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Love the Sara/Sasu/Saku analysis--you hit the nail on the head. Very smart and nicely written. I personally don't think Karin is the mother of Sarada. Throughout the entire manga everything points to sasusaku and not sasukarin. It doesn't make sense to me that Kishi would just flip everything around like that. Your thoughts?

Thank you very much! I loved writing that analysis; trying to get into the author’s head is fun.

Karin is not Sarada’s mother 100%. Anyone who has average reading comprehension skills knows that. 

Uchihas value love above all else. Sakura’s dedication, passion, loyalty, tenderness and selfless love are what Sasuke needs AND, most importantly, WANTS. This is obviously what Kishimoto’s thinking, too.

Maybe the who-are-my-parents-plot is Kishimoto’s way to get to the glasses plot faster, because I remember one of the voice actors saying that there is a specific reason why Sarada has to wear glasses. And it has nothing to do with Karin, of course. But Kishi is Kishi, and Kishi loves red herrings. And it’s probably also a way to shut those people up who don’t believe in Sasuke’s and Sakura’s relationship, meaning that we will have some heart-warming SSS moments at the end of the manga. This is all building up to it, because this is SasuSaku’s and Sarada’s miniseries, just like The Last was NaruHina’s movie. And I’m glad that this manga is dedicated to the Uchiha family, because it’s Kishimoto’s chance to write SS how he has always envisioned them, because they are HIS creations. No one else could write SS “better”, so that’s why I can’t wait to see what Kishimoto has in store for these two amazing characters.

IMO Kishimoto is just an adorable troll who loves to write misleading drama for his fav dramaqueen Sasque so that people buy his new manga. I’m sure he has an interesting plot in mind though. (Almost) everything he writes serves a purpose. A bigger or a smaller one, we’ll just have to wait and see. And trust me, WE will be the winners in the end. There will be NO doubts anymore regarding Sasuke’s love for Sakura or Sarada’s parentage. E.V.E.R.

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I guess this fandom has adopted the mentality that the victim must be nice to the abuser. No surprise there

That’s actually just … fucking terrifying tbh.  Like, I am just trying to wrap my head around it.  If Killian was being a shitbox to Charming, then yes, absolutely, be testy with him (though it really would depend on the reason, cuz Charming was kind of an a-hole to him in Neverland, but LOL LET’S JUST FORGET ABOUT EVERY OTHER HERO BEING SHITTY TO PEOPLE SOMETIMES) … but to be all up on his case about being shitty to RUMPLE, the actual reason that Killian became Captain Hook … okay. Makes sense.

What I am is worse the static
noise coming from your
non-transmitting television
while the scene plays in our
memories from the film
with the little blonde girl
announcing, “they’re here”
and she vanished. it’s
the sound vibrating
up my spinal cord and
into the back of my head,
creating a calamity of hurt,
shaking my vision into blurs,
making my ears turn deaf,
giving my heart an irregular
rhythm and I imagine them
saying “charge at 300, clear”
and the sudden shock that
silences every ounce of
disruption, as long as I have
a pulse, I’m alive, can I feel
my pulse? Can I sense
the people around me?
How do I get back to reality.

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What you said about the scorpio ascendant being born makes so much sense. I'm a scorpio rising and my birth was really complicated. My heart stoped and the doctors broke my head and my mom almost died too. Why do you think that's related?

I’m not 100% sure I have to do more research… With childbirth I know people with pluto in the 1st house or Scorpi o on the house cusp can feel angry at being bought into the world and feel unconscious resentment toward their parents for bringing them here
… Maybe Saturn or nep in the 5th could indicate unusual births Love c

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really? next tuesday is 7th. if they're rumored to comeback around the 25th, wouldn't that be a bit too early? they usually drop the first teasers around 10 days before, so wouldn't make more sense to see the first teaser around the 15th?

it flew over my head at first but may 25th is actually a national holiday in south korea (buddah’s birthday) so it’s pretty doubtful that sm would release an album on that day. the 25th was just speculation; the only confirmation that we have is via information dropped during the articles about jonghyun’s song for lim kim which stated that the comeback would be “after” they finish up their concerts in seoul on the weekend of the 15th. at this point the most logical dates for the album to come out are on: may 18th, may 26th (if sm is willing to release on a tuesday - which i’m guessing they are because boa’s album comes out on tuesday next week) or june 1st (which would be a bad move on sm’s part because that’s when big bang’s next single is going to be - and we all know how they do digitally). if it’s the 18th teasers would drop this week more than likely. it’s around the 25th they’d drop next week, if it’s june 1st (which i doubt it is) they’d drop around in two weeks.  but, honestly, all those predictions could be wrong as well. either way, i feel like we’ll be seeing something important and official in regards to the comeback in the next week.

Black Coffee Conversations

“You don’t like the silence, do you?” he asked.

“It scares me like it scares everybody else.”

“You’re different, you’re sad.”

“I know. My clock is set 13 minutes fast and most nights I can’t sleep.”

“You draw circles and line trying to make sense from these abstract rhythms.”

“And you stay longer than you should when I look you in the eyes.”

“Your eyes hold secrets and ghosts from the past.”

“There are no ghosts in these walls, only ghosts in my head, and they run rampant through the sorrows. Don’t look for solace in my mind, you’ll only find chaos.” 

“Don’t cross out these lines.”

“This is not poetry. This is something else entirely.”

“Sleep soundly tonight,” he said.

Maybe I’ll think of you and regret what I did not do, because my time runs short, ticking till the day I leave, until I find myself lost in city streets, until I find love again with someone who is not him.

But I have come to the conclusion that I have finally stopped writing to you.

You do not hold my words anymore and the letters have stopped forming your name.

They only form the restlessness that plagues.

I remember when I was happy, 

but I don’t remember what happiness is.

and I remember writing with the pen you gave me on my birthday as you read me poetry on the steps of the San Francisco.

When I fell in love with the city streets,  black coffee, and spontaneity. 

You bought a box of sugar one time, because that’s just how I liked it, 

and now I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t touch anything that reminds me of you.

I’ve gotten in the habit of drinking it black. 

So my heels click with a firmness that hadn’t been there before.

Wish me sweet dreams tonight instead of the nightmares I had with you. 

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My theory for the finale is that Henry "falls" into the Heroes and Villains book which is an alternate reality to the current story. Hence the role reversal for everyone, Evil Snow, Bandit Regina and Sir Rumpelstiltskin. So Henry sees that everyone is truly capable of being both a hero and a villain and when he travels back to Storybrooke he somehow bashes everyone's heads together to try and make them see sense and stop acting like bloody five year olds. Thoughts?

I so want this to be true!  I agree that Henry seems to be getting a key role, which is great!  I just can’t wait *chews fingernails*

idk if any of my followers follow youtaite stuff or watch youtaites or chorus battles but if you do dont subscribe to/support youtube user Junightor. they threatened to literally shoot my friend naku in the head and all naku wanted was an answer as to why they werent turning in their lines for a chorus battle. they acted extremely immaturely and refuses to talk with naku and my other friends in a rational manner. heres the doc to their chat.

while it does seem like its a bit much that naku has high expectations, keep in mind that the reason he was pressing on the issue is because the lines are for a chorus battle, and when youre in a chorus battle yes, it is entirely for fun, but at the same time it is a competition, and in a competition you have to push your limits a little bit if you want to go further.

and too add onto this, this Jun dude is pretty fuckin racist if you see the magical racist line on his twitter page description

and this entire post is pretty much summed up in my friend saku’s tweet

I wish we could just fast forward
To when this will all make sense
One day we’ll wake up on a sleepy Sunday morning
I’ll make you scrambled eggs and coffee
And we’ll sit on my balcony and watch the birds
While trying to ignore our hangovers
We’ll talk about internet memes and song lyrics
And I’ll have my hand on your knee
Or you’ll lay your head in my lap
And I’ll spend twenty minutes straight
Just playing with your hair in the sun
One day, we’ll find our safe places within one another
You’ll fall asleep nestled into my shoulder
With a kiss on your forehead as you close your eyes
And we’ll look back at this together and smile
Because we’ll know that it all happened this way
For a reason
—  if i can turn every tear into a morning waking up in your arms it will have all been worth it a million times over
Imagine: Edward Teaching You a Shanty

(Image by madeinmasyaf)

“You’re always humming… what song is that?” she asked curiously.

Edward looked up from his map. He was lounging lazily on the bed in his cabin. “Hm? Oh, it’s one of the shanties I taught my crew. They always get stuck in my head. I can stop if you like…”

“No! Actually… could you teach me?”

Edward nodded and patted an empty space next to him. “Sure, love. Have a seat.”

She sat down next to him and nestled close.

“Alright,” Edward began, “The one I’ve been humming… that one’s called ‘Spanish Ladies.’ Let’s start with that one. I’ll sing a line, and then you repeat. Make sense?”

She nodded. Edward began to sing, and she repeated after him, line by line, until she’d memorized the song.

That night, she was humming idly as she straightened up the maps and trinkets on one of Edward’s tables. Edward grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into his lap.

“What are you humming, love?”

She smiled. “A shanty that my Captain taught me. I can sing it to you if you like.”

Edward laid his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. “I’d like that very much.”

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my mom and i had a theory that it is in essence a parody of all those types of super-spy movies. im gonna make a post about it at some point tho.

Also! Yeah, I definitely got a sense of the meta/referential/vaguely satirical tone. Between the ‘this ain’t that kind of movie’ and the joyous head-exploding stuff etc etc, I’m sure they were trying for pastiche. But … idk idk, for me it never quite felt thematically pointed enough to feel like satire. Found a review that sorta sums up my thoughts here:

“There is a generous and an ungenerous way of looking at this. The generous one, the one that the film literally plops into the mouths of its characters, is that this is all a parody of the James Bond franchise, turning the posh world of British spies with tony accents and impressive educations upside down by throwing a class-shaped wrench into all of it, and holding up the sexism and violence porn of standard-issue spy cinema up for ridicule.

“In practice, I frankly don’t think any of that works, in no small part because Matthew Vaughn doesn’t have a good sense of humor. He’s able to do jokes, sure: there is an almost non-stop litany of quips and snarky asides and absurdities scattered throughout Kingsman, and some of them are even funny. But it’s not sustained enough for this count as parody, and it’s damn sure not smart enough for it to count as satire. So really, it’s just a particularly self-aware and sarcastic version of the exact thing it set out to comment upon.”

(rest of the review is here, i read this guy religiously)

Knowing your partner well makes writing together a lot easier. Tag this with the people you enjoy roleplaying with but want to get to know better. { I’ll still tag people I know fairly well because you can always learn more about a person !! }  Repost. Don’t Reblog.

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Name: Nate/Nathan
Preferred Pronouns: Male – he, his, him etc
Sexuality: Homosexual

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
taken or single: Single but also taken if that makes sense?
three facts:
o1. I have a plate in my skull from when I cracked my head open as a child.
o2. I have never been on a plane.
o3. For a long time I was part of a steel drum group where I played the 6 bass drums owo


how long (months/years?): Since I was 11 so that’s… ten years. welp.
how’d you start: INITIALLY it was the chatango-like boxes on anime hosting sites as well as chatrooms for Sailor Moon and DBZ and then I used stuff like IMVU and Second Life
worst experience: Probably when I got bullied off of a few of my accounts… people constantly sent me messages telling me I was intimidating and scary and it eventually drove me off of Tumblr for a few months because I was so upset…
best experience: Pretty much every time I get to speak to the lovely people here, if it’s in a PM or a skype chat it’s always the best thing ever and I love it.


female or male: Male
original or canon: Canon
favourite face: I will never get tired of seeing Sebastian Stan used as a FC
least favourite face:  Probably Benedict Cumberbatch 
multi or single: Single


fluff, angst or smut: All three but smut is the fave
best time to write: Morning
are you like your muse(s): I’m like Shinji a lot I think…we both have the same insecurities and the same method of coping (or arguably not coping) and I can relate to a lot of his mental instability. As for Kanae, I relate very little. With Dirk I relate to his insecurities also, as well as his way of talking I suppose haha. 


captain america: the first avenger // iron man 3


I have only two emotions: careful fear and dead devotion
                                                                                  (I can’t get the balance right)