it makes the world terrible


And if you’re gonna do this rip the plaster. If you’re gonna hit me, hit me harder than this.

allura looks so enchanted ,, she just wants to believe there’s still hope for her people ;-; and keith’s just there like are you ,, are you fuckin ??? manipulating my girlfriend ??? right in front of my salad ?

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The movie of the Neverending Story has the exact opposite message of the book. 

The book of the Neverending Story is actually about how imagination and losing yourself in fantasy worlds are actually really terrible because they make you forget the real world and what’s important. The movie ends at the halfway point of the book, but I suppose getting a happy ending is only a question of where you choose to stop telling the story. 

In the book, our young hero discovers that his wishes and daydreams extract a horrible price: each wish causes him to lose memories of the real world and his real life. At one point, he discovers an island full of demented, lunatic wretches who don’t remember anything about their lives, and he is horrified to discover they were all former “Chosen Ones,” from the real world, just like him. 


“She said people try to be good but they’re really sick and rotten, her most of all, and every time she tried to make the world a better place, something terrible came up inside her and pulled her back down into hell. Took her deeper and deeper into the blackest nightmare. Every time it got harder to go back up to the light.”

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

The Best Ass (Sirius Black)

excuse me I love Sirius Black and while this was probably supposed to be angsty or a little angsty, I chose not to make it. Sadness is for furnerals and the terrible world around us, so why not bring sunshine in when we can?

I literally sound like I’m eating a flower in that sentence above. Nice.

(this another one for @daphnegreengrass)

Request: Hi! As you asked, sending my request again 🙂 Loved the prompt list ❤ could you do a prompt with 6, 7, 19 and 109 with sirius x reader?
6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”
7. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
109. “Don’t say you love me.”

Oh my god! You’re in love with her!” Remus gapes, a cackle parting James’ lips as he watches his best friend turn bright red. “You didn’t even like her a week ago and now you’re practically begging to marry her!”

“I’m not begging to marry her,” Sirius mutters, sullen and sad and Peter pats his shoulder gently, his eyes kind when Sirius looks up at him.

“She’ll marry you, buddy, don’t give up,” Peter says, which leads to more laughter when Sirius shoves him away- James practically prone by now.

“This- is- the biggest- joke- I’ve ever heard,” he wheezes, grinning up at his closest friend. “You. Married.”

“Screw you guys, she’s obviously put some love spell on me or something,” he scowls, only to flush and nervously adjust his clothes.

Remus looks up and spots you, trailing after Dorcas with your hands clasped to your chest and a pleading expression on your face.

Don’t say you love me, you just want me for my potions homework,” Dorcas scowls, glaring at you and you make a soft whining noise.

“I do love you! I love you and your potions homework!” You whine, slipping in front of her and pacing backwards until she stops. “I just happen to have admitted my love for you during asking for your potions homework.”

“You’re worse than Sirius.” She rolls her eyes and you can’t help scanning at the sound of his name.


Across the courtyard, he watches you and you lick your lips enticingly, watching him smirk and rise.

“So, will you help me?” You ask Dorcas, feeling Sirius get closer.

“Fine,” She says and you slip your arm into hers, leading her from the courtyard and back inside.

Remus watches you slip inside with Dorcas, Sirius slowing to a stop halfway across the courtyard.

You’re good, he’ll give you that, but what good are those tactics in the long run?

Sirius isn’t one to be tied down, he’s made that abundantly clear over the years, and while he’s sure Sirius thinks he’s in love, the reality probably isn’t so.

“She’s a menace,” James murmurs, his eyes glued to Sirius’s back, only to drop when the aforementioned turns around and pads back to them.

“It’ll pass, he’s done this before.”

“No, I don’t he’s done this before,” James counters cryptically, smiling widely at Sirius and poking fun at his poorly masked dejection.

“Who’s starving?” Peter asks and Remus smirks, eyeing the smallest of the group.

“You,” Sirius says and Peter scoffs softly, eyes darting enough to draw a chuckle from James who pushes to his feet.

“He’s not the only one, let’s go.”

“You’re dodging me,” Sirius whispers to you and you sigh, tilting your head toward him to catch his eyes.


“I’m not dodging you,” you counter, I’m dodging those eyes that make you wanna get naked.

Shifting your gaze, you return your focus to your dinner and try to ignore his presence.

“Y/N, c’mon,” he half pleads and the subtle ache in his voice has your hand slipping under the table and interlacing with his fingers. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

“God dammit.” You scowl at the food in front of you for a second before throwing your leg over the bench and scooting into Sirius’s space. “Sirius.”

“Y/N.” His eyes are bright and you can feel his palms on your thighs, warm and very large. This must be such a scene, another girl practically sitting in Sirius Blacks lap.

“You’re great, fantastic and very easy to care for. You’re a loveable guy and even though I wish I could hate you or be indifferent toward you, I can’t.” You eyeball him for a long moment, watching the slow dawning smile and the way his cheeks get all round and he suddenly looks so warm.

“Does that mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

“In what world? No, Sirius.” You skooch back and turn toward your plate. Your bread roll is gone. Across the table, Lily winks at you. “Get out of my sight, Black. And you.”

“You snooze you lose.” Lily shrugs and you scowl, turning your scathing glare on a still unmoved Sirius.

“Fine, fine.”

“How do I make you fall in love with me?”

“Sit still and look pretty.”

“Done, need more.”

“Don’t bug me.”

“Impossible, need more.”

“Help me with my transfiguration homework.”

“Easy, need more.”

“Get me a date with Snivellus.”

“Never,” he says and you laugh, leaning toward him rather than the heat of the fire before you.

“He’s so dreamy though! All that greasy hair and greasy skin and greasy…”


“That’s fair.” You nod, grinning at Sirius, “his greasy clothes are all I need, all I want, I just want him so bad.”

“You’re twisted,” Sirius says, beaming and pulling you against him until your back is pressed to his chest and his lips are brushing the crook of your neck. “I can’t get you a date with Snivellus, but I’m available.”

“You’re not even greasy,” you whine, laughing when he growls softly into your hair.

“Stop! No Snivellus talk in Gryffindor spaces!” James orders, tromping over and collapsing into the space between your legs so his back his pressed to your chest, making a cuddle train. Sirius half-heartedly shoves him but you sink your fingers into Potters dark curls claimingly.

“But all that slimy pale skin and bad attitude is such a turn on!” You laugh, starting on a braid and hissing when James turns to shoot you a droll look.

“You can get those things from Black, and there’s more important things to discuss anyway,” James says, twisting about until he spots Peter across the room. “Peter! Get over here and tell Sirius how you thought Y/N’s ass is subpar compared to Alices!”

“He what?” You gape in unison with Sirius, both of you twisting around with scowls on your face.

“Don’t be jealous, Y/N, we all have different points of beauty!” Marlene calls from the other side of the room, “Alice has her ass, I have my sparkling personality and you have… Well, I can’t think of anything!”

“Screw you,” you shout, unable to keep the shocked smile from your lips. “I’m a goddamned treasure and you know it.”

Then Peter said that if he had to choose, Narcissa had the best ass in the entire school,” James continues, his expression gleeful and you’re gaping all over again. On one side of the room, Peter is bright red and stammering excuses, while on the other, Frank Longbottom is quietly glaring at Peter with the ferocity of a thousand suns.

Sirius pulls you back into his chest and sets his chin on your shoulder, James falling back with you. You can feel Sirius shaking his head when he says, “you’re a real piece of work, Potter.”

“A true Picasso,” James agrees, at peace in the chaos around him.

lov sirius

will do prequel or postquel for dis

Resume format for Stage Management

Writing a resume for Stage Management, or theatre in general, is different from most other fields. Here are some guidelines and examples to help you build your own or update one you’ve already written.

-Don’t overcomplicate your format. Adjust your margins to make them comfortable, but not running off the physical page.

-Make sure your name is prominent but not loud. I can always point out the young technician slash actor in the resume pile when they list their eye color and height.

-If you’re non-union or union, it’s a good idea to say so next to your general title - hiring managers appreciate it.

-Cater your resume to the position you’re applying for. If it’s for a musical, put your musical experience first; if it’s for an opera, put your opera experience first (then musicals because they’re the most similar), etc.

-When I was younger, it was standard to include your home address, but I advise against it. You don’t want the hiring manager to subconsciously factor in your travel expenses before even seeing your experience.

-It was also standard to include the year of the production you worked. I have mixed feelings on this - if you’re older it can date you and a hiring manager may subconsciously (or outright) decide against you. If you’ve had large gaps in employment, it will show. A practical reason to leave them out is a matter of space on the page.

-Shorten the longer titles of productions using ellipses.

-Standard order is Show-Director-Position-Producing Company

-For recurring productions with the same company, include the year.

-Be careful with your abbreviations, make sure they are industry standard. SM, PSM, PA - these are standard and typically used. Do not, for instance abbreviate the name of a show (Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Fly, not DTMICF) or a theatre company’s name (there are several CTC’s around the country, but only one Children’s Theatre of Charlotte).

-The old standard was to keep your resume to only one page, which resulted in using tiny font or picking which shows to leave off. Now that the majority of resumes come to the hiring manager in the form of email, it’s okay to send a two-page resume. If you do have a two-page resume, notate the page number on the bottom of the page. Put your name and contact info on the top of each page.

-Make sure your skills are accurate, don’t embellish or lie. If you only have a basic familiarity with lighting equipment (e.g. you can name the basic parts of a lighting instrument), then say so. If you have experience in other fields that translates well to theatre (e.g. event planning), then mention that. 

-You have to put your education information, even if you didn’t finish school for whatever reason. I had to leave CCM due to financial difficulties, even though the school gave me a scholarship to continue; I include my internships under education as on-the-job training and, during the interview process, make sure to elaborate on why my college education was cut short.

-List any affiliations you have that are helpful to your field.

-Use spellcheck and a friend with a killer eye for detail and the english language to double check your resume.

Most importantly, do not lie on a resume. Ever. Not even a little. Theatre is a terribly tiny world (Google makes it even smaller) and you wouldn’t believe how many people have caught someone in a lie during an interview. That’s a fast and furious way to make sure you’re never hired anywhere. One PSM I know interviewed a man that applied with an exact copy of the PSMs own resume with only the name at the top changed. Just don’t do it.

potterpoints  asked:

"In a world where you share the pain of your soulmate, Supergirl's other half has it pretty rough" something along those lines? I dunno I'm a slut for Soulmate AUs

She comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t have a soulmate when she’s eight years old.

The other children at her foster home are so busy rubbing elbows they haven’t knocked, nursing bruises they don’t have on their skin, wincing at toothaches that aren’t their own, that they don’t notice Lena’s inability to relate to them—don’t notice as she draws herself further and further away from discussions about ‘how do you think my soulmate broke their arm?’ They don’t notice and Lena doesn’t care because this is good, this is better. If having a soulmate meant tolerating their pain as your own…well, she doesn’t think she deserves more pain in her life, she’s quite good as is.

(She’s never felt her soulmate’s pain—she’s never experienced a phantom stubbed toe, a ghostly pain in her head, the whip-like crack of a broken bone and the flare of pain that immediately follows. She’s never had to feel her soulmate’s skinned knees or bumped heads or even silly paper cuts and she knows it’s not because her soulmate is unnaturally careful—she knows because pain is a normal part of life—but because her soulmate doesn’t exist at all.)

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like I know it’s a longshot and probably not going to happen because I think there are too many variables that maybe contradict it (?) but Griffin’s repeatedly described Phandalin as a “perfect circle of black glass” which, on a larger scale, is similar to what the planar mirrors in Lucas’ lab were, and now all I can think about is how fucking insanely badass it would be if they used Phandalin - arguably their biggest failure/regret - as a way to banish/ultimately defeat the Hunger LIKE THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING AND A TOTAL ‘COME FULL CIRCLE’ MOMENT (GET IT see it’s even a pun it’s perfect) dude I want it so bad I don’t care how many hoops he’d have to jump through to make it work I want it so bad


I say to myself, “Self,” I say, “did you really spend five days translating a long comic that just makes fun of Sasuke’s terrible hair in Boruto?“ and I answer myself, "Self, listen, somewhere in China is an artist who spent even longer than that DRAWING a long comic just to make fun of Sasuke’s terrible hair and the world needs to see it,” and then I told myself “shit u right.”

Art by gazelleoryx, translated by me with permission.
Just to put some closer.

I did report to the owner of El Paso Comicon, and guess what. Instead of taking my report and accepting it whether they liked it or not like any professional individual/company would do, he decided to argue his side of the story and completely disregard half of my report to him. Despite that the way he went about it was professional speech, he was immediately on the defensive. 

The reason why? I know, it’s because that head supervisor of his.

is his wife. l:V 

So basically she can get away with anything and be in the clear. absolute bull. 

Also turned out, talking to other venders, this woman has had similar issues with other venders in the past. figures as much. 

So of COURSE that happened. whatever.

but anyways. we are just trying to move on from the subject I guess. I did all I can do for my friend. I’ve been in a situation before too where I’ve been wronged strongly, and had no apology or justice for it, such as at PCC last year the head manager of the convention center, and the policeman that was escorting him, (the building, not the convention itself) told me I couldn’t play my violin and collect tips, which I understand, even though it kinda pissed me off being as I had done so for the past three years just fine, and when explaining I had paperwork to do so on the premises, before I could finish my words, the police man began to point the finger, literally yell, and threaten me on so many things, and forced me to move to a different location all together. I was both infuriated and on the  verge of tears. So I know what it’s like to be in this kind of situation and it’s horrible. but none the less. 

Thank you everyone SO MUCH for the support of my friend and myself. it all means the world and makes things a little less terrible.