it made me feel hella better

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I just got dx with ADHD in Dec. at the age of 31 and started taking meds for it. Turns out, a lot of my anxiety and depression symptoms were tied up in the ADHD, so treating it has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER, omg. Brain fog = gone, focus = actually a thing I can do, distractions = not taking over my life. (Turns out, ptsd + adhd can look a lot like bipolar. Once I got the ptsd treated with hella therapy, the adhd became obvious and we changed the treatment. And there was much rejoicing). <3

….*rubs eyes* as someone with untreated ptsd as well, I should really, really be doing something about this.

Ooookay, 2k17 is getting the help I deserve then. Thank you for that, it made me feel better to know it’s not too late. Even at my ripe old age of impending 30 :P

So I know this is a hella late observation but considering Lena’s reaction to seeing Kara and even Supergirl in 2x12, it’s safe to assume that Kara Danvers AND Supergirl have seen Lena since the events of the Medusa virus but the audience just didn’t get to see it. Similar to how the audience didn’t get to see Kara finding out that Maggie knows she’s Supergirl but in the next episode, it was an event that already took place.
It just makes me feel better that Kara made sure to visit Lena as Kara Danvers and as Supergirl during that time.

D.Va’s height isnt confirmed but I would die if she was shorter than Lucio who is 5′3′’! He is my height! BLESS THIS MAN! BLESS UP MY FOLLOWERSSS!

*waves softly* heyyyyyy………..I’m back from the art block. Came back with my trash self.

Winchester Sister- Hero

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Request: Hey!! Think you could do a Winchester sister imagine where reader bonds with the brothers in different ways (eg: Dean music, Sam books) and the other gets jealous..?
Title: Hero
Parings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader
Words: 978
Summary: Dean gets jealous that his sister is spending more time with Sam than him.
(A/N: I was on vacation this week & it was hella fun, I even made a vlog that I’m hesitant about posting on youtube or something (should I? what do y’all think?) anyways I also have some shitty friends, so if you have those too message me & we can talk about them and we can get our anger out lmao   I feel like this one could be so much better but I am too tired rn to fix it -JC)
“Ew Dean, are you seriously eating that for dinner?” You say, your features showing disgust as your brother, Dean, takes another bite of his burger that drips with grease.
“Yeah, so what?”
“Dean, that is so unhealthy. You’re going to have a heart attack.” You tell him, rolling your eyes and stabbing another piece of your grilled chicken with your fork.
“(Y/N)’s right. You should start to watch what you eat.” Sam says as he sits next to you with a plate of the chicken. “Here, you should try some. It’s actually good.”
“No!” Dean interjects, jerking his plate away when Sam tries to put a piece on Dean’s plate, “I’m not having any of you two’s health-crazed, metabolism-boosting crap. I don’t understand how I am even related to you two.”
“Oh, come on Dean,” You say, letting out a laugh, “You need to stay in shape and eating that preservative filled patty isn’t going to help.”
“Where’d you get that from, Dr. Oz?” Dean snickers. “Listen, you can eat your carrot sticks and crackers all you want, just don’t drag me into it.”  You flip him off and you all finish eating your meal.

You and Sam head to the library after the three of you clean the kitchen. You two sit in front of his laptop and he teaches you how to program new software onto the hard drive, just like he promised he would earlier that day. “Okay and then after you type in the domain you click this button and it should start to download.”
“Oh, that was way easier than I thought,” You say, smiling at your brother as he lets out a laugh. “So then after it downloads it should be up to date?”
“Yep.” Sam nods and you two sit back and watch the laptop process and download.
“Hey (Y/N),” You look up to see Dean walking towards you, “How would you like for me and you to go for a ride tomorrow morning?”
You look from Dean to Sam, who is looking at you with his eyebrows raised, “Gee I’d love to Dean, but me and Sammy were already going to go to the bookstore after our run in the morning. I need to get the last book of the series I’m reading.”
“Didn’t you just get a book a couple days ago?” Dean says, his voice clearly annoyed as he crosses his arms.
“I’m a fast reader…” You say and Dean rolls his eyes, “but we can go another day?”
“Nah, just forget I even asked.” Dean huffs and turns around and walks back to his room.
“Dean,” You call after him, but he ignores you. You throw your head back and sigh in defeat. You look towards Sam, “What do I do now?”
“Just go talk to him, see what he’s upset about.” Sam shrugs and you nod before you get up and head towards Dean’s room.
“Dean?” You ask as you tap on his door.
“It’s open.” You hear him say and you open the door and see Dean lying on his bed with a magazine in his hands. You look around his room awkwardly, having not prepared anything to say.
“You want to talk about it?” You finally say, glancing at your older brother, who peeks his head above his magazine.
“Talk about what?”
“What just happened…” You sit at the corner of his bed. You hear him sigh and he tosses his magazine to the side.
“Look, I told you to forget about it.” Dean says in a stern voice.
“No, Dean, there’s something you’re not telling me! Tell me what it is!” You snap, getting angry at Dean.
“Fine! It just seems that you like Sam more than you like me…” Dean says strongly at first then gets more embarrassed the more he talks.
“Why the hell would you think that?” You ask, shaking your head. How could you ever favor one of your brothers over the other?
“No, it’s stupid, just go.” He says but you cross your arms and give him a firm look. Dean grunts in annoyance that he has to go on, “I don’t know… You and him are just so much alike. You like the same foods, you geek out over the same things, and you two basically have a book club together. You spend so much time together; it just seems as if you’d prefer to be with him rather than me.”
“Are you kidding me?” You let out a small laugh, “There’s no reason for you to be jealous, just because me and Sam both like fruit and certain books doesn’t mean that I’d prefer him over you. You don’t see Sam getting mad when me and you go to concerts and stuff! And anyways Sam has always been my dorky older brother; you know the one that was a mathlete in high school and was fascinated by insects as a kid. You, Dean, you’ve taught me everything I know. You taught me how to ride a bike, how to shoot a gun, how to even cook damn pasta.
“ You know why I always come to you with my problems and not Sam? It’s because I know you will always be there for me no matter how little the situation is, you always have been. I mean hell, I’ve looked up to you ever since the day I could walk. You’re my hero, Dean.”
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Dean smiles to himself, thinking about what you had said. You move closer to him and Dean wraps his arms around you. “If I had to choose, you’d be my favorite.”
You laugh and look him in the eyes, “I’m going to cancel my plans with Sammy and then me and you can have all day tomorrow to ourselves, okay?”
“Sounds good.” He says and ruffles your hair.

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Thanks Shy. I've been having a hella tough week and the comics and sketches you've made this week have made me feel better. So thanks for helping me cheer up at times.

watching scenes where a character who is confirmed asexual and aromantic by their creator, is thrown into some really bizarre and out of nowhere pairing, with heavy-handed hetero vibes, over sexual tones and hella ~romantic music~ playing in the background just made me so unbelievably uncomfortable. and the more i think about it, the more uneasy i feel, and i’m just so distressed. leave raphael alone. the world doesn’t need you to erase a character’s aro/ace identity for another hetero ship.

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Alec: What do you call a snobbish criminal going down stairs? Parker: I don't know, what? Nate: *starts walking down the stairs* Alec: A condescending con, descending. Nate: *goes back up stairs without saying anything*

ok sorry for answering this late, but i saw this yesterday and i was having a really shitty day and this made me feel a lot better so fr thank you ur the best person ever

(also is this a request cause ill hella do this lol)

today i was honestly feelin hella depressed

and then there was a table selling wooden roses for $1 (6 for $5) and i bought a dozen and then gave them to girls in my theater department and tbh it made me feel better 

Okay, one of you lovelies submitted this little imagine for me to share! Show them some love! And don’t forget, all submissions here are welcome!

warning: nsfw
super fluffy in the beginning then super smutty, it’s my first time writing smut so bare with me!!! hella inspired by knew better/forever boy (but just forever boy) by ariana grande. hope u all enjoy:)

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im sorry about the shit going on in your life :( from your description of how you love identifying as nb, i really think you're not wrong about your gender. i hope stufff gets better.

lmao thank u anon. that really means a lot <3 honestly, deep down, i know im nb, but, damn, when there’s this constant pressure too identify with my assigned gender, its hella hard to get comfortable with my newfound identity.

(in all honesty this made me smile. Feels good feels great, feels validating. Thank u :D)

i’m feeling better since you know me; i was a lonely soul but that’s the old me

the “i lost my little brother at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you so it seems like i’ll have to get your number - at least you’re hella cute” au was pretty much made for Tadahoney. inspiration comes from uponagraydawn’s (terrible/awful/wonderful/heartbreaking) baby!Hiro fan art and FoT au. 


Tadashi will swear up and down and on a stackof robotic textbooks he only took his eyes off Hiro for one second—and yet that one second was all his wayward, two-year-old baby brother needed to disappear into the busy market aisles.

Honestly after this, he doesn’t care what anyone says; he’s going to get a leash for that boy no matter how much Hiro rails against it, he can’t run off like this, what would Aunt Cass say if he lost Hiro

Tadashi races up and down the aisles, barely keeping his hat on his head as he runs. People look at him like he’s crazy as he cranes his neck to look down the lanes, searching frantically for a head of uncontrollable black flyaway hair, a childish laugh.

What if he goes outside, what if he walks into the busy street, what if someone takes him—


Tadashi skids to a halt, almost tripping over his own feet at the sound of his little brother’s voice and there he is, the little brat, grinning that gap-toothed grin that fools everybody except those that know better. He waves merrily at Tadashi, completely unconcerned at his older brother’s frantic expression. Tadashi recovers and kneels down to be on Hiro’s level and “Look, Dashi,” Hiro says eagerly, pointing at someone’s legs, “cookies!”

“He really seems to want them,” says a new voice, light and airy and female and Tadashi looks up—

And up, the girl in front of him is his height and few inches in those skyscraper heels she’s wearing, tall and graceful and willow slender, like the cranes on Aunt Cass’s printed screens at home. Her eyes are hazel green and her hair dark gold, hanging loose down her back. She’s smiling at him now, a bright smile that matches the cheerful yellow of her daisy-print dress and platform shoes.

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Made up fic title: You know we belong with each other

Okay probably some slow burn Sterek with like…..hella angst. Probably something with Derek feeling like he doesn’t deserve Stiles and saying Stiles deserves better. Also Stiles had his head up his ass and feels like Derek is soooooo out of his league. Basically every Sterek fic ever but ya know, it works. 

Thanks Nonnie. 


*le sigh

I need to stop drawing SCM art.

Or better yet, Hue’s route needs to come out sooner.

And yes, a couple of things, I LOVE Hue’s Godly form, he’s so amazingly beautiful. (And him x Goddess MC gives me feels so why not draw them???)

Human MC is cool too but I live for angst and tragedy so yay that’s how this piece was made, gnight kids, I’m going to roll and cry in the deep deep grave I have dug for myself, bye.

The inspiration behind MC-chan’s Goddess design was mainly drawn from the fact that she was the Goddess of Fate (hence stars and light, etc etc) and pretty much because her nickname’s Goldie as a human, and I though Teo was getting at something, but yes I need happy headcanons to hide my tragic, sad ones. 

I might actually draw a full body picture of her design, because I’m actually really happy with how it turned out! Especially the shading, because those who know me will know of my struggles with shading light hair.

But yes, I never thought I’d love this game as much as I did. The whole concept is so interesting and the character designs are legit 1000000/10, they’re so pretty!

And Hue, I can’t wait for your route bb. pls make time go faster help me.

hargreaves1999 replied to your post: “got an ear infection, headache that’s becoming the mother of all…”:

Hope you feel better soon. *hug* Infections and migraines suck! Thanks for replying to my comment on AO3.

*complains about tumblr’s brightness issues ugh*

thanks dear. if i only had one it wouldn’t be too bad but- TIMING

that comment you made was hella, of course i was gonna reply to it lol (also ao3 is dark for me rather than bright white so like, less hurty on the heady)

shoutout 2 @villettio for being a gorgeous person w adorable hair n pretty eyes and great makeup [which she should teach me to do bc i have no fuckin clue how to do makeup] and a great personality n contagious laugh
we haven’t been talking again for too long but i can already tell that u’ve made me happier and laugh harder than i have in the last three years even if it’s at fuckin walugi memes or the fact ur dads a thumb and thank u for being here and being a hella rad person and i love u pls feel better

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omg I love the way you replied to that last ask that was so mature. Like dude, if I got that ask I would've replied with "eat my ass" and that would've made the person hate me even more lmao 😂 I admire you, you have amazing art skills and you're hella mature and know how to handle haters the right way. You're a great person from what I've seen so far.

i figured if i went to their level i wouldn’t be any better then them . plus the more maturely and no shits given you act the more aggravated people get that you dont care/feel bad. im very dyslexic but even i can articulate a good blow.

but honestly i almost said : i would like you to become acquainted with a hard rectangular object in your facial or lower regions :) thanks 

lol and thank you im glad you like my art and me . im grateful.


Sylvan Esso | Come Down

Hey mama, won’t you come down… hey mama, won’t you come down? to the river? to wade. to bathe.

i’ve been feeling a little bit better every day.

for the past few days i didn’t want to listen to music because i didn’t want to ruin good music with my sadness. that already happened before with cocorosie and it sucks because that album is so good but whenever i hear it i remember when i was hella depressed a few years ago. and nothing felt really safe to listen to. everything would remind me of him and i’d probably start crying, lol. but this morning at work i was listening to the self titled bon iver album for the first time in forever and it was so peaceful. that album is so so beautiful. and i was thinking about his snapchats of all the trees and nature around him and how beautiful it would be to listen to this album while walking around over there. and it made me feel better. i’m not sure exactly what changed, but i’m glad it did.

i borrowed his sylvan esso album the day before he left and have been wanting to listen to it but have been too afraid to. but i am now and it feels good. it is reminding me of him but not in a bad way. not in a sad way. in a happy way. which is good :)

this song is currently on repeat. we listened to it a bunch in the car on one of our last adventures before he left. this live performance is breathtaking. i want to cuddle up and fall asleep in her voice.

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Sometimes I feel like there won't be more Clexa because clarke didn't seem as interested in Lexa as Lexa did Clarke then I remember Clarke kissed her back and it makes me feel better haha

Ya’ll i’m pretty sure Clarke was more into the kiss than Lexa….

 and Lexa is all  (づ 💚 ‿ 💚 )づ   ( 🔵 __ 🔵 )  for the grumpy sky bean

Like this moment:

Clarke was HELLA HELLA into it!!!

But then she stopped herself and realized that the timing wasn’t right and that she wasn’t ready. She respects Lexa too much to lead her on. THAT is why she says ‘sorry’, she knew that her returning the kiss meant something to both of them. Clarke doesn’t say sorry for ending the kiss…she says sorry because she made the kiss heated. She shakes her head and closes her eyes and i feel like that is her way of scolding herself. 

There is a moment after Clarke says “I’m not ready to be with anyone” where Lexa looks down at Clarke’s lips then searches her eyes. This is Lexa communicating to Clarke “was that okay for me to do? was that about me or just wanting someone? do you regret that?” and that is when Clarke replies “not yet.” That is Lexa’s confirmation that it was about her but the timing was just off – about to go to war and that Finn’s death is still really new. Clarke blames herself for Bellamy destroying the radio by being distracted with Finn, she wasn’t about to make that same mistake. Like I said in the other post, this is paralleled with Wicken that didn’t stop and ending up causing tensions between them. Clarke didn’t want to stop and had A LOT of self control and self awareness. Seriously, she was able to end the kiss after Lexa just did The Nose Thing™!!!!