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in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

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That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D

Let me take your picture, baby. I’ll save it for a rainy day
I don’t need much, I guess I’m just old fashioned in that way

Because a Makoto with a camera should be a thing. Yet another College AU where in he took Photography as an elective with Haru being his muse. :’D Also one of those fanarts I make Makoto wear my clothes because I can. XD


Graceland 3x11 - The Wires

yo!!! ty!!! love ur enthusiasm tho i on the other hand hate airports with the burning passion of a thousand hells layered inside the erupting super volcano in yellowstone at the end of time !!! they’re like the built up stress of four million lifetimes compacted into one building ! Airplanes r gr8 bc pretty views and no pressure to do anything other than sleep (n sometimes eat) but i could go another thousand years without stepping foot in an airport im sorry i’ve gone off it’s the stress u see i’m currently waiting rn in the airport it’s The Stress

EDIT: ALSO airports are money vacuums!!!!!!! I’m waiting to go thru security for some reason it’s individualized by gate n the only place to sit is in a cafe!!! So u have to spend $$$ to stay there obvs bc otherwise ur an asshole. I just spent €4.80 on a cappuccino what the heck ALSO this old lady just took a picture of her purple haired old lady friend holding up a glass of wine it was awesome @caesiopeia

en smiling in episode 7

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Oh myy you're very pretty

pls dont be offended but i heard this in a stereotypical witches voice it might the extra ‘y’ in ‘my’ …….. or george takei-esque it made me smile anyway—- but thank you so much honestly this is so nice!!!!!!!

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Hey love I hope you're doing alright. I know it can be hard at times but everything will be okay as long as you believe it. Also this may or may not help but I've found that when I'm feeling especially depressed or rash that listening to Wait For It helps. Good things will come there's a reason you're here and we all love you. Keep it up you're going to do wonderful things with your life. ❤️❤️

aw this made me smile:) thank you so much, everything helps!! Leslie makes me smile anyway, that would definitely help ;)💚 thanks again!


Part 2 of the “Shower Me with Affection” Edits, this time featuring Gym 3 (minus Hinata).

Maybe Hinata copied Bokuto’s behavior in Part 1 after witnessing this scene?

I wasn’t planning on making any more of these edits, but this comic makes me so happy and I keep wanting to personalize it. Let me know if you have any pointers on how to make it look nicer or any characters/shows you’d like to see in case I revisit this:P

Part 1

i took a break from drawing head shots,, to draw a head shot,, of me husband

AN: Hello lovies :) can I just say how thankful I am that you guys are liking my work, reading some of your comments made me smile from ear to ear. Seriously, y'all are amazing! Anyway, thank you to justanng6  for requesting this imagine! I do not own the gif, and please excuse any spelling errors. Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: I just thought of this: I don’t know if it would work out but could you do a one shot where the reader is sitting on Pietro lap, and his arms are around her waist as her and the rest of the avengers are watching a horror movie ( preference of your choice) and Pietro starts getting nervous so he bounces his legs, but your one his leg. (This sounded better in my head) 😂😂

(((I’m sorry but this is probably going to be a shorter one, just because I have so many requests to get to and the content itself isn’t really all that long to begin with…but I still hope you like it :3)))


“I Wasn’t Scared”

You hated horror movies. You lived through enough horrors as it was working with the avengers, you didn’t need to see anymore. You had insisted–more like begged– for Natasha to change her mind, but she had set her sights on Scream. You had never seen it, and you were already terrified.

“Don’t worry,” You hear your boyfriend’s soothing voice in your ear as they set up the movie. “I’ll be with you the entire time, Y/N.”

Pietro plopped down on the couch and patted his lap, motioning for you to come join him. As you rested your bum on his leg, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pecked the back of your neck and ears with his lips softly. Normally, you would have let that type of interaction calm you down, but this time it wasn’t working. You had only seen one scary movie, and even though you were only thirteen, it still scared you enough to never want to touch a horror film again.

“Have you seen this one, Pietro?” You asked, your voice a bit shaky.

“No,” He drummed his fingers along your thigh. “I have never actually seen a horror movie, this will be a first.”

“Don’t worry, Y/N.” Natasha came over to you and patted your head like you were a small child. “Scream is like the least scary horror film there is, in fact, it’s kind of funny how bad it is.”

You shook your head and entwined your fingers in Pietro’s. “Whatever, let’s just get this over with, okay?”


As the movie progressed, you began to grow more and more comfortable with the content. You even laughed at a few cheesy part, and Natasha (who was sitting on the floor by both Pietro and your legs) nudged you with an elbow as a way of silently saying ‘I told you so’.

Thor and Steve had already fallen asleep in the first twenty minutes of the film, Bruce had grown bored and gone back to reading his book, and Wanda decided that she wanted to go to bed, seeing as she had a long day with training. Natasha, Clint, Tony, Pietro and yourselves were the only ones left paying attention to the poorly made horror flick.

The climax of the film, the part where the murder is being revealed, began to build up, and you noticed that every time the music got louder or the screen grew dark Pietro’s leg began to bounce from underneath you. You didn’t think much of it at first, just that it was a little annoying, but you would never tell him that. By the look etched on to his handsome face, you would guess that he was actually nervous.

“Is…is there an earthquake or something?” Tony’s slightly sleepy voice came from the floor next to Clint.

Natasha paused the movie and flicked on the lights, yet Pietro’s leg was still intensely shaking.

You turned to look at him over my shoulder and softly said, “Pietro, are you okay honey?”

His face twisted in confusion. “What? Yes, of course I’m okay, why wouldn’t I be okay?”

Before you could answer, Tony sat up and narrowed his eyes at him. “Because, your making the whole damn floor shake.”

Pietro, as if he didn’t believe him, looked down at his legs and realized that they were telling the truth and quickly stopped shaking them.

“Oh, my goodness.” Tony said, a bright grin spreading over his face as realization dawned on him. “You were scared!”

Pietro scoffed and looked away from him, “I wasn’t scared, you are imagining things.”

Clint pointed to Pietro’s cheeks. “Aw look, he’s blushing.”

Pietro abruptly picked you up and hissed out, “We’re going to bed.” then sped off down the hall.

You liked the movie, but it was clear that Pietro didn’t and you wouldn’t want him to suffer through any more than he already had. You both changed into your bed clothes and laid on your bed. You began to reach up to turn the bedside light off, but Pietro caught your arm mid-air.

“Could, we, uh, leave it on tonight? I’m not scared, but… could we?”