it makes me draw better


Dear Journal,

Gramps said we needed to start a journal so we could share how we feel! Hope you don’t mind a lot of doodles! Golly I’m rambling! Well, my name is Maciej, Mac for short. However, I often get called “Mugman” by many people in the city. Probably because I am always working in Gramp’s dish store. I used to get really sad about it, but I made a character of it!

Ta da! It’s me! Well, how I think the name “Mugman” would look. I even gave him a big nose like me! He likes to draw, explore and plants! Drawing him makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

You see, I get bullied a lot. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my fault. I can’t bring myself to hate people, and can be easily forgiving. I still get hurt in the end… Sorry I sound so sad…just haven’t written out my feelings before. But I say all of that to say-

I love the name Mugman now! He holds a special place in my heart! Oh…dinner is ready! We are having potato soup! Until next time! 

-Mugman <3 

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


lov my ninja dads


get yourself a friend who will kick a transphobes ass


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