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Some foggy polaroids from my trips to the bay area over spring break. At first I was a little upset about how they overexposed, but I’m kind of digging how trippy and spooky they look now! Anyway, I’ve got 3 more days of vacation before school starts again and I’m still not completely done with my homework… kill me.

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Ye Olde Man and Scythe ghost- In 2014, staff at one of Britain’s oldest buildings captured this hooded figure on CCTV. The pub is some 766 years old and is reportedly haunted by the ghost of James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby, as well as a girl who hung herself and a phantom dog. The owners are unsure of the identity of this particular apparition, but if you look closely at the bottom photograph, you can make out some faint facial features. The footage below shows how the ghost manifests and disappears over the course of a few seconds:

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Pick-me-up klance headcanon of the day: Klance will hug each other and crack one another's backs (like when you squeeze someone just below the shoulder blades), usually after a long day, and if one of them doesn't crack they'll just squeeze the shit out of each other?? Like some sort of competition??? (that started out as a kind gesture, but now is about winning™)

hunk walking in on this happening and freaking and trying to pry them apart shouting “you don’t have to kill each other!! please think this through!! there are better ways to solve your disagreements!!” and lance, going blue in the face, wheezes out “what no this is keith showing me how much he loves me” and hunks like “by breaking your ribs??” and keith and lance are like “ya” at the same time

hunk is perplexed and very concerned

So back when we first started dating, husband gave me the nickname “Bunny”. It stuck over the years to such a point where other people started calling me Bunny, though never with as much feeling. It ranges from amused indulgence (which is the only way to live with me) to straight up filthy ardent devotion that should be impossible to convey in just two syllables, and yet he’s been doing it for over a decade.

Anyway, I’ve been badgering him all night to take the Patronus test on Pottermore and he’s doing the options like a grumpy old man like “oh no think of a happy thought, I don’t have any” and “oh look how spooky, blood and bone, such darkness, such drama” and then it gets to the bit where your patronus is waiting to be generated and he’s like “all right lets see what shit this throws at me” and

[caption: an image of a bunny rabbit hopping over the screen with the words, ‘your patronus is a wild rabbit’.]