it made me just as happy

power rangers moments that made me happy:
  • Jason panicking while Billy just keeps talking and doing his thing
  • When they need to run and everybody goes to a different way, but Trini and Kim are running together and they don’t even know each other
  • Kim running faster than Zack
  • Kim tricking Trini with the water
  • Kim + Trini + donut
  • Zack talking with his mother
  • Zack screaming “my mom is the best”
  • Trini meeting Rita first (bc is develops Trini as a main character)
  • Billy coming back 
  • Kim with her zord
  • Trini being the one who fights Goldar with Jason
  • Jason’s father putting an article with the picture of the Yellow Ranger on the fridge


I’m actually crying, I started chatting with @shrug-viper less than a week ago and they made this for me just to be nice, like I can’t even function right now, I’m just deeply, deeply touched by this gift. I love how light and pure it feels, I don’t even have words to describe how happy this makes me. 

Thank you so much and thank you for using my really dumb URL pun as inspiration. You’re a legend and I love you. 

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I was soo heartbroken after watching S4. May I ask what gives you the strength to still believe? I'm admittedly lost at this point. And also - love and follow your blog ^^

Umm…this is not about belief actually. The show went shit. But I still have my Sherlock and John. Not the version Mofftiss changed them into. The version fandom created. Because Mofftiss didn’t care about them anymore, that’s very much clear from s4. So what I actually did was stop caring about whatever they did. I don’t accept s4 as canon. People can say that’s hypocrisy or something. I just don’t care. S4 hurts me regularly. Still (Hasn’t it been months? Why does it still hurt?). 

And I have friends here, the fandom gave me happiness. So at this point, it’s more about the fandom than the show.And I am getting into Granada and ACD again. Trying to fill the void s4 made with fanfictions(by reading and writing). It’s hard. I feel like crying over s4 once in a while. For the mess they made with my favourite show. I rant. I get angry but it won’t change anything. Moving on is impossible. I will never be invested at anything else as I was (or still am) in this show. 

So what I am saying is you don’t have to believe in anything. Keep away from negativity. And keep faith in the Sherlock and John you love. Not what happened in s4. Trust me, that kinda works.

Love & Joy & Me & You

I hope someday I can spread love and joy and hope and happiness and peace and kindness and support and friendship the way Jared and Jensen and Misha do….

They inspire me and I would love to be “the smile that lights up the room”

and “the one everyone is just drawn to…”

Don’t let life make you bitter.  Life should make you better.

I love this fandom.  I even love the anons who leave me hate notes about my Sam stories.  I love you too because you are humans and you deserve it.

Since I joined here and have made a nice handful of friends…I am happier, lighter, more easygoing.  And I write better.  And I hope to inspire some of you and bring you some joy in your life…

I’m tagging people…

Even if you don’t follow me, I follow you and I love seeing you on my dash…I wish I knew how to tag everyone…

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(Ok I probably forgot a bunch, but you guys just stood out to me and I wanted you to know…that’s all…) 

!!! cute boy update !!!
we worked on a group project together today and it was just him, one of my really good friends and I and we were laughing a lot and the time literally flew by and he laughed at all my jokes and he opened up a lot and was telling jokes and stories and it made me so happy and i cant wait to see him tomorrow 

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Hey there, Rani! FitzSimmons + 35) things you said that made me feel real

Hi, Jane!! How’ve you been? Just super intimidated to write something for you, but here ya go haha. Set towards the end of season 2, but no Maveth or “maybe there is.”


“You’re not here,” he whispers to himself and then shuts his eyes, knowing when he opens them she’ll be gone. This has never happened before—he’d never allowed it to happen before. Mostly because it seems disrespectful to her, to force her into a relationship she’s never wanted, even if it all exists within his imagination. But partly because he knew crossing this line would turn her from a supportive crutch into a weighted stone around his neck.

Imagining her eyes shining with affection and longing and…love? Love. Imagining the feel of her in his arms, in his bed. All it will do, in the end, is drag his body back down to the ocean floor where his soul has dwelled for a lifetime.

“What?” she asks, voice tight and small, and his eyes flicker open to find her still here, sheet tucked around her, makeup smeared, hair mussed beyond recognition. He’s never seen her like this before and she’s beautiful.

“I-I uh…nothing,” he says, turning away from her because staring at her too long is like staring into the sun.

So, does this mean he is living in a universe in which Jemma Simmons barged her way into his room, told him “enough, Fitz,” and then kissed the words right out of his mouth?

And if that’s all true, how is it possible that she’s still here, drawing on his body heat? Why didn’t she escape in the middle of the night when she had the chance?

“Fitz,” she says softly and rests a hand on his chest, right over his thudding heart. He should be embarrassed. He is embarrassed, but it’s far enough down on his list of emotions that it barely registers.

“Are you okay?” she asks, when he doesn’t respond. Tears catch at the corners of his eyes and now he’s properly mortified. He can’t answer her. What could he possibly say? He’s not brain damaged enough to believe this is anything but physical comfort for Jemma, still reeling from betrayals and deaths and her own trauma.

And it’s not that he minds, truly. He’d given her his last, most important breath—what is one night of making her body thrum with pleasure? But why couldn’t she have just left? Why did she have to stay and program his brain to think waking up next to her was normal?

She loves him, in a way, but this, the hands and the mouths and the aching of a want finally sated, this is not real. She’s not real. Maybe, after everything, he’s not either.

“Oh, Fitz, I’m so sorry,” she sighs, and her breath warms the side of his neck in a way that makes his whole world shatter.

“It’s okay,” he says, and he thinks these might be the first words he ever spoke, as if his sole reason for existing is to reassure her. “It’s okay, I underst-I uh, I get it.”

“No,” she says sadly, “I don’t think you do.”

She leans her head against his shoulder, burrowing into his side. He can feel her cool skin against his and his entire body tenses. So that part, at least, hadn’t been a desperate fiction. There’s no way his brain could conjure up precisely how she feels fitted against him with no barriers remaining.

“I’m sorry for…springing this all on you. I’m just so tired of wasting time. And I’m not…so great with expressing myself either, you know. I thought I could just show you.”

Her echo of his own words causes something to catch in his lungs and he struggles to remember that this time he has all the oxygen he needs.

Jemma slides her hand down from his heart until she can grasp his hand, and she holds on tight. “Talk to me. Please.”

“I can’t do this,” he says, finally turning to look at her. This act might be the most courageous he’s ever been. “I can’t pretend that…I mean, I’m happy to make you feel better. I’m happy that we’re friends again. But I can’t pretend that this is just…” He tries to pull his hand away, but she’s strong and won’t let him.

“Just what, Fitz?” and she’s looking at him like she truly doesn’t know and he can’t understand it.

“I’m in love with you,” he finally chokes, the words falling from his mouth like bullets and he hates that because his love for Jemma is not a warzone. Despite the hurt that clawed at his limbs when she returned, despite the lies between them, his love for her has only ever been a carefully tended, wildly overgrown garden. He loves all of it—the wildflowers sprouting up where no one has planted them, the crisp apples and inexplicable tropical fruits, sweet mango juice trailing down his chin, the weeds that refuse to be killed, the roses he yearns to touch without cutting himself to pieces.

He wishes he could show her.

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The thing about Shawn kissing your dimples just made me so happy. I have a huge dimple on my right cheek and a small one right next to it but none on my left cheek. (Weird I know) and people ask all the time why I only have them on my right cheek. I feel like if Shawn ever heard anyone ask that he'd be like "hey those are my girl's dimples and they're cute as hell. Leave her alone." ...I am deceased goodbye. 😭😭💛

*kisses your dimple, wants to kiss dimple on left cheek, can’t find dimple*
“Where’s the other one?”
“I don’t have another one.”
*puppy head tilt*
“How fascinating. I must examine this.”
*literally spends an hour poking and kissing your cheeks*

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okay but seeing as you just made me BAWL in the library with your sad jim headcanons, can we please have some happy jim and bones headcanons?

Sorry this took me so long to answer anon!

Here are some happy Jim and Bones headcanons!

Bones, Jim and Bone’s daughter Joanna celebrate every holiday they can together

Bones, Jim and Joanna are often seen as a family by outsiders, with Bones and Jim as her fathers.

Bones, wanting Jim’s birthday to be more about him than his father, starts surprising him with parties and special outings together

Jim acts/pretends to hate these parties but loves that Bones takes the time to make his birthday special

Bones overcomes his aviophobia (fear of flying) so he can be with Jim in space

During their time at the academy, Bones knew Jim would be the craziest but best Captain Starfleet would ever have

If someone who talks bad about Jim ever came into the med bay Bones would make sure their exams/ time there was a painful and horrible experience 

The day Bones brought/snuck Jim onto the Enterprise, was the day Jim knew Bones would always be there for him

Bones and Jim often invaded each other’s space at the academy, that eventually their other roommates got fed up and told them to move in with each other

Bones and Jim often lived together and shared a bed at the academy, this habit carried over when in space which is why Spock will find Bones sleeping in the Captain’s quarters even when Jim is not there 

Jim likes to steal Bones shirts and other clothing to wear

Bones eventually started buying clothes he knew Jim would like as well because he knew Jim would also be wearing them

This was fun. Send me a prompt and I’ll answer with headcanons. :)

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How do you make your sketches and random drawings or even just doodles so freaking awesome?! Like holy cow you got such skills that even the messy sketches have so much to look at! Looks energetic and lovely!! (Also I noticed most of my asks here are just me fangirling over your amazing art lol who to blame tho? You are just so cool and talented) k my point is that your art is awesome in every form I love it and you are so cool and holy cow i luv u ok bye!❤

I dont deserve so much loveliness in one message!!! Thank you this is made me really happy and i will look at this message whenever i feel down! you are super nice and lovely and I hope you have a good day! 

@deamaia came at me with a malec headcanon where magnus feels like he’s not good enough for alec and alec shows him how wrong he is and how he’s literally everything, and i just made it so sad and now i wanna cry, magnus has been abused so much and treated so badly so many times that after living over 4 centuries he feels like he doesn’t deserve to love someone and have them love him back and just be happy, he feels like he’s not good enough for happiness and love and i’m gonna throw myself off a cliff

buffy-angel-and-co  asked:

Hey! Bangel shipper here and I just wanted to say that I get what you're saying. Of course that cover initially made me really happy and I still love it but it is a shame that none of the scoobies were on any cover and I'm sad that's how things turned out. The main one should have been Buffy or the scoobies and then alternative covers for ships. I think that would have made more sense and also made everyone happy.

First of all, I love your avatar! Secondly, I’m glad SOMEONE agrees with me hahaha! And of course I totally get that the cover makes you really happy, why wouldn’t it? It’s your ship!! You should love it and believe me, I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel bad about it. I do love it, and I get that Bangel was a HUGE part of the show and of who Buffy was as a character. And I’m beyond happy about the reunion, you have no idea! But after I got over the crying and babbling I was like: “wait a minute…”, you know? The show was about Buffy and the Scoobies, those were the main characters, so it would’ve been nice to see them all together on one of the covers. (Giles!!!) Also, thank you for sending this message, I was starting to feel no one was getting what I was trying to say. I am 100% NOT SAYING Spuffy should’ve made the main cover instead of Bangel. I’m like saying the opposite of that? NO SHIPS. Buffy or the Scoobies, that’s all! 

*let me hug you*


Hey! This cutie patootie just hit 300k subscribers!

Ethan! First of all, congratulations! I’m so happy for you, this is a great milestone. 300,000 is a BUNCH of people, it’s absolutely insane.

Second of all, I just want to say, whether you may think it or not, you definitely deserve all the love and attention you’re receiving. You are an incredible person, and I’m so lucky to have someone like you as an influence in my life, we all are. While I may not have been here long, you’ve made quite an impact on me and I’m so grateful for that.

But, enough of the sappy crap! Congrats, dude! I’m excited to see how far the channel gets from here, and how we all continue to grow and learn from this. Happy 300k @crankgameplays!

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The liveshow made me so happy!!

the liveshow was just indescribable like,,,,,,, have you seen any two people more happy with their lives 

Quick note: please stop sending me asks about Conquest. Yes, I was devastated when Elise and Xander died. Yes, I cried as well. No, I do not dislike the Nohrian siblings (I love them very much and they deserve all the happiness humanly possible). Yes, the number of plot holes in Fates is extraordinary but no, it doesn’t make the game unenjoyable. Birthright just had a more optimistic/righteous atmosphere that made the deaths bearable enough for me to replay it. I played Birthright first and got attached to its characters, hence why Conquest also hurt more. Also I love Ryouma and wasn’t expecting him to die… like this, while I had been spoiled (damn you, Youtube videos with spoilers in your titles) regarding Elise’s death. 

Good night~

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What gets me about that small little anecdote is idk how they are still so obsessed with one another. After this long. It makes me happy. Like Press had to know where Tobin was sitting to wave to her when you know full well she's about to see her in a few minutes. Anyways I'm just emotional they won't be at camp together but this made me smile.

It’s the little things 😊

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You seem sad, and that makes me sad, so Imma tell you a story: once there was a butterfly named Steve, who was the King of France at that time. This presented some slight problems; because butterflies basically just mate and then die, he wouldn't have an heir prepared to take over in time for his demise. So he made a political marriage to a nearby queen's pet lynx, who was already very pregnant at the time. They stifled rumors of infidelity, and the result was Louis XIV. The end.

I have so many questions about this!

First of all, I’m not sad, I was just a bit frustrated and tired.  But I am fine now! I have officially moved out of my old place and am settling in to my new one! Still lots of boxes to unpack, but it will be great.

You made a lovely story for me! That was great!  I love the twist ending.

Here is a happy Sherlock that’s also a butterfly.

Doomworld - This episode just made the shipper in me very happy!

This episode just made the shipper in me very happy!

So I got lots of Atomwave, Mick goes to get Ray first (again, like when Nate first appeared and they had to find the crew) but Mick also respects Rays brain and that he can science his way out of anything. Mick had no doubt that if anyone could help slve this mess it would be Ray. Also Mick said he deserved Ray’s punch which he didn’t about anyone elses and clearly didn’t want anyone else to punch him. Ray also had the rat that has a name, Axel and Mick was like please remember me you gave me a rat as a present and I’ve bee an idiot dont want to be in a world where were not together (I may be embelishing here). I don’t mind Ray punching Mick because for once we get to see Ray angry as he never seems to get much more of a range of feelingss beyound adorable dork who is always happy and he had his swing, Mick felt it was deserved and afterr his flash of anger Ray went back to adorable having his biggest beef with ick be all the toilets he had to clean! Yay Atomwave is life!!!

I got so much Legion of Evil husbands this ep, Damien and Malcolm had so much chemistry and were so in sync, Leonard was clearly checking out Malcolm and the three of them had some great scenes. Eobard was being a very intense villain in fact he went full bad guy and lost most of his endering qualities and went ure evil dick. I didn’t like him squeezing Rays shoulders I was like hands off Micks man I don’t like what your implying here (Yet I would still read dark ReverseAtom fanfictioin if it exsisted).

I may not be a big Steelatom shipper but I do see the potential and if I wasn’t nuts for Atomwave I’d give it more attention but I did like the “get off my friend” line!

I love a bit of drunk Rip and totally want to eat his cakes while exhausted Gideon is like, why is my husband being such a wuss. I loved her getting Rip back to himself.

All in all the things I love about Legends were all present and I had fun watching this ep.