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New (revised) Lola Headcanons

I need to work out my new Lola headcanon, based on new information in 2x14. Here’s where I’m thinking.

1) Coulson is handy and can (and has) worked on Lola himself. In depth. He spent all of fouth grade learning how a ‘62 Corvette works — and Lola is, after all, just a ‘62 Corvette at her core. (This isn’t headcanon, btw, that’s canon. Coulson is handy and works on cars. And I feel cheated out a of a scene of him and Mack in short sleeves working on Lola together, all dirty and sweaty. Maybe this is how he can grill Mack? Ugh. Want.)

2) Lola is about a strong connection to his father, to a sense of stability and normality that was lost when he was very young. As he gets older, he realizes that his mother probably should have sold the car he and his dad built — that they needed the money — but it wasn’t a sacrifice she could ever ask of a nine-year-old boy who had just seen his father die.

After he and his mother move back to Boston to be near her family, he spends a lot of time sitting in the parked car — reading, listening to music, just hanging out. It becomes his hide-away, his spot where the scary, horrible facts he had recently learned about the world (the presence of heroes and monsters) don’t affect him so much. 

When he’s nine, the car is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, but it’s a kind of beautiful that he doesn’t know what to do with. A small boy can know about cars, but he doesn’t really understand until he’s a bit older. Coulson understands a few years later, the first time he dares to start her up on his own — while his mother is at work, when she can’t know that he’s pushing the boundaries she’s set. But the way the engine purrs as it turns over?

He really, really gets it.

He first takes her out when he’s fourteen — the site of his first teenage rebellion. Most of his other rebellions, too. He gets his first speeding ticket before he even has a license (it doesn’t end well). The summer he turns sixteen, he has his first beer sitting in her driver’s seat with a girl almost three years older than he is; he loses his virginity to the same girl a year later in a series of fumbled encounters that begin in the too-small passenger seat and end in the grass near where they’ve parked. He’s seventeen and fired up when Reagan breaks the PATCO strike, and the car helps him cut class and get to a series of demonstrations for worker solidarity.

By the time he’s eighteen, she’s has been in his life ten years compared to his father’s nine. He’s known her longer than he knew his father.

And it’s not like he’s a bad kid. He does everything in his power not to worry his mother and he doesn’t do too badly in school, but he’s accumulated a lot of citations by his eighteenth birthday. That’s when he’s approached by Nick Fury. Nick Fury who tells him that he can save people like his father. Nick Fury who tells him that there’s something more he can do than just drive too fast on highways.

3) Here’s the part I’m shaky on. I think there’s maybe some ambiguity about whether Coulson and his dad worked on Lola together (and that Coulson then added to her based on Howard Stark’s designs) or whether they worked on a car that looked just like Lola (and therefore Coulson fell in love with Lola when he first saw her).

We get some exposition from Fitz (I think in the Pilot) about how the car has the world’s first GPS and is a SHIELD collectible. But that’s the kind of statement that can be retconned really easily in any number of ways (like that Coulson rebuilt Lola with parts from an early Stark model or that Fitz just didn’t know what he was talking about). I’ve always assumed that Lola is a Stark car, but this episode made me question that.

The relevant dialog in this episode:

Skye: (About Coulson’s dad) Well, he’d be very proud. Your red Corvette flies.
Coulson: …at her core, she’s still just a red ‘62 Corvette

So, Skye could be referring to a singular your red corvette (just Coulson’s, distinct from the one he and his dad built) or a plural your (that one that he and his father both have ownership of). Similar story with Coulson’s comment — Lola might still be the same car or Lola might still the same basic model of car that he and his dad made together. The still maybe lends itself towards reading it as Lola having changed?

I’m frustrated by the fact that I can read it both ways. (Campaign for the standard usage of a second person plural in the English language. Seriously, y’all. It’s useful.)

But I think the metaphor that he’s applying to Skye (that Skye is still Skye deep down – that she hasn’t really changed, which is something both May and Simmons directly claim) is just better if he’s drawing an unbroken line between the car he and his dad worked on and Lola — if Lola herself changed, essentially got super powers, but is still the same vehicle he has always loved. That’s really the only reason to want that reading so badly…it makes his metaphor better, imo.

4) Either way — whether Lola was new to him post-resurrection, or whether he upgraded her post-resurrection — she’s representative of him seeking out some part of himself that he had left behind (put into storage?) when he joined SHIELD. (And I take him claiming/re-claiming her as new based on comments between him and Reyes as well as the fact that we see him driving different cars in the movies/shorts. Sure, there are out-of-universe reasons for that, but I’m going with what’s in the text.) 

This idea of Lola representing him connecting to a past version of himself is perfect because it entirely fits with my read of Coulson — that his resurrection was very much a moment of him questioning his identity, yes, but it’s that he’s partly regaining the person he was before SHIELD. (This has always been so important to my read of Coulson — it was the whole theme of my first contribution to fandom — and I can’t help but feel like the fact that Lola represents this connection to his pre-SHIELD self is sort of a thumbs up on that idea… There’s a sense there that is mimicked, as well, by what’s happening with SHIELD. He’s trying to take SHIELD back to what it was meant to be in its purest, non-Hydra form — the Peggy Carter vision, the Nick Fury inspirational speech. Him re-touching his past self is like what he wants to do with new!SHIELD.)

It’s all about him regaining his idealism and his belief in the value of a single life, which can get kind of crushed under larger ideology and party lines and trusting the system. (Phil Coulson doesn’t have to learn to question the system, he just has to remember how to do it…with some help.)


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Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

I’ve been giggling since the first ask I got today (*゚▽゚*) And still am ( I think I might be hyper ). They really cheered me up! So, for making me all giggly and super happy guys, I wanna show you all a small preview of one work soon to come!

Comment with either: Dark AU, Piggy Kingdom, or any other random work~

Let’s see who wins! I’ll come back and check in an hour or so. Need to go work on a commission (ノ´з`)ノ 

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Trans Nagisa is so important to me; it shames me as a writer that I don’t have the proper words to express my feelings on this. So have this carefully selected gif instead: 

Though Nagisa’s more genderfluid/gender dysphoric in my main fics, I did write a short trans Nagisa fic for the gender prompt for ReiGisa week! You can find it here.

Trans/genderqueer fics and headcanons for any character make me super happy, tbh. ^^