it makes me moist

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Can i request some sope pics that make you mOiSt? ; )

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bonus (feat. seokjin)

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If you want a Deep™ ENTP, they don’t exist. What you’re looking for is an ESTP.

All deep ENTPs are ESTPs.

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Your asexuality is invalid because asexuality doesnt exist. Ot shouldnt even be in the lgbtq community. Ace people arent ace, they're just people who are too disgusting to get fucked. You aren't ace, you're just someone who wants people to think you're unattainable by not wanting to get some dick. I hope you rot.

Listen here ole buddy,ole pal, normally I’d just delete this but since you caught me in a bad fucking mood I guess I gotta answer you to let off some steam.

You better be fucking reading this shit my pal, my dude, my little sweetheart, my satanic lil dipshit, I spent the rest of my childhood and early teenage years wondering why everyone was so into getting crushes and looking at dicks and vaginas everytime they got a chance too. I spent most of my life wondering why the FUCK anyone would watch porn (both in school and out of it) because I never knew what that shit was all about. I grew up buffering over a sex joke someone told and being treated like a baby when I said I didnt get it.

I spent my whole fucking life wondering why sex outside of making a child was so important. I spent my high school years awkwardly trying to fit in by fake laughing at sex jokes I couldn’t understand.

I never got sexually attracted to men, women, or anyone in between and when I mentioned that you know what they would do? They’d look at me like I was lying. They’d look at me as if I said the weirdest shit they’ve ever heard. They’d laugh and they’d INVALIDATE me. They would say that it’s just a PHASE. That the right person would come along and make me fucking moist down south.


Has never happened and it may never will.

I am ASEXUAL. I do not find anyone sexually attractive. I will not spread my legs to the first person who makes a sexual move on me.

I do not find anyone “fuckable”. And I am fucking happy with that.

So aphobe anon, I hope you a good life because honestly, if you find the time to attack me with this bs then you must live a very fucking shitty one…

Not sure if anyone made any pics of short haired Law yet but I wanted to give it a shot! Asdf i hope it doesn’t look too bad, I haven’t done digital art in years lmao