it makes me look like a pig

I want the fat off my body
I don’t care how it goes I just need it off me
I think everyone laughs when they’re staring
silently judging because of what I’m wearing
I can’t wear those pants, sorry
I don’t want to wear that hat
cause I know if I do that people will think I’m fat
I wear a long coat because it hides my thighs
I’m to scared to tell my mom I want to commit suicide
every time I think this it tears me up inside
but in this day and age it’s become a trend to want to die
I know it’s irrational
that I’m not even that big
but when my sisters’ so healthy even water makes me a pig
I look like a stump that wants to be a twig
so I cut at my bark cause I’m wide at the hips
but this makes my roots grow faster, deeper in the soil
I’m so damn sad that I can’t do well in school
other people’s achievements make me so mad
that when they fuck up it makes me so glad
I know this is bad I swear I’m not proud
I don’t know how to control it my life’s going south
I get up in the morning at 5:30 now
I have to go for a run cause to me I’m a cow
what do I do, I do not know
when people offer me food I just gotta say no.
I sit there at lunch and don’t say a word
I smile when you look at my so you’ll assume I’m bored
is that your cookie? can I have a piece?
shit, what am I doing? damn I’m so weak
I’ll always be the fat one, this fact won’t change
my mom will say I’m skinny no matter the weight gain
but when I look at my stomach and then at the scale
the numbers so big I must look like a whale
I’m so insecure about my future right now
I’m supposed to be studying but my mind just says ‘how?’
I wish counting calories counted in math
I’d be getting top grades not struggling to pass
I hate when people see me, I only run at night
but trucks make me nervous and people give me a fright
I tell everyone to chill, I’m fine, and alright
just let me finish my poem it helps me when I write
I’m ending this now I hear my mom outside
when she asks what I’m doing I think I’ll just lie.
—  Katerina Mary Carnovia
Don’t Starve Sentence Starters
  • “My light just ran out!”
  • “I get crazy when I don’t sleep.”
  • “It makes me hungry just to look at it." 
  • “Did you hear that?”
  • “That sounded big!”
  • “Go for the eyes!”
  • “It’s so dark!”
  • "I don’t trust this magic business." 
  • "Food goes in, other food comes out." 
  • “It must be some kind of religious artifact.”
  • “The fire is doing its thing!”
  • "Kill the pig. Spill his blood." 
  • “Oh boy. Vegetables.”
  • “Feel my wrath!”
  • “Yay! More FIRE!!!”
  • “I feel piratey and naughty.”
  • "NOW I HAVE YOU." 
  • "The beating of this hideous heart will bring a ghost back to life!" 
  • “Mmmm. Smells like fire.”
  • “That fire is getting out of hand!” 
  • “YES! BURN!”
  • “The rain hurts my mighty skin.”
  • "Is it done yet? I’m hungry." 
  • “I’m so hungry!” 
  • “The stinging means that it’s working.” 
  • "That should do the trick. 
  • "You’re not so scary." 
  • "I did not think pigs could make houses." 
  • "Now we can catch some food!" 
  • “I’ll wear it if I have to." 
  • "Looks like the perfect place to light a fire." 
  • "I’m gonna do some serious damage with this." 
  • "Keep that tongue to yourself!" 
  • "I see no downside to using this." 
  • "I feel like I could have prevented that." 
  • "Everything dies." 
  • "It’s set up… just add meat." 
  • "Simple magic is often the best." 
  • "I’m pretty good at sewing." 

So some of you may remember Pegleg, the snow eclipse enigma that was very thin and missing a hand when he came to me. Well this little dude has filled out (and nearly doubled in weight) and is looking great! He could still gain some weight I think, but he’s eating like a pig and has been cleared for parasites. Seeing Pegleg make such a great turn around is really a big part of why I enjoy keeping reptiles and animals in general. I love watching an animal grow, thrive, and explore it’s habitat knowing that I’m helping it live a good enriched life. 

*Please note that I do not support the breeding of any animals with neurological issues such as the enigma gene. This leo will be pet only and I urge you to think twice about buying an animal that expresses a gene linked to a neurological abnormality. 


Meet Mortimer! He’s had quite the harrowing adventure in the last 24 hours but he will be making it to The Pipsqueakery today. Here’s his story so far.

Yesterday afternoon I was looking at craigslist (like all rescue people do even though we shouldn’t). My finger slipped and I accidentally clicked on the Grand Rapids, Michigan pet craigslist and the first thing I see is “Special Needs Guinea Pig.” I click on it and I see a curly haired lethal white baby guinea pig looking back at me.

I had to have him. Lethal white guinea pigs usually die quite young as in addition to being blind, deaf, and having neurological issues they also usually have really messed up teeth that make it impossible to eat. I knew I could give him a good home for as long as he lives. So, I emailed the person that listed him. She had a family coming the next day to adopt him but I knew he had pretty bad odds without veterinary care. I convinced her to let me have him if I could find someone to pick him up last night.

I contacted my friend Andrea, @chasingthedot, who lives about two hours from him and she rearranged her life to go get him. She picked him up and took him home. I have never in my life been so glad we made the decision to pick up a critter ASAP.

When she got him home she gave him a bit to settle in, but around midnight it was clear something was wrong. He was non-responsive and having seizures. I suspected it was a combination of dehydration and starvation since he couldn’t eat on his own so I had her take him to the emergency vet up in her city. His blood sugar was so low it couldn’t even be read and he was so non-responsive he couldn’t even swallow.

We weren’t sure he was going to make it but I called the emergency vet to give them my credit card and authorize them to do whatever necessary to save him. Andrea and I both had to get some sleep at that point so she left him at the vet and I got off the phone.

As of 7 am this morning Mortimer was bouncing around his cage at the vet’s office and Andrea now has him back in her care. Later today, we will be meeting her to get Mortimer and bring him home. Keep your fingers crossed for him, he has a long journey ahead! #guineapig

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Don’t be fooled; that’s acne, not freckles

Self portrait! :^D

My dad said it’s pretty accurate, but he also says I look like one of those mini pigs… Well at least I tried

And also! Super exciting! I now have a youtube channel, and this is my first speedpaint! :DD Woo!!

You can find the video here

<3 <3

Hey, Mabel here! I’ve recently come to terms with my fictionkin feels for Mabel, the day the series ended :))) so I decided to make this sideblog.

I’m looking for some gravity falls kin blogs to follow or be mutuals with! So like or reblog this post with who you are in the tags and if you have one or more of these little requirements;

  • You’re a rad person
  • You’re cool with me being a minor
  • You post aesthetic stuff
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  • If you’re gravity falls kin!
  • If you’re kin with ANY of the Pines family! 
  • You post brainweird nonsense
  • You post animal stuff (especially pigs!)

Thanks! If I follow you, I’ll send you an IM bc I don’t want my main blog to be linked to this. The message will be something like, “I followed you *heart sign*”

I haven’t talked to you, my friends, in a while.. How are you feeling?
I’ve had a very busy day (doing nothing😄) doing some stuff for uni that will start in a day.. and watching tv series :) I have also been playing with my guinea pig, she’s adorable!✨She makes such cute noises when I feed her and when I enter to my room))) looks like she’s talking to me)
Good night! I hope you sleep well💛

NCT as things I've said to my sister
  • Doyoung: When a bunny sneezes do you think its got a little tissue?
  • Ten: What kind on Demonology course doesn't have a Satanic Bible PDF?
  • Johnny: I have this thought that Chittaphon is secretly in love with cheese and crackers
  • Taeyong: Does this choker make me look like i'm into weird shit? *answers yes* Excellent
  • WinWin: I'm very cute and i just think everyone has a problem with that
  • Jaehyun: Sweatbands are just jockstraps for the forehead
  • Hansol: Why does the disney store never have an Elsa dress in my size?
  • Mark: I CANNOT believe i'm a rap genius
  • Donghyuck: I used to think if spongebob ate too much he would get too fat and soak up all the sea water
  • Taeil: Do you think pigs know they get eaten for delicious purposes?
  • Yuta: I watched 3 episodes of OITNB and i'm pretty sure i could survive prison
  • Kun: are the Jonas Brothers actually brothers?
  • Jaemin: I'm too happy to be mad at you right now
  • Jisung: Lambs is almost the same word as Limbs
  • Jeno: they might not know i exist but they already know i'm their favourite person in the whole world so, there is that

I would like to kickstart this blog with a design I’m sure nobody in the world despises or even cares about as much as I do and its the fucking pig from Home on the Range. 

This is probably part personal bias but every time I look at its stupid face it fills me with rage, they tried making him look cute but its just not working, especially with the cal art eyes.I hate his huge forehead so much. They stuck porky pig’s head on a “”pig”” body and called it a day, there’s nothing creative about this. As bad as the movie is, at least the cow designs had thought put into them.

Pigs are arguably one of the most susceptible animals to bad character design. It feels like animators haven’t looked at a real pig since 50s when basing their animated pigs. I call this phenomenon “style inbreeding”, when cartoonists base their animal solely off previous artists’ interpretations over and over again until the mainstream image of said animal looks nothing like their real appearance. in conclusion 

When I say body image issues I mean, I went through a very tough time growing up because of my weight. I went through a period where I was made fun of for looking like a guy and also being fat and short. 

Then I went through a period where I looked stick thin and people called me anorexic while I would come home and my dad would call me a pig and verbally abuse me for eating a lot. Then I gained a shit ton of weight, and did some really stupid things. And that verbal abuse got worse of course.

But then I lost like 40 some pounds and now I have stomach issues that don’t stop and I’m constantly worried about my weight…and weight is a stressor for me and so is food. 

So like I get uncomfortable sometimes with peoples fixation with large bellies in this community…I don’t know…

Sentence starters from things my friends & I have said on Skype

“Why is there a disembodied knight?”
“And then I found this horror.”
“Okay, yeah, I’m gonna start making that meme ASAP.”
“Wait, what’s going on your meme?”
“Help! I can’t stop looking at his lips!”
“You can PM me your agony.”
“I’m too tired to decipher this alien language.”
“To be honest, I wanna give up personhood and become a full time abstract concept.”
“Time to give up emotions and become robots.”
“…But robots that can eat so we can have waffles.”
“This is a question I don’t want answered.”
“It’s like those FaceBook posts: ‘Like this for this dying child who probably doesn’t even know this post exists.’”
“How the fuck can I focus when his beautiful lips are right there?”
“Also, that wasn’t a dream.”
“What the fuck is my problem?”
“Don’t make smileys at me.”
“Tired is just a normal feeling for me at this point.”
“I burned myself with the steamer.”
“Because I need you to join me in this hell.”
“I only really have a problem with it if there’s actual genitals being shown.”
“I did not want to see a dude’s butt.”
“I think people are dying.”
“Or making questionable decisions.”
“Yeah, put that bloody weapon in your coat pocket.”
“But I can’t purr like a cat.”
“Can you believe I just sat there for like 30 seconds trying to figure out how a human throat can making a purring noise?”
“We’re making a meme.”
“Enjoy Hell.”

Sheep and pigs (Another fucky thing and my inconsequential thoughts hastily written down with no conclusion)

Look at the hospital worker’s uniform in TLD

Sheep and pigs

And I think we all noticed the sheep in the video:

This video does make me think of sleeping/dreaming but I also think of Moriarty, ‘The Storyteller’ linked to children’s tv

And remember this from TST?

“Mary” calls Sherlock a pig :/

Then a few minutes later…


Comparing Sherlock to a pig reminds me of “raised him like a pig for slaughter” (did I seriously just quote severus snape in a meta?) -> ‘Someone has been playing a very long game indeed’ to hurt/kill Sherlock


I literally have no fucking clue

sheep = dreaming? (drug theory I think works out here, you could say EMP but I personally really don’t subscribe to that theory)

pigs = slaughter?

The link of the two things together makes me wonder if maybe they are trying to tell us that there are two different plots/two parts of the same plot working against Sherlock (Moriarty’s and “Mary’s”? Maybe “Mary” has ‘gone a bit freelance now’ in terms of having worked under Moriarty’s orders until she shot Sherlock?)

One part is interfering with his consciousness to make him believe something has/hasn’t happened (”Mary’s” death, anyone?) - SHEEP

One that is working to lure him, beguile him, trap him, then kill him - PIGS

I just wrote this up and I’m pretty certain there’s not a lot of explaining or logical thinking going on in this post but the point is


I still get jealous (Immortalhd)

For the anon requesting Aleks or Kevin (I did Aleks) imagine where him and the reader get in an argument and things get physical. This killed my heart to write honestly, I don’t see the, hurting a fly…well maybe a moth but…enjoy xx

“Dammit Aleks why are you such a jealous pig?!”, I shout. Aleks looks taken back by my drastic change in tone. I was done though, all day he had been making snarky comments and saying rude shit about Kevin because he had been hanging out with me a lot. Today wasn’t the first time he’d been like this though, it’d been going on for weeks now whenever Aleks saw Kevin.

“Seriously? Why are you such a whore? You can’t just stick with your boyfriend you’ve got to go running to Kevin at all fucking times!”

“I don’t go running to Kevin! I showed him around and helped him get used to Colorado then you became cold so he was all I had.”, I say moving a bit closer to him.

“I was not cold!”, he yells back, practically in my face.

“Yes you were, you were an ass to me!”, I yell.

“I was not!”, he yells.

“You were too!”, I shout, firmly putting me hands on his chest and pushing him back and out of my face. Aleks looks at me shocked then pushes me back as well. I look at him shocked as he looks like he could kill.

“Fuck you Aleks.”, I spat before running to the bedroom. There are no footsteps so I assume I’m safe from him for a while. Sinking on to the bed I begin crying, feeling rather hopeless that we would ever work this out.

Hearing a loud noise I sprint downstairs to see Aleks cradling his hand and a small dent in the wall. Tears were falling from his eyes as he slides down the wall unaware of my presence. Slowly he curls up, muttering about how he was stupid to lay a finger on me and how he was an ignorant ass who Id leave. My heart softens and I sigh knowing I couldn’t leave him.

At the sight of him on the floor, I slowly approach him. Lowering myself onto the ground next to him, I reach out and take his hand causing him to flinch. His teary eyes meet mine as he sniffles a little.

“Y/n”, he stutters.

“Shh, it’s okay, I overreacted.”, I say softly taking his hand in mine and expecting it.

“It’s fine…just sore and you didn’t overreact…I just got jealous…I was afraid to lose you.”, Aleks says tears threatening to spill over again.

“Don’t be im here to stay.”,I say wrapping my arms around him. Aleks hugs back, burying his face in my neck.

“I won’t ever lay a finger on you again.”, he promises looking at me.

“I won’t either.”, I promise him. Aleks nods and continues clutching my to his chest.

“I love you so so much y/n and I take all that back.”, Aleks says.

“I love you too Aleksandr and I do too.”, I say. We sit there in silence for a minute when my phone starts going off. I expect Aleks to go on a rampage but he’s surprisingly calm.

“You better get that, kevin needs you.”, he teases.

“Kevin can live with out me for a day, I need to spend time with my boyfriend.”, I say and Aleks grins ear to ear as I kiss his forehead

Exo Reactions To Their Already Skinny Girlfriend Going On A Diet

Here you go xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *is concerned but hides it with humor* “But if you lose more weight, I won’t be able to see you anymore.”

Chanyeol: *doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to offend you but he’s super concerned*

Chen: “Are you serious right now?”

D.O.: “I think you’re beautiful no matter what, but if you think it will make you happy then go ahead.”

Kai: *as he’s shoving food in his mouth* “Food doesn’t make you fat, just look at me. I’m skinny & I eat like a pig. Come to the dance studio with me instead & we can work out together… Are you going to finish your chicken?”

Kris: “I don’t think so. I can’t let you do that, it wouldn’t be healthy.”

Lay: “Why does everyone say they’re on a diet when I cook dinner?”

Luhan: “That’s ridiculous. You’re perfect the way you are.”

Sehun: “As long as the booty doesn’t go anywhere, I’m fine with whatever.”

Suho: “I’m going to buy you the best, most delicious diet foods ever.”

Tao: *when you tell him you aren’t eating junk food anymore* “But… cake.”

Xiumin: “Are you testing me to see if I’ll call you fat? Because that’s not going to happen. You’re the most beautiful creature in the world.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

Imagine Giorno leaning heavily towards chaotic neutral when he descends down the steps of his villa to where Dio keeps his nose out of daylight with a single prisoner in tow. Throws him on the ground, Dio looks at him like he tossed a bound pig on his nice carpet.

“Again? So soon?”

“Human trafficking, and ran some nasty things online.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“Like hurry up and drain him. You can film it and post it under his account, if you want to. Wouldn’t be so different from his usual content.”

Dio laughs. “I’m no beggar with no other choice, nor am I your garbage disposal. I, DIO, have preferences.”

“Then as a favor. For your beloved son.”

He snaps his book shut. “You’ll make me look like such a bad guy if I refuse.”

Harry Potter: George/Reader

One shot were you'r tonks little Sister and you have kinda the same personality.You and your Best friend George always make fun out of her and lupin and then at one time she tells everyone that you fancy him and he reacts cute and weasley twins like

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

George laughed as my hair and facial features shifted. Before my hair was bright green and I had a pig nose. Now it matched my sister’s bright purple hair and her husband’s eyebrows. Nymphadora looked at me and I changed my hair to a dark shade of blue. She raised her eyebrows at me and I turned to look at George. As if reading my mind, he stood up from the kitchen chair. I stood up and followed him out to sit on the sofa in the living room.

My sister, Nymphadora, and her husband, Remus, had invited people over for dinner. Just a few members of the Order and family. Mum and dad drove me down and were helping to set up. I was helping as well. Until George came into the kitchen. The two of us started joking and messing around.

It was a blessing to be honest. He had come in time to prevent my older sister from mentioning my feelings for a certain someone. It’s bad enough that she sends me Howlers about them. But now it’s summer, she can tease me in person. I was doing everything I could to stop her from telling anyone. Especially a certain someone.

“I have a question,” George stated once we were sitting comfortably on the sofa. Dinner was about to be served outside in the warm summer air. Everyone had to enjoy it while we could. If you weren’t helping in the kitchen, then you’d be basking in the sunlight.

“What’s the question?” I asked.

“How come you’re the only one who calls Tonks Nymphadora?”

“Because I can. Only me, mum and dad, and Remus can. Family stuff.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“It annoys her when Moody says it.” He pointed out.

“That’s because he isn’t close.”

“So, what you are saying is that I need to be a part of the family?”

“Essentially, yes.”

“(Y/N)?” Nymphadora stuck her head out of the kitchen door. She looked at me and George. A sly smile grew on her face.

“Tonks, did you know that (Y/N) and I going to get married?” George looked at my older sister. I random laugh escaped from me and I covered my mouth. Nymphadora looked at us.

“Good to know. If you don’t mind, I need to borrow your future wife.” I got to my feet and crossed my arms over my chest as I made my way to the kitchen.

“I’ll help too.” George stood up.

“Okay, no messing around. You know what I mean.” Nymphadora winked at me. My eyes widened and I almost tripped over my own feet.

In the kitchen, George took the plates he was handed and as soon as he left, I turned to my sister.

“Nymphadora, please stop! I am begging you.”

“I’m just having some fun (Y/N).”

“Yes, I understand that, but George can’t know.”

“Can’t know what?” George asked walking in.

“Can’t know what we’re having for dessert. Because you were sitting inside while it was being made.” I quickly lied. My sister laughed while our mothers paid no attention to us.

“We’re having cake. It’s just cooling.” My sister added.

“Ah, (Y/N), can I speak to you?” George asked.

“Yeah,” The two of us left the kitchen and mad our way to the staircase. Since nobody was near this area of the house, it was quiet. The two of us sat on the stairs.

“Is everything okay?” George asked looking concerned. I nodded.

“Yeah, my sister’s annoying.” I assured him.

‘Okay. I just wanted to make sure.” Then we were called to dinner.

At the table, I sat next to Reums and George. My sister sat in front of her husband and was relatively pleasant. Until dessert time around. She began talking.

“So, apparently (Y/N) and George are going to get married.” My hair changed colour. For Tonks, red was an angry colour. For me, it was embarrassment.

“Really?” Remus looked at us.

“Yeah, it makes sense.” Fred shrugged his shoulders.

“(Y/N) really, really like George.”

“Yes, and please excuse me.” I shot my sister a look before leaving the table.

The silence at the table lasted for a moment but conversation continued. I went and sat on the staircase inside and sighed. My face was hot and my hair was bright red. I put my face into my hands.

“Hi wifey.” I looked up to see George looking at me. I was sitting high enough on the stairs that we were eyelevel.

“Hi.” I said moving down a few steps.

“Are you okay?”

“A little embarrassed.” I admitted. George smiled.

“Why? I really, really like you too.” He told me. I looked at him and George sat next to me. “I guess everyone can see that we’re getting married.”

“I guess so.” I smiled and pressed my lips against George’s. He cupped my face and kissed me back firmly. The two of us stayed on the staircase until we heard footsteps.

“So… Are you guys good? Or do you want dessert?”