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Being a maid from another kingdom and visiting Narnia would include


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  • the royal family of your kingdom going to Narnia hoping to marry the princess with one of their kings
  • king Edmund, to be more specific
  • you’d be one of the princess’ maid who had been brought along
  • your kingdom having extremely severe laws
  • no sense in your opinion, but you had to follow them anyway
  • and you didn’t expect to have any contact with the Narnia royal family at first
  • until the princess asked all her maids to go look for the king so they could go out for a walk and get to know each other better
  • luckily you were the one who managed to find him first
  • “Pardon me, Your Majesty.” you called him shyly into the library, causing him to raise his dark eyes from his book to you. “The princess is requiring your company for a walk.”
    The king let out a tired sigh when he heard the word ‘princess’, which made you want to laugh but hid it in a smile. He didn’t seem to have taken a liking to the royalty of your kingdom. The smile, however, vanished from your face as you suppressed your lips when saw the cover of the book the king was reading a few seconds ago.
    “It seems like a good book.” you murmured, catching Edmund’s attention as he stood up from his chair. “The image on the cover makes it look like it’s a mystery book.”
    The king looked between the woman and the book, a small smile appearing on his lips. “What’s your name?”
    “(Y/N), Your Majesty.” you made a brief courtesy. “One of the princess’ maid, Your Majesty.”
    “You do not need to call me that, you can call me-”
    “Do you prefer King Edmund? I would call you ‘My King’, but technically you are not my king, not yet at least.” you started rambling. “I have heard that you are called 'King Edmund the Just’, so if you prefer-”
    “Just Edmund is fine.” he said interrupting you, the smile still on his face, making you nod quickly. “Do you like to read mystery books, (Y/N)?”
    You shook your head slowly. “I do not know how.”
    “How what?”
    “I am very lucky to have been accepted into the castle, King Edmund.” you said. “With me working there, I guarantee food for my family, and education too, thing I never had.” you lowered your head slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I never learned to read, King Edmund.”
    He thought of correcting her again to call him just Edmund, but decided against it. Instead he suggested something that made your eyes widen before nodding quickly with a wide smile on your lips. “I can teach you how to read, if you want.”
  • from that day, when you weren’t needed, you’d meet Edmund and then he would teach you how to read/write
  • and when he thought you had learned enough for one day you would do something else together
  • usually you’d just talk in the library
  • some other days he would read some of his favorite books to you or encourage you to read to him
  • but sometimes Edmund would convince you to get out of the library with him, often so you could pull pranks on other people
  • including your princess
  • and even if you were too scared to get caught, you’d have a great time doing that
  • you starting to get fond of each other
  • you meeting secretly at night just to talk
  • you both sneaking into the kitchen and you making some traditional sweets from your kingdom for Edmund
  • “They may not be so good, after all, there’s a reason I work in the princess’s bedroom, not the kitchen”
  • but he did like them anyway (although you don’t know if he really liked it or if he was just trying to be nice)
  • he always going to you to complain about your princess
  • and even though you didn’t like her so much, you’d never say anything against her, just let him talk
  • but you’d sometimes feel the urge to complain about some things that bothered you in your life and he’d be glad to listen
  • Edmund loving to hear stories about you in your kingdom (especially if they include your siblings)
  • him borrowing a horse for you and suggesting taking you for a ride during the night
  • and then you’d tell him that you had never ridden a horse
  • and he wouldn’t hesitate to teach you
  • surprisingly you’d get the hang of it quickly
  • after that, sometimes, you both would go out to ride the night
  • some days the princess would go and see him dueling
  • and Edmund would try harder these days than he normally would
  • not because the princess would be there, but because she always brought her maids with her, you included
  • and he’d want to impress you
  • now that you were getting better at writing, Edmund would insist that you should write letters to him once you returned to your kingdom
  • you starting to develop feelings for the king, but denying having them as much as you could
  • little did you know that Edmund was starting to have feelings for you too
  • and he, unlike you, didn’t try too much to deny them
  • he’d even tell Lucy about it
  • and you’d notice that the valient queen had started to send knowing glances to you
  • you and Edmund smiling discreetly at each other when you were in the presence of other people
  • Edmund giving you hints that he was liking you, but you not getting any of them
  • until one day
  • you were once again training your handwriting as he read a book beside you
  • well, he tried to, but he was too distracted thinking about you
  • you were trying not to be distracted by the man next to you, trying hard to focus on the shaky words you wrote
  • but you couldn’t help but let your thoughts focus on him
  • thinking about him, especially about his lips
  • You looked at the king, your eyes slightly wide, your cheeks heating. “I’m going crazy.” you murmured more to yourself than to him, feeling a sense of guilt going through you. “I’m so sorry, Ed.”
    That made Edmund take his eyes off the book he wasn’t reading, raising one eyebrow at the woman. “Why are you saying that?”
    “I’m having these thoughts lately, thoughts that could cost my head if you were from my kingdom.” you felt your cheeks heat up even more, making you look away from him to your lap. “Improper thoughts for a maid to have about a king.”
    You refused to look at him, feeling the embarrassment take over you. You didn’t want to see his reaction at all. The only thing you hoped for was that he wouldn’t tell anyone about that or you could already consider yourself dead.
    Your gaze only met Edmund’s again when he placed his hand on your chin, making you look at him, which made you realize that his face was much closer to yours than it was a few seconds ago.
    “In your kingdom, what would happen if your king had improper thoughts about a maid?” he asked in a slightly hoarse voice as his eyes alternated his gaze between your eyes and lips.
    “She dies.” you answered in a low voice, feeling your heart beating faster the more Edmund got closer to you.
    “So I’m glad I’m not your king yet.” he murmured before finally pressing his lips against yours in a long, sweet peck.
    You felt yourself smiling as you pulled away, watching Edmund smile too. But your smile soon disappeared from your face when reality hit you again. Enough is enough.
    You quickly stood up from the chair you were sitting in, seeming to scare the king with your sudden movement. You tried to look as serious as you could.
    “It was very kind of you to teach me how to read, Your Majesty, and to write and ride a horse, but our time seems to have come to an end, since you will soon be my princess’ husband, and, apart from that, if everything happens as planned, I’ll be back home in a few days.” you started and Edmund seemed to be about to cut you off, but you continued. “If I get caught with the king, Your Majesty, I’m not even sure what would happen to me and… And my family would live in misery again.” you took a deep breath, walking toward the door. “And I will not let them suffer just because I have feelings for the wrong man.”
  • after that you would start to avoid him at all costs (especially when the princess brought you to his duels, where he’d try to contact you in some way)
  • and Lucy, too, after she’d started trying to talk to you about it too
  • and you’d be praying that the day you’d go back home would arrive soon
  • until one day you were walking through the grounds of Cair Paravel with another maid and you’d ended up hearing an argument about your princess between Peter and Edmund
  • you quickly get out of there, pulling the other maid along with you (although she wanted to stay to hear everything)
  • “It seems the king is not very pleased with the princess, is he?” she said suppressing a laugh.
  • you trying to avoid thinking that it was because of you, trying to convince yourself that even if Edmund hadn’t met you he would still complain about the princess to his brother
  • but you couldn’t avoid the truth anymore when he finally convinced you to talk to him
  • him telling you that he had managed to convince his brother that there would be no marriage between him and the princess
  • Your mouth was slightly open with surprise. You knew Edmund had complained about the princess, but he didn’t expect him to cancel the marriage.
    You looked at him, not believing what was happening. A small involuntary smile appeared on your face as you shook your head. Unbelievable. That couldn’t be happening.
    “It seems like the women
     from my kingdom do not please you.” you murmured in a low voice, the smile still on your face as Edmund got even closer to you.
    “Not that one.” he chuckled, a smile on his face as he placed his hand on your cheek. “But you, you’re one of the most interesting woman I’ve ever met.”
    And those were his last words before he collided his lips with yours, this time in a kiss a little rougher than the first. You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, moving your lips against his cheerfully.
    “I’m still leaving Narnia.” it was the first thing you said to him when the kiss ended, pressing your foreheads against each other. “I’m going back to my kingdom as soon as the princess is ready to go.” you pulled away from him to look into his dark eyes. “I’m still just her maid.”
    Edmund placed a strand of your hair behind your ear, smiling softly at you. “Not if you marry me.”



When you go and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation. I love you, that’s all I do. I love you.

The Tower - Chapter 3

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 3

Word Count: 2544

Warnings: Smut (M/F vaginal sex, unprotected sex)

Synopsis: Clint takes Elly to the Tower for some paperwork, and things get very real very quickly.

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston , my sunshine.

Chapters: One / Two / Three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine /ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen /

Chapter 3 - The NDA

The morning Natasha left for her month long mission, I woke tangled up with her with Clint spooning me from behind, his arm draped over the both of us.  Natasha was trying to pull herself free from me.

“Natasha?”  I whispered, as she finally pulled herself free and sat up.

She leaned down and kissed me.  “Time for me to go.  Stay in bed.  Clint rarely sleeps and if you move he’ll wake.”

“You’re just going to leave me here with him?”  I asked.  I’d never woken up with someone I didn’t know at all and somehow the fact he was an Avenger didn’t set my mind at ease.

Natasha chuckled and rubbed my leg getting up and raiding the drawer she had been keeping spare clothes in.  “He’s one of the best guys you’ll ever meet.  You have less to worry about with him than you do me.”  After she pulled on some jeans she came back over and sat down on the edge of the bed while she put on her bra and t-shirt.  “Mishka, today Clint will ask you to go to the tower to sign some paperwork.  It’s a non-disclosure agreement.  We’ve reached the point where if you talk it hurts us.  It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just something we do when things get serious.”

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12x19 Deconstruction: Part II - The Mixtape Exchange


So, yeah, there really wasn’t anything else I could possibly call this piece of dialogue, was there? Nope. Let’s set the scene:

Dean is at his computer. There’s a knock on the door. Cas opens it, pauses, and what we learn from this, by the way, is that Cas was waiting for a response and when he didn’t get one he proceeded inside, thinking Dean wasn’t there. What does this visual exposition tell us?

a) Dean’s bedroom is not off limits to Cas if Dean’s not there, because there’s trust
b) Cas didn’t come to the room looking for Dean

The reason Cas goes to Dean’s room is to get the Colt - the mixtape is just his excuse. So, then, what an utterly beautiful tool of exposition this innocent piece of prop becomes, and how incredibly well it’s used to highlight exactly what the problem has always been in this relationship: the lack of fucking communication. In fact, not only does the mixtape highlight the lack of communication, it goes further as it turns that problem on it’s head completely when, suddenly, both of these men open up to each other. And the fact that Cas is there on a mission, that he’s effectively playing Dean, doesn’t take away from all the truth that is in this exchange as well. Not that there’s complete honesty. Not just yet, but it’s coming. Oh, it’s absolutely on the horizon. It has to be. And this exchange is, as so many others, riddled with subtext which makes the interpretation of it layered to the extreme, but what I have on offer today is my take. So, here goes:

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Bug Out

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “Everything’s Better.”  It can stand on its own, but if you want to read in order, catch that one first.
Now with art by Eden Daphne!!!

“Ouch!” Marinette squealed, freezing in the middle of pulling a dress over her head.

“What’s wrong?” Chat asked, hands out, ready to help.  She’d sounded more startled than hurt, but he didn’t care for it either way.  There was also something vaguely familiar about it, but he couldn’t quite place it.

“I must’ve missed a pin,” she muttered, holding the neckline away from her as she peeled it back off.

Chat gathered the fabric and eased it back over her head, wincing at the long thin line of red down her cheek, from temple to jaw.  "Oh, Princess,“ he whispered sadly.  "You’re bleeding.”

“It’s just a scratch,” she assured him, trying to find the offending pin.

“It’s on your face, though.”  He frowned and decided their photoshoot was cancelled.  "We’ve got to get that taken care of.  Pack up.“

"But it’s just a…”

“No,” he said firmly.  He hadn’t had to show her his stern and unmovable side, so it was apparently time.  "We’re going home and I’m going to tend to that.“

She blinked in surprise.  "You’re that worried about it?”

“Please just let me take care of you,” he said, bending to press his forehead against hers in the way she liked.

“Fine.”  She sighed.  "Take me home, Chataxi.“

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The Styles Effect Pt. 2

Part One

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, a little smut (teacher Harry), feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name *Y/F/N = your friend’s name *Y/O/F/N= your other friend’s name

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aknightofagoodking  asked:

"I stabbed my last twelve brothers. Why should you be different?" With Damian and Dick, because once in a while, Baby Brats gets a little too annoyed with his oldest brother's smothering. :)

Thank you for this! I was so excited to write this one,these two are my absolute favorite to write together.

I hope you don’t mind, but since I did this prompt with Damian and Steph already I took a little liberty with the quote, and toned it down to ‘brothers’ instead. It still holds the same feeling. 


Dick found Damian in his room, surrounded by a stack of open books. They boy’s laptop rested on the ground in front of him, Damian’s attention a frown at it. He was so focused on the screen that he didn’t seem to notice Dick’s approach, so like any proper big brother Dick decided to take advantage of the situation.

He went in for a side hug so Damian wouldn’t catch his reflection in the screen, scooping his brother up in a swoop. Damian’s surprise came out in the form of a startled yelp followed by furious pushing against his arms.

“Put me down, Grayson!”

Dick pulled him close. “But I just found you.”

“And you are ruining all my hard work. Stop stepping on my books.”

Damian managed to wiggle his way out of Dick’s grasp, landing roughly back in the same spot he’d been sitting, except one of his feet landed on the pages of an open book and slipped. He lost his balance and fell forward, his descent into his computer stopped by Dick hooking an arm around his waist and hoisting him back into place.

He stepped around Damian’s books, noting that he may have pushed some out of the way, but he had not stepped on them like someone, with a grin. Damian shot him a glare before plopping back down on the ground, his legs crossed and attention back on his computer. He fussed with it as Dick frowned down at him.

His little brother might protest his hugs, but when he hadn’t seen him for a while he usually indulged Dick. Today something seemed a little off.

“What’s so interesting that you don’t have time for me?” he asked as he leaned over to look at Damian’s screen.

Damian snapped the laptop closed. “Nothing.” He grumbled. “You’ve done your duty and said hello. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

Dick straightened and blinked at his brother, what had gotten into him? Had Dick done something wrong? Had he forgotten a promised meeting or call with Damian? Maybe he’d missed a night of patrol they were supposed to work together on?

Whatever he’d done, it was nothing a little hugging couldn’t fix. At least that’s what he hoped. He squatted next to Damian and pushed his shoulder against his brother’s. “Nothing and you have work to do? What’s up, Dami? Did I do something?”

Damian didn’t answer him and Dick nudged his brother again before pulling him into a side hug. Damian ducked under his arm, and spun on him.

“I said I was busy, Grayson. I’ve stabbed my other brothers, what makes you think you should be any different?”

“You haven’t stabbed Cass.” Dick pointed out.

Damian blinked at him. “What does that have to do with it?”

Dick grinned at him. “She’s one of your favorites, so am I. You haven’t stabbed her, and you won’t stab me.”

“Right now, you are nearing Drake’s status.” Damian said before picking up the book he’d slipped on. He smoothed out the crumpled page he’d slipped on and closed it.

“Ouch, Little D. That hurts.” Dick said attempting to sound fake hurt, it was hard when Damian’s words had actually hurt. It wasn’t that he’d been compared to Tim, that had happened before, what hurt was how Damian was brushing him off instead of sharing what was bothering him.

He glanced at the cover of Damian’s book, it was a guide on caring for Great Danes. He cast a brief glance at the other books around them as Damian busied himself with setting aside the book. All the pages around him were filled with health information for dogs. Damian knew all there was to know about taking care of Titus. Dick knew this because the boy would talk his ear off about it when asked. Why then would he have all these books? Dick was sure the computer was pulled up with the same information.

“Damian.” He said, keeping his voice gentle. This probably set his brother’s worry alarms off, but he didn’t care. “Where’s Titus?”

Damian’s whole body went ramrod straight. His jaw clenched, and Dick noted his knuckles had gone white around the edges of the book.  

The boy sat like that for a full minute, unmoving before his bottom lip started to quiver. Dick felt a jolt of panic in his chest for both the dog and his brother. He squashed it as he reasoned that if Titus had died then Damian wouldn’t have dog care books around him.

“Alfred has taken him to the vet.” Damian’s voice was quieter than it had been, not a whisper, but it no longer held the confidence it had earlier.

Dick let himself drop from his crouch to a seat beside his brother. “What did Alfred think was wrong?”

“He believes it’s a cold.” Damian answered.

The worry in Dick’s chest eased further. “Then you don’t have much to be worried about.”

Damian shook his head. “He could be wrong.” Damian lifted the still open book so Dick could see it, and stabbed at a page with his finger. “Titus symptoms could be a host of other things.”

Dick took the book from Damian and set it aside. This was about more than Titus being sick. Damian could handle sick, he’d proved as much whenever Dick himself was sick. He took his brother’s shoulders and turned him to face him. “What’s this really about, kiddo?”

The quiver in Damian’s lip seemed to intensify. “This is my fault.” He said, and Dick felt his heart break a little bit. It was just like Damian to assume the blame for something out of his control. He could follow his brother’s logic like a straight puzzle, Damian was Titus’s owner and responsible for his health, if something were wrong it made sense Damian would blame himself.

“Dami—” Dick broke off as Damian shook his head violently.

“Don’t. I don’t deserve it.” His voice cracked and he pulled away from Dick’s hold, his eyes unable to hold Dick’s.

“It is my fault. I should have cared for him better. If only I had kept a better eye on what he was eating. Where he was going. What his status was.” Damian’s shoulders were shaking now, with what Dick wasn’t sure. It might have been anger, but he was tempted to think the cause was unshed tears.

Dick reached out and tilted his brother’s chin up so he was looking back at him. “This is not your fault.” He said. “Sometimes things happen, Dames. We can’t control everything.”

Damian bit his lip to stop the quivering. “I should have been able to.”

“No. You shouldn’t have. Do you blame yourself when I get sick? Or when Alfred does?”

Damian shook his head and Dick nodded. “Exactly. So why are you blaming yourself for this?”

“He’s mine to care for. Father trusted me with him.”

“And you’ve done an excellent job taking care of him.” Dick told him. “All this worry is proof of it. Bruce would be proud to see all the work you’ve done to make sure Titus is ok when he comes home.”

His brother nodded and took in a deep breath. “You think so?”

Dick smiled at him. “I know so. Now, let me give you a proper hug and we’ll call Alfred for an update.”

He didn’t give Damian time to reconsider or start blaming himself again. He reached forward and tugged his little brother into his arms. There was no hesitation on Damian’s part as he melted into Dick’s hug.

“Thank you, Grayson.” He said into his chest.

“Your welcome, Little D.” Dick smiled. Then after a moment he added. “Does this mean I’m back above Tim on your favorites list?”

Damian snuggled closer to him. “You never dipped below him.”

In Terms of Fire & Ice {2}

A/N: Part 2 is up! There are little hints in here regarding the other boys’ stories. If you catch them (I made them pretty obvious) which one are you most excited for? Tbh i really want to know! I’ll tag @smols-n-tols bc they’re just a great group of supportive people who yell at me whenever I lose sleep just to write lmao ily y’all

Pairing: Wanna One’s Seongwoo x Reader

Genre: Angst, fuckboi!seongwoo, rich!seongwoo, enemies to lovers!au

Word Count: Roughly 1k

Parts: 1 / 2 / 3

Bound in leather, yellow with age, the journal that sat on the third shelf of the southernmost bookshelf in the second library had been with the school since its opening in 1917. Inscribed on the first page, in cursive handwriting, were the words, “Welcome to the Cherry Pickers’ Club.”

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Changes (Simple Acts)

This is a snippet for something I am working on. This once again has not been released yet. I'm hoping this will get the creative juices flowing. Hopefully you like it.


             Draco took a deep breath as he looked to his hands, hoping they weren’t as shaky as they looked. Merlin. This was not a conversation he ever thought he would be having. Nor was it one he ever wanted to have.

                The atmosphere was tense but that was probably coming more from him than it was Granger. Part of him wished he had done this with Harry but this wasn’t his boyfriend’s battle, it was his. It was Draco’s personal battle with himself and this needed to be said without help or interference.

                Hermione peered at Malfoy curiously. She had never seen him look quite like this. It was obvious that he was nervous or upset. Which was intriguing on its own. If things were different, she might even be amused.

                “Admitting when you are wrong is far harder than it should be.” Draco whispered, still not meeting her eyes. “No one wants to be wrong. It’s easy to be right, easy to let your own ego get bigger with each vindicated situation.”

                “And when you are wrong?” Hermione wondered curiously, tilting her head to the side.

                “Then you get knocked off a perceived pedestal and nothing makes sense anymore.” Draco looked up and noticed that she didn’t look upset or even angry. Which in a way made it worse. She should be angry. If things were reversed, he would’ve hexed her long before allowing her to speak. He will never understand the mindset of nice people. They just didn’t make sense.

                “My whole life I have been raised to think one way. There was only one set path and punishments were harsh if I strayed from the beliefs being taught to me.” Draco admitted, finding the strength to look her in the eyes.

                “That sounds like an excuse and I suppose in the beginning it could be used as one. You can only blame your parents for so long. There’s only so much blame that can be cast at others before you are the only one standing left. I can blame them for their lessons, I can blame them for their absences, I can blame them for teaching me everything I shouldn’t be. I can blame them for telling me who I should be and even for their punishments. But what I can’t blame them for, is my choice to go with it.” Draco shook his head as his own mind wanted to argue and defend himself but sometimes, vulnerability speaks louder.

                “As a small child, I always felt as if something was off with some of their logic. If I had been born a muggle or a muggleborn, then people like my parents would have written me off. Even if nothing else but my status had been changed, I still would have been looked down at. That’s a privilege that shouldn’t exist. Someone shouldn’t be sneered at for something that is out of their control.” He looked into Granger’s narrowed eyes and sighed heavily.

                “Granger, there is nothing wrong with being brought up in the muggle world. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn all you can about the wizarding world. There is nothing wrong with being a muggleborn. There is nothing wrong with who you are.” Draco paused as he looked away. “And I’m sorry that I ever made you feel otherwise.”

                Hermione took in a shaky breath as she looked to the ceiling. An apology. That wasn’t entirely what she thought this conversation would be like. She had assumed that if she had ever received one from Malfoy, that it would be at Harry’s insistence and it wouldn’t be meaningful. But this? This was different. This felt real, and that scared her. Because if this was real, then she would have to let go of all this anger towards Malfoy and that, that was hard.

                “Did you know that in the muggle world, there are people who look down on me because of my skin color?”

                Draco furrowed his brows in confusion. “Why would they do that? That’s silly.”

                “I agree.” Hermione shook her head at the prejudices in both worlds that she can’t seem to run away from. “It isn’t as if I can control what I look like.” She could see the moment it clicked and made sense. Hermione watched Malfoy’s face fall slightly.

                “And to think that wizards seem to think they are better than muggles.” Draco shook his head as he tried to understand what Granger was feeling. Because that would be hard to bear.

                “It’s not all muggles that look at me like that. Just as it’s not all wizards that treat me bad.” Hermione began, folding her hands to her stomach. “But it’s enough to make self-doubt creep up and hateful whispers to make me wish that I was normal.” Her voice cracked.

                “It took a long time to realize that I am normal. That it doesn’t matter what I look like on the outside or what status I was born into. I am proud of who I am. I proud of this.” She raised one of her hands, gesturing to her skin.

                “Proud of the color that others use to define my worth. Proud of being a muggleborn. I am proud of my parents and proud that they are muggles. I wouldn’t change a single thing, because I love who I am. And that’s with the knowledge of the prejudice I face.” Hermione looked towards Malfoy and was thankful not to see any pity.

                “I thought that the wizarding world would be different. I noticed as I read my books, that there didn’t seem to be the same prejudice of the muggle world. I saw equal opportunities with those of different skin colors and I was happy. But then, I was fucking blind sighted by the prejudice against my blood status. Once again, I was treated as a second-class citizen. Someone who wasn’t worth giving a shot to. Someone who was seen as beneath others.” She clenched her fists tightly and closed her eyes. Fighting the bitter sting of tears.

                “It’s not fair. Why can’t I just be looked at on my own merits? Why can’t someone dislike me for something I have done and not the things I can’t change? Why? Why is the world like this? The prejudice of both worlds led to a horrible feeling of not belonging anywhere. I just want to be Hermione Granger. A witch and a human. I want that to be what they notice when they see me. I want to be judged properly and not with a closed mind. I just want to be treated like everyone else. Is that so wrong?”

                Draco breathed out a little shakily, not liking her tears. He didn’t know how to comfort anyone very well. He had only ever comforted Harry before. This was out of his element.

                “Can I just ask why?” Hermione asked, opening her eyes and blinking through the tears. “What is it that makes purebloods dislike muggleborns? Is it just because my parents are muggles?”

                That had Draco wincing. “There’s a few things that lead to their opinions but none of it excuses making someone else feel inferior.” He began, not noticing the slight smile she released as he looked to his hands, wondering if explaining this would be a good idea.


This will go into my next instalment of this series, once I am done writing this. Hopefully, you liked it and will give it a shot.




The corridors of that building looked different, somehow. Smaller, more claustrophobic.
There had been what felt like millions of times where I’d walked through those hallways feeling utterly abysmal, but I’d never felt lower than I did then. Maybe that’s why it literally felt like the walls were closing in on me, like they’d constrict and crush my bones at any moment.
But there was this weird fluctuation of emotions rushing through my blood that was sending me storming to Dr Jacksons office, uninvited and unscheduled and unannounced.

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The Tale of Vlad (1)

“I want-”

“You forever want something. Did your parents never teach you patience?”


“Oooh, there’s the scary eyes.” Vlad leaned back in his chair, a faint grin tugging at his lips. Even though the child was a complete pest, there was something still endearing about being around the only other halfling in existence. And the boy was quite fun to torment. “I’m trembling in terror.”

Daniel scowled and stuffed his hands into his pockets, the green glitter in his eye fading away at the admonition. “But I want-”

Vlad let the faint grin grow into a delighted sneer. “I want, I want, I want,” he teased. “How old are you again? Three?” 

The boy’s jaw visibly clenched, the muscles working under the skin. “I’m trying to ask you a question,” he finally ground out. 

“Oh? I couldn’t tell.” Putting his feet up on his desk, Vlad leaned back, hands behind his head. “Do go on, then.”

“Why do you hate my parents so much?” 

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Group: BTS


Summary: Namjoon always catches you in your embarassing moments but it seems that’s how you end up building your relationship.

Genre: drabble, fluff

Length: 1.1k

A/N: anyone want a part 2? also enjoy neighbours!au namjoon

Originally posted by rapnamu

Almost falling out of your taxi, your bare feet hit the cold pavement. With a small groan, you walked into the lobby, the air con causing you to shiver due to your short skirt. You were currently partaking in the walk of shame, so quickly you pressed for the elevator before you noticed someone leaning against the wall.

“Good morning neighbour,” a pair of dimples popped out before he ran a hand through messy lilac hair, Namjoon seemed to be completing the walk of shame as well. He was obviously extremely amused by the situation, you, however, were not. Last night may have been a laugh but you now had a pounding headache, and the dress you had worn was short and the heels too high.

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Bolder Part 3

A/N: Hey guys! So I know I said that this chapter would be out later this week. The only reason it is coming out now is because I am in bed with nothing to do. I have been working so hard this past week I was ignoring symptoms of tiredness and dizzy spells. I went to an in and out hospital place and got told I had a awful sinus infection. I was given two anti-biotics and a steroid to help. I still have a fever and I continuously get up every hour to do more work because I hate spending all day resting and sleeping. So here we go Bolder part 3. send me some asks and messages and I will get back to you.

Title: Bolder (part 3)

Pairings: Father! Burr x Daughter!reader ,  Phillip hamilton x reader

Rating: Teen

Warnings: neglect (maybe)

Word Count: 1261

Editors :  @hercreationgalaxy ,@emocomrade-jpeg

Age 17

It was Friday when I decided to run home and get a few things before going to the Hamilton’s. Phillip had offered to walk me home but I refused saying that I would only a few minutes. When I got home I noticed my father’s brief case sitting by the door and my mother’s coat hanging on the hook. Squealing could be heard from the other room. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t particularly care. I just wanted to get to Phillip’s. I carefully walked past the parlor to head for the stairs. I got my foot on the first step when I heard my name behind me. I turned around and saw my family behind me with ecstatic faces.

“I got into St.Mary’s College!” My sister suddenly screeched. I took a minute to comprehend what she was saying. I smiled slightly and went to go continue up the stairs.

“That’s great Theo. I know you really wanted to go there.” I replied trying to continue.

“Where are you going dear? We have to celebrate!” I heard my mom say with pride. Oh no. I had to get out of this.

“Well I actually already have dinner plans. Not to mention, I have a ton of homework that I have to finish.” I said stopping on the stairs but not daring to turn around and look at them again.

“Oh. Well alright we hope you have fun. There was some mail on the counter for you. I would come down and get that before you leave.” Father said before walking towards the parlor again.

“Yeah have fun Y/N.” I heard my sister say, slightly less enthused than before. I headed upstairs and grabbed my things before rushing back down stairs and towards the door. I heard a shout about mail and groaned slightly. I walked slowly back into the parlor and into the kitchen. My sister and parents were talking adamantly about her acceptance. I slipped over to the counter. I grabbed my mail and walked back out. They didn’t notice that I didn’t say goodbye.

It was warm and I was halfway to Phillips house when I decided to look at the envelopes in my hand. Only one envelope stood out of the others. It was from King’s College. I froze for a second before gingerly picking out the letter. I carefully opened the back of the letter and pulled out the heavy weighted paper inside.

‘Dear Ms. Y/N Burr,

            We are pleased to inform you that your application for the scholar program at King’s Ivy League Institute has been accepted.


I shrieked with excitement going up on my toes and dancing in place. Tears welled up in my eyes out of joy and I slapped a hand over my mouth to suppress another shout. I suddenly had a great surge of adrenaline . I ran as fast as possible to Phillip. The wind whipped my hair and I could feel the swish of my shorts on my thighs. The tank top I wore felt slightly sticky from sweat due to the warm weather and sudden physical exertion.

When I saw the Hamilton’s house I noticed Mr. Hamilton was already home and all the kids, including Phillip, were playing out on the lawn as their parents sat on the porch talking.It looked picture perfect with the wind swaying the grass and the lemonade glasses sitting on the porch table. I sped up upon seeing them all and my lungs burned slightly from my exertion. I slowed down just enough to open the gate before sprinting up the lawn. Phillip stood up upon seeing me and smiled before giving a confused look at my running. I slowed down to a stop a few yards in front of him. Everyone was looking at me. I was bent over with my hands on my knees and breathing rapidly as I looked up at Phillip again. The sun was beginning to set, letting a warm hue take over the landscape. It hit Phillip on the side of his face and illuminated his features.

“Y/N are you, ok? I mean I know you are in cross country but jesus,” he asked taking a step forward before I held up my hand as a sign for him to stop. I took a minute to regain the perfect composure that I always had. I stood up straight and smoothed out my clothes. Tucking a few stray hairs from my ponytail back in place I stood straight and perfectly poised as if nothing happened. Then I remembered exactly what happened and broke out into a huge smile as the sunset light moved over the farm house. I glanced up to see Phillip staring at me.

“Your killing us with anticipation darling. What’s going on?” I heard Mrs. Hamilton say, with her and Mr. Hamilton practically hanging over the railing of the porch trying to figure out what was going on. I suddenly had a feeling of doubt and fidgeted nervously. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal? Maybe they wouldn’t care.

“Y/N,” Phillip said. My gaze snapped met his and I searched his eyes to find nothing but awe and confusion. I took a deep breathe.

“I got into King’s College,” I said trying to keep a neutral face and voice before not being able to hold back another massive smile. Phillip charged at me and knocked me over with the force of his hug. I heard his parents shouting congratulations and dancing around on the porch. Phillips sibling stood around with confused smiles and pausing their game of tag to watch us. I could only focus on the comfort and warmth radiating from having Phillip so close. He was always around for me and I couldn’t imagine getting a better reaction from him. He was holding on so tightly as if he was reluctant to let go. He was whispering phrases and noises of congratulations and comfort. I felt him gently use his arms to lift himself over me and smile.

“You deserve this,” Phillip said seriously. He looked at me if needing me to believe it. I nodded my head slightly. He quickly stood up and held his hand out to me. I took and stood up only to immediately be hugged again by a sobbing women. Mrs. Hamilton was gripping me, laughing, spouting congratulations, and crying slightly. I felt her soft hair brushing my face. I hugged her back, while running a soothing hand up and down her back

“I am so proud of you,” She said as she stepped back with an ecstatic choked up smile on her face.

“We both are,” Mr. Hamilton said stepping up and putting a hand on his wife’s shoulder. He looked as though he was debating something in his head before rushing forwards. He pulled me into a firm and long held hug. “You are amazing and you deserve this. You have already blown us all away.” He spoke and I felt him slightly shaking in the hug. I hugged back as tears sprung to my eyes. This sense of approval and pride was not normal. I felt like this is exactly what I wanted. However, it still felt incomplete. This was not my family, they were close, but it wasn’t the same. This thought just made me grip him harder before letting go. They pulled back and smiled with pride as I felt Phillip drape his arm over my shoulder and give me another side hug.

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SPN 12x21, Eileen, and how it doesn’t make any sense

Wow. Just wow. I am still sitting, and going ‘wow!’

I am totally blown away by what happened in the last episode. I am completely blown away by Eileen’s demise. I am also completely blown away how not one piece of this part of the narrative made ANY SENSE AT AT ALL.

I sat down to write everything what was going on in my head since yesterday, because I am a logical person, and since the pieces didn’t fit, I was getting angry. Okay, here come all the pieces, and maybe some sense will follow.

Puzzles that need to fit, and don’t:

1) In the previous episode the screen in the BmoL HQ said that Eileen’s last known location was 64.23.08 N - we were once again shown it in the ‘then’ section of the episode last night. I checked it. This is not Ireland. It’s not even the UK. It’s either Alaska, Reykjavik, Northern Canada, Norway or Northern Russia. Also (drums) the tracker was updated 09:26:03 the same day Mary saw it. We don’t know how long it has been since the showdown with Ketch, Dean hearing the voicemail, and Sam getting info about Eileens death, but I assume not more than a few hours. There is no way Eileen could have been running through the woods in South Carolina the same day, when her last known satelite location was by the Polar Circle. Either the Brits don’t trust their own location system (why else would Ketch go to the South when system says Eileen is in the North?), or Eileen was being transported somewhere else in the world while Ketch was playing with the hellhound. As somebody pointed out, the shortest route to Kansas does not go through South Carolina’s woodland (it goes through Oz, but that’s for another time). 

2) The point above really just says it all, but I will note down other stuff. Like the fact that the same screen says “contact”, and the location “in transit” by Eileen’s name, while with Garth it says “no contact - werewolf protocol”. Eileen was supposed to be contacted, probably interrogated, before she was to be executed. What we see in the episode, however, is a girl being hunted like an animal. Ketch is a perfect soldier, he wouldn’t ignore the procedures just to have some fun torturing his victim (as much as he’d like to).

3) Yeah, what’s with that, too? Eileen is deaf - she doen’t hear the hellhound chasing her. Hellhounds are invisible - she doesn’t see it either. WHY IS SHE RUNNING??? Either Ketch grabbed her, brought her to another state, told her that he gives her a head start (just to torture her), and then set out a hellhound on her in the woods, OR IT ISN’T EILEEN. Also, if the hound caught up with her (and that’s how she found out something was after her), she would never manage to get up and run away this far. Remember Dean and Jo? Hellhounds are VICIOUS, THERE IS BLOOD, THERE IS TORN SKIN. There was not much left of Dean after the hellhound. Eileen dies of a broken neck, after being thrown around like a puppet for a little bit. No blood.

4) The letter. That damn letter. The language in it (”girly”? This is the blunt, sarcastic hunter we saw before?), the snail mail (don’t tell me Eileen the hunter who’d hunted her whole life didn’t know how to get a burner phone, or a fake, one-time e-mail address)(plus, if the Brits were watching her, they would know she’d arrive at the bunker, e-mail or no e-mail. It would make sense if she gave the boys some hints where she is, to come to HER, to the place where she’s laying low. But not to ask whether she could come to their place! Just pull a Charlie, and come! What was she expecting, a telepathic answer with an official invitation?) So yeah, the letter doesn’t make sense. But hey, who did we see just one episode back, who likes to write letters signed by the missing people? Oh yes, mr Arthur Ketch himself. Mick wrote a lot of e-mails from behind the veil. This seems to be Ketch’s MO. 

5) The letter reminded me also how Charlie left the boys an e-mail from beyond, and if they actually did pull EN EXACT COPY OF THE DARK DYNASTY, complete with the “looking for bodies in the bathroom”-wink, an unnecessary female death, hints in a dead girls letter, and the male protagonists story being pushed forward, I’LL BE SO PISSED. But-

6) This season has been about things happening in the same way as in the past, with different results. So maybe, just maybe - this is not all what is seems.

Thank you for your time. I needed to make a bit of sense of this part. I feel better now.

Akira, Ryuji, Makoto and Anne having a closeted gay S/O

Warning! Angst and mentions of homophobia and abuse from parents

•Akira would understand why their S/O kept their relationship a secret
•He wouldn’t push things to far, when at S/O place he wouldn’t get affectionate and act just like friends
•he knew how S/O’s parents were and didn’t want to put S/O in danger
•but sadly secrets and stay hidden forever
•turns out S/O’s father saw them when they were on the train together
•his father saw them kiss goodbye and waited till they got home to say something
•Akira got worried when S/O didn’t reply to any of his texts later that night
•his heart was thumping against his chest as he made his way towards S/O’s place
•he had just gotten out of the station when Akira caught sight of his boyfriend
•his heart stoped when he saw the state of S/O
•the black eye and split lip stood out the most
•before Akira could even say anything his boyfriend spoke
•"they found out about us…“
•that one sentence filled Akira with rage, his own parents did this to him? How could someone do that to their own son
•"I need to break up with you, they said I have to” by now his S/O his sobbing into his hands
•Akira couldn’t seem to speak, all he could do was pull his S/O into his arms and hold them tight
•"I don’t want to break up Akira! I love you! I love you so much!“
•That was the last straw for Akira, there was no way in hell that he would let S/O go back
•"Your coming back with me… Sojiro will understand”
•he doesn’t let his S/O argue. He holds his hand the whole way back to the cafe
•the whole way back to the cafe Akira is planning, he knows he can’t talk to S/O’s parents but… he might just be able to change their hearts

•Ryuji knew about his S/O’s parents
•He knew they disagreed hence why his S/O kept their relationship a secret
•Ryuji does take some more risks then Akira does though
•when they are at his boyfriends place he does so subtle things
•they’ll hold hand under the table, sit closer together stuff like that
•but one day Ryuji got a call from his boyfriend asking to meet up
•he knew something was wrong the minute he heard S/O’s voice
•they meet at the park, the place where they had countless dates
•Ryuji’s breath hitched when he saw S/O leaning against a tree
•his lip was cut and his nose looked as if it was broken
•"S/O! Who did this to you! I swear if I find them!“
•S/O is quick to cut him off
•"my parents found out… t-they saw us when we were in my room yesterday”
•Ryuji’s blood ran cold when he heard that
•his parents did this? He knew what it felt like to have shitty parent thanks to his dad but this? Why would they hurt such a perfect son?
•"I have to break up with you Ryuji, they’ll hurt you if I don’t! I want to protect you!“
•it’s his S/O who needs protecting not him, but Ryuji can’t seem to say that out loud
•"but I can’t! I just can’t! I love you Ryuji…. god I love you so much but I can’t let you get hurt!”
•Ryuji losses it then. He pulls his boyfriend into a higher embrace, hiding his face from them
•he’s crying himself
•"don’t say that, don’t worry about me. I’ll help you. I’ll talk to your parents… stay with me this week, we’ll work something out"
•yeah Ryuji Was going to talk to his parents… he was going to give them a piece of their mind and change their hearts

•Makoto knew her girlfriend was secretive about their relationship but she didn’t know why at first
•when they were at S/O’s place S/O was very unaffectionate
•makoto put two and two together and guess S/O hadn’t come out yet
•it wasn’t confirmed until she got a text telling her to meet up with S/O at the train station
•she never would have expected what would happen next
•she was smiling when she saw her S/O
•well until she saw her tear streaked face and the red mark on her cheek
•"S/O…? Oh my god what happened did someone attack you? Come on we can go to sis and…“
•"We should break up…” that was all S/O said. Her eyes looked dead
“H-huh?” Makoto couldn’t believe what she was hearing
•"My mother… she… one of her friends saw us together and it got back to mother, she put two and two together and" S/O broke down then
•makoto froze, her… her mother did this? How could someone feel so much hate that they would hit their own child?
•"I love you Makoto, I always will but maybe it’s for the best if we stop seeing each other"
•S/O didn’t even get to finish that sentence before Makoto kissed her
•"no! I refuse to accept that! I love you S/O and I swear I’ll protect you at every point including this!“
•Makoto is already leading her back to her apartment before S/O can question what’s happening
•Makoto is stuck between telling Sae and getting legal help or contacting the thieves and changing S/O’s mothers heart
•either way there is no way Makoto will let ANYONE hurt her girlfriend again

•Anne never knew anything about her S/O father
•in fact she has never meet the man
•all that she knows his he’s very traditional and strict
•there are times where she felt nervous for her S/O especially when she’ll suddenly let go of Anne’s hand thinking she saw her dad
•but her worries were confirmed when she got a phone call from S/O in tears asking her to meet at the underground mall
•Anne had never ran so fast in her life
•she found her S/O standing in the corner with her head down
•she froze when her girlfriend raised her head and saw the marks on S/O’s neck
•automatically everything clicked
•S/O’s nerves, her saying her father was traditional everything made sense now
•"S/O… did your… did your father do this?”
•Anne spoke very carefully, almost hesitantly
•"Anne… my Dad found out, he… he doesn’t agree"
•Anne reached for S/O’s hands
•her S/O pulled away “We should break up Anne! This isn’t good! If my dad sees us together again he’ll, he’ll” the tears over flowed by now
•Anne wrapped her arms around her, refusing to let go
•"No, we are not breaking up! You still love me don’t you S/O?“
•her S/O nods against her shoulder
•"Good then we’ll figure this out together, but first your coming home with me, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I let you go home?”
•Anne was very good at hiding her range. Her girlfriend would never know that under her supporting smile was full on anger
•Anne was always planning on what she was going to do once she’s got the phantom thieves together
•she knows that she’ll be changing her S/O’s parents hearts very soon


A/N: *Shawn’s voice* C O N F E S S I N G. So I’m finally throwing you the bone here, but also I’m hoping I’m keeping all your interests here. I promise more Y/n and Shawn to come. 


Your name: submit What is this?

Y/n took a very long walk because by the time she was back Max was up and we were all preparing lunch. I heard her before I saw her as she came up the steps to the door and I quickly realized she wasn’t alone by the number of footsteps I heard. 

“Oh I’ve heard it’s nice there, I’ve never been myself.”

I knew the voice immediately, it was Robin the owner of the studio. 

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Hotel California (2/2)

Originally posted by tuanbun

Title : Hotel California

Pairing : Mark x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Summary : Mark is a night-shifts receptionist in his own hotel and it sucks, until one of his client turns up to be a pretty, annoying girl.

There will be an Epilogue :D Thank you for the messages and notes everyone ! 



“So you’re here to sell a software? How is it going?” Mark was munching on his slice of pizza, legs crossed on one of the small chair in the office.

The girl wiped her mouth, trying to swallow the huge piece she was gulping down with hunger “Yes. If I succeed, it will be my biggest collaboration. It didn’t go as planned though.” She put the slice down, tapping on her chest to help the food go down.

Mark opened a water bottle and handed it to her, nodding “How come?”

“I had a horrible hangover, and I might have, you know, crashed one of their computer. A super expensive one.” She made a face and he chuckled.

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Ruin (Ethan)

Based on the song Ruin by Shawn Mendes
(y/bf/n) = your boyfriend’s name


I’m not tryna ruin your happiness,
But darling don’t you know that
I’m the only one for ya?


Ethan’s POV

“Hey (Y/N), are you free this weekend? I wanted to see if you maybe wanted to go get lunch or something.” I text (Y/N).

“Sorry E, (y/bf/n) and I have plans this weekend.” She replied. Of course they did. She was always with him. Sure, she was happy with him, and I saw how happy he made her, but it absolutely killed me seeing them together.

I’d liked (Y/N) for a long time, but there’s no way I could tell her. I didn’t want to ruin what she had with (y/bf/n), but sometimes all I wanted to do is tell her that I was the only one that was right for her, because that’s how I felt.

“Oh, okay. Well, soon then? I really miss you. I feel like it’s been forever since we hung out.” I replied, glad that you couldn’t convey sadness through text.

“Yes, I miss you too. Maybe (y/bf/n) and I can get together with you and Gray soon. :)” She said. No, that’s not what I want. I want to just hang with you.

“Okay, sounds good.” I lied. I threw my phone on the bed and just sunk into my pillows. I couldn’t keep hiding this feeling. I need to tell her. Even if she doesn’t feel the same, I still needed to tell her. I just needed to figure out how.

* * *

“Ethan, are you sure you wanna do this? She’s out on a date and I can guarantee that (y/bf/n) will come home with her.” Grayson said as I got ready to leave. 

“I might just ruin everything, but I can’t keep this secret any longer. I need to tell her.” I said, grabbing my keys off the counter.

“I guess there’s no stopping you at this point. Good luck, I guess.” Grayson said as I left. I got in my car and drove over to (Y/N)’s house. The house was dark and the driveway was empty. I sat in my car, mustering up the strength to go to the door. I don’t know what I was so nervous, it wasn’t like I was gonna see her right now. I turned my car off and walked up to her front door, taking the spare key out of the flower pot on her porch. I went in and sat on the sofa, turning on a lamp so I wasn’t completely in the dark. I sat there for a few hours, figuring out what I was gonna say when (Y/N) got home.

I looked up from my phone when I heard muffled voices outside the front door, followed by keys jingling and (Y/N) walking inside.

“Ethan, what are you doing here?” She asked, sitting next to me on the sofa.

“I needed to talk to you. Where’s (Y/BF/N)?” I asked.

“I told him to go home. I figured you showing up unannounced was something I needed to deal with on my own. So, what’s up?” She asked. I sat there staring at the floor, trying to form my thoughts into sentences that made sense.

“Are you going to say something, or just leave me in the dark?” She asked, rubbing my back. I felt myself wince under her touch and she jerked her hand away. “Ethan, are you okay?” She asked. I just shook my head.

“Look, I don’t know how else to say this, but I like you, okay? I like you and I have a long while now. But, I don’t want you think that I’m trying to come between you and (Y/BF/N). You two are doing really well, and I’m not trying to ruin what you have. I just needed to let you know. But, now that I have, I’m already regretting it. I need to go.” I said, getting up from the sofa.

“Ethan, no-” (Y/N) called, but I was already out the door. I got in my car and sped home.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid. I can’t believe I just did that. I just ruined everything I ever had with (Y/N). She’s never gonna wanna speak to me again.” I said through my teeth.

“Hey, how’d it go?” Grayson asked when I got home. I just ignored him and went to my room, flopping onto my bed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw a ton of unread messages from (Y/N).

“Ethan, please don’t clear out these notifications and blow these messages off, I really want you to hear me out. I figured your leaving like you did was you not wanting to talk in person, but I really need to tell you this. You’re my best friend, and you know I love you, but I just don’t feel the same way you do about me, as much as it pains me to say. But I don’t want to lose you. You mean way too much to me to ever bare to think about what life would be like without you. I don’t want things between us to change. I don’t want to be those friends who drift apart, and lose contact, and only speak to each other once in a blue moon. I’m not trying to rush you into a conversation about this, but please, I do want to talk to about this.” Her messages read.

I stared at the screen, trying to think of what to say. “Boy, words are just not my thing tonight.” I thought to myself. After a few minutes of nothing, I finally began typing out a response.

“(Y/N), like I said earlier, I wasn’t trying to ruin what you have with (Y/BF/N), because I really am happy for you two, and I wish you nothing but the best. Thinking about what happened tonight, I’m beginning to regret ever saying anything at all, but there’s no going back now. I don’t want to lose you as a friend either, because we are best friends. You’re the only person, other than Grayson, that I’ve ever been this close with. I know this will take some time to get past, but I do love having you in my life.” I replied.

“I love having you in my life too, and yes, this will take some time to get past, but I know that we can get past it. And don’t regret what happened. Never be afraid to tell your feelings. Even though things may not always work out in your favor, never regret your expressing your feelings.” She replied. I couldn’t help but smile. She always knew what to say to make me feel better. We continued texting back and forth for while.

“Hey, is everything okay? You’ve been in here since you got home. I didn’t wanna bother you, but it’s been a while and I wanted to check on you.” Grayson said as he walked into my room.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, everything’s fine.” I said.

“Are you sure? You seemed pretty upset when you got home. What happened with (Y/N)?” Grayson asked.

“I was upset, but (Y/N) and I talked it out. Everything’s good.” I said.

“Alright, well I’m going to bed. Good night.” Grayson said as he walked out of my room. I was getting tired as well, so I said good night to (Y/N), changed and settled into bed.

Cry Wolf - Part Four

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1471
Warnings: Angst-ish
AN: I’m on a roll guys… I’m so in love with this series. It’s just such a breath of fresh air for me, and keeping me sane. So thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback I’m getting for it! Feedback truly makes a writer want to write more… so much!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



A faint blue light filtered its way through the window, and your eyelids.

Your body felt heavy, as if every part of your body had turned to lead overnight.

Wait… overnight?

You tried desperately to open your eyes, only managing to flicker them for a moment before you gave up again. But you took in everything you needed to. The faint blue light was definitely the beginnings of dawn.

How was that possible? You saw the sunset not that long ago… before you’d… done what?

A small groan escaped your lips as you tried to process what was going on, but a pounding in the side of your head was making it hard to focus.

You were definitely not in bed anymore, the surface you were on was much harder, and you must have been sat on it for a long-time because your ass had that distinctive tingling numb sensation you always get when your left sitting for too long. Which led to your next revelation that you were, in fact, sitting, as opposed to curled up among the blankets to try and ignore the horrific pain you were in.

All of that seemed to have completely disappeared. Now, you were left with the mysterious pain in the side of your head.

“Dad, I think she’s awake.”

Dean was quiet, and for some reason he sounded scared. Really scared. Your brother never sounded scared.

Once again, you managed to pry your eyes open, just in time to see Dean crouch right in front of you. “Dean” you mumbled, and you made to reach out to him, hoping he might be able to steady your head, but you couldn’t. “Dean?” you added, panic rising as you realised that your hands were bound behind your back.

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