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thank you for all the crazy ex content you create. all your sets are so beautiful and your tags are enthusiastic and smart. i'm low-key in love with you <3

oh my GOSH corissa you have no idea how much this means to me! you were the first crazy ex-girlfriend blog i followed after my lovely friend jessie suggested the show to me (as you may be able to tell, i only got into it pretty recently, i know, shame on me) and i am in love with all of your posts and fics and opinions and all you have to say about the show!! i tend to get very enthusiastic about things that i love, but crazy ex-girlfriend was like weirdly on another level for me? like i don’t think i’ve ever loved a show this much before? i mean it had everything i’ve ever loved and more in it (i’m a massive theatre fan and it’s something i love doing so it really resonated with me in that respect, especially with the hope of rebecca letting theatre back into her life to find some happiness because it’s what she loves!! plus the feminist angle and female friendships and mental illness representation and ahhh it’s so fantastic) and it scares me a lot bc it could go downhill a bit but i have such high expectations bc of what we’ve seen so far. and on that note, i’ve never come across a fandom that’s so friendly to one another, expresses themselves so well and is so supportive? and it seems to be a pretty small group but you’re all lovely! it makes me so happy as i’ve started to get to know some of you, but you all astound me and you’re all so smart and eloquent!!! i aspire to be like that (i wish i was, that’s a huge reason i’m so in love with rachel!! so freaking intelligent and witty!!!) but i’m not so i’ll have to leave it at my gifmaking for now (also i doubt anyone would want to hear from me haha). so yes, this was not meant to be such a huge rant, but the feeling is veeery mutual, in love with you too! and did i mention that btvs is one of my other loves also? another reason why you’re just tops!! this message made my day. thank you so much, sweetheart!! hope you’re having a splendid day!! ♥

honestly it’s actually the small, mundane, boring things that someone does for you out of love which mean so much rather than grand gestures and proclamations


taehyung cooking diligently under yoongi’s gentle guidance

i love following ppl for long periods of time on here bc u get to see people go through so many changes, wether it be the fact they changed their hair colour like 20 times or the fact they graduated, or that they are rediscovering their gender/sexuality, or that they are getting in and out of relationships, and you were there from the first mention of the person they were interested in, to the last time they were. it just makes me remember how real the people on here are, that they are changing just like you



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye

Kravitz is good


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

What blows my mind here is that… she really doesn’t have to do all of this. Like for real. She doesn’t. She could sit in one of her mansions, in all her queen of pop glory, post few pics or stories on Instagram each month and people would be happy. She would probably sell just as many CDs and she’d still sell out all the stadiums in the world… but she still chooses to spend hours with fans. You think she has to perform at these radio shows? No, she doesn’t. But she still chooses to because radio was always sticking up for her. She could sell meet&greets for thousands of dollars and people would fight to buy them but nope… she does them for free. And there’s so much more that she doesn’t have to do. But she does. Because she cares. And she’s loyal. And I’m a bit emotional now. I think that we sometimes take all of this for granted. Like we’re living in the same age as Taylor Swift… I feel like that’s the story our grandkids are gonna ask us to tell over and over again…



edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>


So I recently got my ultralight wheelchair and smart drive. And in the smart drive like, product video it shows this guy zipping through the grocery store with wheelchair and smart drive and so today I was like “I gotta try that!!!”.

So I was grocery shopping and testing this out, and it was working super well!! So I’m just zooming around the store doing my shopping with my wheelchair and grocery cart and wearing my little mermaid fishscale tights. Because they’re awesome and my favorite and when I sit in the enterprise which is the name of my wheelchair, the little seashells on my knee show up. And I’m going to point out at this point in the story that I have been approached by full grown adults asking me if they were tattoos, so yeah these tights make it look like I’ve got some scales going on.

And then there was this kid in a bright pink Minnie Mouse dress who was staring at me. And I mean SERIOUSLY STARING to the point where the kid was lagging way behind the accompanying adults. And so like, I look little Minnie Mouse straight in the eye, whisper “mermaids really can’t walk that well you know” and wink at the kid. This kid’s eyes get like SUPER HUGE and then suddenly the kid goes tearing around the corner presumably to find those accompanying adults and I’m still cracking up nearly an hour later. It totally made my day omg.