight white supremacy, so they literally vilify dark-skinned women in order to be seen as a separate entity worthy of redemption in a white patriarchal society. DARK-SKINNED WOMEN. YOU ARE ROYALTY. YOUR IMAGE IS ALL OVER THE WORLD AS THE CREATOR OF LIFE. THROUGH YOU, ALL NATIONS WERE BORN. The wonderful thing about being too black is that you are intimidating in a way where your power blinds the opposition. Next time a black man or whoever disrespects dark-skinned women, just remember that your divinity reminds people that they are lack-luster and that their excuses are useless. They have to disrespect you in order to feel better about their own inabilities to navigate through the world. They hate the fact that through adversities, the dark-skinned woman is still here…still pushing through…still snatching edges…and still raising the standards. 

Quick disclaimer: Before you all start to bitch…No, this is not a jab at light-skinned women. No, this is not a jab at black men who fell in love with a light-skinned woman. No this is not a jab at all dark-skinned men. This is for the black men (specifically dark-skinned men) who’s self-hatred runs so deep that they condemn their own female counterparts. This is for the black men that do not know the difference between preference and prejudice. This is for the black dark-skinned men that have disdain for the same women he shares a complexion with. Save the “not all” and the “this is divisive” bullshit.   

 © BlackGirlOutrage 2017

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You should write one where the reader gets in a really bad fight with a jock and Eric and Dylan clean up her wounds causing her to undress and she gets shy?

Your bags strap stretched with your chest as you took a large deep breath in, exhaling slowly and looking at the door in front of you.
GIRLS LOCKER ROOM beaming at you like a omen of doom. Rolling your shoulders you quietly pushed the door open and hurried inside.
Gym class. Physical education. Student torture….
It was your most loathed subject as it meant you were in close proximity to the queen bitch devil herself Annabelle Worthington. This…this thing that was an excuse for a human, made it her mission in life to make yours a misery. She must of got commission from satan himself for every tear she made you shed.

You quickly glanced around and assumed that you’d timed your arrival perfectly for once and that everyone was already changed and waiting for the lesson to start. You quickly opened your gym locker, taking out your change of clothes before starting to remove your own. As you reached for your shorts a sickly sweet voice filled your veins with ice.

“Jesus you look even worse without those rags you call clothes on!”

You spin quickly to see Annabelle and her tag along friends walking you in disgust. She walked slowly towards you, eyeing you over in the same fashion that a farmer would to a cow he was interested in buying. You swallowed hard and resumed dressing. Trying in vain to ignore her clicking her tongue and giggling at your discomfort.

“What? No smart words coming from you now y/n? Oh I get it! You only grow a spine when those loser faggots are around you. Do you really think trying to look tough will make them want you? Your pathetic.”

“Look Annabelle just leave me alone!”

“Oh look! She speaks! Hmmmm and why would I do that y/n? It’s so fun to see you cry and then STILL get into trouble for it! Don’t you get it yet? Your nothing, you never will be anything in your entire life. Well maybe you’ll be pumping gas into my Mercedes one day but that’s aiming pretty high as it is”

Her two cronies trilled sickening giggled as she finished. Copying her exact words to you. You felt the tears begin yet again to well in your eyes. No. Not this bullshit again! You were so very very tired of the same shit from this fucking bitch day in and day out. As she laughed at you distracted by her sense of entitlement and security in regards to how your school operated, your fist curled into a tight ball, connecting perfectly with her chin. Knocking her into her buddies and therefore all 3 collapsing to the ground.

She stared at you in shock before her face contorted into a hideous snarl as she launched herself at you. The other two quickly following suit. As they pinned you to a wall she grabbed a bat discarded nearby from a previous class and smashed into you repeatedly in body. Snarling and cursing at you the entire time. Dropping the bat and curling her own hand into a fist she connected with your face, over and over. She finally grasped your hair tightly in her fist wrenching you face close to hers before she spat on you, then slammed your head back into the lockers.

You vision wavered as she loomed above you, her voice sounding as it it was underwater before turning tail and stomping away, leaving you slumped on the ground bleeding and dazed. It must of only been a few minute but the entire attack felt like it lasted hours. You gingerly picked yourself up off the floor. Wincing in pain with almost every breath.

“Fucking bitch! I’ll kill you you fucking whore I swear to god!”

You muttered under your breath. Fuck this class you thought, grabbing your bag and stumbling out and into the halls. You needed a smoke badly so made a beeline for the smokers pit. You sat on the ground, you back pressed against the wall as the smoke kissed your lungs. You pulled your hood up over so it covered half of your face and stared off into the distance. Wallowing and succumbing to your humiliation and physical pain you shivered as the tears cut salty trails down your face.

“HEY Y/N!!! What you doing skipping troublemaker?”

“Hey were just as bad as her REB”

You flinched as you instantly recognised the voices of your two good friends Eric and Dylan. Keeping silent and your face turned you gave a weak wave of hello before taking another deep drag of your cigarette.
They quickly reached you and lit their own smokes, mumbling to themselves and trying to engage you. Dylan was quick to realise something wasn’t right.

“Y/n…you ok?”

“I’m fine”

“You don’t seem fine”


“Whoa shit ok ok! Damn! What crawled up your butt and died?”


An awkward silence filled the air until you felt a pair of hands drag you up as another pulled back your hood.

“JESUS!! What the hell happened to you y/n?!!”

“Who did this?! I’ll fucking kill them!”

You looked away from them both as they stared in horror at your bruised and bloodied face. Eric gently turning your face and examining you. They looked at each other, silent words flowing between them as they ushered you away with them. You all reached Dylan’s cat and the pushed you gently in. Still in silence. You looked everywhere but their faces. From the back seat you could see Dylan glance at you constantly from his rear mirror. You knew Eric was seething mad by how red his neck was.

You arrived quickly at Eric’s house and they bundled you Down to his room. They say you on the bed and Dylan hurried off into Eric’s bathroom, coming back with a clean cloths and warm water. They both gently washed the blood away from your face and where it had dropped onto your hands and neck.

“You need to take your shirt if y/n”

“What?! No Eric!!”

“Y/n we need to check you over!”

“No Dylan!”

“It’s okay y/n… it’s ok, we honestly just need to check the damage, I can see brushing on your chest, and since you don’t want to tell us what happened…”

You groaned and slowly pulled your shirt off. Fresh tears beginning to drop down your face. They boys exclaimed loudly and cursed as they saw the purple welts beginning to form all over your chest and torso. Dylan touched one close to your stomach making you gasp in pain.

Eric threw his cloth to the ground in fury, knocking the bowl of now cold orange tinted water across the floor demanding to know what had happened and who had done this to you.

“DUDE! You fucking scaring her!”

“I’m sorry V but look at what they’ve done to her! How can you be so calm right now!”



“It wasn’t they…it was her. Annabelle…she was giving me hell so I punched her.”

“That’s our girl!”


Dylan glowered at Eric who was far too pleased that you’d thrown the 1st punch.

“What Dylan? Annabelle is always kicking y/n around! I’m happy she clocked her!”

“Well Eric all it got me was her two flunkies pinning me down while she beat the shot out of me with a bat….”

Both Eric and Dylan’s mouth hung open in shock and horror at what you’d just told them. Afterwards their expressions became that of pure hatred. You gingerly pulled your shirt back on. Grimacing in pain at the movements. Eric stood quietly and left the room. Dylan placed his hand on your shoulder telling you that it was all gonna be ok.

“How the fuck will it be ok huh Dylan? Tell me fucking honestly? Coz I don’t see any fucking possible way that it’s gonna be ok. I can’t tell the deans they’ll just say I provoked her!!”

“Trust us when both Dylan and I say…you’ll get revenge. I promise you.”

“Don’t make false promises Eric! She’s won! Yet again!”

Dylan and Eric looked at each other again then at you. Those silent words flowing between them again. Eric placed two pain killers into your hand before offering you water to take them. Eric then sighed deeply, almost sorrowful.

“We never make false promises so we Dylan?”

“No….no we don’t REB.”

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“If a lowblood is searching for a highblood palemate, they will sometimes try to make them self look very pathetic (bloody, thin, crying, ripped clothing, ect.) And then wonder around the sorts of places highblood’s tend to be in hopes of being picked up.”

“I know you’re following me. You’re not very quiet.”

“You’re always so picky. Make up your mind! I don’t have all day.”

“Look at me. I’ve been up for three days. Do I look like I can make good decisions?”

“I keep looking at the door, waiting for them to come home.”

“Don’t give me that look. Makes me feel pathetic.”

"This whole mission spelled ‘risky’ when we took it and here we are. We can’t back out now.”

Stay With Me

Well, it seems i’ve still not satisfied my need for horrible angst and dysfunctional boys. Trigger warning for suicide and death, this will become infinitely sadder if you’re listening to Ed Sheeran’s cover of “Stay With Me”

It was some time around four in the morning when Kavinsky’s phone vibrated on the bedside table next to him. One long arm pried itself from the sheets and two black eyes winced as the white light of the screen cut through the night around him. The light must of awoken Proko, who stirred from behind him and shifted, craning his bruised neck to peer over Kavinsky’s scratched shoulders, anxiously watching to see who this mysterious text was from. Kavinsky said nothing, but there was a ripple of emotion through his body that could only ever be evoked from one person - Proko knew, he had tried - Lynch.

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Fridays | Part 7 |

Plot - He didn’t think things could do downhill so fast. He blamed himself, but who else was there to blame? He did that to himself and now he was facing the unavoidable consequences. 

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 ||


Jungkook nervously glanced at the clock, time not being on his side and going slower than usual. His foot tapped on the ground impatiently, gnawing on the pen in his hands. Jimin glanced at him from the corner of his eye, lightly nudging him when the teacher turned her back to the class to start writing on the whiteboard. Jungkook quickly looked up, his eyebrows lifted as the pen fell from between his lips. Jimin felt himself smirking as he rolled his eyes at the younger boy. 

“What’s your problem?” He whispered, laughing softly when Jungkook squinted his eyes in frustration. “You know exactly what’s my problem. The wench yelled it out for everyone to hear, especially (Y/N) and her little toy.” Jimin clicked his tongue against his teeth in annoyance, shaking his head and sitting straighter in his seat. Both boys kept their eyes on the whiteboard but continued talking to avoid getting in trouble.

“You do know that’s you’re fault? (Y/N) didn’t tell you to sleep with the wench.” Jimin scoffed and lazily scribbled down what the teacher wrote, not bothering to listen to the actual lesson. Jungkook’s grip on the pen tightened as he quickly wrote down the important words on his paper. “I didn’t think she cared.” 

Jimin froze, pausing to take a deep breath. “You’re lucky we’re in class, otherwise I would’ve punched your front teeth in.” The younger boy dropped his pen harshly on the notebook, turning to face Jimin, who didn’t spare him another glance. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be all buddy-buddy with her, so I’d shut up if I was you. You don’t get to be all protective around her because that’s my job-”

“Technically it’s Wonho’s job.” Jimin said smugly, shooting Jungkook a cocky smile. Jungkook opened his mouth to say something else, but shut it when he heard the bell ring. He quickly threw his things in his backpack, shoving people out of the way and making his way to your class. He faintly saw the top of your head through the large crowd, the absence on Wonho making his feet move faster. 

Once you were in arm’s length, he pulled you away from the crowd, dragging you down to the courtyard. You let out a small grunt, almost dropping the content in your arms. You turned to face whoever had grabbed you, ready to curse at them, but seeing Jungkook caused your eyes to widen. Pursing your lips, you narrowed your eyes at him. Giving him a deathly glare, you started to walk away from him. 

“Just hear me out.” He pleaded, his tone softening. His voice sent shivers down your arms, the want of hearing his voice again pained you. You set your stuff down  on the ground, opening your arms. “Go ahead. You’ve already wasted enough of my time. What more can 5 minutes do.” You held in a sigh, crossing your arms over your chest and waited for him to say something. His mouth remained agape, trying to muster the words he’s been wanting to say. 

“Yes, she’s pregnant.” You snorted, letting out a couple laughs. “Is that all? I could care less about who you get pregnant.” He felt his heart sink at how you were acting towards him, usually if he came to you about his problems, you’d stroke his hair, tell him everything would be fine, give him a kiss on his nose or temple. But you didn’t even soften your gaze at him, nor make an effort to make him feel better.

“I’m surprised she’s the only one actually. Considering you’ve slept with almost every living person on this campus.” You hissed, shifting your weight from foot to foot. You knew your words hit him like knives, but with the amount of fury running through your veins, you didn’t care. His eyes widened slightly, his mouth dropping in shock. He had never heard you say anything hurtful, you were always a bundle of hugs and sunshine. 

“I always thought of you.” 

The statement made you lose it. A round of patronizing laughs left your mouth, your head falling back in laughter. “You sleep with so many women, but I’m always the one of your mind? Give it up Jungkook, you’re making yourself look pathetic.” 

“It’s true. Yes, I sleep with them, I get pleasure from it, but I picture you the whole time. I feel your touch, I inhale your scent, I’ve always wanted it to be you. You make me feel pure, you rid me of all the things they’ve done to me. You made a different side of me.” His voice was almost begging you to believe him, but you knew better. 

“Shame, that would’ve made me melt if I actually cared.” You mumbled, picking up your things. He panicked, throwing the things out of your hands. His hands gripped your arms, pulling you close and pressing his lips against yours. Despite your hits against his chest to push him away, his grip only tightened. He cupped his hands against your cheeks, burying his fingers in your hair. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” He mumbled against your lips. 

You felt him being ripped away from you, shocked to hear the sound of blows being landed against each other. You saw a cluster of two boys angrily throwing punched at each other. In a panic, you grabbed the closest one, a gasp escaping your lips when you saw who it was. Jungkook spat out a bit of blood that had collected in his mouth, glaring up at the male who attacked him.

“Jimin, what the hell?” 

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To anyone that think that Zahra should be hired back because of a bullshit apology that took a week for her (or someone else) to write; FUCK YOU! This woman is still a hateful human being. You wanna forgive her for all the nasty shit she wrote on her Twitter before WWE and call people out for “Digging these photos up from her past”? Well, FUCK YOU TOO! You want this woman to represent a PG company and for your kids, or younger siblings, or Nieces and Nephews to look up to this woman? What is wrong with you? First off: The bitch never wrestled one match in NXT. So please enlighten me on what you’re  a “Fan” of hers for? You never saw her step into a ring so what are you a fan of and why do you want something back you never even had in the first place? Other than her fucking Seth Rollins, what else do you know about this women? The only thing you have to be a fan of his that she is fucking Seth. That is the only thing she’s known for. Stop validating a womens career by who she’s fucking! You make yourself look almost as pathetic as them. Zahara got what she deserved. She didn’t apologize for saying all that shit about Princess Tiana she only apologized for what really hit the dirtsheets and made its ways back to the WWE. Her replies on those photos don’t show a woman that isn’t racist, but a woman that feels she can post what she wants on HER IG page and the hell with you if you’re offended by it. basically, Fuck her and fuck you too if you agree with her or feel sorry for her in any way!

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Hi, sorry to bother you, but how do you draw a pout?

Alight anon, I’m gonna be straight up, I am probably NOT the person you want to be going to for art advise. Mostly because I am constantly changing my own art style and how I draw things. But I’ll do my best to give you some simple pointers, so here we go!!!

Let’s start off by drawing one of my OC testers, Lex. He’s always wanting to help and usually helps me try out new poses and techniques. 

First draw a base, any pose is fine.

Now the eye’s. They can be looking any direction, but try to go for making them squished and squinted. Make a pout on your face right now, notice how your eyes automatically narrow. (If you ever need basic face gestures, I recommend keeping a mirror around, for a beginning artist, it really helps, and no one is a better model for what you want to draw than yourself. =) )

Now for the actual pout. Pouts tend to be pointed upward and outward, making them look bigger and basically more pathetic looking. (Lex, you pathetic trash bag you)

Lastly!!! EYEBROWS!!! I will scream this till the day I die, but the eyebrows are one of the most expressive body parts a human has, so absolutely abuse them!!! There are multiple types of pouts, I showed two of the major ones. Sad pout and angry pout, but those can be broken down into multiple categories (as feelings often are) so whatever pout you are trying to get across really depends on what your eyebrows represent.

And there you go!!! Some basics on how to/I draw a pout. (Thanks Lex, you can go back to your room now.) Hope that helps anon! =)

Look I just…I really have to say this:

The Steve/Sharon thing is creepy, unsettling and to me, haunting.I hate that we might be seeing it play out in the cinematic universe.

Sorry but I’ve got a long confession/rant ahead. Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a Stony fan in the least. I hate that pairing almost as much as I hate Steve/Sharon. To me Stony is the perfect example of a fan pairing,that no matter how strong or well developed a grudge is placed between two characters, people will just write it off as ‘sexual tension’. I feel a major reason why so many people ship it isn’t because of their actual dynamic as characters but rather because it fuels a homoerotic hot-guy-on-guy fetish.  Yet for all of that, I hate the Steve/Sharon thing just a little bit more.

Why, you ask?Because their relationship is based on wish fulfillment and the desire for replication.

Sharon is supposed to be the blonde image of her aunt Peggy. Sharon is a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D agent who is skilled with firearms. Peggy was also a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who pretty much only used firearms. Steve and Peggy were attracted to each other and sometimes worked together when she served in the French Resistance during World War 2. They never entered into a committed relationship but there were definitely strong feelings between the two, and Steve was enamored by her at the time that he was frozen in the arctic. Steve still missed Peggy even after he had been unfrozen for some time, but more than that, he missed the time period and the world that he knew. At this point who walks into his life but Sharon Carter, the almost complete look-a-like of Peggy, the woman from Steve’s past, who has a similar job to the one Peggy had at the time Steve last saw her.

It’s doucy enough when you think that Steve views Sharon as just Peggy 2.0 but it’s actually more complicated than that.Those who’ve read the House of M comics know that in the alternate reality where Steve is never frozen, he and Peggy get married and then divorce not that long after. Peggy was not some big epic love of Steve’s life that he was trying to replicate with Sharon. He basically used Sharon to replace Peggy, a flame from his old life and as such was trying to hold onto that old life. His wish was that he’d never been frozen, so he could stay in that time period he knew and by replacing the woman he’d loved from that same era, with her look-a-like relative in the present, he was ultimately saying that he couldn’t let go. That makes Steve look so pathetic.

And let’s look at this from Sharon’s perspective; She grew up hearing her aunt (or half-sister in the early comics) telling her stories about how she, Peggy would shoot down Nazis, saving people and falling for, as well as aiding and sometimes being rescued by, the heroic Captain America. It’s those stories that inspired Sharon to join S.H.I.E.L.D., to become like Peggy, shooting the bad guys, helping to save the day, and eventually romancing with Captain America herself. And guess what? Sharon becomes a better fighter than Peggy was and she is able to enter into a romantic relationship with Cap successfully, unlike Peggy. Does that make her the new and improved Peggy? Steve might as well start calling her Peggy because that seems to be what they both want. That makes Sharon look so pathetic.       

It makes both of them look pathetic.

So now I’m going to let you guys in on the worst part of all. The reason why I feel so strongly about/against this is because I’ve been in a similar situation. I dated a guy who used to date my cousin, who has a lot of the same interests and job goals as me. The truth came out eventually and it was ugly; he was dating me because my cousin was no longer available, and because I was the next best thing. I don’t mean to completely demonize the guy because he was sorry for it and he was the one who broke it off but it was still very painful.

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Winter Soldier, the trailer looked great and I have complete faith in the cast but I’m really uneasy about the scenes involving Steve and Sharon.Emily Van Camp has said that she’s a potential love interest for the sequel(s) and I really hope that potential never comes to pass. I’m grateful to the casting directors for not just bringing Haley Atwell back,putting her in a blonde wig and asking her to use an American accent, like some people suggested. I’m glad that Van Camp has only a passing resemblance to Atwell but still the idea is there. Even if you take away the overwhelming physical resemblance that Sharon and Peggy have in the comics, there’s still both of them working in S.H.I.E.L.D., being handy with a gun, being relatives and then making Sharon Steve’s new girl.IT’S JUST TOO CONTRIVED. AUDIENCES AREN’T STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT SEE THAT.

I understand the way the superhero movie genre works. I get that,unless he has a heroic sacrifice, the hero always gets the girl in the end. I’m not shooting that down in some straw feminist way. I’m fine (if not happy) with it as long as it’s done tastefully and the girl isn’t constantly forced into really dangerous situations just so the superhero can assist her. I’m also not bashing Sharon as a solo character, because she has had some great development and storylines over the years.

What I’m saying is I really hope they don’t put her into that romantic role. If they need someone to be Steve’s lady love, then let it be Beth, the waitress in the Avengers. She was likable in her small part, and if they wanted to, they could make her into a modern day version of Betsy Ross, another love interest of Steve’s from the WWII period (who unlike Peggy, was actually a big part of those early comics and not retconned in). If not Beth then bring in Diamondback, Bernie Rosenthal,Connie Ferrari or even use Maria Hill. But no to Sharon being anything besides a friend and colleague of Steve’s. Please no to putting them in such a contrived relationship that makes them both look like tools. I know how painful that kind of relationship is, and I’d rather not associate that pain with my favorite Marvel superhero.

Sorry for any typos. I’m tired and upset.


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Thanks for making a masterpost of lifting blogs so I can follow them all now :)

Thanks for outing yourself as a supporter of larceny.  Seriously, do these people think comments like this are making them look “cool” or something, and not hilariously pathetic?  Do they believe I’m somehow increasing the popularity of these blogs when a large chunk of them have already deleted, and the rest will probably be taken down?  Like, no one is reblogging any of these messages from those people except people mocking the shit out of them.  Do you think you guys are “popular” or something?  Because you coulda fooled me, sparky, since absolutely no one is defending you dumbasses.  Hell, you’re not even defending each other.

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Zayn's sisters begging petrie to take them to disneyland comes across as pathetic. It makes Zayn look really bad. He wont bother to them to disneyland but is willling to arrange a private fun fair party for petrie. He'll take 10 planes to see her, will dres up as batman to entertain her brothers gf's son, will dress up in costume for her brothers b'day every year without fail, but can't be bothered to take his sisters to disneyland. They have to beg petrie. She didn't even reply to their begging

oh you know perrie is my family

still find amazing how the idea is to make a wallpaper of her family and have paparazzi pictures of zerrie and perrie 

because of the lack of zerrie and perrie picture with the family 

talking about funny things how funny is this?

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her super cute FINANCE

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i love how you're in such a balloon of denial that anybody mocking you or making fun of your pathetic ass is instantly "I MADE THEM MAD LOOK AT ME IM THE BIG BAD SJW" when really we're all just pointing and laughing. have fun :^) getting your feelings hurt over some blog descriptions :')