it makes me sweat

anyway i meant to make a fancy graphic for this and I might do later but w/e w/e this is a PERMANENT STARTER CALL meaning that by liking/replying to this you’re giving me (and my anxiety that says you don’t want to rp with me) permission to make you rando starters, pop into your ask box or hit you up in memes whenever inspiration strikes me.  You can unlike this post at any time for any reason, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


Lance was anxious because of his debut as a professional merman so Keith kissed him good luck and accidentally broke him

the idea is taken from this post from @steviecap because I fell in love with it at first sight ❤

anonymous asked:

Tt, I'm 4'10 so everyone wants to give me piggy back rides but I hate piggy back rides. Can I fight them?

(( OOC: Y-You’re 4′ 10″ ??? 

………. *sweats* …………. 

C-can…….. can I give you a piggy-back ride? )) 


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco