it made me so sad though

So. Today was my last day at my job.

My day started out happy, then a few bad things happened and I ended up going to work sad AF. Then when I got to work, I realized my favorite manager (and really like 1 of only 3-4 people I’d truly miss) didnt come to work today. Which made me teary-eyed because through this whole year I’ve been depressed and struggling and had no friends or family or support system, and he would literally be so concerned about me when it started to show on my face. Constantly checking up on me and doing/saying things to make me smile and telling me he was there whenever I needed to talk, even though I never did because uhh I’m an idiot.

Anyway, he just really lifted my spirits when I was down and pretty lonely and he was one of the few lights in my life this year and I’m so mad at myself for never saying the things I always wanted to say whenever he talked to me. He has no idea how much I appreciate him now. He told me multiple times leading up to my last day that he was gonna miss me and I never even let myself tell him I was gonna miss him too. There was so much I was gonna say to him today that I cant now. I mean my friend is gonna relay a message but its not the same.

But after I accepted I was never gonna get that face-to-face talk with him, I just focused on finishing out the day and I actually left with a smile on my face. Now I have one more week in Wisconsin, which will be spent packing up my apartment, selling furniture, and cleaning. Then I start my new life on the first of the month…

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In 9th grade, before my best friend and I ever talked to each other, we had a class together and she said she would always see me in class looking extremely miserable and depressed, which I was. She didn't start talking to me until grade 10 though when we had our gym lockers next to each other. When I asked her what made her want to be friend with me she said, "You looked so sad and miserable, so I thought I should be your guardian angel."

And each year after that we kept getting closer and closer. We’ve helped each other with so much guy drama. She even helped me get out of a toxic/abusive relationship recently. She’s my only true friend that I have irl tbh. I’m so thankful and happy that I’ve met her.

she actually does sound like a true guardian angel! i’m glad you found someone as great as her

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This morning at 1 am a boy that went to my school drowned in a lake while out on a boat with his friends. Our entire community is devastated and it's made me realize how even though we are young we aren't invincible. There was drinking involved but that doesn't make it any less sad. If you could all just keep his family and friends in your prayers and remember to cherish your life and remember that people all around you love you and would miss you immensely if you were to be gone. Please be safe

Oh my gosh. Anon, my heart breaks reading this. I am so sorry for you and your community and everyone affected right now. Some crazy things like this have happened this summer in my town too. It breaks my heart, but like you said– makes you realize life is FLEETING.

I am keeping you all in my prayers. I love you, and am sending all my love.

^^^ Please everyone send some love and prayers <3

Forgive Me Please

Even though it was what Dani wanted, she still felt bad about causing Santana and Marissa to fight last night. And it made her sad to see Santana about it so now Dani knew she needed to make up for it.

It took her a couple hours of thinking but eventually Dani came up with making a fort for them and ordering in some food. It seemed like the perfect thing to do and she hoped Santana would feel the same way.

Dani had worked really hard on the fort. She had used every pillow, blanket and sheet in the apartment to mimic a fort she had seen online and after it was done she was pretty impressed with herself. Once she was done with the fort, Dani knew that Santana would be home soon from the studio so she made a quick run to the store for some ice cream and other snacked. Once that run was done and everything was put away in the freezer, fridge and cupboard Dani ordered sushi for both her and Santana, and even a cucumber roll for the dogs since she remembered Santana getting that for Alfred once. The amount of food she ordered was probably to much for the two of them but that was okay for her. “Okay.” Dani sighed and sat at the dining room table to wait for the food to arrive. If she was right it would come just before Santana did.

Fate/Grand Order Ibaraki Douji Line Masterpost

I should stop working for free since I need money lol…….. but……. A lot of my friends really wanted Ibaraki and weren’t able to roll her……. And that made me sad…… So I said what the hell and translated her lines as a warmup.

How did you expect Ibaraki to be? A punk? Secretly moe? Jokes on you she’s an archaic speaking mob boss.

*If you like what I do here, please consider donating or commissioning!

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Hearing about the Boruto novel makes me want to die honestly.

Hey hey hey, anon! No dying yeah? No dying. We’re all a family and we have to stick together always. I feel you though, when the dreaded chapter 700 came out, I remember I was shaking while I read it. I was mad. FURIOUS. SAD. Fucking heartbroken. None of it made sense, none of it added up, none of it was fair for Naruto and Sasuke, characters I had grown to love in a way I can’t explain. But I was at school so I couldn’t cry. Or scream. I didn’t eat well for three days. And I just felt empty. I went to Sasusaku and Naruhina blogs. Tried to see their points of view, see if I could believe in their ships. Maybe join them. Maybe be happy with them. But I couldn’t, because none of it made sense. And you know what I think now? Why I’m much more at peace now? Because I’ve realized that I’d rather have my ship non canon, than canon the way Naruhina and Sasusaku are. Loveless, one sided, undeveloped. We have a beautiful, strong ship that always overpowers everything else when on screen. And that’s all that matters. Not some half assed novel, yeah?

don’t hesitate to message me whenever you feel sad about this, I’m always here to listen


SO….. I dunno what to say. This one is gonna be short and sweet. I’m so sad for Kosaki. She was so sweet in her biggest moment of the series. She even gave him the locket because she realized how Raku felt…. The letters inside made me cry, not gonna lie.

Chitoge. Raku is in love and has fully come to realize it after rejecting Kosaki, even though he realized a while back who he really like and had already decided with a little push from Marika all the way through. But the rock he finds Chitoge at… Where I knew it started and would end. I don’t think she’ll reject him, but she’ll probably bring up his feelings for Kosaki… And make it an even deeper and heartfelt confession by Raku. Komi will probably put in some little fun twist like he always does (maybe then confessing at the same time in a rush), but I hope he at least goes a few follow up chapters. I don’t mind a time hop, but I’d be happiest if he showed them right after for a chapter, a chapter of year jumps for a couple years, a chapter of them 10 years later, then one more of something highlighting the beauty of the threads Komi has weaved through the characters’ development and Shuu X Ruri.

Much love to Team Onodera. I’m here for you… This chapter was rough. But I’m also a little girl inside super happy over Chitoge X Raku.


Spaleb 7x04

I still think Spaleb was the most mature realistic relationship ever but after the mess that was last season finale I dropped the mic and walked out of the show.

But, obviously, my Spaleb heart was stronger and even when I still refuse to watch the episodes, I couldnt help to watch their scenes and it´s like… I don´t know what to think anymore. 

Even though I hated Caleb the last episodes from season 6 and the firsts from season 7, I have to admit he made me cry on this last one. 

They were both crying and everything Caleb said was so emotional. And Spencer was so uncomfortablle knowing Hanna was listening and it was all so sad.

I´m still pretty sure they will bring the old pairings back but scenes like that make me not wanna give up hope. Anyway, that was it. I just wanna get it off my chest. 

bleach 681

tbh the ruki*hime in this chapter almost made me tear up

also orihime looked so devastated that she couldnt heal ichigo’s sword RIP me

i loved the amount of renji we got
“get your ass up” is the classic renji that i love

and the thing with uryu and that quincy guy was sad too :(

the tsukishima and ginjou thing seemed like an asspull though….lolol (but they look hot…and orihime got to fix the sword…so it’s cool i guess)

overall good chapter tbh

So I’m watching Victory Gundam. Really liking it so far. Its different and interesting!

But sad thing though is I don’t think they made a lot of models of the mobile suits in this show.

I tried looking for the Zolo,

But there isn’t many models of it.

Which, is weird. As we take a look in Build fighters aaaaand,

How come they get to have a model but we don’t! 

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Megan, you've been a huge inspiration to my life. Since middle school (5 +years ago) your music made me look at the positivity. Everytime I'm sad or feeling depressed, I can go to your blog and listen to your music, and feel so much better about my life. Today, I went to your blog feeling unhappy with my life and it's just crazy how your post about happiness suited my life situation right now perfectly. I can't thank you enough for helping me when I'm down, even though you don't know it.

❤️❤️❤️ this makes my heart happy. Love you so much

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Peter knows 21 isn't that old for normal people, but he honestly didn't believe he would live long enough to be considered a legal adult, so he makes a point of telling people that he's NOT TWELVE. His voice and braces don't really sell it though. Woe is him, how can he be proud of this achievement if no one will acknowledge it? 21! He hopes he'll make it to the next year, too.

This is so sad!! But… I can see this happening, considering the crazy shit Peter has to deal with on a regular basis? He puts the fact that he’s still alive down to sheer dumb luck

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Damn, none of mine made it. Whatever though, I really love the OCs that were picked! They're all super awesome, I bet they'll make one hell of a class!~ Congrats to the winners, and to those who didn't make it, don't be sad! Each and every OC submitted was unique and awesome, and I bet it was difficult to pick from so many amazing OCs. Thank you mods, for making this fun contest that drove me to make some of my favorite OCs I have now!

Yes! This!! This forever. Thank you! I love them too! And I’m happy that people got to try making characters, it’s one of my favorite things.

Who We Are : Chapter 20

Jacqueline’s POV

I woke up the next morning with my usual seven a.m. alarm, and Harry wasn’t beside me, it was rare for him to wake up before I did but Lou slept over with Lux so I guess he woke up early for them.

I saw the boxes of clothes, shoes, and makeup Harry got for me yesterday scattered on the floor. Remembering that Lou and Lux were here made me excited to get up but seeing those stuff made me not want to get up. I didn’t know what it is but I was getting really depressed and it wasn’t the I feel sad kind of emotion. I could tell I was really getting depression. I didn’t want to get up from bed, I just felt really sad, and drained, even though I just woke up.

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one time i was walking home from school and my chancla broke and i was really sad bc it was summer time and the sun made me mad and i hoped that i wouldn’t have to walk the rest of the way home and then i walked a few more steps and some guy driving by in a jeep pulled over and asked me if i wanted a ride home so i was like yea sure ok even though i literally lived less than a block away from school and im just now realizing how wild that whole situation was because how did he know

So I saw this white kitten on my way to the park a few nights ago. I, as a person who’s obsessed with animals especially with cats, stopped to pet it, of course. It stopped at my feet, wigglin’ its little tail while rubbing against my legs. The stray cats I’ve seen on the streets always seemed to be afraid of getting near to the people ー y'know that fearful stare at your face while getting prepared to run away from ya. Typical behavior of them. Though this one came up to me, and sat between my feet… Whenever I made a move, it followed me, and even tried to climb up my legs with its tiny claws (笑)

I had to leave it there, though, which was pretty sad on my end. Last night, I saw the same kitten in my dream. It was sittin’ by the window, in my living room. And I played with its paws, petting them… It was so beautiful. Now I wonder where it may be.

While on vacation in the U.S. they meet a really cute girl who happens to be a fan (Hoya)

The person who requested I believe she said her favorite was Hoya (hopefully that’s right. I read it a while back and deleted the request xc sorry if I got it wrong. If it’s wrong let me know and I’ll write it for who it really is!)

Hoya: -he was more than surprised to come across a a fan but one that he found extremely attractive was another thing. He found her interesting sure language may have a few bumps here and there but they could communicate at least. He was sad to have to leave her though. But he made sure to get your number and other contact information so someday you guys could meet again- “I really enjoy my time with you Y/N. I hope we can spend more time together in the future”

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Idol Mama Diary 3

Just call me Jululu Mama! I took her around Nagoya with me. Not around my neck or clipped onto my shirt or anything (although I kinda wished I could but it doesnt actually have a clip) but in the top of my purse so I could check on her.

She was a good girl all day! She calls me Luna-chan, and not Mama though. I guess her only real Mama is Laala so she goes easy on me… :P

But really! Despite what the anime will have you believe, Jululu is incredibly low maintenance! She only called me a couple times, and it was just to talk to me and give me items! I’m sure I missed some of the events, but her mood meter didn’t go down all day. I could be wrong, but I don’t think she gets sick or sad if you ignore her? They made something preschoolers can’t fail and thank. goodness. (*hisses* I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to be an Idol Mama anyway.) I mean, I have work tomorrow!

Jululu just went to sleep at 8pm. There isn’t actually much to post about, but since I made a big deal about it this morning I figured I might as well follow-up.

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what are your most favorite things about youngjae?

Hey Sweetie,

First of all, sorry for taking so long to answer this but when I got this message it was 1 am for me and I was too tired to think straight. 

Right now, back to the question… 
Where do I even begin… I love everything about him so much its nearly impossible to find my favorite things.. I’ll try my best though

Firstly I absolutely love the fact that he can light up any room he’s in just by being there. I swear his very core is made up of sunshine. It always amazes me how he can make me feel 100000x better just by smiling and I’m only seeing him through a computer screen. Imagine seeing him in person. Sadness would be vanquished from this earth. 

Something that isn’t mentioned very often about Youngjae is how damn strong that kid is. I respect him so much for all that he’s accomplished. I mean he only had 7 months of training but he still pulled off their debut and, even though he didn’t get many parts in ggg, you could still hear is stunning voice in the tracks on the album. I just love how he smiles through almost everything 

I love the little mole under his eye and his cute ears (idk why don’t ask I’m weird) 

Another favorite thing about him is how passionate he always looks when he is singing you can tell, from the moment he starts singing, that he’s doing something he truly loves. And it just warms my heart seeing him up there so immersed in the music!

I also absolutely adore his laugh! Its by far my favorite laugh in the whole world. Whenever I hear it I can’t help but laugh too and I’m pretty sure he has that effect on almost everyone. Its just such a pure and innocent laugh you can’t help but feel happy and at peace? 

There are so many things I could mention about him but I don’t even know how to put half of them into words (also I don’t want to make this post way too long) I probably forgot something really important again