it makes me cry; especially this scene

“All my credit cards still say, ‘Mrs. Richard Gilmore’. But the Sandcastle? The Sandcastle says, 'Owner: Emily Gilmore’.”

I cannot describe how much I cried at this, at the entire scene but especially this line. This is everything to me. Emily spent her life being Richard’s wife and when he dies, she is adrift. But here? She is learning how to be just Emily Gilmore - everything big that was bought before was through Richard. But the Sandcastle - a place she still shared with Richard - it’s hers.

I cry every time thinking about it, about this moment and how Kelly Bishop makes Emily shine here. She is happy, and she is content, and she is proud. She is Emily Gilmore, and I will miss her most of all.


Captain Fantastic (2016) - Matt Ross

5 bullets on this film:

  • I honestly hope 2017 blesses us with more movies like this one. The plot is original, it’s well written, there aren’t any boring scenes, and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. If there are more films like this one out there, please let me know.
  • The cinematography is perfect. I mean it. The setting and the colors are very relaxing and ‘pure’, and the way the film shows the constrast between nature and society is amazing. The soundtrack is also very nice, especially when the characters make their own music. 

  • Viggo Mortensen is great, I even cried because of his performance, you can really notice that he’s feeling his character. And the kids??? DO YOU WANT TO WALK ABOUT THE KIDS?? Some of them are like 5 years old and are already amazingly talented.   

  • The dialogues are really well written and there are some great references and memorable quotes, so if you’re looking for phrases to write on your bedroom wall, this movie will give you some ideas.  

  • This movie manages to send a strong message about capitalism and society’s values without being too extremist, so by the end of the film the viewer gets to have its own opinion on the subject. I think the whole point of the plot is that you can do whatever you want, but never impose your views on other people, let them decide what they want to believe in.  

honestly, as much as it hurts me to see clarke try so hard to keep finn alive, and that she ultimately ends up killing him herself to spare him from the pain, this is the scene that actually makes me cry and rips my soul apart.

i know, still 95% of the world hates finn, but you gotta put yourself into the shoes of characters once in a while (in this case raven) and look at things from their view. the amount of history between these two is not just heartbreaking, but undeniable. the entirety of the scene hammers down to feelings such as grief, forgiveness and even love in a very gut-wrenching way. you especially see it when you look at things, as I’ve said, from raven’s perspective, as she is the one who reminds us what and who finn is to her - “family” - and that he will always be. so, to think that at night she is gonna lose the one person she sees as her family… yeah, it makes this moment all the more agonizing to watch.

Htgawm 3x10 SPOILERS

-Michaela knew about Wes and Laurel, and that surprised me, but the scene was so cute 😭😭😭
-Bonnie and Frank are the worst people ever tbh, I want them to choke.
-Connor was so fucking rude wtf, he literally told Laurel to get an abortion when she told them the baby was Wes’s
-I’m so happy about Asher punching Connor, his ugly ass deserved it, like can Connor please die???
-Michaela cares so much about Laurel, I love their friendship 😭❤
-Laurel telling Frank he should’ve died instead, and telling him she loved Wes’s so much more than she ever loved his apologetic ass 🙌
-overall, it was a really fucking sad episode, but you should all watch it


Guys, seriously, check this guy out. If you saw the post I reblogged yesterday, you know this dude is gonna binge watch all BAP MVs after having discovered them through Skydive.

He saw Warrior and Power before this one, and he’s saying some amazing things during No Mercy. Him saying he’s familiar with BTS from earlier makes me especially happy to see how impressed he is by these guys, screaming things like “these guys are legit!” and “this is so dope!” He looks about to cry during Jongup’s break dance scene tbh.

Just go watch & like his videos. They’re really funny. He’s trying really hard to learn the members’ names so go help him out. Welcome him to the fandom.

Oh god, I just thought of a new (maybe) parallel and I’m regretting it immediately.

I was re-watching a Caryl scene in S2 when Daryl went off on Carol after they found Sophia in the barn. It’s always so painful to watch that scene nowadays b/c I’m so used to Daryl being so sweet to her, that it makes me want to cry with all the things he said to her. Yes of course they were both hurting, both had been abused in their life, and he was just trying to push her away, but it doesn’t excuse the things he said to her. I really do hope the things he said went in one ear and out the other, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Carol remembered at least a little bit of what he said.

Especially one line in particular: “If ya spent half your time minding your daughter’s business instead of sticking your nose into everybody else’s business she might still be alive.”

What if that stayed with her all this time, the guilt of if she watched her daughter just a little closer she might still be alive today?

Fast forwarding to the present, and she’s now having to deal with what happened with Lizzie and Mika. What if she thought the same way. ‘If she had watched Lizzie more closely, she and her sister might still be alive today’. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Carol connects the two together, and that all the girls died b/c “she didn’t watch them close enough.” 

Now I understand why Carol is so against telling anyone about what happened to Lizzie and Mika, for the last time she spilled a big secret she got banished. But what if it’s more personal than that for not telling Daryl…

What if she’s too ashamed to tell him b/c he was the one that told her that she should’ve watched her more… 

Of course he would understand her now, but it would absolutely break my heart if she decides to tell him about the girls and she tells him that he was right, that she should’ve watched her better… and you wouldn’t know if she was talking about Sophia or Lizzie and Mika. 

And of course Daryl would look like he got socked in the gut, and he’d hug her tightly and plead with her to forget what he said. He didn’t mean any of it.

I’m just gonna crawl in a hole now…

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Things To Do When I Get FFXV

1. Stare at the box itself and cry for 10 minutes

2. Stare at the title screen and cry for another 10 minutes

3. Enter the opening scene and cry some more (especially at the cut-scene when Noctis leaves for Insomnia and Regis is saying his goodbyes)

4. Zoom in and out of the characters for a good 20 minutes (screenshot all the good angles)

5. Make Noctis warp into random locations

6. Make Noctis fall down from great heights

7. Make Noctis fall down from cliffs and boulders

8. Make the chocobros stay at all the dingy hotels (no luxury life for the Pauper Prince)

9. Crash the Regalia at random intervals

10. Never NEVER enter the second half of the game. 

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Emotional Gavin breakdown where he just spills everything and he's crying and scared. "I can't- I can't tell you, he'll know, he- he'll hurt you."

oh god the breakdown is outright heartbreaking. It’s clear he’s struggling to tell them, especially after they track him down, especially when they get him alone again. He’s surprised when they find him. Despite him leaving those trails and paths to him, he never really expected them to follow it. Certainly didn’t think they’d care enough to find him. Certainly didn’t expect them to still care again to try and get him out.

But even still he’s struggling, clearly terrified out of his mind. It’s a very pure form of fear, unadulterated and genuine and if that isn’t a fucking slap to the face for them all. To see their Golden Boy, normally so confident and strong, crying and shaking in fear. Not fear of them or fear of his own life, no. Fear for them. For them getting hurt. For them getting killed. Any doubts they had over him not caring for them are completely gone after seeing him in this state.

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The scene where the servants faded make me cry like a baby.

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one!  I’ve seen it in theatres twice now and I cried both times, even knowing the second time that everything was going to be fine in the end…especially Cadenza and Lumiere’s last moments.  They hit me the hardest.

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For the SLBP asks: 24, 26, 32

I have only one question @sinfulinsecret: How the hell did you send this ask like .2 seconds after I had reblogged the ask meme? I swear I pressed the reblog button and this was in my ask box the same second. HOW?

24: Is there any character that you want a route for? Keiji. I wanna know what his kisses taste like.

26: Do you ever fall for another character when you’re playing a route? I’m falling for Keiji atm on Inuchiyo’s route. Sorry, Inychiyo.

32: Did any scene make you cry? Yes, several scenes have made me cry. Spoilers for Shingen’s route: That scene in the end between Shingen and Yukkins hit me straight in the feels. Especially the part where Shingen told Yukkins to take care of MC and their child I was like I didn’t deserve to be hit straight in the worst fears I had during my second pregnancy. Not cool. Still not over it. I’m crying again now.

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Hi Ana i'm sorry that you have been getting so many negative anons i loved Wednesday's episode and i can not wait for next weeks episode that scene where Bellamy and Clarke smile at each other was my favorite part i wish i had someone to smile at me the way Bellamy smiled at Clarke he's so in love with her and vice versa it makes me want to cry can't wait for more scenes with Bellamy and Marcus and Abby and Bellamy i hope Bellamy gets hugged by Marcus because lord knows he really needs one.

I loved it too, my favorite episode so far actually, which is saying a lot considering how much I loved 403 too. My fav part was definitely their end scene though. It was beautiful. The way Bellamy completely opened up to her about something that clearly pains him, and then how Clarke reassured him as she always does and how she called him special. I especially love how Clarke averted her eyes after when she said it. Like she was afraid to give off too much emotion in the moment. And then the almost-confession after stating before they were running out of time… and how Clarke couldn’t bare to let him finish because she can’t let him say goodbye. ksjhfjs so well done. They’re so in love with eachother. 

And yes I’ve been hoping for a bellamy and kane hug 


I was at the closing performance of She Loves Me today and Zachary cried after Goodbye Georg, Ilona got an uproar of applause, “If you’re not very fond of Ms. Balash, you certainly aren’t going to like this girl”, Arpad got so much love, Gavin’s Grand Knowing You was the best yet, Zachary could barely make it through the finale scene without crying, and Sheldon Harnick’s “I’m speechless but I’m going to talk anyway” and “no offense to the other casts, but this is the best cast ever.” I completely fell I love with this show. I’m especially proud of the handsome man pictured. Good bye, Dear Friend

Diamond no ace Episode 100

 can we please acknowledge and appreciate how beautiful the episode was animated especially the change up scene. it was a very worthy 100 episode and to think that it took 100 episodes to finally make almost everyone acknowledge sawamura as a reliable pitcher for seido, just makes me wanna cry to see that precious dork owning that mound like he’s the best pitcher on the field and in the dugout.

PS: way to shut up ochiai, harucci with a homer and sawamura with his pitching

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First the art is fantastic and as I appreciate really good art, you did a great job. Second, Why would you go and have Ash do that to Clemont? Ash isn't like that and it's a very disturbing image. it makes me want to cry, like really, how could you? what was your inspiration behind it? :(

Just this once I’ll answer some of the questions here. 

The inspiration didn’t came from any episode of FMA, but from xy episode37. Especially from this scene: 

I don’t know why but my head instantly clicks to FMA’s Transmutation Circle. One thing led to another, I decided to draw the infamous abomination of a scene.

One year later and I still get so emotional whenever I see them dash towards each other and hold each other so tightly in this scene…

… especially when I remember they’d been apart for less than a day here, maybe only a few hours since the shared Henry trickery hallucination. 

Like legit tearing up about it. 


“Well then why can’t you stay then Daddy?” Ashton and mine’s four year old daughter asked with her face scrunched up, just like what her dad does.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that baby girl.” Ashton looked at her with sorrowed eyes.

“Give me a proper reason!”

“It’s my job sweetheart. To make our fans happy, to play the drums, to make money, to buy you toys.”

“I don’t care about toys, daddy. I want you to cuddle with me until I fall asleep. For forever!” She pouted.

“Come on baby, we talked about this already. Don’t make a scene.” Ashton said in his stern voice that our daughter particularly hated.

Her bottom lip trembled before finally crying and flailing her arms and up signaling me to pick her up and try to calm her down.

I knew Ashton was already breaking down on the inside every time he saw her little princess cry, especially if he was the reason of it.

“God, princess. Come on, come here.” Ashton cooed, trying to keep his tears away from his eyes while he carried our daughter with her hesitating a bit.

“You don’t hate me, princess. Right?”

“I don’t. It’s just that you’re leaving again and again, daddy.” She huffed.

He finally took a breath before speaking, “You think you and your mom can fit on the trunk? It’s airconditioned.”

Pick a number and a boy!

Olicity speculations

Since the moment I saw this:

and this:

I couldn’t help but wonder why these scenes broke my heart.

They shouldn’t break my heart, because I’m an Olicity shipper since the first moment they met, and my chest muscle belong to them…. still…

I felt sad for them, and then I read “The fallen” synopsis:

“Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable) finally makes Oliver an offer he can’t refuse. The team joins Oliver on his journey to Nanda Parbat where a heartbroken Felicity decides to take matters into her own hands.”

In that moment this:


and especially this:

External image

unveiled the mystery.

My endgame ship, is saying goodbye.

I had this feeling immediately, and I shared my worriness with @songbin, who agreed with me.

I’ll enjoy to their making love scene, because that’s not fucking, but I already know I’ll cry my eyes out to them separating ways.

Gosh I don’t know if I’m ready for this.