it made me cry

anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i’m afraid


#6racies Xavi: 24 years of unforgettable football (23/05/’15)


I am so incredibly glad that all the random chances and happenings in the universe converged to create this beautiful video.

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this is the best video ever made!


The year is 2022. YouTubers Dan and Phil have long since posted their last video, said their last goodbye, they’ve moved on. The fans have slowly learned to tolerate the pain they still feel when they think about them.

Then, one day your phone beeps. You check it and see that you have a notification from an email you haven’t used since you were young. You click on it, purely out of curiosity, and it takes you to YouTube.

Phil is not on fire 13.

You’re starting to get excited, as the short video loads. You hold your breath in anticipation as the screen reveals the two men you loved as a teen, and, you realize, still love to this day. You feel a pain in your chest as they both smile.

“Hello, Internet”
“Hey, guys”

They’re both older now, but still have the same smiles that make you heart skip a beat.

They both look at each other, and you laugh to yourself when you immediately think of heart-eyes-howell.

“It’s been a long time” Dan begins, though he seems a bit awkward.

“You guys have been the best fans, so me and Phil decided to give you guys one last update on our lives”

Phil grins and leans closer to Dan. Dan takes a deep breath and holds up their clasped hands so that you can see his ring. Phil holds up his hand proudly, as he laughs with childish glee.

“I proposed” is all Phil says. Dan rolls his eyes and smiles.

“You beat me by two seconds” Dan replies. “I had the ring in my pocket, but I was waiting for the right time”

“You would’ve kept it forever” Phil retorts. Dan opens his mouth in protest, but Phil quickly leans over and kisses him on the mouth. “Shut up”

“I didn’t say anything”

“I love you”

“I know” Phil smacks Dans shoulder as they turn back to the camera. “And we love you all” Phil nods.

“I love you guys” Phil says with tears in his eyes.

“Goodbye, Internet”

They both smile at each other, and the screen turns black. You wipe tears out of your eyes as you laugh. Thirteen years and they can still make you cry with just a smile.

You know this is this probably the last ever video, but somehow, you feel okay.

Feeling rather sad right now because beloved sister in spirit is now on her long journey back to Vienna and with that our unexpected journey Elven Edition has sadly come to an end. Dear dear sis, thank you so much for the epic time and for the amazing memories we’ve made over the past 10 days. I’m already missing you loads and it’s way too quiet in my apartment right now..❧