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Tag someone currently suffering because of this man 👆





And Grosum is happily applauding her too I KNEW I LIKED YOU GUYS FOR A REASON

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Met a really protective Marth player while playing as Robin.

Thank you for protecting me , Marmar. This is the first time I got to charge thunder in peace.


voltron/the fall {1 of 3}

Can you read English?
What’s this?
*laughs* No. What’s this?
What’s this?

“You’re dreaming. You know that, don’t you?”

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Hi! I find your blog accurate and interesting. I am a young intj who's finding difficult to study. I am a perfectionist and have really high expectations from myself, but I end up procrastinating.Every other aspect of my life is well organised so I'm probably not looping. Can you please do a post about study tips for an intj?

There are already articles on how functions relate to learning as well as developing functions. Perfectionism and procrastination are partly type related and partly a result of having formed poor mental habits. Your problem is likely linked to underdeveloped Fi and Se.

  • Ni-Te: Unrealistic visualization of outcomes can dampen motivation because of not wanting to do something unless you can do it exactly as you envision (i.e. “perfectly”), which can sometimes lead to an unconscious fear of failure. This attitude makes the mistake of only judging situations by imaginary standards and not valuing the process/journey of discovering and learning new knowledge.
  • Te-Fi: Excessive focus on external rewards means that you can have difficulty finding the motivation to do something unless you get immediate satisfaction from the external world for doing it, which often leads to taking the path of least resistance or taking shortcuts in learning that will come back to haunt you. This attitude makes the mistake of undervaluing or neglecting the development of intrinsic sources of motivation, resulting in an inability to take genuine pleasure in the work that you must do. Are you working towards certain goals only because you think it is what you “should” do or because you truly want to do it for your own sake? Intrinsic motivation matters.
  • Se: Unhealthy Se means that you won’t take action until you see the point in taking action, which can lead to apathy or laziness or cynicism when your perspective becomes too solipsistic. This attitude makes the mistake of not valuing action for its own sake and, instead, you opt to construct rationalizations/excuses to support your desire to procrastinate instead of listening to the voice that tells you to get up off your butt.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.“


it’s lit


Countdown to Dilwale: Top 5 SRKajol movies [2/5] → Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

“It’s alright, Señorita. In big places like this, such small things happen.”


First Love

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Don't you think that Mikasa's attachement to Eren is unnatural (even Levi was curious to know the reason and he knew about that incident when they were 9). Because even if she was saved by him it doesn't explain that devotion. Don't you think it may have to do with her memories (loop memories), that he did something for her (sacrificed himself) in the future-past and she feels indebted to him still?

Me seeing a Snk post contains time-looping elements like

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Every time I think about whether time-looping/travelling exists in the world of Snk, it seems there are tiny voices arguing with each other inside my head. Usually the “rational” side would say “time-looping is not scientifically possible, just think about the Grandfather paradox.” and the other side would yell back something like “But you love reading fantasy novels! You are 100% okay with magic elements why it’s so hard for you to accept time-looping!?”

Well…ironically, all of my favorite novels contain elements about future visions—deceased cats sending messages and warn the living cats about coming dangers in their dreams (Warriors), owls catch a glimpse of future events by simply looking into the fires (Guardians of Ga’Hoole), particular kind of dragons can see different possible futures thank to the power given by the moons (Wings of Fire)…so what’s the mechanism in the Snk manga?

I tend to believe the tragedy happened in Year 844 is the reason why Mikasa is closely attached to Eren, not due to some memory or time-looping things encountered by Mikasa, as the connect-interact-and-command Coordinate and paths seems to be components in an Eldian system (?)

Talking about time-looping, @kuchen-ackerman has written a comparison post Past, present and future: Eren Jaeger and Bran Stark and I strongly recommend it to you~

owlboy headcanon (and spoilers!!)

I just had the saddest headcanon ever. Y’all know about The Loop, right? Well – according to most theories – the loop is the endlessly repetition of the events of the universe. We know the ancient owls were desperate to break the Loop, so they created the Hex machine to do it.

Well – when Noctae died, the mastermind behind the Hex machine died as well. Aegolius claimed he couldn’t replicate the Hex machine, and that his own Hex was only a pale imitation (and the possibility of failure was 50%). However – he decided to lie to the other owls about its risk.

 «The Hex machine will be built. The loop WILL be broken».

To be honest, I never understood at all why he was so desperate to break the loop (and why he was willing to go such lengths to do it). However – I’ve just realized: Noctae died to one of Aegolius’ machines. And Noctae wasn’t just his best friend, he was his ONLY friend (Otus and Solus? Someone?) 

You know what this implies? Aegolius probably blames himself for Noctae’s death – but that’s not it. If The Loop is the cycle of repetition over the whole eternity - then he’s dammed to cause his best friend’s death over, and over, and over. That’s why he was desperate to break The Loop. That’s why he decided to lie. He wasn’t trying to “break the loop”. He was trying to change destiny. After all, Noctae said it best: 

“Maybe our Hex machine did work out after all. (…) And maybe in the next loop I won’t have to die / maybe I can spare Aegolius some grief”.


Had this on loop, Saturday. These adorable dorks…

Viners match these up so well. I could watch KPOP MVS all day.