it lost its sparkle

the girl with the red lipstick

I find you intriguing in so many ways God can make me think of you, but in front of me, when I can trace the freckles like the constellations in the skies, awed by the bewilderment and youth in your eyes and taste the heaven that is your lips is when I can finally believe that love is inevitable because I can’t seem to get you of my mind.

pairing: taehyung | reader ; florist!tae
words: 4.8k
genre: fluff, angst
summary: Taehyung thought the most beautiful flower would blossom in his flower shop, until he sees you.
a/n: tbfh, i was proud of this until i realised NOPE and then i realised i had better ideas and plots thats been drilling in my head so here is an appetizer bon appetit. 

The first time Taehyung saw you was when your silhouette glided outside the entrance of the flower shop, admiring the fusion of deep pink fuchsias and honey suckle vines that intertwine the crevices of the wooden ceiling around the corners of the window display. He was never one to pay attention to passersby that flocked outside to gawk at the bejeweled crafts that he planted and nurtured for he was too busy tending and showering for the flowers. But one does not allow his curiosity to disintegrate into oblivion when your enchanting aura and innocence of a child made him look up from his deep wine roses.

Taehyung promised himself that no impeccable stain of deep shades or the cerise colours of red could compete with the vibrant red roses. He assumed that his mind was playing tricks on him, but with a pinch on his dirt covered wrists, he couldn’t resist the soft lavender pink shade painted on your lips, like perfectly blossomed rose settling in the spring of your porcelain smooth face.

Wow, he thought.

He couldn’t compare your gratifying beauty with the vermillion carnations or the ruby snapdragons. Taehyung thought you resembled like a wild flower, eyes that held so much youth and delirium of adventure and hair, like the chromatic scales, playing along with the melody of the wind. It was a sight to behold. Taehyung forgot that he was watering the plants, oblivious to the overflow of water in the pot and before he knew it, the girl with the red lipstick was satisfied of the beauty beyond her eyes and walked away.

Taehyung was sure to reschedule his watering periods because hopefully, at 3pm, outside on the streets where the smell of caramelized coffee and freshly steamed buns made acquaintances with the fragrances of his flowers, you will be there, admiring maybe, the glory of the magnificent yellow sunflowers.

And maybe if you were there, he would take an extra time to admire you.

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Lol, I scream a little bit whenever you call Sakurai "daddy" in your tags.

omg i feel like i throw that term around so much that it has lost its sparkle, but he IS The Daddy to me

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Why didn't Lucy tell anyone that Aquarias key was broken? And what really sadenned me is that she needed Natsu that time the most but he left for a year.. Ever since then -idk if its my imagination- Lucy's spirit has lost it's sparkle. And up until now she doesnt know that the reason for her mother to open eclipse and the cause of her death is Natsu and the other dragon slayers.. What is mashima trying to do here? Why is he making natsu the reason of her misery ?

Lucy is considered by many people as a weak character who weeps a lot

The fact that she hides her pain and that the key of aquarius is broken is really the sign of the true Lucy,

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I find that this is one of the most beautiful moments of fairy tail, Lucy has suffered so much that she kept to it all because she now wants to be stronger,

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She made this sacrifice to protect those she loves,

And when people do an act of “heart” have never said it,

I think it’s a good thing that she says nothing,
This shows her courage and strength,

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Mashima is preparing a great show for nalu, I think!

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I don’t know you anymore.
Your smile is familiar in ways that stir my soul,
But it’s as if the man I fell head over heels in love with is gone.
Why should I hold onto the memory of something already so
incredible far out of reach?
You ask always too much of me
and give too little.
I oblige anyway, giving into any stipulation you have set for us still being friends, which is what you wanted.
I let go of so much in order for us to sit across from each other and get along.
But that’s the thing isn’t it?
We didn’t break up because we weren’t
good for each other.
In fact, even now, I enjoy your company more then any else’s I know.
The problem was I stood at the edge of the ocean ready to swim it’s entirety to see you.
And you weren’t even willing to get your toes wet.
I keep defending you, telling everyone the words you told me.
Begging them to understand that you let me go to save the pain of you having to leave later.
That our lives are going separate ways,
And you can’t bare the thought of leaving me behind when you go, so you spared your pain by taking the blow early.
You thought it would be easier?
Now that time has past can you really say it is?
So we are parting until we can finish growing into ourselves.
And we may be continents apart, but you’re always in my mind.
You possess my thoughts and eat at my rationality.
And after a while, the voices of friends telling me you only said what you did so I wouldn’t be hurt, seem more and more plausible.
But you said you were done explaining your feelings.
Done trying to reassure me how you feel.
Now ever look has lost its sparkle,
Every laugh has lost its sincerity,
And every goodbye its heartache.
I don’t know what’s real anymore.
And to be honest, I’m tired of trying to guess if you still love me.
I’m tired of chasing after someone who wouldn’t even take a step for me.
You say that maybe in the future when we have finished school we can try again.
But I don’t want to be an option, or a second place.
I deserve to be a prize, I deserve to be something you try your hardest to be with,
because God damn it,
I would have done anything
to be with you.
So I love you.
But I’m done guessing
if you still love me.

The Closer I Get To You.


It wasn’t anything you’d want to go through. Trust me. It left you sullen, sick, and desolate. I knew she wasn’t right for me but instead I held on for too long and I was left to pick myself back up and the only person there to help me through the turmoil was Y/N.

It honestly wasn’t meant to progress into what it had. I can be an asshole just like the next person so when there was this woman who cared enough to help me get through a rough time, I took advantage. Nights of aggressive sex to help me forget the emotions that were running through me, calling her at all times of the night to talk about any topic I could think of to get my mind off things even if she was sleep…I used her for whatever I could to get my mind off of my ex.

And she was there through it all. It wasn’t as if one day I just got it into my head that I was falling for this girl that was just supposed to be a rebound. I think the feelings were blossoming from the start and I just hadn’t noticed it. I didn’t think I would fall as fast as I did but now I was left stuck with these emotions for my “rebound girl”. I don’t think she even knew.

And I unfortunately realized she didn’t know when she bounced into my living room with a piercing grin on her face. “What’s up?” My eyebrows furrowed as I watched her gleeful energy radiate throughout the room. She was much more happy than normal. Sure, she was always smiling but not like this. Something had to be going on.

“Guess whaaat?” she called out in a sing-songy tone. She finally turned to face me, clasping her hands together in front of her. Again, there was that smile front and center.

I shrugged, unsure of where she was trying to lead this conversation. Had she applied to some job and got it? I didn’t know. There wasn’t anything we talked about recently that was too exciting so I had no clue what she was hiding. “I have no clue. Why are you smiling so hard?”

She danced playfully to the rhythm of her words as she said, “I just got a date with one of the most gorgeous men I have ever laid eyes on. I’m so excited! Can you believe it? All of these nights I’ve been complaining to you about how this single life fucking sucks and I found a potential boyfriend? Ah!”

My attention dashed in and out of her words. I couldn’t describe how I was feeling. Hurt maybe? It was hard to pinpoint and I could feel my stomach stirring. Was I about to feel those same painful emotions that I experienced with my ex all over again but in a different package?

I couldn’t think of anything to say without sounding bitter so I was left stunned before I was able to gather up a simple question. “When’s this date?’ My tone was dull and unamused but Y/N didn’t notice. She was far too lost in her own merriment. “Tomorrow night.”

Wait…tomorrow? “I thought we had plans?” Her eyes immediately lost some of its sparkle as she realized she had made plans with me for nearly the same time. “Oh…well we can reschedule right?” I felt offended Y/N was willing to put me second for some strange guy or maybe it was because I was being selfish.

What was I going to say? I wasn’t sure. She seemed so happy to even be going out on this date but a part of my mind warned me to speak up while I had the chance. “Do you know this guy? I mean how do you know he’s right for you?” I was searching for any excuse to steer her mind into thinking this date was a terrible idea. It may not have been the smartest approach but I was never too good at expressing my feelings so easily.

“Marco, I get you’re being protective and I appreciate it but it’ll be fine. I’m not going off to marry the guy. It’s just a first date. Which will hopefully turn into a second date and a third and a fo—“ I held up my hands to cut her off, my stomach unable to take the cheeky grin she had as she continued counting off.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“What? Why?” Her eyes focused in on me, awaiting an explanation and all I could do was stand there nervously. Fuck. What if she didn’t even like me back? What if me treating her the way I had turned her off from me, if she even dared to like me in the first place?

I bit my lip, unsure of where to start and letting the silence in the room stay as such for a moment until I was able to speak. I didn’t know where my words would end up but I hoped it would follow a logical pattern and made sense. “Remember when I called you at 3 a.m. complaining that I couldn’t sleep and you came over my place, no questions asked?”

Her face scrunched in confusion as she tried to follow where I was leading this conversation. I just hoped to put the pieces together for her soon. “Yeah?” she reluctantly answered. I heaved a deep sigh, realizing that I was finally going to verbalize all of the feelings I didn’t know I had. “I think that was the night I realized…” I paused, licking my bottom lip. Did I really want to say this and end up looking stupid?

I took the leap. “I think that was the night I realized I loved you.” There was only silence that followed my confession. We stood still looking at each other but her facial expressions remained blank while mine remained hopeful. Beneath the surface, I was freaking the fuck out.

We had spent nearly the past 5 months together, going beneath the surface of each other and I didn’t detach my emotions like I thought I would. I realized I had skipped over the intoxicating pieces of Y/N’s personality I didn’t really know when we were just casual friends. Yeah, she was always the cool chick I could call up to hang out but it didn’t get like that until I truly needed her.

She finally broke the silence. “What are you saying Marco?” Things were looking bleak. There was no smile on her face, just a look of confusion like she couldn’t fathom what my words really meant.

“I’m hoping I didn’t ruin my chances with a woman like you,” I admitted. “I was too lost in my own issues at the time that I treated you like you were disposable for a while but then I started to realize, there’s not many people out there like you. None that I’ve met that’s for sure.  You were always there for me no questions asked. I didn’t mean for my feelings to turn into this and I don’t want you to think I’m so sick over my last relationship that that’s the reason I’m saying all of this right now…It just happened. But God, I’m so glad it did if it means I get this chance with you.”

The familiar look she would get when she was deep in thought crossed her face which only made my heart race more. This really wasn’t looking good. “How do I know that’s true? Marco, you were really hurt and probably still are. I don’t want you to be blinded by that to the point you think I’m the person to heal that, all for you to come to the realization you were wrong.”

I quickly stepped towards her, taking her hands into mine. “But I’m not wrong. This has nothing to do with that. You being around just made me realize truly the type of person you are. I don’t need you to be my girlfriend to heal those past issues. It’s far past that.” I couldn’t quite articulate all that I meant so I stopped talking, hoping she would be able to fill in the blanks.

“Just give me a chance…”

Y/N stayed quiet for a few moments longer, her eyes glancing everywhere but me for a while until she was able to look back to me. “I’ve always liked you, Marco. But I never thought the feeling was mutual. That’s why I was always willing to help. I hated seeing you hurt especially by someone who didn’t deserve you in the first place. I don’t fit your ‘type’ and…”

I immediately placed a kiss to her lips, causing her words to end. “You’re wrong.”

She couldn’t stop the small smile from curling her lips and the faint blush on her cheeks. She didn’t bother continuing her statement. “So about this date?” she playfully teased, a delighted giggle escaping her mouth.

“We can go wherever you want. The day is yours.” It was amazing to me how someone who was so selfless and able to help pull me out of my own bad thoughts was going to lead me to better, with her.

My Boys - Chapter 10

Hi Guys!

So, we’ve finally made it here: the very last chapter of this story.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me through this entire story. I am nothing but grateful.

This chapter is dedicated to @francescabuccino, thank you for losing your sleep to wait for this update, I honestly have no words to tell you how amazed I am.

Also a big thanks to @mo-de-pablo, my amazing beta!

Here we go…!

Chapter 10


Owen was in the backyard of his house, sitting by the grass building a tower out of blocks with Robbie and Danny while Thomas and Lucas ran around in superman capes, scaring away the birds and pretending to be superheroes.

It was Saturday afternoon, but Amelia had been paged at 5 AM to scrub in on an emergency surgery. Their guests weren’t home either; Nancy had left early for the last day of her conference and Carolyn had gone out with Meredith to visit the place where Derek had been buried.

As they entered July, the days started to get much warmer. Owen was wearing only a simple pair of dark shorts due to the fact that after the boys had sprinkled everything with the backyard hose, he had stripped off his wet shirt and hadn’t bothered to go pick a new one.  When the kids finally seemed tired of running around in the last hours of sunlight, Owen decided it was time to go back inside so they could be properly showered before he started to prepare their dinner.

He slid open the kitchen door, letting the boys pass, and to his surprise, he found Nancy sitting there, a laptop plugged into a socket nearby while she typed something sitting on one of the highs stools.

“Nancy, hey,” Owen was caught off guard by her unexpected presence. “I thought you were at the conference.”

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I haven’t talked about my dad much recently because there’s a lot that I’m still processing, even a year and a half later. What people have said is true: Things do get easier over time, but are never fully easy. I don’t cry as much as I did over the first year of missing him, but I still cry in sudden outbursts, triggered by small things. And large things. Like trying to quickly grab a father’s day card for my grandpa (my dad’s dad - even that is not lost on me), while avoiding the cards classified as “for dad, from daughter.” 

It find it weird to use past tense, like “I loved him so much.” Because the thing is, I still actively love him. Even if he’s no longer here. That love doesn’t just stop. 

It’s also weird to pick out silk flowers for his grave whenever I’m at home. It’s weird not being home at times like these. 

I feel as though, in some ways, my life reset itself the day my dad passed away. That there is a clear chasm between what was then and what is now. I don’t know how to explain it, but the world has lost a bit of its sparkle without him in it. 

I know not everyone’s relationship with their father is a good one. I realize how blessed I am to have had a dad like mine (even if he didn’t really start saying “I love you” until I threatened him that I’d look for that love in all the wrong places when I was a teenager about to head off to college. Sometimes I think 18-year-old Jodi had her crap together more than 31-year-old Jodi). And I am beyond thankful that I got to call him my dad for as long as I did. 

All of this is to say that Father’s Day is hard. I know for some people it’s so difficult seeing happy smiling faces on your Facebook feed. And for those of you without dads - either through death or just through the fact that life isn’t perfect - know that I was thinking of you yesterday. 

And if you’re in a good place with your dad, give him a hug if you can (and a call if you can’t) on days other than Father’s Day. Because there are those of us who can’t and so badly want to. 


so @teenytinytony wrote some angst and then I fixed it because sHE IS A MEANIE WHO CAUSES PAIN

everything before the line break written by the Angel Toniel, everything after the line break written by me

Gabriel woke up feeling like his wings were still there and held as still as he could, trying to make it last as long as possible. He knew exactly how pathetic he was being, holding onto the feeling of phantom limbs rather than face the reality of the fact they were gone. He knew they were gone. He had felt them burn, the blinding heat and pain and the smell of burning grace. He almost missed it.

Now he was just cold. Cold and numb. Every day he forgot more about the things he had seen as his stupid sort-of human brain tried to comprehend everything that he had once been.

He couldn’t even remember what he had looked like, not really. He had vague ideas, some details that didn’t seem to fit together and an overwhelming sense of wrong whenever he tried to squash himself into three dimensions so he could comprehend it. He gave it up as a lost cause after a few days on earth, staring at his vessel’s eyes in the mirror and trying to accept that they were his eyes now and they were as close as he would ever get to the gold he used to wear. They were all he had left.

He sighed and pulled himself out from under three layers of blankets and brought already cold feet to the even colder floor. He pulled the top drawer of his bedside table open and found the small bible he had stolen for himself as soon as he realised he was forgetting. Not that he needed it for the words, just the pages and the fact it had been the only book in the run down motel he had been staying in back then. He had almost completely filled it with drawings, scrawled over the words in whatever pen he could get his hands on. There were feathers and eyes and claws and teeth and a smile that had comforted Mary herself. All of them were impossible and all of them were parts of who he had been. It was as close as he could get these days to remembering the whole.

He held the pen over the page for a moment before starting, wanting to draw the point where his wings connected while he still remembered it enough to try. He couldn’t remember how it had worked exactly but he wasn’t making a diagram here, just a sketch. Just enough to remember it later when all he had was a vague knowledge that it had existed. Not that it would help any, scribbled lines distorted by the text underneath could handle his true form even less than his brand new monkey brain. His pen tore through the paper.

There was nothing he wanted more in the world than to scream and hurl the god forsaken book at the wall, so he did. He kept screaming as he watched the book bounce off the wall opposite and fell to the floor and he carried on while he threw the pillows after it. The scream broke off with a whimper as Gabriel allowed himself to fall back onto the bed, bringing his knees up to his chin and trying desperately to control his breathing. He was an archangel, he did not cry.

There was a knock at the door.

“Hey. I found something,” came a voice from nearby, and Gabriel turned. The door was cracked open, but only a tiny bit, not enough for Gabriel to see who was there. He recognized the voice, though. How could he not? He’d spent years memorizing the voice of Sam Winchester.

He climbed off the bed and went to open the door. Getting up was the very last thing he felt like doing, but he was worried that if he didn’t get up, Sam would come in. And he didn’t want Sam to see him like this. It was bad enough that Sam had to watch him lose his powers, see his eyes fade every day, see him get even smaller and more broken than he already had been.

He definitely didn’t need to see Gabriel cry.

Gabriel pulled the door open fully, and Sam stepped inside immediately, closing it behind him.

“I found something,” he repeated, and now that Gabriel looked closer, Sam did have his hands behind his back, clutching something tight.

“Oh, yeah? What did you find?” Gabriel tried to sound interested, but it definitely came out more bitter than he’d intended.

Wordlessly, Sam extended his hand to Gabriel, opening it.

Inside was a single golden feather. Bright, sparkling gold, glinting with life - glinting with Grace, in fact. It fluttered around in Sam’s palm, jumping and dancing.

Gabriel stared.

His world tilted on its side a bit, because that feather, that one feather, brought back so many memories all at once, and Gabriel’s brain wasn’t prepared for the sudden onslaught of emotions after the apathy he’d been feeling for weeks now.

“That’s not right.”

Sam frowned. “Not right? What do you mean?”

Gabriel pointed at the feather, and his hand was shaking so much that Sam couldn’t possibly miss it. “That’s not one of mine. It can’t be.”

“Can’t be anyone else’s,” Sam shrugged, not seeing the big deal. “Cas’ feathers aren’t gold. And we sure as hell haven’t had any other angels in here recently. Do you know how well this place is warded?”

“But-” Gabriel protested, still trying to figure this out in his mind. “This isn’t- it’s not how feathers work. They’re supposed to die. Once a feather falls out of an angel’s wings, it loses contact with the Grace, and it becomes just a regular feather. It doesn’t move like that. Here, I’ll show you.”

Gabriel didn’t have to move far. The floor was littered with feathers. Angels were supposed to shed, but only a few feathers a day - not the massive piles Gabriel had been producing recently. He bent down and picked one up, showing it to Sam. It was a dull yellowish brown color, limp and lifeless in Gabriel’s hand.

“That’s what mine look like.”

Sam held up the gold feather to the one Gabriel was holding, frowning at the difference between them.

“I don’t understand,” Sam finally said.

“Me neither, kiddo.”

“I could look into the lore-”

Sam cut himself off, figuring that if Gabriel didn’t know what was going on after millions of years of being an archangel, some old book in the bunker’s library definitely wasn’t going to have the answers he needed.

The two of them stared at each other, and then Gabriel plucked the sparkling gold feather out of Sam’s hand.

Immediately, it lost its shine. The bright, shining, ever-changing gold faded to the same sickening yellow of the other one in Gabriel’s hand. Gabriel stared at it in horror, a tight pain constricting his chest, because now it was gone. For a moment while he was staring at that feather he’d felt like he had a chance, like he was a real archangel again for just one moment, because there was something left of that part of him.

But it had burnt out too fast, just like the rest of him.

Sam must have seen the look of horror on Gabriel’s face. Ever so slowly, he reached out. He scooped up the two feathers in Gabriel’s hand and held them.

There was a pause in which nothing happened.

And then-

A tiny spark of light, right at the tip of one feather, hovering for a moment and then spreading itself all over both of them, lighting them up until they were quivering with some kind of raw power, dancing together in Sam’s palm.

“What the-” Gabriel breathed, staring at them.

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “I had a suspicion - I know this sounds crazy. And I’m not saying I’m special or anything, because we both know I’m not, but I thought maybe, it was doing that because I was holding it. I don’t know why. But it seems like I was right, doesn’t it?”

Gabriel let out a weak chuckle; his first in weeks, maybe months. He used to spend all of his time laughing, and now…

“Not special?” he asked in disbelief. “Sam, how can you even say that? Even if it wasn’t for… whatever’s going on here… Sam, of course you’re special. I’ve never met a human as special as you.”

Sam’s face flushed red. He’d never heard Gabriel compliment anyone quite so freely, without any kind of joke to mask what he was really saying. “This isn’t about me.”

“Touch me,” Gabriel blurted.

“What?” Sam frowned, staring at him.

“Touch me. Anywhere. Just- put a hand on my shoulder or something.”

Gabriel wasn’t sure it would work. But he’d reached the point where he didn’t care, and it had to be worth trying, because it wasn’t like his situation could get any worse. And sure, if it didn’t work, Sam would look weirdly at him for a while, but… well, Gabriel could always hide in his room. Or leave.

“Okay.” Sam still looked confused, but he did as Gabriel said, placing one hand gently on Gabriel’s shoulder, on top of his clothes.

Gabriel felt a tingle, somewhere deep inside his Grace. It wasn’t strong, and he usually wouldn’t have noticed it, if it wasn’t for how hard he was concentrating. But it was definitely there.

Gabriel placed his hand on top of Sam’s.

At the first skin on skin contact, Gabriel’s Grace flared inside him in a way that it hadn’t since he’d been at full power. It burst into showers of sparks inside of him, sparks that congregated at the base of his wings, and his other hand instinctively moved to his back, running his hands through the new feathers that were beginning to grow there. New, healthy feathers, strong as any he’d ever had in his life, strong enough to befit one of Heaven’s deadliest weapons.

For the first time in recent memory, Gabriel felt like an archangel again.

“Alright. This is good. Now, don’t ever move your hand.” Gabriel’s voice was shaking as he spoke, but it was stronger than it had been before.

“Gabriel, what’s going on?” Sam laughed nervously. “Not that I’m complaining, but…”

“It’s helping,” Gabriel explained. “You were right. The feather was glowing because you were holding it. And now that you’re touching me, I’m getting my Grace back. It’s more powerful. I’ve got new feathers. I know that probably doesn’t make any sense to you - hell, I have no clue what’s going on, or why - but it’s happening. So now we just have to hold hands. And not let go.”

Sam’s eyes widened, and he stared at Gabriel as though he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Me? I’m doing that?”

“Sure as hell can’t think of another explanation, sweetheart.” That was almost back to Gabriel’s old joking tone.

“How can I be doing that? I’d expect me being here to have the opposite effect, honestly.”

Gabriel shook his head. “I wouldn’t. You don’t give yourself enough credit.”

Sam snorted. “Yeah, lifetime of being called tainted does that to you.”

“I’ll prove it to you.”

Gabriel said it without thinking. He’d never shown his wings to anyone human. He definitely hadn’t shown his wings to anyone while they were charred and broken with more feathers falling to the floor by the second. But if it would make Sam feel even a little bit better-

Gabriel took a deep breath, and with a loud rustle, six wings burst from the middle of his back. They were full of holes, the light streaming through them from the window behind, and half the feathers were still lifeless and looked close to falling out, but there were, unmistakably, plenty of bright sparkling gold feathers sprouting from them now, and even as Sam watched, more of them sprung into being, a single gold thread twisting itself into a feather shape within the space of a few seconds.

Sam stared in awe. It was absolutely breathtaking to see. It felt like he was watching Gabriel heal.

“I can’t. No. It can’t be me. It’s not possible,” he insisted.

“Take your hand away,” Gabriel suggested.

Sam did as he was told. The golden feathers stayed, but they didn’t flutter like they had been a moment ago - they stayed still, no new ones growing.

Sam took Gabriel’s hand again.

A new feather appeared.

Sam wanted to touch them, to reach out and run his fingers through the wings. He wanted to hug Gabriel tight and tell him that he was beautiful. He wanted to cry with happiness at the knowledge that at least one thing he did in the world was actually good.

He didn’t do any of those things.

What he did do was squeeze Gabriel’s hand as tight as he could, holding it up to show Gabriel.

“Hold hands and never let go, you said?”

Gabriel nodded, still disoriented, still unable to believe that any of this was actually happening.

Sam brought Gabriel’s hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back of it, and Gabriel felt his Grace catch fire inside him, coursing through him, and he couldn’t tell for sure, but he was pretty certain he was glowing.

“Hold hands and never let go. I think we can manage that, together,” Sam smiled.

If Gabriel wasn’t very much mistaken, Sam was glowing a soft gold, too.

Pan - Chapter Seven

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: This chapter is a bit longer. We’re getting into the good stuff now. I have a whole thing planned that I think you all will like :) Just need to find time to write it. Thank you all so much for liking this story. You have no idea how much it warms my heart to write about my beloved Pan and have people like it :D

CHAPTERS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6.5

Neverland had lost its sparkle well before he ever left. He’d stopped noticing how green the forest were or how the black waters of Mermaid Lagoon swirled with the blues of the Never Seas at its mouth. But watching Jane’s face as they laid on the boulder overlooking the lagoon he saw it all again. Her hazel eyes shimmered like stars as she rested her head on her hands to watched the creatures basking below in the sun.

“They’re beautiful Thomas.” she mumbled without taking her eyes off of them.

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There’s a ghost in my mirror
She’s not very nice
Her eyes lost their sparkle
Her hair lost its shine

There’s a ghost in my mirror
She’s got a tongue like a whip
She tells me her secrets
She tells me her sins

There’s a ghost in my mirror
She tells me who I should be
She points out my flaws
She won’t let me be

There’s a ghost in my mirror
One that no one else sees
She’s the last fading image
Of all that’s left of me

There’s a ghost in your mirror
You hide it quite well
I wonder if you’ve realized yet
It’s a glass gate way to hell