it makes me so happy i just dont even know

List of thoughts jack probably had through the years about Eric Bittl

Year One
•He’s frustrating
•oh but he actually wants to get better
•good at hockey but i started off calling him bittle I cant shorten his name now
•pleasant kid
•its cool that more people of the lgbt community are getting into hockey, or at least being open about their sexual preferences
•do you think he would want maple syrup from uncle? Or honey from uncle with bees? Ill ask (proceeds to get into hour conversation about honey vs maple syrup) uh… i still dont know
•(during the summer) uh i miss bittle. He was cute. I think i kinda like him in the romantic sense but maybe i just miss him too much. Even if i did like bittle, who can blame me. Also i shouldnt act on it, hes a teammate and friend and i cant ruin a freindship again this way

Year two
•bittle is really sweet
•bittle would make any boyfriend of his happy, like look at these pies and hes athletic so his legs look so good and his face is cute. I hope his future boyfriend treats him well or the SMH team will have something to say
•bittle looks so good for the camera hes like an angel. A little southern angel.
•senior year is a bit daunting but at least my friends are here and i have bitty’s pies. Im going to miss them. One step at a time though jack.
•i regret yelling at bittle last year its been a while and were friends now but i mean i can make up for it by taking him out for the sugar coffee he likes i suppose, no other reason for taking him out more than shitty
•his legs are so good (x500)
•aw he still isnt used to the cold here bits, my jacket.
•i want to kiss him. Oh wow what an impulsive thought jack keep it together youre probably horny and hes gay but hes a teammate. Hockey over ten minutes of pleasure as mom always says
•im gonna miss bittle i cant believe this is happening oh no… i would give up hockey playing to be by bittle for another year.. oh no i love him and i didnt tell him

Year three
•i love him so much
•bits looks so good in this kitchen.. and in my room…. and my living room…(etc)
•I LOVE HIM (x9999*10^9999999)
•should i buy him these butt shorts or send him a link- oh wait oh my god bitty butt
•im a bitty butt man

yall dont even understand how fucking happy and proud that makes me to see SH as the #1 song played on US radios….that is so amazing and a feat that not only hasnt been reached by any other member, but hadnt even been reached by 1d AS A BAND!!!! its so incredible and i hope he knows how proud we are of him and how well hes doing! hes just so talented and humble and gracious and deserves ALL the #1′s! 

ok so reasons why you should remember that kevin day is more than exy and drinking himself to death with vodka take notes 

  • um?? he suffered years of trauma and abuse and has anxiety attacks which is WHY he feels he needs the vodka
  • he loves history so much that he actually wanted to open up to his team about it and then his team told him to shut up about it so kevin felt bad and never talked about that passion of his ever again like :)) im bitter as fuck
  • he literally hates the music at eden’s twilight, but tolerates it for andrew. like!! my boy loves classical music!! but he goes where his friends ask him to go and doesnt complain about the music probably because he knows how he feels to have someone shit on something he loves and doesnt want to do that to others :)))
  • my boy didnt even drink before he met the monsters so consider that as well like :) anyway im emotional about that
  • he loves the color red so much even though it doesnt look good on him like he probably doesnt care and i just love it??
  • suffered under the weight of knowing he had a father, and just did not know how to reach out? imagine the fucking pain of dealing with that!!! and how he learns to reach out, and how he makes an effort to have a relationship with him. kevin actually finds the time to be happy with wymack!! a concept!!
  • also kevin day is desperate for friendship dont tell me otherwise and i bet after the trilogy he and nicky become a lot closer now that andrew has neil and theyre kind of separate from the rest of the group. kevin craves affection 
  • anyway i love kevin day

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Omg I love your writing! I have post notifications on and I'm honestly on this account everyday! I feel deprived when I'm not on it😅your writing is absolutely amazing and you update so regularly which I honestly love!! I hate those accounts that don't post for months. But you post everyday which is great cause I love reading your stories everyday😍I was wondering if you're still taking requests if you could continue the drunk Betty story? So like, them having the conversation in the morning?

Thank you so much, I love to write, if I could spend all day everyday writing about this gorgeous pairing. I totally would!

“Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww” Betty mumbled quickly wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Never again.

She was never drinking again. She had learned her lesson ten fold. Dragging herself from the toilet , she flopped down on her bed. this was it, this was her life now. She was forever planted in this bed.

Suddenly the familiar ring of her cell phone went off, she growled, throwing the pillow over her head. Ignoring whoever needed her. Unfortunately the ringing wouldn’t stop, she had no choice but to pick up the phone.

“What!” She hissed into the speaker, not bothering to check the caller ID.

“Well good morning sunshine! Get dressed, I’m outside, we’re going for a walk. If you’re not down in ten minutes, I’m coming up” The line clicked dead

Her heart stopped at the familiar voice, something had gone down last night between her and jughead, while the specifics weren’t clear, she knew fairly well what was about to happen.

“Well Betty Cooper, its time to dress for rejection.”

Brushing her teeth quickly and piling her silky hair into a messy bun on top of her head, she pulled on a tight pair of black yoga capris and a simple white v neck. Lacing her sneakers she took a quick glance in her mirror, admiring her butt. Well, at least she could give him something to look at, when she walked away thoroughly broken hearted.

As she locked her front door, she felt a pair of hands on her waist.

“How’s my very favorite drunk?” He whispered in her ear.

She hid her shivers at his close proximity by shaking his hands off her shoulders

“Really funny Jughead, I need a burger, let’s go to pops.”

Jughead laughed suprised,

“Its nine in the morning?”

She shot him a quick glare

“I’ve seen you eat an entire steak dinner before eight am, don’t try me”

He put his hands up in mock salute, grinning.

They walked in comfortable silence about halfway until Jughead finally broke the ice.

“You were upset with me last night.” He grabbed her wrist stopping her from walking

She cast her eyes down, waving her hand

“I was drunk Jughead, I was mad at everyone.”

He shook his head

“No, you were angry with me because you think I like ginger Lopez”

Well. Okay guess we’re just cutting to the chase then.

“Well now that you mention it, it is kind of ridiculous, come on Jughead really? She’s so fake and you know I’m all for women doing what makes them happy, but she’s not right for you. She isn’t your type of girl at all. Did you know she just broke up with Reggie mantle, if that doesn’t scream stay away I don’t know what does.” Her hands were flying everywhere

“I agree.” Jughead smiled simply

“And then there’s the fact that she totally… Wait what?”

Jughead laughed

“I agree, she’s not the girl for me, gingers very nice , but you were right, she’s not my type.”

“SO YOU DONT EVEN LIKE HER?!” Betty shouted before instantly regretting it, placing her fingers to her temples, the hangover coming back at a rapid pace.

Jughead placed his hands over hers, grinning

“Nope, and you would have known that if you had just asked me,instead of running off and getting smashed at the blossoms.” He wrinkled his nose in distaste.

Sighing Betty nodded

“Okay you’re right, I was an idiot. Now that that’s settled can we please go to pops I’m thinking of adding a milkshake to my order.”
She began walking ahead, but Jughead grabbed her arm again.

“I don’t think so. There’s still something we have to discuss.”

Her eyes widened and she looked away speaking sheepishly

“And what’s that?”

He grabbed her chin with his free hand

“I love you Betty Cooper, have loved you for a quite a bit now.” He was grinning and ducking to meet her eyes.

As soon as green met blue, tears welled in her eyes

“You do?”

“I do.”

Suddenly she was clinging to him l,tears wetting his flannel.

He pulled away gently, placing a soft kiss to her forehead,

“Come on ill buy you that burger. So.. how was being drunk anyway.”

She reached for his hand, threading their fingers together

“Oh juggie, you do not wanna know”

P S A !!

You could have been born in ANY time or place, heck maybe even another dimension!! But you were born in just the right circumstances to see this cute and precious boy living his life and freaking killin’ it. If that doesn’t make you absolutely THRILLED to be alive and breathing right now I don’t know what will

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They should know he's a guy by now but anyways how are u doing today ?

// Well between dealing with a handful of people stealing, tracing, and otherwise reposting my art, telling me I’m wrong for politely calling them out and handling it like an adult in DMs, trying to help handle the #savebendy bullshit, people ripping off my designs for Lendy & Acute & Alice, having my characters misgendered repeatedly after already making a post on the matter, being insulted directly to my face on a handful of servers, handling some personal drama, and generally feeling alone in groups of people (not their fault) I’ve been… okay. Mostly just extremely tired and admittedly a bit pissy. I haven’t hardly eaten this week and today I can’t stop so if I don’t post a lot its because I’ve made myself sick, sorry in advance.

hello!! it’s anna!!

so i literally just hit 4k and i’m so happy!!! this is the most followers i’ve ever had on any blog lmao. sooo i wanted to make a quick follow forever to show my appreciation to all my mutuals and people i follow!

i just want yall to know i love seeing you on my dash and i’m glad i follow you!!! and to my mutuals and followers, thanks for following me, it means sooo much!!! so let’s start :-D

(i was jeonggukl, in case anyone is confused!!)

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Confessions to the Types (Personal INTP Experience)

Note: This doesn’t apply to everyone at all. Don’t be offended when/if I say something negative about your type. This is all based on personal experience.

ENTP: yknow we could be besto friendos if you stoppED LEAVING ME ON SEEN/READ/OPENED ALL THE TIME but really, you’re simultaneously cool and a loser and its really interesting

ENFP: I love all you guys but i dont like to tell y'all because you’re gonna make fun of me if i do. but really, you guys are so headstrong and im so glad im friends with you

ENFJ: im so glad you like me because it seems like you guys are really selective and picky about the people you hang out with even though you have tons of friends which i respect

ESTP: this doesnt apply to all estp’s because i know only one and he’s a loser and defies the stereotype and everything but marry me please your hands are so warm and mine are always cold and it makes me happy when you let me warm my hands on yours because thermodynamic equilibrium is my aesthetic

ESFP: the thought of you makes me sad because you were so welcoming and friendly when i first transferred here and i really liked you but then you just stopped talking to me and hell, im not going to try to tag myself along with someone who doesn’t want me around

INTP: there’s always like a deep connection between us whenever we discuss or habits, interests, hobbies, etc and it makes me happy even though we all can be absolutely asshats once in a while

INTJ: okay, i dont usually mind you but i also kinda hate you because youre so snobby and it makes me really uncomfortable and PLEASE shut up about your grades and how amazing and smart you are because WE KNOW about your pride. otherwise, youre fine and its really fun to annoy you when we dont agree on something

INFP: yall have so many friends and honestly, i dont think some of you deserve it. i mean, sure youre nice and all but i will never forget how you said you’d never leave me and then did exactly what you said you wouldnt a month later. and now you continue to befriend all my friends. leave me like you meant it

INFJ: we dont talk much anymore and that’s partially my fault because i dont know how to respond to a lot of things you say without making it awkward for you but as far as i know, youre really cool and it makes me happy that you strive to succeed and succeed to strive, yknow

ISTJ: i know we dont talk over social media much and thats my fault because i stopped responding because i dont know how to respond to one word replies but irl i love talking to you so much and youre chill to hang out with whenever and if i ever leave the house

For the rest, I don’t know for sure if I know anyone of the types (I probably do but I don’t want to mistype) so I just didn’t do it for the sake of trying to stay truthful. Again, all of these don’t apply to EVERYONE of that type. This is all based on my personal experiences.
Another Arc V ending

I mean, we could explore the ramifications of a horrific reality where Yuya and Yuzu have to live with three other people in their heads, Shun Kurosaki has his best friend and sister gone, and Reira Akaba is still a baby and we can go into depth about how Leo gets a family back and suffers minimal to no consequences.

Or we can write an actual happy ending.

Because this is Yugioh and I demand everyone gets a good end. Everyone.


The silhouette reached out to him.

Yuya’s heart momentarily stopped in his chest.

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*chinhands* PhemieC, please talk about how in love you are with your wife. It makes me so happy to hear about it. :)

Oh goshhhhh uhhh ok i dont even know where to start *_*“

She just… has such a good soul, she has this pure hearted warmth and genuinity (is that a word? Is now) that just radiates from her. Being around her is like coming up for air, like opening the blinds and letting in the sun.

Shes so fucking smart and creative, she has this mind for creating stories and imagery like no one I’ve ever met. I love creating with her, and reading with her and coming up with countless worlds for us to live inside together. She’s so funny and goofy and so freaking cute and she makes me laugh so much. Every night we stay up laughing and talking into the wee hours and promise that tomorrow we’ll get to bed early for once, but it has yet to happen lol.

She’s my dearest friend. She’s the only person I’ve ever met who makes complete sense to me, the only person who recharges me, the only person i’ve ever really missed. I dont know what that means. All I know is that no one’s ever made me feel how she makes me feel and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else after knowing what its like to love her.

I’m just so fucking……….in it. In this feeling. Even now i look over at her sleeping next to me in disbelief at how beautiful she is and how lucky i am to have met her, to get to share my life with her, to be marrying her… Fuck ok im cryin now so im gonna stop THIS IS YOUR FAULT! Lol you shouldnt encourage me!!! TwT

Anyway yeah ok ill stop for tonight though because i really need to sleep lol

Why I love the songs

ON MY WAY - I have to be honest I love the chorus where Corbyn’s voice becomes more clearer and suddenly there’s a bass drop and Zach is singing about the shooting galaxy and I’m crying. The instrumental part is pretty peng as well. I love how there is an echoing after every lyric. Corbyn’s voice is so sweet and pretty and cute. Jonah in the beginning really pulls me into the song like it draws my attention straight away. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS SONG BUT IT MAKES ME FEEL THINGS - IT MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY. I ALSO LOWKEY LIKE HOW THERE’S A SLIGHT PAUSE AFTER EVERY LINE.

JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE - This is one of my original favourites! I ADORE the beginning where Jack starts off because he sounds amazing and the actual message v cute, and then Jonah sings and his voice is like quiet and calm but at the same time powerful. I love Corbyn’s part where I don’t even know how to describe it but his voice kind of shakes/vibrates when he sings ‘you keep me guessing’ and I cry.

TELL ME - I’m living for Jack’s voice during first few lines of the song. Their harmonies are so good during the chorus. This song just makes me want to go outside scream the lyrics and kiss a stranger (not something I should be doing) - just because its so good, its hard to find words to describe the pure talent which created this song.

MADE FOR - IM SERIOUS FIRST TIME I LISTENED TO THIS SONG I WAS LIKE 'MEH’, BUT THEN I PROPERLY LISTEND TO IT AND FELL IN LOVE. I’m probably going to say this for every song, but I’m so in love with the background music. Daniel’s chorus is also one of the many reasons I cry whilst listening to the song. Also although this doesn’t really relate to the actual music, bUT I love when they’re singing the song and they act out the lyrics - iT MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH!! Jack’s solo part is also killing me. JONAH’S SMALL PART TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG HAS ME WEEPING - LIKE FULL ON WEEPING, HE SOUNDS SO GENTLE AND SWEET AND JUST ADORABLE!

PERFECT - I love how the song begins straight away like there’s no instrumental introduction. I also love how majority of the song is them harmonizing with each other, rather than singing separately. ALSO ZACh’s voice sounds incredible and it sounds like more deeper than it normally does and I LIVE FOR IT!

I DEPEND ON YOU - Jack’s vocals are killing it through out the whole song. I also love the part where Daniel and Zach take in turns to sing a line - it feels as if they’re almost talking to each other. this is such an underappreciated song but lIKE WHY IT PHYSICALLY KILLS ME AND BRINGS ME BACK TO LIFE EVERYTIME I LISTEN TO IT. It’s just so sweet and encouraging and a mood lifting song!

WE THE PARTY - I love this because its just such a nice, happy and up-beat song!! Also when I first heard it I thought Daniel sang 'can you see a sweeter party’ so I went out that day and sang that line all day until I came home and realised that he actually sang 'can you see us we the party’. Jonah’s part I don’t even know how to describe it but its FREAKING AMAZING I love his voice so much. this is just such a casual song that I would like put on whilst washing the dishes, bUT AT THE SAME TIME IF I WAS HYPED UP I WOULD MAKE A FREAKING DANCE ROUTINE TO THIS.

RUNNER - I fell like this is a very special song that they would sing to someone who’s insecure - I just feel like the song fits the situation. and once again Jonah’s solo part has me dying like how can he sing so low but then also sing songs like this and sound pure and angelic??? there’s also a lyric saying 'something different’ and that makes me giggle. This is kinda a slow song but I AINT COMPLAINING.

WHY DONT WE JUST - I love how the song transitions into the chorus because of how casual it is but yet still sounds amazing. Also love how Jonah sings majority of the chorus!! - he adds a sense of gentleness to the song (I swear I say this for every song like). Every time I hear this song I’m reminded of that mashup where they sing the song an Jonah is just there laying about in the bean bag chair thing and it makes me feel all cuddly and cute for some reason.

ALL MY LOVE - once again I love the instrumental parts!! I love the way Daniel starts of the song, and I love the chorus and the way Zach sings it, it just sounds incredible. I really like the pre chorus hype up where Jack/Corbyn sing about 'taming’ and stuff and idk why but it sounds incredible.

NEVER KNOW - ONCE AGAIN JACK’S VOCALS HAVE ME QUAKING!! I also love Zach’s part because like his voice fits the song and the actual instrumental music and his voice just give me goose bumps!! I also really like the meaning behind the song, although this is just the meaning I have self interpreted but it just gives off the message that opportunities don’t come unless you make them, and I find that this is a really helpful message to hear sometimes (personally).

AIR OF THE NIGHT - I REALLY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SMOOTH STEP SO I CAN PROPERLY DANCE TO THIS SONG! I’m in love with the build up to the chorus, because it really hypes you up and the chorus itself just makes you want to get up and dance. aS Always Jonah’s voice is killing me.

THESE GIRLS - THIS IS MY CURRENT BOP!!! I love how this song is based around their fans! I ALSO LOVE HOW JONAH FINALLY HAS LOTS OF SOLO PARTS BECAUSE HIS LOW VOICE FITS THIS MUSIC AND HE SOUNDS AMAZING. Also @ the boys where am I?? 'the emotionally unstable, socially awkward girl’?? Also the 0.25 seconds of cormeme has me SCREAMING - I love how its included, and also the small dance he does throughout the song and his glasses look dorky but sweet!!

SOMETHING DIFFERENT -HIGHKEY WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS SONG!! props to Logan because his music video is hella fire! Daniels beginning part has me crying because his voice sounds amazing!!!! Jonah literally actually makes tears come to my eyes because he sounds so sweet and pure - I will never get over how amazing he looked in the video and how his voice practically tears me to pieces!! Corbyn’s chorus also has me crying kinda sad because Corbyn doesn’t exactly get that many lines, but he still slayed the few lines that he got and still sounded amazing. Zach’s vocals have me dying all day every day, like I don’t understand how he is so talented and how his voice sounds so amazing.

NOBODY GOTTA KNOW -like in the beginning when Zach is singing by himself he SOUNDS SO FREAKING GOOD LIKE HOW, THERE’S NO AUTOTUNE, NO BACKGROUND MUSIC, ITS JUST HIS PURE VOCALS AND THE’RE SO GOOD!!!! Jonah as always has me dying! Their harmonies are so good!!! Corbyn in those glasses is my aesthetic, and I cant leave without saying that Jack’s vocals are still extremely amazing. Also the video concept is really pretty and cute.

TAKING YOU - Daniel sounds amazing in this song. And Jonah’s voice sounds so smooth and beautiful. Also really like how the idea for 'limelights’ came about from a lyric in this song!!

FREE - can I just say that their vocals are amazing not only in this song but in everything that they sing!! Also love Jonah’s solo part where he just sings 'we could be free’ because it just sounds incredibly amazing. and I feel like Daniel has a voice crack everytime he sings but that just makes the song a thousand times better!

YOU AND ME AT CHRISTMAS - Jonah beginning the song actually makes me cry because his voice is low and it sounds amazing and beautiful and I just cant. Zach'spre chorusing has me dead because he sounds amazing and I font even know how to describe his voice but it makes me want to cry because its incredible. Also ngl but I love the ending where they realist they all have the same girlfriend, and  Jonah’s face is just confused and all and Corbyns 'but the cookies’ statement has me crying.

OKAY, so I was listening to their songs the other day and I just thought that it’d be cute to just write down why I love each song. EXCUSE the extremely bad and unorganised writing - I will apologise. But yeah if any of you want to do this too it would be cute, so yeah do it if you want :)))

honestly, i loved this liveshow sm. first of all, phil looked obsolutely stunning. i dont even know what to say about his freckles, im in love. he looked so relaxed and happy sharing all this stories. i wish he wore grey more often cause it kinda suits him a lot and i love seeing him being so happy and wholesome. it just warms my heart.


can we talk about the upcoming baby video w Louise ????? i missed three of them hanging out sm and making collabs. and a vid where louise tests their baby knowledge? sign me the fuck up

and his weird dream?? where did that even come from? i love him sharing it so freely, even tho it kinda represents his insecurities? but i always love phil sharing strange stories/dreams cause he’s just so different.

and how excited phil is for #clothesforphil vid? and saying that dan is gonna do a little documentary off-camera like in the cheese challenge. also dan already has a shortlist????? can 2017 get any better

I just don’t know yet

Abandonment was expected

Falling in love with you never was

That’s the catch,

You won’t find love

Love will find you

And when it does

You are either ready or not

And if you are not it is going to hurt so bad

Because you see a long future with that person

However, you know deep down inside that it will not work out at the moment

Even so, if you are ready, it is still going to hurt extremely bad

All you will think about is that one person who is the keeper of your heart

And every rough step they take you feel it right in your pain sensors

They have this control over you even though you might not want that

It is exausting, I know

And it hurts like hell

Overall, Im just not ready to endure that kind of pain again.

BIGBANG - Mafia AU - Part 1

Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally! 

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)” 

AN: Surprise! I just recently got inspiration to do a bigbang mini series, and after looking through my requests, it was pretty obvious which one i had to do! I have changed it slightly, but hey! Bigbang Mafia is hot any way! ;) (Warning: This will not be a regular update like Voices, although i will update it a minimum of at least once a week!- this term has a hectic workload.) But Enjoy! :P x

Originally posted by ssonqs

Part 1

‘Ah! FUCK! Bae, just slow dOWn!’

Those were the first words you hear when you’re startled awake in the middle of the night, the sound of the front door slamming open rousing you from sleep.

'Ji, you are aware that you’re actually quite heavy?! I cant carry you all day! Now, hurry up.’

You listen to the two of them bicker quietly back and forth, sitting up in your darkened room as you hear their voices getting louder, but you know they wont come into your room.

It was like a ritual that happened most nights.

They’d come back at stupid o'clock in the morning- waking you up in the process- with one of them injured or knocked out. They’d make their way to Jiyong’s office hidden at the end of the corridor beside your room, and then they’d go in for a few hours before you’d once again be woken by Jiyong as he slides into bed beside you- his body normally covered in bruises, cuts, and sometimes bigger wounds, but his face clear of any abuse.

And if it was any other night you would have gone back to sleep like you usually did. But after talking with Jiyong earlier in the day before he’d gone out, and finding out that the meeting he had today was with one of the most notorious gang leaders in the area, you were more than slightly worried about what had happened. 

Which is how you found yourself slipping out of bed and pulling on the white, silk robe that hung over the back of the chaise lounge positioned by the window. It was slightly cooler in the room than you first realised, which made you slightly regret getting out of bed, but with the lingering worry in the back of your mind that Jiyong might have been seriously hurt, your feet automatically continue their path towards the door, and you quietly open it before beginning to make your way towards his office.

When you arrived in front of the solid oak door, you couldn’t help but hesitate. It wasn’t like you never went into the room, or that your visits to check he was okay in the middle of the night weren’t frequent… but it was an unwritten rule that Jiyong had put in place that when he was hurt, he didn’t want you to see him.

You’d asked him about it as you’d laid in bed one night at the start of your relationship.

He told you it was because you’d ran out to greet him in the hall when he’d got back one night, but when you’d opened the door and seen him with a bullet caught in his shoulder and a dozen cuts- both shallow and deep- across his torso, you’d frozen in shock, and when he’d seen your face-the utter fear and devastation there- he’d decided he never wanted you to see him like that again. He didn’t like scaring you, and with his line of work, although there wasn’t an aspect of it that wasn't scary, he gave everything in his power to make sure you felt safe in your home and as you went about your life.

However, as stubborn as you always were, that rule got broken a few times along the way- becoming more and more frequent as the weeks went on. But over the past month it had been pretty silent on the wound front; until tonight that was- which was partially why you were so worried.

You didn’t bother to knock before you opened the door, just making sure to be subtle and quiet as you entered the room, although you might not have bothered as you poke your head around the door to see both Jiyong and Youngbae already looking in your direction.

The room was modern…-ish. When you’d asked him about the design when he’d first shown you the room, he’d told you it was a 'classic-future’ fusion- the old wooden floor to ceiling bookcases lining the walls being the 'classic’, and the glass desks & tables and artistic chairs being the 'future’. It was cute and classy just like him, and every time you came in here- even if it was in dire circumstances- you always felt at peace, like you were physically inside Jiyong’s arms; nothing bad could happen here.

'Hey.’ you mumble as you close the door, folding your arms around yourself and biting your lip as your eyes focus on Ji and you see him frown a little as he looks away from you, moving to put his shirt back on where he’d been cleaning his wounds.

'Jagi, I thought you would have been asleep.’ he says, his face scrunching up in a wince as he slips his arms into the shirt, and you cant help but make your way towards him when you see the pain he’s in, Youngbae sliding off of his seat on the edge of the desk making you stop halfway across the room, your lips pressing into a line as you watch Jiyong continue to button his shirt.

'I was, but I…I heard you come in…I just wanted to check that you were okay.’ you murmur, rubbing your arms against the chill that ran through you- the cold having nothing to do with the temperature of the room at this point, but instead being a reaction to seeing the cuts on Ji’s arms.

'I’m sorry for waking you, Jagi… I’ll try to be quieter in the future-’

'Are you okay?’ you blurt out, anxiously looking between him and Youngbae, who raises his eyebrows as he looks at the floor, slightly surprised by your outburst- especially since it was in his company.

That was another one of the unwritten rules; always put on a strong face in front of Ji’s men.

'Jagi, I’m fine.’ Jiyong replies, his gaze burning into you telling you to calm down, but it was obvious from the way the two of you watch each other silently for a few moments that you were struggling not to say anything.

'Bae, can you give us a minute?’ he asks with a sigh, sitting up properly in his chair with a wince, and your grip on your arms begins to ache as your fingers curl at the pained expression on his face.

'Sure. I’ll go and call the others and be back in 5.’ Youngbae replies, his eyes finally flickering up to look at you as he begins to make his way to the door, the slight breeze as he walks by you making you tremble in his wake, and as soon as you hear the click of the door as it closes, your gaze flickers back up to Jiyong.

'I’m sorry. I know you dont like me coming in here when you’ve just got back from work, and I know you dont like me seeing you when you’re hurt, but I just needed to-’

'Jagi, come here.’ he murmurs softly, cutting you off as he gets to his feet and grunting quietly as he straightens himself up. But as soon as the words are out of his mouth, you’re lunging over to him, flinging yourself into his arms as he holds them out to you, and you hear him grunt with the impact.

'Aish, Jagi, not so hard.’ he groans as you tie your arms tightly around him, loosening your hold until your hands are laid gently against his shoulder blades and your forehead is leant against the clean, non-bloody, side of his chest, being extra careful to make sure you weren’t causing him any pain.

'Sorry.’ you mumble, feeling his own arms slide to encompass you in their grasp, the warmth from his forearms sinking through your robe to your back and making you feel- as always- like everything was okay.

'You’re silly for worrying about me, Jagi…you should know by now that even if I come back battered and bruised, I’ll always come back to you.’ he murmurs, propping his chin on your head as his hand rubs gently over the top of one of your arms.

'I know…and I know you dont like me seeing you hurt…but-’

'Jagi, dont worry about it…as long as you’re not scared, then seeing it once wont hurt…besides I’m not even that badly hurt…I just dont want you to always be worried about me. I want to make sure you’re okay, and that you’re happy, because thats the only thing that matters.’ he explains, moving his chin so that he could press his lips into your hair.

'Tell me…how was your day?’ he says quietly, tilting his head to look down at you and smiling gently at you when he sees you looking up at him with wide, worried eyes, pulling you gently towards him as he backs up and sitting back down in his huge, importantly looking, desk chair, before guiding you to sit on his lap.

You couldn’t help but smile at his question as he pushes your hair back from your face, knowing that it was his way of asking you to distract him from the evening’s activities.

And so you do.

You tell him about how a new order of roses that you’d got delivered to the flower shop had been mixed up with a giant box of cactuses, and you’d had to call a bazillion people to get the mishap fixed. You tell him about how your friend Soolee had dumped her boyfriend John after he accidentally tripped her mother up at dinner and caused her to have to get a knee replacement. You told him how when you got home, you’d found a bill for the heating that told you you were in credit by over 800,000 WON, and when he chuckled you proceeded to tell him that you were going to turn the house into a sauna from now on, since you were usually always freezing.

'You are unnaturally cold for a normal person.’ he comments, grinning as he rubs your arms to make sure you were comfortable and you lean into his shoulder, immediately recoiling when he hisses.

'Aiy- its okay, its just…that was the one that I hurt earlier..’ he mumbles, turning his head to look at it and pulling down his shirt a little to reveal a very large white dressing covering the skin.

'How did tonight go?’ you ask before he can change topic again, knowing he wanted to forget about it, but also knowing that that wouldn’t be possible until he talked through it.

'Fine….’ he starts, sighing as if he wasn’t going to say anything else, but when his eyes flicker up to yours and he sees your patient expression, he carries on, slumping his shoulders in the process and hissing once again with the pain of the movement.

'I mean, we got what we wanted. But then Seungri decided he had to go and show off…riled up one of Hyung-won’s men, and then when he couldn’t control the situation left me to deal with the aftermath.’ he murmurs, his jaw clenching as he remembers something that you couldn’t see, but with the way his eyebrows smoothed out slightly, you knew he felt better after letting out some frustration.

'Seungri, does seem to cause you a lot of trouble.’ you mumble, reaching your hand up to wipe a smudge of dirt from Jiyong’s face and smiling shyly when he turns his head to press a kiss into your palm, holding your hand in place with his.

'He does…but I just cant seem to find it in me to get rid of him.’ Jiyong says, smiling slightly at you as his eyes roam your face, a content hum escaping him as the two of you continue to watch each other.

It was always moments like these, when a spark would appear between the two of you and you’d remember why you put up with everything the way you did. The way his large, yet gentle hands held your hips, sliding over your sides as he pulls you in to him slowly. The way his glistening brown eyes caught your gaze and held you captive beneath his, promising to keep you safe from anything. And the way his lips told you anything you wanted to know with a simple touch against yours.

It was all of those things and more that you craved in that moment, but just as your bottom lip brushed against his and you were making to close your eyes, you hear the heavy footing of Youngbae coming back down the hall and you sigh as you make to stand up- knowing Ji wouldn’t want one of his men seeing him with his guard down.

Which is why it surprised you when his hands that were still secure on your hips, refuse to let you move.

You look back at him, frowning in confusion as the door opens, but he simply holds you calmly against him as Youngbae walks in, the shorter man not outwardly showing his uncomfortableness with the situation- the only sign of this being in the way his eyes shift slightly between the two of you, which you see as you turn to look at him.

'Seungri and Daesung have just arrived back at the base, although by the way Daesung reported it, Seungri wasn’t all too happy about being dragged back- but the brat needs to learn a lesson. And Seunghyun has just called in to say the deal went ahead smoothly and Minhyuk’s gang should be ready to move in the next two days.’ he explains, ignoring you for the most part- which you dont blame him for- and focusing his address on Jiyong, who nods thoughtfully with the information.

'And Junmyeon?’ Ji asks, head perking up as he remembers something, his fingers squeezing a little on your hip in his excitement.

'Taken care of.’ Youngbae replies ominously, his eyes briefly flickering to you, and you bow your head as you pretend to ignore what he had said, but with Ji sliding a hand into one of yours and rubbing his thumb over your palm, you get distracted from the conversation anyway.

'Will you be able to sort Seungri out by yourself when you go back to the base?’ Jiyong asks a few moments of conversation later, the sound of the youngest gang members name making your ears perk up, and your hand in Jiyong’s tightens minutely in response, making him huff a quiet chuckle through his nose at your reaction.

'Yeah. I’ll make sure that little punk knows to stay in line next time.’ Bae growls, his frustration at the Maknae’s obvious faux pas, being a lot more aggressively apparent compared to Jiyong’s and even though you know you shouldn’t, you cant help but smile slightly at the passion of the shorter man.

'Thank you, Youngbae. Good work, as always for today- I’ll call you in the morning.’ Jiyong say, dismissing him as cheerfully as he possibly could and after a quick nod of his head and ’catch ya later, alligator’, Youngbae was gone.

'You shouldn’t laugh when he gets riled up, Jagi.’ Jiyong reprimands as he pulls you back into him, dropping a kiss to your cheek and grinning as he leans his forehead against your temple, his warm arms around you making you shiver happily.

'Sorry, Oppa.’ you mumble, holding your palm to his jaw and humming happily as Jiyong changes from 'mafia boss’ to 'caring boyfriend’ in the space of the 20 seconds it took for the front door of the house to slam with Youngbae’s departure.

'Yah, come on, lets go to bed. I’m exhausted.’ he murmurs, patting your butt to get you to jump up from his lap, and you smile as you get to your feet, casting your eyes affectionately around the room as Jiyong shuffles a few papers on his desk and re situates a few things before getting up with a grunt and grabbing hold of your hand again.

'So, what is it tonight?’ he asks, in reference to your usual ritual of whenever Jiyong returns home late at night and manages to wake you up, the two of you will watch an episode of the television show you were most recently watching, so that he could help you get back to sleep.

'The new season of Game of Thrones! I just started it the other day!’ you say excitedly, grinning at him happily as he smiles back at you, pulling you out of the office, and switching the light off and pulling the door closed as he goes.

'Is it any good? I dont think I ever got around to watching it.’ he asks, shuffling slowly down the hall with you as the two of you make your way back to your bedroom.

'Its okay so far…its very…bloody.’ you explain, shooting him a knowing look as you walk backwards through the bedroom door, and you receive a smirk from him in response.

'Dont you get enough of that kind of excitement from me, Jagi?’ he asks, as he shuts the door behind him, before making his way to the ensuite off the side of your room.

'Well yeah, but this show has hot guys in it!’ you call as you make your way to the bed after he’d disappeared around the door, turning when you sit down to catch him sticking his head back out to glare at you in response when he registers what you’d said, before dipping back into the bathroom.

'Is this not hot enough for you?’ he asks, coming back out from the bathroom a few seconds later minus a shirt and in just his boxers, battle scars crisscrossing a lot of his toned torso, but somehow his stomach area, the majority of his chest (other than a deep gash on one pec) and his face, remained unscathed.

You felt your mouth water at the sight, your body flaring with heat as it usually did when he presented the smoldering look on his face that he was currently wearing, and your hands trembled excitedly as they grip at the bed sheets on either side of you, eyes roaming his body all the while.

'Mmmmh, always.’ you mumble, eyes flashing up to his and you grin at him as he quickly stalks towards you, jumping onto the bed and straddling you as you fall backwards, the action making you giggle happily.

'Then how about we forget about the t.v show, and have some fun instead?’ he asks, his large shoulders eclipsing the soft lamp light that flowed through the room, and his plush lips drifting over yours make you forget about the rest of the night’s events almost immediately.

'Sounds like a plan.’


this is how we broke up: Missed Calls  (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 933

Warnings: i dont even think i swore in this one…

Authors Note: Ok so this series is super personal to me. I’ve noticed it isn’t my most popular but for some odd reason I stopped giving a shit about notes for the first time. This series makes me want to write again - and i feel so bubbly and anxious to put it out there. I can’t sleep or do anything else because i just wanna write this.  When your writing starts coming from the right place; you’ll know because you’ll be happy that even 1 person read it.  I’ve never written in this style before but yeah, let me know what you thought. Part 3 will be out tomorrow. love you lots.

Summary: how many missed calls does it take for you to come back to him or get out of his head? 

this is how we broke up: 6 P.M. (part 1)

this is how we broke up: Missed Calls (part 2)

this is why we broke up: Scared to Receive (part 3)

this is why we broke up: Scared to Give (part 4)

this is why we broke up: Scared to Break (part 5)


Anthony’s mind went blank. His vision was blurry from his tears which fell from his face in slow motion onto the library log, smudging the black ink that you’d written minutes prior. The summer breeze gave him goosebumps despite the heat, and he turned around as if this was all some sick joke. As if you’d be there right behind him, the musical melody of your laughter the only noise that filled his ears rather than the blood rushing to his brain in the dead quiet neighborhood. You’d wrap your tender arms around him and pulling his body flush to yours and smile against his skin. The tickling of his baby hairs on the back of his neck made him paranoid as he whipped around - It felt like you’d just brushed by him, and he’d missed you by a millisecond. He missed you by minutes, hours at most. You had been there, right where he was - just minutes ago taping the envelope onto the doorbell, tears streaming down your face, your hair pulled back messily. He imagined you standing there, crying despite your actions that betrayed your feelings. He could see you. He could feel you if he tried hard enough. The tingle his skin would feel when your fingertips lightly traced from freckle to freckle on his forearms was now replaced by the lonely summer wind. Your abrupt departure hit him like nothing else and his mind wandered as he closed his eyes, breathing coming in hiccups. How could you have left so easily - without a goodbye or closure. Had he missed you just minutes ago, or had he missed you 2 years in time? Had the past 2 years been him chasing nothing but the idea of you? Dating the idea of you, kissing the idea of you, loving the idea of you.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on how to be less dependent on people? when i feel sad or in a bad mood i always try and write to my friends, but lately i feel like no one truly cares, and i'm tired of hearing the same "i'm always here to talk" and "i'm sorry you're feeling sad", and then things being the exact same. i dont know how to enjoy my own company, or find comfort in my own thoughts.. i'm just tired of not being able to make myself happy anymore/for a longer period of time.

I went through this kind of thing at the end of last year, it can be so confusing and overwhelming when it feels like you really have no one, but something I told myself (and actually realised for myself) is that even if no one around me is there to talk to, I still had myself. I knew what I was going through and I accepted that it was hard and I kinda just believed that even though I was lonely I wasn’t completely alone? I still had likes and interests that could keep me occupied and I worked on developing those and becoming a better person so that when people did come along into my life I would be good company.

to apply this to your situation, you might find it helpful to just sit with your emotions and let them wash over you, and then learn how to be by yourself without having the need to be with or talk to someone

depending on who you are as a person, this could involve finding new music you like, writing stories, taking photos, making art, going on walks or bike rides and adventures by yourself, keeping a diary to write out your thoughts, researching random facts or information or theories, getting a part-time job, finding a new hobby, or even just expanding on or developing what you already do

(also if you get super lonely that you feel like you might do something harmful, please know that it is okay to see a psychologist or therapist or counselor, they exist to help people with their problems)

it may not be easy or natural at first but it will definitely get better with time

good luck :D

I know like everyones already said this but I dont even care . It seriously makes me so happy and want to cry how much Tay loves us and never unfollowed us , she just followed us more. Because she knows we’ll always have her back and were in this together for life , all the ups and downs, the different eras. No matter what 💕…

genesisovert  asked:

Listen you dont even know how much I love the way you draw Keith. It makes me almost cry to see Keith with my body type. I'm trans and insecure about my body and stuff so seeing Keith who can kick ass and look great doing it with my shape is so inspiring. It just makes me feel like maybe i can kick some ass too. Maybe not Galra was, but dyphoria ass. So yeah um, thank you! Keep doing the thing! Have a nice day/night/whatever!

;O; I’m so happy that you’re happy!!! I’m glad it could inspire you, I always strive to make ppl happy and comfy in the work I put out <3 you have a nice day/night/whatever too my guy!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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(For the headcannon thing) I have a HC that R is deaf and was pretty cut off from his family his whole childhood and didn't even know sign language was a thing until he meets the Amis and Eponine teaches him and he's so happy then Enj goes to Eponine and asks her how to ask R out in ASL and he takes classes and its just the purest thing