it makes me so angry

I’m about to be super bitter in 3…2..1

I get that DSOTM has a 4th of July moment in it, but I get angry every time I see it on my dash.

Just because I don’t want to go to school doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn. I want to have an education and broaden my horizons but I don’t want to be in a creativity sucking, anxiety inducing, judgement ridden jail for 7 hours every day of the week. Don’t mistake my disgust for school for a disgust for knowledge.

To all of the blogs I follow.. If any of you posts or reblogs Matt Smith or anyone else’s PRIVATE nude photos I will immediately unfollow you. It’s a gross invasion of privacy and it literally makes me sick to my stomach. These are real people with real feelings. They didn’t give permission for us to see those pictures so have some respect and don’t look. How would you like it if it happened to you?

so i live in italy and at the beginning of the year an american teacher came to our school to teach us english. one day she told us that we had to write a story about a topic and that we had to decide together the names of the main characters. she asked and i said “we can call one of them troye”,she said that it was ok and she wrote “troy” on the blackboard. i swear on my hair that i literally had an argument with this teacher because i wanted her to write troye with an e and she said that in the usa they write it without an e. ok let’s get things straight, i don’t care about how you spell it in your country: i said troye with an e and you write troye with an e

LOL from ch 2 extra game chinese scan. The only one who really sit beside each other is midorima and takao (yey midotaka); also hyuuga, kagami and kuroko (and kagakuro). i was wondering why aomine doesnt sit with wakamatsu since they’re teammates then i remember they do not get along well lol and also aokise because he chose to sit near kise haha ok i’m sorry this isnt really important actually –”

Hi tumblr. Here are some things I'd like to remind you about.

(Inspired by the ladies of tumblr are super hot post. Because it was full of truthful truthiness.)

If you are a member of a fandom, GREAT! That means you love a thing! Other people love things too! That is A-okay! That’s cool! You’re awesome, your blog is awesome! Let’s run over a list of things that are awesome:

  • You. You and all of your fandoms are totally awesome.
  • Your followers! They like your brand of awesome, and that’s really awesome!
  • The people you follow. They post the super awesome stuff that makes your dashboard super awesome. If they start posting stuff that isn’t your type of awesome, it’s okay to unfollow them. It doesn’t make them any less awesome. And the same goes for you too! If someone wants to stop following you, maybe your style of awesome doesn’t appeal to them, and that is A-OKAY!
  • Your fandoms. Yo. Yeah. Legit. Even if you don’t like ANY of the stuff that I’m into, that’s fine! My type of awesome isn’t your type of awesome, and that doesn’t make it any less great!
  • Contributing to your fandoms! Making art, cosplay, music, writing, roleplaying,whatever it is, Even if YOU don’t think you’re that great at it, refer to bullet one! 

Okay, we cool? Now let’s run over a list of things that AREN’T awesome.

  • Hating on someone else’s fandoms.
  • Hating on someone else for BEING in a fandom.
  • Hating on someone else for NOT being in a fandom.
  • Hating on someone’s contributions to their fandoms.
  • Generalizing people in a fandom based upon your interactions with a few fans and being rude to them because of it.
  • Hating on someone else who isn’t in your fandom.
  • Hating on someone else because you think your fandom is “superior.”

That is all. Thank you.