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I just got dx with ADHD in Dec. at the age of 31 and started taking meds for it. Turns out, a lot of my anxiety and depression symptoms were tied up in the ADHD, so treating it has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER, omg. Brain fog = gone, focus = actually a thing I can do, distractions = not taking over my life. (Turns out, ptsd + adhd can look a lot like bipolar. Once I got the ptsd treated with hella therapy, the adhd became obvious and we changed the treatment. And there was much rejoicing). <3

….*rubs eyes* as someone with untreated ptsd as well, I should really, really be doing something about this.

Ooookay, 2k17 is getting the help I deserve then. Thank you for that, it made me feel better to know it’s not too late. Even at my ripe old age of impending 30 :P

Read It Wednesday

Is this week ten? Did we finally make it to week ten? Holy crow that’s awesome! I’ve added a few changed to Read It Wednesday. Nothing major, I promise. As of now, I won’t be adding gif drabbles/celebration drabbles to future RIW’s. (unless they’re over 1,000 words) I will still read them but I just won’t be adding them. What I will be doing instead is reblogging those drabbles and making sure they get the love they deserve. ALSO I’ve stated this before, but I won’t be reading fics that don’t come with warnings. Warnings can be in the tags, just make a reference that they’re there. Some things I’m not comfortable with and I just like to spare myself those uncomfortable feelings. I hope none of you hate me for that. Annnd again, if you don’t see a specific series here, please understand that I’m not caught up on it, but will do my best to catch up on it soon. Okay, sorry for my long spiel, now onto the fics I’ve been tagged in this week!

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A/N: Here’s another one because it’s midterms and I have nothing to do. So YEA here’s one for my baby boy Eddie, god bless him, I’m sorry for what I’m about to make you read,,, Let me tell you, HELLA angst. Sorry not sorry kids. ALSO all my stories are going to be place when the kids are about 17, unless I say otherwise, so chill fam. This one is gonna be like in college to make me (and you guys) feel better. So like 20-21… Edit: not the best but I feel like if you guys wanted a part 2 it would be a lot better than this with a bunch of character development, so IF you want, I’m all in for a part 2.

Pairing: Eddie x reader, slight Reader x person I made up for the sake of this story:)))))))

Warnings: Cheating (you’ll see), language, implied sexual activity (all consented don’t come at me, we all know that there’s 21 year olds having sex, and I’m not writing the Dirty™), A N G S T, cliche shit, cliffhanger

Cool yourself down
I think I’m getting stuck
I think I’m getting hooked on you
Your cheeks are so warm
And mine are glowing too
Yeah, I can feel our lips like glue

It was the day after it all happened, the day y/n messed up. Or did she create a new beginning? She didn’t know yet. She hates herself for what she did, she loved her boyfriend didn’t she? Was Jack not enough for her? Did she really have to do something so unforgivable? Y/n didn’t have any of the answers, she knew what she did was wrong, but it felt so damn right. Eddie, the boy she’s known since kindergarten, had a crush on for years, the one she truly loved. 

Y/n still felt his lips on hers, going down her neck and back up, the warm sheets pressed against both of them and his warm cheeks. It felt as if she was hooked on him like a crackhead was hooked on crack. Everything felt right with Eddie, and she just couldn’t help it when he kissed her the first time that night at the Quarry. Richie had dared him too and he was feeling brave, Eddie knew about Jack, everyone knows about the two lovebirds. He didn’t care in the moment because he’s always liked y/n, and in the past year, fell in love. Of course right as Jack asked her out, he had to figure out what the strange feeling in his stomach he got when she was around was. It was love, and he couldn’t just forget about it no matter how much he tried. So he kissed her. He let it go far enough that he lost his virginity. 

Both of them lay there, not saying a word in the early morning light, breathing in time together. No words need to be said to know what they were thinking. How are we going to move on from this? Honestly, neither of them did. They wanted to stay in the moment forever because they knew it would be the last good moment for a while. 

So what are we thinking
And what are we here to prove?
Let’s stop being public
I guess we should get a room
Oh, I don’t believe it
Yeah, I think I have a screw loose
I think you have a screw loose too

They got ready in silence, the Tuesday morning was dragging by, since it was summer, they really didn’t have to leave the other’s presences but they knew better than that. Eddie let y/n shower first as he sat in his bed in his boxers, he knew he was going to be in trouble with a lot of people. Mostly Jack, but how was this going to turn out with y/n? Did this change everything for them? Nobody knows the answer like many of other things this morning. This morning was full of unanswered questions. 

Last night was still on his mind, Richie told them to get a room, so he brought her to his house, and things went on from there. For some reason, his mom wasn’t there, he wished his mom would have been there, maybe they wouldn’t be in this position now. He would have been able to control himself and they could have talked; instead they acted. He can’t believe he was so straight forward, he should have been a gentleman about it, but he felt like he had to prove to y/n that he was a man, not just Little Poor Eddie who had never been with a woman. Richie made jokes that y/n and Jack were the regulars, and it made Eddie mad, jealous. Y/n wouldn’t be disrespected by anyone, nor did he like the idea of her being with someone else. That was what really pushed him further, he knew y/n was the one for him, he felt like he needed to show her. 

I definitely have a screw loose, Eddie thinks to himself, holding his head in his hands. 

Don’t beat yourself up
It’s something that I’ve done
It’s something that we all go through
Let’s finish up our drinks
We better make a move
Cause we could carry on til two

Inside the bathroom, y/n sobbed, she hates how much she loved it. How much she loves him. The shower ran over her body, soaking her and warming her, consoling her for the sins she committed, the water felt like a whisper saying, “It’s okay, child, breathe.” She breathed heavily, trying to not to think about the night before. She can’t get it out of her head, she genuinely enjoyed it. She cheated on her loyal boyfriend, and enjoyed it. 

It was a going away party at he Quarry for Stan, since he was going to attempt to have his own business in Atlanta. They all knew he could do it, it was a night of no worries, a few drinks, and pure happiness for everyone. She remembered Richie telling them to get a room. They just did as told and went to his house to finish off. She remembered thinking about how she would regret doing this in the morning, that she would feel bad about indulging the thought she always had in the back of her mind. Then around 2 in the morning she was staring at the clock, wishing that it wasn’t true, the situation she was in. She wished she never even went to the party yesterday, she wished she never said yes to Jack the day he asked her out. What were you thinking? Why couldn’t you just be happy with what you had? She thought at herself, she was so anger at herself. She let it go this far, she let Eddie, he had asked if it was okay and she said yes. She should have told him no. She should have done some many things, and yet she didn’t and she enjoyed her night. 

God, she thought, what an idiot with a screw loose.

I’m so ready to go home
So call us up a cab and stop me feeling lonely
Why don’t you give me your number
It’s time to call a cab, stop spending all your money

Eddie decides to head in with her, nothing could make it worse at this point. So he knocks on the door to find y/n crying in the shower, he steps in, holding her, “We’ll get through this.” He soothes, “I won’t let anything bad happen.” She sniffles, turning away from his face, she couldn’t look at him. She wanted to, but she couldn’t. They finished up washing and getting dressed, he walks her home. 

Along the way, they don’t talk, they don’t say a word. Nothing could be said to them without thinking about the night before. Yes, they both loved it, they loved each other, but now they had a whole new problem. They wanted to be together, but with Jack, there was no way they could. Y/n was going to be labeled as a whore, a slut, a cheat. Eddie would be labeled as the person who ruined a perfectly good relationship. Neither of them were any of those things, would never be, they just got caught up like any other young adults would when feeling a fit of passion. 

“Y/n it’s going to be okay.” Eddie says as she walks up her porch. “I’ll see you later at Bill’s?” She looks down at her shaky hands. 

“We’ll see.” 

Part 2?

VLD SEASON 4 spoilers!


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This blog made my day... no week! I've been feeling hella horrible lately but this blog made me feel a lot better so thank you so so so much! I love you and your art style!!!


I’ve been thinking about the Lego Ninjago movie and just like… feeling so happy because who knew a Cartoon Network show based on toys allegedly for lil boys would get a feature-length film made by major production companies and released in cinemas for everyone in the world to see… just thinking about it makes me so happy. Ninjago put me in a much better state of mind, so the fact that there’s a major movie to look forward to just makes me hella excited and brightens my whole mood in a weird way and,, Knowing that I’ll be able to see the ninjas on the big screen in like just over 7 months hhhhnnn I’m really grateful they’re making the movie, it just seems to unbelievable to me. I’ll die when the full trailer comes out omg.

Winchester Sister- Hero

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Request: Hey!! Think you could do a Winchester sister imagine where reader bonds with the brothers in different ways (eg: Dean music, Sam books) and the other gets jealous..?
Title: Hero
Parings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader
Words: 978
Summary: Dean gets jealous that his sister is spending more time with Sam than him.
(A/N: I was on vacation this week & it was hella fun, I even made a vlog that I’m hesitant about posting on youtube or something (should I? what do y’all think?) anyways I also have some shitty friends, so if you have those too message me & we can talk about them and we can get our anger out lmao   I feel like this one could be so much better but I am too tired rn to fix it -JC)
“Ew Dean, are you seriously eating that for dinner?” You say, your features showing disgust as your brother, Dean, takes another bite of his burger that drips with grease.
“Yeah, so what?”
“Dean, that is so unhealthy. You’re going to have a heart attack.” You tell him, rolling your eyes and stabbing another piece of your grilled chicken with your fork.
“(Y/N)’s right. You should start to watch what you eat.” Sam says as he sits next to you with a plate of the chicken. “Here, you should try some. It’s actually good.”
“No!” Dean interjects, jerking his plate away when Sam tries to put a piece on Dean’s plate, “I’m not having any of you two’s health-crazed, metabolism-boosting crap. I don’t understand how I am even related to you two.”
“Oh, come on Dean,” You say, letting out a laugh, “You need to stay in shape and eating that preservative filled patty isn’t going to help.”
“Where’d you get that from, Dr. Oz?” Dean snickers. “Listen, you can eat your carrot sticks and crackers all you want, just don’t drag me into it.”  You flip him off and you all finish eating your meal.

You and Sam head to the library after the three of you clean the kitchen. You two sit in front of his laptop and he teaches you how to program new software onto the hard drive, just like he promised he would earlier that day. “Okay and then after you type in the domain you click this button and it should start to download.”
“Oh, that was way easier than I thought,” You say, smiling at your brother as he lets out a laugh. “So then after it downloads it should be up to date?”
“Yep.” Sam nods and you two sit back and watch the laptop process and download.
“Hey (Y/N),” You look up to see Dean walking towards you, “How would you like for me and you to go for a ride tomorrow morning?”
You look from Dean to Sam, who is looking at you with his eyebrows raised, “Gee I’d love to Dean, but me and Sammy were already going to go to the bookstore after our run in the morning. I need to get the last book of the series I’m reading.”
“Didn’t you just get a book a couple days ago?” Dean says, his voice clearly annoyed as he crosses his arms.
“I’m a fast reader…” You say and Dean rolls his eyes, “but we can go another day?”
“Nah, just forget I even asked.” Dean huffs and turns around and walks back to his room.
“Dean,” You call after him, but he ignores you. You throw your head back and sigh in defeat. You look towards Sam, “What do I do now?”
“Just go talk to him, see what he’s upset about.” Sam shrugs and you nod before you get up and head towards Dean’s room.
“Dean?” You ask as you tap on his door.
“It’s open.” You hear him say and you open the door and see Dean lying on his bed with a magazine in his hands. You look around his room awkwardly, having not prepared anything to say.
“You want to talk about it?” You finally say, glancing at your older brother, who peeks his head above his magazine.
“Talk about what?”
“What just happened…” You sit at the corner of his bed. You hear him sigh and he tosses his magazine to the side.
“Look, I told you to forget about it.” Dean says in a stern voice.
“No, Dean, there’s something you’re not telling me! Tell me what it is!” You snap, getting angry at Dean.
“Fine! It just seems that you like Sam more than you like me…” Dean says strongly at first then gets more embarrassed the more he talks.
“Why the hell would you think that?” You ask, shaking your head. How could you ever favor one of your brothers over the other?
“No, it’s stupid, just go.” He says but you cross your arms and give him a firm look. Dean grunts in annoyance that he has to go on, “I don’t know… You and him are just so much alike. You like the same foods, you geek out over the same things, and you two basically have a book club together. You spend so much time together; it just seems as if you’d prefer to be with him rather than me.”
“Are you kidding me?” You let out a small laugh, “There’s no reason for you to be jealous, just because me and Sam both like fruit and certain books doesn’t mean that I’d prefer him over you. You don’t see Sam getting mad when me and you go to concerts and stuff! And anyways Sam has always been my dorky older brother; you know the one that was a mathlete in high school and was fascinated by insects as a kid. You, Dean, you’ve taught me everything I know. You taught me how to ride a bike, how to shoot a gun, how to even cook damn pasta.
“ You know why I always come to you with my problems and not Sam? It’s because I know you will always be there for me no matter how little the situation is, you always have been. I mean hell, I’ve looked up to you ever since the day I could walk. You’re my hero, Dean.”
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Dean smiles to himself, thinking about what you had said. You move closer to him and Dean wraps his arms around you. “If I had to choose, you’d be my favorite.”
You laugh and look him in the eyes, “I’m going to cancel my plans with Sammy and then me and you can have all day tomorrow to ourselves, okay?”
“Sounds good.” He says and ruffles your hair.


Ok shiz (if im missing anything or I go out of order, i apologize, its 1am anD IM SO EXCITED still)

Firstly, NEVER expected NSP to come anywhere NEAR where I lived, but they have and I’m sooo happy.

So! Me and @trashpits met up around 4 or 5, and right after an accident (i caused my bad), we headed inside and got to sit in line.

Met some REALLY cool fans and played some Cards against Humanity while we waited. No idea who won tho. Also there was a kid dressed as Ninja Brian and was fully in character the whole time. It was amazing.

So once we waited…and waited…and waited, we finally got let in! Already tho, the vip guys took up most if not ALL the front section, so sadly, the chances of Dan seeing me were kinda out. But! We stood and hung out while we waited.

Cece unfortunately needed to take a breather and I was alone on the GA floor while the show was getting ready to go. But she got a good view from where she was so it was alright.

Finally after some REALLY LONG BASS, they brought up the warm up act, a guy by the name of M.C. Chris? He was okay but he DRAINED ON like, I could only take his voice so long before I go annoyed.

Once he left tho, we got TWRP up! And truth be told, I’m kinda digging how they sound. Before I just kinda saw them as “eh”, but now they’re pretty solid. Also I was kinda close(?) so they were BIGGER than I thought. Must be those Canadian genes.

They wrapped up their set and get ready for NSP to show, they first put up the animation @gorillaprutt did!! It was actually pretty badass and I laughed pretry hardXD


And let me tell you right now. Dan’s hair. Up close. Is seriously. Beautiful.

He was so excited, I could just FEEEL the excitement he had and Brian, omg


anyway, they did their theme song as an opener, and Danny greeted the crowd ans so did Brian (by kindly flipping us off).

They sang Cool Patrol which was GREAT, and they started talking about how they wanted to write a song about superheroes, which segwayed into Unicorn Wizard.

Then my phone died on me and I internally cried.

But! After that, they played a super secret video ;) it was great btw.

Oh! And they played You Spin me Round!! Damn that was fun.

Danny went into the back and Brian did his piano piece and DAMN SON SEEING BRIAN PLAY WAS BEYOND COOL TO WATCH. He moved so fast?!?

Danny came back after and wanted to play Road Trip (i think) but Brian cut in with the bloopy reggae jams. And Sung remixed it into a Latino mix and a Punk Rock mix. Dan was ON THE FLOOR IN A BALL. LIKE CHRIST HELP ME.

So then, they ACTUALLY played Road Trip.

They did the ballad version of Dinosaur Laser Fight and I’m gonna be honest, Dan singing live…is better than in the recording booth??? Like…IDK HOW BUT HES SO MUCH BETTER IN PERSON TO HEAR.

He didn’t even CEASE BEING SEXY Ok. There was a bit of him combing through his hair and I felt my heart tighten like FF

So Dan said some really nice stuff about how the world has fucked up people in it, but we must all say FUCK THOSE GUYS because we’re better than that. I love that boy so much. He then segwayed into Everybody wants to Rule the World, and I was just…in love you guys.

We also had one more super secret thingy and I THINK IT MIGHT BE MY NEW SECOND FAVORITE SONG??? (3 Minutes of Ecstasy will always be first but this one, hhhhh)

I adored it. And it made me feel so good to be a fan. And Dan even talked about how before, he would just play shows for 10 or so people in a basement, and he had this big goofy smile and said “this is so much better.”


Like FUCKIN don’t give me a heart attack in the middle of the crowd Avidan. JESUS.

That was amazing, also Dan holds notes so long and IM SO PROUD.

Nearing the end of the show, Brian and Phobos kissed, which was GREAT 10/10.

And after No Pants Dance, i think they said they were done? And began to leave offstage while everyone was cheering for an encore. Then Dan and Brian come out and go into the mic going “well that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

They didn’t just play one song. THEY DID TWO.

Dan and Brian played Wish you Were Here, and guys…I saw Dan just…taking it all in. Looking around at the lights of the phones in the crowd, and the people cheering for him and Brian and I just saw so much humbleness in one look, that I started to feel emotional. They finished and called TWRP back up and they finished with The Hit and THAT WAS IT.

Also Brian kissed Phobos TWICE. Also he took his cash from his pocket.

And after the show I got my merch and a SHIRT, and goddammit you guys. It was so fun and I’m so sad I have work and real life to go back to, but I’ll always love these boys and the show they gave us. They just care so much and I love them to pieces.

And I can’t shake off the feeling of just being so happy to see them in front of me. Lord I want them to come back so bad. And I GOTTA be closer to Dan next time like…PLEASE.

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how do you feel about people who blog nothing but sexualized women

this is one of those complicated issues. on one hand, i think people should feel free to post whatever they enjoy, find attractive aesthetically or otherwise. but on the other hand, i think its unhealthy to idealize those beautiful images on a pedestal because it can skew your standards of regular people to an unrealistic degree and dehumanize them. this goes for men as well, etc. i was guilty of this years ago, i used to find myself addicted to reblogging a bunch of cuties out of loneliness, relishing in fantasies of a super qt waifu in an attempt to quell my depression. but one night it just hit me how unhealthy it was mentally to perform this escapist ritual. i realized that fantasizing about hundreds of beautiful faces made me feel numb to the concept of an actual viable relationship with someone amongst all those immaculate intangible unattainable virtual people i was worshiping, and acknowledging that I was subjecting my followers to those posts made my desperation feel hella embarrassing in hindsight. and it all ended up fueling my depression even more. so i stopped. im glad i did. i feel a lot better now.

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Can you do another teacher and student smut? Brendon and reader pleaseeeee

     I got up for the first day of school. I wasn’t normally the type of person to love school, but I also didn’t hate it. I just allowed it to pass by, because it’s better to live in the moment. I was normally labelled as the type of bad girl. My grades were really good and all, but I just didn’t give a shit. I put on my short black skirt and a Guns n roses shirt tucked in. I had my thigh high black socks and my red vans to match. I woke up with only a short time to get ready, so makeup and hair was simple. It was my senior year and I was already turning 18 soon. I flunked when I was younger and had to re take 6th grade, because of me not giving a shit. I headed out of the house, grabbing my car keys and backpack, and I was on my way. I walked in to the school and sat down at my usual area with my friends. I have known them forever. We talked for a while and then first bell rang. My bff and I headed to our first class.

“when are you getting yourself a boyfriend?” she always bugged me about this. I was known for being with guys a lot, but recently, I just haven’t been with anyone. I guess i just have been busy.

“ I don’t know man. the guys here are lame” we went about our day in the boring classes for introduction. It was the first day, so no one really had to do anything. It was time for the final class of the day. I sat down on a random chair and got out my notebook. It was my music class, so it was one of the classes that I will actually enjoy.

“welcome class, I am Mr. Urie and I will be you music teacher this year,”

I looked up and-HOLY SHIT. He was hot as fuck. He was leaning on the piano and had his sleeves rolled up. He was taking roll and the way his jaw moved when he talked was heavenly. I want his mouth to move like that while he-”Y/N”


“ I think the correct response is “here”, you might want to pay attention” He continued to take roll and leaving me slight smirks. I am not paying attention at all. How could I? The thoughts that are running in my head are very bad. I want him to just lay me there on that piano and fuck me senseless. The bell took me out of my thoughts and I quickly got up and rushed out of the room. Well I almost did. except I didn’t. He told me he wanted me to stay after class.  “you seem to be a little distracted. What’s causing the distraction” he smirked. 

HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN I WANTED HIM TO BANG ME ON THE PIANO?       “ Ummm… just have a lot on my mind.”

“ what is it exactly?’’ He leaned forward and whispered in my ear   “ What are you dreaming about? Is it something naughty?”

My breath hitched and I didn’t know how to respond. I lightly shook my head yes and all he did was smile and lead me out of the room.


 My birthday was today, so I decided to wear something cute. I had on lace pastel pink panties with a white bow and matching bra. I had on a pastel pink skirt with a tucked in t-shirt that said Princess on it. Why not? It was defiantly the sexiest outfit I own. I really wanted to look good today. Mr. Urie and I have become really close. We flirt all the time, but it’s usually harmless. He really was a distraction, but defiantly a good one. We had the same taste in music and we shared a lot in common. Everyday after school, I would stay in his classroom and we would talk for a few hours. He was always extremely flirtatious and honestly, it really turned me on….I got to the school and waited as the hours passed of the boring day. I walked into his classroom and we instantly made eye contact. He paused for a second and bit his lip. He had everyone working on their song for the next school concert and I grabbed my notebook and started working on it. I was sat at the piano working on the song and he came up and sat next to me. He sat really close to me and placed his hand on my thigh. He started talking about the song as if he wasn’t fucking me up at all. I don’t see why I can’t tease him. It is my birthday right? I leaned in close to him showing off as much cleavage as possible and harmlessly placed my hands on the piano. I played the first few notes and he joined in, our hands brushing softy every once in a while. We stopped for a second and got lost in each others eyes. We started to lean in, but the bell brought us out of our daze. The class rushed out and I just sat there. As soon as everyone was gone, He rushed to the door and locked it.

“happy birthday princess. I got something for you”  He said this while slowly walking over to me. We have never really done anything like this before, but we have always had the tension and talked about it before. He leaned in and kissed me passionately then it soon deepened.He reached around me and lifted me up and onto the piano. “you look so hot today” he slowly took my shirt off and threw it to god knows where, along with all of my other items of clothing. I was left in my matching bra and panties just laying on the piano.”today is all about you, so you just lean back and let daddy take care of you” He then pulled my panties down and threw my bra off, then took them off of me. “are you sure you want this baby?” I nodded my head quickly and he began working on me. His tongue moving around quickly as he plunged it deep into me. He stuck one of his fingers in me and me sucked on my clit while pushing his finger in and out. he added another and then one more and I could already feel myself getting close. He kept hitting my spot over and over again as loud moans escaped my lips. “DADDY I-I’M CLOSE” “ Let go baby girl” My orgasm washed over me and he leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips. I was so eager for him to fuck me, so I sat up and practically ripped his shirt off. he threw his pants off and his boxers went with them. I leaned back on the piano as he grabbed a condom and rolled it on.” you ready?”

 I replied in a moan and he thrusted into me harshly. His hand was on my hip and his other was supporting himself on the piano. We were tangled in a kiss and I had my arms wrapped around him scratching his back. He planted many hickeys on my neck and shoulders while thrusting into me over and over again. It felt so good. “ DADDY-I’M..’’ “ i know, me too baby girl”

We both released and rolled out our highs. “ that was the best birthday present ever” He leaned in and we made out for a while until we heard a knock at the door.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was actually really fun to write. it wasn’t 100% but I kind of rushed myself. these will get better, i promise! The ask box is always open, so feel free to leave ideas for any kind of smut. Tonight i am writing hella smut and  trying to upload as much as possible, so give me any ideas! 

~~~Tay <3 

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I'm sorry to bother you, but recently my boyfriend left me because his friends were making fun of him for dating me because I'm trans, and it always happens like this. But your blog made me feel a lot better about myself, and I just wanted to say thank you.

whoever you are, if you’re comfortable with it- reach out to messages are always open- and if you really need someone instantly, my kik is gaygrunge. this is open to EVERYONE- if anyone ever needs someone, just kik me. the fact my blog has made you feel better, makes me feel hella awesome. that really brightens my day, seeing i help people. i hope the future works better for you.

you’re valid, okay?

Love your leg

I was just going about my day and had a few people actually complimented my leg. They didn’t say anything like I’m an inspiration, just they generally liked the style of print I used for my cover. It made me feel great and even normal for wearing a prosthetic limb. Like when you’re having a good hair day or wearing your favorite outfit and someone notices it. It’s the little things that people appreciate and makes your whole day better.

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So I absolutely love Iida and have seen nothing so far for him (sorry if it was missed) but I would like to request him and s/o celebrating a small anniversary and literally nothing goes along to his plans but s/o is actually having like a hella good time and it ends up working out in the end (I'm fine if it ends up nsfw this was just the first thing I could imagine for my lovely Emergency Exit)

This is a really good idea! I had fun writing this! Enjoy your lovely Mr. Emergency Exit ~ 💙

It was 6 pm and you hear the door burst open. “My dear s/o-chan ~! Happy 1st anniversary!” your lovely Emergency Exit says as he hugs you and spins you in the air. You laugh a bit, “Oh Tenya! Happy 1st anniversary!” you say after he puts you down. You pause and look at his fancy attire and his nicely fixed hair. “So what’s with the get up?” He kisses your lips. “Get ready dear. Wear nice clothes because I am taking you out for a nice and fancy date! I already made a dinner reservation for us at a fancy restaurant.” You smile at him, “Awe Tenya! You don’t have to spend so much on me you know.” He shakes his head, “Nonsense! You deserve it for being such a great girlfriend!” You blush and giggle. “Ok ok. I’ll get ready now.” 

After a while (Cause ya know us girls. We take a while to look good, especially on special occasions) you come out wearing a beautiful dress with matching shoes, your hair fixed, and with/without light makeup. “Tenya! I’m ready!” He turns around and his jaw drops. “You look… so beautiful. More than ever.” You blush and smile at him. He snaps out of his trance and offers his arm to you, “Shall we go Ms. Beautiful?” You take his arm, “We shall Mr. Emergency Exit.” Tenya blushes at his nickname.

Once you two arrive at the fancy restaurant, you both notice that the parking lot was nearly full. Tenya frowns, “Wow. It must be really busy tonight.” You hold his hand, “It’s ok Tenya. I’m sure we’ll find a spot soon.” However, he finally finds a spot after 30 minutes of circling around the medium-sized parking lot. After he parks, he gets out and holds the car door open for you. You walk hand-in-hand with him to the restaurant. A man wearing a tuxedo opens the door for the both of you, but he steps in your way. “I’m sorry sir, ma’am. I’m afraid that we are overcrowded and don’t have any available seats.” Tenya’s smile drops. “But… but we have a reservation!” he reasons. The man just smiles apologetically, “We’re really sorry, sir, ma’am.” You and Tenya leave the place and get into the car. 

He inhales and exhales deeply, “It’s ok. I knew this might happen. So I have an alternative!” He takes out his phone and calls another fancy restaurant. After a few minutes, he hangs up with a big smile. “I was able to get another reservation at a different restaurant dear! And we are going there right now!” He says with excitement as he starts the car and leaves the parking lot. You smile and put your hand on his shoulder, “That’s great Tenya. Hopefully this one isn’t as busy as the other one.” He sighs, “I hope so, too.” Unfortunately, it started raining heavily. Heavy rain meant heavy traffic. The restaurant you were heading to was still 5 blocks away and closes at 10 pm. It was 9:35 pm and traffic looked like it won’t move for about another hour. Tenya sighs and closes his eyes. You hold his hand, “Tenya? Are you ok?” He opens his eyes and stares blankly in front of him, “I don’t think we’re gonna make it…” You felt sorry for him. 

A thought suddenly pops up in your head and you light up. “Tenya! I have an idea!” He looks at you, “What is it?” You make a gesture to the window on his side. “I noticed that the rain’s getting lighter. Why don’t we just walk in the park?” He lights up, “You’re right! That’s a great idea! That was part of the plan, too!” He makes a U turn for the park. Once you two arrive at the park, you both notice a sign that says ‘PARK CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER’. Tenya sinks in defeat. “Ugh. But the rain’s gone now!” You try to comfort him by holding his hand. “It’s ok Tenya. Let’s go home and watch a movie while cuddling together.” He sits back up, “Ok…”

Once you both go home, you take a quick shower and change into your pajamas. You make popcorn while Tenya takes a shower. You put the popcorn into a big bowl and go into the bedroom. Tenya comes out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “S/o, do you have the popcorn?” You stare at his sexy body for a while before replying. “Yup! What do you want to watch?” Before he could even open his mouth to reply, the power turns off. Tenya groans loudly. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” He says dramatically while moving his arms in a dramatic way. He sits on the bed, head drooping down in disappointment. You hug him from the side, “Tenya, what’s wrong?” He sighs and hugs back, “This was supposed to be a perfect 1st anniversary date. I planned for us to have a nice dinner and to have a moonlight stroll after that, but that didn’t work out. Then we skipped having a nice fancy dinner and decided to go walking instead, but that didn’t work out either. And we were supposed to be watching a movie while cuddling, but the power just HAD to go out,” he sighs again, “Nothing went according to plan. Nothing at all!

You pat his back soothingly, “Oh Tenya. Even if things didn’t go according to plan, I still had fun.” He looks at you surprised, “R-really dear? But we didn’t do anything…” You smile and nod your head, “Yup! But just being with you the entire time made it fun! Trust me, I was having a hella good time just being by your side!” Tenya smiles, “Thank you. I feel better now. I should have focused on you instead of the negatives. At least we still have popcorn to enjoy together.” You nod your head. 

You two were sitting on the bed chatting while eating the popcorn. “You know Tenya? Doing this with you makes me happy. I’m having fun~” you say cheerfully. “I’m having fun, too. Just being with YOU makes me happy.” Suddenly, the lights turn on. You jump up, “Yay! The power’s back! Now let’s go watch a movie!” He smiles at you, “I’ll make another batch of popcorn.” he says as he walks into the kitchen. “And I’ll choose the movie~” you say as you get up. Even if things didn’t turn out the way he planned, everything turned out to just be fine.

NSFW ending

You pat his back soothingly, “Oh Tenya. Even if things didn’t go according to plan, I still had fun.” He looks at you surprised, “R-really dear? But we didn’t do anything…” You smile and nod your head, “Yup! But just being with you the entire time made it fun! Trust me, I was having a hella good time just being by your side!” Tenya smiles, “Thank you. I feel better now. I should have focused on you instead of the negatives.” You put your hand on his thigh, “You know… since you’re naked right now,” you drag your index finger across his strong chest, “Why don’t we have some fun~?” Tenya looks at you and smirks. He pins you down onto the bed. “Good idea.” He starts kissing your neck, working his way down to your breasts. “Wow Tenya. I didn’t think that you’d be good at this~” you tease. “Oh really? Then I’ll make sure to impress you some more. I’ll send your engines into overdrive.” he says seductively. After a bit of foreplay, he positions himself. “Are you ready s/o-chan?” you wrap your legs around his waist. “Give me your best shot.”

After you both climax, he collapses onto you. Your heavy breathing mixed with his filled the room. “Te-Tenya… that was awesome. Today was the best day ever.” You say in between breaths. He takes his dick out of your pussy and hugs you. “I’m glad you liked it. This may be your best day so far, but there will be more best days like this in the future.” You yawn and sleepily smile, “I look forward to it… all of it…” you say before sleep takes over you.


“I came here from Chicago because I felt like I needed to do something with my life. I was working BS jobs, driving thirty miles to work with a gas leak. It was hard, so I came here. I left my car, my room, my bed, my space. Came here to sleep on floors, couches, just to start my life over. Right now I’m staying with my cousin and the mother of his children. It’s not the best, but I am appreciative. 

I’m overwhelmed. It’s hard for me to find an apartment; I didn’t think it would be this hard. Especially for somebody like me. I’m single, I don’t have any kids. I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving, yet I know if I stay focused and keep working then I won’t regret it. I’m like a little microwave; I want everything right now. But obviously it’s not coming like that.

I feel like I’m stuck. But if I go back home then I’d have to leave the opportunity of jobs here, because we don’t have that luxury back at home. That’s my motivation. It’s making me want to continue to stay on track and do better. ‘Cause I’ve seen that life throws hella obstacles at you. And you gotta be a strong person just to make it through.

I cry almost every day. There have been times when I’ve cried at work. I don’t mean to get all emotional. I don’t like crying in front of people. I’m living out of my suitcase and bags. I hate it. That’s not where I’m from. But I go to work; work is my escape. 

If I was back at home it would be easier because I’d know where to go, where to look. The cost of living here is higher, so I have to make sure I got my money right. Got to make sure my credit is right. It’s a lot.

I don’t know if I want to go to school to be a nurse or to be what I’ve always wanted to be, a veterinarian. That’s been my dream since I was ten. So maybe that’s what I want to go to school for, but I’m not sure. I think I’m scared of the math and science, honestly. I don’t mind putting myself through a challenge, but I feel like that one’s going to be the real big deal.

Oh, and my birthday is August 8th and I’m a Leo. I think Leo’s rule.”


okay but zarkon isn’t a bad guy. in fact, it’s so so so sad to see him become the bad guy when in actual truth it’s his wife that is the bad guy. his wife is the one that started all this war and shit and it’s because she was greedy and she was stubborn and she wanted to push boundaries because she was so damn <i>greedy</i> for power. Ultimately, I figured zarkon got influenced by her too which made alfor question his decision for power over anything else (i’m on mobile shit me)

It’s zarkon’s wife’s fault not zarkon!!! it’s just because zarkon loved his wife sooo much to the point he followed her thinking.

Look, his wife grew ugly as hell after being exposed to her work for so long but zarkon still stayed by her side. he even risked his friendship with others and voltron JUST SO THAT HE CAN MAKE HIS WIFE FEEL BETTER AGAIN!!

He loves his wife so much, even when she is sick, ugly and muttering stupid stuff looking hella creepy that he sacrificed his friendship with his friends to save her.

tldr; Haggar started this whole shit because she was stubborn and greedy. zarkon was just being a loyal and (too) loving husband to his wife. it is only because of the misfortune of the monster overtaking them that they become evil.

D.Va’s height isnt confirmed but I would die if she was shorter than Lucio who is 5′3′’! He is my height! BLESS THIS MAN! BLESS UP MY FOLLOWERSSS!

*waves softly* heyyyyyy………..I’m back from the art block. Came back with my trash self.

i’m feeling better since you know me; i was a lonely soul but that’s the old me

the “i lost my little brother at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you so it seems like i’ll have to get your number - at least you’re hella cute” au was pretty much made for Tadahoney. inspiration comes from uponagraydawn’s (terrible/awful/wonderful/heartbreaking) baby!Hiro fan art and FoT au. 


Tadashi will swear up and down and on a stackof robotic textbooks he only took his eyes off Hiro for one second—and yet that one second was all his wayward, two-year-old baby brother needed to disappear into the busy market aisles.

Honestly after this, he doesn’t care what anyone says; he’s going to get a leash for that boy no matter how much Hiro rails against it, he can’t run off like this, what would Aunt Cass say if he lost Hiro

Tadashi races up and down the aisles, barely keeping his hat on his head as he runs. People look at him like he’s crazy as he cranes his neck to look down the lanes, searching frantically for a head of uncontrollable black flyaway hair, a childish laugh.

What if he goes outside, what if he walks into the busy street, what if someone takes him—


Tadashi skids to a halt, almost tripping over his own feet at the sound of his little brother’s voice and there he is, the little brat, grinning that gap-toothed grin that fools everybody except those that know better. He waves merrily at Tadashi, completely unconcerned at his older brother’s frantic expression. Tadashi recovers and kneels down to be on Hiro’s level and “Look, Dashi,” Hiro says eagerly, pointing at someone’s legs, “cookies!”

“He really seems to want them,” says a new voice, light and airy and female and Tadashi looks up—

And up, the girl in front of him is his height and few inches in those skyscraper heels she’s wearing, tall and graceful and willow slender, like the cranes on Aunt Cass’s printed screens at home. Her eyes are hazel green and her hair dark gold, hanging loose down her back. She’s smiling at him now, a bright smile that matches the cheerful yellow of her daisy-print dress and platform shoes.

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Do you have any upcoming requests for allura? I'm thirsty for my gurl

I only have one NSFW and a collective group one, so I got 2! Which is sad. It’s not nearly enough for my Space Babe.

And while I’m here, I’m just gonna break down what I got left.

Shiro only: 19

Keith only: 3

Coran only: 2

Allura only: 1

Lance only: 0 (I’m sad)

Hunk only: 3 (I feel marginally better)

Pidge only: 1

All male Paladins: 11


Yes it’s 4am.

Yes I can’t sleep.

Yes I went into the Sanvers tag and got HELLA depressed because the CW sucks ass and are going to ruin the first female WlW relationship that’s ever meant anything to me.

Yes I then went immediately into the Wayhaught tag.

Yes I then proceeded to watch an HD video of the Wynonna Earp cast at a Dragon Con panel.

Yes it made me feel better.