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I am in love with how detailed your theory is. It makes my little nb heart scream with joy. It (and your blog) are awesome. I was wondering if you had any head canons about trans girl Marco that aren't proof of the theory? If that makes sense. Sorry if it doesn't.

No I get it and let me tell you…. hoo boy, I’ve been physically restraining myself from making up too many head-canons about trans Marco so that they don’t get caught up with the actual theory.

First off, I have another theory that ties into the Trans Marco one that I don’t talk as much about, and that’s that Star is ultimately going to reject her title as Princess & The Royal Mewni Family, and choosing to instead live on Earth. This is mostly based off a number of parallels to Trans Marco, the overall theme of not letting destiny define you established by Freeze Day. as well as the biggest instance of foreshadowing being the end credits to the show. (“I’m really thinking I could call this place home!”)


I believe that Marco’s parents would be 100% supportive, that part’s obvious. But also believe that Star’s parents would also initially seem supportive of Marco.

However, they’d only be conditionally supportive. They’d be totally on bird with the whole “2 Queens” thing uuuuntill Star says she doesn’t want anything to do with that.

Then the facade drops.

Has anyone realised though…



I literally can’t wrap my head around it.

This entire family is dysfunctional, yes, but most of all: THEY ALL DON’T MAKE SENSE.

So, why would Father Vinsmoke go through the trouble to lock Sanji away, humiliate him and keep him away from proper human contact - when apparently it didn’t matter at all anyways if Sanji was still present in Germa Kingdom or not. He told his folks that his son was dead.

Why not go through with it and actually kill him off?

I don’t get his motive here, did FV feel guilty after all? Some guilty feelings toward his late wife?

But he kept his wife and mother of his beloved children away, as well.

Why go through the trouble of keeping Sanji alive and locked up for half a year, if in the end it didn’t matter to him anyways.

Is Sanji, after all, not that worthless?

Then why did he let him run away?

FV can’t have possibly been thinking about marrying him off as an adult later, I don’t deem him a man who thinks in such complex terms.

His twisted, sick way of setting him free to do whatever he wants? A twisted way of saving him - from what exactly?

So why?

Also, who was Sanji’s mum? Why the fuck did she marry an asshole like Vinsmoke Judge?

Sanji’s genomes have to be abnormal, I can’t explain it any other way.

And the answer to these questions have to lie within the genomes he got from his mother / which Reiju got as well, I dare to assume.

Sanji may not have superhuman strength and speed, but he is extraordinary, we all know that, and we don’t know to what extent that is based on his own training and to what extent it stems from his DNA.

After all…he may be stronger than all of them.

But I mean, that’s just my humble take on the events of this and last week’s chapters. I may be completely wrong.

Until now, I don’t really get this family. Nothing, literally nothing makes sense.

TAG Brotp names

Virgil and Gordon: Sass and Sarcasm

Gordon and John: Sea Stars

Alan and John: Space bros (can’t touch a classic)

Scott and Virgil: More Haste, Less Speed. (or Flyboy and the bear)

Alan and Gordon: Rocket Torpedoes

I can’t think of anything else that would make even a lick of sense *bangs head on table

Does anyone have any more or better ideas

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I was reading your drabble for Hisoka getting his ears pierced and it was super funny but it actually made me start thinking of like the reason why he's like totally fine with being maimed and has no sense of self-preservation, so why does he wear clip-on earrings? Then I was like, "Oh my god, it's because he hates permanence." Like he wouldn't join the spiders/get the tattoo, he won't pierce his ears, he destroys his card towers, he dyes his hair all the time, he changes outfits every arc, etc.

yeah i think he likes being able to control his body absolutely, like how he uses his bungee gum, and putting holes or ink in him would make him unchangeable in some sense. hes a whimsical liar after all, hes gotta be about changeability. i also like to think of it as him being really up in his head about his body. like “my body is a temple” sorta deal where he has to do all he can to keep his body flawless (shown in how he uses his texture surprise to hide his stitch marks and scars). hisoka is endless fascinating, and i think i talked about it in Pygmalion or Galatea how hisoka is a study in dichotomy, for every aspect there’s an antithesis. hes awesome honeslty i love it

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Thoughts on the latest news about Wonder Woman?

My initial thought was, “No, duh!” (For anyone who might have missed this ‘latest news,’ it refers to this interview: Greg Rucka on Queer Narrative and WONDER WOMAN.)

I totally agree with Mr. Rucka that “queerness” as we define it doesn’t exist on Themyscira. I also think that it makes absolute sense that Diana has been in relationships while living on Themyscira. I don’t know why anyone would need to insist that she’s straight. Of course, ultimately I ship her with Steve Trevor. He was made for her (both in and out of the pages of the comic)!

And in part one of “Year One” in particular, one of the things we really needed to do in that issue is juxtapose her life and Steve’s. We wanted to establish that there is a connection between these characters long before they see each other. That they share certain things.

Showing that Diana has dealt with heartbreak and romance and lust and love and all of the other sticky emotions in romantic relationships that lead to personal growth in turn shows that she’s primed for a meaningful relationship with Steve. He’s the first man she’s ever met, but he’s not the first person she’s ever fallen in love with (I’ve briefly touched on this before but can’t find the post anymore, eep!). At first I wondered whether Diana’s relationship with Steve could be considered “queer” in the context of Themyscira.  But then Greg Rucka brings up a great point: on Paradise Island, everyone is accepted. Queerness doesn’t exist. 

Thanks for the question!

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Hi there! I have a question about accents. I'm writing my character profiles and there's this one character that I just CANNOT picture without having a British accent. For some reason, I just imagine it and can't get it out of my head. But the fact that she's not from America originally has literally no impact on the story. So does it make sense that I write her and describe her in that way?

If you see a character as having black hair, does that have an impact on the story? Probably not. It’s just one of their many characteristics. Accents are the same way. If she’s British, she’s British. Not every minute character trait has to be relevant to the plot.

I have a lot of things to do today and I do not feel prepared. Adulting sucks. On top of that I am physically wonky and I think my blood pressure and/or heart isn’t right. There’s a lot of pressure in my head, but not a headache if that makes sense. And it’s worse if I cough or sneeze or pretty much do anything physical. Argh.
Just gonna take it one thing at a time.

Imagine your person A of your otp has had a horrible day and is in the worst mood possible and when they see person B person A says ‘don’t do it, you better not do it’ and all person B has to do is smile and person A can’t help but smile back because of how much they love person B and their stupid smile that lights up the world