it makes me feel manly

All the Little Things

Being a man, I like to think I’m fairly masculine. Cigars, good whiskey, my hairy chest and my full beard, nice clothes and a good pair of dress boots make me feel pretty manly. I also love the smell of saw dust and warm metal.

But I also really like Little stuff! Cute anime stuff, stuffies, coloring books, cute little outfits, stickers and all the pretty pastel colors that come with it! It’s friggin adorable.

If you’re a daddy and you don’t appreciate that stuff….Then what on earth are you doing???? You can’t expect a little to not be Little and if you do, then you’re a fake daddy that only wants cyber sex. Which that’s despicable, so just leave. You’re not good enough for a Littles submission.

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I'm ftm and although I'm in the closet, my parents bought me a suit and it makes me feel super manly. I'm genuinely super happy because I love suits and waistcoats and the like! I don't know why I'm sharing this, haha.

Positivity!! 💙💖


Soooo I’m flying to California tomorrow!

I usually bring several figures, but this time I decided to just bring one(my mom is ashamed when I stop for photos. She says she isn’t, but I can feel it), and since I have this blog now, I’m going to bring Marth! I’ll be updating on his travel status!

Here he is lovingly saying goodbye to his granddaughter.
But inside he’s a wreck.


I once tried to romance Cortez with my m!Shep. It was sickening and I never finished that playthrough. Why? Because I felt so horribly guilty, stepping into this guy’s personal tragedy, putting him back on his feet, feeding him hope and making him feel loved again, knowing that he will lose Shep in the end. Guess that makes me a softie. I need to punch a wall to feel manly again.

alright but can you imagine if luke comes home from tour with a beard like the one he has now and dang he looks all good but it doesn’t really feel good when it comes to kissing or cuddling so when you ask luke to shave it along with all the justifications as to why he should he would be like “but why? having a beard makes me feel manly” and you would pout at him for so long until he gives in and says “fine fine but it’s because i do it for you and for you only” and you put on a smiling face and he smiles back and mouthed to himself “i’m so whipped for this girl”

9080) While I'm still presenting as male, such as at work, it feels like people are more assertive in misgendering me after starting my physical transition.

They probably think it’s a compliment and would make me feel more “manly”, but they don’t know how irritating it is since almost all of them are cishet guys thinking they have some sort of innate friendship with me because they think I’m a guy. I think I’ll snap if I have to go through many more months of “man”, “bro”, “buddy”, and “dude”.