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Sirius Black - Caught

13 - I’m going to go bleach my eyes.”

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Warnings: Interrupted smut 

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 Sirius’s hands ghosted over my torso, electrifying my senses and making me focus on just him. My hands were tied to the bed post, and i was lying diagonally across his bed, with him all over me. 

The blindfold over my eyes made everything that much more exciting. It wasn’t the first time I had had sex, especially with Sirius Black as my boyfriend, but it was the first time with the added accessories. 

He pulled my thighs apart so he could move his head away from my heat. He kissed his way from the top of my right thigh to my knee, as I calmed slightly from my high Sirius had just brought me too. 

“Sirius, that was.. wow.” I breathed, needing him to know how he made me feel with my words, considering my hands were handcuffed to the bed and my eyes covered with his tie.

“I know, (Y/N), isn’t it always?” He smirked, bringing my legs up to rest around his hips, and sliding himself into me, and had his hands on my hips, holding my steady has he started moving. 

It was a shock to my system when his tongue swirled around my nipples, making me gasp out, “Oh, Merlin, yes!” in a breathless voice.

“Oh my god, I did not need to see this!” James’ voice rang into the room, making both Sirius and I freeze. “Lock the door next time, Pads!”

“Fuck you, James,” Sirius covered his with his bedspread. “What do you want?”

“Not to see your bare ass, maybe? And to grab some more parchment for homework. Hi (Y/N).”

I pulled Sirius’s tie up from my eyes after Sirius had un-cuffed me.

“Hi James, can you hurry up? We’re kinda in the middle of something here.” I replied, moving out from underneath Sirius and under the covers myself. 

“Yeah, no worries, I’m going to go and bleach my eyes now, thanks for the unnecessary image.” 

There was a rustle, as James got his parchment out of his bag, and then the door closing behind him. 

“Now,” Sirius smirked, pulled my legs over his lap. “Where were we?”

january 20

i. lazy afternoons with the soft pink light pouring in and the purring of the aircon behind locked doors. i can sense time forgetting us. nostalgia somehow already kicking in. i knew this would become one of those days that would never quite leave me.

ii. your head on my lap (did that really happen or am i making memories up at this point) i think it did. i remember not knowing how to hold you. not knowing where my hands should go.

iii. laying everything on the table, making the gamble. the banter, the laughter echoing around the room. (the unclear made apparent, my feelings made transparent.) the point of no return. 

iv. i can’t seem to look away you were always too much for me

v. the future opening up before us. the possibilities: endless. our hearts on the line. (but we were so young. a tragedy: to love without knowing how.) 

vi. exactly a year after getting my heart broken, my heart finds itself someplace new. it’s funny, how things work out. who would have thought.

vii. but i bring up the unspoken. the untouchable. you look at me with such hard eyes and i don’t know what else to do except hold you. the feeling of helplessness. the knowing that this may be the last time i’d be able to hold you like this. 

viii. “you should go.”

ix. i spent the whole night crying. i’ve never felt my chest hurt like that before. 

Werewolf (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: hello! Can you do an imagine where you are Kira’s cousin and you move to beacon hills & you become friends with the pack and all of a sudden you’re having these migraines and you always get angry. Then one night you were helping Liam study for a history test and you look up and see that its a full moon, you start getting head aches and you find out that you were born as a werewolf but it just triggered when you turned 16?? I’m sorry if this made no sense whatso ever 

 A/n: It made total sense to me! I hope you enjoy it x

I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was. I wanted to live somewhere where there was adventures everywhere you go. I wanted to get away from my boring life and get a new adventurous one. 

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