it makes my doodads


a second part to the thing i made awhile ago
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and no, you can’t include 50+ years of film-making without making it look like an insane mess (trust me, i’ve tried)


i have a shit ton of rec lists, take your pick.

People of Tumblr, I need your skills!

So I have a friend with a 3D printer who I am commissioning to make all the weird metal doodads on Dorian’s costume. My current ones are worbla, they’re not very durable and I need an upgrade
What the 3d tech friend has asked me to do is to pull the 3d file of Dorian’s costume out of the game so they can isolate the metal doodads and convert them into CAD files.

I would be willing to pay someone real-life dollars to do this, it is not a skill I have. Message me to discuss!