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Past Laurent becomes more agreeable and stops actively trying to kill Damen though he continues to show his claws and Damen continues to be helplessly charmed. Laurent begins taking swordfighting lessons from the man he’s intending to fight; this makes sense in his own head, how better to prepare? And he has a discrepancy now, in his head, between Damen (who he has met here in the future), and Damianos (who killed his brother). If he spoke of this to Damen, Damen would tell him he is one and the same, but Laurent does not speak of it.

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PLL’s finale

What I liked about the reveal was not only Troian’s acting (which was perfect), but that it kinda connects to many things before. We only got to see Alex now, but if we follow the timeline, Wren met her in London when we would be in, like, season ¾, when Charlotte took over the game. Of course there are tons of unexplained plot holes (like the Cavanaugh vs. Bethany and the whole timeline, or Bethany’s importance) however, I think that part of having a story, is not everything being shown, but also the connections you can make alone with what have been presented before. And because in my head, I really want for everything to make sense ahahah xD

Like, for example, remember that time when Spencer went to London and stayed at Wren’s apartment because she wanted to study at Oxford? Now the crashed blood sample in Spencer’s bag makes sense. Alex would never want her to study there or even stay in London, in Wren’s place. That was HER place and in her eyes, Spencer already had everything. 

What about that time when Melissa recorded that video saying that she only wanted to protect Spencer, and then she flew to London? She totally knew about Alex. I just missed Alex telling Spencer about her, about Melissa. It would have tied so many things. It would have shown us why Melissa was always angry because she knew lots of things and took it as her responsibility to keep a secret. Because she knew about Charlotte, because she knew about Mary and last, about Alex. That also would be part of the reason why she went away, I guess, after telling Peter THAT secret. Melissa knew about Alex, and she told Peter (who would never tell Veronica, because… right? One adoptive daughter from an affair is enough for his stupid mind). Then she recorded the video and then she went away. To London.

Also, it makes sense now for Charlotte to have drawn Spencer into part of the A team on season 3-4 using Mona (to fake Toby’s death and make Spencer crazy) from inside Radley. The twins were born in Radley, there were records in Radley that Charlotte and Alex would have wanted. AND that’s why I believe Wren was there. Wren LOVED Alex. He totally would have worked in Radley just to steal file records for both, Charlotte and Alex (and that’s how I think Melissa found out, she read Mary’s file). I think Bethany just happened to befriend the wrong person on the wrong place, at the wrong time. She was used as part of Charlotte’s plot.

The first A, Mona, just wanted revenge on the girls. However, there was a paralel story happening at the same time, where Alison was close to finding out about her mother’s twin Mary and Charlotte being Cece. That’s part of the reason I believe she ran away (and why she wore a brunette wig), she knew there were bigger things happening. Things she couldn’t figure out just yet. 

I think there was a burning mask and everything because Charlotte and Alex were both “burned out” of the family, out of everything. They were ashes, before they became A and AD, nobody would ever know about them.

I think Maya found out that Alison was alive. And that’s it. However, we can’t forget that Cece was already a friend of Ali’s at that time (she was in the story, just we hadn’t seen her yet) and a friend of the Kahns (like Maya). She wouldn’t like Maya telling anything.

I also think that Alex and Charlotte were both at the Dollhouse. And I also think that it was Alex who got close to Spencer. That’s why she felt that it was familiar.

I was thinking of the 3 big As reveals as something separate and with an order, but they all happen at the same time. Charlotte was there, lurking, when Mona was playing. And Alex got in Charlotte’s life while she was playing. One ties into another.

As for Ezra, I really have to keep pushing down my throat that he was only writing a book.

And I also liked that who got to save the day were exactly the people that the liars didn’t trust: Jenna and Mona.

I still don’t understand why Aria, Emily and Hanna were targets for Cece and Alex though. ‘Cause, poor girls! They were just… there. 

i’ve been getting a lot notes on my art journal pages and it makes me so happy / i get the most excited when i see that in my notifications / honestly, thank you to more ‘popular’ art journal blogs that use their page to give attention to people’s stuff (even tho that sounds a little pretentious to write lol) bc it means a lot that people like or reblog these things that for some reason made sense in my head at the time and made their way onto a journal page lol

it’s also nice bc it’s become a legitimate coping skill so now i actually turn to it when i need to calm down and i like knowing i can post them and it might resonate w other people

also even though some are ed/recovery/mental health focused, it’s something outside of that that i’ve found to channel my energy into which is nice (bc that’s something i desperately need lol)

so there’s that!!!

missed the last bus (take the next train)

wolf 359 | 4k; complete | ao3 | anne & eiffel

notes: so, i was talking to a friend about how i think eiffel’s going to be immortal because of decima/alien shenanigans, and then he and hera and lovelace were going to be immortal space bros.  and I set out to write a fic about that, but it turned into…this.  i have more fic i want to write in this verse, but for now i tried to keep the timeline vague and hope what i have now makes sense on its own.

also, it’s never directly stated, but in my head eiffera is an established relationship at this point.

It started with a text.  Two texts, actually.

The first was an automatic notification from Anne’s bank, telling her that fifty thousand dollars had been deposited into her savings account.

She didn’t even have a savings account.

While Anne was still staring at that, the second came in, banner alert dropping from the screen.  The number was unknown, a long string that followed no pattern Anne could see, but she tapped it anyway.

Hi, Anne.  You don’t know me, but I’m one of Officer Eiffel’s friends.  He wanted to send the money anonymously.  I think that’s a stupid idea, and since I’m the one actually doing the money-sending, I get to say so. 

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OK, so I don't know if I have depression or not. Because, honestly, I can have great days. Sometimes, great weeks! But, normally, I find myself constantly degrading myself and believing that no one cares. Even though I KNOW my friends and family care (in my head), it just doesn't feel like that, in my heart. You know what I mean? Almost like I'm trying to convince myself that nobody cares about me?? But I'm being resistant about it at the same time? Sorry, it probably doesn't make any sense!

Don’t worry, friend, you make perfect sense! I think that a lot of people who have either worked on or followed this blog can relate to what you just described.

Buckle up, kids, this got way longer than I expected it to.

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would it be an autism thing to like hold on to certain sounds and replay them in your brain? Like if someone says a sound a certain way you like replay it for emphasis, trying to get all you can out of it... Does that make sense? Sometimes it prevents me from hearing the next thing the person is saying bc I'm holding onto the thing in my brain

Yep. That sounds like echologia which is like echolalia but inside your head. 


Recently got my hands on the official Viz release of My Hero Academia, and I’m like…oh my gosh, it’s a gold mine for all these itty bitty facts.

Yeah, I’ve been rereading it, and I’ve noticed a few things from the files and characters.

Bakugou does, for a fact, LIKE SPICY FOOD. I’m so happy to read I got this right in my head. We know he has skills in the kitchen, but it’s straight up canon that he likes spicy food. 

Kirishima is the friendship maker. It’s his purpose more or less. He’s meant to bring different members of his class together and to bridge gaps. It’s his purpose, and makes total sense when you finally see him click with Bakugou. He is the all around, every man who will build friendships with just about anyone, and will connect anyone to anyone. 

It really goes beyond that since he’s one of the first, I believe, to fully sympathize with villains, and at the same time…still get the job done. 

OKAY LIKE IZUKU SAYS ‘DAMN’ A LOT. I don’t know why I’m just realizing this. I’m on volume three. In the first two, I’m sure he’s sad ‘damn’ and ‘hell’ at least five times, maybe more, so it’s like our sweet brocoli head is the most loving creature alive but he’s got a bit of a potty mouth.

Not as bad as Bakugou. It’s just so great!

Also Ochako loves vulgar language. She thinks it’s pretty fun, so I can only imagine she tries out swear words in her mirrors, then winces because her reflection doesn’t sound as cool enough.

moonywormtailpadfoot-prongs  asked:

Hey Jessie, how do you piece Sebastian stans face onto other photos to make your reference photos? I think it would really help me with my drawing but I can't figure out how to do it

Hi there. I use Photoshop to cut out (magnetic lasso) the body parts I need then reassemble them how I want them. Often I start with a base pose, then replace or overlap new heads, faces, hairstyles, move limb positions, etc. I spend a lot of time finding references that match up with one another and dream that someone will buy me two supersoldiers for Christmas so I can photograph my own references. Before I got into Stucky I always used models (friends, myself, partners) and photographed them. Sadly I don’t have two muscular men hanging around willing to play Steve & Bucky for me…so Frankenstucky was born. Does that make sense? Do you have photoshop? :)

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so now Stiles has that internal spark and also an enormous wealth of untethered magic at his disposal the likes of which Deaton has never heard of. he doesn't even know where to start teaching him to control it because this situation has simply never existed before, but control it he must. whatever he is now, Stiles is a singularly powerful being. (k i'm done, it's just a really cool idea in my head that i thought you might appreciate)

That would be amazing! I’m not sure how you’d write a fic with a character like that, because it would be kind of difficult to have someone who could solve any problem with a snap of their fingers… but if everything is balance, then what’s the cost? And can his friends stop trying to make Stiles pay it? Should they even try? What if every time he uses his powers they sense he’s getting less human, and it’s terrifying, but they don’t want to make him hurt by suggesting it, because who knows how he’ll react when he’s hurt? 

What if they’re scared of him? 

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QUESTION FOR JEON JUNGKOOK FROM TRA!. Were you jealous of Y/N? Dont lie to me son.

Jungkook awkwardly looks around for a moment. “Was I jealous of her? She fucking likes burnt popcorn and drools in her sleep. As if I would actually be—”

“Jungkook, I think they mean— Were you jealous when you found out Jimin and I fucked last week? Why the fuck would they ask if you were jealous of me? That makes no sense, you fucking imbecile.”

He throws his head back in annoyance, sighing audibly. “Okay, well… They really need to make that more clear then. I’m just the messenger here.”

An awkward silence ensues.

“You didn’t answer the question, though.”

Jungkook clenches his fist behind the chair. “Fuck. I almost avoided that, too. Fine, fine. I might’ve been a little jealous. Not that jealous, though. Kind of like if someone ate my last cookie I’d been saving to eat for dinner, you know?”

“Are you comparing me to a fucking cookie?”

He raises an eyebrow. “That bad? Cookies are fucking good.”

Send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty.


if they had an extra hour to get to know each other before gettin to the lions.

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You know what I love more about Jin and the pink crocs? He has thingies on them, I can't what kind of additions he put there, I remember my eldest had these cars things on his crocs when he was younger. Oh man.



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Hey, love your blog and your voices! Strange question, but in one of entries from Crane I heard him address batman as "Mr Wayne". I was just wondering how scarecrow found out this, or are most of the rogues in the codotverse aware? Again, sorry if this has been answered or explained before, or if it's even important. Thanks :>

There’s a bit of a Rogue’s Code involving secret identities. My basic rule is “Those who know Batman’s identity won’t act on it, and those who WOULD act on it, do not know.”

This is (of course) an imperfect code, and will invariably lead to disaster. However, for the time being, it works.

Edward knows.
Jonathan knows.
Joker doesn’t know.
Harvey assumes / Harv refuses to accept it.
Selina knows.
Jervis doesn’t know / is possibly being mislead.
Ivy doesn’t care.
Waylon doesn’t care.
Harley suspects.
Mr. Freeze knows. 
The Penguin knows (but also knows Bruce’s Net Worth)

It’s all checks and balances - and to go after Bruce is leaving yourself vulnerable to what Bruce/Batman knows. If you’re going to try it, you better have all your bases covered, because the retribution will be terrible.