it makes me cry; especially this scene

You Know What I Love About Boku No Hero Academia?
  • this show fills me with so much goddamn motivation it’s insane
  • i’ve never been so emotionally invested so fast – i was crying in the first damned episode, and then right afterwards when all might told deku that he, too, can be a hero. i barely knew deku, but it got me so much.
  • the simplistic art style makes me want to squish deku’s cheeks also it’s just such a cute soft style which allows for dynamic and explosive action
  • these characters have their own goddamned goals, and you can bet they’re gonna damned do whatever it takes to reach them
  • amazing kickass poignant soundtrack by Yuki Hayashi, who’s also done the Haikyuu!! soundtrack
  • all the girls are Best Girls 
  • what a faithful adaptation ohmygoodness – especially the action scenes, Umakoshi (the character designer) keeps it pretty much the damned same as it is in the manga 
  • kudos to Nobuhiko Okamoto for destroying his vocal cords voicing Blasty McSplode he’s so invested in his character i’m just blown away
  • every single character (except Mineta ohgod but i’m holding out for him he does have the potential) is so lovable you’re gonna bet you’ve adopted all these kids sooner or later 
  • and they’re all so unique?? not just their Quirks, but their personalities, their designs … no one feels like a knockoff copy of another, the whole thing feels very dynamic and real
  • hello yes we have anime parents here who are involved in their kids’ lives
  • minimal fanservice that’s honestly mostly just a gag??? bless
  • does not focus exclusively on deku; while it is his story, other characters are given a fair amount of screentime as well, which adds to the dynamics as well as room for loads of character interactions and hence development 
  • Bakugou Katsuki
  • i’m so happy for Horikoshi he must be living his dream with such amazing people bringing his work to life (like Umakoshi and Yutapon to name a few)
  • villains who aren’t about petty stuff like revenge and world domination but who think society itself, and hence the system, needs to be changed in order to expose how fragile the justice system really is 
  • no deus ex machinas here folks it’s all about what you can do and if you can’t do it you’re gonna pay the price (well i mean you could argue about deku vs shinsou but shhh)
  • all these characters are so vibrant and exploding with personality it’s like locking yourself in an ice cream parlor and going insane 
  • females don’t take the back seat 
  • you can do anything if you let yourself, if you believe in yourself, if it’s what you want with all your heart and soul, you can do it and you will do it
  • older characters like coaches and teachers and even the pro heroes aren’t just figures of respect, the show actually makes fun of them and lowers them down to the same level as the kids so we can actually connect with them instead of them being these daunting, stiff-upper lip characters 
  • work hard, shed tears and sweat and blood and you can literally be anything you want to be, there is no limit to what you can achieve
  • class 1-A is a goddamned family you better bet they’re gonna show up at each other’s weddings 
  • bless this series what a gem 
  • bless Horikoshi what a gem thank you so much for creating this series
  • for telling me that I can do anything
  • and for filling me with such raw hope and inspiration that my chest literally aches with it
  • thank you 

does anyone else ever feel emotionally connected to the music behind movies or shows? I’m not talking the popular songs that everyone can identify on a soundtrack, but the instrumental pieces that are so so so under appreciated. so much work goes into the score of a movie or series and most of the time we don’t fully recognize that its there, but without music, so many scenes would never have the stunning effect they do. music, especially instrumental music has the power to invoke so much emotion and make moments all the more beautiful. of course, there are so many soundtracks that have just as profound an effect as scores, but a pre-recorded song will always be associated with other scenes, other movies, different times, but that one unique score will never be associated with anything other than the scene it was specifically written for. 


Captain Fantastic (2016) - Matt Ross

5 bullets on this film:

  • I honestly hope 2017 blesses us with more movies like this one. The plot is original, it’s well written, there aren’t any boring scenes, and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. If there are more films like this one out there, please let me know.
  • The cinematography is perfect. I mean it. The setting and the colors are very relaxing and ‘pure’, and the way the film shows the constrast between nature and society is amazing. The soundtrack is also very nice, especially when the characters make their own music. 

  • Viggo Mortensen is great, I even cried because of his performance, you can really notice that he’s feeling his character. And the kids??? DO YOU WANT TO WALK ABOUT THE KIDS?? Some of them are like 5 years old and are already amazingly talented.   

  • The dialogues are really well written and there are some great references and memorable quotes, so if you’re looking for phrases to write on your bedroom wall, this movie will give you some ideas.  

  • This movie manages to send a strong message about capitalism and society’s values without being too extremist, so by the end of the film the viewer gets to have its own opinion on the subject. I think the whole point of the plot is that you can do whatever you want, but never impose your views on other people, let them decide what they want to believe in.  

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Honest opinion on the episode?

Okay HONEST opinion.

Overall I loved it. Sam and Cait were incredible like they always are. That chemistry still hasn’t disappeared. It’s as electric as ever so I’d really appreciate if they could stop ramming it down people’s throats that they’re JUST friends. Embrace it ffs because it’s rare.

Cait is so beautiful I’ll never get over it. Sam is too but for the love of God someone get him a new wig.

The scene where she showed him the pictures of Brianna felt a bit off to me. Maybe because I don’t care about her at all I just couldn’t feel the emotions I was supposed to but it was far better in the book.

The scene with Fergus was perfect. PERFECT. Cesar sounds just like Romann does so it was actually a believable transition.

Some moments between them were slightly cheesy. I think both Sam and Cait have issues with certain lines and it showed. I’d sacrifice a few iconic book quotes for them to be more comfortable.

First sex scene was funny, emotional, hot all at once. I loved when he kissed her nose. Then when she said “do it now and don’t be gentle” I was like YASSS GURL YASSS YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET IT!!! Loved all the pillow talk and then the second sex scene was just super hot and sensual. I love that they were facing each other the whole time and it was kind of a flashback to the wedding.

Don’t even talk to me about the breakfast scene getting cut because I’m about to riot over it. Once again, someone please get Ron out of the editing room. I’ll take over for him.

Speaking of editing, I thought the episode was a bit choppy and edited weird. I hate the way they use fading transitions. It doesn’t work for me and since my editor brain is especially critical, it makes it look cheap. Also TOO FUCKING DARK. Get Jamie some proper candles please I beg you. The whole time I was thinking “how the fuck am I going to make gifs for this??”. Too many random scenes that I didn’t really care about. I wanted more emotion, more crying, more “I can’t believe you’re really here” moments.

So while I really enjoyed it for the most part and was so happy to have our babies back together, it was missing something. I’m not sure what exactly but I do think it was slightly over hyped. Not comparable to the beauty of the wedding. I’m glad Jamie and Claire were the main focus because when they’re together it’s magic and there’s fireworks and nothing else matters in the world, but I’m selfish and wanted more.

i wanna talk about how important this is for a minute from lena stopping stef from telling jude he’s too young to have sex and pointing out that sex ed gives straight kids answers and there’s no place for lgbt kids to turn for sexual education to also highlighting the dangers of dating apps especially as a young kid on it/lying about your age on it to the parents genuinely being concerned for their child’s safety and approaching them delicately rather than getting angry with them/punishing them to lena telling jude that the sexual experience he was heading for would have scared and damaged him this scene is so powerful imo and makes me cry

Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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I NEED to talk about the Stuck Together leak im sorry

If you want to watch it, i recommend watching it on the CN app but if you don’t have a cable log in you can just watch it here and be a bad person like me:


I’m SOOO fucking happy with what they’re doing with lars especially since they’re fucking FINALLY making his mental illnesses explicit. They were so clearly trying to portray depression during that scene where Steven was trying to get him to tie a lasso with his pants and he was just so unmotivated and hopeless and just acting like a zombie before breaking down and crying.

For SO LONG I’ve been saying lars is mentally ill but never had explicit canon material to back it up and everyone would be like “where?? How is he mentally ill??” And id always just be like he IS. I knew that’s what they’re going for and i wished they’d just make it fucking explicit already and they FINALLY DID and I’m so glad. In the span of 2 episodes we got an anxiety attack and a depression episode from him

And its clear how he manifests his depression and anxiety and why he’s so negative and bitter all the time. Not everyone acts like that due to their mental illnesses but i do so lars is just really relatable to me lately and he’s legit making me emotional I’m so happy with what they’re doing with him

Idk. I just hope fans will stop being awful to him after this. They probably wont but I’d like to think this will soften their views of lars

Ao No Exorcist: Rin and Izumo

With the new season of Ao no Exorcist out, I will say this because I have been thinking this over for months. I ship Rin and Izumo. It is probably the most obscure ship in the fandom since only manga readers knows how this came to be. I do ship Rin and Shiemi. It’s a very cute ship. However, although Rin and Izumo will probably never become canon, I will say that they are much more suited to each other than Rin and Shiemi. Of course this is just my own opinion. This will contain spoilers for non manga readers.

Most people simply do not understand Rin. Sadly, one of the people who understands Rin the least is Yukio himself. And several people are terrified of Rin. After the Amaimon incident, Rin is ostracized by everyone, even Shiemi, for various reasons. But Izumo just plops down in the seat next to Rin and puts all of his fears to rest. She tells him that she’s not afraid of him. He’s not the only person who’s the descendent of a demon. He’s not alone. She stands up for him and is ready to call others who avoid him fake friends and cowards to their faces. She cares and is a firm support for Rin who often pretends and behaves like he doesn’t need it.

Rin helped Izumo out once and since then, although she is the perfect tsundere, has been being kind to him in her own way.,Coming from Izumo, I feel is a big thing. I applaud Izumo and Shima in the Impure King arc the most. They were able to put aside the fact that Rin was Satan’s son and realize he was just their good old goofy friend. I believe, without this pep talk from Izumo, Rin wouldn’t have been able to stay strong and pick himself up the way that he did. So far in the manga, this has been my second favorite scene.

Shiemi is a wonderful girl and when she does learn what love is, I’m sure she’ll be fabulous with Rin. But…she will never understand the darkness Rin has experienced. A darkness, Izumo knows all too well. I believe, if Rin and Izumo could be together, they would be able to work together to pull the darkness out of each other.

When In the Izumo arc, Izumo asks for help, I was in awe of the look Rin had when he heard it. No doubt this was because Izumo never asked for help before and more like refused help. But why I find this scene so important is because, although Rin had been refusing to destroy the zombies because they were people, even though the zombies had hurt others, he burnt through all of them to reach Izumo after hearing her plea, deciding, there was no other way to save those zombies. It’s as if, Izumo keeps him grounded ans help him understand things about himself and his own beliefs in ways others can’t. Shiemi might be the girl he likes and could probably make him really happy, but a girl like Izumo would really compliment and suit Rin.

The way he stands in front of her absolutely infuriated about the way she has been hurt makes me sigh in happiness. This is my first favorite scene in the manga. And when he says:

Aside from the fact that fire is spewing from his mouth, what he says is pricelesx. It gives me the feeling he implies (although he probably doesn’t cause he isn’t really smart, but hey, Rin is pretty insightful sometimes) that no one has seen that Izumo has always been crying. She was always crying and lonely and she desperately wanted help. Understanding that the other person is hurting or having difficulties in a relationship is important, especially if like Izumo they don’t speak much. I would know…

Rin’s father died protecting him, Izumo’s mother died protecting her. This isn’t a very nice parallel, but the pain and guilt Rin once suffered alone with no one to understand him - not even Yukio - could become a hundred times lighter if he and Izumo tried to elp each other out. Of course, this could have opposite effects. It’s not a very pleasant thing to talk about so I’ll move on.

By reading her actions in the manga, I think Izumo already has a crush on Rin. But seeing how smoothly she handled Rin confessing to Shiemi made me think again. I think she might have a crush on him and not know anything yet. 

If we go with the ‘They fill in each others empty spaces’ idea with a couple, Rin and Izumo match a lot. I also like the idea of Rin having a strong girl partner. Not that Shiemi isn’t strong. She’s very strong…just a soft person. I’m not one of those Shiemi haters, I infact like her to a certain extent, but I definitely ship Rin and Izumo more.

Ouat Con Chicago 2017 - Rebecca’s Panel
  • Bex is singing"Wicked always Wins" and I’m crying! (x)
  • “The coffee has kicked in. SURPRISE!! OMG this was so much fun” - Bex about singing Wicked Always Wins (x)
  • Bex says her parents are supportive and were kinda supportive about her becoming an actress but thought she was nuts (x)
  • “Life is too short” - Bex says people should do what they want to “people say i can’t sing… I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY” (x)
  • She’s talking about the process of becoming the Wicked Witch and that it takes up to 3 hours (again….) (x)
  • Rebecca about Hades: “What a rubbish boyfriend!” (x)
  • If Zelena was sent to the Underworld her unfinished business would be to ruin Hades if he was there (x)
  • Bex was Dorothy for Halloween once but now her favorite character from The Wizard of Oz is The Wicked Witch (x)
  • “Here I am giving other children nightmares, I’ve come full circle.” (x)
  • “I think Zelena is happy now” (x)
  • When asked which other character on OUAT she would like to be, she said “Me. Sorry” (x)
  • If Zelena had a free day, she’d probably do just like Bex: “Netflix and chill” (x)
  • “What was your favorite scene to shoot with Lana?” “All of them!” (x)
    • She likes especially the emotional scenes with Lana, like when we found out they had known each other all along (x)
  • Bex said that if Zelena was apart of the first curse, she’d still be a fake midwife (x)
    • Rebecca said that Ginny Goodwin really liked Zelena as the fake midwife (x)
  • “My favorite thing about the fandom are the conventions” (x)
  • Her sister doesn’t believe her when she says sometimes people are shaking when they meet her (x)
  • Fans sang For Good to Bex! “Thanks for making me cry! That was lovely. I’m so lucky” (x)
  • “That’s gonna be hard to top, but I’ll try” - Bex about Wicked Always Wins (x)
  • “A lot of bloopers are cut out because they’re very rude” (x)
    • ex swears a lot when she forgets her lines “that’s not very pretty or DVD appropriate” (about the blooper reels) (x)
  • “No one has ever asked me if I have kissed a girl. Which I have… but only on TV” (x)
  • “Working with babies… it’s not fun” (x)
    • I was nailing that and the baby ruined my take! (x)
  • Who would win the fight? Zelena or the Smoke Monster (from Lost)? “Definitely me” (x)
  • If she could visit any realm, Bex would visit the world of Frozen (x)
  • Zelena would stab the smoke monster wth her broomstick and send it to the underworld to destroy Hades. (x)
  • Bex loves to make fun of Colin (x)
  • Bex made fun of Colin for breaking his foot while singing. Says she loves making fun of him. (x)
  • Bex said Zelena would run over Hades fast and with a truck if he came back (x)
  • “Go out there, believe in yourself and sod everybody else” (x)
  • “I’ve got so many more friends now from being on Once Upon a Time” (x)
  • “What’s your favorite part about playing Zelena?” “Maybe I should write a book” (x)
  • Becoming a mom, finding out she had known Regina all along and meeting her mom changed Zelena (x)
  • “How did you feel when you found out you’d play the Wicked Witch?” “I screamed OMG SHUT UP! I knew you’d make me someone horrible” (x)
  • Bex’s favorite Zelena outfit was the iconic Wicked Witch dress with the hat and broomstick (x)
  • “We’re like twins, we’re joined at the hip” - Bex talking about her and Marc  love them! (x)
  • “I hope her magic is not gone for good, I have to do everything by hand, it’s very pedestrian” (x)
  • Bex said she’d come back to OUAT if asked (x)
  • “I gave myself many mini heart attacks” - Bex used to forget she had green makeup on and get scared when she saw her reflection (x)
  • “Who is your best friend on set?” “Lana. And Emilie. And Sean. And Colin” (x)
  • “I like to go to Lana’s trailer, she makes really good tea” (x)
  • Bex was giving advice about auditions (x)
  • Bex would like baby Robin to be aged up so she could go to work. (x)
  • She doesn’t have any musical background, the musical episode was her first experience (x)


(x) (x)

Voltron Season 3 Binge-watching Checklist

Since a lot of us are going to be binge-watching the season 3 right when it comes out, here’s a checklist of all the things you’ll need to survive binge-watching the new season:

  • Good internet connection- Trust me, nothing is worse than watching an intense scene and it freezes
  • Tissues- For all those tears :’) 
  • A pillow- For when you want to cradle something; also great for muffling whatever loud noise you make when you don’t want to wake your family/neighbors
  • A blanket- For when you want something to cradle you
  • Water- to stay hydrated and refuel those tears :’’’)
  • A snack- Cause food makes everything better
  • More tissues- Maybe you’ll need them for a sad scene, maybe for a happy scene, maybe you’ll cry tears of joy when you see your fave. Who knows? Might as well grab another box, you can’t be too careful~
  • Comfy pajamas- Why not get comfortable? Especially if you have a Voltron kigurumi ;)
  • Tea + Honey- For that sore throat you’re going to have from screaming
  • Coffee- For those poor souls who live in a different timezone and have to stay up/ those who have to get up early the next day
  • Even more tissues- Just trust me, you’ll need them
  • Sunglasses- Sometimes your fave is just too radiant for you to handle~
  • A picture of Shiro- Even though he might not be with the team, you can still have Space Dad right there next to you for comfort ;)
  • A list of excuses on why your eyes are red and puffy- For when people ask the next day and you don’t want to tell them you’ve been crying over fictional characters

Have fun and remember to tag any spoilers for the people who can’t watch it right away!!! And happy season 3, y’all!


Loli-chan’s Anime Review: Flip Flappers

Grade: A

Quick summary: After a fateful encounter, an indecisive girl discovers the joys of adventuring into different worlds…and gradually realizes everything she knows is wrong. Disclaimer: This contains (non-sexual) shoujo-ai. 


  • The animation style is very unique, and overall quite eye catching. Everything looks like it’s been drawn in pencil, and it’s an excellent touch. It also includes many lovely ‘watercolor like backgrounds’, which remind me of Studio Ghibli’s work.
  • It has some excellent music. Both the intro and the outro are very catchy. I wasn’t fond of them at first, but they quickly found a place in my heart. I especially dig the intro, ‘Serendipity’.
  • I’m not typically a fan of most action scenes, but the action scenes in this anime are hard to keep your eyes off. They’re kept interesting and varied. 
  • One of the main characters, Yayaka, is a rare example of a good tsundere. Her personality is not overly cliche, and she’s not annoying. Moreover, her character has more depth than most tsunderes tend to. This is how a tsundere charater should be written.
  • Are you a fan of slice of life anime? Big on science fiction? Or perhaps you prefer mystery? What about magical girls? Or shoujo ai? Or mecha? You’re all winners, because this anime has a variety of genres to mix things up. It’s got something for everyone. 
  • None of the main villains are heartless, and most of them have very good motives. They are empathetic, and their characters are fully fleshed out. It makes the villains much more interesting, and overall enjoyable. Unlike most villains, you (probably) won’t hate them. These may be my favorite villains. 
  • It’s touching, and the relationships between the girls (not just the main protagonists) will make you smile. It’s kept fluffy and sweet; no sexualization here. The more platonic relationships, too, are also very pleasant.


  • If you do not like plot twists, don’t watch this. The plot is incredibly unpredictable. It may seem simple at first, but things are not as they seem. The plot twists, however, aren’t super dark and depressing. They are more….random. Everything is random, really. This makes the story line a little hard to follow at times. But don’t worry: things will become clear in the end (well, sort of). 
  • The last couple of episodes should be watched in one setting. If you don’t, the suspense may kill you. Binge-watching this is ideal. 
  • Make sure you have tissues ready when you watch episode 6, especially if you cry easily. It hurt my heart; family scenes get me every time. 

Overall opinion: Do not let the threat of plot twists drive you away. There are many shows that use unnecessary plot twists, and this doesn’t seem to be one of them. It was enjoyable, good for my heart, and it was very engaging.  It touched my heart in many ways, and I am likely to watch it again someday. 

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Hiya! I hope I'm not clogging your inbox with more stuff about the recent chapter, but I just wanted to mention that after thinking about the chapter for a bit, I think it's nice to see a more positive depiction of female sexuality in the manga? I think the tone of the manga has just lent itself to depicting female characters with "darker" personalities (e.g. Rize, Eto) and correspondingly darker attitudes towards sex (or at least, "seduction"), so it's nice to have a more balanced depiction.[1]

[2] I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the subject, or if you knew of any good metas about it? Sorry for the random ask! I felt like you’d just be a good person to ask, and your metas about the manga have always been insightful. ^^; Anyway, I hope you have a good day!

Hello! My inbox will live, don’t worry :)

I can’t think of any metas in particular that I could back my opinion up on, but I can say that I am definitely happy with the positive way Ishida wrote the scene in general. There’s a lot of pressure, especially when you’re a young woman, that sex has to be this perfect, skillful, acrobatic act. The truth is, it’s not. People get self-conscious, they get stuck in their clothing, they hurt themselves, they laugh, they cry… Ishida did an incredible job capturing that and making it feel genuine.  And it’s that genuineness what made it feel so beautiful. 

In regards to Touka herself, it’s difficult to talk about because attraction is subjective. But, for me personally, it’s both comforting and refreshing to see a woman who’s quite small be shown to actually have little muscle and weight to her. Not only that, but she pushes forward with little boosts of confidence despite her awkwardness and that’s fucking awesome.

As for other women’s sexual temperaments in the manga, I actually find them pretty admirable and evocative, too. They’re mostly dark, sure, but not without reason (I’ll just use your examples if that’s okay, otherwise this will be an essay haha).

Rize is a woman who was born for nothing but reproduction. That was her purpose in life: to be a vessel for someone else. Honestly, you really have to hand it to her to for turning that on it’s head and using it as a trap for her own benefit. She’ll do anything to secure her own emotional well-being, even if that means luring and slaughtering anyone who so much as looks at her sideways.

Eto, for me, never actually felt overtly sexual in her nudity. Something about the way she presented herself all wrapped in gauze like a dead pharoah always felt like it was more about primitiveness or birth, like coming in contact with an ancient god rather than something erotic. 

Since tomorrow dragon cry comes out in Japan, and like the entitled american that I am, Im going to be complaining about our late release date in my head for a while… but seriously, I just want to make it clear to anyone that it is perfectly fucking ok to spoil everything for me

rant to me about shit you liked and/or didn’t like,I wanna know everything.
especially especially especially any scenes involving gajeel, levy, and lily

being spoiled will probably hype me up for the movie more and will make me feel like i need to spend my money on the movie but that will be based on what the spoilers entail so it will most likely be beneficial for me to be spoiled

trc tv show soundtrack

if none of these songs are in the show i’ll be Pressed™ (but still grateful)

nitesky - robot koch | some kind of pynch scene IDC WHICH JUST A SOFT PYNCH SCENE PLS PLS PLS

in the dark - cathedrals | for one of those end-of-episode wrap ups where we see what everyone’s doing, preferably a pynch and bluesey interaction for Sexual Tension

alleways - the neighbourhood | I DON’T CARE WHAT FOR I JUST WANT IT THERE

sweater weather - the neighbourhood | either the bluesey face touchy scene in the car or something to do with pynch pLEASE I WOULD DIE

neptune - sleeping at last | a sad scene (lyrics suggest pynch)

bad habit - the kooks | the gangsey making trouble pls


every other freckle - alt-j | i don’t even need to elaborate pynch in cabeswater

trees - twenty one pilots | uh put this anywhere, just put it. especially the last minute of it omg i’m already crying?

 literally anything twennny 1 poluts pls

broken crown - mumford & sons | anything relating to gansey angst

mess is mine - vance joy | the gangsey being cute

help me close my eyes - those dancing days | uhh maybe something to do with cabeswater maybe ronan, the timbre isn’t rlly ronan though probably adam

tongue - maribou state | CABESWATER especially that instrumental kinda no- lyric section

bloodsport - raleigh ritchie | gansey being the Dad™

baby i’m yours - arctic monkeys | okay this needs to be on a Shitbox Singalong

i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys | also needs the on the Shitbox Singalong

dropout - hollywood horror | some kinda scary-shit scene for that bassdrop

we don’t believe what’s on tv - twenty one pilots | blue jumping around her room singing and then “Jane, hi!” “WHAT THE FUCK GANSEY!?”

abacus - shamen | the song makes me shit my pants so maybe some scary dream rovinksy things idk bad vibes

afraid - the neighbourhood | ronan and adam regarding Posession and Angst and Strangling and Nightmares™ im not okay

anachronism - crywolf | dreaming things and ronan and cabeswater

ARCHITECT - MYRENE | CABESWATER if it’s not used i’m cancelling the show

arsonists lullaby - hozier | ronan doing something bad, gansey being Worried

running with the wolves - aurora | something magicy / noah

breezeblocks - alt-j (crywolf remix) | i would totally be okay with this as the Theme Song

burning doves - mikky ekko | gangsey being there for noah <3

carrion flowers - chelsea wolfe | something dark and scary this song is highkey emo gtgtgtg

classic - mkto | headcanon: gansey’s fav song and he sings it @ blue everyday

x gonna give it to you - dmx (sokos remix) | some kind of washed out version of the murder squash song, change some lyrics, intensify some amplitude

mop head - edit | ronan’s dreams :’)


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Me and my friend are both incredibly unbelievably thirsty for tender sex with Yuuri taking care of Viktor, showering him with attention and love (preferably topping him) because all this time, Viktor has been asking what Yuuri wants in bed and made sure to make him feel good - Yuuri wants to give him the same thing, and so much more, at the start of their proper relationship, and to make up for those times he unintentionally hurt Viktor in the past (especially ch 9 I cry)

One of the first (if not the first) sex scene that’s planned for the extra scenes fic is the first time that Viktor bottoms in their relationship and it goes down pretty much exactly like this 

~Mon-El Appreciation Week~
day 3
: favorite heartbreaking/angsty moments

1. 2x13 - Kara tells Mon-El she’ll be marrying Mxyzptlk

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“You’re right. You’re right, okay? I’m jealous. I wish I could snap my fingers and give you everything you wish for, and it kills me that he can do that stuff for you and I can’t. And I acted badly, okay? Very badly. But please, please do not marry him. I will be better for you.

Oh my poor space puppy. I almost didn’t include this to my favorite heartbreaking moments, as I already had two of them, but I remember watching this episode for the first time, and damn… My heart had broken so badly when I saw the tears in Mon-El’s eyes, and it was literally the first time I had such a strong reaction to a scene. I might’ve even had tears in my eyes as well, and for someone who rarely cries to TV shows or movies THAT says something. Especially when he says “I thought we were gonna do that.”… I wanted to throw my laptop to a wall or something, it was THAT heartbreaking. This maybe isn’t my top favorite heartbreaking Mon-El scene, but since it is the FIRST scene in any TV show or movie that utterly destroyed me, I feel like I should include this to the list. 

2. 2x16 - Kara breaks up with Mon-El

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“I just wanted to, um, say a few things Before I lose you forever. ‘Cause I owe you a lot, but most of all, I owe you the truth. My name is Mon-El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, but I didn’t know. Until I met you. And I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you.”

I remember the first time I watched this scene. Occasionally I watch Supergirl in school as early as I possibly can, but for 2x16 I knew angsty stuff was coming so I opted to watch it at home, alone, where I could scream as much as I wanted. And boy I was right. The whole episode was like getting my heart ripped out of my chest, but this scene especially… I’m gonna admit, I was crying so hard by the time Mon-El got to the “I love you” part, so much so that even the happiness of him dropping the “L bomb” couldn’t help me. Just seeing him laying everything out there for Kara to see, being completely honest, completely himself, and then getting rejected by the woman he loves… I just wanted to wrap my poor puppy into several layers of blankets, hug him, and tell him it would be okay, especially when I saw him on the verge of crying… Ughhh, it just breaks me every single damn time. 

Also I have to mention, the parallel between this scene and the scene in 2x13, where Kara opens the door for Mon-El so that he can leave, and he walks away without objection despite the obvious heartbreak… I don’t know how it’s possible, but it still physically hurts me whenever I think about it. So yeah. Thanks Supergirl for making me cry a second time in the span of a few episodes.

3. 2x22 - Kara and Mon-El’s goodbye

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“There’s something I need to say. Wherever I go I’m gonna be better because of you. You’ll be in my heart. I promise I’m going to be the man that you thought I could be. I promise.”

As expected as this was for me, considering all the spoilers we got for the finale, this scene just caught me so off guard. It was 4 a.m. when I was watching this, and I was in a hotel room with my friends trying not to wake them up, but DAMN it was so hard to stay silent when all I wanted was to scream and cry and punch something and throw my computer to the wall at the same time. This was literally one of the saddest goodbyes I’ve watched in my life. The raw emotions in Kara and Mon-El’s eyes, the shakiness in their voice, how they desperately try to hold onto each other, the “I love you”s, Kara giving Mon-El her necklace… It was just…ugh. Heartbreakingly perfect. Painfully good. I don’t know how else to explain it. But I know that my heart definitely won’t be healed from this, and I’ll be left scarred forever, even though they’ll be reunited next season. 

Also, I just want to say, kudos to Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, seriously. The first and foremost reason Karamel affects me this much is that their acting is just so on point in every scene that I feel their emotions as if I’m experiencing them. They’re just incredible, making me feel so grateful to be a part of this fandom. 

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i just wanted to clarify something about my opinions on 7x10 because some lovely people wanted me to expand on Daryl so I’m back again with a little bit to add 

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omg Alberto is complimenting the fuck out of David Castro in the live chat! like he went on a full on rant about how David is just bringing his A game, “especially” this season. And that he’s learning so much from working with David and this just makes me want to cry because we are potentially getting some great Simon and Raphael scene. Also, we are potentially also getting a lot of raphael, and honestly as my second favourite character on this show this makes me so deliriously happy.

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Fires roared behind them, sirens wailed, and the sky poured its rain down on them; all seeming to mourn for Izuki Midoria, the young hero who lost his life that night. Uraraka hugged herself as she sobbed, asking why the world must be so cruel. Iida at a loss for what to do, and Shoto crying into his dead friend's shoulder. Those three heroes cried that night, accompanied by the wailing of the sirens behind them. "Deku," Shoto cried as the world seemed to close around them.

Nice! Excellent scene!

Here’s some thoughts:

Fires roared behind them, sirens wailed, and the sky poured its rain down on them; all seeming to mourn for Izuki Midoria, the young hero who lost his life that night.

Make your language strong. You’ve got great verbs in here: “roared,” “wailed,” “poured.” But then it’s undercut by “all seeming to mourn.” Let them actually mourn. Make the “all” more specific: is it the fire and the sirens and the sky mourning? is it “them”? is it the world? Who are the characters behind this “all”? Use concrete nouns and active verbs to build strong sentences. How can you re-word this to get rid of “seemed”? I like the use of a semicolon here. Strange punctuation (i.e. besides the usual comma or period) breaks up the language and surprises the reader. Use them wisely!

Don’t explain too much. “the young hero who lost his life that night” is pretty wordy and clunky, and it’s tacked on after “Izuku Midoriya” as if to explain. Let the reader infer the scene. “Mourn” is a strong word with huge emotional impact. Everyone recognizes the feeling of grief. Let context and clear/strong language dictate the emotions of the scene, not explanation.

Uraraka hugged herself as she sobbed, asking why the world must be so cruel.

This is great. The only advice I’d give here is to press on the scene a little more. Maybe make it two or three sentences. Give Uraraka time/space to hug herself, to sob, to question. “Why must the world be so cruel?” is a Big Question, and it should be given the time and weight that it deserves. Maybe she can ask it aloud, maybe she can ask Izuku’s body, maybe she can ask the wall next to her, maybe she can ask the rain, maybe, maybe, maybe… See how many possibilities there are for specificity? What do we do when we can’t understand something? We try to force understanding out of it. Especially when we grieve. When we name something, we can control it. Uraraka has just lost her friend. She wants some form of control, some light in the dark. Give it to her. Let her have agency, even if only for a hesitating, breathless “Why?”

Iida at a loss for what to do, and Shoto crying into his dead friend’s shoulder.

You’ve had some pretty strong sentences up to right here, where the sudden collapse into fragments sticks out. Honestly, I was about to suggest making each a full sentence with verbs and end punctuation, but I just realized if all you do is get rid of the “and” and either connect them with another semicolon or split them up with a period, that same collapse into fragments would be a great representation of their own collapse into grief. The “and” gets in the way though, because it suggests a full sentences where there isn’t one.

Remember: precision of clarity. Every word is chosen for clear representation.

Those three heroes cried that night, accompanied by the wailing of the sirens behind them. “Deku,” Shouto cried as the world seemed to close around them.

This is really, really great. I like “those three heroes.” I like “the wailing of sirens behind them.” I like the world closing around them. I like “Deku” versus “Izuku” or “Midoriya,” showing Shouto is close enough to Izuku to use his hero name/ childhood nickname.

Be aware of what your words signify. “Cried” when used as a dialogue tag often makes me think of someone crying out loudly. But what seems more appropriate for this scene is something quieter and more personal. Especially since you already used “cried” in the previous sentence, I’ve already got that image in my head of actual sobbing, but when I see it used as a dialogue tag instead of “said” it doesn’t ring that way to me. And I definitely think this scene earns more than “said.” Remember that: earn your dialogue tags. As important as it is to simplify and edit for clarity, if you’re pulling off a really strong scene, you definitely earn the right to throw in replacements for “said.” Also, there’s absolutely no rule saying you can’t use “said” replacements, just conventions raised in the writing community recently. (Although it is a good idea to dial them back now and then.) So for this instance, for example, knowing everything I do about the impact of my words, and informed as I am about what each word that came before it signifies, I’d go with something like “whispered.”

See how much thought I put into choosing each word? Practice, practice, practice. That’s all writing is. It’s a way to practice our thinking for the next piece we write. And the next, and the next, and the next.

Get rid of “seemed.” Again, create active sentences. It’s okay for the world to actually close around them. The reader knows the world isn’t swallowing them up, but in the moment of absolute despair and grief, it definitely feels that way.

Deku,” Shouto whispered into Izuku’s chest, and the world closed around them.

Then I might go back and make edits/revisions, see where I can press on that image, but that would be a sentence I’d be pretty proud of to start with.

I’m really glad to see you working with scenes! They’re tough to write. You’ve got to imagine the scope of your narrator’s eye, the details of the scene you’re looking at, the larger picture of the world around them, all in only a few sentences.

Thanks for the exercise, dear one! Keep writing!! You’ve got this <3