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As I sit here with my hands hovering above my keyboard, I’m realizing that I’m not entirely sure what I should say.
I’m honestly not certain that I could say anything that would adequately summarize what this surgery has been like for me.
I can, however, state (with some certainty) that one can never be fully prepared for this sort of thing.
Regardless of whether or not you want it to occur, genital reconstruction and surgical castration are both immensely difficult things to cope with.
Giving up any chance of having your own biological children can be devastating even if you don’t foresee it in your future. Surgery doesn’t fix the problems you experience in your day to day life, nor should you expect it to, and in a strange sense, I have found that surgery can feel an awful lot like trading one set of insecurities for another.
This isn’t to say that surgery hasn’t been a positive experience. I have always personally considered bottom surgery to be the “ending point” of my transition, and thus I have found peace in feeling as though I finally get to move forward with my life. Oddly enough I find myself leaping eagerly toward the option of a life of “normality”.
When I first came out, my goal wasn’t to live a life surrounded by the transgender community and it’s media.
I never really wanted to live my life with the added label of being transgender, I simply wanted the world to see me as I saw myself.
Now more than ever I feel as though I get to live the life I always wanted. I feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted and I know I am incredibly fortunate to have reached this point.

Sometimes making the right choice and making the hard choice are one in the same. I have never felt more validated in my life, but I have also never experienced anything nearly as painful.

Almost Adults Fanfiction Update

Progress as of September 28th, 2017: Hello, fellow creampuffs! How was everybody’s day? Did you talk to that cute barista you’ve had a crush on for a while? Or failed miserably on a test? Or made a new friend? I hope it was well! I have news! Exciting, wonderful news! I have officially written the first draft of my fanfiction!! Whoope! *throws confetti*  I have a pretty clear goal with what I want to portray to you guys after listening to you all and writing down your requests for the story.  Shout out to @fuck-you-i-am-spiderman and @carmillaisabottom for listening me rant about this for hours on end. 

I also suppose now would be an appropriate time to reveal the title for this lovely story! The title is… drum roll please… 

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    Yup! While I’m glad you all adored the other two titles I had in mind, Cassie’s Choice won the popular vote. So yay! I’m so grateful you all are excited! So am I to be writing this Fanfiction! 

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So here’s a few things I’d like to share with you to give you a good idea on what I’ve come up with! 

I’ve decided to have the fanfiction be set in Toronto, Canada, in January of 2016. Since the characters are in their senior year of college, so Cassie is 22, Mack is 22, Elliot is 21, Levi is 23, and Mathew will be 26. 

Also, side note, I’ve decided to have Levi be asexual for some ace representation! I hope ya’ll are okay with this! And Cassie, as mentioned previously, will discover that she’s bisexual! Mackenzie is our baby lesbian :3 

Also, also, Elliot will not be a romantic interest for Mack. She’ll simply be there to help her get together with Cassie, and be a good friend so they could bond over their coming out experiences. Cassie will start to get jealous because she thinks something is going on with them, when there’s no romantic feelings what so ever XD 

I feel like I need to reiterate this again as a closing note: I am in no way writing this to insult the creators and the movie, Almost Adults. This is in no way “re-writing” or “fixing” it. (Please, please don’t take offense; this is purely for me to challenge the way I write and improve). I am writing this for the fans, for the community, because ya’ll are amazing and I want to give something back to you for everything that you’ve done for me. Think of this as my giant gift to you for being awesome! I love you all, and you deserve to have something like this that we’ve all worked together on. 

Think of Cassie’s Choice as a parallel universe to Almost Adults; any coincidence between real life people or characters are purely coincidental. ((I’m just glad to be the one to make it significantly gayer, haha!)) 

Welp, that’s all I can gather from my brain right now, I just thought I’d keep you folks updated! I’m so grateful for all the love and support with this new project of mine! 

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I hope you’re having a lovely day, evening, night, wherever you are in the world! Know that you are loved and valid. Message me whenever you feel like it! I love being bothered :) 

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Hello I was just wondering how u found out ur aromantic cuz I think I might be aro but I am not sure

I found out about aromanticism sometime around February or March of last year, soon after researching asexuality. I couldn’t find many articles about it, or information beyond the “doesn’t experience romantic attraction” definition, and that was a real problem for me. “Romantic attraction” is so subjective and hard to define that it’s unhelpful for a lot of people, especially since aro folks have no internal experience of it.

What I needed was discussion about aromantic people’s experiences, what it’s like to live as an aro person, and an aromantic community that I could hang out in and learn from. There’s not much out there yet, and even the Tumblr aromantic community is small and disorganized. But I highly suggest reading aro bloggers’ posts about their feelings, problems and experiences. I’ve also contributed a few articles on this topic.

But I didn’t have those things available at the time, so here’s what I did instead: I spent several months going “???” and waffling about it. Like many people, I was reluctant to “label myself” and wanted to be absolutely sure that an identity label was right for me before I started using it for myself.

But in reality, I never developed certainty about an identity label until after I had been using it for a while. I needed the experience of thinking of myself as an aromantic person in order to figure out that this identity felt right for me. So I encourage people to take labels “for a test drive”—try privately identifying as something for a few months, then you can re-evauate it and see if it still fits. If it does, great; if not, discard it and don’t worry about it.

Below the cut: discussion about different kinds of attraction, past experiences, and identity labels as a way of exercizing your autonomy.

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1) whyanross are you saying any bands who charge m&gs dont care about their fans? fall out boy m&g packages were $200 on this coming tour, are you trying to say they dont care about their fans either? m&gs cost money because bands in the mainstream are subject to capitalism, they are businesses, they have to make money to continue doing what they do. personally i dont think paying for m&gs is fair to a lot of broke fans but it’s not like this is a new thing? panic! has had paid m&gs since 2006, its not like brendon just decided that he wanted people to have to pay and everyone went along with it. regardless, they havent done m&gs at all lately, probably because of spencer’s absence, and its weird to me that this is like… supposed to mean that he doesnt care?

2) in the most recent interview about his sexuality, brendon said he was mislabeled as bisexual, but then went on to say that “people always want to give a name to things they dont understand. life isnt that black and white. not everything needs labels, i dont need labels” so like, no he doesn’t label himself as bisexual but he does openly talk about how he doesnt need labels. he has been vocal about supporting bisexuality and sexual fluidity. whether or not he himself is bisexual doesnt matter when it comes to encouraging young fans; it’s still inspirational to hear your hero talk about how it’s good to celebrate your sexuality and lending support to kids who need it. bisexual kids are often told that they just need to choose a side, that their sexuality is invalid, but brendon being vocal and open about giving validation to bisexual kids makes them feel like they arent just “confused.” their sexuality is real. and ++ i dont know how you interpret g/g/b but i, a real live bisexual, have always considered it to be a bisexual anthem for me. i never thought the song was about a girl faking bisexuality… it was about a girl who was bisexual and “cant decide, and here’s the reason why: girls love girls and boys, and love is not a choice”

3) “nothing he writes is relatable” what??????? what????? what are you even saying???? i have lived with an addict my whole life. my sister is 35 and shes the only sibling of mine who i can be myself around. i love her so much, and she means so much to me, but she’s also been an addict since before i was born. she has struggled with addiction to heroin, meth, pills, pretty much anything she can get her hands on, and she will never get better. she tries, she goes to rehab and AA meetings but she inevitably will go back to her roots. brendon wrote this is gospel about spencer, and wrote it about his recovery and his addiction. i relate to that song so much… it means the world to me. whenever im feeling hurt and angry at my sister, i listen to that song, and i understand what brendon was feeling when he wrote it, i understand that he loved spencer and wanted him to get better, i understand that he hated the addiction but not the addict. i relate to what brendon was feeling in that song. that song means the world to me. a lot of what brendon writes can be relatable to people, even if it isnt relatable to you specifically.