it made me cry again

Stay By My Side (Soprano's "Duet" Rendition)
Elisabeth feat. Rui, pianist
Stay By My Side (Soprano's "Duet" Rendition)

Thank you to everyone for your kind response and reception of my first cover of Stammi Vicino.
After just releasing my cover of this aria, the new duet had it’s early previewing… and its poignant and gentle way of making you want to cry just made me want to sing this rendition all over again.  I was very fortunate my lovely friend Rui - the beautiful pianist who has covered many pieces already from YOI -  had already recorded her piano cover of this duet, and allowed me to record with it. And thus our first “duet” collaboration was born.  
I wanted to capture the same peaceful tone of the duet rendition, with my own personal touch.  
I’m grateful to this anime and its music for really inspiring me to want to explore singing various pieces and recording again. This is my way of showing my love…  I hope you enjoy yet another dose and rendition of this romantic aria, as we enter the final chapter of our beautiful skaters’ story.  

“Let’s go together. I’m ready.” 

Many thanks to @ammeja for granting me permission to use her beautiful art for the track visual. 



victor wonders why he hardly catches yuuri’s wandering, sparkling eyes anymore—did he find all the answers he was looking for? and he asks yuuri about it one day, and yuuri just blushes and tells him that whenever he’s looking for an answer, he stares at victor or stares at their wedding rings, and that’s all it takes for victor to burst into tears

So another reason I absolutely adore Moana is because she, like myself, is sort of on this voyage to find herself and who she is and her history.

I relate to this quite a bit when it comes to my ancestry; it’s really REALLY hard to find out where my family’s roots are in the Philippines because of all the colonization that happened there. My mom couldn’t tell me exactly what kind of history I have any further back than maybe my great grandparents, and even that is so little because she was a child born out of wedlock. She was incredibly poor growing up, so basically everything got thrown to the wayside, seeing as survival was her first priority.

I’m slowly finding out who I am and where I come from though, and it is a long journey yet, but I will find who I am.

isn’t it great how baze, who scoffs at the force and chirrut’s prayers only like 30 minutes before, sends chirrut into the afterlife saying his prayers. isn’t it great how he gently lowers chirrut’s head to the ground. isn’t it great how he goes on a suicide run immediately after chirrut dies and when he’s about to get blown up he looks over so that the last thing he sees is chirrut before he dies. isn’t it great how he smiles because he knows he’s going to find chirrut in the force. 


161030 1pm - i finished up this weeks spread at breakfast this morning !!! idk how i feel about this bc it got really cramped, but i like the layout idea a lot and ill probably try it out again closer to the holidays !! next week i think im going to try for a more naturalistic (??) style haha (not pictured: the lasagna at caffè habitū that made me cry for home cooking again)

Lee Sung Kyung Explains Her Tears At Final “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Filming

The actress stated, “I couldn’t watch the last episode because I was crying. Watching the drama when it aired, I sobbed because I was so sad it was ending. When we were nearing the end of filming the last episode, the director kept saying things like, ‘We have two cuts left,’ and ‘This is going to be our last scene,’ and that made me cry again.”

She smiled as she added, “I’ve cried twice working on a drama, and it was this one and ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.’ Both were dramas meant to be healing for viewers. Usually, I’m pretty calm and able to keep the tears in, but I cried so much at yesterday’s wrap-up session. When I woke up, my eyes looked like sausages. It looked like when Bok Joo had a pimple.”

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I never thought I would get super emotionally attached to an idol but last night I found myself crying over Lee Sungjong because he’s a precious bean who I’m super proud of. He’s just always seemed so sweet and adorable and seeing him becoming more confident again literally made me cry and I feel so blessed to be able to exist at the same as Lee Freaking Sungjong. I love him so much.