it makes me hungry just seeing it

i look in the mirror, bags under my eyes, my hair up in a messy bun. heavy sadness in my eyes. baggy clothes. i just don’t care what i look like, i don’t care about anything

“you need to eat, you’re loosing weight like crazy.” yeah except i’m not hungry at all. i feel sick all the time. so i just keep drinking my powerade.

my eyes are bloodshot from crying for hours. my mom lays there with me and let’s me cry and tries to comfort me. the headaches always there.

i try to talk to new guys but nobody makes me feel anything. all i see is him when i close my eyes. i can’t escape him.

i go into my room and open the box with the note he wrote. “i’ll always love you.” i’m filled with anger as i throw things against the wall in a rage. just being in this room feels like the ghost of him is still here. how can someone love you so much, then they just don’t anymore?

i just want to sleep but i can never stay asleep. i wake up at 230 everyday and can never go back to bed. i’m so tired. my mind and body. is this what it feels like to die? because that’s what this feels like. it’s so much effort to make it through the damn day.


waiting for time to go by because that’s what heals you right? so i wait and i wait. then i realize i have been staring at the wall for 20 minutes. how did i not notice?

“come out with us it will be fun!” i don’t want to go, i have to make myself. i don’t even know what fun is anymore. but i try, i plaster on the fake fun. because nobody wants to see the sad girl who can’t get over the guy who left her suddenly. so i pretend. but i feel like i’m suffocating the whole time. it’s exhausting to pretend.

when people talk about love, they never mention this part. it amazes me how one single person can destroy you and strip away everything that you are. i think of the girl i used to be. i want so badly to get back there. i worry that i’ll never be her again. and deep down i know that i won’t be. i know that i’ll survive, i’ve seen it in many others. it just nearly kills you in the process.

—  Chapters from my life

“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.


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It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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So I work at a sort of very ethical worker-run natural foods store, and as you can imagine it’s very hippie-ish and liberal but I just love the fact that I get these older women who come in and say stuff like “oh I’m just waiting on my wife” or “I have to hide these chocolate bars from my wife because she’ll eat them all” or today this woman was like “I’m hungry. I’m gonna eat this apple now so the rest of the food actually makes it home to my girlfriend.” But these people are so casual about it. It’s just so natural and normal and every time I see these older married gay couples and stuff just doing normal grocery shopping and crap it makes me so happy.

Never become too comfortable

I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple months now, but could never bring myself to it - Probably because I am disappointed in myself. I had a Tumblr before, but was perviously out’ed by someone who knew me on another SM platform, and I was a part of the SB IG community. Anyways, onto the post… I learnt this the hard way, and I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake that I did. From February-June 2016, I had a vanilla BF, three sugar ‘BFs’, and was seeing other men as well. I was literally making over $20,000+ a month. If you want to know how I did it, lets just say, sometimes I had to go on 3+ dates a day. The worst part was pretending that I was hungry, meal after meal (LOL - three meals a day, back to back sucks). I met a man that I named “Oyster POT” from my IG posts (May 2016), and he was providing me $10,000 a month - it wasn’t easy, and he always wanted to talk, but that’s expected I guess. It was very time consuming and exhausting, so I dropped all the other SDs I was seeing. THAT IS WHERE I WENT WRONG, I became too comfortable! Fast-forward to November 2016, Oyster POT ended up being very ill, and he told me he can no longer support me. I already burned the bridges with the other sugar daddies. If I did not burn those bridges, the land developer BF would be proposing in a couple of months (we were together for nearly 2 years), and I would be set for life. The moral of the story is… never become too comfortable. As cliche as it sounds, people change, and things happen. Protect your ass. 

As we all know, humans are one of the most ever-changing things out there, therefore, business with humans may not be consistent. 

I want to see your messy bedsheets when I wake up and find you absent. I want to come into the living room, still half asleep, and see that you’ve already made me coffee- just the way I like it. I want to sit in front of you at the table, and see how the golden morning light defines all your features, and makes you glow like an angel. I want to hear your tired morning voice tell me you want two eggs this morning with your toast instead of one. I want to look back and see the smile on your face when I turn and say “someones hungry this morning.”

I want to see everything about you. The way you move, walk and fiddle with your thumbs when you wait. I want to see what you look like- and not over a screen. I want to fall in love with you and be able to pull you up and dance with you while I make you breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning.

I want to experience you; Embrace you.

slytherin/hufflepuff relationships

slytherin: MALE

Hufflepuff: FEMALE

(I take requests for other houses/genders/sexual preferences)

  • “I’d offer you breakfast but you didn’t make any”
  • “its okay im not hungry”
  • *muffled giggling*
  • the babe incident:
  • “okay bye see you tomorrow”
  • *laughing* “OKAY OKAY BYE BABE I LOVE YOU”
  •  no no no this cannot be happening it just slipped out im sorry
  • “did you-”
  • “NO”
  • “im pretty sure-”
  • “NO you must have misheard I said I love… fruit?”
  • *unimpressed* “you hate fruit”
  • “I’ve had a recent revelation that maybe I don’t dislike it as much as I believed.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • blushing
  • shopping for food
    • *picks up lettuce* “this matches my outift”
    • *grabs the first yellow object they see in the cart* “this matches MINE!”
    • *uncontrollable laughter*
    • “what?” *glances at package*
    • *rolling around on the floor*
    • *tears rolling down cheek*
    • *blushes profusely and throws box at laughing slytherin*
  • slytherin being too proud to apologise for small things like leaving the fridge door open or the seat up or untidy living room
  • Hufflepuff realising this and not pushing the slytherin to apologise
  • but totally making them apologise for putting cONDOMS IN OUR CART THAT WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING EVER OH MY GOD
  • “say fuck”
  • “what?”
  • “I’ve never heard you swear before. say it.”
  • “no”
  • “come on, L/N, say it. say fuck.”
  • “NO”
  • “I won’t leave you alone til you do.”
  • *picks up book and starts reading*
  • “ughhhhh, come onnnnnnn fuck fuck fuck fuck”
  • “if you don’t shut up ill give you something to swear about”
  • “fuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk”
  • *gets up to leave and accidentally knees slytherin in the crotch*
  • *smirking*
  • *rolls eyes and accidentally bumps heads as she bends down to pick up something he dropped*
  • “ouch”
  • “shit sorry”
  • slytherin not wanting to be overly romantic because thats not who they are
  • Hufflepuff not wanting to smother them or be overly embarrassing/romantic
  • so it would be things like
    • “I brought you coffee. just the way you like it.”
    • *confused* “hot?”
    • “like your boyfriend”
    • “you weren’t in class today so I brought you the notes”
    • “you forgot to tuck your shirt in and the professor’s coming down the hallway don’t get a detention”
    • “you can borrow my owl. I know yours isn’t great for long-distance flights if you want to send that to your parents”
  • “wow the snow is so beautiful”
  • “you know what else is beautiful”
  • “what?”
  • “me”
  • the slytherin finding it so funny that she can roast him and everyone else
  • the Hufflepuff accidentally roasting a professor
  • “are you almost done with that, L/N”
  • “you know what I’m done with? your attitude.”
  • *blankly stares*
  • only receiving a single detention because the professor found it so utterly hilarious
  • the slytherin wishing he could have been there to see it
  • but all the hufflepuff’s friends were happy to fill him in
  • the slytherin casually dropping into Hufflepuff conversations around the school to just be near the Hufflepuff
  • the Hufflepuff not having the confidence to do the same around Slytherins because she is half-half / muggle-born

I have to stop myself but I have so many more so maybe part 2????


“So, you must be John Watson! Pleasure to meet you. I see that you skipped breakfast so you must be hungry”, you noted which made John frown. He looked from Sherlock to you and couldn’t seem to make the connection.

“This is my sister, Y/N”, Sherlock spoke with an usual amount of pleasantness. John knew how rare it was for Sherlock to speak like that, it was a tone reserved for only a selected few. 

“No! I’m not doing this again! Sherlock, why do I always have to meet your siblings like this? Why can’t you just tell me about them?!” 



beach weather are pretty much the best thing in my life right now and since they inspired the theme behind my entire blog, i just saw them live, and they have a new ep just out, i thought i could make a connections post for their previous ep! these lyrics could be used for any kind of connections tags, use them as prompts or starters… anything you see fit! below the cut there are #43 possible choices. please like/reblog if you found useful or are an rph.

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I see a lot of people argue that Cinder taking in Merc and Em was her last shred of kindness but like

To me she’s not taking THEM in

She’s buying an illusion semblance with the promise of food. She doesn’t care about the girl attached to it.

The fact that she’s taking in a homeless and hungry girl just makes it easier for her to do so

Let’s say that someone like Pyrrha had said semblance; Pyrrha has fame, presumable wealth, friends. No obvious problems she wants to get away from. At least nothing someone can give her.

Had Pyrrha (in this example) had an illusion semblance Cinder could’ve easily manipulated her arguably naive nature (not necessarily Pyrrha specifically but someone in a good situation) or simply kidnapped and brainwashed her one way or another

It just happened to be a starving girl who hadn’t yet realized how much power she had

Mercury wasn’t taken in because he was an abuse victim

He was taken because Cinder needed someone brutal

She was looking for the abuser

Then to find out, essentially, that he’d been defeated only meant a new champion had taken his place

She could, in theory, manipulate someone like Winter or Weiss the same way. More likely Winter who has shown some aggression before. One of them would just need to be pushed over the edge to kill someone.

She chose them because they were easy to take, though

“If you don’t choose me you’ll starve”

“If you don’t choose me you’ll be alone”

Left alone, Emerald and Mercury could’ve become forced to be reckoned with

They were both extremely driven

So Cinder took them in

And stopped their power

She made it her own


Quick Sam x Reader drabble because of a conversation I had with @impalaimagining about breakfast with the boys.

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You woke up with Sam’s arm wrapped around you. You laid there for a minute, taking in the warmth from his body before slipping out of bed and heading into the kitchen.

You had just begun making some scrambled eggs when you heard the not-so-soft footsteps of Sam walking towards you. “What are you doing up so early?”

You shrugged, smiling when you turned around to see his bed head while he rubbed his face. “I was hungry.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on the top of your head while you cooked. “Would you hate me if I asked you to make me some?”

You loved the sound of his deep, raspy morning voice, it gave you goosebumps. You put the eggs on two plates before turning to face your boyfriend. “Of course not.” You placed a hand on the side of his neck and pulled him into a kiss.


He nodded as he held you tighter.

You laughed. “Babe?”


“I need to be able to move if you want me to make you breakfast.”

He loosed his arms a little, still holding you against his chest. “Better?”

You giggled as you tried to wiggle out of his arms. “It’ll just be a few minutes and then you can cuddle me all you want.”



“Ugh, fine.”

He let you go but his hands were placed on your hips as you cooked the bacon. He pulled your hair together and threw it over one of your shoulders before planting a kiss on the other. You smiled as you put the bacon on the plates and walked them to the table, Sam following you like a puppy.

He pulled a chair out and sat down, pulling you onto his lap. He left small kisses on your back as you began to eat. “What if I want my dessert first?”

You giggled, picking up some eggs on his fork and feeding it to him. “Then your breakfast will get cold. You can have desert after.” you winked at him as you draped an arm around his neck and continued eating your breakfast.

Rp Starter Meme's

{These will range from your average meme’s to fluff and smut}

♚ “You feelin alright?”
♚ “Seriously, stop being a fucking tease.”
♚ “Can I have you now or later?”
♚ “I looks like it may rain..”
♚ “Can we just cuddle?”
♚ “My tummy hurts..”
♚ “ugh, I’m so hungry!”
♚ “Can I have a hug?”
♚ “Sex. Now.”
♚ “Seeing your face like that is hard to resist.”
♚ “I don’t like the dark..”
♚ “Please.. Don’t leave me alone..”
♚ “How dare you!”
♚ “Ha! I dare your ass to say that again.”
♚ “Don’t be a bitch.”
♚ “Look, I’m sorry.”
♚ “No, that’s not what I meant.”
♚ “I’m home!”
♚ “Can’t we just kiss and make up?”
♚ “I did say I was sorry.”
♚ “Cuffs or rope?”
♚ “What kind of food are you in the mood for?”
♚ “Omg! Is that a tail?!”
♚ “Can you not?”
♚ “Is it bad that I want you as much as I do?”
♚ “Hey.. Where did you go?”
♚ “It’s past your bed time.”
♚ “Just shut up and eat your food.”
♚ “Who hit you?!”
♚ “Do you love me?”
♚ “pff.. So what if I did?”
♚ “Wow that sucks.”
♚ “Wanna take a bath?”
♚ “Woah! You have a fever!”
♚ “You’re drunk. Go lay down.”
♚ “Just come here and sit on my lap.”
♚ “Let’s watch a movie.”
♚ “Dinner is ready!”
♚ “Can you drive me there?”
♚ “Text me later.”


“I am a human too!”


You Were Beautiful Project DAY3

Kang Younghyun / Brian / Young K ❤️: The hungry student and his adventures kkk these days were really beautiful. I miss Brian’s stories about his student life. It means a lot to see him working so hard both as a student and as an artist and actually being successful with both wow. He’s really amazing I don’t even know what to say. Even if it must be hard on him, he’s still doing his best and that, for me, makes him the most beautiful person ever~

Black moms have no chill when they feel disrespected

So in fifth grade I had these two guy best friends Kev (who was black) and Jake (who was white). Now it seems random af to point out the race but it will make sense as the story unravels.
So one day we are chilling at Kev’s house and we get hungry. Kev pops some chicken tenders in the microwave, makes us some kool-aid and we just living the good life. Jake (white boy) tries the kool-aid and says, “wow this is really sweet how much sugar did you put in it?” Now Kev and I look at each other because we confused. The kool-aid tasted fine to me but you know white people kool-aid be tasting like watered down tears and broken dreams so I guess I understand now.
Kev’s mom comes home after work, sees us eating and says, “So Kev, you just gon’ have friends in my house eating up all my food like y'all pay bills too?” Now at a young age every black kid deals with their tired black mom coming home after work tripping over nothing so we learn to get used to it. But apparently our white friend Jake has never been through such a situation and has had the nerve to say, “Kev what the hell, you’re going to let her talk to you like that?”
PAUSE….let that sink in for a second.
Shit went from 0-100 real fucking quick. As soon as Jake said this Kev and I both looked at each other with nothing but fear in our eyes. Jake is sitting there proud of his damn self for standing up for his friend. This nigga thought we were in a Full House episode. My jaw dropped.
All of a sudden Kev’s mom grabs the neck of Jakes shirt, lifts him up so he’s eye to eye with her, feet were dangling n errything . Now Jake is asthmatic so that quick jolt in the air had his ass wheezing. Kev’s mom says to Jake, “now listen to me you little stank ass golden retriever, I don’t know what type of shit your parents let you get away with at home but you not gon come up in my house and disrespect me you fucking hear me?” Jake is shook, his ass couldn’t even speak😂😂he just started nodding his head up and down. Kev’s mom puts Jake back down and has the nerve to FUCKING PAT HIM ON THE HEAD AND SMILE AFTER SHE ALMOST GAVE THIS NIGGA A HEART ATTACK. She turns to Kev and goes, “now you, don’t be bringing no disrespectful ass white kids to my house, I ain’t got time for dat shit my blood pressure already too high”

Black moms are not meant to be fucked with. White moms might be feel threatened when their child says they’re going to run away but a black mom will tell you to pack your shit and will look for someone to rent your room to on the same day 💀

anonymous asked:

My favorite spot in my school is the janitors closet because you can hide and shit and skip class. So I was eating in there because I get hungry one of the janitors open the closet and they see me hunched over in a corner eating ramen noodles and they just shut it. Then they make me go to class and now the janitor calls me noodle girl ~Ki

OH MY GOD?????