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mtl to date someone extroverted vs introverted (and ambivert bc that's the inbetween) tysm! i'm really excited for all your works! don't stress yourself too much❤


  • Jin (sagittarius), Hoseok (aquarius), and Jimin (libra) all have friendly and social signs. They love meeting fun exciting new people. They’d want someone as outgoing as them who they can go on adventures with
  • Taehyung’s aries moon craves excitement and his aquarius venus makes him attracted to unique and quirky people. He’d want to be with someone as hyper as him
  • Yoongi’s aries venus makes him attracted to energizing people. He’d like an ambivert who can be hype sometimes but also chill when it’s time to relax
  • Namjoon and Jungkook are both virgos, one of the most reserved signs of the zodiac. They’d rather stay home with a good book than go out partying. They’d prefer someone who can be a homebody with them

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hey remember after iron man 2 came out and everyone was like “lol tony and I are one, tony’s so relatable” and then when the first avengers came out and everyone was like “aww tony didn’t mention himself in the super power lineup poor baby :( I relate tho” and then Tony’s ptsd and depression stopped being so cute and relatable and starting being debilitating and his anxiety wasn’t a quirk it was an untreated mental illness that gave him hyper-paranoia and made him make questionable decisions and then he stopped being everyone’s quirky fave and became tumblr’s scapegoat and the embodiment of all that is evil because “remember how tony sold weapons, remember when tony was mean to Steve on the helicarrier” even though you guys completely ignored that like three years ago lol remember that those were good times

yknow you can draw trans people who look like human beings right??

like you know that we’re people, not just wild exaggerations of individual physical qualities that are known to cause the most dysphoria???

like, for example, you can draw a trans guy without warping the parameters of physical possibility to make him the most hyper feminine person ever even though you never focus on breast and hip size even close to that much when you draw women????

and you can draw a trans girl without making extra special care to add in every single little detail of her not passing even though you have never in your art career drawn a guy with a beard or broad shoulders or a noticeable bulge or whatever?????

like we’re just humans…… we look like other humans….. like you can just draw a human… why are you making things that look like you modded oblivion too much just because the word trans is involved

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hi! love your account! could you do a scenario of what shinee would be like as preschoolers?

hello there! i’ll try my best anon! 


  • really likes legos
  • does NOT like sharing them 
  • lives for nap time 
  • chicken nugs for lunch all day eryday 
  • pororo band-aids all over him 
  • falls down a lot but never cries 
  • will pass out anywhere 
  • tried to eat a crayon bc he was hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch time 


  • really likes knocking over legos (”I AM GODZILLA”) 
  • therefore is at war with jinki 
  • crazy gelled up hair 
  • is not allowed to have apple juice anymore bc it makes him wayyyyyyy too hyper 
  • “jonghyun stop taking off your clothes”  
  • always has one of those plastic recorders in his hand (toot toot) 


  • adorable!!!!!!! in OVERALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stickers all over his folders and clothes
  • draws on his desk (and taemin) with a tube of lipstick which magically disappears when the teacher looks for it (”you can’t prove it was me”) 
  • learned a curse word
  • will not stop saying it
  • time out time forever 


  • ALWAYS running and the teacher is always chasing him
  • runs like naruto
  • the kid who actually prefers apples/carrots over oreos for snack time 
  • refused to come! back! inside! after recess 
  • buys extra pretzels to share 
  • named his hands and feet 


  • the bowlcut
  • carries around a backpack that is twice his size 
  • literally nothing in said backpack 
  • looks like an angel but is a menace to society 
  • flipped all the chairs in the classroom upside down, refuses to make eye contact when asked why he did that 
  • set the class hamster free 
  • hugs all the girls 
  • a fly landed on him and he was inconsolable for an hour 
Tied Up - Park Jimin

Summary: You and Jimin aren’t exactly strangers to using rope in the bedroom, but you decide to switch it up a little bit. Just for fun.

Genre: Smut (sub/dom, fem!dom, ropebunny!Jimin, a tiny bit of babyboy!Jimin)

Length: 1.8k+

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NCT MTL to date a listener vs. talker


Anon: Heyyy i love your blogggg i loveeeee ittttt the last few days I am ALL the time on yourr blog😂😂 idk if I should be proud or worried about it. Anyway, can a request a MLT about nct dating a girl listener than talker? Thank you darlinggg much love from Greeceeeee

I’m so sorry that this has taken so long to post! Hopefully you’ll still like it… :-)

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Taeyong needs someone who will listen to him rant and express himself. They’d need to be very understanding and sympathetic towards him, although being able to give advice wouldn’t be something he necessarily needed in someone. As long as you were happy to listen to him for hours on end, that was enough.

I feel like WinWin has a lot of things on his mind and a lot of things he’d like to say if he could. Therefore someone with the ability to listen to him well and be interested in his words, would really appeal to him. It’s feel as if, even if no one else would, he’d still have one person he could rely on.

Yuta seems like the type to talk a lot, especially over things he’s passionate about. I bet he speaks beautifully and has some really unique and nice views on things in life - it’d just be nice to listen to him talk in general. So a listener, who could ask him clever questions in return, would suit him.

Chenle needs someone to keep him grounded and sane I think. He’s still super young though, but a quiet listener would even him out and make sure he didn’t get too hyper or loud sometimes. He’d also find it cute to have someone who’d always listen to him attentively.

Taeil would be the type to like having quite and comfortable moments with his S/O. A life as an idol must be very hectic and excitable, so he’d appreciate having long moments of silence with you. I think he would like someone whose typically quiet, but whenever they do speak, it’s very articulate and intelligent.

Renjun is another member who’d wouldn’t mind sitting with you in silence and doing your own thing. This’d only be when it was the two of you and would always like engaging you in conversations with the other members. So that’d really appeal to him, someone who could easily hold a question but also has the capability to sit quietly too.

Hansol, as much as he is my bias and I should technically be able to definitely tell this, is an odd one. I feel as if he could go either way - someone who can listen for hours or someone who can talk for hours. But the first initially attraction for him would lie in listeners. He’d find them quite mysterious and intriguing.

Kun is like Hansol; we haven’t seen him enough to definitely say this. Like Hansol, he’d find listeners very interesting and mysterious people. He’d be the type to want to be the person to get you to open up, and when he eventually does, never stops talking. Expect a very quiet Kun around other people, but a very different Kun in private.

Jeno wouldn’t be the kind to have a “type”, if you know what I mean. He’d have the mentality that if he likes someone, he just does, whatever combination of traits they have. So he’d be attracted to both listeners and talkers depending on their other traits and how well he just liked them.

Jaemin, again, would suit many type of personalities and people, but would slightly be attracted to talkers more. It wouldn’t always be the case but it’d definitely be something he finds attractive. Either way, though, he’d match well with listeners and talkers so wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Jisung, since he’s quite young and still quite shy, needs a talker who’ll give him advice and support him verbally. He’d find that very admirable and you wouldn’t need to be the type who speaks all the time to have this kind of effect on him. As long as you could motivate and support him verbally as well as emotionally, he’d like it.

Mark would also find someone who can speak very well and intelligently, attractive. Not only with him in private, but someone who can also hold a conversation of that kind confidently with someone else. He’d love hearing you speak and would always have things to ask you.

Jaehyun seems like the type who’d want his S/O to tell him everything and anything, no matter how insignificant or minor they might seem to you. Of course he wouldn’t force it out of you, but it’d just be one of his ways of feeling closer to you and getting to know your little ways better. It’d also mean that your relationship was more comfortable be relaxed and you wouldn’t have to worry about what he thinks.

Johnny, I actually think, would suit a listener very well too. But the reason why he’s so low down and on the talker side, is because his vibrant and cheerful self might intimidate the quieter listeners. It’d be easier for him to approach talkers without the fear of rejection  or them closing up on him. But, after the initial intimidation, listeners would relax around him - it’s just it’d be easy for him too speak to another talker initially.

Ten, for some reason, I feel would like having very heartfelt and philosophical conversations with his S/O. It wouldn’t be a side of him that he’d usually show people, but it’s always come out around you naturally. He’d like it if the conversation was balanced and both of you contributed to the conversation, not one dominating it over the other.

Doyoung would prefer talkers just because he likes being around people. He’d find silences awkward sometimes, even if they weren’t intended, so someone who can always start a conversation and keep it going would really appeal to him. He’s not the type to like skin ship or PDA, so talking would be one of the few ways left that he could express his affection towards you.

Haechan is a very loud and cheerful boy and would suit someone who was equally as talkative as him. Although, he is quite young still and he is also like in love with Mark who can be quiet sometimes, so he could date a listener too. But someone who can bounce off his personality and not feel overpowered by him, would really make him happy.

BTS Reaction to: Someone Doubting His Child is His Because His S/O is a Foreigner, Thus The Child Looks Different Than Him

exo version; here

Jin: “oh, I’m sorry? did you think anyone cared about your wrong opinion? well, we don’t. so bye basic bitch please, keep your opinions to yourself.” don’t mess with #mommaseokjin

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Suga: R.I.P to that person bc Agust D gonna rip them apart. he’ll ask his child to cover their ears, before dropping some f bombs among some serious statements. “what does my child’s appearance matter? maybe they’re adopted? maybe my partner’s from a different country? maybe my child is just extra tan/pale? who are you to judge something you know nothing about. now leave.”

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J-Hope: “of course this is my son. why would you think otherwise?” he gets that his son might not be a carbon copy of him, but so what? why does that automatically mean that the son he helped raise and loves more than anything in the world, is not his? this makes him rather upset and now he’s hyper aware of when people stare at him out with his kid

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Rap Monster: tries to explain calmly that mixed race kids are obviously a mixture of both parents, so it’s no wonder his child doesn’t look exactly like him. but if the person’s rude then he’ll be 10x more rude and put them in their place

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Jimin: thinks it’s funny. “not my child? have you seen her dance? have you seen her eat? there’s no doubt about it. this is my daughter”

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V: just sighs deeply, as if he’s disappointed

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Jungkook: this kind of offends him. “why? what’s wrong with how my child looks?”

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Fic, *confused yelling noises*

An anon requested a fic based off of that one short where Thomas drinks coffee and his heart is in overdrive but his brain is still tired. I can’t relate because I have ADHD and drinking coffee does nothing to me, but hey I wrote a fic about people losing glasses and I have perfect vision, so why would that stop me? Sorry the fic is so late. And short.

Tag list: @yep-another-fander @prinxiety-logicality-ss @ts-sideblog @cherrybonesrh13 @sanderssideblog @shit-happens-bitchachos @toxicsanders @tssanderssidestrash @livenarrator @analogical-trash @remmythepegasis @anxietyandlogic @burntblackfeathers @softlogic @mira-jadeamethyst @momfriendlogan @invisibleninjah @rwriterintraining @darude-sanderstorm @ace-anxiety-sanders   @andy-the-anon @tsship  @scarletsapphire  @theawesomestofsauces

Warnings: None I can think of.

Abstract: It was a long night, and it’s supposed to be a busy morning. Maybe coffee will help.

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I'm late but if you're still up for it how about hance and one of them rendered temporarily blind

Ahhhhh Sedna this is such a neat idea. You are not too late to the party, welcome, I am trying to get back into writing properly. 

“Listen, I’m walking blind here so describing the scenery would be stellar,” Lance said, gripping tight to Hunk’s hand. Each step was treacherous, a swooping uncertainty that bubbled in Lance’s stomach and left him jittery. But Hunk’s hand was warm, his touch sure. Lance trusted him unconditionally. Just – well, he wasn’t used to the whole blindness thing yet.

Hunk drew them to a halt, one hand on Lance’s waist while the other still wrapped around his hand. “We’re just at the edge of the balcony now. Wanna try the other senses thing?”

Lance shrugged. “I don’t have anything better to do, so sure.”

The blindness was temporary, thankfully, but was part of the whole trade-off for the alliance. The Ptisi required the five senses in order to perform a cleansing ritual for their planet. The loss of a sense had to be offered willingly and, once completed, the alliance could be formed. Thankfully it wasn’t just Lance left without a vital sense: Hunk had lost his sense of taste; Shiro had given away touch. Pidge had given up hearing and Keith had offered up smell. Lance had been left with sight and, as he’d pointed out multiple times, a sharpshooter losing his sight was not just horrifying but wrong, thank you very much. Hunk’s assurance had helped.

The neat perks that came with temporarily losing a single sense helped cement the rest.

Tightening his hold on Hunk, Lance breathed out and focused on his other senses. The expansion of his other senses took a bit to get used to but he managed. He could pick up the quiet rattle of the kitchen staff on the bottom floor, Keith and Shiro discussing the strange garden they’d wandered into, and the tip-tap of Pidge’s tablet as she typed. Allura and Coran were tucked further into the castle, talking with the ruler of the Ptisi and xir Divine One. Reeling in that sense, Lance flung out another. The scents that flooded him were exotic and varied wildly from pleasant to repulsive. He quickly nixed that one. Taste didn’t do much except make him hyper aware of the spices Hunk had used in their breakfast this morning.

Touch was horrifying.

The calluses on Hunk’s hands were far more pronounced, well worn and remade from years fiddling and tinkering with machinery. The fine hairs on his thumb prickled against Lance’s touch. The cotton of Lance’s shirt rubbed harsh against his skin, made worse by the hold Hunk had on him. Each point of contact was magnified ten times, one hundred times, a thousand times. When Lance finally managed to yank himself back on task, he was gasping, shivering from the sensation, and scrambled at his jacket until it fell to the floor.

“Hey, whoa, hey. Lance,” Hunk called, his palms cradling Lance’s cheeks. Lance clung to him, sucking in a sharp breath as a full shudder wracked his body. That had been the worst. Hunk called his name again, a worried lilt to the end of Lance’s name, and Lance swallowed hard.

“I’m okay. Don’t try touch though, just don’t. That shit is horrible.”  

Hunk laughed, dipping his forehead against Lance’s. Lance breathed out again, tentatively increasing his hearing so he could pick up on Hunk’s heartbeat. It soothed the still crawling tingle that prickled Lance’s skin. Smiling, Lance closed his eyes, trading darkness for darkness, and relaxed. Normal touch was fine for him, thanks. Hunk’s touch was better anyway. 

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cute, random sodapop/dally headcannons

I didn’t know if you meant like Sodapop and Dally together or just separate headcannons for each but I don’t do headcannons for the gang together so I hope you enjoy these 💛💛


-He always smells really sweet.

-He loves baking so many things, not just cake.

-He’s tried drugs before and will never do it again.

-He hated it.

-And Darry found out and nearly killed him.

-That was the only time Darry ever had to ground Sodapop.

-He actually really hates that all the girls come to see him at the DX.

-It was fun at first but it quickly got old.

-He hates girls that throw themselves all over him.

-He loves the taste of coffee but it makes him way to hyper.


-Dally’s favorite time is night.

-He likes when he’s alone and can do his own thing at night with no one needing him.

-He really loves sweet things.

-And will have ice cream any time of day.

-He has really cold hands.

-He is like a baby about needles and it’s the only reason he doesn’t have a ton of tattoos.

-He once fed a stray cat but got annoyed because it started following him.

-He’ll give it some food every once in a while but will always yell at it if it tries to come after him.

-He can sing really well but never does it unless he is so drunk he’s close to passing out.

-He can use just about anything as a weapon.

Svt Reaction to their Quiet GF Acting Hyper

admin k: gifs take forever 

seuncheol: He’d think it’s adorable and would be blinding in love with your bubbly excitement. For a second he’d question your actions but that thought would soon disappear when you make him laugh and he joins you and your bubble personality that they.

jeonghan: would question you a lot and try to keep a straight face or look at your a bit oddly. After time, he wouldn’t be able to hold in his warm feelings and would let out a laugh. He then continues to smile just watching from the side as you’re exploding with excitement and energy.

jisoo: Immediately breaks into a smile and slight breathy laugh. He wouldn’t care for the purpose of why you were hyper and would just enjoy the moment as he always would with you.

jun: At first wouldn’t like it but after a bit, he begins to love it. Your hyperness was cute to him and he would wish you were like that more some times. He loves you both when you’re not shy and when you are.

minghao: Personally, I don’t think it’d be his favourite side of young would prefer you shy and quiet but for this one time, he’d allow it and would only question it in his mind. Wouldn’t say a word while you’re hyper.

mingyu: he’s a puppy himself so he’d be head over heels in love with your hyperness. The two of you would probably create a mess being both hyper but it’d be a good time.

dk: all smiley about it and laughs a lot the whole time watching you jump around and be loud. Doing crazy things would get him in a positive energy and mood to join you. He’d just think that you’re super happy that day and that’s why you’re acting the way you are so he wouldn’t say anything about it to you.

hoshi: would try to calm you down since he’s not use to seeing you like this but it doesn’t work so being the great boyfriend he is, he just lets you do whatever you want and makes you happy by being hyper with you haha.

wonwoo: first, stares at you blankly but as you continue to smile and be loud he would playfully make fun of you. He’d smile to himself and just think of what a crazy, lovely girlfriend he has.

woozi: he wouldn’t understand why you were acting the way you were and it would surprise him a lot. He’d question if you’re okay and why you’re so hyper but after a while he just wouldn’t care anymore and let you do you.

seungkwan: doesn’t care, actually will compete to see who’s the louder, hyper one.

vernon: loves it, makes him laugh a lot. Overall, happy with your hyperness and just loves watching you do the craziest things

dino: would be shocked and surprised like a few of the others. wouldn’t have words, kind of speechless. He wasn’t sure if he should ask you if you were okay or why you were like this so he’s just a bit jaw dropped as he watches you jump around the room like a child. He smiles for you but still doesn’t know how to react to this.

Haikyuu!! Hc
  • Headcanon that Bokuto is still not allowed to have artificial coloring because it "makes him too hyper"
  • (Sorry not sorry)

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Can you to a child au were their new mom bakes them a big cake and gets them a present they really wanted for their birthday

Admin Mawile: (*⌒∇⌒*)

Shuu: He’s nothing but happy, and takes the affection better than most of them. He might kind of forget you for the toy, though. 

Reiji: Grateful as he may be, it’s hard not to assume that he’ll be made to pay for this kindness somehow, since you spent so much time on him. 

Ayato: He gets more than a little hyper, attention making him too happy to sit still or think to do anything but tear into his present. 

Kanato: The cake catches his attention more than anything, and the moment your back is turned, he tries to sneak a handful of frosting past you. 

Laito: After politely thanking you, he very carefully opens the present. He doesn’t want to show too much excitement for fear you’ll take it away. 

Subaru: He starts sniffling upon even seeing what you’ve set up, and has moved on to full on happy sobbing within minutes. 

Ruki: Despite being extremely excited, he manages to stay mostly calm and not act like a total fool. It would be shameful to get wild over this. 

Kou: The amount of things you’ve done for him gets to him quickly, and he’ll probably wind up spending a lot of time in your lap, calming down. 

Yuuma: Cake is as good as sugar, and the present goes almost forgotten until you manage to divert his attention from the food. 

Azusa: It takes him a very long time to process everything you’ve done for him, and by the time he does, he’s so happy he might be crying a little. 

Carla: Getting excited over a celebration would be unbecoming, but you can easily tell how caught up in the happiness he really is. 

Shin: He gets so worked up he can hardly talk the moment he sees the cake, and doesn’t calm down until he falls asleep from exhaustion. 

“And She Was” (Simon x OC, part 2)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn

Art Credit: Art is mine, Simon sadly is not

NOTES: Part 2 of my submission for @simons-thirst-squad ABC’s of Simon! Thank you so much @definitelynotanerd for your lovely comment! Also, I seriously contemplated calling this chapter “piggyback ride (gone sexual)” because I’m awful.

Part 1 is here!

Simon refers to the place as ‘The Sanctuary’, and I clear my throat as the truck growls past a rain-weathered statue of a seraph covered in severed hands. They’re bound to it by rope, strung on it like beads on a rosary and looped around the crying angel’s throat.

“The Sanctuary? Don’t you think that’s a bit of a stretch?” I say, and he shrugs. Sees me cautiously eyeing the statue as it disappears into the distance. Behind us, someone drags the chain-link doors noisily shut with a resonant clang. Simon’s words linger in my mind, and I feel my skin begin to prickle. Once those doors are shut, I’m here until I’m officially discharged.

“Don’t be put off by the hands. It’s a running joke.”

“What kind of place is this?” I eye him seriously. He worries his bottom lip for a moment. “I’m not exactly picking up good vibes.”

“I’ll let Negan do the talking.” He returns his gaze to the road, shoulders tense. We ride in silence until he pulls up alongside the main building.

I crane my neck to try and see where the sprawling facility ends – it’s an old factory, boasting the imposing angularity typical of 1960’s modernist architecture. Complete with utilitarian iron staircases bracketed to the side of the building and windows fogged by layers of dust and sediment so thick that they seem to be decades old. The sun winks bright off the windows like sharp teeth, and I squint against the dust kicked up by the truck. My heart is racing.

This isn’t what I expected.

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