it makes me super happy

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THATS RAD! ppl tell me my music cant be seriously good cus i use fl studio so it makes me super happy to find other musicians using it as well!

fuck anyone who says that bull shit all DAWs are capable of doing all the same shit it’s just that some things are easier in some daws than others

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Hi! I'm so happy the podcast is back! I love it so much and I always get excited whenever I listen to it. Also the way you write Chloe's mind readings is my favorite thing. I imagine them in such a beautiful and vivid way. I always imagined Chloe's thoughts were always warm and gold colored. Also Caleb! It makes me super happy that you wrote him as teenager bc as a trans and bi teenager it means the world to see that kind of representation. Thank you so much for being an awesome writer!

Thank you so much!! 

Chloe’s mind reading is one of the most fun challenges in writing the podcast. I’m glad you imagine them in such a beautiful way - that’s how I think of them too! And I’m so pleased that you find something to connect to with Caleb! He is probably one of my favorite characters to write. 

prompt: Could you do a 7 minutes in heaven teen au

A/N: I’ve gotten a lot of requests so far, which makes me super duper happy because these are really fun to write. Keep them coming! I’ll try to post at least one a day, but I’ll do an extra one tonight too.

        Splashing water on your face, you look into your mirror with a small smile. You had been looking forward to this sleepover with the girls for weeks now. It had taken a lot of schedule juggling to decide on this particularly chilly October evening for a girls night in. Erin had been the first to arrive, already in her pajamas which consisted of an oversized sweatshirt and leggings with penguins on them. Patty and Abby arrived together, arguing about something to do with snack food, but it wasn’t really clear to you what they were talking about specifically.  You had all decided to watch a movie while you waited for Holtzmann. She was running late because of some school science fair. 

        You exit the bathroom to see your best friend laying on your bed, her arms wrapped around your pillow. You freeze in the doorway when you notice she’s the only one left in your bedroom. Holtzmann in your bed was enough to make your heart stop, but you and Holtzmann alone… with her looking at you like that? This isn’t good. “Holtz, where is everyone?” She sits up, tossing the pillow to the side and pats the spot beside her.

        “I don’t know, I think they said something about food.” You sit beside her, poking her dimple.

        “How was the fair?” You ask softly, trying to hide that you’ve suddenly got really nervous. You’re usually fine when there are other people around, but when you two are alone all you can think about is how badly you want to feel her lips on yours…

        “Better than Disney world.” She grins, her nose scrunching up. She runs the pad of her thumb across your cheekbone to wipe away a lingering drop of water, you can feel your spine liquefying the longer you look into her eyes. You’re so close to her, you could easily just, “Of course,” She interrupts, jumping to her feet to move toward the door, “Disney world has some boring policies on open flame, and sadly the school seems to uphold those as well.” She waves her hand dismissively, “Um.” Her hand is on the doorknob and her expression has changed drastically, “Why is the door….” She trails off, “(Y/N)?”

          “What?” She walks back to you a wide grin on her face, god she really needs to not do that, “Holtz, why is the door—is it actually locked?” You move to go see for yourself but she grabs your arm. “Looks like you won 7 minutes in Holtzmann.” She whispers in your ear, you feel a lump forming in your throat. Oh. God. Her hand cups the back of your head, and she looks into your eyes, “Unless you don’t-” You cut her off with an urgent kiss, to which she instantly responds, your hand tangling in her hair as you pull her even closer to you. She makes a small noise of what you can only assume is pleasure and you take the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Her lips trail down your jaw to your neck, and she begins to lick and suck at one particularly sensitive spot. A soft moan escapes your lips and you feel her smirk against your skin, kissing the spot she left behind. 

             You guide her back to your lips, your hands roaming her sides as she gently lays you down onto your bed. A pause. She’s hovering over you, her eyes darkened, her hair disheveled even more than usual, “You’re so perfect.” She whispers, her voice raspy, she brushes her lips against yours again, “Do you hear me?” She nips at your ear, tugging at it gently, “So beautiful and so perfect.” Her touch is more careful now, more purposeful. She laces your fingers with hers, tracing her thumb across your skin. You crane your neck to kiss her again, which she happily returns.

             You almost don’t hear the door open over the sound of your pounding heart. But you both definitely hear the collective screaming of your friends. Breaking apart immediately, you clamber off the bed, feeling an intense blush rise to your cheeks, “WHAT THE HELL GUYS?” Erin screams, looking at you in complete shock.

             “Well, what did you expect??? You guys locked us in here together!” You say weakly, trying to shift some of the awkward off of you and onto them.

             “What are you talking about? We didn’t lock the door. We just went to the kitchen.” Abby says, confused. You look at Holtzmann, who is shifting her weight nervously from one foot to the other.

             “Yeah, um, about that-” She begins, you glare at her and she runs to hide behind Abby, “I never said the door was locked I just was implying that um we were alone…..and I um I’m sorry but I hope that you don’t-” She rambles on but you stop listening. She wanted to kiss you. This wasn’t just a game for her either.

I may have almost 2,000 people following me on here but no amount of followers can take me away from the few people I love dearly. Let me say some things about the people I love.

@putinsbeauty: I’m super glad we met, you know that right? I brag about you to my family and get really happy when we talk. And yea you’re like.. on the other side of the world so it’s difficult to find the right time to talk, but when we do it makes waiting worth it. I’m learning german just for you btw. Isn’t that sweet. Anyway yea I love you pronkink❤👌 you make me super happy and I love that about you.

@meepercat: you’re honestly one of the best friends someone could ask for. You’re #relatable and I get sad when you don’t sit at the table with me at school because then who am I gonna talk to about glabellas?? And you know what? Even though you hate my otp and make fun of it or whatever, we still share a shipping blog where I reblog that said ship and you don’t mind it, and I love that about you.

@floofybubblez: last but not least, my dear bro. You’re the coolest dude in our city. Maybe even state if my favorite youtubers didn’t live here. So you’re like in the top 5 coolest dude in this state chart that I just made up in my head. Sorry for skipping days and leaving you behind in weightlifting btw. Must’ve been boring without my awesome funny jokes that give you six packs daily. But yea anyway… I couldn’t live without you brother and I love that about you.

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Re: your post about being people's fp: you're not my fp but I've become really attached to you and you give me good answers to my anons and I def love when you post pictures. You're so gorgeous

ahhh!!! thank you thank you! that makes me super happy aaaa

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.