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Top five marauders head cannons!

• The Marauders were always picking up and putting on each others clothes in the morning (because sloppy teenage boys with very little adult supervision don’t use wardrobes) and nothing in this world can convince me Remus didn’t frequently arrive to class in James’ Quidditch jersey and James wondered into breakfast wearing Pete’s button ups and Sirius slacks that are a size small and end at his ankles.
• Lily and Sirius rented a flat together right out of Hogwarts. IDC if this makes no sense in canon, it is important to my soul that they eat cereal for dinner together on the couch and get a cat and fight about music and groceries.
• Sirius and James’ parents definitely ganges up on James to tease him about Lily.
• James was constantly fascinated by Muggle objects and Lily found it both endearing and annoying and started making up explanations for stuff. “Stop playing with that, James it’s called a toaster, and Muggles use them to burn their enemy’s hands.”
• Lily and Sirius are bros. They get along amazingly and they find the same things funny and even though they both come from very different backgrounds they’re both feeling the same terror and obligation about the war and they totally skipped classes together in seventh year to sneak into Honeydukes or out to the lake.

I never got the talk, the one where your parents tell you how you’ll know when you’re in love. Like how you “know know”. As a child of divorce, independence was preached far more than the cinematic concept of falling in love. So growing up, dating, the guys and the girls was fun and I learned what it felt like to care for somebody like that. I told people I loved them too, and watched their eyes light up as I said it, and feel 100lbs of guilt sink in my chest all at once. It wasn’t until I watched the way she picks at the ends of her hair, that it all started to make sense. I felt the way she put her head on my chest, and grabbed a piece of my t-shirt, as a way of asking to never let her go, and at that moment I watched the words spill out of me. I knew. God did I fucking know. Not because my mom clued me in, or because she reminded me of my favorite movie. But because she set my insides on fire and it has not once occurred to me to put it out. Because I could watch her lanky legs dance under my extra large t shirt for as long as she’ll let me, and her pulling me in close for a living room slow dance sets my world in slow motion. So no, I didn’t see love sit across from one another at a dinner table. I saw it written clear as day in sandy blonde hair with a dimple on the left side.
—  I love you
Ma Vie En Rouge {Wanda Maximoff X Reader}

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Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Wanda Maximoff,Pietro Maximoff

Reader Perspective: Female with extremely heightened senses for a power.

Word Count: 1086

Warnings: Gore,Cursing

Here’s to  portable-imouto for inspiring me with her fic ‘Freak Show’,that you should totally check out!





The clock echoes throughout the room on a constant loop.It’s all I have to listen to,my only pastime.I don’t mind it though,it could be silence.Anything is better than pure silence.

Why do I hate the silence?

Because sound gives me something to drown out the thoughts in my head,and silence lets them overcome me.

Silence makes me realise how scared I am to be in such a situation.

That’s why I let the clock ring out.

But I bet you’re wondering why I’m in such a place and what thoughts I have could overwhelm me.Well it looks like I’m not leaving here anytime soon…

I guess I need to start from the beginning…

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the story of how i might’ve met jensen ackles today

I was walking to a coffeehouse (in Greater Vancouver), and down the sidewalk, heading the opposite direction, was a group of people. one of them had a ginger beard, sunglasses, a baseball hat and a Tough Mudder 2015 T-Shirt. only when we were level did it hit me he looked kind of familiar, and I looked at him with widest eyes known to man while thinking CAN IT BE. the man in question looked at me with a smile. the group of people passed me, and I was left standing there with just ????????????? in my head

was it him? i can’t be certain, since I didn’t wanna bug him or follow him, since we were going in different directions! he did look a lot like Jensen, though, and since SPN’s been filmed around these parts numerously it might make sense for him to be there? idek :’D

I still find it very shocking that the doctor’s at the psychosis clinic comfrimed that yes I do have symptoms of psychosis but said they didn’t feel comfortable dx me at the moment. Even though I have had psychotic symptoms for about 3 years.

They then then told me that I could be bipolar or schizophrenic in six months since I have family member with those disorders, before they sent me on my way and told me that we they were not going to shecdual a second appointment for me.

I have psychotic symptoms shouldn’t they help me? Give me advice? At lest try to figure out what’s going on in my head instead of telling me to come back when it get’s worse? This makes no sense to me.

they were basically like “Yeah u have psychosis. No we don’t know why. Okay bye, don’t come back here.”

officialjamesbarnes continued from here.

“What, I never- I didn’t.. I didn’t say that! I- we just…” He motioned viciously with his hands at Steve still naked - oh god - in his bed as he paced the room a few steps away. He pushed his hands through his hair. “I NEVER said it had anything to do with that. Why? Do you have the problem about… About being a f-fairy?! Is that it?” He shook my hsi head and motioned to Steve again. “You’re my friend! And we just fucked!”

“I don’t. I would accept it if I was, but I’m not. There’s no words for it… I like fellas and gals. Which doesn’t make me heterosexual, and not homosexual either. bisexual would make more sense. Two. It would make more sense, better ethymology…” He covered himself with the blankets, Bucky seemingly not okay with seeing Steve naked. “Yes, we did. If you prefer, we can pretend it never happened…”

They Want to do What?! Part 1

Owen Grady x Reader
This is my own imagine. This is gonna be long because I have had this in my head for a while and it just keeps building.
Let me know what you think! ♡

Owen Grady finds himself with the reader kidnapped by a mysterious company. Owen soon discovers that they are flying them to an all too familiar island and Blue is in danger! Romance and fluff to follow, of course ;)
Something was disturbing your sleep. It had been such a long time since you had been able to rest like this. You couldn’t make sense of the noise. You felt like there was cotton in your brain.

Oh God, they’ve drugged me again.

Tears almost came to your eyes at the thought of what they might be doing again. What kind of test they had thought of now.

After taking several deep breaths, you were thinking a bit more clearly and began to notice other things around you. There was a loud whirring sound…an engine, maybe? Along with that sound you could hear a….flapping sound? No…that wasn’t it. But it had a definite rhythm. You tried to think.

A helicopter! Thats what it is!

Then the realization sunk in. You were on a helicopter. You were never let out of the lab. Why the hell were you flying somewhere?

You were finally able to open your eyes without feeling like your head would split open. You took in your surroundings. Typical helicopter with seats and supplies. A cargo hold. You also noticed the heavy artillery hanging on the wall in the corner close to a man lightly snoring.


You blinked your eyes a few times to focus on what you were seeing. No uniform….just black cargo pants and a black shirt. Still could be military. Why was he sleeping though?

You struggled to push up into a sitting position and stayed there until the world stopped spinning. Swinging your legs over the side you noticed your attire as well. The clothes you had on were definitely not in your wardrobe. The company had always given you dressy pant suits or pencil skirts. You hated them but those were the rules. Now you were in jeans and a t-shirt.

Alright, who do I need to kill for changing my clothes without me knowing?

Your head snapped up as the man on the other side of the cargo hold stirred. Your heart had also taken its leave of your chest and tried to flop out on the floor.

You took this moment to stand up and try to make your way to him. Hopefully he wasn’t hurt. After only making it half way, he opened his eyes. You stood very still, not knowing what to expect. You watched as he took in his surroundings, eyebrows furrowed. His eyes finally landed on you and his eyes narrowed.

“Hello,” you attempted.

“Who are you?” He slowly began to rise. Considering how fast he was able to recover, you guessed he hadn’t been drugged.

“My name is (y/n)(y/l/n)….yours?”

“Owen Grady.” He was standing now and fully aware.

Shit, he’s tall. Grady….? You had heard the name before. Whispers of people passing by your room in the facility. So, did he work for them? Oh God, what is happening? Did he drug me? Well, maybe not. He had been sleeping too. He wasn’t on guard duty it seemed. No weapons on his person that you could see, anyway. Was he in the same boat as you? And why is he so freaking tall? Granted, your 5'4" self saw everyone as tall. But seriously, what is-

“Hello?! Earth to (y/n)?”

“I’m sorry what?” You looked over to where Owen was only to find him just a couple feet from you. You instinctively backed up. You hadn’t heard him move. He definitely had some sort of training.

“I asked you what we were doing here. Who are you? Who do you work for?” He was stepping closer. Each step he took forward was matched with you taking one backwards until you finally ended up at the wall of guns you had seen earlier.

“Okay, just calm down,” saying this just as much to yourself as to him. “I have just as many questions as you do. I have no idea what we are doing here. I already told you my name. I work for a company called Genetic Industries. They do tests on different things relating to DNA like ancestries and stuff. I’ve never been out of the facility since I woke up there 3 years ago. I have no recollection of what I did before that. Although, I have heard them mention your name before in passing. So to be fair-who are you and what are you doing here?” You tried to straighten your back to seem confident. However, truth be told you were torn between trying not to curl up in a ball in corner waiting for who knows what and trying not to inhale the wonderful smell that was coming from your fellow captive.

Never one to lie down and die you settled for the latter, trying not to make it obvious. You looked up into the clear green eyes that were still narrowed in your direction. Clearly he still saw you as the enemy.

Crap, what now?

You tried to slide sideways to save your sanity and attempt to make it to the other side of the cargo hold only to be met with a large forearm shooting out to prevent your escape.

Son of bitch! You will NOT be intimidated!

“Enough!” You pushed him with all you had and he only moved and inch.
“Back up off me, caveman! We are obviously in the same predicament. Now you can either try to bully your way through this or we can work together and try to figure out what is happening. What is it gonna be?”

You watched as he threw his hands up in defeat, showing he meant no harm and backed up.

“My apologies, (y/n) but I have a suspicious nature.” Owen grinned slightly and you would be lying if you said weren’t just slightly affected by his proximity.

“Its fine. Just don’t do it again. I don’t like being touched.” Damn, why did you tell him that?

“Hm…maybe you just haven’t been touched in the right way.” He winked and you almost hit the floor.

His eyes sparked as he watched your cheeks turn scarlet.

You turned from him with the excuse of looking around the cargo hold. You noticed the boxes covered with the military grade netting covering them. Moving some of the the netting aside to read the side of the crates.

“This isn’t right.” Your eyebrows came together in confusion.

“What is it?” He walked over, serious now.

“Its like these crates are backwards. They should say GenIn for Genetic Industries but they all say InGen. What reason could they have for switching the letters around?”

A hand came around to hold the netting as Owen stood directly behind you.

Well, good to know he doesn’t listen. The stubborn ass.

“Son of a bitch.” He released the netting and walked over to the guns grabbing a few off the hooks. He placed the smaller ones in his cargo pants pockets and grabbed three of the rifles.

“Can you shoot?” He didn’t wait for my answer as he came over to hand me a gun of my own.

“Yeah but-”

“Trust me, we’re going to need them.” He walked over to the window of the helicopter and looked down.

“Fuck….Its Isla Nublar.”
So here’s part 1! Hopefully it doesnt suck! Lemme know what you think! (This is assuming anyone actually reads this)
Will post again soon!


I am restless

What a total mess this

Brain of mine is

It is them who have caused this

This infinite depression

This constant bad time

This never ending impression

It should be a crime

You were fast ripped away

It doesn’t make sense

A flurry of insults

My only defence

Nothing’s been working

I just can not sleep

With you not around

It’s not even possible to eat

I miss you

I’m beat

It’s just after 1

I finally decide

I need an escape

A space to hide

I crawl out of bed

In a last ditch attempt

To console the pounding

Inside my head

Down the staircase

I skip two or more

So not to disturb

The parents that snore

Up above where it isn’t a fight

Up above where they still sleep at night

At last I reach the room

Where it so mustily rests

A long lost keepsake

A throbbing in my chest

Cautiously I enter

Collapsing right upon it

This lovely soft safe-haven

I feel it might just cave in

It only hurts a little bit

I let myself fall deeper

Into its warm familiar arms

a last resort, a final lifeline

It’s your sleeping bag of mine

as they make their way

TITLE: as they make their way
SUMMARY: All of time and the universe strapped around his wrist, and he chooses to sit here with her, working alongside her to save her, to get her back where she belongs. // or, five times Jemma and Fitz meet across the universe
NOTES: Written for pocketfullof1 for the “More Than That Less Than 5K” exchange. I kind of took your “time travel” and “amnesia” ideas and then smashed them together and added a couple aliens and turned them into something unrecognizable, but hopefully you enjoy it anyway!

Also, in my head this is loosely set in the Doctor Who-verse, but you don’t actually need to know anything about Doctor Who - I borrowed/adapted a couple ideas, but they should make enough sense within the context of the story without any prior knowledge.



He finds her for her first time in a crowded marketplace, calling out her name while surrounded by azure-skinned merchants twice their height haggling with shoppers that have too many eyes or hair the color of mashed peas (or sometimes both). Before she can react he’s pulling her into a tight hug, her face crushed against his shoulder. There’s a distinct scent to his skin, tangy and acrid, that she recognizes immediately.

“You’re human,” she says in surprise, after he pulls back and she gets a proper look at him. Blond hair, eyes bluer than the merchants running the stalls, normal amounts of all his body parts. He looks at her like she’s grown a second head, though she wouldn’t look out of place here if she did, probably.

“‘Course I’m human,” he laughs, slightly bewildered.

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this is really random, but how do you pronounce 'nob'? Is it like "knob" or like a the beginning of "noble"? Sorry, but this has been bothering me forever (love your art btw, you're the literal best ;-;)

aaah thank you ;3; 

it’s short for “noble” in this case… I think I do pronounce it like “knob” in my head, but whatever makes sense? I don’t actually know if that’s right either

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Wait, is your username pronounced "bee-ca mitchell" or "bye-ca mitchell"? Like I realize in my head I've been pronouncing it "bee-ca" this whole time, but I guess "bye-ca" makes more sense, presumably trying to be all, "Beca Mitchell? More like Bi-ca Mitchell, amiright?"

When dealing with me, assume there’s always some sort of stupid pun involved. Beca Mitchell is hella bi, so it’s “bye-ca,” at least as I hear it. But, totally up to you dude


captain america: the first avenger // iron man 3


I have only two emotions: careful fear and dead devotion
                                                                                  (I can’t get the balance right)

what if each of the girls has been hiding a secret of exactly why A is torturing them, like they already know why they’re individually being tortured, because they know what they did, but the secret is too awful to tell the others so they just pretend they don’t know why they’re being victimised, when really if they sat down and spilled everything they would realise collectively they did these terrible things which all influenced each others’ terrible things, culminating into this one huge HORRIFIC event

it’s like what Ali said to Hanna when she visited her at the hospital: ‘the four of you combined know more about that night than you think’