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The Fallout fandom has been having a rough time lately, and i just want all of you to know that each and every one of you are amazing 

Thank you artists for creating masterpieces based off of our favorite characters.

Thank you writers for adding so much depth to the characters. Thank you for writing them in times of happiness, grief, and in sexytimes.

Thank you role players for creating entirely new characters or delving into the depths of an already existing character. Your sessions have touched our hearts.

Thank you head cannon creators. Your work makes me rethink every character. Some of your theories have reshaped my view of the game. 

Thank you to the in-game photographers. You have created masterful photos of characters, many of which look better than real life.

Thank you cosplayers. Your outfits are outstanding! You have made fiction a reality. 

Thank you every fan! Whether you create content or consume  it, your existence has created a wonderful space where creativity flourishes. The Fallout community has been a fun place full of beautiful, creative people.

Thank You

[HD Fancams] Jay Park tellin’ you to turn off your fandango phone right now with Elo. xD Looking so good in that simple black tank……

He was teasing the fans the entire night haha love it! Plus talking and interacting with them between songs….. look at him seducing a fan with that finger lick lol

Watch his full set performance at Resffect Melody Concert last night which also includes oher artiststs like Hoody, Elo, Zion T, Dean and more.

Just like you’re at the concert yourself, and even better view xD

Another HD fancam by Jay Rubato

Three hours worth of fancams to watch….isnt’ it glorious to have wonderful Korean fans ;)

paint me the color of love — muse a and muse b are artists in their own respective ways. muse a sees the body as a canvas, thus he has tattoos trailing up and down his arms and upper body. he spray paints on abandoned buildings, in subway stations—anywhere. his best friend is his notebook and a charcoal pencil. muse b is a painter, in love with colors and dragging her brush across canvases. her room is full of canvases with unfinished paintings, her jeans and clothes are splattered in colors, she has wonders in her eyes all the time. muse a and b meet by accident, but are drawn to each other’s artistic talents and fall in love. but love is not simple and they clash constantly. muse a sees life for the cold, harsh, reality it is, muse b would rather look on the brighter side of things. with such different views and different styles, they’re always falling apart and coming back together, and though they silently know the relationship is doomed to fail, they keep trying to stay together anyway.

This took me way too long, ha ha ha…Full view please, as it looks super tiny in tumblr’s format.

Decided to do a group shot of these four in their AU outfits, because yes. Manjoume really hasn’t changed clothes though, whoops

If you’re wondering why only half of them are wearing uniforms, their school has a pretty lax dress code

They are @jenasu and my children now, we’re affording them a healthy dose of dignity, emotional weight and love that GX did not give them.

It’s really sad when you think about like if fans looked passed the mistakes that idols have made in the past and present and have learned their lesson and grow as a person that would be fantastic because just focusing on the negative aspect does not give you the full picture you only looking at one piece of the puzzle y'all.
The same thing with making hate blogs towards them and dedicating to them…like…don’t you all have something else better to do with your lives..I always wonder that I do.
But instead of spreading hate and being a closed minded twat try to look at it from all point of views not just the negative aspect of things.
I wish people wouldn’t focus so much on the negative aspects…but some people do it to focus on others problems instead of their own and that’s not healthy that’s just being a coward and running and you just bashing on someone else’s problems when you can’t even fix your own so like what gives you the right to bash someone’s problems when…you don’t fix your own.
I wish people would realize this…

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Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what concert is this from? Yamada looks so handsome there <3 i'd like to see his full performance. Thanks :) musicfeedsthesoul. tumblr. com/post/156946530295

Hello dearie!!!

Those gifs were taken from Yama-chan’s performance of Mystery Virgin on the JOHNNYS’ WORLD No Kanshasai in TOKYO DOME DVD from 2013. (Disc 2) 

I went ahead and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure since I am not sure if it is hard to find or not! See link below!




I wanted to write you a letter so sweet that the words became honey dripping off the page. Instead I’ve been writing my love onto sticky notes you’ll never see. From cheap pick-up lines to the most heartfelt of secrets and confessions, I’ll get better with time and I’ll share what is mine. I’ll give you all my love just to see your smile shine.


I want to feel your hand in mine, but all of my senses have already been replaced with you. Everywhere I go I can feel traces of you. Everywhere I look I can see pieces of you. Every inch of your being makes my breath catch in my throat and makes my heart stop and go. You’re a sunset, captivating and mesmerizing until I can finally manage to say…

“What a wonderful view”


To me, you are an ocean. Vast, beautiful, and full of endless possibilities. But, oceans also terrify me… for an ocean holds dangers and unknowns; changes and current shifts. Learning to love again is learning to swim in rough water and for you I would drown and drown again.


Some time ago our red strings were tied up and fate pulled me towards you. Since then I’ve been lying in bed dreaming of you. (Do you dream of me too?) You’re the one my tired soul has been searching for. These red strings pull me closer and I find myself thinking “I must be blessed”. For how could I not be? After all… the universe placed me right next to you.


I’ll be honest and say that my memory has never been so great. Happy moments are eaten away and the TV static in my brain makes it hard to think about what’s important. Being with you is a roller-coaster of ups and downs, my heart soaring with every kiss and falling as I try to remember the feeling of your lips against mine. With you I don’t ever want to forget a single moment.


Is there a point in me saying I miss you?

(I miss you)

There’s an everlasting longing to be by your side; have cheap coffee dates and sweater swaps. To hold your hand and sleep (wake up) next to you. The longest distance between us grows longer still, but my love for you remain stronger. I can’t wait for the days where I can speak the words “I love you” once again.

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Lord Dominator = 🔥

Oh boy what to say about good old Miss Dom herself?

I really like her man, well I hate and love her at the same time! One complaint tho is MOST new fans only came here to see her after viewing her song. At least give everything a look BESIDES her please? Thank you!

I wonder what the writers plan to do with her if Season 3 is in full play?

New Years Eve Stuffing

Love how out of shape you’ve gotten this year, look at that fat gut. No use trying to hold it in honey, you’ve gotten huge. None of your clothes fit anymore, look at that hefty belly poking out of the bottom of your shirt. I bet you’re hungry right now aren’t you? Lets get you a nice fattening shake to suck down while you watch the fireworks. That’s right baby, lie back on the picnic blanket while I stuff you full of fattening treats in clear view of everyone. They’re all wondering why you aren’t ashamed of how obese you’ve gotten. Your shirt grows tight and rides up your huge gut.They all feel embarrassed for you helplessly shoving more food in your mouth. You unbutton your shorts and let your large gut hang out and expand. Even when the fireworks are going off you can’t stop shoving food in your greedy mouth. Helplessly addicted to food and your own expanding body, you know you will never stop.

But you know when you see a really good looking person while your out or on public transportation and have a crush on them for the duration of time their in your view then think how many people had that crush on you.


Illustration set for radiophile’s wonderful pre-canon fic keep moving in opposite directions, where Dorian and Bull Hissrad meet in Tevinter years before the game. Go read it if you haven’t you guys, there is amazing spy shenanigans and pointed banter and hot hot character driven sex and oh man. Despite having re-read it approximately 18 times I have somehow yet to have left a comment, oops?

Please full-view, I wanted them side by because it’s a set but they lose a lot detail this small. It was fun but challenging to draw these guys so much younger and still have them be them without being able to rely on their most memorable characteristics. I think I did okay. Dorian, put your moustache back on; Bull, go get your eyepatch immediately.


Dean wasn’t in his office when Hadley arrived the next morning so she couldn’t ask him how he felt about the previous night and had to start work still wondering. An hour into her paperwork she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Detective Small,” he had somehow managed to enter the office and sneak up on her from behind.

“Good morning Chief,” she smiled, fully aware of their colleagues who always seemed to overhear everything.

“I need a word with you,” he looked down at her pointedly. “In my office.”

“Of course,” Hadley nodded and followed him into the office, closing the door behind her.

But before she could even fully turn back towards him his arms were around her and he was kissing her again. In full view of the entire station.

Stardust Eyes
I have always wondered how shooting stars could carry the weight of all our wishes,
Yet soar across the dark night sky, appearing to be weightless.
It is such an incredible sensation to watch a sky full of gleaming stars.
To sit and ponder about the Roman and Greek mythology, and all their theories.
There are stories behind every constellation,
It is wise to often look up and take in the view.
To understand that we are so minor compared to the unknown black abyss, and that we are all placed together by particles of star dust ourselves.
I have always been captivated by the stars in the sky,
Maybe that’s why I was so fascinated when I saw them in your eyes.
I’ve been told to fall in love with one’s eyes first,
Because they are the only part of us that will always stay constant.
It was then I realized that I found you in the clarity of the moon.
Not in the light when it is easier to see, but when the world is blind and dark.
—  taaay0x

The Universe isn’t something that’s ‘out there’, it’s all around you, from a physical point of view. There is some being in the cosmos, looking up at their night sky wondering if there is life out there on some planet that is beautiful and magical and full of wonders. And YOU ARE that LIFE and the Earth is that planet.
Look around you and be in awe of the wonder of it all!

Her eyes told a story that only one had to earn to hear, and if they knew what those beautiful eyes had witnessed in her years she often wondered how one would ponder the no longer a mystery of what those beautiful eyes held. Days turned to darkness for she often shut out the view of the sun light because that once that heart of hers so full of gold vastly turned into a heart full of despair and sadness. Life began to show her nothing but misery because those eyes that were once so magnetic now just looked empty.

Sadness comes uninvited. At times it seems to show no end and at other times to be never ending. So does pain and suffering. The detrimental and somewhat brutality such things like death, loss, and illness that exist on earth. I felt more suicidal than usual I thought that vodka and tears would wash away my sorrows but they only made the extent of my wanting to die more wanting… Maybe I deserved to die for the only things that I could feel were an unspoken amount of pain I had caused to myself and family… Maybe I should have jumped of that bridge when I had the chance I was all alone and comforted by the thought that nobody would miss me but then I heard a voice saying “no” whilst another was saying “yes”.
The world wouldn’t stop if I killed myself it would keep moving…

Time demands to consume us by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years by unpredictably cutting it short and making us older and make it seem that any moment could be our last… I don’t know whether to cherish it or destroy my time?

—  Dakota, Becoming Interrupted by Kathleen Shumack (Unfinished Book)

Sam tried not to stare.  He tried not to feel bothered by the way you were basically throwing yourself at the witness.  He’d always hated those shady guys who held onto information until you paid them, whether in money or by other means. Of this group, he really hated those guys who needed some… coaxing, to put it mildly, to talk.

You sauntered over to the table where the witness sat.  According to sources, he’d seen the vampire attack first hand and said it was some animal ambush.  You’d also heard he was known as the town’s pervert; you knew how to handle idiotic guys like this.  Adding a little more than a slight sway to your hips, you sat down across from him, your legs folding as you leaned forward with your chin on your palm to give the asshole a full-frontal view of your cleavage.  

Sam’s jaw clenched when he saw the guy look down, not even attempting to hide his indecency.  He scoffed and wondered if he could go over there to use the old “I’m a federal agent, buddy; you’d better cough up what you know,” bad cop routine to scare the information out of him.  Then again, his bad cop routine was cringe-worthy, and he’d probably just be received with an unamused stare.

“Whoa, hey, don’t burn a hole through Y/N’s head,” Dean joked, aware of his brother’s denied romantic feelings for you.

Sam snapped his head back to face Dean.  “I—“

“No, no, I get it.  Do your thing; just don’t kill the poor guy.”  Dean dismissed the rest of the conversation, gave a slight shrug, and went back to typing on the laptop.  Meanwhile, Sam took what Dean said to mind, stood, and walked over to your table.  

Needless to say, he got more than enough information by switching out the puppy-dog-eyes look for the talk-or-die one.

Hello lovely fandles!!

As some of you cool cats will know, from the 27th till the 29th of November we had a concept weekend for Bright Summer Night. We are so excited, guys! We’ve started some solid character work including coming up with each character’s dreams and fears, and which of these drives them, and we’ve also done draft break-downs for every episode.

Highlights of the weekend include consuming avocados (one each!), the characterisation of little Bobby Snout, who is always scared (and who may not make it into the final draft for the series, but will never cease to make us laugh), and being surrounded by a beautiful view. We were staying in an old family cottage just outside Wellington, already full of wonderful memories.

Look at this sunset! It’s BSN themed! Very special.

One last thing!! We’ve got just over $14,000 on our Kickstarter now and around 200 brilliant backers helping us out. With 8,000 subscribers on the LLL channel, if everyone contributes a lil’ money - even just one dollar, maybe two - then we’re sorted. Maths! Haha.

Thanks guys!

Lots of love,

The Candle Wasters (+ Little Robbie Snout)

Watch on

SCANDAL; Mezamashi TV Entertainment News (13 Apr)

Broadcast on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV” this morning is SCANDAL’s Tokyo live last evening. Also shows snippets of SCANDAL’s performances of ’DOLL’ and ’Image’.

For more footage and a full translation of Haruna’s MC, please take a look at the other post with a video by JIJIPRESS HERE.

To view SCANDAL’s Mezmashi Janken (rock-paper-scissors) corner, it’s been uploaded HERE by @scandal_airi22 (note: TV recorded quality). I’m unable to embed Twitter video links, but here’s the translation for Haru’s message here: “Mezamashi rock-paper-scissors! We’ve came out with scissors! Do eat lots of your breakfast this morning and spend a wonderful day ahead!

Mezamashi TV video upload w/ thanks to varyalh @ YT!