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guys. GUYS. anyone suddenly plagued by the thought that Viktor actually had a very angsty childhood??? orphan Viktor,,, would,,, make so much sense,,, it would explain why Viktor was able to adapt to Hasetsu being his home so easily and why he left Makkachin at Hasetsu instead of leaving him in Russia and also why we’ve literally had NO exposition into Viktor’s childhood and who he was skating for like we’ve gotten with almost ALL the other skaters,,, not to mention it would explain why Viktor fell for Yuuri, the boy who gives him unconditional love, so hard

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated... or something like that

People of Earth

If you you see the Step© 3 turkey on your dashboard, please ignore it. Well, read the post if you like, and then ignore it.

I wrote Step© 3 on June 9, 2016. I returned a month later. Then I left again on October 10. And returned a month later. I’m having trouble committing to leaving. (Don’t start singing Hotel California. If you’re going to sing The Eagles, I want to hear Best of My Love.)

I want to thank me sentimental and lovely ol’ pal @southerngirl for her extremely kind words regarding my rumoured leaving. I’d also like to slap her upside the head, because my very first lovely ol’ pal @jackietex yelled at me, and for once it didn’t make any sense.

Hopefully, @southerngirl won’t retract her kind words now that she knows I’d like to slap her upside the head. 😁

Yours, stuck here for now,

boyneriver 🚣🏻

@caldineens too!

Something About You [Cat/Kara]

Part 7 of the This Is What You Came For Series (I recommend starting from the beginning or it won’t make a ton of sense, but feel free to read regardless!)

I haven’t forgotten about this ‘verse and the family I created in it. Even when I write new stuff, and even though I’m inspired to write different things now based on how the show is progressing, I will always have a very special place in my heart for this storyline. This is a little different, maybe even slightly strange, but I hope you enjoy the continuation (:


Kara sat at her desk, waiting for the layouts to come back from wherever they’d disappeared to, playing with a stapler in the darkness. She liked when everyone else went home and she could turn off the overhead lights, sit in the grey, shadowed silence, only the distant hum of computers and the elevator dinging on other floors to keep her company. That, of course, and the sound of Cat’s pen tearing across paper as she finished her edits on another set of proofs.

But tonight, a different noise caught her ear. She looked up through the glass, watching her boss struggle with something, chair turned towards the monitors. Her long, skinny arms flailed a bit as she attempted to reach behind her, fidgeting and fumbling, rustling her shirt before dropping a small object on the carpet.

“Damnit,” she muttered.

“Ms. Grant?”

“Kiera!” she jumped, spinning around. “I…didn’t realize you were still here.”

“You asked me to wait,” she reminded. “For the…”

“Right,” she swallowed. “I changed my mind. You can go.”

“Are…are you sure?”

“Yes, now go before I decide to keep you here all night,” she seethed, rolling her eyes, grimacing.

Kara bit her lip, stepping a little closer, until her fingertips were resting on the edge of the desk.

“What’s wrong?” she asked boldly. “You look like…you’re in pain.”

“I’m not,” Cat balked. “Pain is for the weak and kinky, Kiera, now stop being so nosy and…”

“Fine,” Kara stopped her. “I just…don’t like seeing you suffer, Ms. Grant. And if, for some reason, you needed…assistance…with anything, I…you know I’m always happy to help.”

Cat’s eyes watered. She took a deep breath, trying so hard not to break, but clearly struggling.

“Alright,” she stood abruptly. “Since you’re so eager, there is…something.”

Kara nodded slowly, circling around to the other side of the desk.

“I may have…earlier today…had a skin biopsy…and now I’m afraid it’s infected.”

“Oh,” Kara froze, suddenly filled with a million questions she knew better than to ask. “That sounds…how do you know if it…”

“Because it will not stop itching!” Cat grit her teeth, digging her nails into her hips to keep from scratching the spot.

“Do you want me to look?” Kara spoke calmly, confidently. “I will. It’s not a problem.”

“I can’t ask you to do that,” Cat shook her head. “Playing nurse is definitely beyond the scope of your job description.”

“But…I’m offering,” she insisted. “You don’t have to ask, and I promise…it’s not weird, okay? Can I just…see?”

Cat continued to stall, looking anywhere but at the younger woman standing next to her.

“If you tell anyone about this…”

“I won’t,” Kara assured. “Why would I…”

“I’m sure this violates some code of…”

“Come on, Cat,” Kara finally whispered, putting a hand on her arm. “Let me see. Please.”

Cat looked down at the hand on her arm, cheeks tinging pink as she resisted bristling away. Desperate, she sucked in sharply, turning around, lifting her green silk shirt.

Kara stared at the bare skin, refusing to let on just how nervous she was, shaking subtly at how soft and smooth her boss’s flesh appeared to be, save for the patch where it was red and raised along the edges of the bandaid covering her wound.


“It doesn’t look great,” Kara told her. “I mean, you…you do! You look…you look…fine, just that part of the skin…it definitely looks like you’re having some kind of allergic reaction or…”

“It’s the latex,” Cat groaned.


“I told her not to use latex, but clearly she wasn’t listening, and now I’m standing here giving that face-melting scene from Indiana Jones a run for its money.”

“Well, it’s not on your face…thankfully…and we can do something about this,” Kara sprung into action. “I keep a first aid kit at my desk.”

She went to retrieve the case, returning moments later, laying out the supplies on top of the papers scattered about.

“This isn’t at all embarrassing…” Cat mumbled, continuing to hold up her shirt as she shifted her hips, teetering back and forth on her heels.

“It’s not,” Kara tried to soothe. “I mean…it doesn’t have to be. I’m sure plenty of people have latex allergies…”

“Yes,” Cat snarked. “Yes, it’s done wonders for my love life, thank you. Not that I have one, currently…so to speak…”

“Um…” Kara paused, hands hovering above Cat’s skin.

“I don’t know why I’m telling you this,” Cat shrugged. “I shouldn’t be…”

“No, I’m…really, it’s…I just…need to…pull this off before…”

“Make it quick.”

Kara swallowed hard, digging her nails beneath the plastic strip, peeling it back with less than superspeed, but still quick enough to elicit a drawn out hiss from the woman standing before her.

“Fuck!” Cat arched, bracing against the back of the chair, leaning forward a little.

Kara felt her body react in ways she knew were inappropriate given how uncomfortable Cat was, but the sounds she made, the way she moved, combined with the sight of her tan, muscular back, was more than any secretly smitten heart could handle.

“Sorry,” she winced. “There’s hydrocortisone cream in here…do you want me to…”

“May as well,” Cat sighed. “We’ve come this far. I thought I could reach, but apparently I’m not as flexible as I used to be.”

“I’ve seen you do yoga,” Kara offered, twisting off the cap. “You’re still…plenty flexible.”

“That’s…” Cat flustered, squirming a bit, pushing her blonde locks behind her ear. “I wasn’t fishing…”

“I know,” Kara smiled softly. “Again…I was offering.”

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anonymous asked:

for real stelena flirting in 6x04 had so much tension? when stefan says he'll show her how its done and makes her laugh its so cute. and stefan saying he came back to town because he met her, her face is telling. and the hug at the end where stefan gives her a half hug bcas its too hard to hug her for real, even though in the proposal he did bcas it was pretend. just so much stelena in that ep

Right? The way he made her laugh brought me back to 2x20 when he made her smile before getting her up the hill. And his vows were like … this is real, I know it’s make belief but your sentiment is real, it’s genuine and it’s grounded and the way they hug after it, although the goodbye hug is probably my favourite part because of their facial expressions, when Elena turns to walk away, the way she moves her head is the same way she did it in 3x14, that sense of loss there and Stefan’s expression becomes sombre the minute she leaves. Season 6 actually has a lot of SE in it just in the periphery.

i’m really constantly fixated on sincerity and the sentiment behind things so a lot of the time i just don’t say anything to anyone because in my head i’ll think “i don’t have anything meaningful to say so i might as well not say anything” 

or i’ll read too far into what other people say because in my head saying something that doesn’t mean anything is strange and alien and doesn’t make sense 

Thoughts on YOI Ep. 10

Before I go to sleep, I want to leave a thought here.

I have successfully converted my roommate into YOI trash. Which is a big deal since she isn’t typically into anime, M/M, or ice skating. Anyway, at the end she posed the question, “What, is the engagement off if Yuri doesn’t win?”

Now I don’t know if ‘the marriage’/romance will ever be faced in such a head-on way (after all, they exchanged RINGS and Yuri still got his two cents in like one of the people claiming that the kiss was merely a hug). HOWEVER. I have to say…

Victor would DEFINITELY still want ‘the wedding’ (again, idk if it would ever be so straightforward, however I will not be surprised if the finale has wedding pictures over the credits) to be on even if Yuri lost. Losing wouldn’t change how he feels about Yuri, and the work they’ve done together. The show and routine have been about Yuri celebrating his feelings for Victor and, even if he did lose which I’m REALLY hoping won’t happen, that wouldn’t change what YOI is trying to do as a story. Unlike the traditional sports anime/story, winning a gold metal isn’t the endgame.

After all, Yuri’s already got himself something gold and round.

Imagine your person A of your otp has had a horrible day and is in the worst mood possible and when they see person B person A says ‘don’t do it, you better not do it’ and all person B has to do is smile and person A can’t help but smile back because of how much they love person B and their stupid smile that lights up the world