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Four Puffs 1/2

Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader
Word Count:

Request: @mikeygc3000​  said: Could you write one where you’re Dustin’s older sister and all the kids can tell that you and Steve are in love but are in denial so they set up a blind date by tricking you and Steve and you both end up together in the end???? And lots of fluff!???? (P.s I just found your blog and I’m in love with it)”

A/N: sorry to break this up into two parts, but it was getting monstrously long, and I need to edit the second half, lol. Also, fun fact, someone is credited as playing Mr. Henderson, so I headcanon’d a bit. (and as always, requests are OPEN)

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A Note // Richie Tozier Imagine


There he was. Richie Tozier in all his glory. You sat in the lunch room admiring him from a far.

“Y/N…Y/N…anyone in there” your friend nudged you on the shoulder. You shoot up bringing yourself back to reality,

“sorry” you say finally starting to eat your lunch after the stare session.

“you like Richie! You like Richie!” you friend taunted while nudging your side,

“I do not and lower your voice!” you yell back at her.

“Y/N Tozier has a nice ring to it” you roll your eyes and continue eating your lunch when Gretta and her crew come up from behind you,

“Y/N Y/L/N LIKES RICHIE TOZIER ?!” she yells from behind you and the entire cafeteria turns their heads. Every person in the entire middle school heard her yell. You look up and see all of the Loser’s club look over at you in shock. Including, yes…Richie Tozier. You look over at your friend and she mouths the words, “I’m so sorry”

“The slut and four eyes what a duo!” she yells pointing at the two of you. You stand up taking your lunch with you into the bathroom. You sit inside the stall running your fingers through your hair and forcing back tears.

The day had gone and all you wanted to do was curl up into a ball and hide. You never wanted to show your face around this school again. You had managed to make it through the whole day without crying but it wasn’t easy. The final bell rang and you walked over to your school locker. You open it up and a small handwritten note falls out reading,

I like you too, beautiful

-four eyes ;)

Richie stood over by his locker with his friends talking about who knows what. When you look over at them Richie darts his eyes down, avoiding your gaze.

“There’s no way he wrote this” you think to yourself. You look over at Gretta and she gives you a cynical look. That was the final straw. You slam your locker shut and walk over to her and her friends. Richie looks up and watches you as you forcefully stomp your way over to Gretta.

“Really Gretta?! Didn’t embarrass me enough?!” you yell at her with tears forming in your eyes.

“What the hell are you talking about skank??” she asks you.

“Don’t play stupid Gretta! I know you left this note in my locker and I’m tired of this bullshit!” you say using all of your might to shove her down.

“You wanna go whore let’s go?!!” she says standing up throwing her bag down and pushing herself towards you.

“ILL MAKE YOU FUCKING EAT THE NOTE” You two start to shove at each other when you feel a pair of arms hold you back,

“Woah woah woah hey ladies ladies” Richie says coming inbetween the both of you. You look back and see Bill Denbrough holding you back,

“let go of me” you say to him. His eyes widen and he releases.

“Relax, Gretta didn’t put that note in your locker” Richie says to you,

“I did”

“I told you I didn’t do it. Now stay out of my way or you’ll regret it” Gretta picks her bag up off the floor and walks away.

“You wrote it?” you say to Richie finally calming down,

“Yeah..I’ve always thought you were really cute” you look down at your feet kind of embarrassed that you almost killed Gretta over that.

“I actually didn’t think it was possible to like you more than I already did..until you nearly beat the shit out of Gretta…I like the hidden rage” he says and you can feel yourself blushing,


“You busy later?” he asks. You shake your head, “no”

“Well, you are now” he smiles picking up the backpack you threw and taking your hand.

answer me this

pairing: billy hargrove x reader
warning: violence mention

requested: Hey lovely! please could you do a billy hargrove imagine based on i have questions by camila cabello but with a happy ending? Thank you😊
requested by: anonymous


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bc I felt like sharing my new haircut + glasses here’s the selfie tag thing @felixsfreckles tagged me in like five years ago (thank u for tagging me and sry im years late)
I tag the peeps I wanna see the beautiful faces of : @daisydaehwi @becauseitsmystory @seungminty @chanbaee @changbinsplushie @jeongn and everyone else who wants to do it!! just say I tagged u if u need someone to tag u

“The Family Man” X-Files Edition.  A take on a Mulder family Thanksgiving.

I am not an AU fanfic person.  I tend to skip over them, because I want to read about the Mulder and Scully I know and love within the context of the series I know and love… Yes, I am a narrow minded little square, you are correct.

But hypocrite that I am, I have actually had an AU fic idea knocking about in my brain for months - whenever I see an AU fic post on my feed it’s like BAM! REMEMBER ME?!

But the AU part drove me mad, so I decided to come up with a way that made it not AU.  So… I will just word vomit it out, and hopefully it will go away!  Here’s hoping.

So the basic premise is taken from the film The Family Man.  If you haven’t seen it, basically Nicolas Cage is a very wealthy and successful businessman who wakes up one day to find his life has completely changed.

I can’t remember if it’s an angel or a spirit or something, but an entity of some sort changes one thing about his life and wants him to see how different his life turns out as a result.   The change is that instead of leaving his college girlfriend years earlier (played funnily enough by Tea Leoni), they stay together and get married.  The result of that one change is huge.  In this new life he has two children, a family home, and he’s not a wealthy businessman, he’s a salesman.  Between the two of them, they earn just enough to keep them all afloat.

He hates it at first, and tries his hardest to get back to his old life, before realising that he actually doesn’t want that life anymore - he realises he doesn’t need all the success and power and money, all he really wanted was love - and so when he is returned to his old life, he tracks down his college girlfriend and the film ends.

So my X-Files twist on this, is that Mulder is also given the chance to see what his life would have been like with one single change… That change is if his sister hadn’t been abducted.

Mulder wakes up to find himself back at Oxford years earlier.  He is packing to return home to Massachusetts for thanksgiving.  He remembers this day vividly, and that going home again was awful - his parents divorced, both living alone.  He couldn’t get back to Oxford fast enough.

But this time is different, he gets a call from Samantha who is calling to make sure he is definitely coming home this year, as he never comes home for the holidays.  Mulder is stunned - doesn’t have a clue what is going on.

But decides he won’t find out staying in England, so he gets on a plane back home.

He knows he can’t contact Scully, because at this point in time, he and Scully do not know each other yet.  He’s on his own trying to work out how to get back to his life.

He comes to realise that in this universe, his sister was never abducted and his parents never divorced.  He sees them happy and still in love - living in their family home.  It’s heartbreaking to see what he never had.

Then he learns that his sister is in medical school, and will be bringing her best friend home with her because her father is in the navy and is stationed overseas for the holiday season and had nowhere else to go.  

Oh you fucking know what’s going on here now, don’t you.

Yep, Samantha Mulder went to med school and befriended one Dana Scully. 

Mulder can’t help himself, and decides to indulge his curiosity, so puts trying to get back to his old life on the back burner to spend time with not just his sister, but this young Dana Scully - the Scully he never knew.

He finds himself feeling drawn to her; this younger, freer, less guarded version of his partner.  They spend more and more time together and over the course of the holiday.  

Then Samantha points out to her brother that he’s in love with Scully.  He denies it, but she tells him she can tell - he’s looking at her like he’s known her all his life - she’s never seen him look that way with anyone.

As New Year rolls around, Mulder realises he is in love with Scully - not just this young Scully, but the Scully he knows - his partner.  As the countdown for the new year approaches, he moves in to kiss young!Scully, but suddenly everything goes black.

He wakes up in his apartment, back to his old life.  Was that just a dream?  He isn’t sure.  He immediately calls Scully.  

It’s such contrived nonsense, I know… but the idea of this has been tormenting me!  Also, these picture helped me along.

Questions for AO3 Writers

@tsukareta-levi tagged me—thanks, darling! <3

Tagging: @tootsonnewts @dotingdamen @the-stoned-ranger @bewaretheides315 @arcaneimperatrix @seekingsquake @arahir @kcgane @galraknives @kitausu @seeyounextlevel fUCK i know a lot of writers and i could go on forever…uhh listen if you see this & have an AO3, consider yourself tagged! & tag me back cause i wanna see your answers! <3

1. How did you come up with your username and what does it mean?

there was a period of time when everyone on LJ was getting these cute one-word usernames, often verbs, so i changed my LJ name to imagines, then nabbed the same name on AO3 when i got my account there. i just like this word, and i think it suits me because i spend a lot of time daydreaming and making up stories. (i get asked about my tumblr URL a lot—imagines was taken, so i took me imagino instead, which is “i imagine” in Spanish.)

2. Which fanfic of yours has the most feedback? (bookmarks/subscriptions/hits/kudos)

time goes by so slowly has the most hits and kudos; believe it when i say has the most bookmarks.

3. What is your AO3 profile icon, and why did you choose it?

(icon credit to @bastillae)

i had a victuuri icon for a few weeks and then i fell hard for Otabek, lol. that’s the whole story

4. Do you have any regular/favourite commenters?

i think most of my close friends comment on most of what i post. aside from that i’m not sure if there are other regular readers—i’m horrendously bad at remembering usernames. but i appreciate EVERY SINGLE COMMENTER holy shit you guys give me life. YOU’RE ALL MY FAVORITES. <3

5. Is there a fanfic that you keep going back to read again and again?

oh boy, i guess it’s time to call myself out. a fanfic? uh…more like…a lot……. (mind the tags, I’m only listing links here. and uh yes most of it’s porn. sorry not sorry)


The Color in the World by Miaou Jones (miaoujones) (E, 4.5k) - i have lost track of how many times i’ve read this. i read it again at least once a week. anytime i’m sad or stressed or upset about having to get out of bed for work or something. it always makes me feel better. i just love it so much. i pretty much know it by heart.

Constellated by midnightflame (E, 6k) - just found this about a week ago. have already read it like 4 times. oops.

Emissions by illicio (E, 20k) - AWESOME PLOT. GENERAL CUTENESS. HILARIOUS AWKWARD SEX. i love this so fucking much it hurts

get a little closer, let fold by arahir (T, 2k) - one of the first 2 or 3 sheith fics i EVER read, and the one that jumpstarted my obsession.

go alone, and never speak of this again by arahir (M, 14k) - or, that time jojo made me cry for fourteen thousand words straight.

to go, to follow, to kneel at your feet by arahir (E, 12k) or, that time jojo made me cry all the way through a heat fic. thanks a lot jojo

back flipped right into my heart by arahir (T, 9k and counting) - yeah this became an arahir rec post and i don’t even care, im shameless, anyway this is the Parkour Fic and i don’t know where you’ve been if you haven’t read it yet. because you gotta.

you know what you’re here for by starboykeith (E, 7k) - the college/FWB AU of my DREAMS

Rain, Rain, Go Away by magisterpavus (E, 5k) - my favorite smut is smut i can cry about, so here’s another one like that. prekerb, OUCH.

Hearts of Fire by Xyriath (E, 35k) - the dragon sex fic of my DREAMS. don’t @ me. bye

A Virgin Sacrifice By Any Other Name by I_kink_therefore_I_am (E, 4k) - listen I’m picky AF about “aliens made them do it” and HERE IS THE BEST ONE. all others go home

High on Believing by Bosstoaster Smut (ChaoticReactions) (E, 6k) - the omega!shiro fic of my DREAMS


How To Train Your Galra series by magisterpavus (Keith/Lance, E, 68k) - best Klance fic i’ve read so far.

You Taste Like Sugar by Damalia (Achrya) (Shiro/Keith/Lance, E, 21k) - probably my favorite shklance fic ever


adventures in personal growth series by stutter (E, 23k) - emotional smut! anyway this is the most gorgeous bdsm-as-self-care fic ever and i have a lot of big feelings about it and it made me cry a lot.

Precious Metals series by sparrow30 (E, 35k) - more emotional smut! more bdsm-as-self-care! more crying. ofc

Loved you from the start by StrikerEureka (E, 120k) - so, i used to think omegaverse sucked 100% of the time. then i read THIS. cue newfound love.

in flesh and bone by csoru (M, 32k) - injury comeback fic. good shit.

Omertà by djdaddybek (llyn) (E, 3.3k) - mafia AU, and I’ve read this so many times I have the plot and a bunch of quotes memorized.

But I’m Not There Yet by sarahyyy  (T, 4.5k) - if Otabek and Yuri didn’t become friends in Barcelona, and instead there were years and years of mutual pining. mmmmm

fingers crossed my obsession with you is tameable by seaworn (E, 5k) - last but not least, the first otayuri fic i ever read, which threw me back into fandom full-force. love u, eve. xxoo


Black Dog by stereobone (E, 44k) - post-ACWNR which means it owns my soul

With My Hands Out by stereobone (E, 10k) - “Levi dies. Only it’s not that simple.” tbh this is one of the best hooks i’ve seen so i’ll just let it do its thing.

find me on the way, find me anyway by seabear (E, 25k) - omegaverrrrse <3<3<3

all your demons and desires and dark sides by Carthage (E, 65k) - more bdsm as self-care, cool AU too.

Ungirthed by stereobone (E, 3k) - “Levi doesn’t kiss.” stereobone couldn’t write a bad fic if they tried

6. How many stories are you subscribed to? How many do you have bookmarked?

i typically subscribe to authors, not stories, so i’m not sure about that one. as for bookmarks I have 348.

7. Which AU do you find yourself writing the most?

it’s unusual for me to write AUs. i’m not sure I’ve ever written the same one twice?

8. How many people are subscribed and bookmarked to you in total? (you can view this on the stats page)

i don’t think i wanna know, lol. i’m far prouder of my YTD wordcount of 83k!!! trying to break 100k by the end of the year…

9. Is there something you’d like to write about but are afraid of people judging you for it? (Feeling brave? If so, share it!)

i had a whole long paragraph here, but it got too salty for this blog. maybe some other time. but yeah, i wanna write wttm otayuri and garrison sheith like burning.

10. Is there anything you would like to be better at? Writing certain scenes or genres, replying to comments, updating better, etc.

i would like to be more in the habit of writing most days, even just a little bit! not because i think i’m Not A Writer if i don’t write every day, but because it’s easy for me to stop writing entirely for long stretches of time for…no reason, really. and i’d just rather be writing. it’s easier to write when i’m writing regularly. i would also like to practice more at improving the faults in my writing/ practicing stuff i’m not as good at, because having goals like that is good for me.

11. Do you write rarepairs or popular ships more often?

i read rarepairs sometimes, but i write mostly popular ships. ok i write like 2 ships lbr.

12. How many stories have you posted on AO3 to this day (finished and unfinished)?

29 total works. …25 of these are YOI… *dies*

13. How many stories do you have saved in/with your writing program?

this is difficult to count, bc i’ve been writing fic since 2002. some of it’s on AO3, some is on FFN, some is on LJ, some are located in two places. i think i have copies of most of these on my hard drive, plus more i never finished or never published. i have 63 between AO3 and FFN, a few only on LJ, and then a bunch of scrap fics and original works… so somewhere between 70-100 stories, i’m guessing?

14. Do you write down story ideas, or just keep them in your head?

i write them down in a very messy and unorganized fashion until something starts coalescing; then i organize it. i forget ideas easily if i don’t write them down.

15. Have you ever co-authored a story?

no, although i often yell back & forth with friends during the writing process. this is how i brainstorm, lol.

16. How did you discover AO3?

oh jeez, i was around for the original proposal and ensuing discussions. it took me a whole year after open beta started to actually join, though. i was more comfortable posting to FFN and LJ, having used them for a long time already.

17. Do you consider yourself to be a popular or famous author in your fandom(s) on AO3?

i have no idea. maybe moderately popular for otayuri..? idk. ><

18. Do you have a nickname or fandom name for your readers?

no but that is an adorable idea

19. Was there an author who inspired or encouraged you to write?

yeah, i have two long-time fandom friends i met when we were 14/15. they have been enormously supportive for yeaaars.

20. What writing advice would you give to a beginning author?

write the thing you can’t stop thinking about. idc what it is, idc if you think you can’t do it justice yet, you gotta do it anyway. if you try to wait til you can “write better,” you will never write. go write it now!!!

21. Do you plot out your stories, or do you just figure it out as you go?

longer fics get more attention to plot layout. shorter things get a mix of figuring it out on the fly + writing a list of themes/ scenes/ words/ etc. i’d like to include. i may not include all of them, but having the list helps me see what fits. planning too much = i get bored and stop.

22. Have you ever gotten a bad comment on a story? If so, what did you do?

not since the early 00’s when someone yelled at me for writing slash bc they thought it was gross to “make characters gay” hfgsdhf

23. Is there a certain type of scene that you have a hard time writing? (action, smut, etc..)

action scenes are my downfall. i struggle to resist making them a boring play-by-play. also any kind of travel story—road trip or whatever—i’m like WHAT THE FUCK WOULD EVEN HAPPEN?? despite having been on multiple trips and road trips myself. in comparison, smut is easy.

24. What story(s) are you working on now?

shance futurefic :) you’ll see :)

25. Do you plan your next project(s) before you finish your current ongoing story(s)?

i usually accidentally start my next project while i’m working on the ongoing one. what is planning

26. Do you have a daily writing goal set for yourself?

occasionally i think i would like to have a writing goal, so i set one. then i proceed to soundly ignore it until i remember that i hate doing that. i am happy if i write at all.

27. Do you think you’ve improved as a writer since you first started?

i started writing at 8 and writing fic at 12 or 13, so yes, haha.

28. What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

all my doors are open. started as a cracky idea about JJ, Chris, Otabek, and Yuri having a foursome. turned into over 9k of emotional smut. spawned over 9k more of other emotional smut. this is one of the only smut pieces of mine that i can actually reread without getting weirded out. (i have no idea why i can’t read my own smut, i just can’t, lol. yes it makes editing REALLY difficult.)

29. What is your least favorite story that you’ve written?

consorting with the enemy. not because it’s poorly written (i don’t think it is, and i’d prefer poorly written over emotionally dishonest anyway), but because i pulled punches out of fear. the ending i gave it isn’t the ending i wanted to give it. i’m still glad that i posted it, because the positive response i received showed me that all hell would not actually break loose if i wrote otayuri. i got a lot braver after that.

30. Where do you see yourself (as a writer) in 5 years?

i have a hard time picturing what i will be like in the future, but i hope i’m more confident about writing honestly.

31. What is the easiest thing about writing?

imagining a scene i’d like to write. actually writing the damn thing is way harder.

32. What is the hardest thing about writing?

ENDINGS. fuck u, endings. i’ve written like 3 decent ones in my entire life

33. Why do you write?

  • to explore, process, and reminisce about my own experiences.
  • to imagine what-ifs about my own life, or just about stories i love.
  • to expand upon limited characterization given in canon.
  • to show other people that they aren’t alone.
  • to make art out of personal pain.
  • for catharsis.
  • for wish fulfillment.
  • to cope.
  • to cheer myself up.
  • to escape.
  • bc crushes on fictional characters are fun.
  • bc crushes on real people are often terrifying and upsetting for me.
  • bc i need an outlet for my emotions and fantasies.
  • bc i can’t journal for shit, but i sure can write a story about it.
  • bc it’s fun.
  • bc i want to.

me: maybe i misunderstood light… he really just wanted to make the world a better place and is a really complex character. Not all but at least some of his actions are excusable-

light yagami: My father’s cellphone might be available now. Do you wanna see if you can talk to him?

me: forget it. he is a bloodthirsty asshole and nothing more.

anonymous asked:

As a newbie lesbian who's still trying to figure her sexuality out more fully, your blog is a godsend. Thank you for putting in the effort to break up the monotony of cishet D/s couples and writing such quality GFD/wlw content. It is very appreciated, and I'm so glad I found you! <3

You’re very welcome :) It was a huge shock to me coming here and posting stuff and realising there wasn’t much wlw gfd? Like why not? It’s so cute, I wanna see pretty girls getting dommed by other pretty girls, it’s hot and what the people deserve gdi. 

Until i get that though, I’ll just post blurbs and drabbles that make my gay heart happy.

Me: *sees pic of Selena’s new blonde hair*


anonymous asked:

My friend is in a relationship with his ex and she has kids. My friend can't have kids because of a accident. He told me if it wasn't for the kids then he probably wouldn't be with her + asked me to be apart of their wedding because he's gonna propose soon. It's his life and I love him dearly ...but to see him bend over backwards for her and her kids everyday and watch him miss out on so much while she makes her dreams come true is insane. I don't wanna be a bad friend but this is ridiculous.

It really is none of your business. He’s an adult and he knows the choice he’s making. No one is forcing him to be with her. In fact, he’s making plans to marry her. So he might be venting to you, but when he’s with her maybe that’s his own dream. Wanting to love and support a person is not insane.

anonymous asked:

See but that's the thing, whether it's shamed or glorified (both harmful but that's another discussion), I still have to deal with sex-crazed teenagers. I'm an anxious and overly nice teen and for a lot of people that means "hey I wanna bang." Not only is the ace label, yanno, accurate, but it helps me avoid situations that are going to make me and others uncomfortable. And I can't fathom why people like you care so much and put so much effort into trying to convince me that it's harmful.

because the way you’re talking about sex is incredibly harmful to your peers! i’m really not interested in getting into catfights with minors on the internet but like… i went to high school. i remember it. i remember feeling insecure about the fact that i wasn’t having (and didn’t want to have) sex. but the solution to that is to talk more openly about the myriad ways human beings experience sexuality and the fact that our lives are much more complicated and varied than we like to admit, not to create 57 labels for not wanting to suck toes. i don’t care what label you use for yourself, i care when you show up in my inbox and talk about sex in ways that reinforce the very problem you’re suffering from.

kjuares replied to your post “mcfuckingmess replied to your post “so much stuff has happened in the…”

xQc got banned bc he misused the report system, it’s entirely his own fault. He’s a jerk.

oh trust me you dont need to tell me hes an asshole i loathe the guy. i just wish he and others like him werent the ones representing the ovw community in the owl, you know? i wanna support ovw esports and stuff but when i see the personality of the ppl playing, makes me not wanna.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really do enjoy reading ur blog. I'm in the Swiftie fandom and calvin Harris fandom and it feels like I've just been torn up inside and continue to be torn up now. I love Taylor and want what's best for her but I love calvin (Adam) as well and want what's best for him. It hurts me to be following a swiftie blog and hear them use "ratvin" and insult him. Human beings make mistakes and they are imperfect. For gods sake do they not realize that he is a human being with actual emotions (part 1

Part 2 I just wanna cry sometimes bc I feel like I can’t be accepted by swifties unless I’m bashing him. I try to make them see some reason but they just seem to ignore it. It just hurts me to see this kind of negativity being thrown at an actual human. Just like Taylor is a human being with emotions so is he. I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon of insulting anybody like that. I mean they act as tho he murdered someone! Yes his tweets were unexpected and certainly not great but it’s understandable

Part 3 why he felt that way. It was heartbreaking to see his sadness after the breakup, the sheer loneliness and reclusiveness he dragged himself into, only for TS to continue to shove his apparent “inadequacy” down his throat. I love her bc she’s helped me thru so much and I honestly believe she tries very hard to love, but I don’t agree with that. It just makes my head ache and has just made me super upset and frustrated bc I don’t even kno why I’m affected. Thank you :)

Thank you for enjoying my blog. Maybe you wrote “Thank you” w/ a smile at the end because you felt better after sharing. Or maybe you were thanking me in advance for the advice I’m gonna give you. 

You can avoid feeling “super upset” by un-following bloggers who bash Calvin or share anon messages that bash him. There are probably many Swiftie bloggers who don’t disrespect Calvin. @calvinharrishongkong and @calvin-harris-84 have main blogs devoted to Taylor. You are not the only person who likes both of them. @calvin-harris-84 recently had the honor of meeting Taylor in NYC so even she doesn’t mind Ashley also liking Calvin. 

If you are pressured by the Bashers, block them. Block them in your Message Inbox and block them in Chat. They may have been your friends in times past but their negativity is affecting you now and you don’t need their aggravation.

When you are confronted by their hateful opinions thru the media (it’s unavoidable), go ahead and vent on your blog like I do. Don’t hold your feelings in, express your anger and you’ll feel better afterwards. 

You may be emotionally attached to the drama & it might be hard for you to stop caring so much. That might be because you over-identify w/ both of them and perhaps w/ Calvin as the unfairly bashed even more. But focus on how serene & contented he appears to be. The Haters don’t hurt or upset him & he doesn’t want you to be upset on his behalf. Listen to his music, be infected by positive vibes, and feel “fucking incredible”. That’s what he wants to give you. Let that energy into your life and share it w/ others.

If I were a Swiftie, I would have a hard time accepting this era because the world is full of so many situations that make me angry, frustrated & frightened. None of us need more negativity now, especially not coming from someone who has great advantages & should have no complaints about her wonderful life. You can still love Taylor & not like a few of her recent songs or the image she’s currently projecting. I love the overlarge sweaters she’s wearing but damn that haircut is for the dogs. Like literally it looks like Cocker Spaniel ears. 

The great thing about Calvin fandom is we bash him for legitimate reasons like that creeper mustache covering his upper lip, dressing like a toddler most of the time or wearing clothes that don’t fit right, ruining Heatstroke by giving too much of it to Young Thug, & embarrassing himself by arguing w/ doctors. Maybe you should become a Swiftie who is more like a Calvin fan. :-)

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(tya) me:*sees rose Anon talking about revenge that's kinda long.* Also me:*remembers how detailed they can go... Sfw or nsfw....* Good luck sky. 👍(also I wanna write a thing and I'm between a thing with a dragon Bim and a Naga Google thing (mixing it up I know lol)I'm In that WRITINGTM mood lol.... Might do both... Hmmmm be prepared cause it's some cute stoofs :P) AND WHILE IM THINKING ABOUT IT you don't mind me calling you "Sky" right? Just making sure cause Im starting to use it more 😅

Im so scared- what should i be preparing myself for???? I have no idea what the revenge will be! Oh! And i dont mind you calling me Sky at all! If you want to then go ahead!

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(Little sneak peek of a thing I’m making! Gonna be a group photo of all the SQUIP’s that came to the party last night! [If you don’t see yourself up there let me know!! I wanna include everyone!!! <3] Surely we took a group photo at some point?? lol)

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The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life