it makes me cry; especially this scene


Captain Fantastic (2016) - Matt Ross

5 bullets on this film:

  • I honestly hope 2017 blesses us with more movies like this one. The plot is original, it’s well written, there aren’t any boring scenes, and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. If there are more films like this one out there, please let me know.
  • The cinematography is perfect. I mean it. The setting and the colors are very relaxing and ‘pure’, and the way the film shows the constrast between nature and society is amazing. The soundtrack is also very nice, especially when the characters make their own music. 

  • Viggo Mortensen is great, I even cried because of his performance, you can really notice that he’s feeling his character. And the kids??? DO YOU WANT TO WALK ABOUT THE KIDS?? Some of them are like 5 years old and are already amazingly talented.   

  • The dialogues are really well written and there are some great references and memorable quotes, so if you’re looking for phrases to write on your bedroom wall, this movie will give you some ideas.  

  • This movie manages to send a strong message about capitalism and society’s values without being too extremist, so by the end of the film the viewer gets to have its own opinion on the subject. I think the whole point of the plot is that you can do whatever you want, but never impose your views on other people, let them decide what they want to believe in.  

i wanna talk about how important this is for a minute from lena stopping stef from telling jude he’s too young to have sex and pointing out that sex ed gives straight kids answers and there’s no place for lgbt kids to turn for sexual education to also highlighting the dangers of dating apps especially as a young kid on it/lying about your age on it to the parents genuinely being concerned for their child’s safety and approaching them delicately rather than getting angry with them/punishing them to lena telling jude that the sexual experience he was heading for would have scared and damaged him this scene is so powerful imo and makes me cry

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Me and my friend are both incredibly unbelievably thirsty for tender sex with Yuuri taking care of Viktor, showering him with attention and love (preferably topping him) because all this time, Viktor has been asking what Yuuri wants in bed and made sure to make him feel good - Yuuri wants to give him the same thing, and so much more, at the start of their proper relationship, and to make up for those times he unintentionally hurt Viktor in the past (especially ch 9 I cry)

One of the first (if not the first) sex scene that’s planned for the extra scenes fic is the first time that Viktor bottoms in their relationship and it goes down pretty much exactly like this 

Ao No Exorcist: Rin and Izumo

With the new season of Ao no Exorcist out, I will say this because I have been thinking this over for months. I ship Rin and Izumo. It is probably the most obscure ship in the fandom since only manga readers knows how this came to be. I do ship Rin and Shiemi. It’s a very cute ship. However, although Rin and Izumo will probably never become canon, I will say that they are much more suited to each other than Rin and Shiemi. Of course this is just my own opinion. This will contain spoilers for non manga readers.

Most people simply do not understand Rin. Sadly, one of the people who understands Rin the least is Yukio himself. And several people are terrified of Rin. After the Amaimon incident, Rin is ostracized by everyone, even Shiemi, for various reasons. But Izumo just plops down in the seat next to Rin and puts all of his fears to rest. She tells him that she’s not afraid of him. He’s not the only person who’s the descendent of a demon. He’s not alone. She stands up for him and is ready to call others who avoid him fake friends and cowards to their faces. She cares and is a firm support for Rin who often pretends and behaves like he doesn’t need it.

Rin helped Izumo out once and since then, although she is the perfect tsundere, has been being kind to him in her own way.,Coming from Izumo, I feel is a big thing. I applaud Izumo and Shima in the Impure King arc the most. They were able to put aside the fact that Rin was Satan’s son and realize he was just their good old goofy friend. I believe, without this pep talk from Izumo, Rin wouldn’t have been able to stay strong and pick himself up the way that he did. So far in the manga, this has been my second favorite scene.

Shiemi is a wonderful girl and when she does learn what love is, I’m sure she’ll be fabulous with Rin. But…she will never understand the darkness Rin has experienced. A darkness, Izumo knows all too well. I believe, if Rin and Izumo could be together, they would be able to work together to pull the darkness out of each other.

When In the Izumo arc, Izumo asks for help, I was in awe of the look Rin had when he heard it. No doubt this was because Izumo never asked for help before and more like refused help. But why I find this scene so important is because, although Rin had been refusing to destroy the zombies because they were people, even though the zombies had hurt others, he burnt through all of them to reach Izumo after hearing her plea, deciding, there was no other way to save those zombies. It’s as if, Izumo keeps him grounded ans help him understand things about himself and his own beliefs in ways others can’t. Shiemi might be the girl he likes and could probably make him really happy, but a girl like Izumo would really compliment and suit Rin.

The way he stands in front of her absolutely infuriated about the way she has been hurt makes me sigh in happiness. This is my first favorite scene in the manga. And when he says:

Aside from the fact that fire is spewing from his mouth, what he says is pricelesx. It gives me the feeling he implies (although he probably doesn’t cause he isn’t really smart, but hey, Rin is pretty insightful sometimes) that no one has seen that Izumo has always been crying. She was always crying and lonely and she desperately wanted help. Understanding that the other person is hurting or having difficulties in a relationship is important, especially if like Izumo they don’t speak much. I would know…

Rin’s father died protecting him, Izumo’s mother died protecting her. This isn’t a very nice parallel, but the pain and guilt Rin once suffered alone with no one to understand him - not even Yukio - could become a hundred times lighter if he and Izumo tried to elp each other out. Of course, this could have opposite effects. It’s not a very pleasant thing to talk about so I’ll move on.

By reading her actions in the manga, I think Izumo already has a crush on Rin. But seeing how smoothly she handled Rin confessing to Shiemi made me think again. I think she might have a crush on him and not know anything yet. 

If we go with the ‘They fill in each others empty spaces’ idea with a couple, Rin and Izumo match a lot. I also like the idea of Rin having a strong girl partner. Not that Shiemi isn’t strong. She’s very strong…just a soft person. I’m not one of those Shiemi haters, I infact like her to a certain extent, but I definitely ship Rin and Izumo more.

trc tv show soundtrack

if none of these songs are in the show i’ll be Pressed™ (but still grateful)

nitesky - robot koch | some kind of pynch scene IDC WHICH JUST A SOFT PYNCH SCENE PLS PLS PLS

in the dark - cathedrals | for one of those end-of-episode wrap ups where we see what everyone’s doing, preferably a pynch and bluesey interaction for Sexual Tension

alleways - the neighbourhood | I DON’T CARE WHAT FOR I JUST WANT IT THERE

sweater weather - the neighbourhood | either the bluesey face touchy scene in the car or something to do with pynch pLEASE I WOULD DIE

neptune - sleeping at last | a sad scene (lyrics suggest pynch)

bad habit - the kooks | the gangsey making trouble pls


every other freckle - alt-j | i don’t even need to elaborate pynch in cabeswater

trees - twenty one pilots | uh put this anywhere, just put it. especially the last minute of it omg i’m already crying?

 literally anything twennny 1 poluts pls

broken crown - mumford & sons | anything relating to gansey angst

mess is mine - vance joy | the gangsey being cute

help me close my eyes - those dancing days | uhh maybe something to do with cabeswater maybe ronan, the timbre isn’t rlly ronan though probably adam

tongue - maribou state | CABESWATER especially that instrumental kinda no- lyric section

bloodsport - raleigh ritchie | gansey being the Dad™

baby i’m yours - arctic monkeys | okay this needs to be on a Shitbox Singalong

i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys | also needs the on the Shitbox Singalong

dropout - hollywood horror | some kinda scary-shit scene for that bassdrop

we don’t believe what’s on tv - twenty one pilots | blue jumping around her room singing and then “Jane, hi!” “WHAT THE FUCK GANSEY!?”

abacus - shamen | the song makes me shit my pants so maybe some scary dream rovinksy things idk bad vibes

afraid - the neighbourhood | ronan and adam regarding Posession and Angst and Strangling and Nightmares™ im not okay

anachronism - crywolf | dreaming things and ronan and cabeswater

ARCHITECT - MYRENE | CABESWATER if it’s not used i’m cancelling the show

arsonists lullaby - hozier | ronan doing something bad, gansey being Worried

running with the wolves - aurora | something magicy / noah

breezeblocks - alt-j (crywolf remix) | i would totally be okay with this as the Theme Song

burning doves - mikky ekko | gangsey being there for noah <3

carrion flowers - chelsea wolfe | something dark and scary this song is highkey emo gtgtgtg

classic - mkto | headcanon: gansey’s fav song and he sings it @ blue everyday

x gonna give it to you - dmx (sokos remix) | some kind of washed out version of the murder squash song, change some lyrics, intensify some amplitude

mop head - edit | ronan’s dreams :’)


hi again

i just wanted to clarify something about my opinions on 7x10 because some lovely people wanted me to expand on Daryl so I’m back again with a little bit to add 

I’ll put it under another cut so you aren’t forced to read something you don’t want to read

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6x03: The Other Shoe
Just imagine you’re back in your old life as a bailbondsperson-woman.

100 times captain swan made me cry: #19

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finrod + humans

awwww anon! First Contact in general is one of my favorite subjects especially in sci-fi, to the point where that scene where the Vulcans land in Star Trek First Contact is the only movie scene ever that can be relied upon to make me cry every time I watch it. But, otoh:

long long after Finrod’s meeting with the Beorians, after some moved off out of Beleriand without taking place in the First Age clusterfuck, or after some of the populations who didn’t go to Numenor lost track of their history, and the record of this meeting passed into legend and myth, they have this strangely persistent folk tale archetype, or story motif, or ancient cultural meme, that still crops up.

It sort of exists alongside between those wildly different yet oddly similar tales of the fae and other spirits – the ones who come by night to snatch away babies and leave changelings in their place; the ones who sneak into peoples’ houses and secretly clean or leave presents behind for them without being seen; the ones who lure people to their dooms with their hypnotic songs or glimmering lights or hallucinations; or the ones who promise, for various reasons, to grant people great magical wishes if called upon; or the ones who lurk in the shadows just to deal some unknown hurt. It has the same weird faintly-narcissistic bent to it, the idea that not only are there strange and powerful beings out there, but that they are for some reason fascinated with humans and will go through a huge amount of effort just to come into contact with them. Or ensnare them.

This tale-image-thing has the same idea of some powerful, beautiful, otherworldly creature with glowing eyes and silent feet and a sweet irresistible voice who sneaks among sleeping humans and spins dreams and illusions; but the core of this story is that this creature, at the sight of humans, loses its heart to them and so it becomes the one ensnared, and its powers and arts are bent to the humans’ service until it dies. It’s a pretty silly and ego-stroking wish-fulfillment or power-fantasy trope, everyone knows the stories about the creatures who have sex with humans while they sleep and drain their lives are much more realistic and gritty. But somehow it just keeps popping up, again and again and again.

(After enough time has passed, Galadriel thinks it is the funniest thing she’s ever heard.)

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Omg I loved that most recent update! Lil Pup finally saying something and with so much emotion behind it as well, ive viewed it so many times =D. Real quick though, could Sans believe his ears when he heard Frisk call out like that? Since they hadnt really said much of anything before this.

Thanks! I had this scene planned for a long time and glad that people felt the FEELS from it? XD

And to answer your question…although he wasn’t in sight, he was watching Little Pup from a safe distance away (to make sure they went to the Temmies as he told them to). So, he probably saw the whole thing; the panic, the fear, the fall…But the cry for his name from an otherwise silent kid is what really sealed the deal. ;D


honestly, as much as it hurts me to see clarke try so hard to keep finn alive, and that she ultimately ends up killing him herself to spare him from the pain, this is the scene that actually makes me cry and rips my soul apart.

i know, still 95% of the world hates finn, but you gotta put yourself into the shoes of characters once in a while (in this case raven) and look at things from their view. the amount of history between these two is not just heartbreaking, but undeniable. the entirety of the scene hammers down to feelings such as grief, forgiveness and even love in a very gut-wrenching way. you especially see it when you look at things, as I’ve said, from raven’s perspective, as she is the one who reminds us what and who finn is to her - “family” - and that he will always be. so, to think that at night she is gonna lose the one person she sees as her family… yeah, it makes this moment all the more agonizing to watch.

Hi there, and thanks so much for following me since the early days! *hugs*

For Judeau’s last words, unfortunately I can’t read the original Japanese, but based on the different translations I’ve seen, I prefer to go with the Dark Horse version: “You sure do cry a lot…you know.” I never liked the scanlated version of this scene where he’s “glad to see [her] cry” because even if it’s supposed to mean he’s happy to see proof that she cares about him, it still sounds…just off and creepy to me, especially next to how uncharacteristically bitter his internal monologue is in that version.

So for me, it has to be: “You sure do cry a lot…you know.”

Which I agree isn’t emotionally satisfying at all, but like you already said, I think that’s exactly the point Miura was trying to get across. It isn’t fair, it’s not the way it should be. This isn’t how heroes are supposed to die. Judeau obviously wanted to tell Casca he loved her and knew he’d never have another chance, and it’d make such an idealized and romantic death scene for him too if he could die with those as his last words. But even though this kind of scene plays out in anime/manga (not to mention films) a lot, where people somehow find the perfect words right before they die no matter how much pain they’re in, and we pretty much expect it to happen this way…what are the chances of that happening in real life? Does it really work that way? I think Miura is a lot more interested in exploring the opposite possibilities and in making Berserk as real and human as possible despite all the fantastical and nightmarish aspects, so instead of telling Casca he loves her like he wants to, Judeau blurts out this random jokey observation because he’s losing coherence. And he dies almost before he can even process what he just said to her. And it’s poignant as hell.

And I think this scene actually hits me a lot harder as it is than if he’d died telling Casca how much he loved her because this was just so honest and believable. And even though Judeau was already drifting away by this point, we see that his last words and thoughts are still for her and that he did notice her crying for him. And we see even when he’s dying he can’t be selfish and cause her more distress. It’s so true to his character. So there’s a lot to appreciate there, even if it’s not the last words we wanted him to speak.

The anime’s English dub gets the best of both worlds though, because iirc it changes his line to, “You cry a lot when you’re alone, don’t you?” Which is still a very random observation, so you get the sense of him saying the first thing that pops into his head (and why he’s so disappointed with himself afterwards), but at the same time it says so much about how much he cares for Casca and how much he understood her and wanted to be there for her. So it’s a nice (by which I mean heartbreaking) alternative to the official manga version.

“All my credit cards still say, ‘Mrs. Richard Gilmore’. But the Sandcastle? The Sandcastle says, 'Owner: Emily Gilmore’.”

I cannot describe how much I cried at this, at the entire scene but especially this line. This is everything to me. Emily spent her life being Richard’s wife and when he dies, she is adrift. But here? She is learning how to be just Emily Gilmore - everything big that was bought before was through Richard. But the Sandcastle - a place she still shared with Richard - it’s hers.

I cry every time thinking about it, about this moment and how Kelly Bishop makes Emily shine here. She is happy, and she is content, and she is proud. She is Emily Gilmore, and I will miss her most of all.

I think we can all agree that this was one of the most emotional scenes that any us of have ever seen. I mean I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it, yet somehow it breaks my heart more and more everytime I watch it. And I’ve just finally figured out one of the many reasons explaining why I do that. 

Look at his face. We can all see those tears. However I think when the majority of us watched this, we saw them, let it increase our pain, and accepted them as a part of the overall emotion of this scene. But have any of us really asked the question:

Why is he crying?

Sherlock knows he won’t die. Obviously. It’s obvious that his plan to fake his death was pre-meditated. We know this. And even though we cried and cried, we knew Sherlock would come back just as he himself knew. So why is he crying? One could say that he’s just trying to convince John that he really is about to kill himself. But come on, there is no way in hell John can see the tears from there. And a guy like Sherlock can undoubtedly make it sound like he’s crying without shedding actual tears. So why is he crying?

I think one has to look at what he’s saying and to whom he is saying it.. I invented Moriarty. I’m a fake. It’s just a trick, just a magic trick. He says these words to John. To protect him, Sherlock tries to make John believe that he is nothing but a fraud. And although he wants John to believe this lie to keep him safe, I think Sherlock is terribly terribly afraid that John really will believe it. This is why Sherlock is crying. Because he is absolutely terrified of the possibility that the person whom he cares about most in the world will believe he is a liar. Sherlock doesn’t want John to be let down, and he doesn’t want to be the one to let him down, but he forces himself to look like a horrible liar to keep John safe, and it wounds him deeply to do so.

This makes the scene so much more emotional for me, while simultaneously increasing my respect for Sherlock. This exact moment is proof that Sherlock will always always put his friends, especially John, before himself and his pride.

Htgawm 3x10 SPOILERS

-Michaela knew about Wes and Laurel, and that surprised me, but the scene was so cute 😭😭😭
-Bonnie and Frank are the worst people ever tbh, I want them to choke.
-Connor was so fucking rude wtf, he literally told Laurel to get an abortion when she told them the baby was Wes’s
-I’m so happy about Asher punching Connor, his ugly ass deserved it, like can Connor please die???
-Michaela cares so much about Laurel, I love their friendship 😭❤
-Laurel telling Frank he should’ve died instead, and telling him she loved Wes’s so much more than she ever loved his apologetic ass 🙌
-overall, it was a really fucking sad episode, but you should all watch it

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the sinlcair/abby hug just reminded me how most of the hugs on the show are extremely underappreciated. what are some hugs that you love, besides the sinclai/abby one?

yeah thats true. a lot of hugs are indeed underappreciated which is sad because we get so many great hugging scenes in my opinion.

some hugs that i personally love and think people should talk more about are:

abby and raven’s hug scene in 1x04:

nothing is left unsaid between these two in this moment. they go through great lengths together and even in this scene, where everything seems to fall apart, its ‘hope’ that ties them. as heavy as their relationship gets later in the show, this one moment is very special in my opinion. speaking of hugging scenes, i just realized that raven never got one with sinclair. @ the 100 writers, EXPLAIN!!

clarke and wells’s hug scene in 1x03:

this scene is probably one of the most overwhelming moments in the show. three episodes in and i already cried (for two reasons, may i add. you know what i am talking about). anyway. the fact that clarke and wells talk about her father next to a grave makes everything about this scene dark, but at the same time it’s wells who brings light into everything - ‘how can you forgive me?’ ‘this is already done’ - wells understands forgiveness on such an astonishing level and gives it easily, especially to people he absolutely 100% cares about. and when he pulls clarke into a hug, it’s a physical demonstration of how dear she is to him. he is truly the bestest friend.

ps: i wish he had his own storyline…

abby and jackson’s hug scene in 1x12:

abby witnesses love and honesty through jackson in a time that wears her completely down and i absolutely adore how much she appreciates him ‘Thank you, Jackson’. the specific thing that makes me cry about this is that jackson is comforting abby in a way that really shows his humanity and just how smart he is. it’s when he says that the strong will that clarke inherited from abby is what will keep her alive on earth - ‘she doesn’t hate you abby. she’s just strong-willed like her mom’. like, kill me. he is so good. they represent this very easy co-existence that i wish the show would actually focus more on, because these two have some very intense scenes together and their relationship is generally one that deserves more interactions.

which brings me to abby and jackson’s reunion hug scene in 2x01:

the way he says ‘abby’ and then just runs to her and abby just stretches out her arms to hold him. i just really like them together, okay.

jasper and monty’s hug scene in 2x11:

extremely short moment but still worth everything. the symbolic parallels between 1x10 where monty comes to help jasper with the bomb on the bridge and in 2x11 where jasper comes to rescue monty are heavy with this one.

clarke, monty and jasper’s hug scene in 2x16:

there is so much going on. jasper being happy to see clarke because clarke is his hope (we know how that ends) and holding onto her, the way monty just goes up to them and hugs them too, because he loves and misses his friends, representing the most comfortable lil blanket at the same time, and the way clarke holds onto them and then looks at maya and mouths ‘thank you’ to her. a thank you for keeping her friends alive and safe.

clarke and abby’s hug scene in 2x16:

there are actually quite a lot of posts about this scene, but i really need to mention this one as well, because it’s that heart-wrenching. i just realized that abby seems to have the best hugging scenes in the show. how interesting.

nate and david’s hug scene in 2x16:

 this one is so very special. david and nate represent the very first parent-child reunion aside from clarke and abby. most of the characters on the show have either lost their parents, or have parents we don’t know about (yet), but nate and david (TWO SUPPORTING CHARACTERS) still have one another and they get this moment of true happiness that they can share with each other. a son with his father. not only do i appreciate how they’ve been slowly building this up throughout the season, especially in the way how david tries so hard to get to his son, but i also love that this is actually specifically shown to us.

i can’t wait to get lots of scenes with them in season 4.

hannah and monty’s hug scene in 3x02:

this moment is so damn important for monty. this is another one of the very rare parental-child reunions that hit deeply, especially when you look back because it ends tragically *sigh*. seeing this reminds me of all the awful things monty is going to experience later in the show and it just breaks my heart because he tries so hard all the time. from trying to be there for jasper, or the moment he has to say goodbye to his mother, to the scene where he actually kills her, but still puts so much strength onto his own shoulders so that he can help his friends safe raven. there is so much to say about him, his actions and his emotional condition. i don’t know whether to cry and scream or just smile bitterly that he at least gets to have this moment where he can be close to someone he loves (his mother!) before everything falls into ruins, once again.

bellamy and raven’s hug scene in 3x15:

ah, yeah. all the lost interactions that i thought we would get between these two in season 3. i wonder when bellamy and raven actually get to have the scenes together they should have. having two characters that are so similar to each other and have this fundamental understanding almost never be in scenes together… there is so much room for mind-blowing interactions. i just have a lot of questions. anyway, i love this rare moment so much. bellamy’s line ‘you got this’ (which i might add is something that raven uses herself when she works on something!) is such a vital part of their entire physical interaction. they have this very deep mutual understanding that i absolutely love and it really comes through here. the way bellamy’s words not only give her the emotional support she needs, but also highlight the fact the he knows raven, that he believes in her and her strength is just outstanding, i mean, the way she closes her eyes and lets his words seep in. its so good. and the way raven looks at him when he pulls back, not only underlining the fact that she knows how much he believes in her and her abilities but also that she believes in him just as much. yall, this isn’t even a reach, but so very there. i love my kids

Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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Voltron S2 Thoughts and Opinions

Ok so, I enjoyed S2 on a surface level. The animation and soundtrack was stellar, the voice acting was phenomenal, the plot was amped up, and there was good to the season. 

That being said, there was also a lot of bad. This season lacked in a lot. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed or upset, because I really am. But then again, it was partially my fault for hyping this season up to be more than it ultimately was.

So below the cut will be some points I’d like to bring up. This will obviously be teeming with spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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