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The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°1

ive got this friend victoria and she is so sweet, for years if ive ever posted that i am upset she has talked to me to help cheer me up, and today i posted about being upset and wanting a squish toy and she sent one for me, i really really love my friends and the people ive met thru this god forsaken sight

sometimes I remember how like, in 2013 when i first started using da, I didn’t even have very good art btw, that there were people that like, supported me and junk? like nobody was mean n rude to me and i dig that! honestly I wish people were still like that !! Like people were super nice to me!! It was great!!!! And people drew really nice art for me and i loved it?? this is exactly why you should support kids w their art instead of saying its “bad” or “cringy” bc look at how far that got me!!!

  • Let's tickle Reiji-san
  • Diabolik Lover's guys

The “tickletickle” was too short and it was too hard to predict the voices huhu *cries* Please don’t mind me XD, btw enjoy please and as usual I’m not the owner of the original audio.


Carla : All of you, do it.

Reiji : Ngh!? S-sto…!

Kou : Hehe, tickletickletickletickle…!

Ayato : tickletickletickletickle!

Reiji : W-wait! W-what are you…

Shuu : It’s your fault. It’d be okay if you’re giving it sooner, though.

Yuma : Tickletickletickle! How is it? How is it?

Shuu : tickle tickle tickle…

Reiji : St…!

Azusa : Tickle… tickle… tickle…

Reiji : Sto…! Wait…! It tickles!

Kanato : Tickletickletickletickle…

Raito : Tickletickletickletickle…

Subaru : Tickletickletickle.

Reiji : You can’t! Please stop it! I’m already…!

Subaru : Argh, shit! Just bear with it!

Kou : Tickletickletickle…!

Reiji : There…! Leave it, I cant…! Hahahahaha!

Ruki : Tickletickletickle….

Reiji : All of you! Doing this sort of thing! Hahaha

Kou : Hey, say it already! The “Give up”~!

Reiji : Ha… I understand! That’s why, stop! Please stop it!

Ayato : tickletickletickle!

Yuma : And what do you mean with that, huh?! 

And the tickle show continues ‘till Reiji says that he’ll give the money and Carla mocks him as a troublesome person and he gets pregnant*no*


My heart has been turned into mush, thanks Britt. ♡


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