it made me happy i left the apartment

How do I move forward?

I was married, and I thought that would be the end. I had found the man who made me happy beyond just romance and sex. He completed me. We complimented each other.

Till we didn’t.

I grew up.

He didn’t.

It lead to verbal abuse from both of us.

Did you know that your significant other can sexually assault you? Well they can.

His drinking got more persistent.

We were angry.

He drank.

He made threats.

I was angry.

He drank.

Till finally I found my courage. I left and took the baby with me before things got worse, and they did get worse. Luckily we were safe and away.

Apart we started to recover. No longer were we poisoning each other.

He started to see our boy more and more.

We were functional coparents.

Till the one morning I got a call.

Is my boy okay!? His father had him last night, is my boy okay?! Were the only words running through my head.

Was it a car accident?

It was an accident all right, self induced, self medicated, self prescribed.

But was my boy okay?!

The no longer secret girlfriend assured me he was fine, as she mourned my husband. Her tears were offensive. She loved him and I didn’t understand how anyone could love such a man.

I hadn’t loved him in a long time.

That didn’t matter anymore because my boy would be forever safe.

What about me though?




If love exists do I even deserve it?

How do I move forward?

This Is How I Disappear

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Hey, could you please do one that takes place during WW2 and Gerard has to go to war and he’s gone for a while and Y/N becomes depressed without him and then one night he finally comes home but doesn’t tell Y/N cause he wants to surprise her and then he finds her crying and holding a picture of him so he goes to comfort her and they’re both so happy to be with each other again and just lots of fluff thank you ❤️”

Word Count: 1,228

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: I’m srry it’s taken me so long to post another fic, i hope you like it!

The day Gerard left was the day you finally understood what those old ladies in their worn dresses who spend day after day in the cemetery feel. He left you all alone in an apartment covered in his smell, his clothes, his silly comic books and dirty dishes. He didn’t want to leave you, he made that very clear, but that doesn’t stop the endless ache in your chest from expanding with each passing month. Its late winter, snow tumbling down outside and the sun hiding behind the endless nights, and you’ve never felt more alone. Without the sun everything really does feel hopeless and every time the door bell rings your stomach twists with the thought that it’s someone coming to tell you he’s never coming back. You’re cuddled up in a blanket on the couch, dress bunched up around your legs and you know you should have changed after work but you’re so tired and this blanket still smells like him if you press your face into it.

Minutes tick by and your heart just gets heavier and heavier, dread sinking in the longer you let yourself think. He could be dead right now, shot and left alone on a battlefield, and you could never have the chance to say goodbye. A sob builds in your chest and you start to wonder if you even remember what he looks like. It’s been almost two years now and you’d think this would get easier, living without him, but it only gets harder. He could be dead. Some soldiers have come home, like Frank after he got shot and couldn’t keep fighting, or like Mikey…poor Mikey. Does Gerard know his brother is dead? But Frank was back months ago and even thought he said Gerard was fine that was too long to know for sure now, especially not in a war like this. Gerard used to send letters but they stopped coming and you wish you knew why.

You reach and grab the poorly made book on the table beside you. Gerard put it together before he was drafted, pictures of the two of you put into a book made with love and string. The first picture is the day you moved in together, your hair is up and Gerard is clean shaven, kissing your cheek and making you smile. You’re parents were ashamed to see you move in together without a ring in the picture but you did it anyway, Gerard always has been the one to push back against society. Your heart tightens painfully at the sight of him, you were wrong about forgetting what he looks like but seeing these pictures is painful. This could be all you have left.

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So, I might be wrong about this because I’m not very observant, but something that really made me happy about the Kaladesh/Aether Revolt story was that everything and all the characters were apart of the same story. What I mean is, back during Shadows Over Innistrad/Eldritch Moon there were all these side stories that really didn’t come back and effect the main plot at all (like the entire Gitrog Monster plot????) And characters that, while amazing, didn’t really amount to all that much because they were only ever in side stories and unrelated to the main plot and not interacting at all with the main cast (Hal and Alena and ARLINN “GOT LEFT OUT OF THE GODDAMN INNISTRAD ARTBOOK” KORD to name a few). Everything and everyone introduced in Kaladesh/Aether Revolt was relevant. There wasn’t any odd side story just hanging around and not really contributing to the plot. And I just really really liked that. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

anonymous asked:

I loved the book and i found it very real including the depressing ending. Would you say the movie is depressing ?

The film is moving the way the book was , but I wouldn’t say it’s depressing. It’s haunting, I suppose, it made me very wistful. But depressing kind of implies hopelessness, in my opinion, if that makes sense. What made the book so, well, depressing, was reading about how they’d grown old without each other, grown apart. I think it was the idea that they’d lived life in a “coma” after Oliver left, that they’d never felt this way again made me feel really anxious. Because we got to see where they’d end up, because we had definitive proof that they’d missed their shot at that one true, real happiness, that one life they should’ve led (whether or not you agree with the idea that there is one life and if you take a wrong turn, you end up leading a wrong life - maybe Oliver didn’t, he called it a “parallel life”, which made it hurt even more, because  it seemed like he was a lot more okay with it than Elio). And the idea of that is just unbearable. The film however ends with Oliver calling to tell Elio he’s getting married, but also telling him he remembers everything, and with both of them calling each other by the other’s name. It’s sad, and it hurts. But the film shows an opportunity wasted, not a life wasted. The book is Elio not only looking back at his first love, but at what ‘ruined’ him - at the last moment he led the right life, his life before the coma. We know that after Oliver, he’s never felt like he’s been living at all again. And while the film’s incredibly moving, while the atmosphere’s the same, there isn’t such a hopelessness. It’s more about remembrance, about that first love, the thrill of it, less about the consequences.

I sincerely hope that made sense to you, I just can’t seem to explain myself properly today.

Edit: someone made a really great point about how Oliver didn’t actually seem to be more okay, which I actually agree with, I’m just going to put that in here, as well. “Not a question, just a comment. But I actually didn’t think Oliver was more okay with his "parallel life”, quite the opposite. He’s the one who first brings up the idea of living in a coma and later amends it to living a parallel life. As he said, it sounded better that way. And thinking about it in terms of a parallel life instead of a wrong life, made it just easier for him to deal with it.“
Don’t Wait- Yoongi (smut)

You weren’t supposed to wait for him. You were supposed to move on. Just like he had told you to five months ago. You were supposed to leave the happy memories the two of you had shared over your year and 3 months relationship and forget about him. You were supposed to find someone else to make you happy while he was away on a tour, making thousands of fans happy each night. He had made it sound so easy that night before he left.

It’s unfair on you’ He had said, his hands on either side of your head, his fingers tangled in your hair, making you look into his sad eyes. ’I can’t make you happy if I’m so many miles away’

Yes, you can! You always make me happy and the distance isn’t going to change that’ You had tried changing his mind, making him see that no matter how far apart the two of you were, you were always going to be happy as long as he called you his.

You’re saying that now, but we both know from past experiences that it makes neither of us happy when all we are able to give each other are 5 minute calls and short texts’ He spoke, shaking his head. You had tears streaming down your face and you could tell that Yoongi was trying so very hard not to cry too because it would have just made things so much more difficult for the both of you to say goodbye.

‘You’re saying this like it’s going to be easy! Why do you want to end us so much?!’ You croaked. You knew he didn’t want to and you knew his reasons behind wanting you two to break it off, but you were so hurt by the thought of not hearing his sweet voice say your name that you were speaking out of anger.

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She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.

Spending Time Ft Hoseok

You stared at the words displayed on your phone screen, reading them over and over again.

“I’m alone in the dorm. Meet me.”

You didn’t even reply as you left your apartment and made your way to meet Hoseok at his dorm.

Why does he want to meet you so suddenly? You usually spend months planning an afternoon and suddenly he’s free one evening. Have you done something wrong? No. You can’t have, just be happy that you can see him alone without the other boys disruption.

You made it to the block of apartments which held the home of BTS. You took the elevator counting the floors as you went up. Stepping out you saw their door as if it was glowing. It’s a place filled with happy memories that you ensure to keep.

You stood in front of the door, taking a breath before you knocked three times. The thought still lingering about what it was that Hoseok wanted. You two were close but it was nothing like boyfriend and girlfriend. You’d never taken that step with the fear of what could happen next.

The door opens to reveal a smiling Hoseok. You sigh in relief and walk into the empty, silent room.

You take light steps as the silence was so thick it brought an awkwardness that had never happened before. Turning to Hoseok you could see something was bothering him. As if he has a question burning to be asked.

“Is everything okay?” You asked taking a step toward him.

He took both of your hands with his and walked you over to the sofa.

He hung his head before speaking up.

“I want to do something. I’m going to say how I feel and I don’t want you to reply until I’m done. And I want you to be truthful with your answer.”

You just nodded and he leaned toward your ear. You feel his breath shaking up against your skin.

“I…. I love you. And would like to see nothing more than to fuck you right here right now.’

You could hear the confidence in his voice increase with every word and what he said caught you off guard but you didn’t shy away or completely deny what he just said.

He moved back so that he was looking into your eyes. you could see him trying to search for an answer but you had no idea how to reply to his sentence.

Instead you leaned in and kissed him. You could tell how needy he was for this as the kiss intensify and his hands cup your cheeks. He layed you down onto the sofa and you placed your arms around his neck.

He pulled away allowing you two some time to catch your breath. His eyes scanning your face before sitting up to remove his tshirt and you followed doing the same with a little help from him in the end. He came back down and kissed you once again. Your tongues dancing together as one as his hands slide down your back. you wrap your legs around his and he lifts you up barely breaking the kiss.

He places you down onto the floor and watches you as he first takes off his belt and takes his jeans off in two swift movements. All you could do was stare in awe as he leaned down once more. However, this time he didn’t kiss your lips, he started at your neck and worked down to your collar bones sucking, knowing what was going to be left behind afterwards. He moved down your stomach and reached the hem of your jeans.

When he pulled away a whisper almost escaped your lips. He slowly unbuttoned your jeans knowing how much of a tease he was being. You squirmed under his touch. In under a second you were left naked. At first you were shy but that was soon to disappear when he leaned down and kissed between your hip bones and kept moving lower until he barely touched your clit.

Your hands grabbed his hair in clumps and you held your breath in anticipation. He looked up at you and smirked before he started to kick your out. He didn’t start off slow so a moan quickly escaped your lips. He kept going until he could feel you approach an orgasm. He pulled away and you let your head down, out of breath.

He quickly got up and walked out of the room. Within a few minutes he came back, his member protected. Even though was horny with a dirty mind, you both had to be protected.

"You ready?” He asked positioning himself before you.

You couldn’t bring any words as you nodded in approval.

Without another word he thrust himself in you. Your back arched at the sudden wave of pleasure.

“You like that?” He asked as you could feel yourself losing control from the pleasure.

“Yes.” You barely said in a breath.

“What was that?” He said slowing his movement.

“Yes! Please fuck me. Fuck me hard.” You were surprised at your own words before he started to thrust into you again.

“That’s what I thought.” He said.

His speed increased and you grabbed his arm as the burning orgasm got bigger and bigger until you both couldn’t hold it back anymore.

You almost screamed as the orgasm rode through you. He finished off before laying beside you. You rolled to your side, laying in his chest. He wrapped an arm around you as he kissed the top of your head.

You lay there for a few minutes before bringing any words up.

“You know. A simple confession could’ve worked.” You said chuckling.

He laughed back before replying.

“Well you seemed to enjoy it. More than I thought you would.”

Your cheeks blushed thinking back to what you said. His arm squeezed your shoulder pulling you in closer.

You could hear something from afar, people. Suddenly the door was being unlocked. Within a second you were both on your feet with clothes in your hands running to the bedroom. As the front door opened you closed the bedroom door.

Chuckling you were getting dressed.

“Hoseok? Are you in there?”

As he checked that you were dressed. He opened the door.

“Yes I was spending time with Y/N.”

The looked over to see you sorting out your hair.

“Spending time?” Yoongi said giving him a look.

Hoseok slapped his shoulder before the whole apartment broke out in laughter.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. lipstick
  2. birth control pills
  3. coins
  4. contact lenses
  5. wallet

Five things in my bedroom:

  1. keyboard
  2. dead plant
  3. bag of nuts
  4. beauty products
  5. bag of rice

Five things I’ve wanted to do in life:

  1. go to a big music festival
  2. live in the US for a temporary amount of time/study there
  3. get my own apartment
  4. open a cupcake bakery
  5. go to that cookie dough shop in new york

Five things that made me happy:

  1. good food
  2. eating baked goods after they’ve gotten out of the oven
  3. glee cast
  4. michael bublé
  5. when (musically talented) friends release music

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. chocolate
  2. modern family
  3. sims 4
  4. lukewarm water with lemon and honey
  5. chapstick

Five things on my to-do list:

  1. read more schoolbooks
  2. buy pizza
  3. get my jacket that i left at the dorm upstairs
  4. bake more bread
  5. get my laundry when it’s dry

Five things people may not know about me:

  1. i almost drowned at a water park once
  2. i don’t enjoy drinking alcohol (but i do it anyway, occasionally)
  3. i overthink a lot
  4. i prefer my bed to be all-white, sheets and everything
  5. i think and talk to myself in english, although it’s technically my third language

Five people

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Photos are 13 years apart, same exact shirt(minus the sleeves). Lacey on the left and Leif….the real “me” on the right. So happy to be who i felt i always was, just looking at old pics i can see how beaten down i was. If i had known transition was even a thing or even possible back then, i would’ve done it in a heartbeat. Going through all the bullying, fights, and self-hatred made me stronger for today. It’s never too late to change yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Be YOU, whatever that may be :)

And I should have written about you, about how your brown eyes looked when the sun hit them, or how they lit up when your favorite team scored. I should have written about how you smiled when you said I made you happy, or how I felt when I saw you next to me. Or about the taste of your lips and the smell of your shirt. I took it all so for granted and oh god, the days when you cared about me. Now you don’t as much as glance at me yet I’m left with bitter memories still tearing me apart.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #125

You were ice
and I was fire.
But together,
you said we made
the best team.
But now you’re in love
and no longer spend time with me.
I’m happy for you,
just like any partner.
But I do miss
our time together.
All the adventures we’d go on,
all those sleepless nights.
They will never be the same,
but I hope you find happiness.
Because now you’re light
and I am darkness.

I map out the places I loved and left,
the marks I made on the stone so
they could keep the memory of those days.
I could have traced happiness back
along the lines of long forgotten streets,
but remembering, sometimes, is just
another name to call pain.

Friendship stuck to the glue on my walls,
the childhood that taped photos to
the empty spaces inside this room,
is still living against my collarbones.
Ripping them out was cracking paint,
was all the parts of me that fell apart,
all the parts that I couldn’t scratch away.

Five years later, the chairs, split metal,
from where loneliness pulled at my feet.
School days kicking it back,
trying to shake away from the grip
that pushed me to panic, to suffocation.
It would take me years to allow it
a place inside my heart.

Chasing my sister into the sea,
salt in our hair, the sun on our skins,
until the ground disappeared beneath us;
it was the taste of summer at its best.
The pinch of the seashells was me,
realizing I could never love someone
more than I loved her.

Notebooks filled to the brim
with the whispers that rattled my brain.
It was the habit of pulling the words
from the silence I had wrapped around myself:
the blossom of a dream, colors and heat.
I couldn’t yet understand it,
but it was hope spilled in ink.

Cartographers and poets alike
have charted love into paper,
as if this could grant them free travel
back to these places, these people.
It would be easy to fall back on
the limits one already knows.
It would also be a shame.
—  I know what guides me forward, I know (LM)

Some changes from Flashpoint I did appreciate:

1. Iris not stepping foot in the West home for months means that she undoubtedly has a place all her own. Odds are (or at least this is my headcanon) that this is her place and it’s always only been HER place and not her and Eddie’s old apartment that she just never left. With that being said I imagine though that by the end of the season it’ll be her and Barry’s place…

2. Iris having her own office, and a nice one at that, especially made me happy. I don’t know what that means in terms of her position at the paper but whatever the reason behind it I love it. I also love the switch up that she’s the one with her own private space at work while Barry is the one stuck sharing his with someone else. It cuts down on sexy time at the Lab but since he’s already (kinda) done that with Patty I’m actually okay with Westallen having a new spot of their own if workplace sexy time is ever on the table. And it should be…on the table, or the couch or against the door…

3. I like Julian, I think he’s a good foil for Barry. He needs an every day adversary because he’s never really had that. Besides that anybody with a quick wit, a sarcastic tongue, and an accent will get me every time. I’m sure sooner or later it’ll become apparent that he’s evil af (paging Dr. Alchemy?) but for right now I’m going to appreciate him just being a normal guy that doesn’t fuck with Barry Allen. And on an even better note if/when Barry realizes that Julian is evil and trying to kill him we won’t have to deal with the shock and despair–AGAIN–when Barry realizes that his ‘mentor’ is actually a psycho killer that’s obsessed with ending him. It’s nice that the writer’s avoided that particular storyline again.

4. Now that it seems S.T.A.R Labs is about to get a little chilly (if you catch my drift) and Cisco may be out in the field Vibin’ with Barry I hope that means that we’ll start to see Barry’s brain click back on and he’ll finally start coming up with solutions of his own and stop using the S.T.A.R Labs crew as a crutch and/or his own personal motivational speakers. I don’t mind the Team aspect of it all, especially since the Wests (as a unit) are more involved, but there is a difference between Barry having a team that helps and him having a team that can only exist because he’s incapable of being the Flash on his own. Its a fine line but hopefully the writers will navigate it better and will let Barry be great on his own more often than not.

5. I didn’t love how quickly they let Iris forgive Joe BUT I did appreciate the fact that even though we didn’t get to see it play out the implication is that it still happened. That in this timeline Iris doesn’t forgive and forget so easily. It was also shown when she told Barry straight up that if he lied to her the thing between them wouldn’t work. Lying and keeping secrets is her hard line. She loves him but she let it be known right then and there that if he was about to start lying and keeping shit from her that there wasn’t going to be a 'them’. She had Barry’s ass shook. That’s the Iris I love to see. Loving and understand but still tough as nails and not willing to compromise on what she thinks she deserves. She forgave her father because she’s gracious but with her prolonged absence from his life (even if we didn’t see it) she made her point that she won’t put up with lies and secrecy from the people she loves.

6. If I ever see Cisco that sad on my TV screen again, I’m deleting the Flash off my DVR. But seriously, I loved that they gave Carlos such meaty material. He broke my heart in a million little pieces but he was so good.

7. Caitlin didn’t get on my nerves. So yay for that. Plus I’m semi almost sorta kinda interested in where this Killer Frost storyline goes. Almost. Maybe. We’ll see.

8. Back to Westallen, from what I gather they’re together, which is great. They have a kiss that hasn’t been erased by Barry 'let’s fuck up a timeline’ Allen *insert praise hands*. But they haven’t exchanged 'I love yous’ yet and nobody knows what’s happening with them. I wonder how long it’ll be before those two scenarios play themselves out?

All in all I think I can get behind the changes made from Flashpoint. It’s not a huge difference but it’s different enough that it allows for stories to be told in a way that isn’t completely predictable. Because these characters have gone through things we haven’t experienced right along with them they are now a bit of a mystery to us. It should (hopefully) prove to be interesting.

Do you know what really pisses me off about this? I had this. Someone hugged me and it’s like everything finally made sense again, I was so happy. All the problems I had before seemed so small, or felt like they weren’t even there anymore…but then that person left. Everything fell apart and I was back to how I was before, maybe even worse. It’s made me realise that even though yes this is true, you also shouldn’t rely on it. You need to be happy on your own. If someone else comes along and fixes all your broken pieces and becomes your happiness, that’s great, but you really need to learn to be happy on your own first, because that person can just leave at any moment. You need to pick up your own pieces. Be your own happiness.

i can’t believe thousands of people have a crush on a tiny skeleton that loves ketchup and bad puns.
i also can’t believe i’m one of them.

Am I the only one who is literally crying that the fnaf series was over… I was suicidal but when the fnaf games came out it made me happy and gave me something to look forward too… Now its all over… I… Am i the only one crying?… Also all the old animatronics are torn apart left us with only one left… and now everything is OVER… Soon people will forget about fnaf… and we’ll all just have memories… Five nights at freddy’s is more than a fandom, MORE THAN A GAME… Its something more… Now is all over… I guess in the end…. We all get a…. GAME OVER… 

it’s I miss you,
I mean, how are you?
I want you back,
I’m so glad you’re happy with her.
except it rips me apart to see you love her the way you never loved me.
I’m glad you found someone to finally make your eyes light up.
I’m sorry it couldn’t be me. I tried so hard to be it for you.
I lit myself on fire and the flame still never sparked anything inside of you, I knew then that I should have walked away.
but I cannot walk away.
how can you walk away from someone, something that made you feel on top of the world?
but when he left, the world was spinning all too fast and orbited into a black abyss and all I had left was darkness.
it’s “I’m glad you’re doing good(-:”
and smiles in the hallway.
how can you smile at me when you ripped my heart out as if it was nothing but an unwanted, pesky, splinter.
don’t you know I need my heart to survive?
maybe that’s why when you left I couldn’t breathe, or love, or move without bumping into pieces of you.
because you took my heart and you ran
and you stepped on all of my bones
you stepped all over me
but you never once looked back
or apologized for hurting me
and breaking all of my ribs just to get to my heart.
I still have troubles breathing
I still have trouble looking you in the eyes
but you’ll never know,
because it’s
I miss you
but I don’t still love you
I just hope you’re doing well.
—  // ig writingmyself
Follow-Up Visit (closed RP w/ sorahikarukaze)

For some reason, Diana had became concerned into what happened with the boy she just busted out of a lab a couple days ago. She walked up to the apartment building where she left him, a thick black leather jacket shielding her from the cold wind. She contemplated if she should attempt to go in there.

Mary was getting ready to go to bed. “Do you need anything, Sora? Before I go to bed?”

My boyfriend and I used to be so happy together.. This photo was taken from our first Christmas together. And we thought that we would make it through many more, but unfortunately so far I’ve made it through one more.. And a third Christmas together doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen. We used to be so happy together, we did. And then we just fell apart. I love him with all of my heart, I do. But I never let him in, because I just didn’t know how and I just couldn’t. And I drove him away from me. He couldn’t handle it anymore, along with the other things that I had done wrong. We have always said that we will fight through whatever life throws at us.. But this time he gave up. And he couldn’t take it anymore. 22 months in he broke up with me. And he’s hooked up with another girl already and it hadn’t even been over a week yet..
The one thing I regret the most is not letting him in. And not trying hard enough. And doing all these things that had hurt him. We were both so sure that we would be together, forever. And now we are just nothing. He didn’t feel that I gave him enough attention or showed him enough emotion, so he went and hooked up with another girl in spite of me.. And I understand that. But in the end I have no one to blame but myself. He knows that he is an absolutely beautiful human. And I regret not showing him enough how much he meant to me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love someone the same again. And I won’t love again for a long time. I have given him the wish of having time apart, and now all I can do is wait. But he’s already told me that he’s not the boy I fell in love with. He’s told me that even though he does love me and he does want to be with me, he just still doesn’t know. I’m going to try my best to give him the time that he needs. But I won’t be surprised that if he finally decides to message me again that he no longer wants to be with me.

I’m not telling you all this because I want sympathy. I’m just telling you now if you’re in love with a person, do everything to keep them happy. Try your hardest. Any couple goes through their ups and downs, and even when time gets rough just don’t let them go. Hold onto them for as long as you can and keep fighting until you can’t anymore more. I really did try, but he’s already told me it’s not good enough. And in the end, I don’t think anyone wants to lose the one person that means the most to them.. If you love a person and you think you’ve tried hard enough, just try even harder to prove to them how much they mean to you and how much you love them and how much you need them, go on cute dates, buy them some small presents if they’ve hinted you about something that they need. Spoil them. Look after them. Care about them. Show them what they mean to you. And never. Give. Up.


So I got my arm wraps done today and my Rey costume is finished! One down three to go on the big finish off of my current cosplays. I’m surprised at how much I’ve left the same since I first made it for Halloween, only a few things were altered to make it shoot worthy and now I’m pretty happy with it, apart from my saber which is green cos I love green and its the only one I had. Onto Jakku now to get this costume shot, wish I had a little BB-8 to take with me…oh wait, I do!