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Corner of Your Heart~ Pete Dunne AU ~ Chapter 1

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Note : Lola is played by @laochbaineann and Jay is me. 

First Chapter

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In a small town with a hard name to pronounced on a sunny afternoon two girls move into apartment on the third floor. Jay and Lola Simmons were two girls moving from the other side of the world. 

They were best friends and sisters as well, they trusted each other more than they trusted anyone else. Jay was the quite one, that loved to draw like it was her life’s work. She made money off of selling her art around. 

She had brown long hair with black rimmed glasses that framed around her blue grey eyes. Jay was average height for a girl and average weight. She loved to wear flannels, skinnies, vans, caps and beanies.

 She was kinda of the girl you’d find at the concert jamming her head to songs. Lola on the other hand was loud, average height just like Jay and average weight with black rimmed glasses rounded her beautiful brown eyes. She had a smile that anyone would die for when they saw it. 

She was so similar to Jay only that Lola worked in a radio station where her voice could be heard. Now a little about those two let’s head back to the story where it begins. 

“ Do you think you packed enough stuff?” Lola looks over at the boxes that her sister was carrying, with her hands on her hips shaking her head. “ Oh shut it squirt, I saw you pack all your shoes. Did you need all of them?” I ( Jay) asked putting the boxes down facing Lola. 

“ Yes, you know how I love my shoes” I rolled my eyes playfully as I looked around the apartment. 

“ I can’t believe finally we get our own place” Lola claps her hands together and squeals. I chuckle coming over to her swinging my arms across her shoulder hugging her to my side. 

“ Yes, this is a start of new adventures” 

“ I wonder if there are any sexy guys around” I palm faced myself as I shake my head hearing what she just said. This was Lola, as soon as we move into a new place, it’s guys and guys and men and men. The girl needs to take a chill sometimes. 

“ Is that all you think about?” Lola shrugs before putting on her shoes. “ Where are you going Lola? We have to unpack first..” Lola ignores what I just said as she heads to the door. I sighed going back to unpacking the boxes in the kitchen. Meanwhile Lola makes her way down the hall to maybe hopes to bump into a guy or maybe two or four. 

“ Shut it ya wanker!” Lola’s ears peer up as she hears a guys voice, a guy storms out of the room. She fixes her hair before heading his way, looking around as if she doesn’t really see him but she does. 

Lola squeals as she falls to the ground and with the guy ending up on time of her. Her eyes widen though as she looks into the eyes of her sister’s ex boyfriend. He looks different now, sporting a beard and looking much older than he was. It was Mark Andrews. 

“ Mark?” Lola asks, making sure it’s really him. Mark title his head to the side, he is confused to how this girl knows his name. He gets up, lending her a hand helping her stand when she takes his hand. 

“ How do ya know me?” his eyebrows are knitted together as he stares down at the small petite girl in front of him.

“ It’s me Lola Simmons, you dated Jay back in high school” When Mark hears the name “ Jay” the wheel in his head spin hearing her name again. It’s been years since he last seen her.

“ Oh my god! Lola!” He opens his arms for her to hug her, she comes into his arms hugging him. It’s been five years since Jay and Mark has split up, they were high school sweethearts. Until Mark wanted to pursue a different career that needed him across the world, he was in a band. 

They went places and Jay never kept contact with him, things ended on good terms but it still hurt because Mark was her first love. And then there was Jen ( it’s Marina! Hey! Hey!), Mark’s sister and Jay’s best friend since the beginning of high school. Jen was always the one that would fight off the bullies that were after Jay and Lola. She also was the one who pushed him into dating Jay. 

“ How is Jen doing?” Lola asks pulling away from Mark. Mark nodded his head, thinking about his sister missing her.

 “ Jen’s good, the last time, she and I talked was a month ago…” Mark scratched his beard, not really remembering good. Then his face changed when it clicked to him, he had to introduce Lola to the guys. 

“ Hey Lola, would ya like t’ meet my roommates and friends?” He asked, he didn’t need to know the answer because he knew Lola. Her eyes would light up at the mention of men, Lola just liked meeting new people and looking at guys. She never had luck in the relationship department. 

“ I’d love too..” Mark placed his hand on the small of her back leading her to the green door, opening it.
“ Hey arseholes! I’d want ya t’ meet someone!” All heads peeked out from their own rooms, while Pete’s head came from the fridge. 

They all scrambled in front of Lola and Mark, Lola’s eyes got widen seeing three good looking guys.
“ Lola this is Trent, Pete and Tyler. Lads, this is Lola Simmons, she’s an old friend from high school” Lola waved to them, a giggle escapes her mouth as Trent takes her hand giving a kiss on top as well as Tyler. 

Pete just looked at Lola with a smirk on his face before going back to the fridge, “ Make yourself at home..” Mark says, smiling down at her. 

“ Oh! How about Jay?” as Mark hears her name again, he feels his throat tighten, licking his lips as for some reason they felt dry. 

“ Jay?” Trent asks. Lola nods.

“ My sister” Trent looks at Mark as if to ask if it’s the same girl he was thinking about when Mark shook his head motioning to Trent to not even ask it. 

“ Bring her here” Tyler says. “ We want to meet her” 

When Lola gets back to the apartment, I’ve already set up the kitchen and was in my room unpacking the boxes, going back and forth from the living room back to my room.

“ Jay?” Lola calls out. I peek my head out the door, listening to what she wanted. 

“ I met some guys and they want to meet you” I shook my head, “ No thanks.” Lola groans stomping her way in my room, leaning with her shoulder against the door. 

“ One of them is Mark..” as I hear that name, I drop the frame in my hand onto the floor. It couldn’t be the same Mark. 

“ Mark? Mark Andrews?” Lola nods. “ Are you sure?” Lola nods again. 

“  Well.. okay..” Lola takes my hand leading me out of my room and out of the apartment, I managed to grab the key just in time as she drags me down the hall to the green door. She knocked, waiting as she shifts on her feet. The door opens, a guy with glasses and blonde dirty hair and a tank top opens it. He smiles at Lola, before looking at me. 

“ Ya must be Jay? ‘m Tyler” He opens the door letting us inside, I walked past him sending him a smile and a nod.

“ Nice to meet you Tyler” I looked around at the nice looking apartment to see another guy leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, light brown hair and a smirk on his face as hi eyes roam my body making me uncomfortable. I shifted my gaze to another guy who had a longer beard and seemed much nicer. 

“ This is Trent and that’s Pete” Tyler motions to them. My breath hitches and my body freezes seeing the familiar eyes of my ex boyfriend. 

“ Mark..” his name leaves my lips in a whisper. He stops in his tracks as he examines me before a smile appears on his face. 

“ Jay..” His name slips from my lips as if it was yesterday I first heard it. He comes over, hugging me bringing me to his chest. He still smelled the same as I remembered, I wrap my arms around him hugging him back. 

A groan or some sort of noise was heard from near the kitchen, that must be Pete who looked like he didn’t like seeing affection. Mark pulls away, Lola makes her way over to Trent who’s on the couch watching some TV, she’s making a conversation while I just look at Mark like it was yesterday I looked into his eyes. 

“ Just kiss or whatever..” Pete mumbles as he walks by, scoffing.
“ Don’t mind him, he’s always like that” I chuckle, nodding my head before Mark pulls me to the other side of the couch where we sit down to talk.
As the night goes, I couldn’t believe how much Mark was successful with his music. Just like he told me he would be. 

I told him about how I draw and sell my art work around the world, he loved that idea and always told me I had the talent for it. The first drawing I made was of him because of how much I liked him back in high school. When he first saw it, he told me this was what I was suppose to do as my job in the future, to go for it. And I did. Lola told them about how she ha her own radio station and Mark and his band should be on it. 

Pete looked bored out of his mind but his eyes went to Jay, hearing her talk. Something about her voice, brought him to listen. Trent on the other hand, didn’t really pay attention to what Lola told him. On his mind was did Mark get a girl like Jay back then. 

“ Look at the time, we have to go..” I said standing up looking around at the guys. 

“ So soon?” Pete asks looking up at me. “ Yeah, we still have to unpack..” 

“We can help!” Tyler says straight away, Trent, Mark and Pete look over to him in surprise. He usually was the quite and shy one out of all of them. They didn’t expect that from him. “ We would love that” Lola says. 
“ Lola!” I yelled/hiss. “ What?” she turns her head to look at me. 

“ Maybe the other guys have other plans..” Trent shakes his head, “ I’m free.”
“ Me too” Mark adds. “ Me Three” Tyler adds. “ I-” Pete was about to say when Trent nudges him into the side, “ Ow! Fucker!” He yells hitting Trent upside his head. Trent turns to glare at him, before Pete grumbles, “ “m free too” 

“ Then it’s settled, come by tomorrow at 10” Lola get up, fixing her shirt. Mark gets up, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he looks over to Jay. 

“ It was great seein’ ya again” He says. “ You too” I mumble wrapping my arms around his middle,hugging him. He chuckles, hugging me back before the guys walk us to the door. 

“ Good night” I mumble to him. “ Good night” He says, nodding his head. Trent catches me off guard as he takes my hand,kissing on top as well as Tyler. I looked at Pete, he scoffs putting his arms across his chest.

 Trent nudges him, Pete rolls his eyes as he mumbles a good night before walking away. 

Lola and I walk back into our apartment, as Lola closes the door she giggles making me turn around to look at her. 

“ What?” She shakes her finger at me with that smile on her face that scares me. 

“ Mark and you still have feelings for one another, the look he was giving you..”  

“ No. No. No. NO. Did I say no?” Lola rolls her eyes, “ Oh come on Jay, you can’t feel it? The two of you were throwing each other the sex eyes.” 

“ Maybe you need to get laid” Lola’s mouth drops as runs to catch me running around the apartment. 

Meanwhile, Mark has a hug smile on his face as he cleans up the living room table. Tyler watches him with a chuckle.
“ What?” Mark asks. 

“ Yeh still have feeling for her.. don’t ya?” Mark shakes his head, “ No.” Trent scoffs, “ Yeah right lad, yah were starin’ at her like she only mattered in the room.” 

“ I don’t…stop..” 

“ Stop being’ a pussy and talk to her about it” 

“ Guys, she just moved in . Not right now..” 

“ When? When yeh two are old?” 

“ fuck off, will yah!” Mark grumbles going to his room shutting the door.

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“ Oh Roddy~ My handsome Roddy~” Amelia, at least tenfold braver in this form as she ever would be, licked the rim of the red licorice in her hand. “Play some of that music of yours I adore today~ and make sure to smile baby~” 

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I Missed You (Liam Payne Smut)

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm as always, but there was something different about today. I could feel someone’s presence next to me. I reached across the bed and felt something warm and it was breathing softly and letting out low snores. I must be dreaming again. I always dreamt that Liam was back from tour and sleeping beside me once more with his arms around my waist. Could it be? I was almost afraid to turn around to find that my imagination got the best of me. I rolled onto my back and turned my head slowly to find him. He looked like an angel. An angel from my dreams. His chest rose and fell with each breath he took and my heart quickened as he shifted his body to get more comfortable. I just laid there staring at him. His perfect jaw clenched as he shifted again. I shuffled across the bed closer to him. I took in his all too familiar scent and ran my hands up his bare torso. I laid my head down onto his chest and felt his arms snake around me.

“Good morning beautiful.” His raspy voice bellowed. Tears started to stream down my cheeks as I held him tighter. Hearing his voice over the phone and on Skype wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to be in the same room as him. I wanted to breathe the same air and be able to cuddle and feel his warmth, and now I am. He was here and he was real. “Y/n, baby, what’s wrong?” he soothed me and I looked up at him.

“I just really missed you.” I sniffled and leaned back down onto his chest.

“I missed you too baby.” He hugged me again and I wrapped my leg around him. I felt something beneath his boxers that I knew all too well. As my legs swiped over it, he let out an involuntary groan.

“I can see that.” I laughed wiping the tears from my cheeks and his face turned red.

“Well you can’t blame me,” he chucked, “I haven’t seen my beautiful girlfriend in months.” He placed a soft kiss on my lips and I looked at the clock. It was already 6:45am and I had to get ready to be at work by 7:30.

“Li, I have to go to work.” I moaned pulling away from him. He held my waist and refused to let me go.

“You can’t leave me with this.” He gestured to his little problem beneath the sheets and I allowed him to pull me back down.

I snaked my hand down to his boxers and rubbed his growing erection. His head fell back against his pillow as I kissed his neck. I reached beneath his boxers and started to pump him while placing kisses all over his bare chest. I spent a few minutes teasing him under the fabric when his hips bucked up begging for more, but I didn’t give it to him.

“Baby, I really wish I had time to help you,” I gave him a smirk and placed a slow, seductive kiss on his lips, “but I really have to go to work.” I jumped off the bed leaving Liam in a state of shock. His mouth was agape and he just stared at me.

“Y/n?!” He yelled as I walked down the hall to the bathroom. I didn’t want to be that girl that teases just to leave them all hot and bothered, but…Oh who am I kidding? Liam left me for months at a time and I have to admit I wanted a little payback. I just wanted to see if he could last until I got home from work. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door so Liam couldn’t bother me. When I got out he was downstairs cooking himself some breakfast. I quickly got ready and left the house at 7:20.

“Bye baby.” I placed a small kiss on his cheek and he smiled and told me he loved me. I could tell my lack of intimacy was killing him. He is not the only one that is going to have a long day. I couldn’t wait for my shift to be over.

*8 ½ Hours Later*

My shift was so long and Li was making it even longer because he kept snap chatting me dirty pictures of himself. I couldn’t even focus the last few hours because of the throbbing between my legs. His pictures would come with captions like ‘Can’t wait to see you baby’ or ‘How bad do you want me?’ and he was right…I wanted him baaaaaaad.

 I drove home quickly and ran into the house to find Liam on the couch and all the lights dimmed. I took a quick glance around the living room and saw candles and rose petals everywhere.

“What’s this?” I looked at him confused. I assumed the second I walked into the door he would tackle me to the ground and take me right here in the foyer. 

“I wanted to show you how much I missed you.” He said getting to his feet. He walked over to me slowly and towered over me. I looked up into his brown eyes as he slowly brought his lips down to mine. This was the first time we shared a kiss like this since he had been home. “Did you miss me?” his eyes were still closed and his forehead rested on mine.  

“Of course I did.” I breathed and he smiled and kissed me again. Every time he kissed me, he took my breath away.

He took me by the hands and we moved into the kitchen where there was an amazing spread on the table. Liam had set up the perfect candle lit dinner for us and I was grateful, but I wanted him now. He turned to me looking for approval of his efforts and all I did was smile. “It’s beautiful Li,” I grabbed his hands and pulled him close to me. “But I want something else for dinner.” I said winking at him and starting to walk backwards towards the stairs to our bedroom. His eyes lit up as he blew out the candles and chased after me. I started running and he caught up with me as I fondled with the knob on the door. Before I could push it open he turned me around and his lips collided with mine. I had so much sexual frustration from the past few months and now I was finally going to have the chance to release all of it. My arms were around Li’s neck and he reached behind me to open the door. I almost fell back, but he caught me with his arms around my back. We both started laughing at my clumsiness. I missed this the most. When we were intimate with each other, we weren’t all serious and emotionless. We laughed and smiled and continuously told each other how much the other means to us. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  

Liam backed me to the bed and I sat down while he stepped back. I crossed my legs in anticipation whilst he peeled off his white shirt. I moaned at the sight of his shirtless body which I had craved all day. He had a cocky grin on his face as he brought his hands up to cup my cheeks. My hands immediately flew to his bare chest and ran all the way down to the top of his jeans and fondled with his belt. He brought his lips to my neck and began to leave small kisses all over familiarizing himself with me again. I finally got his belt off and moved to the growing bulge under the material. He grabbed my hands and pulled his face up to look at mine.

“You aren’t going to tease me like you did this morning.” He said in a soft voice.

“No.” I almost moaned as he brought a hand up to massage my clothed breast.

“That wasn’t a question. It was an order.” He whispered as he pushed me back onto the bed hovering over me. His dominant side makes me quiver and I couldn’t even explain how much I wanted him in that moment. I bit the inside of my cheek and brought his lips to mine as I continued to rub him over his jeans. Liam ran his hands over my uniform and gripped it from the bottom. I sat up so he could pull it over my head. He was up on his knees and I took that chance to get him out of his jeans. I undid the button and slid the zipper down agonizingly slow. Liam’s eyes were burning into my head as I slid his jeans down exposing his black Calvin Klein boxers. He scooted onto his butt and pushed the jeans and boxers all the way down and threw them on the floor. I still had my pants on while Li was sitting in front of me naked. I figured I would give him a little show to get him all worked up. I positioned him at the edge of the bed and gave his member one or two quick little pumps as I stood up. He moaned and bit his lip as I began to pull down my pants exposing black lace panties matching my black bra. I turned around and slid the fabric of my pants all the way down my legs giving Li a clear view of my ass. I turned my head to see that he was palming himself slowly and staring me down to see what I would do next. I was in only my underwear and bra as I walked back over to him. I sat on his lap and I could feel his hard-on between my legs.

“I missed you so much baby.” I whispered in his ear and started to grind my clothed core on his member. His hands flew back to my bra and unclasped it like he had done it a million times…OH wait, he has. It fell between us and he threw it over by his clothes on the floor. Liam’s strong arms wrapped around me and we continued making out.

“I missed you too princess.” He said into the kiss.

The only thing separating us was the fabric of my underwear and Liam had enough of it. I screamed when he stood up and put his arms under my legs to lift me. My legs wrapped around his waist as we continued to kiss and he turned us around so my back was to the bed. He threw me down on the sheets and I laughed as he jumped on top of me. He smiled and put his hand on my cheek and kissed me softly. He retreated down my abdomen kissing every few inches until he stopped at the top of my panties. I sat up on my elbows and watched him with wide eyes. His eyes moved to mine when he hooked his fingers in the waistband and slid them down. I was now completely naked under his gaze and he licked his lips at the sight. He got in a push up position over me and reached one arm down to tease my entrance with his tip. I moaned as it brushed my clit and I bucked my hips to meet his. He chuckled darkly at my eagerness. “You are so wet baby. Did you like those pictures I sent you today?” He said as he went down to kiss my neck. I just nodded my head and put my lip between my teeth. My hands found his hair as he slowly slid into me. I was no longer used to his size so he had to give me a few seconds to adjust.

“Li…” I whispered in his ear giving him the okay to start moving.

“God I missed being inside you baby.” He thrusted into me slowly and passionately making the pleasure all the more enjoyable. I couldn’t fathom words and just ended up moaning his name over and over. This seemed to have fueled him to go faster and start rubbing me to bring me closer to my release. I felt my end rapidly approaching, but I didn’t want it to end so soon.

“Liam,” I said in a lower tone making him look into my eyes. “I want to ride you.” I said plainly and he smiled I had just told him he won the lottery; I didn’t usually ride him so this was a treat. He grabbed me by the waist and rolled over so I was straddling him. I ran my hands up and down his torso one more time before lowering myself onto him. His hands immediately darted to my breasts kneading them softly. I threw my head back and began to bounce more on is hard member. “Oh my God Li.” I breathed as he began to thrust his hips up to meet mine.

“God Y/n, you feel so good baby. Oh shit.” He groaned and I knew he was getting close. I grabbed one of his hands and brought it back to my center signaling him to help me finish. He started to quickly rub me and I felt my stomach muscles tighten. I laid myself down so that I was lying flat on top of him and started to kiss and suck at his neck.

“Liam! Fuck!” I yelled as I came around him and a few thrusts later he did the same.

We just laid there for what seemed like hours and took in each other’s presence.  I finally got off of him and snuggled up so that my head was on his chest and his arm was around me.

“God, I have been waiting for that all day.” He laughed and I smiled thinking about what I did to him.

“Liam?” I looked over at him.

“Yeah?” he wondered.

“Is the food still downstairs?” I admit I was pretty hungry and Liam chuckled and nodded his head. I got up from the bed and threw him some clean clothes and pulled on one of his shirts and some booty shorts and ran downstairs. We spent the night talking about tour and how much we missed each other and I finally got to fall asleep in my man’s arms again.