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Can you please do a prompt where betty and jughead are stuck in an elevator? Ty, luv ur writing 💓

Here ya go!! Sorry it took a while to post, but hope you like it :) my requests are always open!

“Are you nervous?” Jughead asked in a low voice as we entered the rather spooky looking building. It wasn’t that it seemed haunted or anything, it was just that it screamed mental hospital in every way.

I released my bottom lip from between my teeth, knowing very well that answered his question enough, before shrugging my shoulders. “Yeah,” I said.

“If it gets too much, we can leave,” Jughead stated.

“We have to visit her, Juggie,” I exclaimed. “I have to visit her,” I sighed and pushed the elevator button that was on the wall in front of us.

Jughead nodded and shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, leaning against the wall till the elevator arrived. Two woman dressed in a nurse-like outfit emerged from the elevator before we went in alone. I hated elevators. There was just always that fear in the back of my head that we’d be stuck inside for hours and hours and maybe die from starvation.

“The lady said level 4, right?” Jughead questioned while hovering his finger over the silver button that lite up red once he pushed it. It seemed he had enough confidence that he didn’t need my answer, but I nodded my head slightly as he turned around to face me.

I was watching the little screen above the doors that read which level we were passing. Just as the number switched from 1 to 2, the elevator shook a little before coming to a halting stop. I little shriek came from me as the lights flickered and the small space turned red from the emergency lights. Without hesitation I pushed past Jughead and hit the alarm button - three times - before hitting the call button.

“This can’t be happening,” I hissed while hitting the call button again. There was no ringing or even a beep. “No! Hello! Help us!” I shouted while banging on the elevator doors.

I could feel my heartbeat in my throat, my hands became sweaty and my head started to spin as I repeated the single word - no, over and over again. Jughead took a step closer to me, peering down a little to meet my eyes that were glued to the floor. He placed his hands on either side of my face and lifted it up so we were face to face now.

“Breathe, Bets,” he said in a soft voice. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as I shook my head in his hands. My heart wasn’t slowing down and my head was only getting worse as the red light shined down on us.

“I need to see Polly, this can’t happen right now,” I said in a panicked voice. Jughead only nodded in response, taking a deep breath before rubbing his thumb on my cheek.

I looked away from his eyes and let out a few shaky breathes. My fear was coming to life, and I couldn’t stop this panic attack that was suppressing inside of me. All of a sudden Jughead pulled me into his body, wrapping both his arms around me as my face buried into his chest. He held me tight and hushed into my ear softly. It felt like we stood like that for hours, but after a few kisses to my head and encouraging words whispered into my ear - I felt my heart slow back down and my head clear up.

I placed my hand at his heart, feeling the steady beat before looking up at him and staring into his eyes. My eyes fell to his lips, and then his eyes again as his brows seemed to pull together slightly. I shook my head a little and then leaned forwards to connect our lips. It was a gentle, easy kiss, but when we pulled apart I felt out of breath. Our eyes locked and there was an unspoken truth between us - we felt like that should’ve happened a lot sooner then it did.

He brought a hand to my cheek again, brushing his thumb on my skin softly before darting his eyes to my lips. I anticipated another kiss, but instead was welcomed with a muffed sound coming from the elevator. I jumped in Jughead’s arms but turned around to where the buttons were behind me.

Jughead took the step and hit the call button again, “hello?” He said loudly.

“Hi, we’re so sorry! We have fixed the problem and the elevator should be up and running short-” just as the man’s voice came through the lights came back on and it jolted back to life.

“Thank you!” I called out as it moved up another floor - a red 3 in the screen above the door.

Just as the number turned to 4, the doors opened and Jughead turned around to look at me. My nerves were back as I realized Polly was on this floor. Jughead nodded his head to the open elevator doors, “ready to get some answers?” He asked.

“Yes,” I replied and walked out of the elevator with Jughead right behind me. Leading the way till we were in front of room 410, where Polly was sitting behind the closed door. I took a deep breath and pushed it open, ready to get all the answers I - and we - needed.