it makes the voices look like they're yelling

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Do you think Yoonmin ever has fights/get mad at one another/etc? They're so cute and happy all the time, it just makes me wonder what it looks like when they're like that 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I dont think they fight a lot but when they do I bet its a lot of eye rolling, impatient sighs, jimin keeping his distance, one of them might even start to raise their voice but stop themselves right away because they refuse to yell at each other no matter how mad they get. after the actual fight I bet its a lot of avoiding each other, not making eye contact, yoongi sleeping in his own bed for the first night in months, complete silence between them. until 6 AM the next morning when jimin walks out of his room (he didn’t get much sleep anyway) and sees yoongi sitting at the kitchen table, looking as tired as jimin feels. and they just stare at each other for a few moments until yoongi stands up and walks towards him, until jimin is eventually meeting him in the middle, yoongi setting his arms around jimins waist and holding him close, jimin pressing his lips to the curve of yoongis shoulder as he hugs him back, both of them mumbling ‘I’m sorrys’ and ‘love yous’

  • Luke: "I'm sorry you couldn't go to that party", you sighed playing with Luke's hair. "Mmm, it's okay. I wouldn't have been able to go anyway", he purred, leaning into your touch. "Yeah, but you could've sneaked in... I'm sort of trapping you here with me", you looked around the hotel room sighing. "I don't mind being trapped with you", he smiled with his eyes closed, resembling a kitten. You huffed in response, slowly taking your hands away from his head. "Hey", he took his head from your lap and your hands in his, "I really don't mind". "I know, and I believe in you. It's just that everyone else doesn't seem to think that way", you looked down, at your intertwined hands. "Well I don't care what everyone else thinks", he laid on your lap again, putting your hands back on his head, "I like being here with you". "Yeah, I like being here with you too", you smiled, looking down at him, and returning to caressing his hair.
  • Ashton: "Ashton! I didn't know you had quit being a drummer and decided to babysit!", a paparazzi yelled. "Who's that? Is she your sister's friend?", another one said. "Don't listen to them, babe", Ashton whispered in your ear, hand on your back as you fought through the crowd. Focusing on Ashton's voice and on the path in front of you, you made your way into the hotel. "That was tough", he chuckled, his hand falling next to his body. "You tell me", you sighed, forcing a laugh to leave your lips. "C'mon, (Y/N). Don't tell me you let what those idiots yell at our faces get to you", Ashton smiled, cupping your cheeks. "Sort of", you mumbled, looking at your feet like a child. "Well, you shouldn't", he caressed your cheeks, "It's just bullshit, you know? I don't let it get to me". "But they're not making fun of you, Ash", you sighed, moving out of reach of his touch. "Yes they are. Whenever they make fun of you for being younger, they're in fact making fun of me for liking a younger girl. And whenever someone tries to hurt the person I love the most it tears me apart", explained, reaching out to touch your hand. "I'm sorry people are making fun of you because of me", you whispered. "I'm sorry you're sorry for that", he whispered in your ear, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
  • Michael: "Who were you talking to?", Calum asked once Michael went to sit back down at their table."(Y/N)", Michael replied, slipping his phone back on his front pocket. "Isn't it past her bed time?", Ashton joked, pretending to check a watch on his wrist. "Shut up, man", Michael chuckled, but a tone of seriousness was in his voice. "We're just joking, dude", Luke defended his band mate. "Yeah, but we're tired of everyone making those same lame jokes", Michael sighed, shaking his head. "Hate?", Calum asked. "Tons of it", Michael complained, "It's like people can always come up with a new joke for her being younger and I'm sick of it. I love her and I can't stand seeing people not being able to accept it! The other day I found her crying whilst reading her mentions and that broke me, you know? I mean, I love her - she's my everything. And to see people hurting her... It hurts me just as much". "Look, man, it's just a phase", Ashton explained, "Soon enough everyone will find someone else to make fun of and the fans will get used to it". "Yeah, I hope so", Michael sighed.
  • Calum: "Cal", you walked into the living room, where he was watching TV. "Yeah?", he asked, not taking his eyes off the screen. "Do you think you're too old for me?", you cautiously asked. "No, why?", he replied, attention still not fully on you. "Because I was reading on Twitter and-". "(Y/N), how many times have I told you not to care about what people on Twitter say?", now you had it. "I know, and I'm sorry. But I couldn't control it", you sat down next to him on the couch. "So now they're saying I'm too old for you?", he wrapped an arm around your shoulder. "Well, yeah", you rested your head on his shoulder. "And now you're worried you might be too young for me?", he asked again. "Sort of", you blushed, feeling extremely childish for no reason. "And you want to know if I think our age difference is too big for us to keep with a relationship?". "Yeah", you mumbled. "First of all, our age difference isn't that big. And, even if it was, I wouldn't mind it. I love you because of who you are; because of how mature you are; because of our similar interests. I couldn't care less about our age gap", he finished, resting his head on top of yours and placing a kiss on top of it. "Calum?", you asked after awhile of comfortable silence. "Yeah?", he asked. "I love you". "I love you too", he replied.
i just watched the reunion scene 3 times in a row bc reasons

and now i’m dead

the way sherly gives this hopeful, expectant smile with “but now that you’re here” yeah ok the totally replaceable person who was just your student and nothing else nice one you lying liar who lies to yourself and everyone else

the way joan instantly interrupts him to throw in a whopper of her own with “i don’t care that you’re back” but really what she’s saying is she’s not letting him hurt her again

her voice actually BREAKS when she says “there is no partnership” and it makes me think that she may have let herself cry about this at some point

and his eyes kind of glaze over a little as she yells at him about the letter, like he’s almost not even looking at her any more bc in his head he’s busy going ohshitohshitohshit