it makes me want to punch you i think

i’m rewatching boueibu s2 ep6 (since i ended up rushing through it earlier) and io’s and ryuu’s “insults” in the beginning suddenly make sense

EDIT - will elaborate later with screenshots. this whole ep gets that much better when you know the end

EDIT 2 - screenshots! bc i loved this ep and i’m going to keep screaming about it

beginning of ep:

end of ep:

beginning of ep:

end of ep:

beginning(ish) of ep:

end of ep:


(which also gets me thinking: who the hell betrayed io in the past? i want to punch them)

My boyfriend and I were talking about what color we’d like for our kids to have and looking at it genetically, and then he asked “Do you think we’ll be together long enough to have kids?” And I panicked thinking I had said something creepy and I replied “I hope so” Then made an off topic comment so he could escape and he replied “nah don’t hope, just punch me if I do something stupid” and it makes me so happy that he wasn’t weirded out by talking about kids, and that he wants us to stay together awhile :)

Liz Appreciation Week

Day2 – Favourite Badass Moment

My Favourite Badass Moment is when Liz stabbed Red in the neck with a pen. Red hurts someone she loves and Liz shows the consequences. I mean stabbing a international criminal, the number 4 on F.B.I’s most wanted list first day on job is pretty badass. She doesn’t even regret it! And to be fair Reddington did deserve it! 

Liz - Now, you know I just punched a hole in your carotid. Best chance, one minute before you pass out. So here’s how it’s gonna work. You tell me how I find Zamani and make this right, or I let you die right here. Understand?

It’s like she tell him think about what you’ve done with a pen in your neck!

astrayeus  asked:

☀ ☁

☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

I’ve got a lot of pet peeves.  Let me introduce you to one of them: people who think that writing endless paragraphs of purple prose makes them an excellent writer.

No. Writing 15 paragraphs detailing how your character’s silken tresses flow with effervescence as though takethflight and sailes forthwith in ye westernly directione then you’re not an impressive writer. All you’ve accomplished is making me want to punch you in the orbs.

Who came up with using the word ‘orbs’ for eyes anyway? It makes me picture the character with giant, swollen crystal balls lodged in their eye sockets…

But that’s neither here nor there.

☁ Have you ever forgiven a partner when you shouldn’t have?

No. I don’t forgive ill intent~.

autistic--amethyst  asked:

(last ask cont) which makes me think; was this what she wanted all along? what if she was just trying to get one of these kids' souls she can beat her ex-husband to the punch and rectify what didnt happen all those years ago? and asgore acts like he feels bad about killing the humans, but if you really felt that bad about something, wouldnt you falter in the slightest after like the second try? let alone the fucking seventh.

i don’t think ur last ask sent ;u; but THESE ARE GOOD POINTS