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You make amazing things happen! Don’t give up yet! ( @thatsthat24 ‘s Mortality because Thomas makes me extremely happy and so do flowers so made this!) 

Please don’t give up yourself yet! You’re an amazing person!! Just don’t overwork yourself and take necessary breaks- and I hope reading this helped you today, whoever you are~ 

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“She was beautifully out of the place. Sometimes I believe she intended to be. Like the moon during the day.”

This time, I gave myself a gift and commissioned the wonderful artist @xla-hainex to do a portrait of my oc Jessica Shepard. And I must say that I’m absolutely in love with this and how she looks like! I can’t stop staring at her. She looks absolutely gorgeous and mysterious as I imagine her! So thank you so much for bringing my beloved oc into life in such marvelous way! I’m totally in love and it made me extremely happy! Thank you! <3 

Expectations: Exceeded

I can’t believe what just happened. I have watched an episode written by the dreadful duo and I can say that I really liked it despite the fact that Cas was not in it. Let me tell you what exactly I enjoyed about it. (Spoilers are obviously coming, so you have been warned).

Eileen was back. Sam has kept contact with her and that made me extremely happy because I ship Sam/Eileen with all I have. After this episode I’m more convinced than ever that she could be Sam’s perfect endgame. I hope we see her again and alive.

Mick got a sort of redemption arc. I loved the uniforms at Kendrick’s (shout out to Hogwarts), and I knew Dr. Hess would be a mean woman since I saw her and immediately thought of Dolores Umbridge. Mick’s flashbacks made me really sad. I felt empathy and pain in my heart for him, but I also felt really proud of him when he made the right choice and when he stood up for the Winchesters. I couldn’t help the tears running down my cheeks when I saw the end of his story. I’ll miss him! :(

Mary’s this-is-just-for-fun attitude with Mr. Ketch felt refreshing to me. It seemed that the closest to develop some sort of feelings after their encounter was him, not her. I wonder what he will do now that he’s got the direct order to eliminate all American hunters, including Mary. Will he try to spare her life but not her sons’? It’s obvious he doesn’t like the idea of Mary splitting her energy between hunting and her boys. He sees everything black and white, so the fact that she’s hunting means to him that Sam and Dean aren’t so important to Mary. He’s wrong, of course, but I’m interested to see what happens next.

The rest of the episode was good enough. Lucifer is still trying to play Crowley. Will the King of Hell be able to keep himself 10 steps ahead or will his pride and ego be his downfall? On the other hand, I’m not so interested in what will happen to Kelly Kline and Lucifer’s child, but I’m engaged enough to be paying attention to that part of the story as well.

Both Dean and Sam are worried about Cas. They mentioned him a couple of times, and we even saw Dean trying insistently to contact him. Cas is family, so the Winchesters are obviously concerned because he’s M.I.A.

The subtextual romantic interest parallel was so near the surface that I felt it was almost text. At the end of the episode, Sam asked Dean (again in the episode) if he’d heard anything from Cas yet. Then he asked Dean if he thought Cas was alright and Dean answered he didn’t know, but his face was screaming “I’m really worried”.

(Source: X)

What happened immediately after that? Dean asked Sam “Where’s Eileen?” Both Winchesters were asking about a person that is definitely special for the other brother. In this episode, we had evidence of the very close and special relationship that Sam and Eileen have (which Dean even called “cute”).

(Source: X)

Dean and Eileen interacted fine, but it was evident that the real connection was between Eileen and Sam. On the other hand, Sam was definitely worried about Cas, but the one calling him and leaving him messages was Dean. It was also evident that the real connection is between Dean and Cas. Eileen right now has a good profile to be Sam’s love interest in the future. Does Cas have the right profile to be Dean’s love interest as well?

I have to go to bed now. I have a meeting very early tomorrow (or later today?), so I have to be up again in less than 4 hours. I just couldn’t go to sleep without writing something about this episode that for sure exceeded my expectations.

All I Need Now Is Her

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Kim Jongin (Kai) x Reader

Summary: After getting into the police academy, getting on a troublesome gang member’s radar was not on your to do list.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 1,031

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Jongin’s POV

I was walking pretty fast but this girl has been following me for at least 15 minutes. What is she doing in this part of town anyway? I stopped and turned around. She seemed startled but still kept her stance. I looked at her with the deadliest glare I could muster.

“What do you want?” I finally asked.

“What do you want?” she retorted. “I’m just walking by.”

“Really? Here? In the middle of the night? In this part of the city?” I mocked her.

“It’s none of your business. I live here,” she said, brushing past me. I grabbed her by the arm.

“Were you following me?” I straight up asked her.

“Who would want to follow a creep like you,” she said, freeing herself. She hurried down the street, glancing at me every so often. I probably scared her too much. It still seemed somehow unnatural to me that we met here at this hour, so it was my turn to go after her. I took the same corner she did and watched her go inside one of the buildings. It was abandoned though and suspiciously close to our base. I went inside and looked around, I couldn’t see her anywhere. Maybe she just used this house to get around me? I noticed something on the floor and picked it up. It was a student ID card. Am I becoming paranoid or did she leave this here on purpose?  I took out my phone and called Junmyeon, just in case.

“What?” he asked as soon as he picked up. He seemed irritated.

“Do you know a girl that goes by Y/N Y/L/N?”

“Never heard of her,” he said, ordering someone around off phone. “Why?”

“I saw her sneaking around,” some loud shots could be heard, followed by more of his shouting. “Where are you?” I asked.

“We ran into some trouble. Can’t talk.”

“Do you need help?” I was about to ask but he already hung up. Guess I will have to look into her myself.

Your POV

You were standing near your dorm, searching through your bag for the third time but by now you were sure you lost it again, at a place like that no less. You were happy you even managed to get into this squad but if you keep losing your stuff, you will never get to go on patrols again. Your roommate can’t find out about this but breaking into police academy dorms is also not a very clever option. You looked at your clock, it was almost morning anyway, the café half an hour walk away works all night, you should wait there. Thank god you at least managed to get rid of that guy, you had to take the long walk home, thinking he might jump out of the shadows any second. You ordered a coffee and sat down in one of the corner tables. You had to come up with a new lie to tell your roommate. You were sipping your drink slowly, spacing out a bit when somebody else walked in. You almost spit your coffee out when you saw that it’s the same man from before. You had to hide. You quickly took the menu and opened it, so he wouldn’t see your face. The man came up to the counter.

“Have you seen this girl?” he asked, giving the barista your ID card. The girl looked at you but you shook your head.

“Please, don’t sell me out,” you thought when somebody lowered the menu from your face.

“Hello beautiful,” the man said. “Fancy meeting you here. I need you to come with me,” he lifted you up by the arm and took you outside. Still holding on to you, he started walking.

“No need to panic. Yet. I just want to talk.”

“Then let’s talk here,” you said, shoving his hand away.  You wanted to take your taser out but remembered you’re not even wearing your uniform.

“I believe this is yours,” he smirked, handing you your card. “Miss Police Officer.”

“Y/N!” somebody shouted, probably saving you from whatever that man was about to do. You turned around. Great. It was your roommate. His eyes widened when he saw who you’re talking to and he took his gun out.

“Whoa whoa, I mean not trouble. As always,” the man laughed.

“Yeah right,” Sehun hissed. “You’re lucky I can’t shoot you here.”

“So scary,” he scoffed and turned to you. “I hope you weren’t lying that time because if you were…”

“So what if I was?” you asked. “You think I’m afraid of you?”

“Not yet,” he laughed. “See you later Sehunie.”

“Jongin!” Sehun shouted but the man just waved you goodbye and turned around and went to one of the cars parked nearby. You watched him disappear down the street. Only then did Sehun put his gun away.

“What are you doing, talking with the likes of him?” he asked you.

“I don’t even know him. I met him by accident,” you tried to explain yourself.

“Don’t even know him? Did nobody tell you about the gang that has been causing trouble around the city? I have no idea how we never managed to get enough evidence to arrest them.”

“I have heard of them, so what?”

“He’s one of them.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Jongin’s POV

I got inside my car, barely able to control my excitement. Finding out who she is was so easy but if she’s associated with Sehun and his group this will be even more fun. Even if meeting her was an accident, even if she wasn’t following me, this could be a great pretext to interrogate her for information they have on us. She tried looking tough but she would break eventually, everyone does. I just have to wait for others to come back from their mission. I wonder how close she and Sehun are though. If I could get him angry again maybe he would show me what he’s capable of. The thought of seeing him fight or even better fighting him myself made me extremely happy. All I need now is the girl.

Re-introducing the happy train couple made me remember my OTHER two Extremely Minor characters who will also be showing up again fairly soon! It’s the Kusagawa twins! A conniving pair of Chaotic Neutral sea snakes who work at the next stall over. (Michio is a little more conniving than Kento) 


My best friend gave me his game cube so I can play animal crossing!!!! 

I’ve got to wait for a memory card and a controller to come in the mail, but just seeing it on my screen made me so extremely happy!!!!

Okay to reblog~

[White agender autistic adult wearing a blue “Last Minute Trips” shirt and black glasses and a background of many Pokemon posters.]

Gif 1: Happy jumping/bouncing while Echo brings their hands to their face with a big smile on their face

Gif two: Happy flapping and slight bouncing with a smile still on their face

Honestly, these two working together was one of my favorite parts of this chapter. Back in the fishmen island, he told her and the crew he was the one to let Arlong free in the sea, the same who made Nami suffer for many years along with her town. She said there was nothing to forgive, and like seeing them together made me extremely happy~

Wow ok so today went nowhere how I anticipated! I hope this reaches @therealjacksepticeye because I cannot express how grateful I am that you helped a weirdo stranger in the middle of her work (CAFFE NERO REPRESENT) and be so welcoming and actually put me on your guest list for Cardiff’s show of Ready Player 3. I still couldn’t quite believe when I got the tickets for me and my friend that you actually carried your promise out and once again THANK YOU SO MUCH! To go out on your way to help a fan and be so generous!

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING! I was on your side of the Mario Kart game, GO YOSHI and even though we lost it was such a great event. Arin and Dan were SUPER GREAT TO SEE LIVE, DAN IS A ROCK STAR, and seeing you guys interact with the fans was again, such a joy to watch!!

Also I took the opportunity to get two signed posters for my nephew and his cousin TWO HUGE FANS of yours and yes, I am officially the best aunty! 

So THANKS once again! I just really wanted you to know that what you did today made me extremely happy and Friday the 13th will always hold a special date for me because you made it so lucky!! Honestly thanks for stopping outside my work when you did haha. 

(also great welsh accents you guys!)

Lots of thanks and love and A HIGH FIVE to you Jack from your super happy pal, Rhosyn!!  

Breaking her broke me 2 || Dan

A/N: second part of this story, i’m a sucker for happy endings btw

Word Count: 1.5K

POV: Dan (again)


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“Dan, wait.”

I turned around to see Y/N run after me.

It was dark, raining and we seemed to be the only people in this area of town.

My heart was beating so fast that I could barely hear a word she said. Why would she run after me? Seeing her made me sad and happy at the same time and I was extremely nervous as I stared at her lips move.

“It really hurt.” She said, looking directly into my eyes.

“I’m sorry. I totally regret my behaviour.” I confessed for the second time today. I wiped the tears from my face although she had already noticed them.

“I hope you at least learned from your mistake.” Her voice was softer than it should have been after I what I had done.

“I did.” I insisted and thought back to all of the sleepless nights I spent thinking about her and about how dumb I was.

“If you really changed for the better, I think I can forgive you.” Y/N explained and a glimpse of hope set fire to my body.

“I’ll never treat a girl like that ever again. I couldn’t forgive myself for what I have done to you.” I swore solemnly.

“I’m glad you had a change of mind, Dan. I hope you find the right girl one day.” She said reassuringly.

And then it hit me, like a shower of meteors. She wasn’t here to tell me she still liked me. She was indeed happier without me.

“I have already found her.”

I hadn’t meant to say that because now that sentence hung in the air and filled it with sadness.

“Dan..” Y/N breathed, shaking her head.

Without having to think about it, she knew exactly what I meant but I had my chance and I ruined it.

“Y/N, it’s okay. I understand. I had my chance and I blew it. It’s my fault. I’m glad you were able to move on.” I told her quietly, tears filling my eyes again. I lost her.

“I wish you the best.” She answered, said goodbye and started to walk back to the pub again.

“Y/N, wait.” I shouted after her, turning the tables.

“Yes, Dan?” she wanted to know as she eyed me up and down with pity.

“Just know that whatever happens, I’ll be waiting for you.”

*5 years later*

I stood in front of the only full body mirror in my apartment and tightened my tie. I ran my hands along the sleeves of my black jacket, trying to even out some of the already barely noticeable wrinkles.

After checking my hair one more time, I realized that I had to leave now if I wanted to be on time. I quickly hopped in my new bought car, turned the radio on and started driving out of town. It took me over an hour to get to the location and I was only a few minutes late.

“Don’t worry, I’m here!” I shouted, not being able to stop myself from grinning.

Phil who had previously stared down onto his watch, looked up and seemed relieved as he saw me.

“Thank god.” He breathed as we greeted each other with a brotherly hug. “It’s good to see you.” Phil admitted as he walked me inside.

“And, are you nervous?” I asked my best friend, smiling knowingly.

“I feel like I’m gonna implode any time. I’m like a ticking time bomb.” Phil panicked, running his hands through his dark hair.

I chuckled slightly before I reassured him that everything was going to be alright. We were inside a little cottage next to a huge field where we could get ready.

“It’s hard to believe that you are getting married today.” I thought out loud while I fixed Phil’s tie, his hands were shaking too much to do it himself. 5 years ago, we were both single and now at least one of us had found someone he wanted and could spend the rest of his life with.

“It’s crazy. Me getting married? Thank you for being my best man, Dan. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

After all this time Phil and I were still best friends. It was kinda obvious that I would be his best man, but I still felt very honoured.  

“My speech is going to move you to tears, I even prepared tissues for you.” I half joked and proudly showed him the 3 packages of tissues that I carried around in the bag I had put in everything he could possible need today.

“I didn’t even forget the rings.” I laughed and showed him the inside of my vest pocket where I had stowed them.

My best friend had decided to marry the love of his life in a huge field out of town. The lawn was freshly mowed so that at least 50 chairs, an aisle and a rose arch could fit onto it.

It was a warm late spring day and as we walked outside the sun was shining and there was not a single cloud to be seen. It was the perfect day to get married.

“You are really lucky, Phil.” I said as we saw the first guests arrive.

I don’t know if I was talking about the weather or the wedding.

“You will find the right one Dan. Don’t worry.”

I hadn’t really dated anyone since I broke up with Y/N. I tried, I honestly did, but nobody could make me as happy as she could.

“Mhm” I answered, not very convinced.

“Maybe, you’ll like the maid of honour.” Phil suggested with a wink but I just rolled my eyes.

“How cliché is that, Philly?” I laughed, shaking my head.

In the early afternoon all guests had arrived and Phil was about to pass out, that’s how nervous he was. Everything went according to plan. The wedding cake and a buffet as well as a cocktail bar were set up, the florist and the band arrived on time and none of the guests was late.

“Let’s do this.” I exclaimed.

All seats were filled and everybody was talking to each other while they waited for the ceremony to start. Phil and I walked to the end of the aisle and stopped right underneath the rose arch where we waited for his bride to arrive.

After a few minutes music started playing and the bride appeared in her white dress followed by cute little flower girls in pink dresses. While Phil’s watery eyes were glued to the bride, my heart jumped out of my chest as I saw the maid of honour.

Y/N still looked breathtakingly beautiful after 5 years. She finally spotted me next to Phil and I could clearly see how her eyes grew wide and she even stopped walking for a second.

I swallowed hard, not able to believe what was happening. Out of all people, it’s her. The love of my life. As she walked down the aisle right behind the bride the sight was too good to be true. I was mesmerised. I was confused, I was happy, I was hurt. I was so many things at the same time and she was there, right in front of me.

I couldn’t stop staring and smiling at her during the ceremony. After the couple spoke their moving vows and the rings were put on, it was the best man’s duty to walk the maid of honour back to where the party was. I offered Y/N my arm and she took it. Her hand rested on my biceps and just her touch made me the most nervous I had ever been.

“What are you doing here?” We asked at the exact same time and laughed at how absurd this situation was.

We explained to each other where we knew the bride or groom from and what we were up to since the last time we saw each other which was quite a long time ago.

5 years to be exact. The last time we saw each other we were standing in the middle a dirty street on a Friday night. It was dark and it was raining. My heart was broken and I was far from alright. I told her that she was the right one for me while she was sure that I was the wrong one for her. Breaking her broke me, but I told her I’d wait. I did wait, for five years. Maybe the timing wasn’t right five years ago. Maybe we still had to learn and grow. Maybe we just had to wait.  

We had reached the dance floor where the bride and groom had to lead the dance. The first song was just for them, but after that more people joined them.

“Sooo… are you still with him?” I wanted to know, scratching the back of my neck.

“He wasn’t the right one. I’m not seeing anyone right now actually.” Y/N smiled and we both knew that she was giving me the green light. Finally and again.

“Maybe I can have a dance then?”

I’m really sad there’s no Youngmin because I heard people wanted to stop voting for him for him to be with Donghyun, even after he worked his ass off and suffered so much because of rumours and false statements.
I’m really sad there’s so Hyungseob because people wanted him to debut in yh instead, even doe Chinese fans begged kfans to keep voting for him because the company isn’t the best and has no plans for debuting a new group soon and after he was told to his face by a vocal trainer than he has no skills and worked his butt off to get better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy for the ones who made it and I’m so sad for the others who didn’t make it, but I just feel disappointed that these were more than likely the circumstances Youngmin and Hyungseob were sent home. 

my impressions of the btob members after seeing them irl for the first time
  • eunkwang: he is really so cute irl and exudes warmth... his smile is so wide and genuine and he 100% has an undeniable positive vibe to him. he is extremely bright and just seeing him made me happy.
  • minhyuk: he has a very small face and looks just like he does in photos. his stage presence while performing is no joke and he was literally bursting with confidence up there. he was so sweet to us too.
  • changsub: i didn’t see him that close up since he wasn’t at the press conference but when he came towards my area he looked really soft and kind? like being with or near him you would be safe. he is also very funny without needing to try.
  • hyunsik: okay, wow. i can’t say if this is just my bias speaking here but hyunsik seriously took my breath away. he is absolutely stunning irl and his skin literally glows. cameras can’t even begin to capture how he looks irl. he is just beautiful and every time he looked my way i completely froze.
  • peniel: he has a small head and really broad shoulders. his smile is very cute and friendly and he talked to us a lot. he also seemed so comfortable (and confident during ‘that girl’!!!) which made me happy.
  • ilhoon: omg he is literally tiny irl... i mean most of btob are small anyway but he is noticeably small even with them. his sharp features really stand out and his eyes and smile in particular are beautiful. he quite often talked to us in english too.
  • sungjae: he looks exactly like he does in photos tbh he is very handsome and he really does have large hands. he also looked broader from working out and he made so much effort to speak to us even when he couldn’t figure out the words he wanted to say.
  • conclusion: every single member seemed genuinely warm and wonderful in person. the concert venue was not full by any means, yet they still said that more people had come than expected. they made numerous efforts to communicate with us through different languages although they had a translator, and as performers their stages were practically flawless. any time that they didn’t sound like their official tracks, it was because they sounded even better. they were everything that i thought they would be and more.
If You’re Not Averse...

Part 2! :) 

Greg walked up to the ornate house, swallowing harshly. His fingers clasped the strings of the red gift bag at his side, nervously raising and lowering it in a stressful fashion. He had no idea what to buy Mycroft Holmes for a Valentine’s Day present; he hoped the other man liked what he’d gotten him. He readjusted his charcoal suit, fluffing his hair and fixing his tie. Before he knocked on the door, Mycroft was already hauling it open and hauling Greg inside, drawing him into a sweet kiss.

When it ended, Greg smiled at him. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Myc.” He said with a charming smile, proffering the bag to his boyfriend. “It’s not much, but you’re a difficult man to shop for.”

Mycroft chuckled softly and took the bag from the other man, not yet opening it. “Yours is in the kitchen. Come on.” He said, turning on his heel and leading the other man deeper into the house.

When Greg entered the kitchen, he noticed how spotless it was. Mycroft had cleaned the house for this very occasion. Everything was put away as it should have been, except for a small lidded cake plate in the middle of the table. Greg furrowed his brow and glanced at Mycroft.

“Go ahead. That’s your gift, Gregory.” Mycroft said, stepping to the side to let the other man open it. He glanced at the bag in his hand, but he wanted to see Lestrade’s reaction to the cake first. Greg removed the lid from the platter and his eyes widened.

“Whoa…” He gasped, licking his lips as he saw it. “D-did you make this, from scratch?” He glanced up at Mycroft, who had suddenly started blushing. He nodded.

“Do you like it?” Mycroft asked. “Everything I thought about buying you seemed wrong, and since you’re such a great cook I thought, maybe I could tr—

Mycroft never finished his sentence, as it was cut off by Greg’s lips against his. Greg steered him back against the countertop, holding him there and kissing him roughly, but sweetly. The impact was enough to knock the gift bag from Mycroft’s hand.

The passion flowed from the both of them, and Greg grinned into the kiss, drawing away with a chuckle. Mycroft raised his brows. “Should I take that as a yes?” He said, scratching his face a little as Greg turned back to the cake.

“You didn’t have to go through so much trouble. I know you don’t cook that often, let alone bake such an elaborate cake.” Greg’s gaze was positively overflowing with affection at this point.

Mycroft shrugged and waved a hand. “It wasn’t a problem, honestly.” Luckily, years of being a Holmes and acting as the British Government made him an expert liar. Greg whistled, impressed.

“I love it. Thank you. I can’t wait to taste it… if it’s anywhere near as good as the chef, it should be positively exquisite. It’s your turn to open your gift now, Myc.”

Myc glanced at the bag he had been holding, bending over to pick it up. He reached into the bag and withdrew a DVD case. He glanced down at it and saw the title, Roman Holiday. It was a romantic film from the 1950s starring Audrey Hepburn, and it was one of his favorite films of all time. But that wasn’t all; it was a collector’s, platinum edition complete with bonus featurettes and scenes. Mycroft beamed as he looked on it.

“Gregory… this is wonderful!” Mycroft exclaimed, gently enveloping the other man in a hug. “Is this the plan for our first Valentine’s Day, cake and a film?”

“I don’t see why we have to go out and do anything over-the-top. Nights in with you are the best. But instead of watching the movie on your couch, let’s lie in bed and watch it together.” Greg winked at him, and before he could reply further, Mycroft was already dragging him upstairs to his bedroom. Mycroft didn’t have a TV in here, but he had his laptop, and cuddling with his boyfriend in his bed topped the entertainment experience of his home theater system anyway.

Before he opened the DVD case, he withdrew an envelope from his pocket with Greg’s name on it.

“What’s this?” He asked, about to open it. Mycroft tugged it away from him, biting back a smirk. “Not yet. Wait until after the movie.” Greg raised an eyebrow, but nodded as the other man played the film.

As their movie watching experiences went, they heard more of the movie than they saw. And after it was over, even though it was only early evening, they lay in bed together, their noses brushing against each other and their lips pressed together more times than they weren’t. The kisses trailed across each other’s face from their nose, to their cheeks, their jaws, and back to their lips. It was a wonderful night full of joy and affection. Then Mycroft stopped kissing Greg long enough to give him the envelope.

Greg tore into it and scanned the page.

My dear Gregory,

Normally, I am not one for soppy messages and letters of affection, but as I have said many times before, you are the exception to every rule. So here you are, my very first Valentine’s Day message, for my very first Valentine.

When you first asked me to dinner, I was very perplexed by the entire notion. Why would anyone want to have dinner with me, especially someone as delightfully charming and handsome as the best Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard?

But then the relationship kept evolving and improving, until I finally worked up the nerve to ask you to be my boyfriend. And what a night that was!

You have made me an extremely happy man, Gregory, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us as a couple. Although I may not understand affairs of the heart, I understand one thing: I absolutely adore your company and you, and I do believe I have one more gift for you besides that red velvet delight in the kitchen.

If you are not averse to it, I am ready for the world to know about us, the consequences be damned. History cannot define us, and our relationship isn’t predicated upon social norms. Apologies for the rambling, but with your consent, I believe we should let our friends and family know. Whether that is in-person or via social media outlets, I have no preference. But I am tired of keeping you, my most brilliant boyfriend, a secret from everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear Gregory. You have stolen my heart with your charm and charisma, and there is nothing that compares to the feeling of warmth and joy that you fill me with every single time you cross my mind.

Most sincerely yours,

Mycroft H.

Greg finished the letter and looked up at him. “Of course I’m okay with it, Mycroft. Let’s do it right now.” He grinned and rolled over, grabbing his phone from the table on his side of the bed. Mycroft did the same, altering his relationship status from the single it had been all the years he had had the account to “in a relationship.” It might have just been a silly social tradition, but seeing those words on his profile sent a wave of adoration for the Detective Inspector pouring over Mycroft Holmes, who leaned sideways and kissed Gregory Lestrade just as both of their phones started blowing up with notifications from family, friends, and colleagues.

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KNK Reaction to their Significant Other Being Extremely Cuddly

Request:  Hello~ Could i request a KNK reaction to their girlfriend being extremely cuddly? Love your work and thanks in advance!!!^.^<3

A/N: This made me extremely happy. KNK are my boys. This is my first time writing something for them, so please take it easy on me. :) <3

Originally posted by kfulllove

Kim Jihun: 

    Jihun himself seems to be a bit reliant on cuddles so I don’t think he would mind to much if his partner is as well. I feel like there would be fights over who is allowed to be the little spoon. He would totally demand back scratches whenever it was his night to be little spoon. 

Originally posted by softseong

Kim Youjin

     I think his reaction would be very situational. If it was in public I think he would want to keep PDA a little bit lowered than if you were in private, so hand holding or arm linking is probably as far as you will get. In private however he was at your mercy. 

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Sinbads second voyage

I’ve read all the original stories of 1001 nights and Sinbad the sailor during my hiatus and as i went through the second voyage of sinbad i was extremely delighted as i saw the connections to SnB and the Artemyra arc. It somehow made me extremely happy reading something i’ve saw playing out a little bit differently, yet similiar, in the manga / anime.

These are parts out of the original “Sinbad the sailor” tales. Thought it might be interesting for others to see the comparisons!

“…On the island, he discovered a massive white orb, and realized it was the egg of giant, mythical, dangerous bird called the roc. Determined to get off the island, he hid amongst the nest until the roc landed, and then strapped himself to the bird’s leg. When it took flight again, it carried Sinbad to a valley far away. Unfortunately, this valley was not only impossible to climb out of, but it was also full of the roc’s natural prey: huge snakes that could swallow an elephant. Worst of all, Sinbad was running out of provisions. 

“The valley floor was also covered with beautiful diamonds, though their value offered Sinbad nothing in his predicament…”

“Luckily, he surmised that the snakes hibernated during daytime to avoid the roc, so he hid away at night. Growing weary, he tried to nap one day, but was awoken by huge slabs of meat which were being thrown down from above. He suddenly remembered hearing stories of this place. Merchants would come to the valley when eagles were hatching their young, and throw meat to the valley floor hoping diamonds would stick to it and the eagles would carry the meat to their nests. The merchants were then in position to raid the nests and collect the diamonds…”

“Sinbad then devised a plan - he collected several diamonds and strapped himself to a piece of meat. After an eagle carried the meat to its nest, he was rescued by a merchant, whom he thanked with several diamonds…”