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Hi there!
Jordynn | 20 | lesbian/queer | Phoenix
I read every free moment I get, draw or paint when I’m inspired, have a weakness for sci-fi/fantasy, cute girls, and tea, and love all music but ‘20-50’s music makes me super happy. I’ve submitted a couple times and have loved all the new, awesome people discovered through this; I’d love to chat and make new friends if you wanna talk!


I really felt the need to do this, I want to thank each and every one of you for making my dash exciting and entertaining. I am glad that I became a part of this fandom. I’ve met a lot of great people. It makes me happy that everyone is so caring and accepting for anyone that is a part of this fandom. This is the first fandom I’ve been a part of that is super kind and supportive for just anything, and without you all I would not be doing this. You all make me happy, and seeing everybody’s faces makes me happy too. You are all super beautiful in your own way and don’t let anybody tell you different. You are all special to me and I know I haven’t got to talk to all the people that I would like to, but expect a message from me and we will probably chat or maybe even become great friends. I want to thank @scaryjensen for talking to me on a daily basis. You are kind, creative, loving and beautiful to me. Thank you for putting up with me! ♥ And @lakewoodtrashfor talking to me. I never thought you would talk to me since I rp Bex, and needless to say this is a really small world, so thank you too for also communicating with me. ♥ I started this blog on the 4th of August which is insane that I’ve grown this many followers (700) and you guys are super amazing, again. Can’t thank you enough for this because this fandom means everything to me and the people in it. ♥ Anyways these are the people that I will forever follow. Bolded users with a  next to them are my favorites.

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Well lemme tell you I’m literally extremely sad over Diamari. Even if I keep drawing it, I can’t possibly erase the anime. I can’t just sweep away all the anime’s (amazing) character developpement for the sake of my ship.
Surprinsingly, Yohamaru is extremely popular. That makes me super happy.
But I really cared about Diamari as well, even though I was okay with Kanamari or Diakana it’s just me- I can’t really move on hah. I really do care too much about my ships man. To be fully honest, I totally, totally, expected it. It was no surprise. But the way Kanan and Mari are connected are something else. So ye.
I don’t know what to say about this post- if it’s a “I’ll stop Diamari” or something. But heh.

princeofshinjuku  asked:

hey!!! i really love your mystic messenger wallpapers and i was wondering if you could make some of yoosung that are for an iphone 5 (and maybe have one or two of the wallpapers be yandere themed since some phone calls have confirmed him to be the yandere character)? i would really really really appreciate it & it would make me super happy if you could!! thank you in advance!!

Thank you~ c: and sure! But I didn’t get Yoosung’s bad route cg’s yet so I don’t have any “evil” looking pictures -3- so I’ll have to draw some of them, if you don’t mind! 


So. @aveeragemusings has a tag where her readers ask her questions and they have conversations and stuff and I wanted to do the same sort of thing between imagines and such.

Ask me some questions or send me some stories because I want to talk and get to know you guys! I want to talk about Draco so feel free to ask me about my head cannons and stuff like that. I’ll be tagging them with #askslythie so you can scroll through them:)

Let’s talk about shit for a while! Ask me as many questions as you want. Send me your Draco head cannons and confessions! Don’t feel like you’re annoying me or sending too much because they make me super happy.

Hopefully I’ll actually get some of these:)

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Your blog is super cute and always makes me feel relaxed and happy! You yourself seem super sweet and adorable too! Thank you for existing and for running this blog!

ahhh omg tysm!!!!! you just made my night ty for this<3

tell me what you think of me!

The sight of you makes my heart beat at prestissimo.
Like an étude with no breaks, you leave me breathless.
It feels like I’ve once again found myself on stage,
Terrified and euphoric all at the same time.
Suddenly, the whole world makes a grand pause
And hearing your voice, a cadenza in the silence,
Is like hearing music for the first time, all over again.
—  Unknown

//Wow it only took me forever, but I finally finished Custy’s concept art for State of Geron. I feel like I can finally move on and plot out the rest of the next chapter now that I finally finished this. 

Bottom pic is just for height comparison and because bbys tbh

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Is it bad that the only time I truly smile much anymore is when I watch Dan and Phil? They're just so happy like I wanna get in on the happiness train

dan and phil are the Epitome of Happiness™ and i aspire to be on that level someday


Ok so I’m still not done messaging everyone asking for what they would like me to draw them, but I have a lot of people already! And since almost everyone has replied (so happy about this btw) I’m going to take a long time to get to everyone! So I will mention your names when I am finished in the posts with your drawings. If it takes a long time for me to post yours I sincerely apologize, but I promise I will finish yours! And it may take me a while to message any of those who I havent messaged yet asking for what they would like me to draw for you, but don’t feel left out, I’m messaging everyone who I am able to as fast as I can while drawing people’s requests!