it makes my coloring look like different coloring when its the same one


Pastel-ish Joshua Icons 

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I really wish we had more black apparel that was actually, you know, black, instead of purple, blue, green or whathaveyou-tinted. I know, it’s common advice to “shade your work with a different color than your base”, and don’t get me wrong, it’s very valuable advice that does absolute wonders. BUT. 

But, apparel on FR is supposed to be One-Color-Fits-Most.

A black green-tinted mantle will only fit my obsidian iridescent and green-range dragons, but if I want to put a black mantle on my midnight dragon, it won’t look good at all. Unfortunately, there is only one mantle, and it is green-tinted.

Furthermore, it seems like none of the apparel artists can agree on which tint to use. So we get stuff like the Necromancy jewelry set, and pieces of black apparel that are supposed to be the same color but don’t match at all when you actually put ‘em on a dragon. [See example.]

Ya get where I’m going here? When you make art like this, it’s sometimes best to just go grayscale and use a darker shade of black.