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re: cassie clare i 100% agree that being inspired by & adapting ideas from others is important & unavoidable, but cassie clare is guilty of straight-up word for word plagiarism, has never apologized, & threw a bitch fit @ those who called her on it. those make her unacceptable in my book. i can't like shadowhunters bc a) i find it predictable & cliched, b) she can only write three types of characters, & c) her ethics are v questionable.

let’s address something real quick before we move on: the fact that you can’t like cassie’s writing because you “find it predictable & cliched and “she can only write three types of characters” have nothing to do with the issue at hand. I’m sorry you feel her stories are bland and unsurprising, but that doesn’t relate at all to the whole ethics matter.

ANYWAY! I’m not sure which copyright incident you’re referring to. if you’re talking about anything that happened prior to this case with kenyon, I can’t fairly argue with you about that at the moment, seeing as I haven’t had the chance to better research that and don’t have the time to do so right now. 

however, if you are speaking about the current lawsuit, I have tended to avoid most of this drama since I believe it to be absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary, and I never intended to begin an argument about this petty issue on my blog. however, I don’t want to ignore this ask, and I do want to get a few things straight. from what I’ve read on this lawsuit, kenyon is claiming that cassie stole, essentially, the entire plot and ideas from her novels. however, this kenyon lady did not invent the idea of a group of people fighting paranormal beings. she did not invent the idea of a supernatural world invisible to most people. quite frankly, most of the claims she’s making are based solely on character and plot tropes. she’s basically stating that cassie copyrighted ideas. you can’t copy ideas. you can copy the expression of such ideas, but not the ideas themselves. did stephenie meyer claim the “immortal vampires who fall in love with humans” trope as her own? no. what about ya dystopian novels? did suzanne collins claim that genre and the “strong female character who has to save society” trope when she wrote hunger games? clearly not, I don’t see any lawsuits against authors like rick yancey and james dashner. people have been writing about (and will continue to write about) the idea of supernatural beings hunting demons for a very long time, yet I’ve never seen this being an issue prior to now. I also find it ironic that kenyon had YEARS to bring this issue to the surface, and only chose to do so now, with the advent of cassie’s new show. seems fishy to me. think what you want, we are all entitled to our opinions, after all; this is just my take on the matter. I hope she wins the court case because she rightfully deserves to. 

Just because I don’t want to go to school doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn. I want to have an education and broaden my horizons but I don’t want to be in a creativity sucking, anxiety inducing, judgement ridden jail for 7 hours every day of the week. Don’t mistake my disgust for school for a disgust for knowledge.

To all of the blogs I follow.. If any of you posts or reblogs Matt Smith or anyone else’s PRIVATE nude photos I will immediately unfollow you. It’s a gross invasion of privacy and it literally makes me sick to my stomach. These are real people with real feelings. They didn’t give permission for us to see those pictures so have some respect and don’t look. How would you like it if it happened to you?

remember when kurt told quinn that she shouldn’t complain or compare herself to karofsky because she’d had it easy in comparison

remember when quinn told santana that they’d had the ‘dream’ high school experience

remember when quinn got pregnant at sixteen, got kicked out, gave her baby up for adoption, got hit by a truck and was in a wheelchair for months 


so i live in italy and at the beginning of the year an american teacher came to our school to teach us english. one day she told us that we had to write a story about a topic and that we had to decide together the names of the main characters. she asked and i said “we can call one of them troye”,she said that it was ok and she wrote “troy” on the blackboard. i swear on my hair that i literally had an argument with this teacher because i wanted her to write troye with an e and she said that in the usa they write it without an e. ok let’s get things straight, i don’t care about how you spell it in your country: i said troye with an e and you write troye with an e

If you say Michael Clifford is irrelevant to the band I say you are irrelevant to the fam