it makes me want to cry i feel like she appreciates us

I hope Taylor never forgets what she told us in one of her clean speeches...

“But there’s some things I don’t ever want you to regret, okay? I don’t ever want you to regret letting someone into your life, even if they betray you. And I don’t want you to ever regret trusting someone, even if you end up crying and getting your heart broken at the end of the day. And I don’t ever want you to regret welcoming people with open arms and open heart the way that you’ve welcomed me tonight, cause I appreciate it so much. Cause, you know, I have a feeling we have a lot of, like, daydreamers and hopeless romantics in the room tonight, and those are my favourite people in the world to hang out with… people who make decisions based on their heart, um, you know, and even if your heart gets broken, I have faith in people who are romantics because romantics – yes, we get our hearts broken, and you take time, and you think it through, and you think “what could I have done differently?” – but the fact that you’re also an enthusiastic person will allow you to pick up the pieces of your life and put them back together in a new way. And if you lost yourself in a relationship, you will find yourself again. And then, all of a sudden, you start replacing new habits with old habits. If someone left your life, maybe you start replacing your time with spending it with your friends, instead of that person, huh? Maybe… maybe you start living your life only on your terms. And then I think if you’re a hopeless romantic, and you’re enthusiastic, and you’re a generous person, one day after you get your heart broken, you look in the mirror, and you don’t see heartbreak anymore in the reflection. All of a sudden, one day, you look in the mirror and you’ve put yourself back together. And on that day, you realise it – that you’re clean.”

We love you @taylorswift