it makes him more manly and so anime like

anonymous asked:

Hii, can I get a match up?? I'm a latina girl. I'm like 4'9 (really short) and kind of chubby?? I like anime and music, singing and reading. I'm pretty passionate about the things I like, i guess. I'm not very too good at being social tbh but once i feel comfortable with someone i get attached easily and I like joking around and laughing. Also i guess I always, always try to be nice to others and make them feel good

I hope you like it!

I match you with Yoosung!

Yoosung lowkey loves the fact that you’re shorter than him, he feels less like a kid and more manly. He would probably hide things on higher shelf so he could get them for you, but then not be able to reach them himself.

 You would 100% be able to get him into anime. He probably likes the game related ones like Sword Art Online or No Game No Life, pointing out the similarities to LOLOL. He loves listening to you talk about the things you’re passionate about, he adores the way your face just lights up. Yoosung would definitely introduce you to both his online friends and his friends from Uni to help you socialize and make new friends. Yoosung also loves to joke around, so having someone who likes his sense of humor and laughs with him makes him feel less insecure. You both are sweeties, and are probably too pure for this world.

 You two cinnamon rolls have very similar personalities, which make you a great match!