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sage x2 both don’t feel like they are proud of their works so i’m gonna do it bc i, for one, love their writing with all my heart.



please go read these fics. they are really good just please. go. read. them. just trust me

The thing is I can see Mick Rory/Amaya Jiwe kinda... working?

This is… not really a spoiler, just based on other people’s speculation that the CW may make that a thing based on a couple of throwaway maybe-allusions to Mick finding love and the two of them having some type of dynamic in recent interviews. A lot of people, still traumatized by the numerous contrived romances from last season, were all THIS SHIT AGAIN???? at that speculation - and trust me, I was one of those people, but the more I think about it - hear me out here, y’all. It could actually be kinda cool.

Yes, he’s twice her age(ish). But isn’t he a guy who’s been sort of alone and wild for a really really long time, living entirely under the shadow of a much stronger and more controlling personality for most of his adult life (Chronos years included)? You can see how having this relatively insular existence has made Mick emotionally stunted, inarticulate, insecure and lonely. There’s an almost childlike naivete to his simplistic hedonism in “Star City 2046.” He shows interest in people, but he doesn’t know how to get close without putting off the people he’s attracted to (”YOU SMELL NICE”). He’s horribly scarred - both inside and out - and defensively self-conscious and self-loathing about that. 

Mick’s new to healthy, egalitarian, mutually respectful relationships. He’s pushing 50 and he’s literally only ever had one friend his whole life, and that friend was his everything, and now he’s gone. If the plot is going to move him forward, it’s going to have to push him out of his comfort zone to figure out who Mick is without Len, and I agree with Phil Klemmer that a genuine romance would be an actual organic narrative growth for the character.

And Amaya is gorgeous, and brilliant, and strong and fundamentally heroic and good. She also doesn’t know his whole ugly damaged history. He’s a blank slate to her, and she’s from an era where people took each other at face value much more readily. And if she sees something good and redeemable and even desirable in a big ooky mess like Mick Rory, well, why wouldn’t he fall for her? 

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