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Hi! I've seen your adorable Gaster a few times before and I decided to check out your AU today, so I'm new. But it's really great, it just has a super nice feel to the whole thing. Magical! I'm sorry if the question's been asked before, but why does Gaster have flowers growing out of his face when other monsters just have them on their clothes? And why do they hurt him when they don't hurt other monsters? Thank you for making this AU, btw. Have a wonderful day!

Aaa well welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay and i’m glad you like Mr. Forget-Me-Nots~ ^^ !!

If you’re rly rly new and would like to learn more about the au, i’ve got a Naturetale facts page on my blog that you can go to.

As for the flowers growing out of his skull, that’s a plant virus. Another character of mine (Thistle) has a similar thing. A plant virus is unlike the normal plant growth on other monster’s clothing. (One of my naturetale facts explains the significance of the plants on the clothing if your interested). Plant viruses feed off the host’s magic like a parasite, eventually killing off the monster. They can be very hard to get rid of and are not able to be controlled by the monster. Nots got his plant virus after he had his accident while Thistle was born with his. Plant viruses can vary though and some cases are more sever than others. In Forget-Me-Nots case, his just gives him slight amnesia or loss of memory. They hurt because the roots of the plant are usually connected to the monster and tugging on them can cause them pain.

ever since their tryst by the creek, fervent thoughts of derek had become a permanent fixture in tallulah’s thoughts—- granted, she had always found him deeply attractive, but the way she finds herself craving his company - his smile, laugh, dark tendrils falling over his eyes - inspires something so much more deep within her. with these pressing reveries, she calls him up and invites him over for a casual night, but the moment she swings open her door, her heart thumps rapidly in her chest. casual? hardly. ‘ hey there, cool boy, ’ she murmurs, immediately magnetized to him; tanned arms reach out for him, plush lips finding purchase against the familiar curve of his jaw. she’s had a few drinks, but the intoxication is purely derek haley. her cheeks dimple as a warm grin invades her features, teeth sinking into rose petal lips to keep herself in check. ‘ make me go a day without you, and i feel like i’ve lost my mind. ’ @derekhaley

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My guy never lets me see his phone. Ever. Isn't that weird? We have even together for a minute. Aka 8 years. Living together ( he moved into my place) don't you think that weird? I should be able to pick up a call for him or check a text for him right? I let him do whatever on mine but his is off limits. He makes me feel like he is constantly hiding something. Mind you he has been caught messaging other girls before. He makes me feel like I'm not enough. It hurts. I've held on for so long.

leave him & kick him out he’s up to no good.

Stop, I’m At Work

A/N: A much requested teasing-phil-at-work smut!

Phil’s job at Radio 1 was the coolest thing ever, you would openly admit that. But it didn’t make you any less bored on the nights he was working. True, his on-air time was much less these days, but it was 15 minutes into his show and you were counting the minutes until he would be back. 

‘I miss youuuuu’ You texted him, and a minute later you watched him pull his phone out of his pocket and smile a little.

'Miss you too. I’ll be home in an hour or two <3" You pouted at the screen. Two hours was a long, long time. 

'Babe, what am i supposed to do without you for that long? I’m boooored’ you sent back, and you had to wait until they started another song for a reply.

'Bake brownies. Watch a movie. Occupy yourself. I can’t keep texting you when I’m on the air, you know that’ He must be getting a bit annoyed now. You weren’t sure why, but you decided to push him a little bit.

'Occupy myself? Whatever you say.’ You rummaged around in your nightstand and pulled out your favorite vibrator and snapped a quick photo, sending it along with the text. You watched with a smirk as he read the text, lips pursed. Dan peeked over at his screen and widened his eyes, and you laughed.

'I wish you were home right now’

'I want you to make me moan.’

'I’m so horny right now, I wish you could taste me, make me feel good like only you can’

You watched the screen, waiting for him to check his phone again. You saw him read each message, taking a deep breath. You hoped he was getting hard. Teasing was fun.

'Goddammit, Y/N. I’m at work.“ He texted back, trying to be discrete. You weren’t actually touching yourself, but you really were getting turned on by teasing him like this.

'Are you going to punish me when you get back?’

'Spank me?’

'Choke me?’

'Tease me to the edge and back?’ He was trying to ignore his phone, you could tell. But he hadn’t shut it off. Finally, nearly 15 minutes later, you got your satisfaction as his cheeks reddened after a quick glance to the screen.

'I love watching you squirm.’

'Is your cock hard yet?’

'I bet it is.’

'I want to taste it.’

The show was drawing to a close, and your heart was pounding, awaiting his response. He went off-air, and now you had no idea of his reactions. You were almost convinced he had forgotten about you, when finally your phone buzzed again.

'I expect to find you naked, blindfolded, on your knees, mouth open and tongue out.’ Just reading that your cheeks warmed, and you were nearly certain there was a puddle in your panties. You closed your bedroom door before stripping off your clothes. You retrieved a plain black tie from Phil’s wardrobe and tied it around your head before slipping it off again. There was nothing to do now but wait.

27 minutes later, you heard a key in the door. You hurried to slip the tie over your eyes again and assume the position on your knees, hands held behind your back, jaw wide open. Only one person entered the flat, heading towards the bedroom. Your heart was pounding in your ears. Your tongue was getting dry, although you were salivating with anticipation. Slowly, someone was getting closer to you, taking his damn sweet time.

"Good girl” Phil whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear him. He ran his hand over your hair before you felt the head of his hard cock hit your tongue. “No hands.” He ordered, just a moment after you started to move them. You swirled your tongue over the head, flicking at the underside before kissing and licking all over the shaft. He took hold of your head and guided you, taking in as much as you could before pulling back, slowly at first, but soon it felt as if he was fucking your mouth. You felt dirty, your clit was pounding and you ached to be touched. 

He pulled you off him without warning, and you heard him circle you, starting to remove pieces of his clothing. “So, you think it’s fun to tease me while I’m at work? Make me blush? Make me hard?” You held back a smirk, no idea what punishment he had in mind for you. “Well, now it’s my turn to tease you. On the bed." 

You stood and made your way blindly towards the bed. You lay down perfectly center on it, waiting for further instruction. Instead, you felt handcuffs around your left wrist. Warm, familiar fingers brought your arms above your head, securing the handcuffs on your other wrist. They were passed over the headboard, making you unable to lower your arms. He then wrapped something that could have been another tie around your ankle, tethering it somewhere before doing the same to your other leg. You now had both legs spread in a lewd display for Phil to enjoy.

Then he simply stood still.

You had no idea for how long, but he was just admiring you from the foot of the bed. You swear there hadn’t been a sound of his movement, but then you heard him near your ear. "I am going to drive you mad.”

He started tracing those long fingers along your arms, then around your torso, just meandering a curvy, winding path. Finally he decided it was time to touch your breasts, tracing the same swirling pattern with one finger all along one, then the other. He just barely brushed across your nipples and you let out the tiniest sigh. You wanted him to pull them, pinch them, suck them.

As if reading your mind, you felt his tongue flick over one, then he suckled on it, just for a moment. He repeated on the other side before going back to his hands, trailing down to travel across your legs, all the way to your toes, then coming back up to circle all around your thighs.

He seemed to have his fill of using his hands, and moved to lips. He started at the top again, kissing all over your arms, the occasional lick or nibble. As he attacked your neck, you moaned. If he wanted to drive you mad, he was certainly getting there. He continued just as he had before, spending a bit more time worshiping your nipples. By the time he was nipping at your thighs, you were writhing.

“See? It’s no fun to be teased.”

You gasped as his tongue hit home, licking between your wet folds. Then it was gone. Then another lick. Another pause. He did this, ten, maybe fifteen times. Each time the pleasure felt doubled. Your breath was getting faster, you never imagined you could get so hot from so few touches.

You felt your legs be released, one at a time, and now you were certain what would come next. Phil lifted your legs up, kneeling over you before sliding into your throbbing cunt. You let out a load moan, finally full. He thrust into you slowly, sighing in pleasure. He moaned a fuck under his breath before upping his pace, slamming into you hard.

“I don’t think I’m going to last that long. Getting you hot and bothered got me pretty close.” He breathed out. Another minute or two, and he let out a slew of grunts accompanied by a “God, Y/N!” as he came.

“Please make me cum.” Since your hands were still secured, you had no way to complete the task yourself. 

“Of course.” Back to his usual softy self, he kissed all over your pussy, using two fingers to rub your g-spot. Your breath quickened, and he sucked and flicked your clit, increasing the pace of his fingers. 

“Fuck!” Your hips bucked as your long-awaited orgasm came, body-slamming into your clit and radiating all over your body. Phil undid the handcuffs, and you took the blindfold off to find his familiar goofy smile. “Thank you.”