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A little oneshot I wrote because I felt like it,,, no editing or proofreading.

I got slightly inspired by the song Sold My Bed,,, haha

Platonic Analogical, but could be read Romantically if wanted


The two of them sat alone on the couch long after dark. Roman and Patton had long headed to bed and the nightowls began to wake up.

Virgil slouched against the couch resting his head in his right hand and mindlessly scrolling Tumblr with his left. Logan, on the other hand was reading a book and making notes in the margins for research he was doing on Pluto. They continued about their business in silence, the kind that fills up the room with a comfortable sense of tranquility and peacefulness. Not a word was spoken and other than the occasional scribbling of writing and crinkling of a turning page, all was still.

Offhandedly, Virgil noticed the array of rainbow notes that littered the pages of the poor book Logan had gotten so interested in. He wondered if the colors meant anything, as they were scattered randomly throughout the pages and Logan was rarely one for disorganization at this hour. Softly he kicked the other’s leg causing Logan to pause and look up at Virgil. He adjusted his glasses, a small tick he had picked up one day, and set down his book.

“Yes Virgil? Is there anything you need that you would need me to be of assistance?” Logan questioned, albeit a bit sarcastically. The anxious trait turned off his phone and dramatically leaned further into his hand that was on the armrest.

“I’m boreeeed.” He whined. “What’s up with those sticky notes? Are they color coordinated or anything?”

Logan sighed and rolled his eyes playfully. “I suppose not. I usually use my favorite color to mark interesting passages but I ran out the other day so I suppose blue will have to do.” He said and absentmindedly flipped through the pages.

Now Virgil’s curiosity was peaked. He lifted his head a bit to stare at Logan. “Blue isn’t your favorite color?”

The logical trait hummed. “I’m quite indifferent to the color, really. It’s very soothing to look at but so are all the colors given the right shade.”

Virgil looked upon Logan in disbelief. “All those times we gave you blue themed gifts and you didn’t even like the color all that much? You didn’t tell us- heck, we didn’t notice??” Logan shrugged, something he picked up from Virgil, and smiled softly.

“It’s not as if that didn’t take away the meaning of those gifts, if anything it heightened the sentiment as you all thought it was my favorite color. I didn’t tell you because I figured it wasn’t important.” He paused and looked at Virgil more intensely. “Was I supposed too?”

The anxious trait sighed. “I guess not. Kinda makes me feel bad for assuming, though.” Virgil opened an eye to peer at Logan. “Say, what is your favorite color?”

The teacher replied with a deadpan “Black.” Without looking up from where he fiddled with his pencil.

Virgil snorted at his best friend. “Black? I didn’t expect you to be so emo.”

Logan rolled his eyes at that and picked up the book again. “Actually, it’s mostly because the color reminds me of you.”

Virgil froze, a flush of embarrassment filled his cheeks. “M-me?”

Logic hummed again and looked up at him. “It reminds me of our friendship. It makes me feel like we know each other well, something that I have a difficulty doing knowing my lack of understanding in social situations. Other than that the color is very professional and clean. Why, is that of importance to you?” He raised an eyebrow.

Virge shook his head and smirked. “No, not really. You’re getting all sentimental on me nerd, I love you too,” He winked sarcastically multiple times. “But I’m taken.”

The eyebrow did not move from its raised position and Logan stared, amused. “Oh, you should have told me. Who has stolen your heart, pray tell?”

Virgil snickered and swooned dramatically. “He is simply so handsome and moving! He knows me so well, I think he’s the one!” He cried. Logan snorted.

“What’s his name then?”

“Oh! It’s simply divine, he goes by Bobbyus Ezekiel Demitri the 3rd but I like to call him my bed.”

The both of them erupted into fits of giggles and doubled over snickering at themselves. After it all died down a thought passed Virgil’s mind. “Wait… how do you even write notes with a black sticky note?” Virge cried. Logan let out another belt of laughter and winked at him slyly. “I have no clue what you’re talking about, blue is my favorite color.”

I’ve recently purchased Scott Cunningham’s Wicca book as a recommendation from a YouTuber as a opener book to this. Personally, I don’t know how I feel with the Goddess and God (coming from a strict Christian family I suppose I still have hesitation just from it being drilled in my head) but I do in fact believe that the earth and ourselves are connected and that magic is within nature.

I’ve always personally felt at home in a forest or near a forest, but with the apprehension of wanting deities within my practice, I was just wondering if it was possible to have the craft without the deities? I’m a baby into all of this so please spare me. ;—;

Edit: I’m using Wicca as like a starter into these things for now until I’m able to get a better path (if that makes sense.)

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Ok so idea from playing stacking, which is an adorable game about russian nesting dolls, so like noct gets possessed by something and it takes over his body, he's still completely conscious but he isn't the one controlling his body


You know, I have actually had a sort of possession idea floating around my head for a little while now. Pretty much inspired by @doodlebless‘s art here and by another thing in the same Doctor Who episode that inspired my fic Warmer.

Basically, there’s that whole thing in that episode, right, about how there are no pictures or drawings of the Weeping Angels, even in a book that’s all about them (as far as I remember anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it). And there’s that whole thing of “an image of an angel becomes an angel” or something like that.

My idea basically ripped off that lol (I’m so original), like what if there’s a daemon that can’t have any pictures or drawings made of it (so Prompto’s camera would be an absolute no-no when fighting it), because the image of that daemon works as a sort of gateway for it. It can use any image of itself as a doorway, it can crawl out of it, practically teleport large distances. So you could be fighting it one moment, and then the next moment it just straight up disappears, but that’s because it’s used this gateway ability and has crawled out somewhere else.

So what if, during a fight, Noctis was staring at it for so long, that the image in his brain could be used as a gateway itself (sort of like what happens to a character in that DW episode, I’m so original stfu lol) and it basically crawls out of that, ending up inside his body. They’re fighting it, and then it’s gone, but they have no idea where it went. They have no idea that it’s now inside Noct, using his body as a sort of protective shell. It could have chosen any one of them lol, but of course it chooses Noct XD But then this could maybe lead to the idea of it being able to jump from body to body as long as that image remained in their brains.

The daemon would have to be not completely solid or anything, because ugghhh imagine a solid daemon crawling into your body and shifting around inside, yeah, that’s not good. Which makes me think of bonethieves from a game called Eternal Darkness, and holy shit that stuff’s horrific (but I love them).

The idea didn’t go further than that lol, but I could definitely see it leading into possession??

God, sorry for the sudden rambling, but all my love for possession ideas lol.

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do you know of any ffxv writing blogs that are like... a collective? if that makes sense. i've written a few things, but but they don't really get any notice and i guess, like everyone, i'm looking for a bit of vindication that it's okay, and not a pile of crap. it's canon/OC based tho, so i can understand why it doesn't really get looked at. but you seem to be very much in the know in regards to this kind of thing. seemed sensible to ask if you, or someone who follows you might know?

Not off the top of my head that’s not already like… a closed group kind of thing, anon. All of the ones that I can think of right now were formed as a way for friends to have a joint place to write, moreso than advertise for others.

Having said all that, I don’t think it’s bad to seek out validation for your work; as content creators, it’s one of the best feelings in the world to know that someone else gave your stuff a chance and ended up liking it! But I also want to emphasize that Tumblr is picky asf when it comes to what the fan base prefers to promote and indulge in, and OCs tend to be overlooked in general. It’s tough because OCs are so personal to those who create them and it’s like… really putting yourself out there and hoping people latch onto a piece of you. I applaud those who do it, and I really hope that despite these hurdles that you can find the staples you need to keep you writing your story and loving every step of the way.

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Why do you think shinsou has such extreme dark circles?? Do you have a headcannon for that lol

YES! I have a good little headcanon for that!

I had this idea in my head that maybe Shinsou’s dad ( If it’s not Aizawa.. )  has some kind of ‘’No sleep’’ quirk. A quirk that allows him to stay awake.. Basicaly forever. ( How useful ) And since children often inherit of their parents quirks, Hitoshi didn’t get his father’s quirk but inherited of a capacity to stay awake longer? Or that he doesn’t need as much sleep as a normal person. So the dark circles come from there.




uhh… i know there are rumors that the repack date is september 4th but umm… there’s literally gonna be a full moon on september 6th (09/06) which is eerily the same numbers as when the teasers were released on the day of the eclipse at 09:06:43 AM PDT so uhhh… just… keep that in mind i guess

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You know what I love more about Jin and the pink crocs? He has thingies on them, I can't what kind of additions he put there, I remember my eldest had these cars things on his crocs when he was younger. Oh man.