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so much of 1039 smoothed out slappy hours is about running out of time and worrying that you haven’t done enough with your life and comparing yourself to other people. they were literally kids when they wrote that and it’s like, when i see you guys, late teens or possibly even younger worrying that you haven’t travelled the world or gone to college or whatever it just makes me wanna shake you and be like !!!!!!!! look! !!!! at them !!!!!!!!!! !!! it’s okay !!! because anything can happen and green day are living proof of the fact that those thoughts are bullshit, you’re gonna be amazing


hello guys, it’s me, ur local meme mel! I’m moving blogs because this is my sideblog and I have wanted to make a main mx blog for a while now. Anyway, please go follow @1changkyvn since this blog will be inactive and deleted like in a week or so! thank u so much for everyone who followed me on this blog, I hope to see some of you on my new blog! 💫💗

Hansol- Topp Dogg

I have only ever heard of Topp Dogg, and I dont know who Hansol is. But there has been a lot of talk going around his instagram video where he implied he was contemplating suicide. 

I dont know his story, but I could clearly see how distressed he was. It made me realize just how much we dont know about idols. It hit me that everything we see about them to an extent is fake. We dont know anything about them. Their personal struggles, their health issues, things that bother and hurt them will always be unknown to us. And that makes me feel useless because I love these idols, and I wanna help them and talk to them but I cant. Not only because I dont speak the language, but because I am essentially nothing in their world. I literally feel useless at times when it comes to showing my support to the idols I love so much. 

I get that they are idols and have to abide by certain rules and stuff.. But whats the point if they become depressed? I mean I am sure a lot of us know how much depression sucks. And Hansol is definitely depressed, he doesnt need a clinical diagnosis for that. Its not just him, look at what happened to T.O.P. Yes that was a different situation but its not hidden that he has mental health issues too. They are worked to the point of exhaustion and beyond and to levels where their health is in danger. 

My point is that as fans the least we can do for them is show them support. Be happy for them when they are happy, even if they get into a relationship. It doesn’t matter what group you support, just make sure not to leave any member out. Support them not just for their looks, but because they are great artists but even better human beings. Lets not put one idol down because he/she is not your bias. Its okay to have biases, I have mine, but don’t put another member down or demean them because your bias is “better” than them at this or that. 

ALSO, if you can send a kind message to Hansol on his instagram to show you care even if you dont know him/support topp dogg. I did, and it might just help him if we  show him he isnt alone in this battle.

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Okay since you asked, can you tell me (us?) a bit about the thought process that goes into making a new song? Like how do you personally get from "I want to make a song" to a finished piece.

typically I’ll start a new song whenever I hear something interesting, like I’ll hear some song on soundcloud and be like “oh shit i wanna see if I can make something like this” or I’ll be watching a video or a movie or playing a video game or something and some sound effect/dialogue in it will make me go like “oh shit I wanna sample that”.  

From there I sit down, youtube-to-mp3 whatever sample I’m interested in, and then I start chopping it up and/or building a melody around it, then bass, then all the meticulous drum sequencing, then the risers/impacts/ambience etc. until I either feel that it’s finished or get sick of working on it and switch to another project that I started the day before.  This usually happens over a span of about 6 hours (typically 1pm-5pm and then again around 11pm-1am), and happens 7 days a week, ideally, so I’ve gotten into a very comfortable habit of starting and finishing projects.  

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I'm sorry if I sound rude cause you can rly do whatever you want with the au, but how I see John now, how could you ever make Jamilton the end ship???? I mean that's just like saying that irl you, the underdog, have to witness your crush and best friends get with like the hot jock. I'm sorry but like I'm gettin kinda mad I JUST WANNA SEE JOHN HAPPY, but ignore me ignore me I'm just ranting you can do what you want

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I’ll see what I can do (¬ ͜ʖ¬)

I just wanna thank all the people who are talking about Hansol and who are trying to send uplifting messages to him although they aren’t ToppDogg fans.

The kpop fandom loves fighting among each other and shitting on each other but if serious things go on apparently people can forget all of this and support each other.

So thank you. Thank you for showing your human side and being there for someone although it’s not about your fandom/your favorite idol.

Black Beauty

“I paint the sky black,
You said if you could have your way,
You’d make it night time all today,
So it’d suit the mood of your soul”
~Lana Del Rey
😢 Ardyn…

I sometimes get frustrated on here because it seems so hard for me to make friends with any of you? Like, I follow and am followed by so many awesome people.

And I see a lot of you becoming friends and talking and laughing with each other…. And like. I don’t know how to do that or what I’m doing wrong?

This sounds super whiny. This is probably why no one messages you, Brie. 🙈

I’ve made some friends in the NJPW fandom though, and that’s cool. Particularly in the Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi fandom’s.

If you guys ever wanna message me about Kenny or Kota feels (or any other wrestling feels) please do. I hope I don’t come off standoffish, idk.

This has been an outburst of feelings.

CAMERON: Wait! Are they real? Are they asleep but awake too?

ZACK: No, that’s your mind making them up. Very telling, though—how they act in your dream is a reflection of how you see them. Trouble at home, Cameron?

CAMERON: What’s it to you? God, I wanna wake up! Get away from me!

ZACK: You’re an awfully rude little girl, aren’t you? Fine, if you want to be left alone so badly, I will do that for you.


My blog needs some unwind from all the sad, so… some Futuristic Lover for today ;) god I really hope there’s someone out there as excited for futuristic lover as me

Also, holy moly I want to roll the murderer so much. There’s still a bit of time left but I’m so anticipating the remaining sims for my MMBC. I’ve already done the photoshoots with Adele and those sims I received (they won’t be posted for a while, so if you wanna see yours beforehand, hit me up and I’ll show!) and man I don’t want to say anything for now but I’m enjoying it.

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10. Any fandom you’re ashamed of being in?

Complete fucking honesty, there are sooo many times that I’m ashamed to be in the Supernatural fandom.

Some hate that comes from some of the people in this fandom is disgusting to the point of actually making me wanna delete my blog, no joke.

Every fandom has negative people, obviously, but the amount of “kys” messages I see because of ships or characters is just fucking disgusting.

So yeah, Supernatural.

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What are things that excite you ? *make sure it has Michael Jackson*

this very broad DJDJFJSKG but ok i guess generally speaking
-MICHAEL joe JACKSON (b. Augus 29th 1958!)
-spiderman, the man of men!
-bruno mars (peter MF gene MF Hernandez!)
-beyoncé releasin new something
-good content bein released online n the movies
-knowin im gonna spend time with somebody i been wanting to see n knowin they wanna see me also
-knowing I’m making somebody proud in an occasion
-going 2 Costco
-knowin u luk gud 👀
-getting new anything 2 STUNTINGTON
-putting new music on my phone 2 listen 2
-listening to a bop the first time
-marvel tbh! Doin something rite! Like black panther n spiderdad!
-watchin the sky set n listenin to my music
-holdin handz n showing affection
-kithing somebody who wanna kith u
-one direction
-goin to a concert
-bein happy 🏃🏻‍♀️

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nessa your 2012 throwbacks have me cackling omg you're making me regret deleting my archive up to 2015 i kinda wanna see my cringey 1d/5sos posts now 😫

omg claire i hope you enjoy it

thank god i was never into these bands lmao but i was in love with alex gaskarth from all time low and wanted to marry him so that makes up for it