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Torn Part 8

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Prompt: You’re Parrish’s girlfriend and you catch him getting way too close to Lydia. (whoops)

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader , Lydia Martin x Jordan Parrish


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Ice Pick Pt 3

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,941

Warnings: None

   I ran with Stiles in the lunch room to find Scott. Allison was just leaving, so we stopped to let her by before stepping into Scott’s way.

   “Scott. Do you see that?” Stiles asked, pointing to Boyd’s seat. It was empty.

   “What, it’s an empty table,” Scott said, irritated that we were keeping him from going after Allison.

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This video is truly upsetting because:

  • Namjoon comin’ thru with the vocals
  • Mint Yoongi (in suspenders)
  • Taekook harmony 😩
  • Tae’s vocal range literally makes me want to claw my face off
  • Jimin looking and sounding like an angel for the entire two minutes and twenty-nine seconds he’s on stage

In conclusion, RIP me

Carl’s Sister|Negan x Reader

A/N- This was a request from well they didn’t put there name, Either way the reader is Carl’s sister. Carl is older around 26
Summary: Negan has a thing for Ricks daughter and Carl’s sister, he learns that shes been a naughty little sister
Warning(s): Under Age Sex, Unprotected Sex,  Dirty Talk, Swearing, Big Age Gaps, Mention Of Death(s), Negan being Negan, Smut


I looked around the people in the line up. “Do you understand how not cool it was to killmy men. Not cool, not cool, it was really really not cool Rick.” I said. I looked at the people, one girl caught my eyes. I walked over to her Lucile over my shoulder. I bent down on my knees “Well hi there sweetheart. Whats your name?"I asked the girl. She looked up to me, "Y/N."She stated. "Thats a pretty name…do you have any friends in this group?” I asked her glacing at everyone else. She nodded to me “Yes…” “Who darling?"I sat Luicile behind me tonot scare her as much. "M-My brother and a few other people. Please don’t hurt them…"She whimpered out. "Aww…have they made Negan out to be the Big Bad Wolf? Whos your brother I promise I won’t hurt him okay…and by the way I never break my promises."I said smiling at her. I could feel her calm down a little "Carl"I started laughing. "Your ricks daughter?! Wow…wow…didn’t know he had more kids. Okay I won’t hurt your little brother.”      I grabbed Luicile and started to walk away “Hes not older then me."I heard Y/N speak. "Hmm really? Simon Dwight! Take little Y/N here to the RV, fucking touch her in anyway other then helping her get in. I will iron your faces again” They both nodded helping her stand up and walking her over to the RV. “Okay then…didn’t need the little cutie around to see whats gonna happen.”


I was playing with Judith, just messing around laughing and smiling. I heard the door open looking over I saw Carl and Negan. He looked to me “Well I don’t know which one is cuter."He started walking over to me. I gave him Judith with no problems, you may find it weird. But I trusted him, he talked to me. Told me he wouldn’t hurt me and Judith, when I asked about Carl he just said ‘I’ll try my best to if it keeps you happy dear’. Honestly I found him very attractive…hot even. Despite the huge age gap I mean hes in his late 40 early 50s and I’m 20. Still I thought he was very good looking sometimes even nice, with all the things he told me I wasn’t sure if I could be mad at him for killing our men. Of course I will most likely never get over Glenn and Aberhams death…but he told me his side. Its sound weird…he didn’t need to bash Glenns and Aberhams head in front of everyone but my dad didn’t need to shoot Negans men. "Hey darling why don’t you join us on the patio."Negan said smiling, he was always smiling. "Okay."I got up following him,I hadn’t really talked to Carl. We got out on the patio and sat down he was cuddling Judith

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It was very cute, he seemed to like kids or maybe just babies.”Y/N how old are you?”He asked rocking Judith in her arms. “I’m 20..”You said. “Good your nice and legal…means you can have sex with anyone you know.” “Oh I know I can Negan” He chuckled. “Y/N do you have a boyfriend or you for takes. I’m just wondering.” “I’m free…” He chuckled once again. “Good..So Y/N I need to talk to you. Alone.”He said sternly. “Okay, when do you want to talk”I asked. He smiled at me “How about I take you to my sanctuary and we can talk there.”He said smirking. “Okay” I got up from the chair I was sitting in. “Well here you go Carl, me and your sister are gonna have a little chat.”He gave Judith a quick kiss and gave her to Carl.

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He drove you to the sanctuary, once there he practically dragged you to his house. “So you live here?” “Yep..its fucking great huh!”He said gleefully. “So what were your questions for me?”You asked sitting down on the couch. “Well, are you a virgin?”He said smirking “I have had sex before.”I gasped. “How old were you, how old was the guy?” “I was 15 and so was he..”I said calmly. “Oh so he wasn’t a man…Mmm. I think you need to be fucked by a man Y/N”He jerked me off the couch toward his body. I gasped at the sudden movement, “Oh yeah and who’s gonna do that?”I said looking at him. “Me.”He chuckled. “Really? I didn’t know you were even a man.”I teased. He growled, dragging me into his bedroom I was thrown onto his bed. “Your being a bad girl…bad girls get punished.”He crawled onto the bed sitting on his knees, he bent you over them. “Now I’m gonna spank you, and your gonna count everytime.” *SMACK* before you can even say anything your ass was smack hard. Really hard. “Count bitch.”Negan barked out. “O-One..” *SMACK* “Two..” You said. He paused for a second. “Do you like being spanked?”He asked. You didn’t respond pissing him off even more. *SMACK* “Yes!”you moaned out. He laughed giving you another smack “Four..”You moaned again. He pushed you off him, “Undress me.”He ordered. You nodded your hands moved from his cheeks down the his leather jacket. You simple slipped it off letting it fall to the ground, your hands traveled down his white T-Shirt you could feel that he was fit while his shirt was still on.  You tugged the edge of his shirt slowly bringing it up. You finally go tit over his head, you could see he was fit and well built. You ran your hands down his chest staring at him. Finally they reached they reached Negans belt and pants, you slowly undid his belt setting it aside. “I can’t take off your pants unless you stand up.”He stood up taking his pants off himself. He was only now wearing his boxers you could see his bulge. Even without his boxers off you could tell he was big, “Like something you see?”Negan asked licking his lips. “Can” “Suck it? Hahaha! Do you think your worthy enough to suck me off?”He said laughing. You really wanted to…”But Negan.”You whined. He started walking toward you, “Take off your clothes.”He growled. You did as told, standing in front off him completely nude. “Lay down.”He demand. You did as s told again. As soon as your ass he the mattress he pushed your legs apart. Licking his lips as he stared at your pussy “Such a pretty little pink pussy? And so wet for me!”He chuckled. He hands trailed up your thieghs finally reaching your throbbing pussy, you didn’t want foreplay but you know you’d get spanked again if you asked him to skip it. One of his fingers slid up and down your slit, finally pushing one finger in. You moaned as he moved it back and fourth fast and hard, his thumb began massaging your clit making you moan more. “H-Harder Negan please…”You begged. You heard him chuckle before he began to harder and faster. Suddenly though he pulled out, “What? Why did you stop?”You whined. He laughed “Well I figured I’d stick my dick into your tight cunt but if you’d rather me finger you..”His sentence trailed. You shook your head quickly “No! No! Please Negan!”You begged. He laughed again “Well then shut your pretty fucking mouth and then I’ll fuck you.”He said. He hovered over you, taking his dick in hand and rolling your clit in circle making you moan and beg. “Negan please hurry…”You whispered. “Y/N tell me how would your dad fell about this. You letting me destroy your tight cunt? making you scream my name, huh? Hows he gonna feel when I tell him?”Negan whispered into your ear. Your eyes widened you had forgot about that…was he really gonna tell your father “I-I..I don’t think h-he’d like–”A scream interrupted your sentence when Negan slammed inside you. Wasting no time to start pounding you into his mattress, he wasn’t lying when he said he was gonna destroy your cunt.  He was going hard and fast…so hard. You felt him start kissing your neck and sucking on it. Leaving a big hickey, You were screaming and moaning so much. Your dad would definitely not approve this . He thrusted into you hard stay like that for  a moment. “Negan!”You screamed his name out. “Thats right baby you scream my name. You let your father and everyone else hear it!”He said pounding into you harder. At this point you didn’t care, you loved what was happening. He brought his lips to yours into a sloppy yet passionate kiss. His thrust were getting sloppier and a knot in your stomach was forming. It was tightening, and tightening, “N-Negan I’m gonna cum!”You shouted. “No! I’ll tell you when to come you whore!”He said roughly. Usually you’d slap someone if they called you that but you wanted him to say those things. To degrade you.. His thrust were becoming sloppy but rough “Fuck I’m gonna cum…Mm. Ah, so tight. I’m gonna com inside your nice pussy.” “Yes!”I moaned “Cum, cum for me Y/N!”He gabbed my face making me look at him. I came, making the sweetest ‘O’ shape with my mouth. I clawed his back ”Negan!”I screamed.I felt him thrust deep inside me. He emptied his hot think liquid feel me inside. He let out a groan coming inside me. He rolled off me, both of us breathless.After a few minutes I felt Negan pull the covers over us. He pulled me into his chest “Your mine now. I don’t give a shit if your Ricks daughter or your Carl’s sister. You mine. I own you, I own your great tits. I own your fucking lips, and I specifically own that great pink pussy you got there.” I nodded, looking up at him. “I own me Negan.” He smiled at me kissing my lips. He got out of bed ”Well lets hope in the shower..” He started walking to the master bathroom. I got up but as son as I stood up my legs started shaking and i let out a moan.. I sat back down. “I don’t think I can walk…” He let out a long gleeful laugh. “I bet you can’t…that happens when a man fucks a little girl.” He walked away into the bathroom. Yeah now I know Negan is definitely the biggest man out there…

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Temptation (Jack Gilinsky Imagine) WARNING: LOTS OF SMUT

“Jack…” I sang my boyfriends name who was currently making me breakfast.

He turned his head and his soft brown eyes met mine. God, how is he so perfect.

“Yes baby?” he smiled, then turning his attention back to the pan.
I walked over to him and wrapped my small arms around his toned torso.

“So yesterday, I was thinking that we should do something different in the bedroom.. Not that you’re doing a bad job or anything because trust and belive you’re amazing on your own,” He laughed

“I was just thinking that we should do something more exciting, you know?” I was trying to say this in the nicest way possible so that he didn’t think I wasn’t getting the pleasure that I sure as hell was getting.

“I totally understand baby, I actually was gonna come to you about this later but I’m glad you brought it up. I know somethings we could do.” He said a bit quieter as he put my pancakes on a plate and set them down.

“Well what exactly did you have in mind, Gilinsky.” I grinned, biting into the fluffy mixtutre of goodness.

“That, my dear,” he pecked my lips, licking his from the sweet syrup.

“Is a surprise. ”

“Well you’re just full of surprises so I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.”

“Just prepare yourself for tonight baby, I swear i’ll make you come more times tonight then you ever have.” he whispered seductively in my ear, making my panties dampen.

“O-okay…” I stuttered, failing to regain my composure. God this boy is going to be the death of me.

{7:30 PM.}

Jack left earlier today, leaving me  to question his whereabouts.
I heard the lock turn and he walked in with a single black bag.  I tilted my head to the side just wondering what was in it. He noticed my actions and smirked then proceeded to our bedroom.

“Jack.?” I followed.

“Yes baby girl?”

“What’s in the bag babe?”

“Oh just a little something for later, baby.” he smirked.

Damn him and his beautifully curved smirk. All I wanted to do was smack it right off of his perfectly chiseled face.


“Ella, come in here baby.” Jack voice cooed.
My feet padded across the wood floor and up the stairs to our room.

When I walked in my eyes widened. Jack stood on one side of the room smirking at me once AGAIN. There were toys, sex toys and a lot of them, that lied on the bed. I looked up at him, my mouth in the ‘O’ shape.
“Go into the bathroom and get changed, darling." 

My stomach doing flips as I walked in there and closed the door.
A black corset lied on the counter with fishnet pantyhose and thick black heels.
Holy fuck, he was going all out tonight and I was so ready. I stripped from my basic clothes and put on the little outfit he bought me. I tightened the corset more, making my breast look incredible and on full display for his eyes only.
I slipped on the heels, opened the door, and walked out.
Jacks head snapped up and he immediately licked his lips. 

"Fuck, it looks even better on you then I imagined.”

The heels clicked on the floor with every step I took. Jack grabbed my arm pulling me on to the soft mattress while kissing me roughly. His tongue and mine both fought for dominance. He let out a low growl, letting me know he was getting impatient and more needy by the second.

He detached his lips from mine and reached over and grabbed a pair of handcuffs and locked them to both of my wrist. Jack then tied both of my feet to the end of the bed, making sure it was tight and that my legs were wide open. My core was throbbing and dripping already. A black blindfold was placed over my eyes. The anticipation was killing me, I just wanted him to take me now but I knew he was going to do a lot of foreplay.

 "We’re gonna go really slow tonight baby.“ He purred in my ear.

 "I really love looking at you in this, I really do but darling, it must come off if we’re gonna have fun.” his fingers played with the ribbon that was tightly tied, with no effort, he untied it, leaving my torso and breast on absolute full display. Jacks fingers circled my nipple before he pinched both of them lightly. His lips kissed both of my breast so lovingly and the feeling was amazing.

 "Mmm, Jack..“ I moaned quietly hoping for him to speed the process up.
  Ten minutes later I was fully naked and he just would not stop kissing my body, no matter how much I fidgeted and squirmed underneath him.

 "Time to play kitten. ” Finally. 

  I heard the sound of a machine being turned on and I knew just what it was. A vibrator. He lowered the object to my soaking core, running over my clit multiple times making me jump and gasp. He let it sit there for a few moments, letting the vibrations flow through my clit and through my body. I moaned loudly when he put another toy inside of me. He pushed in and out of me in a fast pace.  

 "Fuck.. Oh my god.“ I moaned loudly. 

 My walls clenched around the large dildo making him go even faster. The combination of the vibrator and the dildo were so delicious and pleasurable.
 My body jerked multiple times before the feeling of euphoria was washed over me as I made my first release. 

 "Fuck..” I breathed out. 

 "You did so well, darling.“  he cooed, deeply in my ear.

   Not even minutes later, Jacks hands were all over my body rubbing some type of substance over me and I felt like it was either lube or oil. I then felt the thick leathery material rubbing my core gently then coming down on me hard making me whimper.

The leather smacked my body and my heat multiple times making Jack laugh deeply and mischievously. He enjoyed seeing me like this, so vulnerable and so easy to torture. I twisted my wrist, groaning from the sharp pain from the metal.

 "Fuck Jack, enough foreplay, just take me please.” I begged, voice cracking showing him just how desperate I was. \

 "Ah ah ah. Only good girls get pleased, if you keep acting up then you’ll get punished.“ I could almost picture that fucking smirk plastered on his face. 

 The leather hit my body one last time before I felt him stick something inside of me, immediately making me cry out.
 A chain of small balls were inside of me, vibrating and shaking everything. It felt so fucking good and I knew exactly what they were and why he did this. The balls slowly stretched me open more so that I could take a bigger cock and clearly Jack had gotten bigger, someway, somehow and I was so ready to see if I could take him or not which I knew, from all of the toys, I would.

 He pushed the chain in deeper inside, awakening muscles I never knew I had before. My nerves were a bundles mess and my toes were curling every time they grazed my spot.

 "Fuck!” I yelled, making the leather, once again, come in contact with my flesh just harder.

 "No moaning, yelling, screaming, or groaning. I want to see how well  you can take it.“ He growled.

 A quiet whimper flew out of my mouth making him hit me again.

 "What did I say?”

 I only nodded, knowing that if I talked there’d be a punishment I wasn’t ready to face. The not was going to be blissful and painful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 "Fuck!!! Jack, faster!“ I screamed. 

 This was my 5th dildo and after all of the other ones I had an orgasm, each one bigger then the last.  His speed with the glass model increased drastically, making me arch my back. It was long, very long and never did it ever miss my spot.
 "Oh god, i’m gonna come..” I groaned.

 He squeezed my thigh, giving me permission to do so and within seconds my orgasm had taken over, letting my body tingle and shake from the non stop flows.

 I could hear the sound of his pants unzipping and his shoes and shirt thrown to a random area in the room.
 "God, I’ve been waiting since you walked out of the fucking bathroom.“ his pants dropped to the floor and his boxers were removed shortly after. 

 His body hovered over me, he was the alpha, the deliminator, the one who would be receiving but giving the most pleasure away tonight.  His soft lips kissed mine roughly and passionately before he thrusted in with no warning.
 "Shit.” he moaned in my ear so deep and sexy. 

 "Jack!!“ I spit. 

 I needed relief and these fucking handcuffs and my feet being tied up were not helping. 

 "Looks like my little toys worked.” he whispered, going faster and harder with each and every thrust.

 His large cock was hitting my G-spot multiple times, never failing to make me scream his name so loud the neighbors could hear what exactly he was doing. I wanted to tug on his roots and claw at his back but I couldn’t becuase of the fucking restraints.
 Damn him for tying me up and making me feel this good. The familiar fire in my stomach was begging to grow and grow. My body was on fire from the passion that radiated off of us. The room felt like a million degrees. We were both a sweaty mess. My orgasm once again over took me but Jack surprised me when he pulled out and came all over my face. It was a beautiful sensation that I hope I can go through again.

His mate

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A crossover between Teen wolf and Vampire Diaries. Set in a world where humans are slaves used for blood, sex, whatever. Reader gets attacked and Derek saves her. Oh and I have not watch much of this show so if there is a guy named Noah and I just made him the bad guy I’m sorry I just picked a name. 

Derek Hale X Reader.

Warnings: One swear word, being beaten, and again is blood a warning? 

I walked across my living room floor to watch the snow dance outside the window. I smiled softly at the bittersweet memory that came from the white flurries outside.

I walked out of school trying to keep my head down, though my blood gave me away of what I was. Being a human was not easy but you got use to it after a while. You had to.

“Hey!” Shouted someone making me jump.

Lifting my head the bitter wind nipping my face, I looked to see a group of guys standing a few yards from me.

“Yes?” I asked softly though I know they heard me.

A pack of werewolves could hear for miles, let alone a few feet.

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Blood of Passage: Part Five


The male stood over her, shadows slithering off of him and his eyes dark. The pain in her chest burned from his claw marks but now that he was closer, she knew who he was. He had the reputation as the biggest asshole in the camps. His father was Lord Devlon, his mother a female from the Court of Nightmares. Fucking Cauldron, it was Cyrian Inferos. One of her friends, the one friend of hers that Adrien hated with a burning passion.

She stared him down, ignoring the pain shooting across her chest. “Don’t make me kill you.”

He grinned, drawing closer. His eyes were filled with such world ending rage, the darkest parts of him made manifest. How could she bring him back without killing him? He was her friend and they both knew that she treasured her friendships. He shot for her and she dodged him narrowly. Burying her weapon in his shoulder he yelled out, an almost animalistic shriek. Come on, Cy, she thought. Don’t make me kill one of my friends.

His pupils started to shrink back to regular, his shrieking turning more humane, more like a groan, “What the fuck happened?”

She almost cried in relief. “You tried to kill me you fucking dick. Why the hell were you feral on the first day? What would Tania think of you losing your mind so soon after the Blood Rite beginning?”

Rage lit his eyes again, a growl on his lips, “Where is Malyus?” He gripped her shoulders. “Where is your brother?”

She applied pressure to his wound and growled, “Let go of me.”

He hissed and released her. “Where is your brother, Mazakynn?”

“He was banned from the Blood Rite for trying to kill me. Why do you want to know?”

“He killed her. Your bastard of a brother killed my Tania. The one person who didn’t piss me off.” She blinked back surprise. Tania was so kind and it was such a shock to hear about her and Cyrian. The female had a smile that would light up a room. “When I find your brother I am going to kill him and take my sweet time doing it.” Considering his mother was a skilled interrogator from the Court of nightmares who could torture someone for weeks, Maze didn’t doubt that Cyrian was just as skilled, considering how often he spent his time at the Court.

She shivered, the freezing wind burning the claw marks at her chest and face. “I’ll let you kill him if you help me get to Adrien.”

He looked down at her and frowned. His hand touched her chest, at the claw marks he made and then at the claw marks at her face and healed them, “You’re cheek will scar, not too bad though; It makes you look hot. However,” he said. “If you tell anyone I healed you, I’ll kill you.” She rolled her eyes. He examined her shirt, little more than ribbons and frowned. Pulling off his shirt he handed it to her, “Here, put this on. I don’t want to see your tits.” He smirked, “Plus I like you wearing my scent. It’ll drive Adrien insane.” She sighed.


Zeve’s blood coated his fingers and Bay was terrified that they wouldn’t make it to Blake fast enough. Not with Zev alive anyways. “Stay conscious, Zev. Were almost to Blake. Stay conscious, damn it.”

Zev blinked up at him, his face pale, “Tell me a story, keep me awake.”

“What kind of story?”

“Tell me about you and Nate.”

He knew what he was asking and almost argued but it wouldn’t have been any good. Not with Zev near dead and it was a way to keep him alive. He sighed, “Just…just because I don’t want you dead, I’ll tell you. Okay?”

“I have known Nate almost as long as I have known Ash. He was annoying. Always laughing with his friends, stealing apples from the kitchen with his Shadowsinger abilities and getting punished for it. I on the other hand, I am bad at making friends and am always quiet and reading books. How Nate or Maze or Ash are my friends is beyond me.”

Zev coughed and winced, near stumbling. Bay gripped him tighter, stopping the fall. “Once you get past your brooding and glaring, you aren’t that bad to hang out with. Besides, we both know why Nate hangs out with you.” Blood rushed to his ears.

Bay cleared his throat. “Anyways, Nate always bugged me telling me the most ridiculous stories when all I wanted was to be left alone to read. Pissing me off until I snap and punch him. Still, I trust him as much as I trust Ash.” Maybe more ever since Ash had taken off. He had the feeling Nate wouldn’t just up and abandon him. “And then when I was fifteen I saw him kissing some male…”

He choked out,” I realized I was jealous and I didn’t know why. And then I hit the male and I had never seen Nate as pissed as he was. He started yelling at me in typical Nate fashion and I ended up crying not knowing why I hit that male. Ash found me and I told him what happened. He hugged me and told me everything was okay and to say I was sorry. It was later that week that I realized I was…” He cleared his throat, “and I apologized to both Nate and the male.” Bay sighed, “He grew on me…like mold. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t stay away from him, even when he pissed me off to no end.” He had never told anyone any of this. He just kept it locked up tight in his mind and refused to say any of it to anyone. He flat out denied any accusations or questions. He was a liar.

Snarling echoed off the walls and he stopped in his tracks, his head snapping up at the sound. Blake. It was Blake. He needed to go help him but he didn’t want to leave him-

Zev’s coughing got harder, his body convulsing and his blood started pouring out of the wound even faster. “Zev, no. No. You promised you wouldn’t die if I told you a story.” Blake. He needed Blake. He rested Zev on the ground, “I’ll be back, okay. Just- Just stay alive.”


“I didn’t try to kill her!” Blake spat out blood, his eyes trained on Tarus. He blocked Tarus’s next hit, the impact making his wounded wrist scream. “It was a Bellum Armis and I had no choice! My friends would have died!”

Tarus struck again, “You’re lying.”

He gritted his teeth, refusing to strike his mate’s brother. “No, I’m not. I wouldn’t hurt her.” Tarus hesitated and suddenly Bay was on top of him, his hand on Tarus’s throat, a bloody fist poised to strike. Blake yelled, “Stop, don’t kill him!” He almost didn’t recognise him. His hair was matted down with blood and sweat, his fists stained red and  his mouth set in a grim line. So different from the quiet brooding that he had grown up seeing.

Bay growled, “Why?”

Blake panted, wiping the blood from his face. “He’s Aurora’s brother.”

Bay hesitated, “Does that mean he has blood that can heal others?” He turned back to Tarus. “Answer me.”

Tarus clawed at Bay’s arm, trying to free himself, Bay’s fist tightened against his throat. “Yes,” Tarus choked out. “Yes I do.”

Bay released him, “Good, because now you are going to heal my friend or I am going to kill you.”

“After I kill Blake,” He coughed. I’m all yours.”

Bay slammed him against the wall and bared his teeth, “No, you are going to do this now, with Blake alive, or else I am going to rip your throat out. I don’t care who your sister is, this is a matter of life or death and I’d much rather use your blood with you alive before I killed you and took it to save my friend.” He released him. “I’d much rather it be the former.” Bay wasn’t the type to make idle threats. If he said he would take his blood, he would.

Tarus rubbed his throat, assessing Bay. He paled at Bay’s threat and said, “Fine.”

Zevakyn laid limply on the ground, his face pale and his eyes fluttering. Bay pushed Taurs forward, “Heal him, now.”

Tarus got to his knees, two fingers checking Zevakyn’s pulse. Frowning he cut his wrist with a sharp rock, golden blood spilling as he put it to the Zev’s mouth. “What happened to him?”

Bay ran his fingers through his hair, it sticking up, “We were ambushed and like an idiot, he tried to talk his way out of it.”

Blake sighed. “That sounds about right. Is there anyone left?”

Crossing his arms, Bay said, “No.” Good.

Color started blooming in Zev’s face and he started to stir. Bay’s looked noticeably relieved. Zev looked up at Bay and smiled weakly, “I guess I get to live to see Adrien kick my ass.”


The only pain that he still felt was the ghost of a dislocated shoulder, but even that was overriden by the need to find Maze. The rush in his veins wouldn’t calm until he he saw her with his own eyes.

He stiffened, the scent of lilacs and rain filling his nose. Maze. She was near. He looked at Nate, who also stiffened. “You smell her too, right?” He felt as if he were going crazy, scenting her when she wasn’t there. Hearing her laugh when he was asleep and away from her.

Nate nodded, his eyes narrowed at Ezekiel, the warning in them clear. “She’s here.”

He started to run towards the scent, it getting stronger and stronger as he got closer to her. A small shadow accompanied by a taller one showed in the darkness.

Maze, Maze, Maze.

He wrapped her in his arms, kissing her lips then her cheeks then her temples. He pulled her back, examing her face her body. A claw mark was across her cheek, deep enough it would scar. But there was still a scent to it and to the shirt she wore. He growled. Cyrian. He hurt her.

He launched himself at the male, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

The male laughed. Laughed and blocked him, enraging him further. “Looks like Maze’s lapdog has teeth.”

His fist connected with Cyrian’s jaw, the sharpness cutting into his knuckles. “What did you do to her?”

Cyrian pushed him off, his fist connecting to Adrien’s still healing shoulder. He hissed at the returning pain. “Get off me, you pathetic excuse for an Illyrian.”

He could vaguely hear Maze yelling at Nate to get him off of Cyrian and knowing his brother he would just shrug and cross his arms. His fist connected with his ribs, they fractured beneath his fist. Good.

Arms wrapped around him, Ezekiel,  pulling him back. He fought against it, his fist connecting with Cyrian again, “Why can’t you just die?”

Cyrian smirked, blood on his lips. “Seeing Maze in my shirt putting you on edge, Ade? She needed one, seeing as how hers was in ribbons.” He ginned fully, “Wouldn’t want a male getting his hands on her.”


Oh Cauldron, why does Cyrian bait Adrien every time he sees him? Adrien hates the male with a burning passion. Almost more than how much Rhys hated Tamlin. Far be it for Nate to keep Adrien from killing the prick.

Maze pushed pushed him, her small frame engulfed by Cyrian’s shirt. “Get him off Cyrian, Nate! He’s going to kill him!”

He shrugged and crossed his arms, “Would that be such a bad thing?”


Zeke’s dark eyes scanned Maze, his gaze traveling her body and flicked toward Adrien. He wanted to kill him, end the threat before it began. It was just too coincidental that he showed up when Adrien almost died. 

Zeke pulled Adrien off of Cyrian and Adrien fought back, his elbow hitting him in the stomach. Nate reigned in a laugh. The worst thing you could do was try to interfere with Adrien and his anger. He and their father were a lot alike.

Cyrian pushed Adrien off of him again, “I’d kill you,” he said. “But you aren’t worth the time. Maze restrain your pet.”

She rolled her eyes and pulled him back. His brother didn’t fight her. He never fought her. Not unless it was a yelling match and he was forced to get between them. She forced Adrien to look at her, his pupils were so large and anger was etched on his face. “I am fine, idiot.”

His breathing evened out as he ran a thumb across her scar on her cheek, “Who did that to you?”

“No one,” she said evenly. Great. Another secret. “Let’s just get to the center so we can get to Bay and Blake and get out of here.” Right about now he would kill to see Baylor and his brooding face.


I created this character named Cyrian Inferos and he may or may not have skyrocketed as one of my favorite characters. He is the son of Lord Devlon and a female from the Court of Nightmares. And oh boy do I have plans for him.

If you like this, please, please leave a comment!! XO

Is This The End?

Prompt: I’d just like a Making Up After a Big Fight fic. You can include the fight itself if you want, but I mostly want them making up. There can be a lot of clinging to each other and kissing through tears and bone-deep relief. Like, each of them were worried the other would break up with them. That kind of epic fight. (Not caused by cheating or anything like that, please.) I want them to talk and I also want them to be desperate for each other and all fluffy.

This came from prompt-a-klainefic on tumblr.
Part 1 of 3

Chapter 1

The Blowup

Blaine had been living back at the loft for months now and everything was going well. They had made a conscious effort to talk about everything no matter what, and Blaine changed his classes so they both were doing their own thing, with the exception of one class. And he even gave Kurt some uninterrupted time when they were home, choosing to take a walk or go for a run if he noticed Kurt was getting anxious.

But today they’d overslept and were both rushing around, complaining about how late they were. Kurt blamed Blaine for their oversleeping because he’d specifically asked him last night to make sure their alarm was set. His entire day went downhill from there.

He did end up being late for his first class and missed a pop quiz and then Blaine got the highest grade in their only shared class, which just pissed Kurt off even more. He was usually so supportive but today he couldn’t even bring himself to smile at Blaine who was apparently the teachers pet now the way she went on and on about how wonderful his rendition of At Last.

He is usually happy with his job at Vogue too but the big boss was in town and it made everyone on edge and stressed Kurt out even more. So by the time he was on his way home, he was exhausted and pissed off beyond belief. All he wanted to do was take a hot bath and go to bed. He definitely didn’t feel like dealing with his “perfect” fiancé tonight but instead of texting Blaine and warning him, he just stormed into the loft and slammed the door, as much as you can slam a sliding door.

Blaine was nowhere in sight, and as much as he hated to admit it, he was glad. His joy was short lived though when he heard Blaine’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Babe, is that you?” He seemed to be quite perky tonight, which made Kurt’s anger boil even more.

“Who else would it be?” He growled slipping his shoes and jacket off.

Blaine peeked his head around with a big smile on his face.

“Bad day?” He asked, oblivious to the anger burning inside of Kurt. He turned back to his task and if Kurt had been rational at that moment, he might have realized that Blaine was in the process of making his favorite meal, but Kurt was beyond pissed and could only see red. When he let out a humorless laugh, Blaine turned back around, a tentative look in his eyes.

“You want to talk about it?” Blaine asked, his voice usually soothing to Kurt now just made him want to scream. “I made dinner. We can sit down and eat and you can tell me what’s bothering you. Sound good?”

“I’d rather claw my own eyes out.” Kurt hissed, making Blaine spin around quickly. “And it’s you, since you want to know so badly.”

“Oh, one of those days. Ok.” Blaine sighed and turned off the oven and the stoves. “I’ll just grab my coat and take a walk. Give you some alone time, ok?” He said, his face softening and he tried to smile encouragingly. “And what’s me?” He asked, not sure what Kurt’s last comment meant.

“YOU. You are what’s bothering me. You make me late for one class, show me up in another and you’re always here, getting on my freaking nerves when I just want to be left alone.” Kurt was almost out of breath by the end of his rant and he was too blind to see the hurt that crossed his fiancés face.

Blaine took a step back as if he’d been slapped. He knew he’d made a mistake this morning when he though he’d hit snooze and accidentally turned the alarm off, which is why he had come home and fixed Kurt’s favorite dinner. He’d also run him a hot bath, knowing Kurt would want to soak after his long day, but he’d never expected this.

Kurt continued to glare at Blaine as he backed up toward the bedroom. He was trying to hold it together but inside, he was dying. All the insecurities he’d had when moving here all came rushing back and his hands started shaking as he reached for his coat.

“I’ll let you have some alone time.” He said gently as he walked past Kurt, who still hadn’t moved but continued to glare at him. He knew how Kurt could get sometimes and granted, this was the worst he’d ever seen him, but he knew he needed to keep quiet and not start an argument. “I’ll be back later, ok?” He said turning around to look at Kurt once he’d opened the door.

“No, don’t bother coming back.” Kurt said, pushing Blaine’s chest, making him stumble backward. “I’m done.” Kurt said in a cold voice before closing the door. Blaine’s felt a cold shiver down his back when he heard the lock slide in place. It sounded so final. He stood there and just stared at the door wondering what the hell just happened.

Blaine wasn’t sure how long he stood there and stared at the door, willing it to open and for Kurt to tell him it was all a joke, but that didn’t happen. Blaine knew Kurt well enough to know if he didn’t leave and give him the time he needed, things would get a lot worse, so he turned around and went for a walk.

He wandered around for about 3 hours then decided to get himself some coffee. He decided to text Kurt and see if he wanted him to bring back coffee. Hopefully he’d calmed down enough that they could talk, but when Blaine texted Kurt, he didn’t get a response. So Blaine stayed where he was and had coffee alone. It was pretty cold and Blaine knew he should head back home but he usually waited to hear from Kurt before he returned, so Kurt didn’t feel like Blaine was crowding him.

After 30 minutes of silence, Blaine called Kurt, but his call went straight to voicemail. His insides were churning and his chest hurt. The last time Kurt had been this mad at him was after his stupid mistake last year. Since they’d gotten back together, things had been going well. Did Kurt really want him to not come back?

This reality hit him like a ton of bricks. He suddenly couldn’t breathe and started gasping for breath. He didn’t realize tears were streaming down his face until the barista came over and put her hand on his shoulder and asked if he was alright. She looked so concerned, it knocked him out of his panic.

“S-sorry, yeah, yes. I’m fine.” He mumbled before stunning out the door and into the street. The cold air hit him hard, causing him to draw in a deep breath. He leaned a hand on the brick to steady himself and waited a minute for his breathing to calm down. What was he going to do? Should he go back to the loft or go to Sam’s and crash? His thought were swirling around making him actually dizzy. That, combined with his uneven breathing caused his vision to go black and suddenly he was falling.

Broken Promises Part 2

Originally posted by rorgers

Request: For “Broken Promises” part 2 maybe that the reader turns into a werewolf and Derek helps her, but the reader still hasn’t forgiven him. And maybe he gets jealous when she starts to try and move on, but she’s his mate. So they end up together?

Author’s Note: I hope you like this!!! I’ve been wanting to get this done for awhile. Here is the link to Part 1 if you haven’t read that one yet :) Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; sparring?; some making out


“Again,” Derek ordered, offering a hand to help me up off the ground. I huffed and took it, allowing him to pull me up to my feet. Shaking the hair out of my face, I took a deep breath. “Alright. Channel it, don’t let it control you.” Nodding my head, I got into position. After a few tense seconds of silence, I attacked, fists flying, claws beginning to come out. Derek easily blocked every one of my moves, annoying the hell out of me.

In an attempt to land even one blow, I let my frustration get the better of me and snarled loudly as I kicked out at his torso. He grabbed my ankle, flipping me to the ground before I could even think “asshole” at him. Eating mat once again, I groaned in defeat.

“Come on, Y/N, you aren’t even listening to what I’m telling you,” Derek said, a hint of cockiness in his voice. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to try and keep from tearing into him. Literally.

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Panic Attack.

Prompt: Can you do a Liam Dunbar image in which you (the reader) has a panic attack and he panics cause he doesn’t have Stiles (your brother) or Scott around to stop it? Thanks! Love your writing <3 – anon

Author’s Note: Hope this is what you had in mind! Enjoy and thanks for reading! (:

Panic Attack.

Ever since their mom died, (Y/N) and Stiles had been known to have pretty bad anxiety. They would have panic attacks over things as big as losing their dad in the store and getting a bad grade to as little as not being able to find a toy or feeling left out at school. They were used to recurring nightmares and lack of sleep. But it had been a while since either one of them had fallen under a serious episode. Well, not that long ago actually. Stiles’ last one was almost a year ago when he couldn’t figure out what was going on with him before the Nogitsune took his body over fully. He’d had another one not long before that when their dad was taken by the Darach. (Y/N) had two around those times as well. The thought of losing her dad or brother had sent her anxiety over the edge.

But besides those two times, neither of them had had one since a few years before Scott got bitten and they got into all of this supernatural stuff. While they still had anxiety issues, the attacks had died down in the last year even though the supernatural dangers hadn’t. They’d both learned to somewhat manage their nerves, which wasn’t easy with the life they dealt with. They were fortunate enough to have amazing friends and each other to help get through the tough times.

But sometimes, the anxiety is just too strong to get control of.

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Guys my age make me super uncomfortable, and the thought of having a relationship with one of them is making me anxious as hell. But when I imagine a relationship with some guy who’s completely unthreatening and desexualised to me, like my professor or some generic male celebrity, I don’t want to immediately claw my face off and I feel sort of indifferent about the whole idea? I guess that means I’m attracted to men! Hurray!

Fic: The One For Me

anon prompted: blaine is rachels brother and he comes to visit Rachel at the loft where Kurt also lives, they have never met before and tings starts sparring between them

Absurdly fluffy, ~2350 words, PG.

The unexpected knock at the door nearly made Kurt fall out of his chair.

Who the hell could that be? he wondered as he wandered over to get it - Rachel was busy showering, so he couldn’t delegate the task to her. We haven’t ordered take out, and God knows our friends would just slide the door open like they live here. Is it-

“Guh,” Kurt said when he caught a glimpse of the man on the other side of the door. He froze, uncertain of why the cutest boy he’d ever seen was currently outside their loft, but also so not complaining about it.

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anonymous asked:

Or instead of it being the summer of curvy crop tops, instead you could put your effort into excersing and a healthy diet. Just being honest. It's annoying when you people just don't try to lose weight at all and are all about this embracing shit. Just fucking work out and eat right and you won't be a big whale. Simple as that.




I could explain why you’re wrong, but I won’t bother. You don’t want to hear it. In my reply you’ll look for proof of my fatwomanly hysteria. You’ll congratulate yourself making on me angry and insist that my anger is just an example of what’s wrong with “us people,” smothered in our delusions even when a white knight such as yourself comes along to save us with basic and less than factual claims about our health. You want to feel superior, but you also want to bait people into justified anger so you can claim some kind of victimhood. You’re not worth the energy. This I know.

By doing something as simple as occupying space without drowning in abject misery every waking moment, without focusing my entire world on obtaining an utterly unobtainable beauty ideal, I’m annoying you. And you know what? OK. Cool. That’s a fair trade off. Because the knowledge that you’re alive and breathing, an experience stolen from so many people far more deserving than you, infuriates me. Despite your slimy, toxic soul, you get to continue being alive. I’m angry that you exist. I wish you’d stop.

I don’t understand how anyone can be a cat person over a dog person. Dogs are so much better. They get so excited when you come home, they always want to cuddle with you and want your attention, and they’re so loving. Cats on the other hand could careless most of the time, their claws are brutal and they’re basically impossible. I’ve spent all weekend dealing with my girlfriend’s cat trying to claw my face off and it just makes me appreciate Jett even more.

Chapter 1

Chris P.O.V

1 year later

“So just like you all asked and pleaded we finally have the renowned as you like to call them Chryler in the building.” Bow said as he held the mic up.

Both me and Tyler laughed a little. I was releasing my new video for Love More on 106 & Park. I was more then hyped because this was me and Tylers first interview together. But I know she was more excited then I was.

“So Chris you’ve been on the show plenty of times but Tyler this is your first, how does it feel to out here with ya man?”

“Um it feels good, its most definitely different considering the fact that this is out first interview as a couple but its also cool cause im not watching from a TV or from backstage.” She explained.

“Yeah now you all up front with the big boys” He said making her chuckle and mumble a shutup.

“So Chris man we’ve known each other for a long time and not once did I know you can sing. How does it feel now that you out in the music industry?”

“All I can say is that its much different then what im used to. Im not use to people being so into my life but at the same time its refreshing to know that people actually care ya feel me?”

Tyler and him both nodded their heads. “So enough with this small talk, lets get to the real bidness ight? So word on the street is, is that you supposed to be dropping a video today.”

The audience went crazy making me chuckle. I loved how my fans get excited for shit like this. Lets me know that I aint doin this shit for nothin.

“So tell us a little about it before we show it.”

I smirked. “I aint gone tell yall TOO much just know that… its gone be dope!”

“Okay okay we gone get to it soon but be when we get back we gone play a game with Tyler and Chris called ‘Do You Know?’. But lets get into it so Chris go head and introduce the video in that camera right there.” He pointed to the camera that was infront of us.

I looked at Tyler. “You wanna do it?” I spoke into the mic.

“I mean if you really want me too..” she trailed off.

“But you gotta do it like me though.” I said.

“Aight I gotchu.” She uncrossed he legs, looked at the camera, and cleared her throat. “Alright so RIGHT NOW, right now is the world premier of his new single Love More ft. Nicki Minaj! It came out today thank you Team Breezy for all the support, he loves yall. Check it oouuutt!” She said as the audience got hype.

Both me and Bow were dying on that couch. The fact that she got it spot on was beyond me. I ain’t even know that she payed attention like that. She turned around back to us and laughed. While the video played we just talked.

“So did I get it?” She asked looking at us. We were still laughing.

“Yes baby you got it spot on.” I said then kissed her cheek. I scooted her closer to me but kept my arm around her waist. The video was now over and we were getting back to out interview.

“So that was that was Chris Brown video Love More ft. Nicki Minaj, yall already know what to do to get his song to number one. But Chris lemme ask you something.”


"Was the song Love More for Tyler.” I started to laugh, already knowing where he was going with this. “Cause the lyrics said till we get it right we gone love some more. till we get it, imma get it. Was that for her?”

I felt Tyler look up at me, waiting for my answer. I chuckled not really knowing what to say.“Imma just say it like this… so I don’t get in trouble. Me and Tyler usually get into a lot of arguments of dumb stuff and I always say imma 'blank’ her up.”

By now Tyler cheeks were a rosy red and she had one hand on her face. “So in when I wrote the song it was kind of meant towards her but I had to change some stuff up." 

"Tyler those no need to be ashamed. You gotta good looking dude on your arms.”

“I just can’t believe that he actually just said that on tv.” She said making me chuckle.

“Did you know that the song was for you or was directed towards you?”

She chuckled as she fixed her skirt alittle. “Um when he first played it for me I didn’t think anything of it to be honest. But I had a feeling he was talking about us cause when we got into it a couple days after he kept humming it .. and im like what the?” She said making the audience laugh.

“Alright so we finna get into this game and like I said previously its called 'Do You Know’. Now imma ask you some questions about each other that we all think that you should know-” Me and Bow saw Tyler shaking her head as she laughed.

Bow chuckled.“ Ty why you laughin girl we aint even started.”

“Cause I know this is going to lead to an argument later on, but go head and start.”

“I think she trynna call you out man.”

“I think she is too!” I turned to a Tyler who was still laughing.

“Im not tryna call you out, im just sayin.” She said, now looking at me.

I waved her off and waited for Bow to continue this game.

“Aight so we gone start off with you Tyler. What is Chris’s color?”

I looked at her and smirked causing her to burst out laughing. “Why you lookin at me like that?” She said through her laughter.

“Nun im just waitin for you to answer the question.” I said.

She sucked her teeth and smiled. “His favorite color is red.” She said with confidence.

Bow looked at me to confirm it. I chuckle and nodded my head. “She got lucky, I told her that yesterday.”

The audience plus Tyler started laughing. “Whatever, you did not.” She playfully nudged me.

“Mhm I think it was luck too! Okay now Chris, what is Tyler’s shoes size?”

Out the corner of my eye I saw Tyler throwing daggers at me, daring me to say something stupid. “ Tyler why you lookin at him like that?”

“Cause I know he finna say somethin stupid!” She said as she kept her eye on me.

I sucked my teeth. “She wear a size 7” I said then looked back at her.

“Yeaa, you better say the right size.” She mumbled into the mic.

“Or what?” I challenged.

She just ignored me. “Bow can we get the next question please.”

Chuckling he asked her “What is Chris’s favorite part of your body?”

The crowed immediately oo'ed as Tyler rose one of her eye brows. “Ion think you want her to answer that question playa.” I said causing Tyler to cover her face and make Bow bust out laughing.

“Okay then whats his 2nd favorite.”

“Aight well I think its my waist cause thats where his hands seem to always wonder to”

“Imma just say yes to keep it PG” I said.

Again Tyler’s cheeks started to turn a rosy red causing me to laugh. I quickly draped my arm over her shoulders and pulled her into my chest. The audience awe’d as we had our moment. All I could do was smile as I looked down at her.


I watched her as she slept peacefully. The white this covers that covered her body failed to cover a few parts of her naked body. The sun that showed through the huge window in our room bounced of her smooth tan skin causing it to give off a glow. Her wild curls were spread all over the also white pillow that she rested her head on. A few strands settled on her face.

I wanted her to wake up so we could go at it again and again and again. I couldn’t get enough when me and Tyler made love. Not fuck but actually make sweet love. The way she called my name out, the way her back arched off of the bed when she was about to reach her climax, the way she clawed my back when I hit it just right. Everything. It just made me love her even more.

Me being me I can say that Iv’e fucked a good amount of women; something i’m not proud of, but none of them compare to Tyler.

Thinking about it only made me get hard again but I didn’t wanna wake her up just for sex. We had already stayed up all night and some of the morning fooling around.

I sighed as I laid my head back on my pillow. I carefully slid my arm from under her body, trying not to wake her. Once I was completely out of the bed I took a look at our room. It was fucked up to the max. I ain’t even realized we made that big of a mess. I finally found my basketball shorts and put them back on.

Just as I was about to walk out of the room I heard Tyler slightly moan then yawn. I turned around only to see her resting up on her elbows, still letting the sheet cover her body.

“You were just gonna leave me?” She asked with a pout.

I chuckled. “I was just gonna make us breakfast baby.”

“No, come lay with me. I don’t want it now.” She said.

I didn’t even think twice about it. Quickly walking back over to the bed I got back into my previous spot. Immediately she positioned her body directly on top of mine, her breast squished against my chest, and her head in the crook of my neck as she placed light kisses on it. My hands stuck to her ass like magnets. Her hands played in my over grown blonde curls. Her kisses moved up my jawline and eventually landed on my lips. During the mist of it we some how intertwined our finger as our lips danced on each others.

I some how managed to get my shorts down and yet again enter for the umpteenth time. She gasped, a little bit of pleasure and pain. I knew for a fact she was sore down there.

I quickly flipped up over so that I was not on top and in control. I pounded into her sending her into a state of pure bliss. He back arched off the bad as she ran her hair threw her curls. Her moans got louder with each stroke only sounding like music to my ears. The way her name rolled off her tongue only stimulated me to continue till we were both completely worn out.

The moment she opened her eyes and we made contact was the moment I realized we had the same lust, desire, the hankering for one another. And its scared me to say the least, but at least I knew we were on the same page.

I knew she was about to reach her climax just by the way her legs trembled. Just as she was about to let it all out, we did it at the same time, earning a grunt from my lips and a few claws on my back from her.

I collapsed right next to her as we both tried to catch our breaths. Even though I was exhausted now I knew that this wouldn’t be the end of it. I felt her cuddle up against my side and rest on leg on top of mine as her arm made its was around my torso. My fingers played in her curls as she laid her head on my chest.

External image

Tyler P.O.V

“Alright be good baby.” I said then kissed her little nose, handing her to the Nanny. I told her that me or Chris should be back later on tonight, I wasn’t very sure what time though.

I had just came home from work but had no time to change. It was like I walked in the door then walked right back out. Luckily Margret was already here so I didn’t loose any time.

After getting back into my Audi I quickly zipped down the road. 15 minutes had past before I pulled up to the newly built warehouse. I could already smell the weed from a mile away.

I got out of my car and quickly walked towards the entrance. Once I entered I was greeted by my lovely ladies.

“Hello Ladies.” I said, getting scattered responses from them all. I had the warehouse set up perfectly. Since I didn’t wan’t any male workers I had an all girl staff. Poppies really didn’t like that idea but I really didn’t give a fuck. He asked me to run this so it was either my way or no way at all.

Just as I was about to walk past Tyra she stopped me. “Um there is something in your office.” She said.

I turned my face up. “Do you know what it is?”

“Oh yeah, I was just told not to say anything.” She said.

“Okaaay then. Thanks for the message.” I said. I swear that girl is so blonde sometimes.

I quickly walked to the back where my office was located and entered it only to see a cloud of smoke coming from my chair, which was facing the other way so I couldn’t see who ever it was.

“Who the hell?” I asked, already feeling by blood rising. I hate when people sit in my chair, let alone be in my office without me being here. Which reminds me I need to talk to Tyra about that shit.

The slowly turned around revealing August. I immediately sucked my teeth. This nigga.

“Waddup baby!” His New Orleans accent flowing out with his word and the smoke.

“Why are you here?” I asked, placing my bag and jacket on the nearby couch. “And why are you in my seat?” I asked, realizing I didn’t even address that.

“Relax ya self ma I just came to pay ya stank ass a visit.” He said.

Oh gosh. I already knew how this shit was finna end and it wasn’t going to be pretty. We always end up getting into an argument ever time he decides to “visit”. He still can’t get over the fact that Poppie let me run the ware house and not him. Nigga its called building a bridge and getting over that shit ASAP.

Ion even know why he wanna run it so bad anyways. He’s never gonna be here. I think he sometimes for get the fact that her is a famous and well known singer. I can barely run this shit half the time and i’m a clothes designer.

I sat in one of the leather seats that was positioned in front of my desk and braced myself for his “visit”.