it makes financial sense as well!

“But what if you meet someone who wants children?”

This sentence is so problematic, but so, so often asked to a young woman who says she doesn’t want children. The insinuation behind this statement is that some hypothetical man’s feelings are more valid and important than a woman’s current, very real feelings. Well, so what if they did meet someone who wanted children? Why are his desires to be a father more important than a woman’s not to? Hyperthetical mens’ feelings are more important than a woman’s real ones. If the burden of parenthood was more fairly balanced in today’s society, it might make sense.

But it’s not. Women have to go through pregnancy (including numerous possible heath, emotional and financial issues) before the child is even born, so why is it still ultimately what is more important to the male?

A woman is also told repeatedly that she will change her mind. She can’t possibly know for sure that she won’t one day wake up and want to be a mother. Because, after all, isn’t that what we’re all here for? Yes we may go through the motions of a career and our young feminist years, but ultimately we all really want to get married and have babies! Anyone who tells you otherwise will change her mind. That or she’ll meet the right man who will want babies, and thus, her purpose on the earth will be served.

What I don’t get about the ‘resources’ argument is, how exactly do asexuals waste LGBT resources if we don’t need them? If being ace won’t get you kicked out of your home, you won’t need housing. If being ace won’t get you fired, you won’t need the financial backup. If being ace doesn’t put you at physical risk, you won’t need the protective services that the LGBT community can muster.

If, on the other hand, being ace does cause you to deal with any of the above, then the resources aren’t being ‘wasted’ – they’re going toward the safety and well-being of somebody who’s being punished for not being straight. Isn’t that the point of those resources to begin with?

I’m honestly confused how this argument even works. The only way it makes sense is if we’re walking up to a community that we have zero need of, and they’re just going ‘okey-dokey! 8D’ and handing us shit we clearly don’t need. Is that what y’all are trying to say? I’m honestly curious.

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I am in a difficult situation. I am pregnant. It was on accident but I do plan on keeping the child... not part of my life plan but things happen. The problem is the fathers child wants to "live his life". I don't think I am going to put his name on the BC because I honestly don't want to he doesn' want the child so why bother? Am I making the right decision here? We are not together but I do love him in a sense.

Put his name on the birth certificate. There may be medical or legal reasons to know his identity down the road. A few things to remember. Parents have a way of bonding to a child. He may not be interested now but when he looks into a face with his own eyes and nose, well, he may change his mind about fatherhood. He is financially responsible for that child whether he likes it or not. So, do as you wish but keep that child’s interests foremost in your mind.

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What the fuck?? I get so irrationally mad when people insinuate I'm some kind of passive loser if I still live with my parents well beyond my 20's. Like? How can you make a sweeping generalization of someone who happens to be studying and working simultaneously and has no means to live independently due to the aforementioned reasons above. Fuck this mentality. Stop stigmatizing people who choose to make these decisions.

Also “moving out” is a largely Western concept. In many cultures adults will live with their parents well into their 30s.

Not something I’m personally down for but it makes sense from a financial and practical standpoint. Just a dumb thing to shame someone for in my opinion.


[image descriptions: The first of two photos shows a row of herbs on a counter top next to a box of instant macaroni and cheese. They all sit in front of a microwave. The second photo is a close up of a bowl of mac and cheese with the herbs sprinkled on top.]

Work Hard, Get Paid! - A Simple Food Spell to Strengthen Your Productivity

Doing magick on a low budget and even lower energy can be tricky. But that should never dissuade the disabled witch! Powerful ingredients abound in a house even on a tight budget. And right now, my budget is pretty damn tight, and I decided I could use a spell to help channel my energies towards a little financial gain.

So I turned to one of the best places to make a spell for the practical witch–the kitchen!

I designed this spell with two ideas in mind: 1) Invigorating my work ethic to bring in some dough, and 2) not wasting any of my precious spoons in the process.

What You’ll Need:

  • Parsley – for prosperity, financial increase, and luck (as a bonus parsley also renews a sense of well-being and can strengthen one when used in a spell after surgery or illness–as someone with chronic illness, I had to chuckle at the “after” when I researched into these herb correspondences)
  • Black Pepper – to banish negative energy and vibrations, and for courage
  • Oregano–for joy, strength, vitality, and added energy for both yourself and any spell it’s added to!
  • Something Yummy to Mix the Herbs Into! – I used my instant mac as it’s something that can always use extra flavor, and doesn’t cost me half a day’s spoons to make (in fact, I only use one spoon to mix it all together ;P)

Spell Directions:

  1. Make your food. This is something that needs to be stirred, so I recommend either making something on the stove and mixing in your herbs while you cook, or adding them to your dish after the cooking is done. DON’T add additional herbs or spices (though salt is fine) – I know that this isn’t the most flavorful combination, but adding additional herbs could confuse intent and potency.
  2. Add the parsley first, followed by the black pepper, and then the oregano. I’m of the opinion that exact amounts aren’t as important as ingredients and intent. Stir counterclockwise as you add each herb. 
  3. Focus on your intent. Cooking is a very meditative activity, even if you’re making something as simple as instant mac ‘n cheese. Keep yourself focused on the process while meditating on the strength and energy your body will receive when you eat this food. If there’s a specific goal you’re working towards regarding your finances, keep that in mind as well.
  4. Optional. Chant while cooking and stirring: “Grant me the power to reap all I sow / and bring me luck wherever I go!” You can also recite this (or your own incantation) right before you eat as a prayer.

The thing about this spell, is that it’s not done when you finish your meal; in order to reap what you sow, you have to be sowing! Keep working at finding that job, staying on top of tasks at work, etc. This food and this spell is meant to help you keep at it and maybe catch a lucky break. But you can’t sit back at hope, or this spell doesn’t really do much, does it?

Please note: Do not consume any herb you are allergic to or may may cause a negative reaction due to any physical condition or medication. Always research into this first before ingesting any herb suggested in a spell. 

You’re free to change up the exact herbs used in this spell with others that have similar properties. 

So there you have it! A spell made up of herbs kept in my kitchen, and conserving my valuable energy! I hope you find this spell and your dish to your liking, and I’d love to hear how it turns out!

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If Andy is really that bad off, financially it would make fucking sense to push a new BVB album and tour it. As opposed to his solo career which isn't doing as well. Also, Andy probably makes more cash than the rest of BVB as he does more publicity, etc. Yet those guys seem to be doing okay. Maybe if he didn't waste it on shitty cars that guzzle gas, as well as silly shit like a $9k+ wedding dress/ring and giant publicity wedding. He has no money sense cause he's never had to have it. (part 1)

I never understand why people who make money, particularly bands who begin to make a decent amount of cash, never learn money sense. They flaunt it and waste it, instead of being careful. And it’s not just a case of ‘They don’t know better’ or 'Maybe they didn’t expect their career to die’, it’s common sense to be careful with money and those who aren’t are irresponsible as fuck and should get no sympathy. If you think that buying an expensive ring is more important than rent > (part 2)

Love is for Fools; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon: Hello, I kinda wanted to make a request if you are already busy ignore this but well if you could do one where the reader explains love to Sherlock and she accidentally tells him she loves him. Just really fluffy. Thank you 😊

You and Sherlock sat in your separate chairs inside of Baker Street, warm and content watching Pride and Prejudice. Somehow you had coerced Sherlock into watching a move with you so obviously it had to be this one.

“I don’t understand this,” Sherlock finally admitted.

“What don’t you understand?”

He sat up, looking ready to give you a whole list of reasons. “First off, why does Lizzie even care about him so much he’s an asshole and historically he would clearly have other women in town? And second, Lizzie’s family is not doing too well financially it doesn’t make any sense for a man of Darcy’s stature to be marrying here.”

“Love, Sherlock. Just chalk it up to love. Love crosses social boundaries and it also requires quite a lot of trust that Lizzie has clearly earned from Darcy.”

“Love is your solution?”

“Love is always the solution.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes before pausing the TV, preparing to enter a heated debate. “I want one real life situation,” Sherlock demanded.

“Easily. Your parents, John and Mary, Molly and… Tom?… you and me- Obvis-“ you began before realizing what you had just let slip. You looked to Sherlock to see if he had caught your mistake and the look on his face showed he had.

“You and me?”

You looked away from him in shame, not in the mood to discuss your feelings, or rather get rejected. “I don’t really want to talk about it Sherlock,” you told him, unpausing the movie. Sherlock remained silent as the movie kept playing and he remained quiet until the credits began to roll. In fact he had been so quiet it scared you. “I think I’m going to bed,” you said, standing up before you felt Sherlock grab your hand.

He stood up and looked you directly in your eyes. “Love is for fools and… I think I’ve became a fool,” Sherlock whispered before he swept you up in a long awaited kiss. Your lips moved in time as you revealed in the long-awaited touch of his lips and Sherlock seemed just as eager as you were.

Finally Sherlock pulled away and stared deep in your eyes as you saw the look of desperation in him.

“If love is for fools, than love is for fools like us,” you whispered.