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I enjoy the fact that you can see how much he plays cause the paint has worn off in some places

Ficlet: Second Generation Nerd

(for grumpycakes, who is having a bad day)

“The doctor is my favorite character.”

DJ rolled onto his back, scattering pages of his sketchbook as he did. He pushed one out of the way before he could end up with charcoal all over his shirt. He considered his fingers. Or maybe just before he could end up with MORE charcoal all over his shirt. “Which doctor?” he asked, reaching for a pencil as it tried to roll out of reach.

“All the doctors. The doctors are the most interesting characters,” Lucy said.

DJ glanced at the video feed on his tablet. “Engineers,” he said, scandalized, and she grinned at him.

“Doctors,” she said, poking at her computer screen. And then, in case DJ didn’t get the point, she poked it again. DJ poked her back, the eraser of his pencil tapping against the screen. For a moment, they engaged in a silent, pitched battle, a duel no less serious for the fact that they were several states away from one another. Lucy stuck her tongue out, and DJ poked it.

“I win,” he said, gleeful.

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I wear black all the time because I expect to fail at making it this far. I guess I’m just always prepared for my own funeral in case I don’t make it one day. Consider my style to be funeral flawless if it makes it sound less depressing.
—  My message to the ordinary.