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Inktober Day 6: You May Rest Here.. oh, Look Pizza!

I apologize for drawing another goofy picture of the twin princes, I love em, Ok. And an even bigger apology for making Lothric look all weird and pervy…. please dont kill me, I know I should’ve drawn the bottom teeth.

Drawing Tips - Drawing Recognizable People

OK. I love drawing people. I think they’re the most fun thing to draw. But it’s taken me years to get to the point I’m at now. Even like 2 years ago my people drawing skills were completely different to how they are now. And even now I’m  still learning new things!

Something I’ve sort of accepted about my style is that it’s a bit…charicature-y. My portraits are not exactly line-for-line, perfect representations of who I’m drawing. Some things are a little more exaggerated, some features (like lip lines or wrinkles, or face creases) are sort of changed or emphasized in different ways than they are in real life.

When I start learning to draw someone new, I find it’s easier if they’re a little less, well, conventionally attractive is not really the right term, but the closest I can think of. Someone could still be good looking, but if they have a slightly bigger nose or weird hair, it makes them easier to recognize even if I get a few of the other facial details wrong.

Let’s go through the process so I can kind of show you what I mean!

For this, I found a reference of idubbbz. He’s kinda hard to draw sometimes for me. I found one of him that’s easily recognizable.

(I’ve mentioned before that I like using screenshots rather than still photos. You get more of a choice of interesting facial expressions.)

So, let’s just take a look at this. What are some features that, if I were to draw from this image, would let everyone know it’s idubbbz?

Swooshy hair, prominent forehead, smaller eyes, big glasses, wide smile, sharp jaw, and ears with a pretty distinct shape. Eyebrows are also good for making a recognizable face, but here they’re covered by glasses (which is sort of distinct in itself).

I think something people are afraid of is accentuating things TOO much, which is totally understandable. But at the same time, if you take certain things away entirely, it becomes harder to tell who the person is supposed to be. You gotta find the happy medium.

So, here’s my sketch:

This took about 10 minutes. There are lots of things to fix, obviously, but hopefully you can tell who it’s supposed to be.

It’s a good base to work with. If it doesn’t quite feel like it’s working, keep drawing. Really look at the reference image to get a better idea of where details on the face should be placed (ie: how far away are the eyes from the edge of the face? how much face is covered by glasses?).

You can also accentuate certain things to give it your own flair. Make wavy hair extra wavy or make folds in clothes more exaggerated. Play around a bit.

Anyway, I don’t know how to end this post, hahah. I just kinda wanted to get some thoughts out and show what I do when I draw. This was just for fun!

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Are there any pics of Rhetts brother on the internet???

I’ve only seen ones of him as a kid. There’s this one from GMM #33, where Cole is the one in red. There’s also another pic of him from this same occasion in that ep, if you wanna go and look.

Then there’s Rhett’s family portrait. (rhettmc on ig)


I can’t.

My brother describes Steven Universe characters.

My brother is 7 and only knows a few Steven Universe characters. Here is what he had to say.

Steven- Funny, smart, awesome, and cool.

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Garnet- Powerful, great, beautiful, and awesome.

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Amethyst- Fun and great. She changes a lot.

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Pearl- Cool and good at battling. She is awesomer.

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Lion- Playful, I love him.

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Connie- Awesome. Same as me cause of glasses.

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Rose-Awesomer than anyones. Her beautiful.

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Jasper- Big hair, hairy. Look awesome.

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Peridot- Her is a weirdo. Not great. Bad guy.

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Lapis- Got wings like angels. Water, her love water.

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Greg- Big. Funny, playful. He build good.

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Malachite- Monster. Not look good. Weird.

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Sugilite- Awesome, powerful. NOO.

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Opal- 4 bodies. Big hair. Bigger hair.

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Rainbow Quartz- Her look, bigger socks and funny. Playful I dont know but she looks like that.

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Am I the only one that gets these “bad face” days? Like you wake up and everything looks misplaced bc your eyebrows don’t seem to match your face, your eyes and cheeks look weird and bigger, your face looks dirty even after cleaning it, and you’re like okay what truck hit me