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Bug Out

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Chronologically follows “Everything’s Better.”  It can stand on its own, but if you want to read in order, catch that one first.

“Ouch!” Marinette squealed, freezing in the middle of pulling a dress over her head.

“What’s wrong?” Chat asked, hands out, ready to help.  She’d sounded more startled than hurt, but he didn’t care for it either way.  There was also something vaguely familiar about it, but he couldn’t quite place it.

“I must’ve missed a pin,” she muttered, holding the neckline away from her as she peeled it back off.

Chat gathered the fabric and eased it back over her head, wincing at the long thin line of red down her cheek, from temple to jaw.  "Oh, Princess,“ he whispered sadly.  "You’re bleeding.”

“It’s just a scratch,” she assured him, trying to find the offending pin.

“It’s on your face, though.”  He frowned and decided their photoshoot was cancelled.  "We’ve got to get that taken care of.  Pack up.“

"But it’s just a…”

“No,” he said firmly.  He hadn’t had to show her his stern and unmovable side, so it was apparently time.  "We’re going home and I’m going to tend to that.“

She blinked in surprise.  "You’re that worried about it?”

“Please just let me take care of you,” he said, bending to press his forehead against hers in the way she liked.

“Fine.”  She sighed.  "Take me home, Chataxi.“

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12x19 Deconstruction: Part II - The Mixtape Exchange


So, yeah, there really wasn’t anything else I could possibly call this piece of dialogue, was there? Nope. Let’s set the scene:

Dean is at his computer. There’s a knock on the door. Cas opens it, pauses, and what we learn from this, by the way, is that Cas was waiting for a response and when he didn’t get one he proceeded inside, thinking Dean wasn’t there. What does this visual exposition tell us?

a) Dean’s bedroom is not off limits to Cas if Dean’s not there, because there’s trust
b) Cas didn’t come to the room looking for Dean

The reason Cas goes to Dean’s room is to get the Colt - the mixtape is just his excuse. So, then, what an utterly beautiful tool of exposition this innocent piece of prop becomes, and how incredibly well it’s used to highlight exactly what the problem has always been in this relationship: the lack of fucking communication. In fact, not only does the mixtape highlight the lack of communication, it goes further as it turns that problem on it’s head completely when, suddenly, both of these men open up to each other. And the fact that Cas is there on a mission, that he’s effectively playing Dean, doesn’t take away from all the truth that is in this exchange as well. Not that there’s complete honesty. Not just yet, but it’s coming. Oh, it’s absolutely on the horizon. It has to be. And this exchange is, as so many others, riddled with subtext which makes the interpretation of it layered to the extreme, but what I have on offer today is my take. So, here goes:

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When you go and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation. I love you, that’s all I do. I love you.

The Tale of Vlad (1)

“I want-”

“You forever want something. Did your parents never teach you patience?”


“Oooh, there’s the scary eyes.” Vlad leaned back in his chair, a faint grin tugging at his lips. Even though the child was a complete pest, there was something still endearing about being around the only other halfling in existence. And the boy was quite fun to torment. “I’m trembling in terror.”

Daniel scowled and stuffed his hands into his pockets, the green glitter in his eye fading away at the admonition. “But I want-”

Vlad let the faint grin grow into a delighted sneer. “I want, I want, I want,” he teased. “How old are you again? Three?” 

The boy’s jaw visibly clenched, the muscles working under the skin. “I’m trying to ask you a question,” he finally ground out. 

“Oh? I couldn’t tell.” Putting his feet up on his desk, Vlad leaned back, hands behind his head. “Do go on, then.”

“Why do you hate my parents so much?” 

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SPN 12x21, Eileen, and how it doesn’t make any sense

Wow. Just wow. I am still sitting, and going ‘wow!’

I am totally blown away by what happened in the last episode. I am completely blown away by Eileen’s demise. I am also completely blown away how not one piece of this part of the narrative made ANY SENSE AT AT ALL.

I sat down to write everything what was going on in my head since yesterday, because I am a logical person, and since the pieces didn’t fit, I was getting angry. Okay, here come all the pieces, and maybe some sense will follow.

Puzzles that need to fit, and don’t:

1) In the previous episode the screen in the BmoL HQ said that Eileen’s last known location was 64.23.08 N - we were once again shown it in the ‘then’ section of the episode last night. I checked it. This is not Ireland. It’s not even the UK. It’s either Alaska, Reykjavik, Northern Canada, Norway or Northern Russia. Also (drums) the tracker was updated 09:26:03 the same day Mary saw it. We don’t know how long it has been since the showdown with Ketch, Dean hearing the voicemail, and Sam getting info about Eileens death, but I assume not more than a few hours. There is no way Eileen could have been running through the woods in South Carolina the same day, when her last known satelite location was by the Polar Circle. Either the Brits don’t trust their own location system (why else would Ketch go to the South when system says Eileen is in the North?), or Eileen was being transported somewhere else in the world while Ketch was playing with the hellhound. As somebody pointed out, the shortest route to Kansas does not go through South Carolina’s woodland (it goes through Oz, but that’s for another time). 

2) The point above really just says it all, but I will note down other stuff. Like the fact that the same screen says “contact”, and the location “in transit” by Eileen’s name, while with Garth it says “no contact - werewolf protocol”. Eileen was supposed to be contacted, probably interrogated, before she was to be executed. What we see in the episode, however, is a girl being hunted like an animal. Ketch is a perfect soldier, he wouldn’t ignore the procedures just to have some fun torturing his victim (as much as he’d like to).

3) Yeah, what’s with that, too? Eileen is deaf - she doen’t hear the hellhound chasing her. Hellhounds are invisible - she doesn’t see it either. WHY IS SHE RUNNING??? Either Ketch grabbed her, brought her to another state, told her that he gives her a head start (just to torture her), and then set out a hellhound on her in the woods, OR IT ISN’T EILEEN. Also, if the hound caught up with her (and that’s how she found out something was after her), she would never manage to get up and run away this far. Remember Dean and Jo? Hellhounds are VICIOUS, THERE IS BLOOD, THERE IS TORN SKIN. There was not much left of Dean after the hellhound. Eileen dies of a broken neck, after being thrown around like a puppet for a little bit. No blood.

4) The letter. That damn letter. The language in it (”girly”? This is the blunt, sarcastic hunter we saw before?), the snail mail (don’t tell me Eileen the hunter who’d hunted her whole life didn’t know how to get a burner phone, or a fake, one-time e-mail address)(plus, if the Brits were watching her, they would know she’d arrive at the bunker, e-mail or no e-mail. It would make sense if she gave the boys some hints where she is, to come to HER, to the place where she’s laying low. But not to ask whether she could come to their place! Just pull a Charlie, and come! What was she expecting, a telepathic answer with an official invitation?) So yeah, the letter doesn’t make sense. But hey, who did we see just one episode back, who likes to write letters signed by the missing people? Oh yes, mr Arthur Ketch himself. Mick wrote a lot of e-mails from behind the veil. This seems to be Ketch’s MO. 

5) The letter reminded me also how Charlie left the boys an e-mail from beyond, and if they actually did pull EN EXACT COPY OF THE DARK DYNASTY, complete with the “looking for bodies in the bathroom”-wink, an unnecessary female death, hints in a dead girls letter, and the male protagonists story being pushed forward, I’LL BE SO PISSED. But-

6) This season has been about things happening in the same way as in the past, with different results. So maybe, just maybe - this is not all what is seems.

Thank you for your time. I needed to make a bit of sense of this part. I feel better now.

Bolder Part 3

A/N: Hey guys! So I know I said that this chapter would be out later this week. The only reason it is coming out now is because I am in bed with nothing to do. I have been working so hard this past week I was ignoring symptoms of tiredness and dizzy spells. I went to an in and out hospital place and got told I had a awful sinus infection. I was given two anti-biotics and a steroid to help. I still have a fever and I continuously get up every hour to do more work because I hate spending all day resting and sleeping. So here we go Bolder part 3. send me some asks and messages and I will get back to you.

Title: Bolder (part 3)

Pairings: Father! Burr x Daughter!reader ,  Phillip hamilton x reader

Rating: Teen

Warnings: neglect (maybe)

Word Count: 1261

Editors :  @hercreationgalaxy ,@emocomrade-jpeg

Age 17

It was Friday when I decided to run home and get a few things before going to the Hamilton’s. Phillip had offered to walk me home but I refused saying that I would only a few minutes. When I got home I noticed my father’s brief case sitting by the door and my mother’s coat hanging on the hook. Squealing could be heard from the other room. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t particularly care. I just wanted to get to Phillip’s. I carefully walked past the parlor to head for the stairs. I got my foot on the first step when I heard my name behind me. I turned around and saw my family behind me with ecstatic faces.

“I got into St.Mary’s College!” My sister suddenly screeched. I took a minute to comprehend what she was saying. I smiled slightly and went to go continue up the stairs.

“That’s great Theo. I know you really wanted to go there.” I replied trying to continue.

“Where are you going dear? We have to celebrate!” I heard my mom say with pride. Oh no. I had to get out of this.

“Well I actually already have dinner plans. Not to mention, I have a ton of homework that I have to finish.” I said stopping on the stairs but not daring to turn around and look at them again.

“Oh. Well alright we hope you have fun. There was some mail on the counter for you. I would come down and get that before you leave.” Father said before walking towards the parlor again.

“Yeah have fun Y/N.” I heard my sister say, slightly less enthused than before. I headed upstairs and grabbed my things before rushing back down stairs and towards the door. I heard a shout about mail and groaned slightly. I walked slowly back into the parlor and into the kitchen. My sister and parents were talking adamantly about her acceptance. I slipped over to the counter. I grabbed my mail and walked back out. They didn’t notice that I didn’t say goodbye.

It was warm and I was halfway to Phillips house when I decided to look at the envelopes in my hand. Only one envelope stood out of the others. It was from King’s College. I froze for a second before gingerly picking out the letter. I carefully opened the back of the letter and pulled out the heavy weighted paper inside.

‘Dear Ms. Y/N Burr,

            We are pleased to inform you that your application for the scholar program at King’s Ivy League Institute has been accepted.


I shrieked with excitement going up on my toes and dancing in place. Tears welled up in my eyes out of joy and I slapped a hand over my mouth to suppress another shout. I suddenly had a great surge of adrenaline . I ran as fast as possible to Phillip. The wind whipped my hair and I could feel the swish of my shorts on my thighs. The tank top I wore felt slightly sticky from sweat due to the warm weather and sudden physical exertion.

When I saw the Hamilton’s house I noticed Mr. Hamilton was already home and all the kids, including Phillip, were playing out on the lawn as their parents sat on the porch talking.It looked picture perfect with the wind swaying the grass and the lemonade glasses sitting on the porch table. I sped up upon seeing them all and my lungs burned slightly from my exertion. I slowed down just enough to open the gate before sprinting up the lawn. Phillip stood up upon seeing me and smiled before giving a confused look at my running. I slowed down to a stop a few yards in front of him. Everyone was looking at me. I was bent over with my hands on my knees and breathing rapidly as I looked up at Phillip again. The sun was beginning to set, letting a warm hue take over the landscape. It hit Phillip on the side of his face and illuminated his features.

“Y/N are you, ok? I mean I know you are in cross country but jesus,” he asked taking a step forward before I held up my hand as a sign for him to stop. I took a minute to regain the perfect composure that I always had. I stood up straight and smoothed out my clothes. Tucking a few stray hairs from my ponytail back in place I stood straight and perfectly poised as if nothing happened. Then I remembered exactly what happened and broke out into a huge smile as the sunset light moved over the farm house. I glanced up to see Phillip staring at me.

“Your killing us with anticipation darling. What’s going on?” I heard Mrs. Hamilton say, with her and Mr. Hamilton practically hanging over the railing of the porch trying to figure out what was going on. I suddenly had a feeling of doubt and fidgeted nervously. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal? Maybe they wouldn’t care.

“Y/N,” Phillip said. My gaze snapped met his and I searched his eyes to find nothing but awe and confusion. I took a deep breathe.

“I got into King’s College,” I said trying to keep a neutral face and voice before not being able to hold back another massive smile. Phillip charged at me and knocked me over with the force of his hug. I heard his parents shouting congratulations and dancing around on the porch. Phillips sibling stood around with confused smiles and pausing their game of tag to watch us. I could only focus on the comfort and warmth radiating from having Phillip so close. He was always around for me and I couldn’t imagine getting a better reaction from him. He was holding on so tightly as if he was reluctant to let go. He was whispering phrases and noises of congratulations and comfort. I felt him gently use his arms to lift himself over me and smile.

“You deserve this,” Phillip said seriously. He looked at me if needing me to believe it. I nodded my head slightly. He quickly stood up and held his hand out to me. I took and stood up only to immediately be hugged again by a sobbing women. Mrs. Hamilton was gripping me, laughing, spouting congratulations, and crying slightly. I felt her soft hair brushing my face. I hugged her back, while running a soothing hand up and down her back

“I am so proud of you,” She said as she stepped back with an ecstatic choked up smile on her face.

“We both are,” Mr. Hamilton said stepping up and putting a hand on his wife’s shoulder. He looked as though he was debating something in his head before rushing forwards. He pulled me into a firm and long held hug. “You are amazing and you deserve this. You have already blown us all away.” He spoke and I felt him slightly shaking in the hug. I hugged back as tears sprung to my eyes. This sense of approval and pride was not normal. I felt like this is exactly what I wanted. However, it still felt incomplete. This was not my family, they were close, but it wasn’t the same. This thought just made me grip him harder before letting go. They pulled back and smiled with pride as I felt Phillip drape his arm over my shoulder and give me another side hug.

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Cry Wolf - Part Four

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1471
Warnings: Angst-ish
AN: I’m on a roll guys… I’m so in love with this series. It’s just such a breath of fresh air for me, and keeping me sane. So thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback I’m getting for it! Feedback truly makes a writer want to write more… so much!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



A faint blue light filtered its way through the window, and your eyelids.

Your body felt heavy, as if every part of your body had turned to lead overnight.

Wait… overnight?

You tried desperately to open your eyes, only managing to flicker them for a moment before you gave up again. But you took in everything you needed to. The faint blue light was definitely the beginnings of dawn.

How was that possible? You saw the sunset not that long ago… before you’d… done what?

A small groan escaped your lips as you tried to process what was going on, but a pounding in the side of your head was making it hard to focus.

You were definitely not in bed anymore, the surface you were on was much harder, and you must have been sat on it for a long-time because your ass had that distinctive tingling numb sensation you always get when your left sitting for too long. Which led to your next revelation that you were, in fact, sitting, as opposed to curled up among the blankets to try and ignore the horrific pain you were in.

All of that seemed to have completely disappeared. Now, you were left with the mysterious pain in the side of your head.

“Dad, I think she’s awake.”

Dean was quiet, and for some reason he sounded scared. Really scared. Your brother never sounded scared.

Once again, you managed to pry your eyes open, just in time to see Dean crouch right in front of you. “Dean” you mumbled, and you made to reach out to him, hoping he might be able to steady your head, but you couldn’t. “Dean?” you added, panic rising as you realised that your hands were bound behind your back.

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Remember the Time - Chapter 1/?

I’ve been giving this fanfic a lot of thought. Debating whether I should write it or not. And then when I did, it took me a long time to come to the decision to actually publish it. But here goes nothing. 

Set in an alternate universe where Chris and Darren meet under very different circumstances. Rated T for angst & language. Warning for minor references regarding thoughts about suicide/death (in this chapter). 

Chris looked up, facing the mirror in the airport bathroom. He tried washing his face with cold water once more, hoping it would lessen the reddening around his eyes.

‘Stop crying, just stop it.’

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Hotel California (2/2)

Originally posted by tuanbun

Title : Hotel California

Pairing : Mark x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Summary : Mark is a night-shifts receptionist in his own hotel and it sucks, until one of his client turns up to be a pretty, annoying girl.

There will be an Epilogue :D Thank you for the messages and notes everyone ! 



“So you’re here to sell a software? How is it going?” Mark was munching on his slice of pizza, legs crossed on one of the small chair in the office.

The girl wiped her mouth, trying to swallow the huge piece she was gulping down with hunger “Yes. If I succeed, it will be my biggest collaboration. It didn’t go as planned though.” She put the slice down, tapping on her chest to help the food go down.

Mark opened a water bottle and handed it to her, nodding “How come?”

“I had a horrible hangover, and I might have, you know, crashed one of their computer. A super expensive one.” She made a face and he chuckled.

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Group: BTS


Summary: Namjoon always catches you in your embarassing moments but it seems that’s how you end up building your relationship.

Genre: drabble, fluff

Length: 1.1k

A/N: anyone want a part 2? also enjoy neighbours!au namjoon

Originally posted by rapnamu

Almost falling out of your taxi, your bare feet hit the cold pavement. With a small groan, you walked into the lobby, the air con causing you to shiver due to your short skirt. You were currently partaking in the walk of shame, so quickly you pressed for the elevator before you noticed someone leaning against the wall.

“Good morning neighbour,” a pair of dimples popped out before he ran a hand through messy lilac hair, Namjoon seemed to be completing the walk of shame as well. He was obviously extremely amused by the situation, you, however, were not. Last night may have been a laugh but you now had a pounding headache, and the dress you had worn was short and the heels too high.

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Ice - Jimin

Originally posted by doona-baes

Genre: Angst & fluffyish | AU!supernatural Jimin |

Word Count: 1.8k

Summary: Jimin left the love of his life two years ago with no explanation, but now he’s back and something about him is different and quite possibly inhuman.

Loosely based off of a prompt “You took something from me I can never get back; It ruined me”.

It was a cool spring afternoon and my day had gone on too long. I was exhausted once again. It had been this way lately, that even if I hadn’t done much at work, by the end of the day, my body was done. Emotionally, I was broken – just a shell of the person I once was… but I went on. I continued living even when I didn’t think I could bare it any longer. Now, it had gotten easier to deal with though, as it had been two years since the incident.

Easier but not better.

I was missing the ability to trust and I didn’t think it was ever coming back.

How could it when the one person I had put all my faith in had broken me in the first place?

Never again, I told myself.

I couldn’t be too mad about it though, as it taught me not to hope for much from anyone. And in turn, I no longer got disappointed.

At first, I thought he would be back. I waited up late at night, keeping my porch light on – but he never came. What could I expect after he left without a word? So eventually, I gave up.

I didn’t look for signs of his return and I closed my heart to the idea of it.

I was right for it, because two years later and he still hadn’t returned. Today it was two years exactly to the day. The first year after he left on this same day, I cried all day long. This year, I was stronger. I pretended he didn’t even exist and for all I knew, he didn’t anymore since I had gotten rid of any trace of him once being in my life.

I was doing so well until I pulled into my driveway and saw a silhouette that I tried so hard to forget.

How dare he?” I muttered to myself and I sat in my car shaking. I don’t need this. Just back out the drive and go to your mother’s house, I told myself. It had been a while since I had seen my mother after all.

His figure didn’t once move as I pressed the break and gripped the gear shift.

I stopped myself before I could switch to reverse. This was nothing happening. I am not going to be a coward. This is my home and he has no right to be here. Not after all of this time. I groaned and lifted my shaking hand from the gear shift and my foot from the break. Angrily, I yanked my keys from the ignition as I stormed out of the car.

I moved faster than I thought I could as I strode up my sidewalk to my front door. I ignored his presence on my porch and opened my front door with clammy and still shaking hands. If he spoke, I didn’t know because I was blocking it all out – although I was certain I felt the vibration of his voice in my skull.

Somehow, I got inside and shut and locked the door without confronting the man that messed me up. That was until I finally heard his voice through the cracks in the door. “Don’t make me do this the hard way, Y/N. Let me in.”

I rolled my eyes with a scoff and as I walked away. But then, I heard a crunching sound and I looked back to see my door knob fall to the floor with a loud clank as my door swung open. I stared at the mangled doorknob for a moment until I looked up and stared the man right in the eye.

He still looked the same, I noticed and that – well that fact annoyed me. He was always so handsome and it royally pissed me off. How could an asshole be so beautiful?

I tried to play off my confusion and surprise, not fully wanting to know just what exactly he had done to my door. “You didn’t even give me time to open the door if I had wanted to.”

He roughly shut the front door behind him and came closer to me, “You and I both know you wouldn’t have opened the door.”

I nodded. “You’re right,” I glared at him for a moment, “I would ask what you’re doing here… but I don’t care.”


“Jimin.” His name chilled me to my core when I said it and I didn’t like how it raised goose bumps on my arms.

“You have to hear me out.”

My eyes grew wide. “I don’t think I have to do anything. You’re a year fucking late. You could have come last year, and I would have welcomed you into my arms.”

He stepped closer, causing me to step back. “Don’t cower like you’re afraid of me!” He yelled.

“And what if I am? Shouldn’t I be? Shouldn’t I be afraid of the man who broke me? The man who showed up on my porch exactly two years after he left me and then broke my door knob?”

Hurt flashed over his face but I couldn’t find it in me to feel bad for him. I hurt for two years and where was he then? He sighed, “Y/N, there is so much you don’t understand.”

I laughed bitterly, “No. You don’t understand. You lost my trust when you left me – and you can never get it back.”

“If you hear me out, you’ll feel differently. I promise.” He stepped close to me once again and I decided not to move. No, I wasn’t afraid of him. He couldn’t hurt me more than he already had. Jimin wouldn’t hurt me physically so I had no reason to run away from him now. I didn’t have any reason to listen to whatever bullshit he wanted to throw my way – but I stayed still and let him come close.

There was a safe distance apart that we could have been, but this definitely wasn’t it. He was close enough that I could smell his cologne, the same one he always wore. His face was far too close as I could see all of the little places I loved to leave kisses before. I sighed. I didn’t want those memories. I didn’t want him. I didn’t want anything.

“Why?” he asked with his head cocked.

I looked left to right a few times before my gaze fell back to him, “Why what?”

“Why don’t you want those memories?” he whispered.

My eyes grew wide once again and I felt my stomach lurch. Had I said all of that out loud? I groaned again. He was so infuriating that I couldn’t even keep my thoughts to myself. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I simply said.

Jimin laughed lightly. “You don’t have to tell me, I’ll know either way. I just assumed you’d rather give out the information knowingly.”

Okay, now I was confused. What was he talking about? Did he go crazy in the two years he had left? Hell, that’s making the most sense right now. He surely didn’t seem in his right mind. “I think you should go.”

He shook his head. “I’ve finally come back and you want me to go?”

“Yep. I don’t need,” I gestured to his body, “this in my life.”

He smirked the devilish smirk that had always made me weak in the past – and well, I guess it still did. “You used to enjoy,” he gestured to his body, “this.

I let out a shaky breath. “Okay, Jimin. Quit with the act. Tell me why you’re here.”

With a shrug, he grabbed my hand causing me to immediately cringe away, but his strength was no match for my lack of and he gripped my hand firmly. “I’m here for you.”

“You’re joking, right?”

He shook his head again. “Why would you think that?”

“You left me for two years!”

That’s when he decided to bite his lip and it sent my pulse into overdrive. He knew that was one of my weakness. “It had nothing to do with you, love. I didn’t leave by choice.”

That just sounded like some lame excuse. “You don’t make any sense!”

Jimin rubbed my hand with his gently, “You haven’t agreed to let me explain everything.”

“Why couldn’t you tell me before you left?” I whined out, feeling all of the feelings I once felt for him rushing back into my head. I wanted to push them out, to protect myself from feeling any more after Jimin effects, but I couldn’t. Jimin was enticing me in the stupidest ways.

“To protect you.”

“So, you didn’t leave me because you were tired of me?” I asked in a small voice as I wondered where all my strength went. Oh, that’s right, I bet it’s on the floor with the doorknob.

His eyes softened, “My love, I will never be tired of you.”

“You still love me, after all this time?”

“No amount of time will stop me from loving you.” He paused for a moment before going on, “You still love me?” he questioned.

I sighed. “I wish I didn’t. It took me a whole year to convince myself that I was over you and now here you come walking all over my resolve.”

Jimin touched my face softly, “I have no intention of ever hurting you like that again. You’re all I want and that I’ve wanted. These past two years, I’ve still been yours. I wasn’t with anyone else, I didn’t think about anyone else, hell, I didn’t even look in anyone’s direction. And if you did? I don’t blame you at all.”

I couldn’t help but lean into his caress. “Explain it all to me then. Explain to me why I should let you back in like nothing ever happened.”

Pulling on my hand, he led me to the dining room as he remembered the layout of the house we once shared together. He pushed me down into a chair and then pulled one out and as close to mine as he could. Jimin grabbed both of my hands and stared me in the eyes, “It’s a long story… and you won’t like all of it.”

In that moment, I noticed something off about Jimin. When I first saw him, I thought everything was the same as it had always been, but upon further investigation, I quickly realized that something wasn’t right. My blood felt like it iced over when I realized that the eyes that bore into mine weren’t the same dark eyes that Jimin always had. Instead, his eyes were now an ice blue – something so shocking that I gasped and tried to pull away from him.

Jimin held firmly and sighed, “I told you I have a lot to explain.”

“You-u-r e-eyes,” I stuttered out, “They weren’t like that.” I was shaking now.

He rubbed my hands. “Don’t be afraid. I’m still the same man you loved… just different.”

Those words couldn’t be further from the truth as I stared into his eerie eyes and listened to him tell me things I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

Our True Love - Chapter 13

A/N: Thank you so much for my new followers. I really am happy to see you guys enjoying my story. We are nearing the end of this series, but I will post more stories in the future. No worries! Without any further ado, enjoy.~ (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Sweet, angst and smooch (huehue)
Word count: 3,818
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

“So I did sign up for the yoga class. When I get into my second trimester, I’ll start it.” Sharon says happily.

I smile, watching the way Sharon is placing her hand on her stomach. She is so bright and happy. She is practically shining. Steve places the plate of chocolate cake in front of her.

“Thank you, darling.” She says as she gives him a quick sweet kiss.

It was such a wonderful news to hear she was pregnant. Both Steve and I received the news over text on that night. I was vibrating with excitement when I got the news. But Steve was restless. It took me all of that night to calm Steve down. He was so surprised and happy but he wanted to go home to her immediately. Watching Steve panic like that helped me tone down my reaction.

He didn’t stop saying how he was so excited that he finally is having a child. He was like a little kid who found out he’s getting a puppy for Christmas. Steve is clearly happier than he had ever been. Not so much of that Captain Steven Rogers who was serious all the time. Even during the meetings he jokes around with the people around the table.

For the rest of that week, Steve’s happiness was contagious. Even I couldn’t stop feeling happy for both of them.

Though, that happiness slightly faded when I did tell Steve about the man. He had security guard over my room for the rest of the week and he stays close to me when we’re out in public. Thankfully, I never saw the man again. It probably was just a coincidence, but we were extra careful nonetheless.

After we flew back home, Steve begged me to visit a cake shop to buy Sharon’s favourite chocolate cake. I was driving my car since I parked it at the airport when we left for Canada, that’s why he begged me. It was so funny and sweet at the same time.

I have yet to contact Bucky or Rosaline when I landed. I’m a little worried to hear how Bucky and Rosaline are doing right now. I hope everything is all right.

“I’m so happy that you visited, Y/N. I know you are tired from the trip. You both are.” Sharon says gleefully before exchanging looks with Steve. I laugh. Her happiness is just as contagious.

“Of course. I had to come and see for myself. Did Natasha give the baby a name while we were away?” Sharon laugh while rubbing her belly again.

“She did. She was the first one to visit with Clint. She wanted a little Natasha too.” She exclaims excitedly. Steve shifts a little on his seat.

“Not sure about that. We’ll see.” Steve says, rubbing the edge of the sofa. I smile, watching the happy couple together.

This is what Bucky and Rosaline would be like one day when they too have a child together. Will he be as happy as Steve too when Rosaline gets pregnant? I imagined a scene of Bucky sitting on the floor, pressing his ear against Rosaline’s stomach, waiting for his child to come into the world.

The image made my stomach twist and chest tighten, but oddly enough, I feel at peace. I suppose in the back of my mind, I just wanted to see Bucky truly happy. And, finally having that family he always wanted is a way to make him happy.

“Maybe a baby Steve Jr. could be too.” Sharon says again while looking at Steve. He laughs while shaking his head. Such a hearty laughter. The doorbell rings. Steve looks over at the front door before heading up to answer it.

“I can’t wait. You would make such an excellent mother, Sharon.” I say, imagining Sharon holding the baby close to her breast while Steve hovers above her shoulder, watching his own child with the woman he loves.

“Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.” She says while looking down at her hand. I smile sincerely while watching her. Such a wonderful thing. Both Steve and Bucky had been late on the family bandwagon. But now that they are on it, I can’t help but feel overjoyed for both of them.

“Oh… Y/N, did you hear about—”

“Sharon, Bucky is here.” Steve calls out from behind me, cutting her off. Shivers crawl up my spine at the mention of his name. I turn around to look at him over the back of the couch. My eyes widen at the sight. Bucky is standing in the doorway, taking his shoes off and brushing the snow off them.

“Oh, hey Bucky. How are you?” Sharon gets up, looking over at him. Bucky runs his hands through his hair. There were little snowflakes on them.

“I’m fine.” He says simply without looking up.

“I was wondering if I can crash here for a couple of nights.” He continues, still not noticing my presence. His voice had brought back life back into my heart. How I missed him after all this time. I was happy to see him again.

But that followed by a sense of anger. Anger that he never tried contacting me.

“Of course, you’re welcome to anytime. Y/N is here too.” Steve says finally gesturing to me. Bucky shoots his head up to look at me. I stand up from the couch. I can see the fear and shock in his eyes. Now that we made eye contact, I’m debating on whether to murder him or to hug him.

I stare at him quietly. He looks away from me and go up the stairs without saying anything else. I look at him surprised. He’s purposefully ignoring me? What is going on? I thought he’d apologize and give me a reason for the no contact. But… to just walk away without saying a word to me? How could he?

Steve rests a hand on my shoulder.

“Go and talk to him.” He says. I look up at the stairs, clenching my fists. I feel the tears coming from the pain in my chest. Should I? What am I going to say anyways? What am I supposed to feel when I do see him?

“He needs you.” I look at him and sigh out. I blink away the tears.

“But you told me that I need to stay out of their business.” I say, reminding Steve.

“Right now, it’s not about their marriage. It’s about Bucky. He needs you after so long of not seeing you.” I blink before shifting my glance to the stairs where Bucky disappeared.

So am I supposed to just ignore this burning anger and painful sadness within my chest all because apparently Bucky is the one hurting right now? What about my pain? Why did he ignore me anyways?

…I suppose I need the answer for myself.

I nod slowly before making my way up to the room. I didn’t know where he was, but there was one door that is closed. Inside, I hear the creaking of a wooden bed.

What should I even say to him? I’m angry at him for not talking to me for over a month. Upset that he didn’t even say anything when he saw me. Did he forget about me again? Is his memories of me fading away once more?

But this time, it was Bucky who is pushing me away. What is he doing?

I knock on the door gently.

“Bucky?” No answer. I knock again, harder this time.

“Bucky, it’s me.” I call out, trying so hard to keep myself from exploding in anger at him. No answer. I take a deep breath. Okay, calm yourself. I know you are angry, Y/N, but Bucky needs a friend right now.

I sigh out and reach down for the door knob to twist it open. The room is dark with only the street lamp lighting inside the room. I walk in and shut the door behind me, watching Bucky’s figure on the bed. I bite my lower lip, leaning against the door.

“Bucky, talk to me.” I say to him softly, still leaning on the door. I can still feel the anger hovering underneath my skin. He just lies there, not moving a muscle. His arm is covering his eyes. His duffel bag rests next to the bed.

“Bucky, what happened this time?” I ask him, approaching the bed. I stand inches away from it, still waiting for any kind of response. When he didn’t say anything, I can feel the anger slowly taking over my better judgement.

“Bucky, before I lose my cool with you, you better say something to me.” I say darkly. I see him peek over at me. I had my arms crossed over my chest.

“Go home, Y/N.” He says before turning on his side. So cold and heartless.

I open my mouth while blinking. The nerve! Oh, did that make my blood boil. It felt as though he had shoved me hard to the ground again. But I wasn’t just going to stay down on that cold hard ground. I lost my temper and kicked him off the bed. Literally.

He crashes onto the floor with a loud thud. He sits up and rubbing his sore forehead. He looks at me angrily. I had momentarily forgotten this was once a feared and merciless HYDRA assassin. But I pushed the thought aside, still not forgetting my anger towards him. Right now, both of us are normal human beings with a thinning bond trying to make things work again.

“You leave me hanging for over a month; no calls, no texts, nothing! Then you have the nerve to say ‘go home’ to me??” I shout at him. He turns his head away to look at the window.

“Nothing?? What’s wrong with you?! Do you know how worried I got??” I shout again, feeling the tears well up in my eyes. His sigh sounds painful in my ears.

“I don’t need to hear you yelling at me, Y/N.” I clench my fists together. I open my mouth to say more, but then I remembered what Steve said to me just now.

“He needs you.”

I bite my tongue and take a deep breath. Trying to exhale out that pent up anger I have towards him. I can be mad at him another day. He is hurting right now.

“Fine. Let’s talk about your marriage.” I start, pushing away all of my emotions aside. Bucky doesn’t even move from the spot on that floor. Silence passing between us again. I clear my throat.

“Steve said that you both had a fall out again. Is it your memories again or another issue?” I ask him. No response. My anger rattling the cage inside of me.

“Bucky, I can’t help you sort out your mind if you don’t want to talk to me.” That, got his attention. He turns his head slowly towards me. I catch a glimpse of his blue eyes before turning to look ahead.

“Right now, you need to tell me what happened. Did she do something? Did you do something?” I ask him, keeping my eyes on the closet ahead of us.

“Why do you care?” He says. I look at him, still displaying no emotion.

“Because, I want you both to be happy. I want things to work out well for you both. So things are well in the future…” I trail off. My mind imagines that scene of Bucky holding his child in his arms with Rosaline. It felt like an arrow just shot through my heart. I clear my throat.

“…in the future together. You said you wanted a family, didn’t you?” I continue. Bucky scoffs, running his hand through his hair.

“No point in doing that. It doesn’t matter anymore.” His defeat voice loud and clear. I reach down to grab him by his shirt. He looks at me, surprised.  I couldn’t lift him up, but I wanted to get his attention at the least.

“Listen to me. I don’t like seeing you in pain. I want to see you happy with Rosaline. You both are in love, aren’t you?” I ask him, staring deep into his blue eyes. Something I said made him angrier.

“What do you know about pain, Y/N?” He asks. I let his shirt loose as I back away a little. His anger staring out at me through his eyes.

“What do you know about love?” He asks again. I blink several times.

My mind spins back to that night at the park. Did he forget about that too?

“I know enough.” I answer. He scoffs again before getting up on his feet.

“You know nothing about pain. You know nothing what it means to truly love someone. You don’t care about what others think. Just what you think.” He says. That stung me. That stung me real bad.

“I can manage on my own. Always have.” He answers. The memories of our nights spent together shatters within my mind.

“Go back home. You’re not needed.”

My voice was gone. My mind was blank. My chest… hollow.

I take the pillow from the bed and throw it towards him with all of my heart without even thinking. He exclaims in pain and looks over at me. His eyes widen. Tears were streaming down my face. My body was shaking.

“What do I know? Yeah, maybe I don’t know much about pain. Or about love. But I do know the pain of losing love.” I laugh a little. I’ve been so foolish.

“Those nights… the nights when you held my hand, knowing that if I hold yours back it means you’re not alone. I stood up with you so you won’t need to feel afraid. I hold you in my arms when you lost it from your nightmares. If those were not done out of love, then what were they, Bucky?” I bring up those memories again. I hear Bucky backing away.

I laugh to myself again. I’m tired. I’m done now. I can’t win against his mind. If he keeps on forgetting our times together, then I have no point in keeping my promise that I’ll be here for him. The fights we had before were pointless.

“Who’s really the one that doesn’t know love here?” I say quietly as I wipe the tears away, but they just keep coming.

Keep faith in him. His memories will return. Have I just been fooling myself to believe in the words he said? He doesn’t remember me if I’m not there with him. So why do I still believe in what he says when there has been so many times that he forgotten about us? If he keeps pushing me away like that, then why do I need to chase after him?

I look up at him to see if he has anything to say. I let out a small gasp. Bucky’s face had changed. He looks so pale. He holds his hand to his head and backed into the wall. He lets out a small groan.

“God, I have a splitting headache.” He says while holding his head.

I didn’t move for a minute. I watch his body shiver. I finally approach him when I finished crying. Without a word, I helped him up and let him lean on me as I lead him to the bed.

I’m torn between being a friend and an enemy of this guy. I don’t know what to do about my own emotions anymore. I can’t stay mad at him without him having these moments. I can’t stay sad without him making me feel guilty about it. Am I not my own person anymore? Why can’t I just leave him? He’s said enough things to make me leave him for good.

He lies down on the bed, holding his hand over his eyes. I watch him carefully. His lips are quivering and his body is still shaking. Why do I choose to stay with him anyways? What kind of hope am I holding on right now for us? The only thing binding us together is our past. But if I’m the only one that remembers of our past, isn’t that bond long broken then? Why am I fighting to keep it?

Why am I doing any of this?

“I’ll go get you a drink.” I say weakly. When I get up, I feel his metal hand tugging on my arm. I look at him surprised. His right hand still over his eyes.

“Please don’t leave me…” He pleads. I watch him closely before sitting myself back onto the bed. His memories coming in and out like this, it is no longer a surprise for me.

How am I going to help him if he can’t even think properly? Or even how am I able to stay mad at him if he doesn’t feel like his brain is going to explode?

“Are you okay?” I ask him. I brush the hair away from his face.

He doesn’t respond. But his metal hand finds its way down from my arm to my hand. He holds it tightly. A sense of nostalgia. The same hand that always seek mine after his painful nightmares.

“Y/N…” He whispers my name. A small tear escapes his eyes. I gasp.

“Bucky?” I lean over him, placing my other hand on his arm. I pull it away from his face. His eyes are closed shut, but it was a little wet.

“Damn. Why do my memories of you always come back only when you’re around?” He says.

I look at him within the dimly lit room. Out of nowhere, he sits up and pulling me into a tight embrace. My heart jumps at the sudden gesture. I widen my eyes while looking at him.

“I can never trust my own mind after all…” His voice shaking and broken. I place my hands against his waist.

“Bucky?” I call out softly to him.

This brings me back to the nights when he’d sit up from a nightmare and right into my embrace. Then he’d hold me so tightly that I was left with red marks underneath my shirt the next morning.

My mind is blank. What am I supposed to do right now? Am I not still furious at him for the things he said just now? But all I could feel right now is defeat and pain. I couldn’t feel anything else. Though, this sudden embrace did spark something back within me.

He pulls himself away from me, watching me carefully with his tender blue eyes. He brings his hands to cup both of my cheeks, eyes lingering around my face. I hold the wrist of his metal arm while doing the same to him. Examining every feature of his face. The gorgeous features that I always adore watching for nights on end.

The lines on his forehead, the darkness underneath his eyes, the growing stubble: all had been the same ones I had seen countless times. Then his eyes. His blue eyes showing the very emotions he felt during those fearful nights.

“Bucky?” I say quietly. What is he thinki—  

The response I received was his lips against mine. It had taken me by surprised. But I closed my eyes, letting myself melt into it. His lips dances around on mine, oh, so gently. The warmth and roughness of them pouring back the love I have been trying so hard to forget into my heart. His hand moves down to my waist while mine move up to his cheek to pull him deeper into the kiss.

I memorize every inch of his lips against mine. Tasting it. Feeling it. Enjoying it. He pulls me into his body, keeping me tightly against him as we engage in the passionate kiss. I pull away for a moment to breathe in, but he was impatient. He presses his lips against mine again quickly, kissing me as though his life depended on it.

He moves his lips down to my jawline and neck. He whispers my name against my neck. Leaving tender kisses down against my skin. My insides shiver at the sensation of his lips and loose hair brushing against my sensitive skin. I run my fingers through his hair, slowly getting lost in Bucky’s passion.

His metal hand tangled in my hair as he pulls my head to the side to have more access to my neck. His flesh hand holding my waist down against him, keeping me from moving anywhere. I moan out from the way his lips run along my neck. My body shivers in delight at his gentle yet needy touch.

Is this what it feels like? Is this what love truly feels like? Was this the love that I had been craving from Bucky this whole time? Is this what people do when they are in love with one and another?


My eyes flew open before I pull myself away from him in that instance. Bucky looks at me, surprised at my sudden move. The pain of my heartbreak returning so quickly that it threw me off. I had forgotten all about her.

What is this? What did we just do?

“I…I’m sorry. I…” Bucky’s grip on me was tight. I try to pry myself away from him, but his grip was too strong.

“P…Please let me go. I can’t. We can’t do this, Bucky.” I pleaded with him, feeling the tears threatening me again. What have I done?

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asks, looking at me. I shake my head. He finally loosens his grip on me. I stumble onto the floor and get back up on my feet.

“T…This is wrong. So wrong…” I say as I tore my own heart open this time. I had enjoyed the way Bucky held me. The way he looked at me. The way he kissed me. But, he doesn’t belong to me. He belongs to someone else.

I take one last look at Bucky. His eyes showing a mix of confusion and pain. I finally let more tears loose. Without another word, I run out of the room. I scramble down the stairs past Steve and Sharon.


Steve calls out to me, but I had left out the door to my car. I drive home immediately.

My head and chest feels tight. I felt guilty, hurt and used from Bucky’s kiss. Even though I enjoyed it, I felt horrible. I love Bucky and wouldn’t do anything to ruin his happiness. But there I was, in a dark room alone with another woman’s husband, kissing him. My world shift around as my heart fills with regret.

My intentions had been to help him seek that happiness he craves with the woman he loves, Rosaline.

Not to ruin it.

★ ★ ★

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Akira, Ryuji, Makoto and Anne having a closeted gay S/O

Warning! Angst and mentions of homophobia and abuse from parents

•Akira would understand why their S/O kept their relationship a secret
•He wouldn’t push things to far, when at S/O place he wouldn’t get affectionate and act just like friends
•he knew how S/O’s parents were and didn’t want to put S/O in danger
•but sadly secrets and stay hidden forever
•turns out S/O’s father saw them when they were on the train together
•his father saw them kiss goodbye and waited till they got home to say something
•Akira got worried when S/O didn’t reply to any of his texts later that night
•his heart was thumping against his chest as he made his way towards S/O’s place
•he had just gotten out of the station when Akira caught sight of his boyfriend
•his heart stoped when he saw the state of S/O
•the black eye and split lip stood out the most
•before Akira could even say anything his boyfriend spoke
•"they found out about us…“
•that one sentence filled Akira with rage, his own parents did this to him? How could someone do that to their own son
•"I need to break up with you, they said I have to” by now his S/O his sobbing into his hands
•Akira couldn’t seem to speak, all he could do was pull his S/O into his arms and hold them tight
•"I don’t want to break up Akira! I love you! I love you so much!“
•That was the last straw for Akira, there was no way in hell that he would let S/O go back
•"Your coming back with me… Sojiro will understand”
•he doesn’t let his S/O argue. He holds his hand the whole way back to the cafe
•the whole way back to the cafe Akira is planning, he knows he can’t talk to S/O’s parents but… he might just be able to change their hearts

•Ryuji knew about his S/O’s parents
•He knew they disagreed hence why his S/O kept their relationship a secret
•Ryuji does take some more risks then Akira does though
•when they are at his boyfriends place he does so subtle things
•they’ll hold hand under the table, sit closer together stuff like that
•but one day Ryuji got a call from his boyfriend asking to meet up
•he knew something was wrong the minute he heard S/O’s voice
•they meet at the park, the place where they had countless dates
•Ryuji’s breath hitched when he saw S/O leaning against a tree
•his lip was cut and his nose looked as if it was broken
•"S/O! Who did this to you! I swear if I find them!“
•S/O is quick to cut him off
•"my parents found out… t-they saw us when we were in my room yesterday”
•Ryuji’s blood ran cold when he heard that
•his parents did this? He knew what it felt like to have shitty parent thanks to his dad but this? Why would they hurt such a perfect son?
•"I have to break up with you Ryuji, they’ll hurt you if I don’t! I want to protect you!“
•it’s his S/O who needs protecting not him, but Ryuji can’t seem to say that out loud
•"but I can’t! I just can’t! I love you Ryuji…. god I love you so much but I can’t let you get hurt!”
•Ryuji losses it then. He pulls his boyfriend into a higher embrace, hiding his face from them
•he’s crying himself
•"don’t say that, don’t worry about me. I’ll help you. I’ll talk to your parents… stay with me this week, we’ll work something out"
•yeah Ryuji Was going to talk to his parents… he was going to give them a piece of their mind and change their hearts

•Makoto knew her girlfriend was secretive about their relationship but she didn’t know why at first
•when they were at S/O’s place S/O was very unaffectionate
•makoto put two and two together and guess S/O hadn’t come out yet
•it wasn’t confirmed until she got a text telling her to meet up with S/O at the train station
•she never would have expected what would happen next
•she was smiling when she saw her S/O
•well until she saw her tear streaked face and the red mark on her cheek
•"S/O…? Oh my god what happened did someone attack you? Come on we can go to sis and…“
•"We should break up…” that was all S/O said. Her eyes looked dead
“H-huh?” Makoto couldn’t believe what she was hearing
•"My mother… she… one of her friends saw us together and it got back to mother, she put two and two together and" S/O broke down then
•makoto froze, her… her mother did this? How could someone feel so much hate that they would hit their own child?
•"I love you Makoto, I always will but maybe it’s for the best if we stop seeing each other"
•S/O didn’t even get to finish that sentence before Makoto kissed her
•"no! I refuse to accept that! I love you S/O and I swear I’ll protect you at every point including this!“
•Makoto is already leading her back to her apartment before S/O can question what’s happening
•Makoto is stuck between telling Sae and getting legal help or contacting the thieves and changing S/O’s mothers heart
•either way there is no way Makoto will let ANYONE hurt her girlfriend again

•Anne never knew anything about her S/O father
•in fact she has never meet the man
•all that she knows his he’s very traditional and strict
•there are times where she felt nervous for her S/O especially when she’ll suddenly let go of Anne’s hand thinking she saw her dad
•but her worries were confirmed when she got a phone call from S/O in tears asking her to meet at the underground mall
•Anne had never ran so fast in her life
•she found her S/O standing in the corner with her head down
•she froze when her girlfriend raised her head and saw the marks on S/O’s neck
•automatically everything clicked
•S/O’s nerves, her saying her father was traditional everything made sense now
•"S/O… did your… did your father do this?”
•Anne spoke very carefully, almost hesitantly
•"Anne… my Dad found out, he… he doesn’t agree"
•Anne reached for S/O’s hands
•her S/O pulled away “We should break up Anne! This isn’t good! If my dad sees us together again he’ll, he’ll” the tears over flowed by now
•Anne wrapped her arms around her, refusing to let go
•"No, we are not breaking up! You still love me don’t you S/O?“
•her S/O nods against her shoulder
•"Good then we’ll figure this out together, but first your coming home with me, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I let you go home?”
•Anne was very good at hiding her range. Her girlfriend would never know that under her supporting smile was full on anger
•Anne was always planning on what she was going to do once she’s got the phantom thieves together
•she knows that she’ll be changing her S/O’s parents hearts very soon

Why John Laurens Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Own a Turtle

Or, Alternatively Titled, Just How Wrong You Could Be

pairing: john laurens x reader fluff!

word count: 1400

warnings: some sassiness (i hope its not… too mean), i don’t think there’s any swears, but i could be wrong

prompt/request: “Can you do a fic of laurens x Reader and the reader is head strong and sassy and they get a pet chocolate lab and a turtle? Thank you if you get to this!” from @bluu-lane

a/n: this is such a cute request, i thought it would be really good to start off the week with! lil’ fluffy, and a lil’ silly <3 also, ‘Y/G/N’ stands for ‘your grandpas name’! just a helpful tidbit for you as you read along :) enjoy! <3

John,” you told him sternly. “We are not getting a turtle.”

John stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. “But have you seen them?” he asked, turning his phone towards you. “Look how cute they are, with their little faces and-”

“They look like my grandpa,” you told him. “Every. Single. One.”

A laugh escaped his mouth and he shook his head, running a hand through his hair. “You don’t want a turtle, do you?”

“I don’t want our pet to die because you neglect it,” you answered.

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@lauwurens so a fic about Hamilton not actually intending to throw his shot away

It’s more directionless and less heartfelt than intended, and only Hamburr if you’re squinting, but it’s… something? Please enjoy these bitter awkward men

Confession time, here’s what I got. My fellow soldiers will tell you, I’m a terrible shot.”

Burr sat by the hospital bed, though he was hardly welcome. That Hamilton was certain to survive was likely the only reason. Eliza and Angelica turned between staring at him with piercing, not-quite-glares, and ignoring him entirely.

Hamilton dozed fitfully, wrist swallowed in bandages. There was little chance of him ever writing with that hand again. It was his left, less dominant hand- his right had been holding the gun, well away from his torso- but it seemed symbolic, anyways. Burr huffed at the thought, drawing the stares of everyone in the room again.

Burr had missed his target somewhat, obviously. Hamilton was now more free than ever to continue slandering him, once he got out of here. Hell, even before then, he’d probably be writing away. Burr felt relief, anyways.

He didn’t think he’d regret killing Hamilton in a fair duel, at least not totally; but it hadn’t come to that, because Burr was a terrible shot.

Hamilton started to stir. Burr left before he was fully awake, as always.

Burr stopped visiting when Hamilton was deemed safe enough to return home, knowing the limits of both his own and others’ comfort. Hamilton, apparenty, didn’t- more than one letter arriving at his doorstep, demanding a visit.

Thankfully, Burr didn’t even have to pretend to be busy. His reputation as already non-existent before the duel- that was the whole reason things had escalated so far to begin with- and now Jefferson and the rest were wasting no time slandering him. He spared a moment to consider how much worse it could have been, and then went back to work making sure he wouldn’t be chased off with pitchforks.

All the while Burr waited for Hamilton’s other shoe to drop, for more public letters about how he should be kept from power and influence. He did not expect that to come in the form of Angelica showing up in person at his doorstep.

“Can I help you with anything?” Burr asked politely, once he was done staring.

Angelica raised a brow. “You can come with me.”

“Excuse me?” Burr blinked, knowing better than to make Angelica repeat herself, but being unable to say anything else.

“You’ve been ignoring Alexander’s letters. Lord knows I’d rather not see you again, but he’s being stubborn and it’s upsetting Eliza and the children.”

Burr stared, unable to smooth the confused crease in his brow. “I’m sorry to hear that. Mr. Hamilton should understand it would be improper for me to visit, all things considered.” Then, feeling a tad self deprecating, he added, “I’ve already had to fight enough not to be arrested, any approach to his home would probably be seen as an attempt to finish the job.”

Angelica gave Burr a deadpan stare. “Wear a cloak or something then. I don’t care, but you are coming with me.” She enunciated her words, all too serious.

Burr took a step from the door, suddenly wary. “I’m sorry, but I can not. Good night.” He moved to close the door. Angelica’s boot caught in the doorway.

“I’m not leaving.” Her eyes flashed.

Burr sighed. He wasn’t even sure why he was avoiding it so much; Hamilton always got his way when he was stubborn like this. “I don’t even know what I’d say, or what he even wants to hear,” He admitted.

Angelica was unmoving, as expected. “Perhaps that is why you need to talk.”

Burr sighed again, a weary exhale. “Fine, I’ll get my coat.”

When Burr arrived, Hamilton didn’t start speaking. He just stared, silent and unnerving, until Burr was forced to break the silence himself. “Hamilton, I don’t know what you want to hear from me.” He almost surprised himself with how easy it was to be frank, but it was hard to worry too much about formalities with a person when you’ve shot them.

“Well,” Hamilton spoke slowly. “Do you regret it?”

Burr narrowed his eyes, considering. “The duel itself? No, not really.”

“No, I know why all that happened,” Hamilton smirked, but it looked more like a grimace. “I meant that you got my hand instead of my side.”

“You’re asking if I regret not killing you when I had the chance,” Burr stated plainly. “If you just forced me here to guilt me into apologies, I’m leaving.” He stood up, just to make his point.

Hamilton’s good hand grabbed his jacket, grip surprisingly tight. Burr paused. “I forced you to come here so I could apologize.” Hamilton corrected, something strange in his eyes. Something strange that reminded Burr of nostalgic times, back when their opposition to the other was far more friendly and far less bitter.

“Apologize for what?” Burr couldn’t keep the incredulity from his voice. “You not apologizing for the slander is what brought the duel on, so it’s not that. I’m the one who challenged you, so you’re not sorry for that, and you certainly can’t be sorry for being the one who was shot!” Adrenaline filled Burr for the first time since the duel as words spat from his lips. He suddenly wanted to pace, but Hamilton’s hand still gripped his jacket in a deadlock.

Hamilton laughed, deep from the chest. The reaction was so unexpected that Burr paused, wind taken from his sails. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but talk less.”

Burr gaped, and then snorted despite himself. “That’s rich, coming from you.”

“Oh, I know,” Hamilton smiled, but the corners of his lips quickly dropped. “I could have stood to listen to you a bit more, back then. You probably were just trying to help.”

Burr hummed. “You mean I wasn’t being pretentious and unhelpful, just because I was already in a position of influence?” Hamilton winced slightly at Burr’s words, a repetition of one of his quite loud complaints in the past. He’d never taken it back his entire life, Burr didn’t know what to do now that he actually was.

“I need to apologize because I was intending to shoot you,” Hamilton finally admitted.

Burr tried to make sense of the sentence. “That’s the entire point of a duel?”

“No, well I mean, you’re right. But I was going to tell people I threw my shot. It was in my letters and everything.”

Burr paused again. “But- you made no indication of throwing the shot. You had your gun, and your glasses, and you weren’t raising it away.” He thought about it a moment longer. “But if I drew first and killed you, it wouldn’t have mattered.”

Hamilton nodded, head dipping down. “If I won, I’d burn the letters. If I lost, you would lose, too.”

Burr sat down again heavily, staring at his hands. He shouldn’t have been surprised- it was smart, and they were the opposite of friends, now. “Why tell me this? Why not still go through with it?” If Hamilton had brought him here to say this, he was clearly dropping that plan. But, “You could use it to raise your status again, potentially.”

“Burr, I’m tired.” Hamilton loosed a long sigh. “My political career is ending, maybe it’s already over, and I wanted to use my own potential death as a final act of revenge.”

Hamilton stared into Burr’s eyes- he did look tired, exhausted even. “It is rather draining,” Burr admitted. He wouldn’t pretend he was much better.

Hamilton huffed, almost but not quite a laugh. “I told Eliza everything. She’s the one who insisted I speak to you. After telling me off herself, anyways.”

“Should I be thanking her?” Burr wondered aloud. “Does this even change anything?” 

“I don’t know, do you forgive me?” Hamilton shrugged. He also dropped his gaze.

Burr considered. “Well, you didn’t actually go through with it,” He said, “And plus, I did get to shoot you. The duel concluded honourably, and with no casualties. I’d say we’re even.”

A small, genuine smile worked its way onto Hamilton’s face. “Like it never happened?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Burr corrected. Any other time in his life, he would have let it go with a completely false “sure”, but he found himself unable to lie after all that. “But I suppose we can move on, since the matter’s concluded.”

When it came to Hamilton, nothing was ever concluded. Hamilton could have died, and that would still be the case; he would have found some way to haunt Burr forever. The closure, however, did mean something. Burr would have to thank Eliza later.

Your Wedding with Michael

“Y/N stop, where are you going?” Michael called as he watched you strut down the dark street with no intentions of stopping. He sighed, following you at a leisurely pace, knowing you’d have to stop eventually.

Their words were ringing over and over in your ear, “You’re just kids,” “You’re too young to get married,” and “You’re making a big mistake,” among some of the things they said when you and Michael had told them the news. You stopped suddenly, the words consuming you to the point where you gasped for breathe. You leaned against a building as your body began to shake but Michael got to you then, not saying anything but pulling you into his chest. You rested your head on his shoulder as he felt your breathing become steady against him.

“You know, maybe they’re right. We’re making a big mistake.” Your words cut through the air like a sharp knife. Your voice was strained and monotone as you repeated what they’d said.

“Fuck them Y/N.”

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Would You Be My Wife (Part 16)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 678

Warnings: None

“Would You Be My Wife” Masterlist

A/N: This is getting out of hand. Also, thank you to my beautiful Lyds @khaleesinarylfiel for helping me out and being my muse <3 

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

“I fucking love you and it’s bullshit! It’s just bullshit that you just leave and start a relationship with someone else without even asking me!”

“What’s there to ask? I don’t need your permission to date anyone.”

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My Poor Boy // request

Request: “Can you write a Justin imagine where he wakes up not feeling good and is throwing up and has a bad headache and he’s super cuddly nd clingy?”

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you


Justin’s POV:

I went bed 9pm and woke up three hours later and felt weird feeling in my stomach before I had to run in the bathroom. I knealed in front of the toilet seat just before puke flew out of my mouth.

When I started think about how disgusting this was it made me puke even more. Shit, I mumbled and took a few breaths before I heard a tender voice behind my back.

“Are you okay, Justin?” my girlfriend, Y/N asked worried. No I wasn’t, I thought but I still nodded her back. “Yeah, just a little nausea. Maybe there was something in that food which I ate earlier with Khalil” I mumbled and walked back to bed with her.

“Just wake me up if you need something” she mumbled and kissed my cheek before she pulled her blanket over herself. “Okay, baby” I nodded and went under covers too. I needed some sleep.

Four hours later I woke up again. My head hurt like a hell and it felt like a whole world would have been spinning around in front of my eyes when I opened them. “Y/N” I mumbled quietly and touched her shoulder. “Y/N, could you go get me a pill?” I continued and noticed her turning her head over me.

“Of course” she mumbled amd stood up the bed sleepy. She walked in tve bathroom when our medicine cabinet was and came back one minute later with a little pill and a class of water.

She touched my forehead. “You might have a fever, Justin” she mumbled and caresed my messy hair. I just nodded and put the glass on my nightstand. “Fuck this shit” I cursed under my breath and felt how my stomach started make those weird flips again.

I ran to bathroom and puked, a lot. I didn’t know how was it even possible puke that much but seemly it was. Y/N followed me there and looked me with pity. “Oh, my poor baby” she whispered and touched my back.

“This isn’t a good time to get sick at all. My tour is starting in four days” I mumbled and cleaned my mouth before Y/N helped me to bed. “Your fans will understand” she said and put a blanket over me. “But I’m sure that you’ll get better sooner than you even notice. I’ll do my everything for you” she said and wrabbed her arms around me.

“I’ll be your nurse that time. I’ll treat and medicate so you will get better again” Somehow her words made my mind full of inappropriate thoughts even I tried push them away. She giggled and probably sensed it.

“Not that kind of nurse, pervent” she said and let go off me. “And when I already started think that you could give me a head” I chuckled. She just rolled her eyes but laughed then. “In your dreams. Try sleep now, it’s my first tip to you get better”

And I did as she told.

A smell of coffee filled my nose and I opened my eyes. Y/N was sitting edge of my bed a coffee cup on her hands and smiled for me. “Good morning, sleepyhead” she greeted and put her coffee cup on the table.

“Are you hungry? I made you a sweet potato soup. My mom supposed to do that always when I was sick” she told and nodded me to open my mouth when she pushed a spoon full of soup in my mouth.

I felt like a child on that point but I didn’t care. I liked this, maybe a bit too much. Almost wished that life would be always like this, a beautiful woman would be feeding me around the clock whenever I needed it.

I let her fed me and when the plate was empty she cleaned my mouth. “Good boy” she smiled and pat my head. It made us both laugh. When she was about to leave I just wrabbwd my arms around her waist and pulled her back.

“Don’t leave” I mumbled and hugged her behind. “I’ll just bring these dishes in the kitchen. I’ll be right back” she said but I didn’t let her go. “Justin” she sighed and looked me. “Just ten seconds” she said and I let go.

“Okay, I’ll count and if you’re not back on that time, I’ll make you pay later about it” I smirked proudly amd made her chuckle. “Your time starts now.. one..”

She ran downstairs like a rocket. “Two.. three.. ” I counted and heard how she washed the dishes. “Hurry up, baby. Four.. five… ” She put the plates and mugs in the cabinet and started run back upstairs. “Six… seven.. eight.. ” I said louder and a smirk spread on my lips. She couldn’t make it, I though but then I saw her appear on the door.

“A second earlier than I promised” she  said breathless and sat next to me. “Do you feel any better?” she asked when I let my head fell over her shoulder. “Yeah, a bit. Especially when you’re here with me” I said and I knew that she smiled even I didn’t look over her.

“Would you like to watch some movie or something?” she asked quietly while her hand caresed my back. “Yeah, The Notebook would be nice” I said and made her giggle. “It’s third time on this week when you ask for it”  However this time she accepted my wish and went search the dvd from our film box.

“Found it” she mumbled herself and went put the disk inside. “I hope that you’re happy now” she said sarcastic. “Yeah, I’m happy now” I mumbled and opened my arms so she could lay her head on my chest.

“Tell me then if you feel bad so I have a time to move away and let you go to bathroom. I don’t want any puke over me” she commented minutes later the movie had started. “Don’t worry, I would ever do thing like that to you, baby” I whispered. “I feel actually a lot of better already. You totally know how to make me feel good”

Replacement Payment (MATURE)

Hearing the knock at the door that I’d been expecting all night, I hurried to my feet to unlock the door and answer it. The darkness of the streets contrasted with the brightness of the house.

Justin stood just outside the door but walked inside almost as soon as the door opened. “Hey,” He slid his jacket off his body, revealing a black shirt that let me appreciate his toned arms. I tried not to stare.

“D'you have a good night?” I smiled politely, and tore my eyes away from him reluctantly as I proceeded to grab my bag from beside the couch.

“Yeah, it was great to catch up with the guys, I haven’t been able to in so long, you know..” He chuckled, trailing off. He glanced down at the ground before looking up at me and licking his lips. I tried not to look in his direction while he seemed to watch me intently. “Uh, thank you, for watching her. I couldn’t have had such a great night without you.”

Something was wrong. Actually, I wouldn’t say wrong exactly, just different. The air seemed tense and as though he was on edge, like he was thinking more than he was saying.

“It’s no problem.” I waved it off, looking up at him. “She’s upstairs fast asleep. You can call me, a-anytime.” I stuttered when I caught his gaze. We stayed like that for a few more moments.

He took a large intake of breath. “Y'know,” He walked ever so slowly towards me, making my eye twitch in confusion. “Being a single parent can be tough. You don’t have kids, do you?” He waited for my answer, I shook my head. “It’s tough. You’ve got the constant stress and the pressure to raise your kid right, all by yourself. At the end of the day there’s barely any time that I have for myself.” He licked his hips once more.

“Oh, but your daughters absolutely lovely.” I smiled at him. “I’ve never met such a well behaved girl before and she’s the cutest little thing!” I gushed, and he smiled proudly for a moment but also looked a little agitated as though I was directing the conversation away from where he wanted to go.

“Thank you,” He smiled politely, because he had to. “but either way, being a parent has its downsides.” He muttered, I hadn’t noticed how much closer he had gotten until I realised I had to look up to meet his eyes.

“Really?” I was unsure of what he wanted me to say so I tried to politely keep the conversation going. “Like what?”

He moved his head down to mine so that his lips were centimetres away from my ear. I felt a fuzzy feeling run through my jaw at the sense of knowing he was so close he could touch me there. He took a breath. “I haven’t cum in weeks.” His whispers made me shiver and his words made the sensation more powerful than ever.

“O-Oh?” I gulped, letting my eyes fall shut. I tried to remain calm so that I wouldn’t react inappropriately.

“Mhm.” He moved away and looked down at me casually, as though what had just happened, never had. “I’ve got no time to get off because I’m always too busy. Like I said, it’s difficult.” He watched me.

I glanced around. “You’re not busy now.” I shrugged, my hands tightened around the strap of my bag and I realised then that my palms were sweating.

I watched as his tongue glided across his lips. I’d only been in his presence, in total, about fifteen minutes and I’d decided he had a habit of doing that. It was a lovely habit though, for me at least.

His nostrils flared as he let out a heavy breath. “Listen.” He moved his hands into his pockets of his jeans. “I have a proposal.”

“Okay?” I tried not to look at him too suspiciously.

“I wanna pay you in a way that is so much better than money, for both of us.” He raised an eyebrow as his face softened. I noticed that his attention never left me.

“What is it?” I bit down on my lip out of habit. I tried to ignore the way my heartbeat sped up when he got closer once more. His mouth returned to their previous spot near my ear.

“Let me fuck you,” He rasped, I felt the hot of his breath on my neck and the slight smell of alcohol ran passed my nose. For the first time, his hand touched my waist. “We’ll just call it a replacement payment.” He chuckled softly.

“So you get off and you get away with not paying me. I see how this benefits you.” I scoffed at him, but he just dug his fingers deeper into the skin on my waist. It burned as I continued to think about his touch and how much I was loving it.

“Trust me. I’ll have you shaking after just one orgasm.” His words melted into my ear. “And I’ve also had excellent feedback from my skills of eating out.” I couldn’t quite see his face but I knew he was smirking and it irritated me.

“Then why’d your wife leave you, Mr Bieber?” He didn’t give me chance to grin in triumph because his lips were on mine and he was letting out some sort of growl.

His lips moved against mine sloppily and I found myself giving into him and pushing back. I felt his hand come to the back of my head, taking a handful of hair inbetween his fingers. He moaned softly. My bag hit the floor after falling from my shoulder that was now slumped.

He quickly moved my hair away from my neck and began leaving open mouthed kisses, he sucked but not too much that he was aiming to leave marks. “Let’s go upstairs.” He grabbed my hand but I stayed put.

“Sir, your daughters upstairs-”

“Oh, ‘sir’ makes me feel old. I’m only a few years older than you. Don’t call me that, call me Justin.” He slowly edged me towards the stairs as he distracted me with the subject of what to call him. “And it looks like you’ll just have to keep quiet then, won’t you?” The smirk was on his face again. “Honestly, she sleeps like she’s hibernating, a tornado wouldn’t wake her.” He mumbled, making me chuckle.

Quietly, I followed Justin up the stairs, cringing when they creaked. I felt his hand in mine and my heart stammered although I wasn’t sure why. He directed me through the darkness.

We reached a room that had no familiarities to me but to Justin, was what he knew every single night. He closed the door behind me and switched the light on. I didn’t have time to do anything as his lips were on mine again.

The room was silent, it was only our increasingly heavy breath and the sound of our lips detaching and attaching over and over that could be heard. His hands cupped my face while mine rested on his arms.

His hands changed the sweet intimacy and moved to the end of my shirt, he slid his hands underneath it subtly. I didn’t react when the warmth of his hands ran up and down my back. I wanted more. “Take it off.” I whispered, my eyes still closed while around tongues touched every now and then.

“Mm, forward; I like it.” He chuckled deeply. His hands we’re quick to grab the end of my shirt and pull it over my head and through my arms. He hadn’t even looked down at my chest before he had his lips on my once more. However, I felt his hands trailing up my stomach and cupping my boobs through the lace of my bra. “How did you know lace makes me crazy?” He mumbled against my lips.

“Luck, it seems.” I giggled, I smiled as I did, it caused my teeth to clash with Justin’s a few times. I concentrated on the pressure his hands were putting on my nipples.

He pushed me back against the door, making me gasp at the cold on my bare back. He pulled away but only for a moment, to pulled his shirt of his head. “Quick question; are you on the pill or am I needing to wrap up?” He asked as he dropped his shirt to the floor carelessly.

“Oh, the pill.” I smiled shyly, feeling a little flustered at his obvious indication of what we were about to do; it seemed to suddenly hit me and cause me to become embarrassed.

Noticing that his shirt was now off, my eyes fell on his tattoos first. He had more than I’d expected. While one arm only contained half a sleeve, the other was completely filled with various tattoos from top to bottom. His chest and stomach also had some interesting ink, that took me to realising just how beautifully toned his body was. “If you’d like to stop staring, I’d love to give you something a lot more pleasing on both of our parts.” He grinned, pulling me close again.

His hands were quick to move around my back and begin to fumble with the clasp my bra. “I can’t wait to get you naked and fuck the life out of you.” He whispered into the silence. Once my bra was discarded to the floor, he let his hands trail across my nipples while his eyes rested on my face, as though awaiting a reaction. And he got one as I gasped.

“Fuck, you’re so hot.” He said, his fingers added more pressure as they rubbed circles on my sensitive spots. The friction caused the pain to mix with the pleasure instantly. “Why do you think I picked you for a babysitter?” He was grinning, it was all he seemed to do, I thought.

Tired of the waiting, I took his jeans in my fingers and began to unbutton them. He groaned when I unzipped them; my fingers brushed against his bulge that was increasing in size. I shuffled the jeans down his legs and over his feet, leaving him in just his boxers.

I fell to my knees. He watched me closely while I held the hem of his underwear with my pointer finger. I looked at him daringly as I slid them down as slow as I could. They passed over his length (to which he hissed), passed his thighs, his lower legs and eventually hit his feet. I ran my tongue along my teeth while face to face with cock.

He smirked proudly, practically beaming down at me. I kept my eyes on him while I pressed my tongue against his dick and slid it up. He let out a throaty grumble at the small spark of pleasure. “Fuck, it’s been so long.” He laughed so softly, the noise vanished into the air not long before it left his mouth.

I moved my tongue up until I eventually reached his tip. I took it and kept going until half of his length had disappeared into my mouth, to this, he choked out a moan. I let my fingers press into his thighs as I supported myself.

“Suck it. Harder. Faster.” He ordered, but at my own pace, I glided my mouth up and down him. I gagged subtly whenever his cock touched the back of my throat. I felt every aspect of him against the inside of my mouth, I moaned against him. “Oh, God.” He whispered, letting out a moan that was so melodic, I wanted to hear it another time. And when I did, I wanted it again and again.

I began bobbing my head faster, adoring the sounds of his pleasure and the way he pushed his hips to meet my lips ever now and then.

I was aiming to feel him release into my mouth, but we clearly had different views because after around five minutes he politely pulled out of my mouth. “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop and I want you to feel me filling you up.” He said, making me shake at his words. He had so much effect on me that I was only now just having the fortune to discover.

Before I was fully aware, he was dragging my jeans down my legs, I let my hands touch his hair on his way down. I stepped out of them and watched as he didn’t come back up and face me. Instead, he fell to his knees.

Stood in just my underwear, I squeezed my thighs together instinctively but he used his hands to part my legs roughly. His thumb rubbed up and down my clit through my underwear, causing my dampness to spread. He hummed softly.

I let out a shaky breath when I felt his own breath hitting my thigh, it was hot. “These are getting in the way.” He sounded genuinely displeased. Taking his fingers, he pulled my underwear down my legs quickly, quicker than I did his own. He sighed. “Look at you,” He whispered before leaning forward and kissing the area of my clit. He did this multiple times as he moved down, leaving small pecks.

My hand went to the back of his head and pushed it towards me. He laughed at this, but he gave me what I wanted. He pressed his lips down on my clit with force as he sucked gently. It sent vibrations when he hummed. His jaw moved up and down continuously, I moaned when I felt his tongue pressing down on my clit.

“Fuck,” I whispered, trying not to make too much noise but I already knew that that was going to be far too difficult later on.

His hands trailed up my thighs and around to my ass, taking it in his palms. I felt his fingers digging with power into my skin. “Oh my God, Justin.” My voice was louder then, making him pinch me.

He pulled away for a moment. “Wake up my daughter and you’re in big trouble.” He whispered before replacing his lips with his fingers, moving them through the wetness his lips had created and brought intense pleasure to my clit. “You’re so wet already.” He let out a long sigh as he climbed to his feet. I refrained from pouting. “As much as I wanna taste you right now, we’ll save that for after you’ve come all over my dick.” His lips fell onto mine again, pushing me back.

He kept going until I fell onto his bed. Pulling away from my lips he let me shuffle up so that I was in the centre before he towered over me. I whimpered while he let his hands grab at my boobs, he played with my nipples with his fingers. “Shit.” He groaned, his hands moved and trailed around my body randomly, I arched my back at the small sensual act. “You ready? I don’t think I can wait any longer.” His breathing was heavy for some reason, I simply nodded as my heart began to speed up.

I watched as he lined himself up at my entrance, I took the time to appreciate the look on his face as he pushed into me slowly. His eyes fluttered and his mouth fell open while he gripped at the sheets, I don’t think he had control of any of those things.

“So long. Too long.” He whispered, indicating to how long it had been since he’d had such pleasure. “Ready for your payment?” He smiled, his eyes were still closed as he did so. I waited for them to open and when they did, they burned into my own.

“I’m ready.” I giggled. It was cut short when he pulled out of me and slammed into me making me gasp. He growled while I let my mouth fall open.

His hips found a perfect rhythm that seemed to work amazingly for the both of us. They slammed every few seconds at an increasing speed. I was unable to hold back my moans. “Come on, keep quiet.” He muttered against my neck. “All I wanna do is make you scream my name and show me how good I’m making you feel but we can’t risk it.” Once again, he sounded genuinely disappointed that such a thing wasn’t possible under these circumstances.

“Justin,” I bit down on the dryness of my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning any louder than I already have.

The strain of having to keep quiet while we were both in the trance of such immense pleasure made the whole thing a lot more exciting and I found myself pushing my hips up to meet his.

“Fuck, do that again.” I noticed the way he shook when my hips touched his. I found the feeling of him deep inside, touching the back of my walls, too much to handle. My hands reached his back.

He slammed into me with so much more force every now and then, almost like he was trying to catch me off guard; like he wanted me to let out a loud cry.

“I love watching you almost cracking; the way you shake while keeping your mouth firmly shut, it’s a beautiful sight.” He said, taking my left boob in his hand, rubbing his palm against the hardness of my nipple, he seemed to be awaiting a gasp. And he wasn’t disappointed. I gasped into his ear.

Our hips moved in a perfect way and wanted to carry on but I felt my lower body becoming tired. He hissed, and I realised I had been clawing at his back due to the pressure of keeping quiet. “Shit, I-I’m sorry.” I stuttered, half from embarrassment, half from the way he thrusted into me, gliding perfectly along my walls.

He laughed softly. “Don’t apologise. I’m all for turning pain into pleasure.” He took a chunk of my neck into his mouth and bit, obviously leaving marks for the next day, I let out a similar hiss to what had left his throat a few seconds ago.

“J-Justin, I’m so close.” I was breathing heavy now. All of a sudden I realised how hot the room had become and how clammy our bodies where as they pressed against each other.

“Fuck, me too. I’m surprised I didn’t cum about ten minutes ago, you’re the first I’ve had in so long. And you’re not disappointing.” He let out a breath of air that blew down my chest. His cheeks were becoming red, as mine probably were. “You’re becoming tighter by the second. God, you’re so good. I do not regret this.” He chuckled darkly, his tongue licked where he’d previously bit.

“Justin, please.” I found myself raising my legs and wrapping them around his waist. It caused him to reach deeper parts of me and we both let out a deep moan of appreciation.

“Oh God.” He sped up instantly but his thrusts were sloppy and uneven. I raised my hips up slightly. “Keep scratching my back.” He muttered, almost as though he was embarrassed to confess.

I chuckled as I let my hands trail over his shoulders and down his back. I took my nails and dug them into his back, slowly pulling them up to his shoulder blades. He grunted roughly.

“[Y/N]. Oh, God.” He moved swiftly in and out of me but I still felt his hips shake. “Cum. Cum with me.” He spoke quickly and about four seconds later I knew why.

He began to let out groan and groan and it encouraged me to reach my peak. “Shit!” A gasp emitted from my mouth when I felt that feeling in my stomach. I began to write beneath him.

“Fuck, you look beautiful when you cum.” He clenched his jaw, slamming into me impossibly hard, and I tried hard to keep quiet.

We each collapsed, relaxing in each other’s presence. I felt his breath running down my chest. “Shit.” He whispered. “I almost forgot what an orgasm felt like.” He chuckled for what felt like the hundred time that night.

“Thank you for my payment.” I grinned as I chuckled, my chest still heaved, as did his.

“Don’t get tired. I’m not done paying you.” His lips met mine for another time, taking me by surprise.