it makes me want to face my true self

“menhera is gross/bad/problematic!”

i’m mentally ill and you know what? menhera fashion/art is relatable for me! even before i knew what menhera was i drew art that fit the theme because it helped me cope with my anxiety, depression, and bpd. it’s self-expression and i’d go as far as to say that calling it gross or bad or - god forbid - “problematic” is ableism.

mental illness is a very “ugly” thing, it’s true. my mental illnesses make me panic, have intense outbursts of anger and sadness, and search for solace in the wrong places. it’s not cute or fun. but part of menhera is the feeling of being two-faced and keeping an outward appearance that hides your actual feelings due to societal pressures. 

and if i want to vent by drawing “ugly” things in pretty colors, who the fuck are you to judge? i don’t expect you to understand, but keep your shit opinions away from me


idk if you can tell but slouchy jumpers and messy buns are v much my aesthetic

am i late i can’t tell

i’m stilll living off the high of the news from yesterday despite being a true british meme so yay america ily

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