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You are one of the high ranking employees in a shady organization. You’re the card key keeper of the main building of operation. You easily lead people into traps by telling them you’re actually a „nice“ person. You are qualified like no other in your field of operation AND you and your fashion choices are way too fabulous for all this nonsense- thank you very much!

… yet you feel like all they make you do is babysit the edgelord child of your boss.

Some things just never change.

Okay, at this point no one can tell me that Faba and Petrel are not the same person. or as @grunt-lillyth put it under one of my earlier drawings-


“You don’t have to be afraid. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.” 


“I will always be your friend. And I will always protect you.” 

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I made some older anime-themed valentine cards you can print out and share with someone you love or your anime-loving friends. Click on each image to view it better at full size and to save it, or you can download the entire sheet to print all of them at once here. Enjoy & have a fun Valentine’s day (I’ve filled today’s queue with Valentine’s-ish posts today, too, so look forward to that later today!)

//down in the forest 

we’ll sing a chorus 

one that everybody knows 

hands held higher 

we’ll be on fire 

singing songs that nobody wrote//

Kitsinante 99, 100

“I just got out of the shower, I can’t dance. What if my towel falls off?”

“I won’t mind, you got a cute butt.”

Rosinante shouldn’t have expected logic to deter Kitsune, he really shouldn’t have. He can still hope for the future, he muses wryly as he and Kitsune go around in circles.

It’s not dancing, not really. There’s no music and they are about as coordinated as retarded ducks, but Kitsune is laughing delightedly and he can’t quite fight the grin stealing across his face. This is fun, and he knows that, for all that ‘Sune is random and impossible to contain, she only does this sort of thing because she loves spending time with him.

Then his towel finally falls off and Kitsune is the one who’s grinning.

I’ll be honest, at first I thought we were the ones suppossed to make drabbles from those prompts. Then I saw you start answering them and realized it didn’t work quite like that, but I was already in love with this scene, so…

*Your loyal minion dumps Kitsinante fluff on you* “Para tú!”


Asoiaf AU: Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell
(requested by anonymous)

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone!